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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all of my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter from all over the world!  You’ll this to be the most diverse newsletter around, as YOU are the ones who guide the stories and questions I pose in mediation to my own Guardian Angel Theo and the Soul of the Earth, Gaia.  I even added in the Soul of the Sun this week.  If you like these newsletters, please forward them to your friends!  And don’t forget for all of you new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) I have a weekly Blog you can find on my website

This just in:  One of our subscribers Tammy Wright Nowlin's 5 year old son is in a coma after being pulled from the water.  Please say this Benevolent Prayer out loud now:  "I ask any and all beings to come to the aid and assistance of Tammy Wright Nowlin's son to have the most benevolent outcome for him at this time, thank you!"

A couple of announcements:  I will be speaking in Ft. Worth, Texas at the Satori group meeting this coming Friday.  Details below in the Appearance section.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:  If you are friends with me on FACEBOOK, you would already know that I’m going to have my very first GLOBAL WEBCAST on THURSDAY, MAY 20!  You’ll be able to join in and ask questions.  I’ll discuss MBO’s and predictions I’m being given for this year and the future.  Now for this week’s topics.


Sandy writes:  Yesterday, of course Income Taxes were due.  I have a "fear" of math logic...or should I say I have an "absence" of math logic!  However, push came to shove and I had to do them this year.  Since Monday (4/12) I've been saying one or two MBO's daily, telling myself it was perfectly fine to break up the tasks so that I didn't overwhelm myself.  They all worked, of course.  The neatest one out of that experience was yesterday, when I had to take one of the state returns to the post office to be mailed. 

Things had been going so well, I got "brave" and thought I'd add some more detail to this request.  So I said, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for getting all the documents together that are needed; going to the post office during a "window" of time when traffic would be almost nothing, and the post office would have relatively few customers at the time I needed to go".  This is where I decided to add the detail, so I continued, "as a matter of fact, I would like to request that there be no more than 5 people in front of me in whichever line I choose - the counter, or the automated postal kiosk.  Thank you very much."

I decided to leave the house at a few minutes after 1pm.  It's a very short drive there, and there was hardly any traffic on the road.  I hit all green lights, turned in to the parking lot and noted that (for April 15th) there were quite a few parking spaces, and it seemed like a normal day.  So I pulled into a space, got my envelope and proceeded to walk towards the building.  At that moment, I caught sight of a woman carrying a toddler who was about 15 ft. ahead of me.  The thought came to me that I was going to "amend" my MBO - I made sure to slow my pace so this woman with her child could go ahead of me, and requested silently that "if this woman makes it 6 people instead of 5, that was as it should me.  Thank you."  Do you even NEED to "guess" how many people were standing in line when I got inside the post office?  (In case you do, you are right...6).

That was surely the most wonderful, stress-free tax season I've had yet!  And nothing better could have happened in terms of actions that are reminding me now that doing them daily would be the best thing that could happen to me!

Thank you once again for all your gifts - they are very welcomed!


Annique writes:  Thanks so much for those weekly newsletters. You have no idea how many people that actually helps.  I know I forward them and ask my friends to sign up, so I would like to tell you of my MBO about my illness. In spite of being a Reiki master and Theta Practitioner I still could not heal my IBS.

I know you gave me a link and I did check it out but everything in there I was already doing so I requested a MBO one day when the pain was so severe I could not take it anymore I actually cried well it stopped about 10 min after and I no longer have IBS.  I mean to tell you it is totally gone! Thank you, thank you, thank you Tom and My Guardian Angel! It is totally awesome to be pain free and not have to worry about the "Bathroom" anymore.

Many blessings to you Tom and keep up the Good Work. We do appreciate you a lot.  Love and Light.


Leanne writes:  Last year my family and I decided we would like to add a dog to our family and decided to try and find an adult dog that needed a good home, rather than a puppy. I asked for an MBO for the 'perfect dog for my family'.

We soon found a group who house a breed called Shar Pei's, and decided this breed suited our requirements. We were asked to view a male dog, which we did, but he very quickly let us know that he was not the dog for us. During this visit I looked down at my feet and saw a lovely female, a Shar Pei, named Ava, sitting under my legs, just watching all of us and waiting to join in the fun and games.

She won us over that very day and came home with us the next weekend. She is a delight to have living with us and even befriended the cat as soon as they met (This was viewed as nothing short of a miracle in itself). I knew the right dog was 'sent' to us and remembered to thank my GA for this gift.


Kate in Vermont writes:  I read The Gentle Way about a month ago.  A close friend of mine, who like me, is a holistic practitioner and already working with angels in healing, lent it to me. I have been using MBO's daily since, and I really like the process. Here is a story that might "knock your socks off," and another that is just plain beautiful!
A few days after finishing the book, I was leaving the elementary school where I work. As I got in the car, a bus driver alerted me to the fact that my left front tire was really low, almost flat. I requested an MBO that I get to my favorite gas station about a mile away with no mishap. That did work. Then, before I headed home with the pumped tire, I put the car in park, with the front of the car facing into another parking lot, and I closed my eyes and did another MBO that the air would hold, and I did not, as the mechanic believed, have a leaky tire.
When I opened my eyes, there was a large truck parked about 50 feet in front of me that I did not remember from even the 30 seconds ago that I had closed my eyes. Painted in HUGE letters about a foot tall or more, the side of the truck facing me read:  “TOM MOORE”.  There were illustrations of furniture, and in much smaller letters below that, it read "Vermont Furniture Restoration " or something to that effect. Wow.
The very next day, I made an MBO, a general one for the day as I left for work. Right as I exited the house I heard a familiar "honk, honk" of what I thought was a V formation of Canada geese flying north. But I looked and looked, and even though the sound was very loud, I could not find the geese. Then, I spotted one lone white snow goose, only 20 feet or less above the roof of my house! There were no other geese in sight! I called Audubon and the person I reached said the snow geese are common about 30 miles south of me, but that they rarely are spotted in South Burlington, and they rarely fly alone. Pretty angelic.


Helene in BC writes:  The MBO's continue.  Thurs my husband and I took his dad for a check-up with our family doctor who moved his office to downtown Victoria last year.  My husband and I both asked for an MBO for a parking spot in front of the building as we approached the block it's on, without knowing the other was doing so.  As we got to the building, a car left the last possible parking space on that section of the block, but it looked like the car ahead of us was going to get it -- instead it continued on and the space was ours!  Afterwards my husband told me he had asked for a good parking spot, and I told him I had also, and we laughed and appreciated and was thankful for our gift.


Sara writes:  Like you, I live in Dallas, TX.  In the 1990's, I read prophecies, which included Dallas in the New Madrid earthquake zones.  Gordon Michael Scallion foresaw Dallas as a port city.  My feeling is we will again be a host city to support and assist thousands of people affected by earth changes as in post-Katrina.
Please ask Theo if Dallas, TX, will be included in earthquakes or other earth changes.  How can we best prepare to help ourselves and assist others?
Thank you, Tom.  I appreciate your work, and I have wonderful responses to daily MBOs.  I am grateful you and your angels, and our angels continue teaching and inspiring us.

Gaia, a reader wants to know the future of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. 

Yes, Tom, I understand.  This area, which you live in too, will naturally experience rapid growth as many Californians are forced to settle in your area.  You will have not enough room for the refugees and there will be tent cities housing thousands of these refugees, as or until, housing construction catches up with the huge demand.  Your area will actually grow by over one million people in a short time span, straining all your facilities and infrastructure.

What about any tornadoes to strike the metroplex this year?

Yes there will be a couple of close ones, but none in the city centers.  The tornadoes will be more on the metroplex edges—smaller towns.  There will be some loss of life too. 

How will the area handle the coming financial scandal shall I call it?

Yes, that is one way of describing it Tom.  It will not affect your area as much as it will others, but overall there will be a drop.


Shaunie writes:  I have a question for Gaia... if she wishes to answer.  Just how massive will the Yellowstone earthquake be???  Are there things we have to be concerned about preparing for in the Missoula area or other surrounding areas?  I went through the blackout with Mt St. Helens when I lived in the Missoula area before.

Gaia, how long will it be before the Yellowstone volcano erupts asks one of my readers and how strong will be the eruption?

Yes Tom.  I have previously said it would be some time before the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano begins.  Let’s say under 5 years for your purposes Tom--and perhaps a little sooner.  The magma underneath the area of Yellowstone has been moving in order to help bring pressure on the tectonic plate of North America to assist in moving it.  Once it has helped me achieve that, then pressure will begin to build up again to the point when it will erupt. 

As far as how strong it will be, it will be pretty powerful Tom, certainly as powerful as the Iceland volcano and perhaps even more so.  I would prefer giving you more information after California on this.


Gaia, I’m a little confused with information I’ve been receiving.  On one hand I hear that Kryon has said we can move the earthquakes to a less populated area and on another I hear we can say BP’s for less severe earthquakes.  So what are we allowed to do that will not interfere with your own plans and needs?

Yes a good question, Tom.  Certainly you can request or ask Benevolent Prayers for all the people whom these earth movements will affect.  Moving them to another less populated area does interfere with my particular plans for those areas, as I have long-range reasons for the movement of the earth’s crust or mantle. 

It is certainly not to have people experience these events, although I do work closely as you know with your souls.  Many of the people, as I have explained before, have soul contracts to experience these earthquakes as part of their soul learning process.  Your souls knew naturally in advance that I had these plans, and shall we say took advantage in order to have lives so that the souls would have the experience of a natural disaster, which all souls must have in one or more of your lives.  Many souls never experienced the sinking of Atlantis or the continent of Mu, so they did not have those experiences. 

This said, yes, you can say Benevolent Prayers for not only the people and all living things, but you can say BP’s for a little less intensity.    I can achieve what I need to do with a number of slightly less intense earthquakes, but not a whole lot less Tom.  And moving the earthquakes to less populated areas does not begin to do what I need done—and that is the movement of people away from the coast lines, and the lowering of the mountains there preventing me from having sufficient weather systems to bring the desert areas back to being verdant green areas similar let’s say to where you live in Texas Tom.  And of course I have plans for your region to become more sub-tropical, with much more rain each year on average than before. 

So as a final recap shall we say, yes there are some Benevolent Prayers I can honor, as long as they do not interfere with my long-range plans.  Your souls understand this, and have crafted lives to shall we say, take advantage of the opportunities these earth movements will bring.

Gaia, some people feel that the higher vibrational rate of humans in California will negate any major earthquakes.  Your comments please.

Yes, that is erroneous thinking Tom.  Certainly SOME of the population of California is of a higher vibrational level, but the vast majority is not.  Certainly those people who become aware of my plans through your and others efforts will perhaps lessen the intensity of the earthquakes – these earth movements I have planned, but their vibrational level will not negate or cancel the earth movements. 

I noticed you liked the comment I gave Pepper Lewis that these earth movements are only disasters to humans.  All the parts of the earth are moving at one time or another and it is time for the tectonic plates to move in the area of the world.  They have remained dormant if you wish to call it for too long and there must be a release of pressure.  The person’s comments are amusing in one way Tom, as they show in itself an ignorance to understanding the earth.  Naturally there will be a large number of people who will hope this is true, as their soul contracts are to experience these natural disasters.

Gaia, are you using the “fluid displacement” of the flooding of the Mississippi and Cumberland Rivers to help move the tectonic plates?

Yes, Tom.  The fluid displacement does help to bring pressure on the tectonic plates, but it will not cause the New Madrid fault line, as it is called, to rupture at this point on in the near future.  It is another method I have of bringing pressure to the tectonic plate to move on the west coast.  This is but one of the methods I use, along with moving magma under the surface again to bring and build pressure on the two plates to move several feet past each other.

How many feet will they move Gaia?

Good question Tom.  Yes, I will move them more than 8 feet—more on the order of 9.2 feet.  This, as your scientists will say, would be a huge movement, and yes it will be.

So 9 feet (3 meters) is correct regarding the number?

Yes, Tom.  There you have it. 

Gaia, will Monterrey, CA be severely affected or is it far enough South of San Francisco on the west coast?

No Tom, it is not far enough to the south.  As it is right on the fault line, they will see wide spread destruction in this area.  The people there who wish to live must depart, and those that don’t when the San Diego earthquakes start would be wise to immediately leave the area, as they will have little time to make their way to safety.

What will be the economic impact on the United States Gaia?

Yes, another good question Tom from your reader.  Naturally it will impact you like no other event in your history Tom.  There will have to be a massive expense of trying to provide even tents and food and water for hundreds of thousands and yes, millions of people who will be displaced permanently from their homes with many of them with no more than the clothes on their backs.  There will have to be schools for the children, homes to be built and apartments and all types of other structures just to have them survive, not to mention the doctors, nurses and professional help for these people. 

It will require assistance from all over the globe, as you will see who your friends actually are.  Some you will be surprised at.  It will take you years to recover, but slowly but surely this will happen, and life will carry on, albeit with a huge shift in population away from California.  We can discuss this further in the coming months, as I’m sure your readers will have questions pertaining to this discussion.

Gaia, how can people in other parts of the country prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for these upcoming events?
A good question again Tom.  There are many things people in other parts of the country can do Tom.  They can take courses at the Red Cross, as you have done, in learning how to handle masses of refugees, so that they can volunteer, as virtually no area in your country will not be impacted by a flood of refugees as they must spread out across your country, and even Canada will accept a number of them to their cities and towns. 
Your readers can also read more about how earthquakes physically move, as knowledge lessens the fear, and you can begin preparations by encouraging the disaster agencies to be prepared for a large-scale event.  If you live in a tornado prone area, push for the idea of having more facilities available in case there would be a massive tornado, knowing that they will actually be used for the earthquake victims or refugees.  Clothing and housing will be needed.  Schools that are abandoned now will need to be reopened to assist with the flood of refugees into every town.  There are many things each of you can do.  You just have to put your thinking cap on shall we say. 


Gaia, you have already said that Phoenix, AZ will not have destructive tremors, but will be flooded with refugees.  How many of these refugees will settle there and how many will simply move on?

Yes, these numbers will fluctuate Tom, as these are probabilities, which we had discussed before.  Certainly over one million refugees will come to Phoenix.  Of these, perhaps one third to one half will stay.  There will be no room for the others.  Those coming late from California, the survivors who do not perish from starvation and lack of water, will be moved to other parts of the country.  But they have an adequate airport and many refugees will be shuttled to other less crowded regions of the country.


Rebecca writes:  For years, I felt strongly that our family must leave southern California due to the impending earthquakes I felt were coming to that area.  We moved to Charleston, South Carolina.  Imagine my surprise, when I learned that Charleston had a huge earthquake here about 100 years ago!  Does Gaia sense any serious earthquakes or hurricanes coming our way?

Gaia, will Charleston South Carolina experience earthquakes or a major hurricane this year or next let’s say?

No earthquakes in their immediate future Tom, but they are quite exposed and will experience at least two hurricanes in the next year or so.  These will not be huge, and keep in mind that people can change the direction of these storms to keep them out to sea if they wish. 

Gaia has previously said that these storms were meant to stay out to sea, but people attract them through fear and concentrating on where they will land.  So everyone, you can request a Benevolent Outcome for the hurricane to stay out to sea if you live in the path of the impending storm.  And all of us can say a Benevolent Prayer for the hurricane to stay out to sea.  I’ll try and remind you if there is time before one hits land in the future. 

Then Janis wrote and sent me a prediction by a clairvoyant named Sheri saying there would be earthquakes in the Appalachia Mountains.  So I asked:

Gaia—A clairvoyant by the name of Sheri is receiving information that the Appalachia Mountains would experience earthquakes in September of 2011, including perhaps Charleston, SC, Roanoke, VA etc.  Please comment.

Yes, Tom I understand, but at this time my plans are only for the west coast.  Yes, there will be some movement there, but certainly not anything that can’t be easily repaired.  Again, I have no plans at this time for the east coast. You can ask me again in the future to verify, but that is my final word on this subject for the foreseeable future.


Dianne in New York writes:  I live on the East Coast of the United States. Long Island, New York.  I’m not sure if there is a fault that runs along New York.  Can Gaia tell me if we will have any quakes or any hurricanes to prepare for?  I send Gaia, much loving energy to get through her transformation.  Thank you Tom.

What about New York, Gaia?  Any earthquakes along the fault line in New York or hurricanes?

Certainly they will experience some very bad weather Tom, but no earthquakes for now. 


I have not contacted the Soul of the Sun in quite some time.  I feel like I’m talking to a scientist or quantum physicist, but he has told me before he is happy to communicate with anyone, so if you are more scientifically oriented than I, feel free to make the connection.  He just likes to be known as "Sun."

Yes Theo, I would like to ask a question or two of the Sun.

Sun here Tom.  Good day.

Good day Sun.  Can you tell me if you only do Coronal Mass Ejections upon the request of the planets in the solar system, or do you tell them, or a combination, and do you receive requests from outside the solar system?

Ah a good question.  Yes it can be all three possibilities Tom.  Certainly, a planet like the earth, with your experiment going on, would have first priority in the requests.  But the other planets have use of the CME’s we shall call them in your vernacular Tom.  They assist the other planets in their work too, so I will coordinate if you will, the various planet requests and will accommodate them if at all possible. 

So there are also times when some entity outside the solar system requests? 

Yes, it’s very complex Tom, and they mostly enjoy the benefits of the CME’s along with the planets.  But that energy is sometimes needed to be tapped far out from this area Tom for various reasons beyond your and your scientists understanding at the present time.  So I will not spoil their discoveries as they find what this energy does.   

So this is a little hint to your scientists.  Don’t keep your sights just on the planets, but what happens to the space not only between the planets but even far out into what would be considered past the boundary of this solar system.

Thank you Sun.  Good life.


I received several emails from people asking about Dr. Stephen Hawking’s comments in a new Discovery series. 

Dr. Stephen Hawking was quoted as saying, “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn't turn out very well for the Native Americans.”  …” "Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they could reach," Hawking said. "If so, it makes sense for them to exploit each new planet for material to build more spaceships so they could move on. Who knows what the limits would be?"

Dr. Steven Geer of the Disclosure Project responded:  “It is unfortunate that Stephen Hawking has added his voice to a growing chorus of xenophobia and fear regarding what he terms "Aliens."

“Secondly, as a scientist, he should know better: Any interstellar civilization would possess such technologies that the meager resources of Earth would be unneeded. If you can travel faster than the speed of light, you can manifest what is needed. Period. Moreover, IF they were hostile- since ETs are already visiting Earth (see this would have been made crystal clear when we detonated the first atomic weapon in 1945. To date, no place on Earth has been invaded or attacked or colonized.

“Hawking should refrain from stirring the war-mongering fear pot that attends all things 'alien'." And one might ask: Why would he make such statements, unless he is carrying water for the military- industrial-financial complex, which profiteers off of the wars that fear breeds?”


This will be my third appearance at Satori, and this time I’ll not only talk about MBO’s, but I’ll talk about the predictions given to me for 2010 and beyond.  I’ll also have my new book there for signing.  For more information contact Phil Walthall at 817-222-1871 or

Log in up to 10 minutes prior to the broadcast at . Click on "Join a Live Event". Enter your name, Meeting ID: 271-620-369 (including dashes) and your email address. Then JOIN. I’ll talk about MBO’s and Predictions.  Hosted by Cindy Belmonte, , 805-520-3733 for your video conferences.  Ask me questions LIVE! Hope to see you there—and please invite your friends!

JUNE 21, MONDAY—6:00 PM-10:00 PM—SEDONA, AZ—Sedona Creative Life Center.  Jam-packed evening where I go through all the simple spiritual tools you can use every day the rest of your life and conduct a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.  For more information and to register:


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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