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This newsletter is a little long my friends, but I kept asking questions and 'filling in the blanks' over the past week. I hope you’ll take the time to read it, as it’s packed with a lot more information.


Theo, are you a golden light being?

Yes, in a way I am Tom. Surprised you with that answer, yes?

Yes you did. So what are golden light beings. It was my understanding that you’re a whole soul along with a little over 1 million others taking care or servicing souls having these physical lives.

Yes that’s completely true Tom. This work required a little higher level of attainment or knowledge if you will, so the Guardian Angels as you call us that do this duty must be quite skilled. A newer soul that was just created would not have the knowledge or ability to multi-task the way we must in order to service every single life of all your incarnations along with all the other fragments of souls all at one time. Calling us golden light beings simply means that we have achieved a higher level of knowledge—that’s all.

Theo, I was under the assumption (which now I realize I should not have) that after you were created by another creator you were looking for something to do and were attracted to this creation. Yet now I learn you are much more knowledgeable than a “newbie” soul that would not be capable of handling the servicing of the souls having earth lives. Where and how did you gain that knowledge?

Yes Tom, I gained this knowledge over a long course of time as you would understand it by traveling to many creations of other creators and gaining knowledge of their creations and what they were doing with their creations. This sounds simple, but I assure you it becomes rather complex as these creations are beyond your understanding at the present time.

So would you consider yourself a medium or old soul?

Certainly I would fit into the category of old souls, simply from the experience and knowledge standpoint.

Then I would assume that all the other Guardian Angels as we call you—those million plus other souls are all or have all achieved golden light being status, is that correct?

Quite so. As you were thinking, “only golden light beings may apply” was in the job description. This immediately interested me and the other million plus souls. This work has been most interesting and challenging of our abilities, resulting in much growth for us too.

That brings me to my next question about our souls. Were we golden light beings too, or just souls that had achieved at least one life of spiritual mastery before we came here?

You were a mixture Tom, but certainly on average had not attained golden light being status if you wish to say. Basically you had not gained the experience we had already gained, so this was a chance to be on a fast track of learning a great deal of knowledge in a shorter time frame to use your nomenclature.

So do you have a golden sheen to the colors you emanate—is that the reason you are called golden light beings?

Yes, our colors do radiate a golden light if you will.

Do the souls that handle prayer are also Golden Light Beings?

No, these souls or dream angels to use your words do not have to have as high a level of expertise as do the souls that act as guardian angels.

Do the souls that take care of us in dream time --are they Golden Light Beings?

No they are not. Again, they do not have to have the same knowledge and experience.

So I want to get this correct. Neither the souls that handle prayers nor the souls that take care of us in dream time Golden light beings—is that correct?

Yes, you have it Tom. These souls tend to be a little younger, but eager shall we say and are quite enthused about their work. They gain much from the experience too you know. So they are growing and gaining knowledge too from their work. Being involved in this earth experiment has been of great benefit to millions of souls.

You can read much more about Guardian Angels in the early newsletters. Start with the first one and work forward, as that’s where I started with the questions to Theo and his answers.


Was the gray appearing at the window in Colorado in 2003 (from Larry King’s Show last night) real?

Oh yes, he or she was Tom. This was a young Zeta that wanted to see for itself how earthlings live and got caught as a peeping Tom, although it was decided by higher ups that this would be good and keep the idea of extra terrestrials in the public view, since they must, at not too long in the future, make themselves known. 2015 is not too far off you know, and there will be an increase in sightings and such leading up to that 10 year period when the extra-terrestrial civilizations will make themselves known. It will be quite exciting as you can imagine.


According to Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka), between 2015 and 2025 we will know for sure of the existence of other extraterrestrial civilizations. Is that energy still in place and if so how will that come about?

An interesting question Tom. Yes, they will begin making themselves known by then, as you will be at a higher level of vibration and spirituality, having learned secrets kept from you for hundreds and even thousands of years. It will make it that much easier for the governments to finally acknowledge that they have been in contact with these civilizations for many years. Naturally as you’ve read and heard, the process will be a gentle one with petite human looking non-threatening peoples being the first. Certainly it will cause a sensation even with or under those parameters, but the beings that will come forward will have had much experience in these matters with first contacts on other worlds, so they will make their existence known in the most gentle way possible, so as not to frighten too many people.

Will it be in the United States first?

No, not necessarily. It may very well be in Europe.

What extraterrestrial civilization left artifacts of itself in Europe?.

There have been several if not many that left artifacts, but certainly someday artifacts from your Sirius neighbors will be discovered; but that will be just the start. They will be able to point these artifacts out to you at some future point.

When you said the Sirians would point out artifacts to “you” was that a general statement or me personally.

It will be you personally Tom. You will have the privilege of meeting a Sirian one day.

That will be fun! Will I have previously known the Sirian I will meet in this life?

Yes you will have known him quite well and no he is not a future incarnation of you. He is a friend and yes he will still be alive when you are born into that life.

So will he be on the planet I will incarnate on, or will he be on another planet?

No, he will be on the same planet. He wishes to greet you in this life to give you a glimpse of your next life. You will have a very nice chat Tom. He will have answers to all your questions.

I hope he’ll bring pictures of the world so that I can see them since I’m veiled and can’t recall what it looks like.

Yes, I’ll mention that to him. He says that he’ll be happy to.

So he’s tuning in on our conversation?

Yes. You can speak to him if you wish.

What is his name?

That will be a little difficult for you today.

Perhaps I should put it off until after at least June 20. Perhaps I’ll receive better at that time?

Perhaps. He says that’s fine—no rush.

I left the personal part in as it shows: 1. Others can tune into these conversations; 2. The fact that I’m going to be still alive when the ET’s arrive means it’s going to be fairly soon, perhaps as early as 2015. Now isn’t that exciting!

Paula Anne dreamed about an egg shaped device on perhaps a tower that produced energy generated by the sun. Your comments?

Ah yes, Tom. That will be a device in the future that will monitor the flow of energy from other sources to houses and buildings and such. It is not exactly a producer of energy, but will act as a monitoring station. That’s the best I can describe it for you at this time Tom.

OK, Paula Anne also dreamed about the ocean receding and cars that would travel powered by magnetic strips in the road.

First let’s take the sea Tom. That will not happen—the receding—for many thousands of years. It will first – the sea level I mean—rise several feet as the ice caps melt in both the Arctic and Antarctic. You have been told before you see that low lying cities will be engulfed in water and the people will have to move farther inland, which is what Gaia wants them to do. This will happen much sooner than the scientists are predicting, as you've already been told.

Now the cars and magnetic strips. Yes, this will be how cars get around in the future—powered by magnetic strips in the roads you see. And yes cars will be able to travel at higher speeds and more closely bunched together as there will be no danger of collisions. The person driving the car will simply tell the computer where they wish to go and the car will be guided by the magnetic strips over the largest portion of the journey, with only electrical power to be used for the final part of the journey into local streets that will not have these magnetic strips. So a very good dream for her about the future.

When will the magnetic strips in the road be in operation?

Not so far in the future Tom. More on the order of 25 years or so. You will make great strides in that time to find other power sources for your vehicles and magnetics will certainly be one of the first you consider.

I seemed to almost know about the magnetic strips and how they would be used. Had I previously seen this suggested or was it an educated guess, or what?

No, I was sending you those images Tom so that you could better understand the concept. Remember, I’m doing similar things like this all the time. Some get through easily and some do not.


What were the predominant religions on the continent of Atlantis.

They had a priest system that was very corrupt. They too lead the people and governed their lives so that the two major groups of people came to war with each other. It was greed on both sides that did them in.

So did both major religions believe in one God or multiple?

No, more multiple Tom. This would be a little difficult for you to receive.

Are there any religions in the world now that would resemble any of the religions then?

Yes, the Shinto religion in Japan, but not the same either.

Theo—did they have doctors in Atlantis or were there special types of healing centers?

They did have doctors but also healing centers connected with the doctors. Medical science you see is quite old. Only Shamanism is older.

So were these healing centers using light -- different colors as I’ve been told or read?

Yes exactly. The patient would go through a series of lights depending upon what was wrong with the patient. These treatments would last for several hours, but the healing was very fast—much, much better than today with all the drugs and operations. It was less intrusive then shall we say.

What source did the healing lights in Atlantis emanate from?

Crystals, Tom. They were projected through crystals and these intensified the light source into color spectrums you see. Each spectrum has it’s own healing quality, which you will rediscover some day in the future.

Will scientists discover this or will records be found about how to do this?

Actually both, as records will be found about Atlantis. But by then much work will have been done in this area.

So the records will not be discovered very soon?

Not so soon Tom. At least 20 to 25 years in the future.

Did they have dentists back then?

Yes of course. But there was less need for dentists than there is today, because of their diets.

Yes speaking of diets, what did the average Atlantian eat?

Lots of grains and vegetables. Very little meat.

Did they eat three times a day on average?

Yes, their systems were not any different than yours. And yes they ate a lot of fruits too.

Did they have more open markets, or did they have grocery stores and supermarkets?

They had all three as you do Tom. Again, we’re speaking of a sophisticated society that had progressed almost as far and in some cases farther than you have today. But you will in short order catch up with their more scientific achievements, while avoiding their missteps, you see?

Did the Atlantians have what we call department stores with clothes, shoes, and so on?

Exactly so. These stores were fairly large—perhaps not as large as today since you have many more people in more densely populated areas. But there were stores with multiple merchandise for sale, just as you have today.

Did they have the concept of a mall with multiple stores under one roof, or were stores mostly open on a street?

No they were mostly open to foot traffic on a street. Again, because the population was much less than today, they had more room for these stores to be facing the street. Again there were the larger multi-merchandise stores, but for the most part individual stores and shops serviced the population.

Did the stores have facades more like the European stores on boulevards, or more like Asia, or more modern with manufactured panels as we have today?

They were more your brick and mortar type facades and buildings Tom. They did have nice window displays as you have today. Everyone must display their goods for the public to see.

Speaking of buildings, how were the Atlantian houses and buildings constructed—normal wood, frame, or metal frame and then wood, brick or stone exteriors?

Yes, exactly. This form of construction is very old you see. Of course in the very early days of inhabitation, they went through their own periods of huts and so on, but once they progressed to a higher level, they lived similar to the way people live today—just a little different, similar to the differences in say the way the Japanese or Europeans live differently from those of you in the United States.

Did the Atlantians wear a lot of jewelry?

Yes, quite a lot—silver, gold, precious stones—the whole gamut. That is something that has not changed over the centuries.

Did they have our concept of restaurants that they went to?

Most assuredly Tom. They enjoyed the company of friends and would have lavish dinners along with times when it would just be a family affair.

Were there one or more newspapers, which serviced the population with the news of the day?

Oh quite so, and you can imagine that the two factions we’ve discussed before had their own publications greatly slanted to their own viewpoints.

How many years did a student go to school?

A little different than today. Not as many years actually. More on the order of 8 to 10 years. There were not so many breaks as you have today for vacations and such. They did have their holidays tied into their religions and some public holidays.

Were the schools public or private religious based?

More on a public level. They were taught their religions at home and in gatherings. The religious buildings were not so massive as today.

Please see the previous three newsletters for Parts 1, 2, and 3. Part 5 will be next week. I hope you’re enjoying the information, and there’s more on the way.


I posted a new video on the website ( ). Its title is TOOLS FOR ABUNDANCE, Part 1. This one covers EXPECTING GREAT THINGS and COMPRESSING TIME.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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