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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter (it’s F.R.E.E.), and a special welcome to the many people signing up for this newsletter during the past week from all over the world.  I know it’s because you’re forwarding it to your friends, and the reason I hope is that it’s the MOST DIVERSE newsletter out there.  Why, because we cover topics of interest TO YOU!

As we have a lot of new people, just a little explanation.  I try and show in these newsletters how requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) in your life can make your life much easier and less stressful.  And as you’ll read below, they’re more powerful than you can imagine.  I also pose questions I’ve received from you to my own Guardian Angel and the Soul of the Earth, Gaia during meditation.  Anyone can do this as I show in my workshops.  Keep me in mind as a speaker for your group, or recommend me to radio shows and groups if you like these newsletters.  Now for this week’s topics. 


I’m putting this topic before the ICELAND VOLCANO, as it ties in with what I’m going to ask everyone to do regarding the volcano. 

Val writes:  Yet again we had a sunny Saturday and Sunday--brilliant.  I will try and remind everyone again this week and encourage them to do it ever week in future.   It is very quiet here in planes overhead.  There is always a silver lining.  Thanks for putting our website in your newsletter.

For all of you doubting Thomases out there, yes you can request Most Benevolent Outcomes to change the weather.  So request a MBO NOW for a sunny Saturday next week.  Then see what I’m asking you to do at the end of the Volcano topic. 


My friend Robert sent me information from Gordon Michael Scallion saying that the Iceland Volcano would continue to erupt for 12 to 24 months.  This is different from what I received below, but I want to give you information from multiple sources. 

Gaia, how long will the volcano in Iceland continue to erupt?
Yes, this will continue for some time Tom—actually several months.
Am I receiving this correctly?
Yes you are Tom.  It will be several months before this volcano quietens down.  It is part of my process of warming that particular area and releasing energy.  Yes the people of Europe will be quite inconvenienced, but I must have this eruption.  I had held off as long as possible, but it has to do with the shifting in the plates as will be seen later by your scientists. 
So when will it cease to erupt?
Yes later in the summer—Perhaps late June or July.
Am I receiving this correctly?
Yes Tom you are.  I realize you are working to be as exact in your reception as possible, but you are doing much better these days.  Please continue.
Will there be any other volcanoes that will erupt in Iceland?
No.  I only need this one.  I realize there is speculation about a second one, but this will be the only one.

If you are Friends with me on Facebook, you read this information last Saturday after my morning meditation.  As you can see, I was quite surprised by the answer.

(Next meditation) Gaia, what if I and my readers said a Benevolent Prayer for the jet stream to move lower to the south so that the volcanic ash would drift straight to the east over the water.  Would that be good or would we cause additional problems?

Yes, I understand Tom.  Yes you could request or ask this Benevolent Prayer and I would respond.  And no the results would not cause more problems than there are now.  I would move the jet stream if asked to by you and your readers.  This is part of your junior creator learning process—that you can control such things as a jet stream, so I will honor the Benevolent Prayer and move it so that Europe as a whole will not be affected for at least a while.  I can’t or won’t hold the jet stream in that location for all the months the volcano will erupt, but I will do so for a period of time. 

(Next meditation) Gaia, will the volcano in Iceland remain at this reduced level of eruption?

Yes, Tom.  It will continue at about this level with some periods of increased activity.  Naturally the winds will take this ash and it will travel to the south at times.  I know you’re asking me regarding the Benevolent Prayer you’re planning to suggest in your newsletter.  This will still greatly aid people, as you have noticed that parts of Europe and the United Kingdom are still being affected by this ash cloud.  I will, as I said before, honor your request for a period of time—as long as I can.  But not you understand for the complete time it will erupt. 

Thank you.


Say right now out loud, “I ask that the Soul of the Earth, Gaia, move the jet stream to the south of Iceland, so that the ash cloud will not affect Europe, in the most Benevolent Way possible, thank you!” 

Then let’s watch the news to see what happens.  Great experiment isn’t it!


Pat on Facebook writes:  I live near Missoula, MT, and Gaia just said it would be a safe place to live, does that mean that she doesn't have plans for the next few years for the volcano in Yellowstone? I've been somewhat concerned about whether it would erupt any time soon. Thanks, Tom and Gaia! I look forward so much to reading your newsletters each week. 

Gaia, a reader asked me if the volcano in Yellowstone will remain quite, or will there be an eruption there?

That’s a good question by the reader Tom.  There will be an eruption in the future there, but not for several years Tom.  Yes you have it.  I’m using the magma there to assist me in moving the crust of the earth to bring pressure to the west coast.    You can ask again in the future to verify, but that is my plan at this time.


I’ve had so many emails asking me for information on specific areas that I cannot list them here due to space requirements.  I do appreciate the questions.  Just to bring our new readers up to date, Gaia says she will begin earth movements from Tijuana to San Francisco late this year or the first of next year.

Gaia, people are still a little unclear about the area which will be affected by the quakes in the LA area, as it was pointed out to me Santa Monica and San Luis Obispo are 80 miles apart.  So Santa Barbara and all that area in between will be affected too?
Yes, Tom—all that area will be affected severely as you put it.  This area teams with fault lines, so the whole area will move, even though the epicenters of the earthquakes will be Santa Monica and the other areas I have previously pointed out to you.  The area, as I said, will be peppered with aftershocks, many of them, which will be considered high on your earthquake intensity scales.  Just because I did not list Santa Barbara or any of those cities, it does not mean that they will not experience severe shaking, as there will be hundreds of aftershocks which will be as high as 6.5 to 6.8 in intensity, so buildings that did not collapse with the major epicenter quakes will be weakened so that the less intense earthquakes will take them down. 
It will be a miserable place to try and stay and survive Tom, as it will be almost impossible for sufficient aid to be brought to so many people at one time.  Up to this time the authorities have had to only deal with one earthquake and very localized if you will.  This area will experience multiple earthquakes –very severe ones—and then many aftershocks as you have pointed out Chile and Haiti and yes the desert area of Baja California have experienced.  They must leave or perish.
With that explanation, which area will experience the first earthquake, and how long after that will the other earthquakes occur—the major epicenters?
Yes, a good question Tom.  Certainly the first to occur will be in the San Diego area as you guessed Tom, but the others will follow closely—within 24 to 48 hours maximum.  It depends upon my movement of the plates and pressure brought to bear.  This is not something I can say will be 3 hours later or 12 hours or 24 hours.  It will happen very close in time Tom.  Those that sit on the sidelines waiting for the first one may or may not make it out of Los Angeles, unless they literally dropped everything and left in their cars with the clothes on their back and whatever they had in the trunks of their cars. 
And even that might not be fast enough, as you recall there will be a major earthquake in the Riverside county area, plus the roads and highways will be jammed with people leaving, thanks to the work you and others are doing.    Your suggestion of taking a vacation around the time I will give you hints about will be their best option if they do not wish to pull up and move completely to another area.  Again, there are soul contracts that come into play here, and many people are supposed to experience this.  That’s why they were drawn to these areas over the past many years.

Will Ashland Oregon be a safe place to move to?

Yes, it will Tom.  They will feel rumbles but that’s all.

What about Sacramento?  In 2008 you said this area would be flooded.  Will it be all right this time?

Yes, for the time being Tom, it will be all right.  Certainly I would not recommend staying permanently, but it will not have the flooding issues it would have had, had I moved the plates as I planned before.  Life will be very difficult there, with thousands of refugees and no place to really house them. 

Gaia, will rescue efforts be centered in Las Vegas, NV?  Will refugees be safe there?

Yes it will be a safe haven for these refugees Tom and you are correct.  A massive rescue effort will be centered there, as they will have electricity and rooms for the rescue people along with thousands of rooms for the refugees.  Every single room in the city will be used, along with cots and such in the various ballrooms and convention halls.  Naturally this staging area for rescue efforts will have the ability at their airport to launch planes and such taking refugees to other parts of the country, along with bringing in massive amounts of supplies and heavy equipment to aid in the rescue efforts, along with food and water. 

But of course it will not be enough, as the numbers of people affected by the earthquakes will be so massive that they will have to make their way out of these earthquake zones or they will perish.    But you are correct, Las Vegas will play an important part in the rescue efforts, just as Phoenix will, but on a smaller scale, as they have fewer facilities to house massive amounts of people.

Gaia, will Stratford, Connecticut be a safe place to live in the coming years?

Yes, my plans do not involve this city Tom.  There will only be rising sea levels on the East Coast beginning in 5 years—dramatic rises in the sea levels.

Gaia, how long will Puget Sound remain safe, and will Western Washington and Idaho be good places to movie?

Yes Tom.  Puget Sound will remain safe for a few months, but it would be wise for those people to consider moving away from the coast as I have time and time again mentioned.  Yes, the two areas you mentioned will have a few tremors, but overall are much safer places for these people to migrate and live.

How long will the Fraser Valley in British Columbia remain safe?

This will remain safe for some time Tom.  But eventually there will be great changes in this area too.  So I would suggest a planned migration for those living there. 

Will that area experience earthquakes?

Yes, Tom, although not as severe as in some locations. 

Gaia, how far in advance do birds and animals sense a coming earthquake?

Up to several days Tom—certainly over a week or more.  Their Devas advise them in their sleep time, so they become aware in that manner.

What signs would someone look for in their dog or cat?

Yes, they will be come very agitated and frightened, and will be difficult to handle, and if possible, they will leave the area.  If not, they will roam back and forth whining and barking for the dogs and basically appearing frightened for the cats.  So extreme nervousness and agitation would be good descriptions of signs to look for in the dogs and cats.


Mary Jun writes:  Can you please ask Gaia an important question for me and let me know what you get.  I have been unable to stop thinking about your earthquake warnings. As you recall, we emailed briefly about this recently.  I feel somewhat compelled to leave San Diego by the end of the year because I really don’t want to stay and go through what is coming.  This is a life altering decision that will affect many other people in my life.  How can I be sure I am making the right decision to leave San Diego and avoid the devastation at the end of the year.  Is there any way to confirm whether or not our soul contract is to stay or leave?  I am still unclear on the right thing to do or where to move to.  I am really struggling with this and would like to know if Gaia has any guidance on how to get some of these answers when we are not 100% sure…

Theo and Gaia both say it is up to the individual.  You may feel so strongly about it that you move, or you might "straddle the line" and take a vacation to be away at the end of the year, or you might take a greater risk and wait for the CME to occur and then hit the road immediately.  The worst option would be to wait around until the first earthquake, as then it will be too late. You have several months to decide.  Use that feminine intuition.  DON’T LISTEN TO ME OR ANYONE ELSE!  What happens when you ask yourself if you should move?  Do you get a good feeling or heartburn?  Let your intuition guide you. 


Lyn writes:  There was just a cutback on bus service here.  It hasn't affected me one bit-I just request an MBO for the bus to arrive in a timely fashion...I never wait more than 5 minutes.  Woohoo!


Abby writes on Facebook:  "I also enjoyed your MBO story, Dolores! Yesterday, I went to Virginia Tech for the memorial services and accidentally left my university map at home. Nothing like taking on a university in a strange town without knowing where one is going! After a really heartfelt MBO request (I needed all the help I could get!), I found a quick and easy parking space, walked all over the university and returned to my car afterwards without skipping a beat. This is a miracle for me! Don't you love how this works?"

Thanks Abby.  Everyone let's be friends on FACEBOOK if we aren't already!


I’m changing her name to protect her privacy, so Judi writes:  So, wow... if you have the time, I would LOVE IT if you could ask Theo more about my ghost.  So here's more info RE: "EF". 

In Jun-Sep 2008, I became "possessed" (?) by this fellow, literally living his life in my head, going over and over some really, really heavy emotional stuff about his life, as if I had access to the akashic records of his life or something (?).  It's like I helped him process and forgive himself somehow.  It was both exhilarating and exhausting, and I couldn't concentrate on any of my own personal projects, all I could do was "work out" his old life, 24 hours/day.  Like, I'd wake up thinking about him and his problems.  He appeared to me once in a "dream" and said "I'm here!" and I said, "I know!" and then I woke up, mad that I hadn't asked him some very important questions I had for him.

When Sept rolled around, I was getting so busy trying to sell my mother's house, that I told him, "No more!  I've got to concentrate on other things!"  and I noticed that I was no longer mentally obsessed with him.  However, I still kept talking to him anyway, like some childhood imaginary friend, and even now, I STILL talk to him like some imaginary friend.  After I found out about you, I've asked MBOs for him to be led to the Light -- if, indeed, he was a ghost when I "met" him.

I laugh at myself for thinking that this guy is "here", but I think he often still is. Because he was a famous person of the past (old Hollywood), it's embarrassing to even talk about this, because, "yeah, sure..." weirdness.  I didn't even know anything about this guy until I became "possessed," by the way.  But as I researched more about him, I saw that there were multiple ghost issues surrounding him... sightings of him in his old house; in fact that house was eventually considered "sick" psychically and it remained empty and unsold for years and years, when at some point vandals broke in and murdered a young woman in the livingroom!  Six months later, the house burnt down.  It was as if he didn't want anyone ever to live in that house if he couldn't.  Same thing happened with his boat, almost 30 years after his death. The boat was rotting away in a French harbor until someone finally decided to buy it in the late 70's.  The night before the sale was finalized, the boat sunk!  The folks bought the ship anyway, pulled it up and repaired it, but had to hold an exorcism later because "parties" were often "heard" on the boat and scared people living nearby.

Okay.  So... either this exorcism in the 70's didn't work, or this energy that had attached itself to me was someone else (but I don't think so).  It wasn't "love or light" energy I felt with this guy, tho VERY KIND TO ME.  But sometimes I got so depressed, almost suicidal... so I can't believe this energy had "gone to the light", at least back in 2008.  Also, the ghost stories I read that were associated with him, detailed out some very dark, ugly energy. 

Meanwhile, I've gotten some wonderful creative ideas from the situation, and am thankful for the whole (continuing) experience.  I can sort of tell by what Theo said that I may be on the right track thinking that this fellow IS who I think he is.  But how come him/me?  Are we related somehow?  Is there some karmic relationship at work, here?  Is he still a ghost or is he just working from another dimension?  These are some of the questions I have.  But you're a busy guy and I feel so blessed that you've taken the time to answer me already, that I guess all I basically need is a confirmation that I'm not making this up, and that this guy is who I think he is. 

Theo, Judi says EF is an old Hollywood personality, whom she thinks is Errol Flynn. If so, why is he still hanging around and why is he attracted to her?
Good question Tom.  His attraction—and yes it is good old Mr. Flynn himself, enjoyed his earth life so much he was not ready to see it end, and clung to the earth and did not follow the death angel.  He is in one sense not threatening, yet, he does need to get on with the program shall we use the vernacular, and ready himself for his next incarnation. 
Judi should surround herself with white light anytime she feels his presence and send him white light and verbally encourage him to return to the fold.  He was attracted to her vibration Tom.  It’s slightly complicated, but her vibrational level attracted him.  But now she should assist him in returning, which will be kudos for her later on—to assist another soul is excellent work.    Tell her to try her best.  She can also seek assistance from a medium or someone like Dick Sutphen to bring in other spiritual entities to assist in the process.


I couldn’t resist using this title, as many years ago I was an extra in a black exploitation movie filmed in Dallas and starring Raymond St. Jacques and Phillip Michael Thomas.

But I digress.  Leannne writes:  For about 5 years now I have been seeing number sequences everywhere, on digital number displays, clocks, receipts and license plates. At first i saw easy sequences like 111, 222,333, etc but now they are a  variety of non sequential numbers. I even see numbers in my dreams  (11:11 mostly). Luckily I have Doreen Virtue's 'Angel numbers' book to be able to look them up and de-code them. The numbers also seem to change according to what stage I am up to in my spiritual path. The last group of numbers tell me I am progressing nicely along my life path/soul journey and not to worry about anything any more.

Can you please ask Theo about the validity of these numbers and if they are really from my Guardian Angel and that I am reading them correctly?

Theo, Leanne asks about the variety of numbers she’s receiving from her GA?

Leanne’s GA is using the numbers to communicate Tom, as Leanne is paying attention to these, so her AWARENESS is heightened and her GA is taking advantage of this to send her communication through these numbers, as she has a frame of reference by using a book on numbers by Doreen Virtue.  Had it been another book of numbers her GA would have used that tool.  Her GA can quickly adapt to whatever communication is available, and certainly led her to this book for them to communicate. 

Her GA says it loves her early and is thrilled that in this life she is advancing to a stage where they can communicate.  It’s progress and she should look into other ways to communicate such as the Dick Sutphen Spirit Guides CD you mention in your newsletters.  There are many ways to communicate with one’s GA Tom, and numbers is an easy step as you’ve seen with the 5 number which kept popping up in your travels long before we communicated directly. 


Susse writes:  I love your weekly newsletter. Thank you!  With the information you have provided on the earthquakes I was wondering about earth changes to come in Europe. Would you be able to ask Gaia how the Mediterranean countries will be affected over the next few years - particularly the Balearic islands such as Ibiza. I am considering moving to this area from the UK. Also, is there something spiritually / energetically unique about Ibiza?

Gaia, one of my readers is considering moving to Ibiza.  With the exception of the rising seas, will this be all right for them, and also, is there something special about this island?

Yes, Tom.  If they live away from the coast itself, Ibiza will be a pleasant experience for this person.   And yes, Ibiza is special.  It has a long history and a unique vibration to it that attracts many people—and many do not realize why they are attracted.  It does have a unique vibration thanks to its location.  That’s all I’ll say about that at this time.


Michael writes:  I've read your article  and it strongly disturbed me. In the part about Polish president's death you wrote: 'They met a violent death just as they caused thousands of others to meet a violent death'. This sentence shows that you are either strongly misinformed or completely ignorant of the history. There were families of the people slaughtered on board the plane NOT the murderers! They were NOT in ANY way responsible for the genocide.  The whole delegation was intended to commemorate the tragic event. The Russians were the murderers 70 years ago. Please remove or edit your reply.

An explanation to my newsletter readers. has reprinted my newsletters on their website for quite some time now, and I do appreciate this.  Lech Kaczynski, the Polish President, was born in 1949.  The massacre of the Polish officers took place in 1940.  As I have described in other newsletters, this was a “balancing life” as my GA Theo calls them, where you will balance something you did in another life.  I was told I had to have 82 balancing lives to make up for helping sink the continent of Lemuria.  Everything must balance by the time you finish your earth lives.  This is something our own souls set up when they began the “earth experiment.” 


I haven’t been posing questions to my “brother on another planet” Antura for sometime now.  We’re from the same soul cluster and he’s having a life on a planet I am supposed to have had thousands of lives on—a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  You can read more about him by going to the newsletters listed as “Conversations with the Sirian” listed under SERIES below.

Theo, now I wish to speak to my soul brother Antura.

Antura here Tom.  Glad to speak with you again.

Yes, Antura, I have not been able to come up with questions for you lately, as all these other earthly things are happening in my life right now.

Yes I know Tom, but it is good we speak. 

Yes, I will ask, are we still on line for the 2015 and 2017 visits?

Yes, Tom.   Nothing has changed since we last spoke.  The Pleiadians are still scheduled to arrive and then I’ll follow up in a couple of years after that--all within that 2015 time frame. 

OK Antura, do the creators, shall we call them, of various earth races such as the Dogon People and the Aborigines visit them?

Yes, actually they do visit them on occasion Tom.  But they visit only the elders, who are schooled in the old stories and have been in contact for thousands of years. 

So they do remember these contacts?

Oh yes, we do not do it as a sleep time, but actual physical contact.  Naturally we, meaning the Sirians, take on an appearance just like these people in order to not frighten them, as they are humans, and their creators do not look exactly the same. 

So they do remember these contacts?

Oh yes.  They cherish their experiences. 

Are the Aborigines leaving earth as has been reported by at least one channel?

No, not to the extent they say Tom.  The Aborigines are here for the change, just as all people on the earth are.  They will move into the 5th dimension just as you will in a short time. 

OK, that’s all I can think of Antura and I wish you a good life until we speak again.


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