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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


Email MeIf you send me an email and I don’t respond in say two weeks, please feel free to “rattle my cage,” as sometimes I’m just inundated with emails, such as yesterday.  I have 100 unread emails this morning as I put together the newsletter. 

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this Different Perspectiveworld of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


SunburnViolet writes:  Thanks for the newsletter. MBOs have become a regular way of life for me - from tracing my lost hairbrush to meeting deadlines.

I always love the sun and used to bask in the sunlight till some years ago when my skin became photo-sensitive and I have to necessarily use sunblocks before I venture out even for a few minutes. I miss walking casually in the morning or evening sun ever so much. I still love the sun and am really surprised/disappointed about its effect on me. Every day I would love to have a dip in the sun in my meditation and do so whenever I can. Please can you find out why he is angry with me? My moods and spirit has always been attuned to the sun, if I can say that. How can I bounce back to my good'ol days?

I have another question. When some one does bad things for the entire community, say some politicians, can we ask MBOs for relief from the actions of that person or can we even ask that person leave the place? May be we have to ask for change of behavior? Do we focus on protection for ourselves and allow that person be whatever he/she is as he/she may be having a soul contract to live in that manner? In that case are we interfering with his soul contract. In the same manner, are police officials doing correctly (though it is their duty) when they have to use violence against suspects?  Thank you once again for all the good you do.  

Sun, why do some people suddenly seem to become sun-sensitive and must use sun block?

This is a fairly simple question Tom.  It does not have to do with me so much as the person’s tolerance for the rays of me Sunblockhitting the person and their tolerance to the rays of sunlight.  Continued exposure over a period of time will result in damage to the skin.  In some people this results in a drying to a leather-like appearance and in others it can take the form of melanoma, and in others just a little exposure will result in severe sunburns.  It is the capacity for tolerance and each person is different. 

In the lady’s case her skin could not absorb my rays anymore and therefore has to protect herself from being harmed.  There is too much of a good thing and this is a learning experience in this life for her and for anyone who spends too much time outside with their skin exposed.  Had she used some light sun blocks in the past more than she did, she would still have been able to enjoy time outdoors.  Again this is a learning experience and a cautionary tale for any of your readers who think they can be out on a beach all day with no protection.  In the short term they might but long term they will suffer consequences of their lack of concern for their own bodies. 

To the other question, you can request MBO’s for the best leaders to represent the community and say Benevolent Prayers that they make the decisions best for the community. 


Clintonville, WSSeveral people emailed me about the booming sounds heard in Clintonville, Wisconsin.

Gaia, what caused the booming sounds in Clintonville, Wisconsin?

Yes, that does have the town perplexed doesn’t it?  Again, these are forces inside the earth that are being released through the rock strata and instead of a trumpet sound as we covered before, the sounds made are booming.  Again this is just the shifting of my crust.  It is not alien in nature or as some conspiracy folk would suggest government facilities underground. 

There is/or are certain hollow caverns under this town, and when I cause the crust to move it acts as an amplifier as the sound traverses these caverns.  The scientists do have instruments that can detect these abnormalities underground, but have not brought them in yet.  The town is not going to collapse Tom, but they will continue to have their sleep interrupted at night I regret to say until I’m finished with my movements.


Mexico Earthquake MapGisel on Facebook writes:  Tom, what does Gaia have to say about the earthquake in Mexico yesterday? Thank you!

Gaia, will you have any more 7.0 earthquakes in Mexico this year and if so where?

Yes, Tom I will.  Again it will be along the Pacific Rim of Fire as it is called as I will continue to move the plates not only in this region but all up and down the west coast.  I’m just waiting for the signoffs by your souls to have these farther up the coast, but for the time being it is south of the United States and Canada.  But again to answer the question, yes there will be 7.0 and higher quakes during the rest of this year and next I might add.

When will be the next one?

I will not give you a date, but I will say sooner than later Tom. 


Eleanore in Florida writes:  I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to December to begin, or see, a shift in the current Gun Cartoonsituations on this planet.  What do you see happening with gun misuse and ownership of them on the horizon?

Theo, what is the future for guns and gun ownership?

Yes, after you are over in the 5th focus you will see this mellowing and there will be a growing lack in interest in guns, along with more regulation of gun ownership.  Those combined will see in the shorter term fewer guns being bought and sold and in the long run a complete lack of interest in owning a gun as it will be perceived to be much safer and the necessity to protect oneself will diminish.  Naturally there will be more people requesting MBO’s for their safety and they will not feel the need to own a gun, just as you do not feel this need now. 


May 22Rosalee writes:  What can you tell us about the three days of light.  Someone sent me an E-mail teLling about 3 days of light around Memorial Day weekend.  Please ask your sources if this is true?  Thank you for all of your good work.   Love, light, and blessings.

Gaia, what if anything are the three days of light around May 22nd?

This will not happen Tom.  Again this is one of these theories that someone has announced for their 15 minutes of fame.  That does not mean there will not be some major events tied to the total eclipse of the sun at that time and shortly thereafter, but not three days of light.  We have already covered that topic before. 

I’m wondering if Japan will have their big 8.0 + earthquake and tsunami around that time as the total eclipse passes right over Japan’s coast line  and then over Northern California. 


Debbie writes:  Thanks for all your loving intentions and sharing - it means a great deal to me, and many others, and I Kate & Pippalook forward to your weekly newsletters.  I'm almost embarrassed to ask this but I am, oddly, fascinated by the subject.  Many people are drawn to Kate Middleton and her sibling, Philipa, and the current drama/intrigue of the British Monarchy.  Are they the reincarnation of the Boleyn sisters, although with a more positive outcome?  Can't believe I asked this, but, again, am curious.

Theo, are Kate Middleton and her sister the reincarnation of the Boleyn sisters?

No Tom.  They are not.  They have been part of royal families before as training for this lifetime where not only Kate but also in the future her sister will be much in the public eye but for different reasons or pursuits and soul contracts.   Both will use their public recognition to try and make a difference in the world. 


GMO ProtestSteve writes:  Recently Theo has commented on the undesirability and danger of consuming GMO foods. Would you please ask Theo what will be the effects
on the body, mind and consciousness of those that consume GMO foods and how will this affect their transition to the fifth focus?

Thank you for all your efforts to bring forth greater knowledge and understanding.

Theo, how do GMO foods affect our bodies, minds, and consciousness and our transition to the 5th focus?

Certainly much more your bodies Tom; as I have said before, these foods are dangerous to keep eating over a long period of time.  But people are recognizing the hazards and there will be great progress to first have these foods labeled and then for these foods to be replaced with organically grown substitutes.    It will almost seem like a revolution, but will lift your bodies to a higher level.  Certainly those who consume these foods all the time will vibrate at a lower level until they cease to consume these GMO foods.  It is their choice if they refuse to take action after hearing about the dangers in the news whether it be TV or print.


Renee writes:  In this week's newsletter, one of the questions was do GAs have physical lives?  Theo said that they Earth Angeldon't--I was a little confused because I had read in the "Shining the Light V" series by Robert Shapiro that Zoosh says that at anytime on Earth there are 30% to 40% angels in training to be guides.  He goes on to say that they have anywhere from 1-3 lives that would correspond to experiences of the humans they will be guides for.

Theo, are there “Angels in Training” which are having only 1 to 3 lives on earth?

No Tom.  Robert received that information incorrectly, as you are all “Angels in Training”.  No one has just one to three lives on earth, as you become quickly involved and begin creating experiences where you must balance them in the future.  So neither Renee’s friend nor her brother are here for just a few lives.  As we have spoken abut before almost everyone of the planet will have 600 to 800 lives.  And as we have spoken about before each of you acts as a guide many thousands of time for people having lives on earth as part of your training and learning. 


Satan Heather writes:  Hi Tom, I would like to know more about dark angles. Do they have their own other side where they stay when not on earth and if so where is it located? Are these the same as what psychic Silvia Browne calls dark souls?
Also can Theo explain if there was Satan and if so how that fits in with the dark angels?

Theo, do the Dark Angels or Souls reside in the 12th focus, and are they the same as Dark Souls, plus was Satan a creation of man or was it a Dark Angel?

First I’ll answer the last part Tom.  Satan was a creation of man to frighten the population and cause them to seek shelter in the churches of that day—and oh, bring your money with you. 

Then to answer the first part of the question yes they do reside more or less at the focus your own souls do, but neither the twain shall meet.  They cannot take the light, so they avoid us like the plague, which they are.  It is difficult to explain in 3D terms when souls exist as light and not physically.  It’s just that their vibrational level is so much lower than your souls' Tom. 


MontanaKathy writes:  Here in Montana Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance comp didn’t get there bid in in time for the State Contract on Health insurance. Could you please ask Theo if this  was  a  mess up on their part or was it not meant for them to have. This was huge to lose for they are a big company. I think they are great and we have them. Will they bounce back and be ok.  Thank you so much!

Theo, what’s in the soul plan when a company missed the filing for bidding on state insurance contracts?

Certainly heads will roll Tom, as that is the soul contracts of those who missed the filing deadline.  Certainly there will be other bids which will be close to what Blue Cross would have provided, but these are lessons to learn for those who work for that company and will provide openings and profits to another company who filed on time. 


This MBO story and the next two were in last week’s Blog, which you can read at, and sign up to receive it if you wish.  Great stories from all over the world each week!

Philippine HouseDong in the Philippines writes:  Thank you again for accepting my friend invitation in Facebook last week and for sharing your work to everyone. I haven’t read your book yet (I don’t think it is available here in the Philippines) but I have read all articles and newsletters in your web site. I've learned about your work a few months ago and immediately started requesting MBOs. I've noticed after a few weeks that life has become gentler - less stress driving, less stress at work and even the banks and collection agencies are more forgiving when I miss my payments. I also noticed that when I don't get what I requested, I would get an explanation (or at least an idea) why. Here are a couple of MBO experiences I had involving rain (I've been having an urge for days to send you these stories and I think it's my GA shouting in my ear).
My wife is a real estate agent and last month she had a client who wanted to look at two development sites. It had been raining since the night before the tour and when we met the client, there was no indication that the rain would stop anytime soon. So, on the way to the sites, I whispered a MBO for the rain to avoid the places we were going to. When we approached the gate of the first site the rain died down to only a drizzle and completely stopped as soon as I parked the car. As we steped out the car the clouds above us broke just enough to show the sun while it still rained on the surrounding area. It stayed that way for more than two hours. Just as we were leaving the site, the clouds became Philippine Housedark again and it started to rain. The same thing happened when we got to the second site. The rain stopped and the sun came out again when we arrived and stayed that way for a few hours. The rain didn't start again until we were already leaving. Of course I thanked my GA, the Sun and Gaia for the wonderful experience.
A few weeks ago, while I’m on my way home from work, it started to rain. Naturally I requested a MBO for the rain to stop for a while when I arrive – just long enough for me to get in the house without getting wet. I was surprised when the rain did not stop when I arrive but I trust the process. The next day at work I suddenly had an “aha” moment and suddenly realized what happened the previous night and why my request was not granted. I think my GA shouted in my ear because I wasn’t even thinking about the event. There is a stray dog that stays outside our fence. We can’t let it in as we already have three dogs that are very territorial, but we feed him and my father in law would set up a beach umbrella by the fence for the dog whenever it rains. Because it was raining when I arrived home, my father in law opened the gates for me and that’s when he saw the dog getting wet from the rain. So he set up the beach umbrella for the dog’s shelter. It turned out to be a most benevolent outcome after all. Now I know definitely that angels also look after our animal friends.
Oh, and I request a most benevolent outcome for these stories to help in any way someone new to requesting MBOs and help attract more people to the gentle way and may the result be even better than we can hope for or expect. Thank you!


Acid RefluxAnn writes: My MBO story happened this winter. After going to bed one evening, I woke with severe acid reflux. I was quite sick and very disturbed. I thankfully remembered to do an MBO. The moment I said thank you, the acid reflux was gone immediately. I wasn"t surprised, but I was so thrilled that it worked immediately. I asked to remain free of this acid reflux, and I have not experienced it again. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tool with us to do MBO's. I do them all the time about everything, and not only do they work, I feel so good about doing them. I have shared with many people and hopefully they will benefit from them also. I know some already have.  Thanks again for all you share with us.


Kostya in the Ukraine writes:  Yesterday was a nice sunny day; I had a nice walk on a Dnipro river. But my mother stayed Ukraineat home for the whole day. This morning I woke up, saw another sunny day and requested an MBO for my mother to come out of the house today. In 30 minutes she said that she'll go to a dacha. Great!

Just a reminder for anyone living in the northern latitudes.  Gaia says she’ll give you one sunny day a week, but you have to ask for it.  So early each week request a MBO for a Sunny Saturday!


Blue BallJanice writes:  I read the other day about a man from Dorset (U.K.) who said that some blue transparent jelly-like balls fell from the sky in his yard.  He didn't know what they were and he stepped on one and it disappeared.  He tried to pick up one of them, but it was a jelly-like substance that was difficult to pick up.  He then got a spoon and flicked them into a jar.  They had a hard exterior shell and was soft inside.  I believe they fell only in his yard.  I don't know what he did with them once he put them into the jar.  I'm curious to know what these balls were and I thought maybe you could ask Gaia if she would shed some light on this strange phenomena.  Could they have been dropped by a space craft?
Thank you for sharing your gift with us and sharing the information you receive.  I enjoy your newsletter so much. I wait every week to see what the latest occurrences, insights and predictions are.

Gaia, what were the blue jelly-like balls that fell from the sky in Dorset UK?

Yes Tom.  They were from spacecraft.  Studies are being made on them as we speak, so I will let them reveal their findings in the future.  They are harmless, unless you are hit in the head by one. 


Allergic ReactionsI'll call her Alina writes:  I'm aware that the questions for your newsletter are to be general in nature, but I'm hoping that a more personal question may be answered for the hundreds of thousands of us who suffer from extreme, and sometimes life-threatening, allergies.

I am someone who suffers from multiple allergies: skin (contact), food and beverage (ingestion), breathing (inhalant), etc.; and I've come to a dead-end (no pun intended, but quite literally true) concerning bathing products.
There is absolutely nothing on the market - that I am aware of - that I am able to wash my body and hair with, that does not cause me to have some kind of an allergic reaction. I have used the most basic product available: Ghassoul Clay Powder, from the Moroccan Mountains -which is only one ingredient: Hectorite - and I have had a detrimental reaction to it.

I have searched everywhere, and I have not been able to come up with anything, that I would be able to wash my body and hair with, that would allow me to be allergy-free.  I just do not know where to turn at this point, and I am certain that I am not the only one who is suffering from this sort of problem.  Is there any being or entity, whom you converse with, that may be able to offer some guidance and/or information that may help those of us suffering from this sort of allergy?   I would be eternally grateful for any help that you and your "partners" would be able to extend to me.
With all good wishes for peace, joy and perfect health for all.

Gaia, what would be a good product to wash with for people with severe allergies, or am I or they asking the wrong Allergiesquestion?

In a way you are Tom, as people with severe allergies can request MBO’s to not have an allergic reaction to anything that they do have.  And they can request a MBO to be led to products, which will not cause an allergic reaction. 

Why do people have such severe allergies?

Yes, it is a balancing where they caused harm to others in a past life.  They are balancing now.  But advise this person to request those MBO’s I suggested and to say the BP each morning you do.  That helps balance as we’ve mentioned a number of lives.  I cannot suggest more as you have absolutely no knowledge of chemical compounds as we both know Tom, so it is difficult giving you complex formulas in these sessions. 


Sedona Ceremonial SiteShravaka writes from Sedona:  For several years now, it has been an honor and my good fortune, to have come to know and work with a Mayan Shaman at various Sacred sites in the Yucatan.  A few years ago, I had the opportunity to introduce this Mayan Shaman to Sedona, where a small group of us took the opportunity to participate with him in a Mayan ceremony to honor the Sacredness of the area.  As you know, Red Rock Crossing in Sedona is beautiful, and anyone who has participated in one of these types of sacred ceremonies, can attest to the incredible benevolent energetics created in Love and Gratitude for Gaia, as well as on a multidimensional level for all Light beings.

Last year during a Summer Solstice trip to Chitzen Itza (honoring KuKuulKaan), this Shaman sat down with me for a serious talk...  He wanted to review his ceremonial experience in Sedona months earlier, and to make a long story short, he explained that the Spirits in this location were not happy.  That we typically here in North America do not honor the Ancient ones who have gone before us, and we do not practice in the type of overt sacred ceremonial traditions that our indigenous North American Indian brothers and sisters have long before us. (not to mention the elementals, cardinal directions, etc.)

It was an incredibly sobering and sad feeling in that moment, because there was a knowingness of the "Truth" he was sharing...  His intention was to appeal to me to help get people in North America to wake up to this Spiritual discrepancy, and hopefully have them start participating/practicing the honoring and recognition of the Ancient Ones who have gone before us in an effort to rectify this situation.

Given what I had learned and the ceremonies participated in at sacred sites in the Yucatan, I had conducted my own SedonaMayan ceremony with a few friends at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona after my return from Mexico...  While my performance may have been shaky or technique even considered crappy, I have come to know that the key to these sacred ceremonies is the authenticity and organic nature of the feelings and emotions being shared and conveyed.  The results of our little impromptu ceremony can be found attached in the two pictures taken afterwords.  Please note the Spirits!  And the feelings being shared with them in that moment were so
incredibly warm and Loving....

You speak much within your material about MBO's, BP's, and Theo has validated the fundamental prerequisites of our emotional/feeling energetics with this activity for success.  And this is all wonderful and accurate information.  However,
I do not recall (and may be mistaken?) much information on this topic over the years of Honoring and Recognizing the Ancient Ones who have gone before us?  Why this might be important?

While there may not appear to be an obvious "payoff" to this type of relationship within a 3rd dimensional focus, intuitively it feels this may be significant within the 5th focus and beyond.  Maybe you can elaborate with Theo and Gaia, and help us to reconcile?

Gaia, what is your opinion of honoring the “ancient ones” in places like Sedona, Arizona?

Actually this is quite good Tom as it links the present with the past.  Anytime you honor those who have come before you, you also honor their work and sacrifices and accomplishments during their brief stays on the planet.  And when you honor them it does go out over time and space, as don’t forget that they are living right now and therefore can sense or feel your energy being sent to them.  They may or may not know from whence it comes, but it does give them hope and beliefs and such.  So an honorable thing to do should you or any of your readers desire to do so in the future.


Il VoloCarell writes:  The new Italian young men's tenor group,  Il Volo: who are these delightful youths who are thrilling the world with Italian opera and song? We already know that Caruso has become Jackie Evancho. So who are these "new" inspiring, talented young men? They each started singing at age 3, full voice. They are obviously "old friends" returned.

Theo, have the three members of the Il Volo Italian group ever sung together in past lives?

They know each other well Tom, as they have been friends, family and lovers before in past lives and have sung together in the past.  Their souls are music artist related and this is yet another exploration of their souls’ desires for music expression.

Here’s a recent performance on the CBS Morning Show:


Princes In the TowerAntonia writesI am currently immersed in British historical fiction. What happened to the Princes in the Tower?  Thank you.

Theo, what happened to the princes in the Tower of London.

As was surmised Tom.  They were slain to make sure neither they nor those who would act in their behalf would try and take over the throne from the King.  Certainly there were ruthless people back then who thought nothing of killing two young boys just on the possibility of there being a coup.  Naturally those with blood on their hands—and that included the King, are having balancing lives. 


Antonia writes:  I remember reading translated works in college.  Who murdered him? Pier Paolo Pasolini

Theo, who murdered Pier Paola Passolini?

There were enemies of him who orchestrated his murder Tom.  More information will eventually be found.


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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