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Welcome to this week’s edition of THE GENTLE WAY Newsletter, and a special welcome to all our new subscribers this week.  As this week is the Jewish Celebration of Passover, if you would like to learn a little more about this celebration, here is a link one of my Jewish clients in my film distribution business sent me.  It is a parody sung that explains the Seder symbols.  I think you’ll enjoy watching it.    And then I have something special down below titled THE UNTOLD STORY OF JESUS.  These are questions I asked over a period of several months during my meditations.  And as promised, below is some more information about my trip to Cannes, France and how I request Benevolent Outcomes on a trip and for business.  Please forward this newsletter to your friends to let them know about THE GENTLE WAY!


Henley Group 1

Here is our Workshop group in Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Presenting Workshop

Here I am in front of the group, with the beautiful Thames River behind me

I left off last week as I arrived at the London City Airport.  I didn’t even know this existed, as I had always flown through either Heathrow or Gatwick.  It’s such a small airport that they close the Security line down at times.  Naturally I requested a MBO (Most Benevolent Outcome for our new readers) for my luggage to arrive on time, and for my trip through the Security checks.  I also requested a MBO to sit next to someone interesting on the plane.  The Air France commuter jet I flew on holds 81 people and it was stuffed with people attending the world TV market I was headed for.  There was a jolly English chap that sat on my row in the plane and we exchanged business cards.  He’s the managing director of an internet supply company and has already sent me an email upon my return suggesting we do some business.  The runway is so short that the pilot kept the brakes on while revving the two jet engines up to full power, then letting off the brakes and off we went like a catapult.  

Upon arrival in Nice, it was in a downpour.  I had been given a free bus pass as part of my “platinum card” service (earned through many years of attendance at this market), so I requested a MBO to not have to wait too long after I picked up my luggage, and the wait was a short 10 minutes.  Again there were lots of market people of the bus to talk to.   As it was raining, I hurriedly walked the two blocks to my hotel with an umbrella stuck in my jacket while I rolled two bags.  After checking in, I requested a MBO to pick up my badge with no problems and that went smoothly—with no lines.  I had requested a MBO for someone interesting to sit next to for dinner, and it turned out to be my old friend Dominique, as a dinner with a French client had been cancelled when they decided not to attend at the last minute.  It was nice to catch up, as I know that having these dinners will not happen as often in the future; Theo has told me that our paths will divide more in the future, especially when requesting Benevolent Outcomes becomes widely known in the next couple of years.  

Each day at the market (as I do every day) I would say the EXPECT GREAT THINGS TODAY mantra (found on the website under the SIGNS tab for new readers).  And then I would request a MBO for all the meetings that day to be productive, and the results to be even better than I could hope for or expect.  

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details of the business portion.  I requested MBO’s for not having to wait long for the bus back to the Nice Airport and it was again less than a 10 minute wait.  I was hoping for an upgrade to business class for the flight to Paris, but it was all coach.  The MBO was that I had gotten in the Elite or Business Class line so my wait was much shorter than the coach line, and two of my clients from Japan were in line and they got me an invitation to the Elite lounge where I had a free sandwich and cola.  

In Paris, my bag showed up in reasonable time and the wait for the shuttle bus to the hotel was not too long.  I flew back to Houston on Air France the next morning next to an attorney whose main client in Europe was Airbus, and he was pleasant.  On the plane I mentioned just a little about The Gentle Way.  As we approached the Passport Control there was a huge crowd there from two 747’s that had arrived before us.  As we went through the queue, I saw there were two lanes that were roped off.  I quickly requested a MBO for them to open, and they did open just three people in front of me.  I told the attorney that this was an example of THE GENTLE WAY.  

The rest of the trip was uneventful—a nice MBO!


Laurie writes:  Here's another example that our guardian angels are ALWAYS listening.

Recently, my mom came home from the grocery store and realized that she didn't have her purse.  (It's a small clutch, not a big handbag.)  After some confusion and worry, she remembered what I'd told her about MBOs and asked God and the angels to help her find her purse.  She didn't use the exact language of "I request a most benevolent outcome for..." but the message went out!  She returned to the grocery store parking lot two hours later (having first cancelled all her credit cards just in case), and while she and one of the managers were combing the area where she'd parked, the fellow bringing in the shopping carts came up to them.  He held up my mom's little clutch purse and said:  "Are you looking for this?"  Not only had he found the clutch, he'd found it only a few minutes before encountering my mom.  It had been wedged in the flip-up seat of the grocery cart.  (Nicely hidden.  Thank you guardian angels!)

And what a great case of synchronicity.  The purse had been sitting in the cart, out in the parking lot, for TWO HOURS, before my mom, the manager, and the cart collecting employee all merged.  Wow!

I write fiction for a living, but if I wrote this incident in a story an editor would say it was contrived!

This week my son could not find his very expensive cell phone (to call it just a cell phone does not do it justice).  He looked all over his bedroom and office in our house and then looked in his car and so on.  Naturally he called his cell phone from all over the house but couldn’t find it.  I reminded him to request a Benevolent Outcome and he did.  

My wife asked me to search his car once again, so I took my cell phone to ring his along with a flashlight.  When I rang it and heard no sound, I said out loud to myself, “It’s not here.” After it went to voice message, I dialed again and as it was ringing, my son came up behind me with his cell phone ringing.  It had been buried in a drawer in his desk and for some reason he didn’t hear it ringing before.  I got to go back to TV after 11 hours in the office.  A nice, quick MBO!


Daphnee in Vienna, Austria writes:  I read your newsletter with interest and there was a request about marriage in the last one. I am trying also to formulate an MBO so that my marriage dissolves without having to go through drama and trauma.  Can you help me with a formulation that is more positive?

For Daphnee and anyone else going through a divorce right now, I would suggest, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for dissolving my marriage in the most benevolent way possible, and ask that the emotional cords that are connected to my spouse be severed in a most benevolent manner, thank you!"
Then you can also say a Benevolent Prayer for you and your husband--"I ask that any and all beings assist and comfort both my husband and me so that this divorce be as amicable as possible and may the results be even better than= we can hope for or expect, thank you!"
I Hope this eases the process for both of you and for any reader in the same situation. 


Diane writes:  I always enjoy your newsletter and look forward to each one to learn more.... learning more from how others get an MBO.
Can you please ask Theo to explain...creator is very unique among the billions of creators.  There are several creators and not just one as we believe here on earth?  Can you also tell Theo...a big Thank you for sharing all that information....look forward to learning more.

Yes, there are bilions and billions of other Creators --many doing their own universes, or exploring what they want to explore.  One Creator I've been in contact with is Zoosh, who has taken on the job of keeping the history of this universe, as he was attracted to our Creator's work because it was so unique.  
Out of the billions of other Creators, only one other one has gone on to a higher focus level--whatever that is--and our Creator will do that when we junior creators in training join together and take over for Him/Her.  Here’s what I asked Theo about this subject:

Theo, Have other souls joined together in the past in another creation or creations to take over for a creator as our souls (as I understand) plan to do in the future?

Excellent question Tom.  No, this will be the first time ever that this will be done.  There have been other creators that in the past have taken over a universe for another creator when that creator wished to create something else, but there has never been a group of souls that banded together as you will do.  Most of the billions of souls just would not have the great capacity to handle the billions of decisions that your creator handles each moment, as I best can describe for you in 3d terms.
You can read the history of this universe in Robert Shapiro's The Explorer Race series of books available on or on my publisher's website .  That’s the best I’ve ever read. 


As I was told before that I had lived a lot of lives on earth, I wondered if I might have lived a life during the time of Jesus and perhaps saw him preach.  Was I surprised at the answers I received then and in subsequent meditations.  I realize that these answers I received will go against basic Christian beliefs, but all I can say is that this is what I received about whom I call the Master of Love.  Please keep an open mind.  What I received makes him so much more than what the Biblical scriptures described with their limited knowledge and understanding.  

Theo, was the soul of Jesus created by this Creator of our universe or somewhere else and was attracted to this creation?

The soul of Jesus was conceived before this universe was created Tom and was attracted to this as many other souls were.

Then why is his soul so advanced.  Would he be considered the same as an Arch Angel, or another Creator, or just a soul that has progressed so far that his soul is well past any others on earth today and in the past few thousand years?

Yes Tom.  His soul obviously is well advanced ahead of your soul and others.  

So does his soul have a soul group like mine or is he a single soul?

You guessed it Tom.  His is a single soul.  His soul sent a piece of itself for an earth life.  

Was Jesus the only whole fragment of a soul who incarnated?

Yes, Tom, he was.  The other great prophets of the world were simply advanced souls but they came from soul groups.  Jesus was unique in that he came as one fragment—a very large one—from a very ancient soul that wished to contribute to this earth experiment to give everyone something to aspire to regarding loving each other and accepting all the races and people different from each other.  You must be able to do that in order to accept the huge differences in people that you meet as you start your travels to the stars in the not too distant future.  You see there are subliminal messages in his teachings that he was giving the population.  But again, his words were twisted and corrupted by the church for their own uses.  Man does have a tendency to do that.  

Were there twelve time lines during his time on earth?  

Yes there were--a very good question.  He appeared in all 12 time lines you see, so that his message would be heard by all on the 12 time lines.  These time lines were set up at the beginning of time Tom.  This wasn’t something that was just invented or created recently.  From the very start your souls wanted the maximum experiences available in any incarnation and having these 12 separate time lines allowed them to do just that, as we have discussed that lives are harder on the lower time lines and much easier on the upper 3 or 4.

Then the soul of Jesus is not another creator or an Arch Angel?

That’s correct Tom.  Keep in mind that he did incarnate not only once but several times before in order to be the best prepared for the job at hand.  

So to call Jesus a direct incarnation of God or this Creator is incorrect, is it not?

Absolutely Tom.  Jesus was just a great soul very ancient as souls go—much older than yours and, as I’ve said before, your soul is pretty old.

Theo—what month and year was the birth of Jesus?

Ah, what a good question to start the day Tom.  Yes the year was 4 BC as you knew deep within you and the month was August you see—yes you are receiving this correctly.  The timetable became confused over the next couple of centuries and was settled upon in that infamous gathering at Nicaea in 327.  They just did not keep accurate records during that time period, as they had to rely on the stories being passed from one person to another until a scribe wrote them down.  That’s why a lot of the New Testament is inaccurate to say the least.  And yes what you heard is correct –the book of Thomas discovered not too long ago was more accurate as it was written down within the first 100 years after the Master’s death.  The others were written down later than is normally thought to be.

What was Jesus’ skin color?

It was the typical olive complexion of that time and for his race.  He was not dark skinned, as you may have thought, although as you know they were out in the sun all the time and therefore were tanned in appearance to a darker color.  

I think I have received conflicting information from Gaia as to whether I was a female disciple of Jesus or just in his inner circle--perhaps just as one of the women as a wife of one of the disciples or what have you, so could you please clear that up for me.

Yes, Tom, you were a female disciple, but there are virtually no records of that, except in the bowels of the Vatican, as they only wanted men to be the priests and hierarchy.  So you were both, in his inner circle and one of the female disciples, so both are correct in this case.

Was I the wife of one of the disciples in that life, or a wife of someone else, or was I not betrothed?

Good question Tom.  You were the wife of one of the disciples.  Let’s leave it there for now.  I know the word David pops up for you but that will come in a later explanation.  

Theo was there more than one disciple that did not incarnate again as a Jew, whether it would have been anytime after that life?

A good question today, Tom.  Yes there were two disciples that did not incarnate again as Jews.  They decided on life paths that would assist more people than if they had incarnated again and again as a Jew.  They had to incarnate to be both Christians and even other religions in order to spread the word of love that the Master had conveyed to them.

Did Jesus have a twin brother called Judas Khrestius after which Christianity developed?  Did he or someone else betray Jesus?

This is a subject you know nothing about Tom, I know.  This story is not true.  It was one of the many potentials but this did not happen on your time line.  You could consider this a fable--one of the many that came out of that early time period.  And Jesus was betrayed upon his orders, as has been written about before.  

Did Jesus travel with Mary Magdalene when she embarked for Southern Europe?

Yes exactly Tom.  As you guessed, it would have been difficult and quite open to speculation as to what woman could travel by herself with no man in charge or accompanying her.  As there were no photographs of Jesus – since there was no photography yet—Jesus was unknown to most of the population and was able to travel disguised shall we say.  That was very easy to do in those days.

Did Jesus and Mary have one child, two, or more?

More actually Tom, although you did not expect me to respond with this number.  There were four children.  

What is the reason only one child was reported or honored at that church shrine in Southern France?

Yes it would seem only one was honored Tom, but there was only money enough to have one child represented, so they used that to honor all the children.

Why wasn’t Jesus so honored and not just Mary Magdalene?

Jesus presented himself as just a disciple and taught in this manner.  He was also gone a great deal of the time, as you remember that he could transpose himself yes, anywhere in the world, which he did frequently, and also to other worlds even outside your solar system.  Remember that he was not a soul fragment but a whole soul having an earth physical life.  He had the same capability I and all the other Guardian Angels as you call us to appear physically at will.  

Theo, where did Mary Magdalene die?

Ah yes, Tom I knew that we would cover this one day.  Yes she did pass away in Southern France—which is now referred to as the Riviera that you so well know, both from this life and others.  It was nearby where she landed.  They had made a home there.  Conditions were pleasant, food and water were sufficient, and there was a small population.  Of course, as her children matured, they began to explore farther to the north, establishing their own families and spreading the word of their father.

What happened to the four children?

They grew up and had lives of their own, and helped spread his teachings.  They did not claim to be his children, as that would have put their lives in danger you see.  

Were any of the powerful European families derived from Jesus’ 4 children?

Yes, of course Tom.  People were attracted to them, even though they kept their identities secret, but as their families grew the families themselves knew from where they originated.  They became very powerful influences in Europe over time.  Perhaps one day we will discuss which families are descendents of Jesus, but you might need to do a little work on your part.

Did these families stay in the light so to speak or did they veer off course?

Ah, Tom, that is an interesting question.  Like all humans they veered off course at times and took a course that was not the most benevolent for them.

What about the story of his daughter being protected and hidden and her children the same?

There is some truth to this story Tom.  She and the others were protected and her descendents and the others too.  But this did not continue to the present day as has been reported.  Her descendants have remained more pure perhaps than her siblings’ children.  That perhaps is the main difference.

Regarding Jesus’ four children, what countries are these family based in—France?  

Yes of course since they landed there.  


No, although parts of one family did migrate there.  





Are the Rothschild’s descendents of Jesus?

Yes.  You do have one of the families identified.  

Are all of Jesus’ 4 children evolved into powerful families?

No, but certainly influential to say the least Tom.  

So did he teach, besides the men who would begin the Rosicrucians, also the Knights Templar and the Free Masons?

Yes he did.

How could Jesus have taught the Knights Templar when they did not exist until the Crusades?

Ah, now you see another capability Jesus had.  He could not only transpose himself to other places and worlds, but also through time if he wished.  He did teach the men who became the Knights Templar.  

Did any of his children become part of those societies?

No, these people created their flocks shall we say on their own, based on these teachings given to them by Jesus.  

So I want to make sure I received this correctly, as there is mention of only one child of Mary Magdalene in Southern France—there were four children?

Yes Tom, you have the correct number there.  

Was the report that Jesus lived about 80 earth years accurate, and where was he when not embodied, as the report said that he lived a lot longer when his other embodiments were added in?

First-the report that he lived about 80 earth years is accurate.  Then as far as where he went, he had the ability to appear on other worlds other than earth and to travel astrally anywhere he wished.  Remember, he was a complete soul with all the abilities that a whole soul has, not just a fragment as you and all other earth humans are.  He was quite unique you see for this world.  

On another day I asked, where did Jesus pass away, or did he?

Yes, he finally gave up his earth body, but not before traveling far and wide teaching under different disguises.  Naturally where has been kept secret these many years and that will continue for a while.  But I’m sure you would guess that he would want to be near his family.

Did Jesus ever come back or will he ever?

Good question, Tom.  No, he has no plans at the moment to return and has not returned before.  He did his work to try and bring love to the earth and now he prefers to work from this side of the veil in spirit to encourage love through his many disciples on earth that understand the true meaning of love and not what the religion based on what they think his teachings are.  

Why are the locations he taught at or in still being kept secret?

As you might guess, there would be an uproar with claims of blasphemy from all quarters of the Christian religion.  Only after the Vatican archives are opened and many other truths are revealed will there be any revelations about the years he spent after leaving Israel.  

Can people in Jesus’ family tree still trace their lineage back to him?

Yes, several families are able to, but keep these secrets.  Again, they would be ridiculed and it would make life difficult for them both personally and in their businesses.

At what age did Mary Magdalene die?

Yes she lived longer than normal for that time period—up to her 70’s.

So she did not live as long as did Jesus?

That’s correct Tom.  

Did Jesus’ mother accompany them to France?

No, she stayed behind as she had work to do and family you see.  And she was more recognizable, so it would have been even harder for her to leave with Jesus and Mary.


Dianne in the UK writes:  Just to say that I had such a wonderful day yesterday... I didn't want it to end!  I truly felt our Angels in the room.

I have been blessed to have attended many great workshops however, I know that you and The Gentle Way Day will remain a very special occasion for me.  I know that Debbie and David felt the same (as you say, I just have to gently coax that man of mine to come along the next time. I'm working on him the whole time if he did but know it!)
So a huge wave of gratitude and love is coming your way from me tonight, Tom and I truly hope our paths will cross again some day. In the meanwhile, I know that 'Great Things' are coming your way!

The following appearances are scheduled and you can sign up NOW by going to the Appearances section of the website:

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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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