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·    GUARDIAN ANGEL 101, PT. 5

Hi everyone and welcome to this June 6 addition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to everyone who subscribed to this free newsletter during the week.  A quick reminder—this is your last call if you have any inspiring stories to share that might make it into my upcoming book.  I hope to finish it before I depart on June 12 for Sedona.  I’ll be signing books at the Kryon Conference during the weekend and then will have a workshop on the book on Monday June 15.  Go to to read more details.  I will either send next week’s newsletter out early or will have my webmaster send it out.  

Check out the next part on Dreaming in the Guardian 101 series and more on Lemuria.  Send in your questions for Theo (my Guardian Angel for our new readers).  The door is always open.  


Mary Ann writes:  “About 4 months ago I read your article in the Sedona journal and first learned about MBO requests.  Since I regularly talk to and pray to my Guardian and other angels I decided to use the MBO way.

“In February I developed blood clots one of which passed thru the right side of my heart. The heart passed the clots to the lungs and I had multiple clots in both lungs. I was in the intensive care unit for 9 days.  Other complications developed and it was discovered that I was swollen with fluid that had ovarian cancer cells.  3 1/2 years ago I recovered from ovarian cancer, I was very upset to hear it was back, especially since I had the complication of the blood clots.  

“I began to ask for a MBO of the excess fluid in my swollen legs, feet & belly be expelled from my body and in a very short time I began to expel the fluid. My feet and legs and belly are almost completely normal now. I have to get chemo every week but I am getting stronger every day and very pleased with my progress.  As you can tell I have plenty more to request along my road to recovery but I want to thank you and tell everyone this is very successful.  The other day I ordered 6 of your books to give to others to help them. I will keep you posted on my success. Thank you again.”    


Jan writes:  After my ordeal last week at the Laundromat, when the two “ladies” (running the place) refused to turn on the air conditioner, I refused to go back.  This week I mentioned going, but not going back to that one, and my daughter said they are opening up a new one closer to you so check that one first. 

I immediately said  “I request the most benevolent outcome for the new laundromat being open and having a good experience there.  Thank you Angels.”

I got the clothes ready and messed around a little while, and headed to the new Laundromat.  From the parking lot I saw a lady in there doing her laundry. So I got out and went in.  YES, they were open.  They had been open about 30 minutes when I got there.  The owner told me the inspectors had just left and said they could open for business. LOL.  Amazing.


Annette writes:  I must tell you  - the other night there was a major fire in an apartment building on the street behind us on the opposite side from us. We could see the black smoke from the kitchen window and suddenly saw huge flames shoot way up - I grabbed The Gentle Way and went right to the Living Prayer on page 98.  

Eighty Firefighters responded and the building was in the middle section of a complex - they had to use 3 ladders with water cannons. That night on the news we learned that the apartments in that section were empty for renovations, all the surrounding apartments were not damaged and the firewall kept the fire from going to other apartments. All Firefighters were safe and the fire was contained in an amazingly short time.
I thanked all the Beings who added in the answered the Living Prayer. I now carry your book with me all the time. Thank you!!


Annette also added this story:  I did the MBO for the hot water heater and for paying down my bills.  Friday, when I talked to the credit union about lowering my payments on our cars, I was told if I refinanced we could get a lower interest rate and then the loan officer asked me if I knew we had equity in my husband's car and we could get that when we refinanced? Well - she told me we could get about $3,000.00.

Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day, the FO called and said it was all approved and that we had over $4,000.00 in equity that they would deposit in our account once we signed the papers.....then I go home and there is a letter from my Mom. As I was putting my finger in the envelope to open it, she called and I was talking with her as I opened it to find a check for $750.00. She said she wanted to make certain we could replace the hot water heater and that she intended to write it for $150.00 but made a 7 instead, so decided to write it for $750.00. Normally I would have felt horrible for my Mom to send me money, but I didn't ask her to, and I "knew" my GA and hers had worked together so I could get the hot water heater and Mom (who is 88) would not be 800 miles away worrying about my hot water heater.
I've also been "guided" to information on a non-profit credit counseling service just a few blocks up the street that is listed with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Thank you, thank you, thank you my GA!!!!

Annette has set up a payment plan to repay her mother too.  


For those of you (like me) that haven’t heard, ABC Network Television will revive the “V” (stands for the Visitors) series this fall.

Theo, Robert asks if there is any particular reason for the “V” TV series to be revised at this time?

Not particularly Tom.  It was a popular series, and from the producers’ point of view they already had potential story lines, but now they can do more CGI effects than before to bring it up to date for even the small screens as they say.  So there was no sinister reason for its resurrection—just monetarily; as there are so many series that fail, they looked at this series and noted that it would appeal to the right demographics—younger people.


Marie writes:  Thanks for the newsletter. I love reading them. I want you to ask Theo this question: Is it bad not to have dreams at night? I know someone that does not dream, but if they do, it's rare. And Why?

Another question: Ask Theo what Angels or Archangels are for a Soul Retrieval? I only know one so far.

I've been doing MBO's. It's amazing how your G.A. can put things into place. I've had desperate moments where I needed to do something right away without wasting time. I have to thank my 4 guardian angels, Anael, Raphael, Peter and Joseph. They’ve been a blessing for me. Thanks again Tom.

I can answer the first question.  Theo says EVERYONE dreams.  But many people choose to ignore them, or they use alarms, radio, and such to awake them and their attention immediately focuses on the present.  

Marie wants to know what angels or archangels work on soul retrieval?

Yes Tom.  There are a group of souls that work with the lower vibrational soul fragments that have had difficult lives where they were thieves, murderers and so on.

As we have talked before, these are angels, or as you know as whole souls that have volunteered to assist these soul fragments to places where they can be nurtured and revitalized so to speak.  

So how many of these angels or whole souls do this work?

Not a huge number Tom in comparison to say Guardian Angels.  Yes, less than 100,000 of these souls do this duty.  We as your guardian angels handle you during all your lives on earth, and we turn over your care upon your death to the souls you call death angels.  But some of these soul fragments—yes there are quite a number at any time, are still trying to be physical and do what they were doing before death.  That’s when these souls take over and perform the duty of working with these soul fragments by sending them massive amounts of white light and love Tom.  They do also take on forms necessary to encourage these lower level vibrational soul fragments to come with them.  Sometimes it takes years according to earth time to accomplish this.

Are there soul fragments from all time lines they have to do this with, or is it more the lower Time Lines?

Good question Tom.  It is much more the lower time lines, say from 8 on down but many more from the lower 4 time lines for sure.    Keep in mind that there is no time on the other side of the veil Tom, so time does not enter into this.  Eventually all rejoin, even the most difficult soul fragments.  Certainly, the souls are assisted by the other soul fragments of the soul cluster, but the majority of the work is done by the souls who volunteered for this duty.  


Do we as soul fragments of the same soul dream the same dreams together each night, or in each of our lives do we dream individual dreams unique for that soul fragment in that particular life?

A good question Tom.  There are times when you all have basically the same dream as you are able to join together during a night.  You may actually play a part in a dream with the other soul fragments in the same soul group.  But as you guessed, during each life you must also have individual dreams that pertain to the events going on for you in that particular life, so the answer to your question would be that at times you do dream the same dreams, but most of the time you are directed by those dream angels or whole souls to have dreams that are unique for you.

Another day I asked--do we also dream about our parallel lives on the other 11 time lines?

Yes, quite so.  You peek in shall we say on what your other fragments are doing as there is much sharing of experiences between all the 12 fragments.  What one learns on one time line can be applied in a different way on another time line.  

Do the 12 timelines have different dreams each night or virtually the same?

Ah, good question.  Yes they are for the most part completely different because the experiences on one time line can be entirely different on the others.  But the knowledge you are acquiring can be shared immediately in the dream state with the other time lines.  Still, each goes its own way—makes its own way in these lives.

Do my guides work on me too during dreamtime?

Yes they come and input their energies so that you will learn, as you receive much instruction during dreamtime.  It is not just feeling, but actual knowledge that they try and filter down through the layers to you.  

Am I acting as a guide to anyone during my dreamtime Theo?

No, not exactly the way you think you may be.  You do during dreamtime go out and help people solve problems as you are, as a race of people, known as the problem solvers of the universe.  The problems you solve are then translated into dreams that you can understand, as the problems you solve are not really the same as on earth.  So in one way you act as a guide, but on a short- term basis as compared to assisting someone continuously over his or her life span here on earth.  The problems you solve are normally on other worlds, but certainly can be on earth and are on earth frequently.

Why do the dream angels always use the symbology of getting on a plane to fly back?

Because that is what is acceptable to everyone—taking a trip in an airplane.  

Do our dreams adapt to the dream Dictionaries we use or do the dream dictionaries just have to be as close as possible in its interpretations?

Good question Tom.  A dream dictionary is an aid, especially for those that have a hard time interpreting their own dreams.  So yes your dreams adapt somewhat –at least the ones you are supposed to remember—to the interpretations of the dream dictionary you’re using.  Obviously it is best to try and interpret the dream yourself before consulting the dictionary, as there is a subliminal process or meaning that you might glean before looking up the dream symbols.   So for those that wish to record their dreams, encourage them to think about what the dream might be telling them and then step two look up the symbols for additional interpretation, as there will be other messages that are given.

Theo in my dreamtime why do I have a penis erection sometimes and at other times not, even though it’s not a sexual dream?

As you guessed Tom, a penis erection has to do with where you go Tom.  It’s hard to explain at this time to you but yes, you go to certain places in dreamtime where you experience the penis erection here because various forces are at play as you are taken there and back again.  

Is it because I visit somewhere on earth or is it because I visit a certain planet or what?

No it has to do more with earth experiences and not another planet.  Time enters into the equation too.  When you shift in your dream to a completely different time, your body reacts to that internally while you have gone into another completely different time period.  It is very complicated to explain, since you do not have a science background, but your body does change while you are in this particular type dream.  

It would seem that we shift to another time period in each dream.

No, when you go to study or to do other things, the cord is attached with no outside influences.  But when you dream into another time then the cord is affected in a way that affects your physical body.

When we have time travel dreams are they more or less parallel hopping so to speak between time lines or are they more of going backwards or perhaps forwards in time?

There you have it Tom.  You do move backwards and forwards in time.  This is what causes physical reactions.  

Is there some sort of physical reaction in women when they dream into another time period?

Quite so. They do have a physical reaction, although it is difficult to describe to you.   

Does it produce a noticeable physical reaction?

Yes, but very few women will notice the difference.  

In time travel dreams for women, are either the vagina, clitoris, uterus or ovaries affected?

Yes the clitoris is.  There is an expansion, but it is normally not noticed.

Do animals have time travel dreams as humans do?

Yes of course.   You noticed it –the physical effects in your dog, so yes they have similar dreams when they are asleep.  

What other types of activities do we do in dreamtime including exploring our problem solving for others?  Why don’t our souls do this?

Your soul is much too busy with its own affairs and so it sends you, which is a piece of itself during your sleep hours out across the universe to learn, to experience, to assist, and all this brings back knowledge to your soul which eventually—actually instantaneously--gives more knowledge to the Creator.  This is a very complex process, which is something that people will slowly understand more, as more experiments are done and more work is done to learn dream symbols.

Theo—is the “guide” mentioned in the article (by Robert Shapiro) about the dream keeper one of my normal guides or another soul.

Tom, your guides do speak with and meet with you during your dream state to impart information that cannot be interpreted upon awaking.  They join in on the dream process.  Everyone does have an angelic guide that assists them in dreamtime.  The dream keeper, as was explained in the article, keeps a record of all dreams and so they are accessed at times to interject not only feelings but also information.  That was not made clear in the article.  This is a difficult concept for you to understand on a 3d basis.  Again we return to how much more complicated life is than the average person understands.  When we say that you have much assistance and help on this side, it is not just me and your guides, but a whole cadre of wonderful angelic souls that have volunteered to assist everyone, as your lives are so much more difficult than anywhere else in this universe.    


How tall were the buildings in the cities?

Yes they, like the Atlantians, tended to keep their buildings under 10 to 12 stores, as they did have space.  They were not so densely populated as you are now.

Was there one explosion or a series of explosions that caused the continent to sink?

Yes, there were a series of explosions Tom, as each country tried to wipe out the other after the first country attacked.

How many lives did I live on the continent of MU?

Several Tom, but not as many as on Atlantis.  More on the order of 40 to 50.  We’ll leave it at that range for the time being.

How many lives did it take for me to balance the bad life on MU?

Quite a few Tom.  Certainly the number would be less than 100 but more than 50—yes around the 84 mark.  It took you quite some time to balance that life, as you can imagine with all the destruction you were responsible for causing.

How did they travel during the days of MU?  Did they transport by portals?

No Tom.  Much more conventional shall we say.  Yes they had trains and vehicles, but the flying machines were mostly military, not for the typical family to use.

So all countries on the continent were at war with each other?

Naturally there were alliances Tom, so there were combinations of the countries that sided with each other.

Did they use gunpowder?

No, not at that time.  They had other weaponry.

Were there multiple religions?

Yes, certainly that was part of the problem, which you had to readdress in your times, in order to solve the problem of multiple beliefs you see, when you were not able to solve that problem back then.

What was the average size of the families?

Four to six Tom.  It partially depended upon their religions, just as it does today.

Did they live in houses or apartments or both?

Both.  Again it depended upon whether they lived in the cities or outside you see.  The houses certainly were not as grand as those today.  Simpler cottages you would call them.

Did they eat meat or were they vegetarians?

Both Tom.  Again, religions came into play here too regarding what they ate, just as it does today.

Did they have a form of TV?

Yes, towards the end they did.  The societies were becoming more advanced, but again this was one of the causes of their demise.  They developed a form of rocketry—not the same as you have today, but slightly similar.  

Were the ruins at Yonaguni part of a city or were they some sort of religious structure?

No they were part of a city—fortifications if you will.  Again I will say that much work should be done on these ruins, as many ancient artifacts will be discovered beneath the sands.  It is a treasure trove of findings for an archeologist.  You will see some of that come to light in the next few years, as more scientists will be attracted to these ruins to either prove or disprove when they were constructed.

When was it constructed?

Certainly during the last few hundred years of the continent’s existence Tom.  These were massive fortifications, and they were not constructed overnight.  It took much work.

How far below the sand does it go?

Yes, not too much further, but certainly well over 100 to 200 feet more.

Did the inhabitants of Mu have what we consider bathrooms in their buildings and houses?

Yes, certainly Tom.  These were not backwards rural people, although there were areas on the continent that certainly were much more rural in nature.  But they had their own sanitary systems.  They were quite advanced you see with over 50,000 years of inhabitation, just as the Atlantians had.  But again, greed, corruption, and power did them in, just as it did the Atlantians .  They could not live together, so again, that’s why you—meaning society as a whole—have these same challenges today, which you are slowly but surely solving.  You will not destroy yourselves this time, I can assure you.

Did they have public or private baths?

Both naturally, partially depending upon their religious persuasions or beliefs, just as you do now.

How fast did their trains travel?

Fairly fast, but not as fast as the Japanese and French TGV’s of today travel.  Sixty to 70 miles per hour would be about the top end—quite sufficient for a smaller continent, especially when the countries started closing their borders and people were prevented from traveling to each other’s countries.

How many people could their aircraft hold?

Very few--as I mentioned before they were mostly used by the military, so certainly most of their craft carried under 10 people, Tom.

Did the people speak different languages in each country?

Yes, of course.  Again, this was one of the divisive problems they had—the inability to accept each other’s cultures and traditions.  Each thought theirs was the best.

Did they have books, newspapers, and magazines?

Yes, although not to the extent you have today.  More were state run newspapers to control the information given to the people.  There was much propaganda in these publications.

So was it religions that sunk Mu?

Yes, primarily, but also cultures and most especially the leaders who wanted more territory for themselves and wanted to subjugate their neighbors. 


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