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Pay It ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Fault LineZena writes:  If you have time, please view this 5 minute video below. I would love to hear what Gaia has to say about this. I’m guessing that our abilities to monitor and view natural occurrences have evolved to a point where we can see and measure energetic responses by our lovely Planet. What do these RF emission mean? Are they precursors to anything?

Gaia, do the fault lines emit RF (Radio Frequency) transmissions just before an earthquake, or do they emit these RF transmissions all the time?

Good question Tom.  Yes, they do emit some RF transmissions constantly at normally a very low level, but certainly before a major earthquake movement these transmissions do increase.  The “trick” if you wish to call it that is to discover which transmissions are the precursors to an earthquake and which ones are from normal movements of the fault line. 

I must ask, aren’t geologists already monitoring these fault lines?

They are monitoring the fault lines more for movements rather than RF transmissions Tom.  They need to expand their monitoring to include more or different types of data.

So if you know a geologist out there, perhaps you could GENTLY suggest that they set up RF transmissions monitors at the same time as the seismic monitors.


Judy writes:  Can you please ask Gaia about Uruguay? Will that area be seeing economic, geographical or political Uruguayupheavals in the near future?

Gaia, what is Uruguay’s future for the next couple of years including earth movements, political, economic, etc.?

Yes, Uruguay will struggle a bit over the next couple of years more from political and economic problems than caused by earth movements, although certainly there will be some, just not catastrophic.  Things will begin to get a little better very slowly after that period of time has elapsed. 


Las VegasMelissa writes:  Hello Tom, and thank you for the positive, incredible work you do with your Guides -- and for sharing it with all of us.
My question has to do with Las Vegas: what is the future of this oasis in the desert? Will it suffer from lack of water as time goes on? or will it face a change, as Gaia works on the earth, to become more moderate in temperature and extremes?  And will business & the economy continue to thrive there?

Gaia, what is the future for Las Vegas.  Will they be able to sustain their water supply and continue to grow, or reach a point where there is no growth?  And will the casinos still attract people as we move into the 5th focus?

Yes, Tom, Las Vegas faces some daunting problems in their future, as there is only so much water that can be diverted there.  Certainly I do wish, as I have mentioned before, to lower the mountains on the coast to allow much more water in the form of rain to turn these desert areas into more verdant areas.  But until I’m able to do that, they will have to make do with what they have and cut back on watering, plus make more efforts for their hotel guests to use less water. 

As far as the casinos, they will continue to attract people for some time into the future, but eventually these games of chance will lose some, if not all, their luster as your society becomes more mellow.  But this will take some time—more on the order of 50 years or more.


Haiti EarthquakeDaphnee writes:  According to the scientists, only one part of the fault in Haiti was "craked" during the terrible 2010 earthquake and they are predicting that the rest of it will eventually continue within the next 5 to 20 years. Since time is accelerating, it might be sooner than expected. Will the country be struck again by another earthquake this year?

May I ask Gaia this question or it is not permitted to know. I am supposed to go to Haiti in December to visit my parents.  Am I allowed to know if it is safe for my and my daughter to visit at that time? Thank you.

Gaia, will Haiti have another major quake before December 21 or after and what are the probabilities at this time?

Haiti will have another major earthquake soon Tom.  The probabilities are quite high at this time—more than 80% you’re thinking—more along the lines of 100%.  And yes it will occur prior to December 21st.

So have the souls signed off on this?

Not completely Tom but soon.  Yes, it is like the old saying “just a little pregnant.”

Yes Gaia, there seems to be wiggle room there.

I don’t mean to give that impression Tom, as I realize this is serious business for those who wish to know, but I do not want you influencing anyone’s decision as to whether to travel there or not.  So if I’m a little vague it’s because your newsletter might reach the people that are supposed to be there when the next one occurs and would not be. 

So to reiterate Tom, as I have said before, there will be a great deal of activity, not only along the Ring of Fire, but anywhere I must move the crust. 


Italy EarthquakeI’m sure everyone saw or read about the 6.0 quake in northern Italy which destroyed a number of buildings and killed seven people.  Here are some photos if you haven’t seen them:  

Gaia, will Italy experience anymore major movements, or just a continuing series of aftershocks?

No, at this time it will be just aftershocks for several months Tom. 


Ronald sent me an article about how American Indians were used as scouts in Vietnam, but could not do as well after theirLong Haired Indian hair was cut, so orders went out for their hair to be long.

Theo, does the length of hair of people affect their intuitive abilities?

Yes, it does have an effect on a person’s intuitive abilities Tom, as hair acts as a receptor.  This was the way in ancient times for people to sense danger.  Remember the old saying, “My hair stood up on the back of my head?”  Their hair was their antenna you could say.  It is not needed so much today, but for those who like long hair they can be a little more intuitive.


SunglassesSarah writes:  Would you please ask the sun if sunglasses weaken our eyes if we wear them almost every time we are outside in daylight?  Should we "exercise" our eyes by exposure to sunlight or does this cause damage?

I have also noticed that the sun seems brighter and more intense this year, which has made our spring seem extra colorful.  I thought it was just me until I saw someone else post a similar question on your site. 

Is it still reasonably safe to be out in the sun before 10am and after 4pm without sunblock or has that changed?  Thank you ever so much.

Gaia, is it OK to wear sunglasses, or are we not exercising our eyes enough by doing so, and can we make a general statement that it’s OK to be out in the sun prior to 10 am and after 4 pm?

Yes Tom, quite an over simplification, as naturally it depends upon what latitude you live on.  The farther south towards the equator the more directly the sun shines and the more precautions you must take when you are outside. 

So certainly sunglasses are in order to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare on everything as you’re quite aware from where you live Tom.  In the northern latitudes sunglasses at times might not be so necessary, due to the extra cloud cover at certain times of the year, but even there if you are around water as an example, your eyes can be damaged by not wearing protective sun glasses. 

And the person’s comment about being out before 10am and after 4pm may only be for certain sections of a country and cannot be applied everywhere.  It is best to note the sun’s intensity and act in a responsible manner, as you need your eyes for your whole life, and if they are damaged, your medical profession has yet to learn how they can be made whole again.  That will come in the future.


EarthGaia, I was told last time by Antura that when the earth was moved from the Sirius B Star System (and you can correct me if I didn’t receive properly), that there was another soul for the earth, that soul left and you took over.  Is that correct and if so, what was the difference between what that soul was able to accomplish and what you were able to do?

Yes, this could be a very long topic Tom so let’s work with a short answer for your purposes today.  Because of the many things that would go on with the earth experiment, it was decided by Creator that a soul with certain prior knowledge and capabilities gleaned over a very long period was needed to be able to handle the earth while humans came and went over several million years until you finally were able to overcome the negativity that Creator believed could be dealt with.  The human race would come up, then would destroy itself several times over the course of time and I had the ability to handle these events, along with your souls time and time again. 

So you can say that when Creator calls and asks you to take on a job, then certainly you do, and I might add the other soul has been learning all the things I had previously learned, and that soul also has different interests than I did, as I have mentioned before that each soul is unique and has its own interests.

And yes, what Antura said about the transfer of the planet is correct.


Diane writes:  I just read that Biodiversity is down 30% since 1970.  Tropical species taking the biggest hit.  Humanity is Biodiversityoutstripping the Earth's resources by 50%.
One is this really true and two is there anything that we can do to help Gaia?  How is she feeling about all of this?  is that why she is shaking up the planet so to speak with earthquakes, etc.?

Gaia, is Biodiversity actually down 30% since 1970 and tropical species are down too?  Please comment.

Yes, certainly Biodiversity has taken a “hit” shall we call it Tom by humans overpopulating the earth and destroying the eco system in many places as you are running out of room.  Again I return back to my previous comments that you must learn to restrict the size of families and encourage people to have no children if they so wish.  They should be honored in whatever way you can think of.  And these couples can be encouraged to take in abandoned orphan children, which is just beginning to be seen more and more by those from the entertainment industry adopting unwanted children. 


FrackingPamela writes:  I'm worried about the world wide water supply?   Is fracking (horizontal drilling) which is currently going global and the monopolization of water (supposedly water is the "new gold") going to pollute and limit our water supply?   Are we in trouble with our water?  Thanks for your wonderful work.

Gaia, will fracking pollute our water supply?

Not in the way this person suggests Tom, but it is still not an ideal process for obtaining oil from the ground.  As has been seen, it can cause earth movements in the surrounding area as the substrata moves from the water being forced into areas not meant to have water.  This will gradually go away once you have free energy, which is coming fairly soon you see. 


Interesting photos of the excavation of Easter Island, which is revealing the whole bodies of the statues—several times Statuelarger than the heads.


Childhood LeukemiaCynthia writes:  My little 2 1/2 yr old great nephew has just been diagnosed with leukemia, ALL, which is the most common type for children.  He is being treated with lots of chemo and steroids.  Is this a karmic illness for him and his 22 year-old parents who have major problems?  What is the cause of childhood leukemia and is there really a cure?  Thanks so much for all you do!

Theo, what is the cause of childhood leukemia and what balancing is involved here?

Yes, Leukemia itself Tom is a blood disease and is hereditary in nature.  Doctors and scientists need to look at the genes of both the mother and father and eventually they will discover the ones that cause the disease. 

Regarding balancing, there are several issues at work generally.  The child is helping to give a lesson in the care of those that are ill and cannot take care of themselves.  And their past life actions did fatally injure someone with a loss of blood.  But all who come in contact with a child with this disease all learn and benefit from assisting in the care of the child too, and there can be many—not only doctors and nurses, but friends, family, etc. 


Brazilian CavernSandy writes:  I have been meaning to ask you about a book I read several years ago called "The legend of Akakor" - it is written by a German journalist who traveled to Brazil and was introduced to a white Indian.  The Indian claimed to be descended from a long line of people who had populated the Amazon Basin for centuries. He told stories to the reporter about his and several other underground cities that were originally constructed by friendly ETs who taught them about agriculture and social norms and other trademarks of civilization including only allowing 2 children per family so as not to damage the environment etc.

This Indian was a prince of his tribe and had come out of his hidden underground city to plead with the Brazilian government to stop damaging the Amazon basin ecology. The German reporter accompanied the Indian for several weeks on a journey back to his city but left before reaching it because the Indian explained that once he entered the underground city, for security purposes, he would not be allowed to leave.  It was a fascinating read and there are many stories of groups they interacted with through history including Vikings and Nazis!  There was also a section that described the cosmology of this group - some of it sounding similar to Tibetan initiations. I was wondering if Theo could comment on the truth of this story and if he knows much about these people - and if so are there other underground cities besides this one still operating in the Amazon basin?

Theo, what is the truth about Indian underground cities in Brazil?

Certainly there are some underground cities there Tom.  Some were ET’s and some were natives trying to emulate the ET’s.   Ground penetrating radars may find some of these in the future, and some will remain hidden for the next several hundred years. 


Brazilian CavernAntura, what is your explanation of the underground cities in Brazil. 

Certainly the Federation has had some there in the past, as it was pretty remote and various readings and tests were easy to take there.  This is not the case now, but some will be pointed out to people in the future. 

Antura why can’t RH negative blood be cloned?  Was this from the original experiment or what?

RH negative blood is in a way the original blood used, but you just have not found out how it can be cloned or duplicated yet.  It is a mystery to you, and will cause your researchers to study the differences in its DNA makeup to other blood types. 

Antura, in our last life in Atlantis together was it at the time we emigrated to Egypt or another life?

Not Tom, it was that life, as there was much to do and accomplish and I worked with you to help resettle the multitude shall we say.  I was a good tour guide you might say. 

UFO over DenverDanielle writes:  I am writing you to ask about a possible UFO sighting that happened Monday May 14, 2012 over Cherry Creek (Denver, Colorado) at 5:17 pm.

This was on the news. The pilot who was flying an aircraft reported it immediately almost as a 911 and the authorities immediately went to work to try to figure out what it was!

Those of us MBO's/ Gentle Way follows have no doubt it's out space brothers.

The news informed us it was one of three possible outcomes. 1. A drone ( military aircraft) 2. Remote controlled aircraft 3. A large bird

Pardon my outburst of laughter but what about a UFO??

The pilot saw this object out of the corner of his eye and was flying 8,000 feet over Cherry Creek. Apparently the object was coming straight toward him, which caused him to panic and sent him into a frenzy due to an almost head on collision.

My question is ..... Was this indeed a UFO (space brother) ?

Also there was no tracking of any aircraft reported nor sighted on the radar and nothing was seen visibly from the pilot’s airplane camera nor other cameras in the sky!

Antura, was there a spaceship over Denver on May 14?  

Yes, again we return to a similar instance to the one where there was a Federation craft over St. Petersburg, Russia.  Both caused a lot of talk about the sighting, which was what we wanted Tom.

Well folks, at least it wasn’t some drunken UFO pilot going the wrong way!


This story and the next one appeared last week in my blog, which has nothing but inspiring MBO stories.  You can access it Hiccupson the website Menu or at

Philip writes:  Hi Tom! I was reading your book and started getting the hiccups. I then requested an MBO for curing my hiccups and to my surprise, this prayer worked immediately. This is a cure I haven't heard about! Ty, ty, ty!

I guess Philip became too excited in reading the book!


Camper TrailerDeborah writes:  I requested a MBO to have a safe trip that our camper would be safe.  When we went up this hill it ripped our jack off and bent the steps.  So this tells me MBO can’t always help you, right?

On the other hand it could have rolled back on another car, or into a ditch, hit a pole or tree or what have you.  Or it could have come off in the middle of the highway and flipped.   The camper remained safe.  Steps are, I bet, easy to replace.  You have to count your blessings when you have a mechanical failure like that. 

My Guardian Angel Theo explained to me that requesting MBO’s does not rid you of all challenges, it just makes them easier.  He described it as when you’re not requesting MBO’s suddenly there’s a wall you have to climb over on the path and requesting MBO’s turns it into just a big speed bump. 


Carole from Pennsylvania writes:  I have a question for Theo. Presently, I'm doing the Entanglements with goldenlight Robert Shapirobeings found in Robert Shiparo’s books. I really feel things happening in my body when they work on you and I notice a difference in my emotions.  I also started reading the channellings of Amma through Cathy Chapman on Encodements.  I'm wondering if Entanglements and Encodements are one and the same. Also, are golden lightbeings the same as the encodement technicians? Both books are excellent readings.

Theo, are Entanglements with golden light beings the same as Encodements?

Not quite the same Tom but somewhat in the same category with similar characteristics.


FuneralTodo on Facebook writes:  I've noticed that there are a lot of very fit young sports stars dying during their games, 2 during football matches recently and one during a volleyball match, and there are others, their hearts just stopped apparently. Is this just their souls signing off, or is something else going on? Why so many now?

Theo, why are we suddenly seeing a number of sports athletes die?  Why are they checking out?

Tom, you will see a different type of sportsman and women emerge in the 5th focus.  There will not be such an emphasis on bodybuilding.  As has been reported, there are a lot of steroids being used to gain muscle and strength, which can be very damaging to a body over time.  The whole world will become physically much more fit and in tune in the 5th focus.  There will more options for healthy foods and much less foods that are too high in detrimental elements. 

Regarding the athletes who have transitioned, they had done what they came to do, and so they found fast ways to leave the scene.   Each has their individual story, so I can only generalize here. 


Pythagorean NumerologyMary writes:  I've been studying and doing numerology readings on and off for a few years. I was glad to see it mentioned in your last newsletter. Can you ask Theo which numerology method is more accurate for figuring out the vibrations of names--Chaldean or Pythagorean?  There are major differences between these two and I'd like to be as accurate as possible when figuring out the numerology of words and names.

Theo, which is better—Chaldean or Pathagoran numerology?

Tom, each has it advocates and I cannot take sides in this.  Each works better for certain things so you could say both are equal, but it is like comparing apples and oranges in a way Tom. 


AutismShe asked for her name to be changed so Renee writes:  You may remember I work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We have a situation that is beyond our understanding that I need advise for. Due to HIPPA regulations, I will need to keep the names (mine and the individuals) private, so for him I will use the name of Austin.

There is an individual we serve with severe autism. I understand that beings of advanced consciousness to the next dimension are having trouble with their Earth Walk at this point, but am confused as to why this individual is so extremely violent. Without warning he will attack staff (grabbed hair, thrown them against walls, grabbed arms and hands almost breaking a wrist, punched, etc) and has hit (open handed) peers. Austin, as I will call him, will attack without any warning and when the staff he has targeted or another staff will attempt to redirect him or get out of his way, he will pursue someone and if he is unable to attack them, he will focus on another individual.

This happens at his residence, his day program, basically
at any setting and/or environment. His Primary Care Physician cannot find a medical condition (such as pain, infection, etc – which sometimes is the root cause with autistic individuals in their acting out - not being able to communicate his pain) and his Behavior Specialist, and his behavior support team, can not find a support plan that works. He is minimally verbal (can say yes, no, water, eat) and can understand verbal communication more than he can communicate in return.

My questions are: why is this person so extremely violent and would Reiki help him? I m being guided to travel to attempt Reiki, but am not certain it would be allowed by his guardian or my supervisor, Since he lives 30 minutes from where I am located, I have considered prayers and distance Reiki, but still need permission to perform any Reiki (distance or in person) as is my required by the linage of my
training. Please advise.

Theo, why is “Austin” who is autistic suddenly violent and what can be done to quiet him?

Yes, certainly music can be a salve on his soul Tom.  It’s almost like a seizure to him and music can help to distract and allow the seizure to pass.  He should be tested to see what music he most likes.  Request MBO’s to find the most calming music and MBO’s to find other ways to treat him. 

It is my personal opinion that if someone is incapable of helping themselves or asking for help, then I think it's alright to offer assistance in a most Benevolent manner.


Whey PowderEllen writes:  Thank you for such an informative newsletter. One of my friends is active in Violet Flame work and this week recommended that I purchase Whey powder (isolate kind) to take for brain enhancement to keep it functioning well. What are your thoughts on this?

Gaia, does Whey Powder enhance brain function?

Somewhat yes Tom, but there are other brain enhancers that do or produce similar results.  But Whey powder does have some positive attributes.

For more information on whey powder:


Anthony Meets CleopatraJudy writes:  A follow-up question on the children of Anthony and Cleopatra: Are any alive today? If yes, do they have any awareness of their lineage?

Theo, are the descendants of Anthony and Cleopatra alive today and if so are they aware of their lineage?

Yes, there are descendents of the family still alive today, but their lineage was lost  or actually hidden from them for their safety, so the modern day descendants have no knowledge of their ancestors.


Antonia writes:  What happened to Roanoke, the Lost Colony?

Theo, what happened to the lost colony of Roanoke?

Yes, a combination of lack of food and disease and an inhospitable location drove them away.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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