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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter from all over the world.  If you like this newsletter, please forward it to your friends.  If this is your first time to read it, you can sign up to receive your own copy each week at .  For our new people, Gaia is the Soul of the Earth and Theo is my own Guardian Angel. 

We have a LOT of topics this week, but the size of the newsletter is the same as the last 3 or 4.  As you’ll read, most of these topics were from questions YOU sent in, which is why this newsletter is the most diverse one you’ll find.  Now for this week’s topics:


Blake in Hawaii sent me this footage.  If you don’t think our Guardian Angels set things up to keep us from disaster, just watch this video to see what a split second either way would have meant for this person on a bicycle.  You may have to copy and paste this link onto your browser.


Gaia, how many people does it take saying Benevolent Prayers to lessen the intensity of a hurricane or to move it so that it does not approach a coastline?

Here Tom there are some other energies that do come into play shall we say.  There are soul contracts Tom for some people to experience a natural disaster of a hurricane, so there are times when no matter how many people were to say a benevolent prayer, the hurricane must happen, as you are nearing the end of the 3rd dimensional focus and these people need that experience.  That said, you can lessen the strength of the hurricane, and it does not take too many people to do this.  Say less than 20 or 30 Tom.  It is that easy to do for those who will simply give it a try shall we say—join the experiment. 

Again, I must allow you Junior Creators in Training to have successes, so that you will move on to even more important work and creating.  Being able to reduce the strength of a storm is quite possible, even for one person to do as you do before a storm arrives in your neighborhood Tom, and as your readers are starting to learn as they experiment for themselves with storms, which are headed in their direction.  I honor those requests, although there will be times when the storms strike very near them, but not on top of them.    I do encourage all your readers in stormy conditions to try this and I will allow. 


Last week I listed a Youtube link about two guys who said hay could soak up the oil.  Now Walton Beach, Florida will give it a try.  Here is the link:

And if you recall, three weeks or so ago I told you about a method to keep the top of the hood warm to keep it from freezing (see “Oil Spill” in the May 15 newsletter ).  Finally Richard says that the Department of Energy will contact him if the “top kill” doesn’t work.


Gary writes:  Just a quick question for Gaia that might be interesting:  Has the continuing destruction of the South American rain forests an influence in Mother Earth's need to establish a sub-tropical climate in the South of the US?

Gaia, is the reason you wish to create a more sub-tropical climate in the southern part of the United States and Mexico because of the destruction of the South American rain forests, or for what reason?

Yes, Tom, again another thoughtful question by your reader.  No, that is a good hypothesis, but I do have other reasons for this area to become more sub-tropical.  I wish to see other plants be introduced to this area; and am taking advantage of the storms, which will make the desert areas verdant again to increase the rain needed in this portion of North America to make it a sub-tropical region.  Don’t forget that much of Florida, as an example, will be lost in the coming years to my increase in ocean levels, along with much other coastline in the southern hemisphere.  I am simply using land that will not be affected to have the same climate as the portions of the land being lost. 


Linda writes:  How will the problems in Greece affect the world market?  Why is this happening?

Theo, what will be the short term and long term affect on the world market regarding Greece?

Yes, Tom, it will have a long term affect on the world market in general, and look for a couple of other countries to cry out for help too.  But in the long run much will be accomplished to make sure this does not happen in the future; but again on the short term it will certainly slow down Europe’s economy, along with your own.   

Of course, when the west coast begins to experience these great movements your economy will suffer for several years after that as you learn to adjust to not having California contribute to your economy and having to take care of so many refugees Tom.  You’re being given greater problems to solve, because you are now capable of solving them.  It’s like going from college to a tough graduate school to use that analogy.  This is what you came to learn, and you will Tom. 


Lorice writes:  I just got back from spending a week in Corpus Christi. I'm blind so when I travel by myself I request lots and lots of mbo's. This trip involved 2 bus transfers. with those, there's always a chance customer service will forget the blind passenger and leave them waiting for the next bus, but that didn't happen. My trip was very smooth. I slept all the way down.
Then there were the MBO's I asked for the house concert I was playing which went great and filled the room to capacity! 

There was a glitch or 2 for which I assume there were reasons. My massage therapy appointment was canceled due to a family emergency of the therapist. Also my very last bus coming home left before customer service could put me on and I ended up waiting in Dallas for about another 90 min. But as I said, I'm sure there were reasons.  The whole trip went amazingly well and I thanked my GA profusely.

Lorice trusts in the process.  That’s very good advice for everyone.


Rick writes:  I just got back from the eye doctor with a pleasant, money saving MBO I'd like to share. I have worn glasses for 11 years now. Up until 4 years ago, I was told I could never get laser surgery because of my astigmatism. That problem can now be treated with laser surgery, so I went to a doctor in the Trenton, N.J. area, a 35 mile ride for me each way. He diagnosed in me what no other opthamologist/optometrist could, and that is a condition called Keratacconus (the cornea is odd-shaped). It's bad enough that contact lenses fall off the eye!
The condition has stabilized over the last two years, but I usually have to get a new prescription for the lenses. Because of my financial hardships, I brought an old pair with me to insist they put the new lenses in some old frames. I said an MBO before the trip that they would accept this. As it turns out, my eyes are so stable right now, that the doctor didn't recommend a new pair! I can keep the old ones. I never heard that happening before.
That MBO saved me more money than I could if I switched to Geico!

For those of you not living in the USA, that's an Insurance company which advertises constantly on TV. 


Lorice also writes:  Does Gaia recommend that people in Corpus move? It's a coastal town after all, although a lot of disasters seem to miss them. I used to live there and have many good friends there.

Gaia, do you have any plans for Corpus Christ, Texas?

Yes, Tom, there will be one or more storms, which will come ashore quite near them, but not directly on top of them, you see.  There will be flooding, and some wind damage, but not catastrophic.  Again, those that live in that area can say their BP’s –requesting the storms lessen in intensity and their path be moved.


Kahriana writes:  Tom, while we certainly appreciate that the priority needs to be for those souls located in S.California and Mexico, when an opportunity presents itself, we would be grateful for information from Gaia regarding the Ottawa area which is north of the New Madrid fault.  Would it be affected when quakes occur along the New Madrid and to what extent?  Also, living on the Canadian West Coast, how far eastward must one move to be safe during the coming coastal disruption and how much time do we have to avoid being last minute.  My feeling is to move to the east side of the Rockies in order to make only one move.  Can Gaia confirm this or provide other information. 

Gaia, please verify when, if ever, you plan to move the New Madrid fault and why is Ottawa Canada having tremors?

Yes Tom, I will move the New Madrid fault line in the future—and not too long into the future I might add.  Let’s say within 2 or 3 years at the maximum.  I have stated before that I do wish to change my typography and by having the Mississippi begin in Lake Superior and end in the Gulf of Mexico, It will assist me with my changes in the weather patterns.  I would not suggest that anyone live on the banks of the Mississippi or along the fault line, as this part of the country will see some great movements—again not to the extent I told you about in 2008 Tom, but still some planned movements there.  And yes you are receiving this information correctly, so you do not have to ask. 

Ottawa lies close to the fault line, and is experiencing some movements, as I am bringing pressure there to add pressure on the west coast.


Janet writes:  Hi Tom!  I love your newsletter.  I live in Minnesota.  Will you ask Gaia if she has any plans for our area?  I use the MBO's daily.....  amazing !

Gaia, what are your plans for Minnesota?

Yes, for the time being Minnesota will be spared any movements Tom.  Certainly in their future I may be moving the New Madrid fault line, but not anytime soon.  I do not recommend that anyone live right on the river, or for that matter any river at the present time where flooding is a possibility.  This is an easy one for your readers to understand, given the events recently in the Nashville, TN area or region.

(Next session) Gaia, you said you had no plans for Minnesota, yet when I asked about the New Madrid fault line, you said this would move in 2 or 3 years.  So this would seem Minnesota would be included.  Comments please.

Yes, I did say I had no plans for Minnesota in the near future Tom, but in reality there will be some changes when I do start moving the New Madrid fault line.  I have said repeatedly that no one should live anywhere near the banks of the Mississippi, as its width will be enormous after I begin to shift the New Madrid fault line.  So my apologies for not including or referencing Minnesota. 

So why the comments.  I’m confused.

Yes Tom.  It is a combination of your reception and me saying nothing in the near future, as two to three years out normally would not be considered the near future.  It’s a matter of semantics and interpretation of what “near future” is for those of you in a 3d focus.  It is open for interpretation, as a person in 3d thinks of near future as with a short time period such as a few months—not years.  Does that clear it up for you a little?

Yes, but I may visit this again for a verification of what I’m receiving. 


Galina writes:  Thank you for your interesting and informative newsletter. Can you 
please ask Gaia what her plans for Chicagoland area are?

Gaia, will the Chicago region be safe to move to?

Yes, relatively safe, although as you might guess Tom, they will certainly feel the earthquakes, which are connected to the New Madrid Fault Line.  Some buildings will be damaged, and perhaps some will be rendered non-useable—more the older ones not built to modern standards Tom. 


John sent me this prediction by Stuart Wilde:  The earthquakes are hot and heavy right now, and we are still waiting for the one that takes out California. All the previous California earthquakes dates have proved to be wrong, though Khris Krepcik got the Chile earthquake on the right day to within four hours, so it was a very accurate prediction. The next big date for CA that many of us have seen is June 11th 2010.

Gaia, do you have any plans for a large earthquake around June 11?

Yes Tom, I do, but not in the United States.  It will be along the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Far East side.  It will not be Japan, as I have given you that information, but will be farther down.  Yes in the Indonesian area. 


Sara Ann writes from Ft. Worth:  Could you please ask Gaia of the future of New Zealand and these other countries for the remainder of 2010?  And if travel will be possible through CA going to and returning from New Zealand the remainder of 2010?

Gaia, I have asked about Australia, but neglected to ask about New Zealand’s future.

Yes, Tom, they will see a tsunami or two along with Australia.  They will also see some earthquakes in the next year or two, although the destruction will not be as great as in other locations on the Ring of Fire.  Still, those who live there should have their houses on bedrock if at all possible.  Those who live on sandy dirt plains will suffer the most damage. 


Maryjune writes:  I know you spend time in Sedona and I am considering a move there from CA.  Can you ask Gaia if Sedona will is a safe haven with the upcoming earth changes and does Gaia frown upon people living there since it is such a sacred place?  Will the weather in Sedona and North Central AZ change due to the changes coming in Southern CA at the end of 2010?

Gaia, will Sedona be a good place for people to migrate to from the west coast, and how will the weather change there?  And will the energies be affected?

Yes, a thoughtful question Tom.  Sedona will certainly be one of the places in the United States and Canada where people can move to and be relatively safe from tremors, although they may very well feel some rumbles in the area—not enough to panic over, although certainly there will be much fear, which the people from California will experience each time I move the earth a little. 

Over time, yes there will be a huge change in the weather there, as I bring much more rain to this region of the country, and they will see copious amounts of rain during an average year.  Yes your figures of 35 inches or so on average are about right Tom.  This area will bloom, as it has not in thousands of years.

The energies of this area will change somewhat, but will still retain great energy near the vortexes.  This energy I offer to all who wish to experience it, to be washed in the various energies offered, which are unique to each location. 

Certainly the population will swell –certainly doubling in size in a short time, which will create problems with their infrastructure as you can image Tom, just as these mass migrations will affect almost every community in the United States and Canada.  It will take years of adjustments. 


Gaia, will there be just a Lahar mudflow from Mt. Rainier near Seattle, or will there be a collapse of one side, and when will this event take place?

Good question to start the morning Tom.  Yes there will be a large Lahar mudflow from Mt. Rainier and it will be timed to happen around the same time as the earthquakes to the south, but perhaps just a little later Tom, but not much.  So that will happen.

Regarding the collapse of one side similar to Mt. St. Helens, yes this will occur, but not until the second round of earthquakes which will strike along the coast near Seattle, Vancouver and on up the coast of Alaska.  By then there will be mainly people aware of this possibility and there will be much movement off the coast; and you will have something to do with that Tom, I thought I would let you know now. 

But first the Lahar and then several months later the pyroclastic blast which will be similar to Mt. St. Helens.  This is not a safe area Tom, and as I have told you to pass along to the people there, they need to move, certainly at least over the Cascade mountain range at the very least, as that will be a buffer, as long as that is far away from the events which will take place near Mt. Rainier.

Here is a link for more information on Lahar mudflows: .


Gaia, when will Canada start to have more moderate temperatures Gaia?

A good question Tom.  They will start to see the more moderate temperatures within 5 years.  This will be partially due to the changes in topography to the south in the United States, and partially due to the melting of the Arctic ice cap, which will continue and actually speed up.  There will not be the level of ice needed to generate as extreme conditions as they have had in the past.  It will become more like say a Midwestern city such as in Kansas.  Then beyond the 5 year mark they will see gradually even more moderate temperatures.


Kahriana writes:  A family member recently moved to a new job in Ontario and thanks to MBO's everything transpired very smoothly; excellent air fares, no charge for overweight luggage, smooth flight, timely landing, etc. etc. We are most grateful.  However, the night before departure her wallet was nowhere to be found.  I said an MBO for the "immediate reappearance of her wallet" and within minutes she was guided to a very odd spot in our residence where neither of us puts anything.  I touched the wallet and it was very cold - too cold to have been inside the house.  Thank you angels!


Kahriana also writes:  Earlier this week I headed out on an errand.  As always when I get in my car I sit quietly for a few minutes before starting the car to say a MBO. 

At the store I got out of the car and headed for the entry door.  I looked up and saw a guy holding the door open, waiting for me, and suddenly my foot caught on something and I went flying forward. I put out my hands to break the fall and looked up as I was getting up he said, Are you okay?  I said, Yes, I’m fine.  Nothing like looking where you are going. . . and proceeded into the store. He looked at me and asked again Are you okay?   Yes, I replied.  In the store we headed in different directions but he turned back and for a third time with concern in his voice, the guy asked me if I was okay. Yes, thank you.  From his perspective the fall must have looked pretty bad.

On retrospect, I realized that the landing impact was not at all as hard as it ought to have been for the speed I was moving, etc. And other than feeling a little shaken, I am fine, no bruises, no scrapes.  Hands of angels definitely cushioned my fall and I am so grateful! 

I had asked for a Most Benevolent Outcome before I started out and this is yet another example of how effective they are and in ways we might not think of at the time we are saying them.  Thank you, thank you, dear angels.  Many blessings to you, Tom for sharing MBO's!


Mike in Colorado Springs writes:  I just read your newsletters and I am wondering if I can ask Gaia what the best way one can open communication to animals is.  I am assuming it is no coincidence that I have taken in a houseful of animals, perhaps to practice with.  I am believing that being located in Colorado there will be a great need in the near future to work with and perhaps help animals wild and domestic.

What is the best way Gaia, to open communication with animals?

Yes, this is a deep subject Tom, so I will touch lightly on it at this time.  You will find it much easier to communicate with animals of all types once you pass 2012 into the lower degrees of the 5th dimension.  Until then, you can communicate with them in meditation, just as you have done with the soul fragments of your own dogs by simply asking to speak with them.  This is pretty difficult for most people at this time Tom, and I would suggest that they communicate with their own GA’s first. 

Certainly they can also open up their minds to communication.  They can also blink your eyes in a slow motion to let the animal know you are honoring him or her Tom.  The animals recognize this—it is universal, while at the same time nodding your head. So let’s leave it there for the time being and revisit this in the future.


Rick writes:  I'm curious and I don't recall this in any past newsletters, but have you done anything on Deja Vu and what it is the result of?

Theo, do we have Déjà vu because of dreams or what?
Yes, it can be dreams, and most of the time it is, as you are taken forward and backward in time Tom on your own timeline and then at times on other time lines.  So many times the dream reminds you that in another life you have visited a certain town or region before, so that it is quite familiar to you when you go there again.  It is Déjà vu—already have seen.  For some people it is much more prominent than for others, as at times you can remember minute information regarding a certain town or city.


Donna writes:  Hi Tom, I was wondering if Gaia or Theo have any recent updates on the Chem Trails.   They have been alarming in numbers over my City lately in the Okanagan Valley BC, to the point my daughter-in-law doesn't even want to let my granddaughter outside to play.

Gaia, how destructive are Chem trails to everyone’s health?
Yes, they do have an effect on people shall we say, but it is not permanent.  There will be more information, which will come out about these chem trails as you call them, and their use will stop.

May I suggest everyone say a Benevolent Prayer:  “I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing to light the real reasons for the Chem trails, thank you!”


Isabelle writes:  There is an enigma that I am hoping, Tom, you will be able to put to rest for me. Stated simply, in the form of a question: what's the relationship between the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters of The Great White Brotherhood?

Theo, is there a relationship between the Galactic Federation and The White Brotherhood?
No Tom.  I can say their relationship is no more than anyone else’s relationship with the Federation.  All the planets that comprise the Federation only want to work on assisting you in the most benevolent way possible, according to the Federation Directive which limits their involvement, as you are supposed to be coming up with unique ways of solving the unsolvable problems of the universe. 
They cannot interfere with that directive.  So if anyone individually or in a group wishes to work in a benevolent fashion, then certainly they will attract their own home planet assistance where it is allowed. 


Theo, Nick Bunick says he was Saint Paul and John Davis Saint John.  True or not and if so why now?

Yes, these two men were who they say they were Tom.  There has been a large number of very well known religious people who have reincarnated into this time period, as you did, in order to help facilitate the movement into the 5th dimension.  Everyone is doing their part to bring this about, and it will happen as we have discussed numerous times before Tom. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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