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I’m sending this a day early, as we’re moving this weekend and my computer will be unhooked for a while.


This was a message from Heather:
Hey Tom.
Just to let you know about my most benevolent weekend--I’m a server at IHOP; well Sunday was looking pretty slow and I asked for a most benevolent tip day--well by the time I finished with my shift, I made $130.00-- just what I needed (asked for). Gotta love it. I sure do. Thanks for telling us about the word Benevolent!

I suggested to Heather and to anyone involved in serving the public that you can say each time before you begin work, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for tips today and may it be even better than I hope for or expect, thank you!” I wrote a whole article titled HAVE MORE SUCCESS AND LESS STESS IN RETAIL, which you can read on the website at under Articles and News. It has a lot more suggestions for anyone working in a retail store, as a commissioned salesperson, etc.


To my chagrin, I can’t find an email sent to me while I was in France. The lady said she remembered (to the best of my memory) that a pet from her past life was her pet this time. Since I had not asked this question before (as you can see in my last newsletter the questions I posed about pets) I asked:

Do the same pieces of our pet’s soul show up in two different lives?

Yes at times they do, if there was a strong connection. When you are on the other side, you have the ability to petition the pet’s soul to ask for the same piece of itself to be ensouled in your next life. That happens fairly often you see, as there is a great love that you have for your animal friends. This is normally granted, as it makes your lives a little more comforting knowing that a beloved pet will rejoin you in an upcoming life.

Thanks for helping me “fill in the gap!”


Rick wrote: Here's one for you, Tom. I went for an eye exam today. I had all the preliminary work done by office technicians, then waited approximately 15 minutes for the doctor. I stood in the doorway so I could at least watch T.V. from my exam room. I turned, went back into my exam room and quietly to myself asked, "I request a most benevolent outcome for the doctor to see me immediately." I walked to the doorway, and HERE HE COMES, right on cue!

I’ve actually done this so many times that I forget to mention it in my newsletters. It can really speed things up! I’ll also say this on my way to an appointment, whether it’s a doctor, dentist, or whomever, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that the (doctor etc) will see me promptly, and my visit will be Benevolent for me, thank you!”

So what to do if you’re running late? As I mentioned in the book, I simply say, “I request a compression of time until (whatever hour you wish to choose), thank you!” We are able to manipulate time somewhat these days. After you say this, DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR WATCH OR THE CLOCK IN THE CAR! Simply drive there and you’ll be amazed that you arrive right on time or a couple of minutes early. This also works if you have a lot of work to get out and are running behind time. Experiment with this, as it’s a valuable tool. I use it all the time.


Laurie writes: As you requested in your newsletter for April 5th, I'm going to relate an MBO success story. I ask for pretty mundane things, and this one is no different, but the result was still pretty significant, relatively speaking. I dislike going to my main Post Office branch because the line is usually so long and slow. But this time I was forced to go there because I wanted to rent a PO Box. I asked for an MBO for a short line about a half hour before going to the Post Office, and lo and behold there were only about six or seven people in line when I got there. Unheard of! That fact was reinforced to me when the next person in line behind me remarked that she'd never seen the line so short! (The Universe was telling me, "See?!")

The way this request probably worked was Laurie’s GA contacted other GA’s whose “clients” would have been in line at that time, so either they would come a few minutes early, or delayed their trip to the post office for a few minutes. Isn’t that neat the way it works? See!

Here are more questions for Theo and his response:


Theo—of the 19,0000 clients or souls that you service, how many of those have communicated with you in our past time and how many in our future time?

Yes, as you have guessed Tom, the numbers will rise considerably from this time on, as the work you’re doing and others combine to encourage people to meditate and then get in touch with me. So I would have to say that the vast majority—almost everyone, will someday communicate with me and with many, many other beings in the universe. This will not be so strange as it is now as you show how easy it is to communicate. Keep pushing them to try this and there will be a few and then a few more and so on. Yes, like a crack in the dam when it bursts and all the water flows.

I’ve been asked to go over again how I meditate and will try and do so next newsletter.


Did I receive correctly that Africa was called OZ at one time?

Quite so Tom. The mysterious land of OZ, yes?

Then where were the most populated cities that have not been discovered yet? On the coast or farther inland?

Much farther inland than today, Tom. The ones on the coasts are now under water. The larger cities existed but are now overgrown with jungles and buried under dirt that has covered these up.

Then how will any of them be discovered?

They will in the future with satellite imaging which will discover anomalies just as they have in the Yucatan Peninsula when they started looking for the lost Mayan cities.

Were they the equal of Atlantis in their development?

Yes, but different. Not the same. More heart centered. The Atlantians were much more scientifically advanced but lacked the heart centered.

Why didn’t the land of OZ or the cities survive, as their land did not sink?

It was a combination of things. There were tidal waves or tsunamis that engulfed the coastal areas, as they were too close to the sinking of the continent. So only the interior cities remain and they eventually had their own problems and faded away over the centuries.


Who seeded the Adam man and woman on Atlantis and elsewhere?

It was a combination of off-world cultures that look very much like you Tom, but they each contributed DNA to the experiment so that your bodies would be hardy enough to survive being veiled and having to make your own way with no prior knowledge allowed to assist you. Each life was and always has been, seemingly your first and only one, so that only we guardian angels as you call us were allowed to interfere or assist you in any way.

How many years have people had blue eyes, as some people say it is around 7,000 years?

Much, much longer than that Tom. People have had this color of eyes for perhaps a million years. The genetic code was introduced that far back in time for you. I think you suspected that, but I am confirming that suspicion. Your records just do not go back any farther than that, so that’s why that number is used. It has nothing to do with fact.


And finally, Paula wrote: What a wonderful email this week and just wanted you to know I have been forwarding it to several people... I sent it to a Muslim friend in Tehran... so your message is reaching out across the nations (and) across the religions……

Thanks Paula for the sweet email. I know the newsletter is popping up all over the place, as I see addresses from the UK, Australia, etc.

So if you enjoyed this newsletter, please forward it to your friends, and if this is your first time to read the newsletter, go to where you can read all the past newsletters under Articles and News, and sign up for it if you wish. It’s FREE! And please keep sending in those stories. Isn’t it fun to read stories about people’s lives all over the world? So contribute!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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