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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all of my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter from all over the world.  If you’re receiving this from a friend, it’s easy to sign up so that you won’t miss a single issue.  Just go to where you can sign up for that on the home page and/or my weekly blogs filled with stories from people requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) in their lives on a daily basis.  This is THE MOST DIVERSE NEWSLETTER you will read, because it contains stories and questions I’m asked to pose to my own Guardian Angel Theo and Gaia, Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  If you like this newsletter, please forward it to your friends.

I will mention some late breaking news.  China had a major earthquake this week that was first given to me in October by Gaia, and appeared both in the October 31, 2009 newsletter of 2010 predictions and again in the March 20, 2010 newsletter. Both are available to read by clicking on Articles & News on the website. There was also a major Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that occurred this week.  This probably contributed to the earthquake and to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, which has disrupted air travel all over Europe.  Now for the topics this week. 


Loni writes:  Another MBO!!!----I "just happened" to walk in on the midday WGN news here in the Chicago area to hear about downloading Fed form M for another $400.00/person ($800/couple), and you qualify for it even if you didn't pay taxes!  HUH???  Well, my husband is so excited to be getting an additional  $800.00.  Those financial MBOs are great!  WoooHoooo!


Val in the UK writes:  Guess what--we had a very sunny Saturday and Sunday.  It worked. We put what you said on the Home Page of our magazine (w ) and so maybe lots of people took part.  I will give them a reminder to do it again this week. I will keep you posted on what happens on further Saturdays.  Hooray for the MBO's!

As you may remember, for those of you living in northern climates with lots of cloudy days, Gaia says you have the ability to request a Most Benevolent Outcome for one sunny day per week.  I decided it should be Saturdays, since so many people are off work, out of school, etc.  So if you live where it’s supposed to be cloudy next week, request a MBO for sun on Saturday, and see what happens!


Millicent writes:  I just came across your material and I decided to try your method of MBO's.  Today is the second day and I have already got a success story. 

I lost my ATM card and I was worried sick.  I did the MBO for the card and I got a message to put off canceling the card for just one more day.  I did and I found the card last night behind a chair in my bedroom.  Thank you for the information!

I am very interested to know when your books will be available as audio books.  I don't like reading and I find that I absorb information so much better when I hear it.  I also love, love, love listening to books on my commute to and from work instead of all the negative news and morning shock junk. Please tell me that you have efforts going toward this.

There are no present plans at my publisher for audio books, but you can hear an audio version of this as a Podcast.  Details are down at the bottom of this newsletter.


Dolores on Facebook wrote:  Tom, I have begun to request MBO's to see how it feels. Last night, I requested an MBO to see a sold out play at a very small local theater (about 50 seats), where some friends were performing. I arrived early and was put on a waiting list... there were 5 people ahead of me and the staff told me that it was unlikely I'd get in. To my delight, my name was called and I was able to see the show. It turns out that there were last minute cancellations, which I was told were pretty rare for that theater. My angels were working for me as, due to my schedule, it really was the one and only time I could see the play and support my friends. And it was great! Thanks for letting me share this with you!"

If you haven’t added me as a friend on Facebook yet, please do so.  Last week you would have learned that the servers handling my newsletter were deluged with over 30,000 spam emails, so I was not able to sent the newsletter until early Saturday morning, but I informed everyone on Facebook about the delay.  Here is the link:   


This lady asked me to call her Fushia and she writes:  My Guidance, which comes from a group of individual angels and guides, including my Guardian Angel, urged me to write to you verifying the information coming in to you through Theo.  Some of my guidance, like Matthew of last week, comes through many years of using a pendulum and when asking about your guidance from Theo, my pendulum went crazy saying YES, the info is correct.  There will be strong earthquakes in California within a year or so.  As you've stated previously, pin-pointing the exact time is impossible, but pay attention to the animals and remember that many have chosen to go through the physical experience and will remain in California.

Very importantly, I must add, one must take care in using a pendulum and seek instruction before using one.   I always begin a session by stating, out loud, that I want information from the Highest Guidance from the Light.  After reading about MBO's in your first book, I begin my pendulum sessions by stating....
”I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for receiving Highest Guidance from the Light.”  As you might expect, Tom, this works even better than I could hope for or expect.  Please insert a little giggle after that last phrase, for we need to remain positive and hopeful even as souls leave this planet through the earthquakes.

I am asking for MBO's with even greater trust and vigor as affirmative results come through to me.  Part of my Earth-work is enlivening the light grid around our planet.  Blessings to you and your wife as you continue your life's missions.


Shauniel writes:  I was wondering if Gaia has anything to say about what will happen to Montana in all the Earth Changes... especially the Missoula area on the east side of the Rocky Mountains?  I am trying to decide whether to move back there.  That particular area is supposed to be one of 5 protected areas that were shown on the I AM AMERICA maps of the coming Earth changes.

Gaia, is Missoula, Montana a safe place to move?

Yes, Tom, Missoula will be a safe place to move for anyone who wishes to relocate there.


Renee had written me this past week, and as she lives in Lake Tahoe I thought I would ask:

Gaia, will Lake Tahoe be a safe place in the upcoming series of earthquakes?

Yes, Tom, for the present.  I know you thought that this might not be a good place to stay, and eventually it will not be, but in this first series of quakes at the end of this year and beginning of next, they will be spared.  Eventually though there will be great changes in this area as well, so I would not recommend that anyone settle there permanently.


This is REALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION for those of you living on the West Coast.  Please read it a couple of times if needed.

What will be the epicenters of the earthquakes in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas?

Los Angeles MapYes, Tom, you may need to consult a map on the San Diego area, as you’re not as familiar with that area as you are with Los Angeles, so let’s take that area first.  The epicenter of one of the earthquakes will be quite close to the Santa Monica area, but also another will be inland south of there in Orange County as they call it.  Those will be the two major epicenters, but of course there will be hundreds of aftershocks all along that fault line; and as I have mentioned before, Riverside County will be another epicenter.  They will have almost a triangle effect on this area Tom.  It will not be safe to stay anywhere close to these epicenters, nor anywhere in between. 

OK, for San Diego?

Yes Tom, there will be two or three epicenters of earthquakes in that area.

Will there be one close to the city center?

Yes quite close. 

What about to the north and east?

Yes, correct again.  This area will be particularly hard hit, as there are major fault line in the area which will move several feet. 

OK.  I’ll look at a map of San Diego and perhaps you can give me names. 

What about Rancho Bernardo?

Certainly close to an epicenter Tom. 

San Diego Map(After consulting a map)  Gaia, will one of the epicenters be down as far as Chula Vista or National City?

Quite so Tom, that whole area will be struck by several large earthquakes, and certainly Chula Vista and National City will be quite near one of them.

How will Coronado Island fare? 

(After a fast answer)Yes you heard me correctly Tom.  Coronado Island will fare quite badly, as they will experience a tsunami and liquefaction.

Will the epicenter of one of the earthquakes be near Del Mar.

Again, quite close by Tom.  That whole area will feel the brunt of several large earthquakes certainly in the higher 7.0 range—as high as 7.7 to 7.8.

OK, what about to the east near La Mesa, El Cajon and Rancho San Diego?

Yes, they will be quite near one or more of the quakes and strong aftershocks Tom.  Not one single area near San Diego will be left unaffected by these earthquakes. They have too many faults running through the area—some they have no knowledge of as of yet.

Liquefaction Image 1So that area will also suffer liquefaction too?

Exactly Tom.  You’ll need to explain this to your readers, as many of them are ignorant of what this means.

Yes, I’ll do that.

How will Tijuana Mexico fare?

Poorly, Tom.  Their construction is very shoddy to say the least, and there will be an epicenter of one of the earthquakes quite close to them.

OK and a reader asked about Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Will the tremors extend that far down?

Not as far as Puerto Vallarta, Tom.  They will be spared at this time.  They will feel the quakes, but will suffer slight damage in comparison to the cities above them.

Gaia, I feel I’m missing something on Los Angeles.  What about the northern portions of the city such as Northridge?

Yes, heavily affected Tom, as they are too close to the epicenter of the Santa Monica earthquake.  They will have severe damage.

What about Burbank and the Hollywood area?

Again, severe damage Tom.

How many people would you estimate or perhaps know will be left homeless in Los Angeles and surrounding areas?

Over 6 million Tom.  I know these figures sound extremely high, but the area is quite densely populated.

What will be the level of the earthquakes intensity in that area?

Again from 7.4 to 7.8 or so Tom.  Quite severe. 

Am I receiving these numbers correctly Gaia?

Yes, you’re receiving these correctly Tom.  Your reception is better these days from your practice.  You can ask me again in a few weeks or months to verify those numbers.

Gaia, more questions about California.  Farther to the east is Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage.  Aren’t they too close to the Riverside County epicenter, or will that epicenter actually be farther to the west?

Good question Tom.  No the epicenter will be quite close to that area Tom—Riverside County and the Palm Springs area.  They will have massive damage, along with many aftershocks—hundreds of them.  It will not be a pleasant place to live, with not only shock wave after shock wave, but the liquefaction yes, and the dust which will hang in the air, as more and more dust is thrown up with each aftershock.    These people need to leave the area and possibly return in a few months to see what is left.  I think they will be thankful that they left when they see the condition of their houses. 

San Francisco MapGaia, how many will be left homeless in San Diego and how many will be left homeless in San Francisco?

Millions Tom.  San Diego, as I have said before will be particularly hard hit, and virtually 90 percent of the dwelling in that area will not be livable.  Yes Tom you are receiving that figure correctly.

In the San Francisco area along the coast, again 90% of the dwelling will collapse or be unlivable for quite a long time.  For the whole region this will comprise over 60% to 70% of the dwellings.  It will be futile to try and remain.

So there will be millions of refugees, forced to flee?

That’s correct Tom, if they wish to live.

So how many people have it in their soul contracts to transition or perish in the earthquakes, tsunamis, and starving to death Gaia?  It still can’t be as many as you told me back in 2008?

No, not such large numbers as those, Tom but still over 10 million people have it on or in their soul contract to perish. 

How many have it in their soul contracts to be injured, but survive?

Certainly almost as large a number, Tom.  These will be minor injuries all the way to serious injuries, which will take months and years of recovery.

What about the two nuclear reactors Gaia?  We haven’t discussed them.

They will also be severely damaged Tom and yes there will be hazardous radiation which will affect those in that region. 

Soil Liquefaction 2SOIL LIQUEFACTION:  Describes the behavior of soils that, when loaded, suddenly suffer a transition from a solid state to a liquefied state, or having the consistency of a heavy liquid. Liquefaction is more likely to occur in loose to moderately saturated granular soils with poor drainage, such as silty sands or sands and gravels capped or containing seams of impermeable sediments. During loading, usually cyclic undrained loading, e.g. earthquake loading, loose sands tend to decrease in volume, which produces an increase in their porewater pressures and consequently a decrease in shear strength, i.e. reduction in effective stress.

This basically means many structures will collapse during an earthquake, as there will be no firm soil beneath them.  For more photos and explanation, go to: .  For a demonstration, here is a 2:41 min video at .


I would like to thank Karen Greenbaum, who lives in Rancho Mirage, California (near Palm Springs) for allowing me to give my readers a link to a 17 minute Earthquake Preparation video she produced for their residents (600 hours gratis).  I’m also going to put the link up on my website under EARTHQUAKE INFO, along with the EARTHQUAKE PACKING LIST. 

We have to be realistic.  Many people have these earthquakes on their soul contract to experience.  The majority will not leave as I encourage people to, but will experience the earthquakes.  So here is a video to help them prepare if they plan to stay. .  And my packing list to accompany it.   Please send it to all your friends in California. 

HISTORY BUFFS:  San Francisco , April 18th, 1906 four days before the Great California Earthquake. This is said to be the first 35mm film and was lost for years. It was taken by a camera mounted on the front of a cable car. The clock tower at the end of Market Street at the Embarcadero wharf is still there.  This is REALLY a fascinating look at life just before the Earthquake disaster.  Here is the link:


Anne on Facebook writes from Singapore:  Hi Tom, I'm in Singapore and during the night/early this morning I was sleeping on a mat on the floor. I woke up... I’m sure I felt a vibration and heard a rumbling. (I lay on my side so my ear was against the pillow). I thought to myself... huh, I’m in an earthquake. No one else woke up here in the apartment. (I’m visiting with my "family" of friends) Anyway, I checked the earthquake site on the pc when I got up later in morning and sure enough there had been a 7.8 quake in northern Sumatra. Could you talk to Gaia about this and did I truly hear and feel the quake?

Gaia, did Anne Ward feel the earthquake that struck Sumatra where she was sleeping in Singapore?

Yes, quite so Tom.  It was felt for hundreds if not over 1,000 miles; so certainly, as she was sleeping on the mat she felt the vibration from the movement of the earth.


Theo, I forgot to ask if there is anything "Matthew" can do about his condition of his deafness, to improve his hearing?
Tom, there are certain improvements in the works shall we say, which will allow him and many others to hear for the first time.  It will be an exciting time for him and those with this affliction.  He just needs to keep his eye out for any reports of progress, as the days of deafness will begin to fade in the near future.  The devices will be a little cumbersome at first, but will miniaturize in short order. 


I dreamed about a “Soul of Last Resort” last night.  Why and what?

Yes Tom, there is such a soul.  This soul acts as a liaison or moderator as certain souls plead their case for assignment to certain worlds if you will, including earth.  At times they will be turned down, as they will be told their vibrations don’t match – a little complicated for you to understand—and at other times perhaps they will be granted or will be told to gather a little more experience and they can reapply. 

Is this soul a golden light being like yourself?

Quite so.  It is a loving being with great perception and knowledge and these decisions are made in a spit second for your 3d purposes and understanding.  This is not something that lasts.  It is done on a vibrational level.

Theo, why did I dream about the Soul of Last Resort.  Was my soul asking for a ruling for a life somewhere?

Not exactly Tom.  Your soul simply had an interest in a pleading by another soul, so it observed the interaction with the golden light being.

So this was not personal so to speak?

No not in this case.

Does this Soul of Last Resort make millions or billions of decisions, or just occasional ones?

No, this soul is a very busy one Tom.  And as you have noted, since there is no time it is a little difficult to give you an idea of it in linear basis, but certainly it has made billions of decisions and continues to make them as new souls or souls coming to this universe for the first time wish to have lives here.  Of course the number one destination on their list is an earth life.  And as the saying goes, only those that can pass through the eye of a needle are allowed, meaning requirements are quite stringent here, as has been discussed many times in the past. 

So to recap, my soul just had an interest in a proceeding, but was not the soul requesting the assignment?

There you have it Tom.  There was a soul connection between your soul and another. 

Was it because their vibrational level was similar?

Something like that, but more complex Tom. 

Then I’ll have to leave it there for now.   I do encourage everyone to record your dreams each morning.  Many dreams are messages to assist you in preparing for events to come.  It also greatly helps develop your ability to visualize.  I've been recording mine for over 30 years each morning.


Ela writes:  Poland has just lost Mr. president and numerous members of government, congress, top generals of the army, and many others in the plane crash. It is an unthinkable tragedy, and even more tragic as it happened in a place where thousands of polish officers were murdered during WWII. Is this a coincidence? Will this shake the political situation in Poland? Can you elaborate on this a bit?

Theo, why the soul contracts for the Polish President and his wife and 95 other people to die in the same place as thousands of other Polish offices died during World War II?

A very good question by your reader Tom.  Yes, this was a karmic event, as those people had taken part in the slaughter of those polish officers in WWII, and this was one of the balancing lives they had to live in order to start balancing the scales.  They met a violent death just as they caused thousands of others to meet a violent death.

How will this affect Poland regarding new leadership?

Actually quite well Tom.  Certainly their will be quite a bit of jockeying for power as there always will be in these situations, but a good man will emerge to lead Poland.  They have too much at stake being a European Union member for someone to the far right or left to be allowed to seize power.


Theo, how many of my earth lives have I spent as a seer, or mystic, or clairvoyant or psychic?

The majority of your lives on earth Tom have involved these duties or work as I will call it—yes actually a high majority.  But keep in mind you must balance, so there were many lives when you did nothing of the sort and pursued other paths that had nothing to do with assisting others vis a vis channeling, as a seer or mystic or any one of the other terms people use. 

So I commented to Gaia (she had previously told me I used to say “God Speed” in one or more previous lives to her) at the end of questions:  That’s all my questions for today.  I do wish you God Speed and a good life again my dear friend that I know I know you much better than I remember.

Yes, Tom, our souls are fast friends and I enjoy working with your soul’s many incarnations.  Your soul has always strived to help others with the exception of the balancing lives, which are needed and required. 

Gaia, have I addressed you or known you as Sophia in any other lives?

Most certainly you have Tom.  Actually this was the name you have used to most with me throughout all your various incarnations.  Obviously it springs from the olden days.

But why Sophia?

Yes, that is as close an approximation that early man and women could get to pronounce my angelic name you see.  That’s a simple explanation.  Naturally it is more complex than that, but many people in the past have worshiped the earth, as that was all they could fathom of the universe—me and the sun and the moon.  So there were various prayers they made to me, and so on, so they tried to address me the best they could.  You naturally were one of them from early in your lives.  We were always, shall we say, more tuned to each other than perhaps the many of the souls who have had lives here on the planet. 

Well, I would love to address you the same way, as even now it feels more comfortable, but no one would know whom I was addressing, so I must keep your current name.

Yes, that’s fine, Tom.  I’m like your GA Theo, names are not that important to me.  It is really your vibrational level. 


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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