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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for other people, you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.  I also post on TWITTER. 

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:

Here I have to explain that Zoosh is a Creator, like the Creator of this universe, and as I have mentioned several times before there are billions of creators.  Zoosh was attracted to this creation and likes to be known as the "end of time historian," and will be with the Explorer Race until we take over for the Creator of our universe.  He was first channeled for me by Robert Shapiro, and I got to know him as "Uncle Zoosh."  I later communicated with him at times myself.  I decided to ask him about a channel he did for Robert in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, where I write a monthly column this month.  He was following up on a previous channel where another entity had said four suns and our sun formed a trapezoid along with 4 planets from our solar system, including one we have not discovered yet, and created vertical time for us to reach the fifth dimensional time line.  I told you this universe is much more complex than any of us can imagine.
LoopUncle Zoosh, please explain vertical time, and why we went on it 1-11-11?

Yes, Tom.  I will attempt to explain it for your readers, which I might add are growing in numbers you are not aware of yet.  Vertical time, as you discussed at the dinner table this past weekend, cannot be explained as horizontal and then tipping vertical like the table knife used.  Time for you is in a loop, or circle, so it cannot be straight like the table knife, yet that was the best reference you had.  You are in a loop of linear time, yes, but in order to reach a more benevolent time line there had to be a connection, which was just established on the date mentioned in January, thanks to the assistance of 4 other suns.  This was not an easy task, and took great energy and focus if you will. 

So vertical time is a corridor of time to connect you with the higher focused time line.  And to answer your question, yes, it was done for all time lines, both higher frequencies and lower frequencies than your time line.  So on a 3rd dimensional level if you can imagine a tube suddenly appearing on your loop of time and connecting to another loop of time, that would be another way to imagine it for your readers.  Naturally its purpose is to take you out of that loop of time and put you onto another much more benevolent loop of time into the fifth focus as it is termed. 

TubeSo how long will we be in the vertical time tube or time line?

Yes, several months of your time—but not too long.  This vertical time tube or line is quite short you see in comparison to the one you’ve been on for several thousand years.  The next one you will be on will be for several thousand years too you see, but at a much higher frequency allowing much more growth, but that discussion has been made many times.  Suffice to say you will connect in several months.

You said in the article that everyone is going together through this vertical time line and everyone will arrive at the fifth focus together, yet, elsewhere in the article you mentioned some people would be driving and suddenly find themselves elsewhere while others will enter the new timeline during their dreamtime and so on.  It sounded as if it would not happen on the same day or 24-hour period, but separately.  Please explain.

Yes, I can see where you arrived at that conclusion Tom, but in reality everyone will arrive within a few minutes of each other—not one here and there.  Some will notice the difference immediately and others it will take some time before they begin to feel a real difference. 

CalendarAnd yes, your souls are setting this up so that it will take place towards the end of December of 2012 as you mark your calendars.  So I think I have given your readers sufficient visualization of what is occurring at this moment.

OK, Uncle Zoosh, thank you for coming and I do wish you a good life.  Any other comments for my readers at this time?

No, only to keep your focus on benevolence Tom in their daily lives.  This more than anything results in a benevolent future for you all.  I do encourage them all to continue to request these benevolent outcomes in their lives, as you have had explained to you before about how it puts them on a higher level vibrational rate. 

Ok. I wish you a good life. 

Good life Tom and anytime you wish I’m available to you or anyone of your readers who meditate to connect to spirit.

Thank you for the offer. 


New Madrid FaultI’ve received several emails recently saying that the U.S. Navy, or some other organization will soon cause the New Madrid Fault to quake.  So I asked Gaia and this is about as close as she’s come to saying something very unpleasant.

Gaia, the first question involves one of those conspiracy theories which several people have emailed me about.  It seems the U.S. Navy or some other organization will cause the New Madrid Fault to quake in the near future.  Please comment.

Yes, I’ll swear Tom, I find it amusing that humans can come up with so many ways to create boogey men on earth.  There is always someone new to blame for your troubles.  It certainly couldn’t be that your own souls order up these events – it had to be some nefarious organization or people who have it out for you.

Hogwash.  Yes, the New Madrid Fault line will move, but not in the very near future, but it is still on the list to happen, but with my cooperation with all the souls involved—not some sinister group of people.  These are natural events.  If someone lives on a flood plane, they may not be flooded the first year, or they may, or the second or third or even 10th year, but eventually it will flood and they’ll say oh is me—it must be the boogey man who caused this.  Again it will happen Tom, but when it does it will be with your soul’s approval, and that has not come yet, so it is under the classified but not yet activated event. 


I’ve had several emails asking about Oregon, Washington State and on up to the top of Alaska, so I asked:

Gaia, I had asked about California and it’s coastline for movements this year, but what about the upper coastline all the way up to and including Alaska?

Good question Tom.  Let’s see if you can receive this.  The upper coast will move, but not to the extent, with soul approval I might add, of the lower coastline.  There will be a build up of pressure in this area, with naturally a great strain put on the faults, which lie along the coast when the lower portion moves.  Again, these movements will only happen with soul approval.


Beam Me UpRon sent me this article and asked for comments:

"Beam me up, Scotty," may now be a possibility. And that's not a joke. Scientists at Birmingham University in England have announced to the world that a UFO-style cloaking device that may allow objects and people to disappear and then reappear in a different location, just like Star Trek, and other sci-fi movies.

This ability would answer many questions Ufologists have about many reports of UFOs appearing in one place in the sky, disappearing, and then reappearing in another section of the sky.

For the complete article by Billy Booth go to:

Theo, will space ships in the 3,400 AD era have the ability to dematerialize and rematerialize people or other beings they are bringing on board, or will standard procedure be to use some sort of magnetic beam to lift them up from the surface of a planet?

Yes, Tom, there will be a variety of methods used for transport, and one of them will be dematerializing and then reassembling, similar to what was predicted in Star Trek, as if you recall I previously said Mr. Roddenberry lived a life in the future and used that life to write about your future.


NumbersKarin sent me some information about a gentleman who gave number sequences which he said would remove nuclear radiation and mercury.  I’m not repeating the number sequences for the reason you will read when I asked Theo about them.

Theo, can a series of numbers be said to rid your body of radiation and/or mercury?

Yes, but these number sequences are still in their testing stages and are not recommended for the public at this time as saying the wrong sequence can have disastrous effects on the body.  Wait until better information is available. 


Dana writes:  Thank you so much for sharing your newsletter each week.  I love your books and have bought several copies to share with friends and one time a stranger that I knew it would be perfect for.  I always look forward to learning & applying you & Theo's insight to my life for the betterment of everyone.

InsomniaI have a question for Theo please. I have been wondering about the serious problems of insomnia that so many people these days are experiencing for quite some time now.  I haven't seen the subject of insomnia mentioned in your newsletters before, but it seems to unfortunately plague so many of us in recent years.  I wonder what the cause is.  Although I ask my GA to guide me to a restful night of sleep & request MBO's for it, I don't seem to have any success in sleeping (even with OTC & Rx medication that I do not want to take).  Without sleep, I've become more overtired, imbalanced and sometimes sick when I am otherwise a very healthy, vibrant person.  Everyone needs sleep in order to heal & function their best on a daily basis. 
Also, the rare nights that I do sleep, I wake up at exactly 3:00 a.m., as if I am supposed to do something, luckily I am able to fall back to sleep but it seems so odd & wonder if there is a significance that it is always at the same time of night.  I hope Theo can answer these questions for me and help all of us who would love to restore ourselves naturally each night so we can be our very best each following day.

Theo, why are a lot of people experiencing insomnia?

A common problem Tom.  Your lives are so difficult and jam packed at the present time it makes it difficult to sleep.  Certainly Melatonin will help a lot of people sleep for several straight hours.  You can also request a MBO for a restful night’s sleep and your GA will be happy to oblige.  You are also working extremely hard in your sleep time, so when you awaken this carries over.  Turn off all external voice type machines, unless it is a CD, which helps you go to sleep.  This condition will stay with you for several months and yes even a year more Tom.

Why do people awaken at 3:00 am?

This is at the end of a normal sleep cycle for most of you and when you end it many of you return to your bodies and awaken. 


Jackie writes:  I've been going through your website as I have time and haven't found an answer to this question yet. Have you ever asked Theo or anyone else about these zero point energy products? The most famous example is from amega:

Theo, please comment on Zero Point Products.

Yes, this group of products, which is extensive, has some ability to energize you, but they still have a ways to go.  Prices are expensive Tom, so I would say that your readers proceed cautiously when considering purchase.


Lincoln AssassinationAnother conspiracy theory. 

Ronald writes:  I am sending you an utterly off-the-wall bit of data on A. Lincoln...which is completely different from anything you and I may have ever come across. Wouldn't it be interesting to hear what our spiritual family has to say about this, eh?

Theo, was Lincoln murdered by Mary Todd, a double of John Wilkes Booth, or Booth himself?

Yes, an interesting conspiracy theory that is just that Tom.  It just has no substance in fact or history.  The conclusions brought about by the person who wrote this just did not happen the way he described. 


PentagonTom writes:  I was wondering if you could ask Theo if the court case (Gallop v Cheney and Rumsfeld) has any possibility of  being a success.   It looks like it may be a chance to get the truth of 9-11 to the entire world!

Theo, what are the percentage possibilities of the court case Gallup vs Cheney-Rumsfeld success?

Very slim Tom.  Much more would have to come to light in order for it to be successful.

To read more about the lawsuit, brought by an Army Administrative Assistant who, along with her son, were injured in the explosive blast at the Pentagon on 911, go to:


My friend Robert asked me to get an opinion from Theo about non-ensouled beings.

Theo, are there beings either here on earth or in the universe, which are not ensouled?

Only those produced by man Tom, or by your friendly ET’s.  Certainly automatons and other manufactured beings are not ensouled, but all beings are naturally ensouled.  You souls must have hundreds of thousands of lives in every culture the Creator of this Universe created Tom, as your souls will take over the running of this universe in the future. 


Deficits CartoonMichael on Facebook writes:  Reading David Wilcock's site I see he mentions that that about April 8th will be a busy time for us all. Government shutdown for failing to agree on the budget, the Federal Reserve will get a big slap on the wrist, and the Madrid Fault will be provoked to act up in a big way. .  Can Theo or Gaia confirm any of this?

Theo, will the Congress not agree on a budget in early April?

It does appear there will be a stalemate Tom, but cooler heads will prevail after some tense negotiations and at least a temporary budget will be approved, it appears percentage wise—the strongest probability.

Gaia already covered the New Madrid fault above. 


Lyn on Facebook writes:  Here's a question for Theo; do pets have GA's?

Angel DogTheo do our pets have their own Guardian Angels?

No Tom.  We have covered this before.  They do not have quite the same need for one, which you do; but they do come under your own GA’s care as we realize they are important parts of your family, so our care does extend to them,  as there are soul contracts for you to experience their love, and yes the pain of separation through their deaths, or even losing them when they disappear for many reasons.  But no, they are not assigned their own GA’s.  They are not veiled from knowing who they are as you are.

I just responded today to a query asking for information for a book on animal souls, and I think I’m being given the message to repeat what was in the February 28, 2009 newsletter.

Theo, are our pets part of a group soul?

Yes that is correct.  This soul has fragments of itself just as your soul does.  These are all fragments—these animals—of one soul. 

Cat Guardian AngelAre there separate souls for dogs and one for cats?

Yes, because of their interests--just as your soul when it was created--had immediately a certain set of interests.

So when we request that a dog reincarnates, are we getting that fragment of the soul, or do we just get another fragment?

You do get that same fragment if you request it Tom.  Naturally I’m involved in that request and pass it along to the appropriate authorities, which is an amusing way of saying I ask that soul to allow that fragment to return to your lives.    So as you can see now, that soul has millions of pieces of itself embodied at any particular minute of time, and to answer your question, it is the same soul providing all those fragments throughout all time.  Amazing isn’t it?

Quite so.  It’s hard to fathom or imagine that a soul can have that many lives on earth.

But it is so Tom.  Again, that soul was attracted to this creation and offered to provide the fragments needed to be pets and certainly there were other souls for other types of animals involved too.

Cat and DogWill a dog soul fragment that returns to you bring the knowledge it learned in the last life?

Yes to a certain extent it does.  The knowledge it learned in its previous life with you is buried in its instincts and will show up in this manner.  It is not conscious knowledge, but deep-seated intuitive knowledge that your dog or other pet will have to draw upon.  It will appear that your dog or pet is a fast learner due to this instinctive knowledge.

Can the same pieces of our pet’s soul show up in two different lives?

Yes at times they do, if there was a strong connection.  When you are on the other side, you have the ability to petition the pet’s soul to ask for the same piece of itself to be ensouled in your next life.  That happens fairly often you see, as there is a great love that you have for your animal friends.  This is normally granted, as it makes your lives a little more comforting knowing that a beloved pet will rejoin you in an upcoming life. 

(Several months later) Why is it that all the animal souls in Robert Shapiro’s book Animal Souls Speak (Light Technology) are individual souls and not group souls as you have described?

Ah, one of those quandaries Tom.  They are group souls but the fragments are allowed if you will to communicate with Robert to give much heartfelt information to him and on to his readers.  As you have noticed, it greatly changes your perception of those you call animals.  But the root soul is a group soul, if you will, although certainly this group soul can be all the way in another universe.  And yes, these fragments as I have said can return, although they are not required to if you ask for them again.

And again I would ask for clarification when someone asked me about animal souls.
So far Theo, in the chapters of Robert Shapiro’s Animal Souls Speak book they all appear to have individual souls or fragments—I’m not sure?

Yes, there are millions of fragments of whole souls Tom and for teaching purposes Robert was presented with the elders that are fragments of whole souls.  If you were to go back to source though, you will find generally, but not always, a whole soul that is expressing itself through those beings or animals as they are on earth.  It would be rare but not certainly unheard of for more than one soul to express itself with other souls on a planet.  And don’t forget that there are souls that wish to have one or two lives there on a particular planet just as your soul does this throughout the universe for learning purposes.  They are allowed and welcomed by the creature or person originator to have that experience.  But the core soul if you will remains there and sends out fragments of itself to earth for those lives it lives here.

TigersHave I lived a life as an animal before?

Yes of course you have Tom.  Almost all the souls—human that is--on earth-- have had lives as animals sort as preparation for being humans here.

So how many of these animal lives have I had?

Not too many, but several shall we say. 

Since most of the animals I thought you said were ensouled by one soul such as the dog soul or cat soul, did I just go to them and say I would like to ensoul this animal?

Something like that.  These souls understand the whole purpose of needing these, so it is quite easy to do.  You’re just given a slot, so to speak.

Have we also had lives as trees or what else?

Yes you have ensouled a tree before Tom.  Again these are all experiences needed to have a feel for the earth and an appreciation of its assets.

So Theo, do animals go through the same death process we do when they die?

That’s a good question Tom.  Yes, in a way they do, although much less complex, as keep in mind that they know who they are.  They were not veiled as you are.  So yes, there are angels that assist these souls to the next level.  And yes, there is a review of their lives, but really more of a review of their opinions on how they think humans are progressing—how they were treated and so on.  For your readers Tom, I must remind them that animals are there to teach you and remind you of the differences in life and to help you prepare for your exploration of the stars.  I will say that you have been making great strides of late, but of course you have a long way to go; but you are moving in the right direction.  When you can treat animals – all animals with love and compassion and equality, then you will certainly be ready for the stars. 



Theo, how many souls are there that were attracted to this creation to have lives on earth?

Several million Tom.  More than can be accommodated, but if they have the prerequisite accomplishments, they are given that opportunity eventually. 

Are there any souls that have just one or two lives for the experience and then are off to someplace else either in this universe or another?

No, not really Tom.  They have to stick around once they have a life,, as there is Karma created even if the life is just as an infant that dies shortly after birth.  It all must be balanced, so the souls understand that they must have every experience that a human can have in order to attain that level of knowledge and to raise their vibrations to the next level.

CreatorOK, next question.  What percentage of the souls having lives on earth were created by the Creator of this universe?

Much smaller than you might think Tom.  Under 2% shall we say.  This was an opportunity for souls with many varied interests to have a chance to quickly raise their vibrations, so many souls were drawn to this creation.  The Creator was pleased, as he knew there would be great variety in the lives that would be led or lived on earth.

So what percentage of the souls that perform the service of Guardian Angels were created by this Creator?

Again, minute.  Less than one percent.  We came from all over from many, many different Creators.

Does that hold the same for the souls that handle prayers too?

Yes, but they are a little higher in percentage—more on the order of 5% or so. 

So that is 5% I wish to confirm?

Yes, you are very close to the actual number Tom. 

I read that master Kirael (through Kahu Fred Sterling) says that we have a higher self, then soul group and then oversoul.  Is that how it is?

In a simplified way yes. 

So what is a higher self? 

It is simply your connection to the group of souls and onto your oversoul, which is the main part of the soul.

ChakrasWhy do we have chakras and what do these energy centers I guess I’ll call them perform for our bodies?

Good question Tom.  They are energy centers and allow these important organs in your body to perform the tasks that they are designed to do.  This energy must travel up and down your spine and feed these centers so that they in turn help these organs function.  As you are not a scientist, it is a little difficult to describe, but you must have these energy centers or the organs would quickly atrophy and you would die.  It is that simple. 

Theo, let’s return to higher self, soul groups and oversoul and you said in a simplified way.  So what is the more complete answer, and we can start with just one part today.

Yes Tom, I’m not sure how much of this you will get.  Souls are complex beings as you might understand, and they are very powerful in their own right.    But there are also other souls that you have not discovered yet.  There are the souls of the plants and flowers, the fairies and leprechauns, even the rocks and trees all have some type of group soul.  Yes even the fish in the sea and most importantly the souls of the whales and dolphins, which on a spiritual level or vibrational level if you will are more advanced than you.  All of this comes into play and must be considered when you are talking about your higher self and soul groups.    So more on this at a later time.


CherubimTheo, what are Cherubim?

These sweet energies we will call them are the Creator’s children so to speak.  They bring joy to everyone.  They have no purpose other than to bring laughter, and love and playfulness everywhere they go.  They keep us happy and we greatly enjoy their company.

What exactly are “Divas?”

An interesting question Tom.   These are fragments of a soul whose interests lie in certain areas, such as plants.  These fragments or pieces of a soul work with the plants, which are cognizant of their presence to advise them and assist them in their lives on earth too.  They do so with great love, just as we Guardian Angels as you call us, love and take care of you. 


Where do our souls reside—any particular part of the universe?

Yes they are grouped at a higher dimension but more towards the center of the galaxy where there is great light.  This is very difficult to explain but where they are it is like an energy soup where all these souls mingle and shop talk if you will.

12th DimensionWhat dimension are they in?

What would be considered the 12th dimension.

Theo, do you also reside in the 12th dimension?

Yes I do Tom.  But it is quite easy for me to work in the third dimension with you and the other fragments of souls I service.

So is the 12th dimension the highest you wish to be at or are capable of achieving at this time?

Yes, I a m capable of higher dimensions Tom, but it would be like you trying to exist in say the 7th or 8th dimension.  It would not be comfortable for you –at least not as your soul fragment.  It is the same for us.  As we raise our vibrations, we will be able to exist at higher dimensions too.

So do you reside closer to the center of the galaxy or do you stick close by here?

Good question.  Yes I tend to stay close by with the other guardian angels as you call us and we are constantly sharing information so that our millions and millions of soul fragments in all these time periods are equally taken care of.  As I have said—very rewarding and amazing even to us, Tom. 


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