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Pay It ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


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Last week I sent out the first announcement about my next Global Teleclass, which will take place on April 26.  Topic will be CONVERSATIONS WITH ANTURA, My “Brother on Another Planet.”  One of the links to the website to sign up did not work, so here it is: .  Click on “Free Teleclasses” and then “Personal Development.”  I’ve only presented this information once before to an audience, so this should be interesting for anyone having an interest in UFO’s and ET’s.  Let your friends know.

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Protest MarchPatricia writes:  I can communicate with my husband by dowsing. He passed away  1 1/2 yrs. ago. My son occasionally has vivid dreams about him. Last night he had one which was a "warning."  He said my husband was telling me to let my son know there is unrest in the air and to be careful.  My son works in law enforcement. We live close to a city where there are a lot of killings going on, especially children; these are drive by shootings. Now we have these protesters everywhere over the teen that was shot in Florida.  Will this add to the so-called unrest that was in my son’s dream?

Theo, will there be any violence in cities due to the protests of the killing of the black teenager?

Certainly there will be some isolated instances Tom, but these protests, as long as they are kept non-violent, are bringing to focus a poorly written law that is open to over zealous actions to the detriment of those of the colored races.  This law will be overturned and everyone can thank Mr. Martin for sacrificing himself on a higher level.

Willie writes:  The circumstances around the shooting death of Trayvon Martin are all too familiar in the black community. Trayvon MartinSomeone commented that being born black in this country was his only crime. Historically, very little value has been placed on us.  Perhaps these are soul contracts being played out. Please ask Theo if this slanted view of black people will change with the new consciousness coming in December?  Thanks to you and Theo.

Gaia, how will the view of the population towards black people change in the fifth focus ?

Yes, one of the great accomplishments of being in the 5th focus will be this mellowing Theo has spoken about before you see.  As this occurs the view of the other races towards the black race will mellow and in the long run there will be a great intermingling of the races to the point where there is only one race on earth—the earth human spoken about before, who will be a light chocolate in color.  This will naturally take several hundred years Tom, but you are already seeing the beginning states of the intermingling.  It was almost unheard of even 40 years ago, so you are making great progress.  It will also speed up the process when those with racial prejudices fade from the scene. 


Diane writes:  I read the other day that Venice is sinking.....when will this happen and what will happen to that city Venice Canalwithout water in their canals?

Gaia, will Venice Italy one day become uninhabitable, and if so when?

Yes it will Tom and in the not too distant future I might add.   As I have told you several times previously, the ocean levels are beginning to rise and with it will come flooding of low lying areas, and Venice, Italy is certainly on that list.  The city cannot survive an extra two feet of water level.  It’s easy to see just from viewing any photos of the canals.  Just add two feet and see what happens.  Low lying windows and doorways are flooded, not to mention when there are storms and a storm surge causes the sea to be blown in.    So take this to the bank Tom that Venice will have severe flooding within five years.  The population will have to shift—move to higher ground. 


Beached DolphinKarin sent me this article:

Gaia, why did over 600 dolphins die on the Peruvian coast?

This Tom was seemingly on the surface tragic you could say, but the dolphins wished to depart earth prior to the change to the 5th focus, and I accommodated them with conditions in the sea that were too toxic for their bodies you see.  Naturally the deaths will be blamed on toxics and this is fine, as it will result in better conditions for the seas and oceans in the future. 

Why did they not wish to experience the change to the 5th focus?

Slightly complicated Tom, but their job of holding the energy for you was completed and they wished to return to their home world you see in the Sirius B Star System, from whence you came.  These dolphins and millions of others are holding these energies for you and assisting you in the 3rd focus, but not so many will be needed in the 5th focus.  It was done as humanely as I possibly could, and they agreed to my plan before it was implemented. 

Will there be other mass deaths to come like this one?

Yes, a few Tom.  Not so many but a few.


Fault Line CaliforniaK.J. in Sedona writes:  Gaia and you say that California will get some major earthquakes in the second half of 2012, only if the souls sign off for this experience.  It has been averted so many times before.  Wondering how it is looking now for California for the second half of 2012? What probability that it will still happen, or that we can modify it with prayer, etc.?  Thanks for your help, especially the MBO's, which work really well.

Gaia, has there been any sign-offs yet on the California earthquakes?

No, not at this time Tom.  You can re-ask me that question each month and I’ll update you, but no final decision has been made, although I do communicate to them that it needs to be sooner than later.  I would prefer for these events to take place in the 3rd focus. 


Sioban on Facebook writes:  Hello Tom, Great show on Angel Heart Radio. worth staying up into the (UK) wee hours.   The Oil Rig North SeaNews is reporting the Gas leak at a platform in the North Sea. It is saying that it could take six months to plug. Can you ask Gaia or Theo what is the reason behind this and what will the outcome/effects be?

Thank you so very much to All for bringing us these messages and helping us improve our own lives.

Gaia, will anything good come out of the gas leak in the North Sea and how did it occur?

It occurred Tom due to carelessness by the men working the drill site.  Human error.  The good that will come out of this is that these errors will eventually become public, and even the common person will see how dangerous this is for the environment and for the people who do this work.  There are much safer places to obtain the same results, and at lesser expense I might add. Many questions will be raised during the inquiry as to the safety of this procedure.  They will find it sorely lacking. 


Knee RehabAs my kneecap keeps clicking when I walk, I thought I would ask Theo about it.

Theo, will any more surgery be required?

Not at this time Tom.  That does not preclude having an operation in the future, but not for now. 

So what lesson?

Yes, you took the legs out of someone in a past life, so again you are balancing in this life. 


This cropped up on one of the forums I post on.  I did a search on the Articles and News page, as I suggest you do before Obama Birth Certificatesending an email to me, but found nothing.

I thought I had asked this question before Theo, but can’t locate it.  Was President Obama born in the United States and is his Birth Certificate legitimate?

Quite so Tom on both questions.  Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii and there was no forging of his birth certificate, contrary to all the ongoing diatribes against the man.  There are people that took advantage of a certain segment of the population’s distrust and even hatred for the black race to continually claim his birthplace was elsewhere. 

These people will never be convinced otherwise because they have been brainwashed into believing this to be true and no matter how many original birth certificates are produced, they will claim they were forgeries.  This is the yin and yang—polar opposites.   You will see this begin to soften in the 5th focus, as they will also be resigned to living with the situation for the next four years.  They will tend to get on with their lives and stop obsessing on the subject. 


Healthcare BillCarol writes:  I have a question but will let you decide who would be best to answer it, perhaps Theo?

Is the Supreme Court going to strike down the healthcare reform act?

Theo, will the Supreme Court strike down the healthcare law?

Yes Tom.  Healthcare for the masses should be the norm, but it cannot include forcing someone to buy the insurance if they do not wish to.  These are individual choices, which may or may not be good for the individual and their families, but still, this is a free-choice world and they must have that choice and see what the outcome is for making that choice.  

There are other ways to achieve the same thing.  The legislature and the Obama administration need to get their thinking caps on to come up with an alternative plan.


Antonia writes:  Did Jesus Exist? A Historian Makes His Case.

JesusTheo, what percentage of the New Testament of the Bible is correct about the life of Jesus?

When you asked this question you knew it is a very sensitive subject as we discuss a particular religion.  That said, it is really quite low Tom.  Again, most of these accounts were written 300 years after the fact.  We could compare it to someone today trying to write the history of the 1700’s with only bits and pieces of the actual events having been recorded.  So when I say the percentage is low, you have to convey to those who believe every word in the Bible is factual that yes there was this great soul on earth who taught about unconditional love and had no intention of forming a whole new religion.  He was speaking to the Jews of his time. 

So to answer your question, less than 25% of what is written in the Bible about Jesus and his teachings is accurate.  The writing was embellished and changed to fit those who desired power and money.  It was corrupted by those who wished to live off of others and what better way than to have people give you money. 

That is not what is messages were about.  As we have mentioned numerous times, much will come out when the next Pope opens the Vatican’s secret archives.  People will be able to see changes in what would be called original texts, although again these texts were written down decades and even hundreds of years after their occurrences.  


Antura here Tom.  Good morning and good life.

The same to you Antura.  And I send my best wishes to your mate and family.  I’m sure they’re growing fast, or do your children mature more slowly than earth children?

Certainly, as we live much longer than you Tom, we can mature at a slower rate, but because of our technological advances information is readily available as our youngsters are ready to absorb it.  We just allow them to go at their own pace Tom and learn what interests them.  And I might add that there is so much to explore their minds are never in neutral. 

Space SuitAntura, how is the difference in the gravity your shipmates are accustomed to handled on the mothership?

Excellent question Tom.  Certainly these suits we wear have a number of purposes besides breathing atmosphere.  Adjustment of gravity is one of them.  It is done through magnetics Tom.  You as a people have so much more to learn about magnetics.  It’s as if you have taken only one or two steps on a long walk to use that analogy.  Plus, when they are in their own living accommodations the actual living quarters can be adjusted to any atmosphere and any gravity they wish.  This capability is literally thousands of years in your future.  You will not need to have this when you begin visiting other star systems, as your spaceships will have but one gravity.

Antura, please explain who the Ashtar Command is.

Tom, here we get into a rather sensitive area, as those who claim to be the Ashtar Command are souls who know their purpose is to give structure and a hierarchy system to those people who feel the need for such.  As you have noticed, the channellings people receive from the Ashtar Command make wild claims such as moving millions of people to safe areas, or moving people off planet and such. 

When you bridge over to the 5th focus this will slowly reduce the need for such structure.  The channellings will become more accurate then.

AndroidWhy did I have a dream about little four-foot tall androids?

You were actually visiting a world where androids are being introduced now.  You were experiencing the conflict of emotions people had in accepting these androids. 

Are these androids capable of having children?

Yes, in this case they do have the ability to conceive.  It’s less costly than having facilities to turn them out one by one. 

This link was sent to me by Ron, and shows images of what appear to be UFO’s.  Here is the link:

Antura, what are the shapes caught by the amateur astronomer in 2011?  Are they spacecraft or those wispy space beings I’ve seen photos of before?

Both Tom, but more spacecraft than the space beings you referred to.  There were far enough away they did not feel the need to cloak themselves from your view or his. 

Why are they so blurred in appearance?

This is simply due to the atmospheric conditions, plus the energy they radiate. 

Are the spacecraft from the Federation?

Yes, for the most part they are Tom. There were a couple from even outside this universe that I see by tuning into your memory bank. 


VibrationsBarbara writes:  I have been researching this subject to find some answer to this question, but there are too many opinions and I thought, you are probably the best person to ask!  So I wondered if maybe you could help?

Since I have started doing MBO’s and BP’s my body will vibrate, like a gentle rocking feeling.  I don't encourage this, or even think about it happening, it just does.  It isn't awful or anything, perhaps a little distracting is all.   I have to ask for it to stop so I can go to sleep!    I also surround myself with white light and give thanks for all I have been given.  I have been doing this for a long time, but it is since introducing the MBO’s and BP’s that the vibrations have become stronger, and more often (nearly every night now!). 

My question is, why has this started happening?  Is there any reason, any sort of explanation?  And what would result if I don't stop it, say if I encourage it?  I cannot find any sort of definitive answer!  Many thanks Tom, I am most grateful for all you do.

Theo, why is Barbara’s body vibrating when she says MBO’s and BP’s, and will this subside, or increase and/or continue?

Yes, her body is uniquely tuned to requesting MBO’s and BP’s Tom and it will continue right on into the 5th focus before it begins to subside.  It is not harmful to her body, and she is in a unique position shall we say to document the energy created by the requests, as you are creating a vibrational effect, although for almost all people it is imperceptible, or barely resisted by the body’s sensory devices.  Tell her to enjoy the experience. 


White LightQueenie writes:  When I am meditating sometimes I see colors and around the edge of the blue color I see a thin white light, can you ask Theo what that is. Also some times when I am driving late in the evening or at night  if I look to my right or to my left I see streaks of white light, can you ask Theo what this means? Sometimes I can see these streaks of white light in the day, but mostly like I say late in the evening or at night. For the last few mornings we have had gloomy looking weather and I would do an MBO for a sunny bright day, and within a little while the sun would come out.

Theo, why is Queenie seeing a thin white light around blue colors and white streaks when she drives at night?

Yes Tom.  This is more common than normally reported, as most people just ignore it and go about their daily activities.  She is just seeing an aura of the tiniest proportions around the color.  She cannot see it with other colors, although it is present there too.  That is just part of the color spectrum available to you in the 3rd focus.  Remember I said you would be able to see colors more brightly in the 5th focus.  Basically your eyes will adjust to the new focus allowing you to see brighter and more vided colors.


PossessionMelinda writes:   In the March 10th issue, "possession" was one of the topics, and Theo said he was waiting for more questions.  I'd sure be grateful to have  some light shed on my situation, if that's possible.  I have a very malevolent entity residing in me.  I have contacted many spiritual  healers, psychics, etc., to no avail.  I have called upon the Archangels, my Angels, Ascended Masters; any Beings of Light I could think of for assistance.

My health has been extremely challenged for many years.  In addition to major pain and fatigue, my body also has Morgellons and a huge parasite infestation.  The irony isn't wasted that I have the biggest parasite of all, this entity.

I sincerely am making every effort I can to turn my health around.  Everything I do that "should" help makes my body hurt even more;  anything that raises my frequency.  (ie: prayer, relaxation exercises, guided imagery, etc.)  After more than 20 years of this, I am sometimes losing faith and optimism.  I'm wondering after reading about soul contracts in your newsletters, if I'm just whistling  Dixie.  Perhaps my Soul wants to have the experience of death by worms.  Perhaps it's wanting a suicide experience, and has this entity to push me.  Maybe I was a horrible axe-murderer in many past life times?  I am in the direct path of a tsunami when the earthquake  Gaia speaks of hits the west coast.  Perhaps that is the Soul reason for the poor health; I am physically unable to move.

A usually optimistic person, Tom; I'm sorry to be writing such a depressing email.  Am hoping so much you might be able to help,  through Theo.  This entity blocks me from obtaining any answers from my Inner Wisdom.

Theo, what can you and Melinda’s GA do to remove a dark entity attachment from her?

Yes, she has suffered with this Tom.  Certainly she can request a MBO for all energy cords to be cut, and she can say a MBO for her own GA to remove any entities from her body that are not from the light.  She can request this on a daily basis until she feels a lightening of her spirit.  She can also gather round her her friends and ask them to say a Benevolent Prayer at the same time for this removal.  And you and your readers can assist her by saying a BP too.  You’ll be amazed if you were able to see the energy you and your readers create when you say these BP’s Tom.

So let’s say a Benevolent Prayers out loud for Melinda:
“I ask any and all beings to assist Melinda in removing any entities not from the light in or around her in the Most Benevolent way possible at this time, thank you!”


Barva VolcanoWendy writes:  We live on the Slopes of the Barva Volcano (dormant and hopefully extinct) in the Province of Heredia, Costa Rica.

Recently we have heard some booming, much like the folks in Wisconsin.  It happens at all hours of the day and night.  It, thankfully, does not keep me awake, but we are becoming concerned that our volcano might have some activity happening deep inside.  There are three active volcanoes not so far from us. 

My question is, Are we safe here or should we consider moving elsewhere in Costa Rica?  We love our home with the fresh mountain air, pure spring water and solitude.  Thanks so much for all you do.

Gaia, will the Barra Volcano in Costa Rica remain dormant and if so what are the booming sounds?

Yes, it will remain dormant for quite some time Tom.  The booming sounds again, just like the others you have asked about before, are me moving my crust and the sounds are amplified in caverns below the surface.  This will continue for some time.  I’m sorry but the residents in this area will have to accept and ignore them, which I realize for most people is something extremely difficult, if not impossible to do. 


Brain SurgeryThis MBO story and the next one were in last week’s Blog, which you can read each week and sign up for at

Carol writes:  About a month ago I wrote you for a most benevolent outcome prayer for a friend of mine who had a brain hemorrhage and required brain surgery.  Not only did I use the prayer you suggested, but posted it on my FB page for all my friends to say as well. The Doctors originally did not know if she would be able to speak or walk again after the surgery. I am happy to report she just left the hospital last Sunday after a month there and some rehab and not
only can she walk and talk but much of her memory is coming back too!  The Doctors said when they discharged her they expected a full recovery!  She still has some healing and therapy to complete and that may take a bit, but her family, friends and I can't be more pleased!  Thank you for your help.


Car WreckTosca writes:  Every time I get in my car I say an MBO for myself, my car and for every driver, every passenger and every vehicle on the road.  It has been working wonderfully.  This week, I was coming home from work and wanted to go to the gym.  My ride from work is 26 miles and at times is tiresome.

I was looking forward to getting rid of stress at the gym and was looking for a good parking spot.

Suddenly a large SUV was in front of me.  My car is a small 4 cylinder Toyota.  As I hit the other vehicle I said a prayer for my angels to be with both vehicles and drivers.  The crash sound was deafening!!  When the other driver and I got out to inspect the damage THERE WAS NO DAMAGE TO EITHER VEHICLE.  Onlookers in the area, together with the other driver, her two passengers and I were totally amazed, knowing what the consequence could have been.   God bless you Tom for spreading the word about the wonders of MBO’s. 


Clara writes:  What happened to the 4th Royal Norfolk Regiment from Suvia Bay, Turkey during World War I, in 1915 which disappeared suddenly while marching up a hillside in plain view?  Thanks Tom for all you do.

Theo what happened to the Norfolk Royal Regiment from Suiva, Turkey that disappeared while marching up a hillside?

Yes, they did walk into a portal Tom, which was not working properly at that time.  They were taken care of as best as possible, but they could not return. 

I thought we could not enter any portals because we are in the 3rd focus?

Yes, that is entirely correct, but as I said, it was malfunctioning at the time.

Here is more information:


James TyberonnKathy writes:  I thank the Sun and Gaia for this beautiful morning we are having in Montana. Thank you Tom for the wonderful New Letter. I look so forward to this every week. I was reading the Sedona Journal of Emergence and they talk about Optimal Auric Circuitry 13-20-33. I find this so interesting. Could you ask Theo for more understanding in this and thank you Theo for all you do.

Theo, can you comment Theo about the Optimal Auric Circuitry Metatron spoke about in the March Sedona Journal?

Yes, this circuitry is a level of vibration shall we call it that is optimal at this time.  It has a sequence that is an optimal.  That is the best to describe at this time, as you have no engineering background.  It is not something that you and your readers necessarily need to be concerned with, unless they have a scientific background.


Bible JohnLisa writes:  I have been reading your newsletters for about a year now, and am thoroughly enjoying them.  I was wondering if you could ask about Bible John, who was a killer in Glasgow in the late 60`s. He was never found, but was thought to have murdered at least 3 women.  There has been speculation that Peter Tobin, may have been Bible John. See link below:

Theo, was the killer Bible Tom, as he was known, Peter Tobin in Glasgow?

Yes he was Tom.  They correctly deduced that.


Lost the message on this one.

Theo, who is Marduke and Necromonicon?

Figments of imagination Tom.  They were created by man. 


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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