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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use.  Please keep in mind that this is an interactive newsletter.  It relies on questions from you, and participation when you’re asked to say a Benevolent Prayer for something happening in the world.  I encourage you to send in questions of a GENERAL nature, which I can ask Theo or Gaia.  

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a different perspective:


Super MoonGaia, as there were no significant quakes in the world during the “super moon,” why didn’t you take advantage of that assistance from the moon, and what else do you need in the mix to assist you when that seemed so perfect for your needs?

Good question to start the day Tom.  Yes, the Super Moon as it is called has already assisted me, although you may not be able to see it in those lists of earthquakes in the world.  The moon has assisted me in moving the interior of the planet – the magma you see—so that further movements and earthquakes can occur.  So the moon was quite useful, although you have as yet not seen the results.  Now there will be other planets, plus the Sun to assist me with the movements to come, and still along with the moon’s help too. 

As I told you before, there are some major movements coming in the world, yes including Japan, and they will become quite apparent in the coming days, weeks and months you see.  As I explained before, these are very complex movements of magma and such in my interior to bring about these movements, as I do not have the ability to wave a magic wand and a movement occurs.  This is the third dimension still Tom, and everything moves at a slower pace than the higher dimensions. 

One of my readers asks why weren’t we given warnings regarding Japan so that we could request Benevolent Prayers and send energy to mitigate or lessen the effects?

Tom, you were given some warning back last year, but of course the timing you received from me was not correct, so you assumed there would never be such an event.  It just did not happen at the time you received, but it did happen.  Naturally there were several reasons for this.  First and foremost was that the people who were supposed to has experienced these events would have flown the coop so to speak—they would have left the area and it was in their soul contracts to experience this.  Then the other reason was to point out to you—in very certain terms—that you can request BP’s to lessen the effects in the future. 

Prayer VigilI have noticed a number of prayer vigils or meditations I will call them that other people are conducting.  Have those be successful?

Yes, but only to a certain extent Tom.  Again, the people of Japan—or I should say their souls, had and have agreed to have these movements as part of their soul learning.  That will seem very harsh to your readers Tom, but they signed up for these lives millions of years ago in your time to have exactly these specific lives at this specific time.  I will use the analogy of a soul creating a master plan for all your lives on earth and under the heading earthquakes and tsunamis some would have penciled in the sinking of Atlantis or MU and others circled in this time period with a life in Japan.  All these earth experiences were decided by your souls millions of years ago.  This was not some happenstance event decided at the last minute.

Yes, you have said Gaia that the souls of California did decide to not experience the event yet.  How does that coincide with what you are telling me now?

Plan BGood question Tom.  You have progressed much faster than it was supposed that you will or would.  Although it was assumed when you signed up to have these lives, all possible scenarios were covered—sort of your plans A, B, and C if you will.  Let’s call it plan B that you’re on now.  You could use any number or letter to designate.  You can even look at it as plan A, but if you did not achieve this level then Plan B would have been implemented. 

You have achieved virtually the highest level you could achieve on this Time Line, so therefore I have adjusted to that achievement.  That does not mean it will not happen in the future, but it does show you the power of co-creating with spirit you see.   Again, very complicated and complex Tom, but it does all work out in the end.  If someone does not experience the earthquake or tsunami scenario in this life, they will in another, but don’t be to hasty in writing off the experiences which will still happen in this time period, as there are many during what will seem to be a tumultuous time in the next couple of years.  There will be earth movements not seen in modern recorded history.  It is coming, and with your souls’ approval. 

Gaia, I’m asked if did Japan’s participation in World War II have anything to do with their nuclear disasters and earthquakes and tsunamis?

It would seem so on the surface Tom, but in reality, these are individual past life deeds that are now being balanced.  Many people are attracted to the same continent or islands to have multiple lives there.  Certainly there are a number of people having lives in Japan now who were soldiers in World War II.  Their lives were cut short by being a soldier and now they are balancing those actions taken at that time. 

Hiroshima PhotosBut again I hark back to my previous statement that all souls need to experience everything this earth has to offer in one or more earth lives.    If balancing past lives can be part of the experience, then you’ve taken care of multiple things on your internal or soul list.

So Japan as a nation does not attract nuclear events?

I did not say that, as in reality, the remembrance of a nation of such historic events can keep that event closer shall we say than letting it fade away.  You attract what you fear.


Maria writes:  I want to thank you for all your advice and information given to us, I really enjoy it.  I want to ask you about Puerto Rico.  Is there going to be a 6.0 or more in Puerto Rico this year, in which area or around when?  Also, are there going to be any hurricanes for Puerto Rico this year?
HurricaneI thank you for your help and advice.  God Bless you.

Gaia, have the souls of Puerto Rico given permission for a large earthquake this year, and what about a hurricane this year?

Yes Tom, they have given me permission for a larger earthquake, although not to the magnitude shall we say of Haiti.  Still it will be quite disruptive to them.  I know you thought I would say no movements but in this case, as I have mentioned previously, there will be many areas of the world which will move more significantly shall we say than previously.

How soon will this occur Gaia—in the next six months?

No, it will be later this year but not too much farther than that. 

Regarding the hurricane season, yes there will be one hurricane with a fairly strong intensity to strike the island this summer.  They are right in the path to have such storms Tom and they have had several near misses in recent times, but this one will strike the island instead of a glancing blow. 


She asked me to change her name so Cote writes:  I'm not sure if this started with Japan's earthquake or a little before, but I have been aware of vibrations under my feet. I am diabetic and have a little neuropathy, but this doesn't feel like an internal thing...not that you ever do, but if you happen to run short of things to discuss with Theo, maybe you could ask him if I have a little warning system going on? Seems unlikely with being in Arizona, but at the same time the timing is weird.

“Cote” in Arizona has felt vibrations under her feet.  Could you explain why?

Yes Tom.  She is very sensitive and can feel slight movements in my mantle, which others who are not so sensitive cannot feel.  These are not forerunners per say of what will be, but more a sensitivity to what is occurring in the interior of the planet.


For those of you who wish more MBO stories in the newsletter, here’s one from Bruce, who it seems he and I were connected all the way back to my days when I took my “flock” from Atlantis to Egypt and resettled there a couple of hundred years before Atlantis sank.  He has contributed in the past.  See these two newsletters about the spinning ball and golden pyramid book in ancient Egypt:

LoversBruce writes:  First of all the reconnection with the Love of my Life came as a direct result of my GA working with me via a MBO that you suggested to me, Tom.  I request an MBO for my perfect mate and said Thank you and one month later I reconnected with my Love.  We had been thinking about and searching for one another for 37 years. 
My GA led me to find her on Facebook, although we had looked for one another on FB for the past year, it wasn't until I said that perfect mate MBO that we found one another.
I used the same MBOS that we talked about for the trip to see her!!

"I request a MBO for choosing the perfect airport for the flight, thank you.” "I request a MBO for going through security easily with no delays, thank you." "I request a MBO for my luggage arriving safely and first up on the baggage claim, thank you." "I request a MBO for my flight, and to be seated next to someone interesting, thank you." "I request a MBO for my drive to the airport to be on time for my flight, thank you.”
I was led to take a non-stop flight to Houston via Southwest from LAX.  But was nervous about all the details for all that would transpire during the course of that experience since I hadn't flown since 1995—ha!
I had a shuttle pick me up at home---I was the last pick up so we went directly to LAX--I was the first one that was let off in front of Southwest terminal.  As I checked my bags a young oriental gentleman could see that I was perplexed, so he metaphorically took me by the hand and led me through the process and on to TSA security, including x-ray, etc.  We were completely through the security in five minutes, while the security personnel smiled and kidded with me!!  Very pleasant experience.
I was seated next to a young man, 20 years old who was an accounting major in Florida---we hit it off immediately and talked about many things----we bonded and are Facebook friends exchanging emails as if long lost friends.
I arrived in Houston and the Love of my life that I hadn't seen for 40 years was waiting for me with a big smile as I emerged from the gate area---needless to say there were long minutes and minutes of kisses and hugs--stopping several times in the middle of the airport for more kisses and hugs---and everywhere we were the eyes of those around us were following our every move and smiling and we expected a standing ovation, because the intensity of our Joy and the joy of those watching was overwhelming!!!
Thank you Tom for being there for your devoted understudy of Ancient Egypt---it was one more act of your Love and Mentoring for me!!
By the way its now been four days and our love for one another is growing exponentially every day and its like we were never apart----our love is based not only in the linear but as a partnered Spiritual Journey.  For those who are interested---I am 64 and she is 58 and both of us are Ageless!!


I’ve had several people asking recently about requesting MBO’s for money, so here is what Theo has to say on the subject:

Money TreeTheo, please comment on requesting MBO’s for money and how a soul contract can assist or deny a person money.

Yes, Tom.  Certainly the request of a MBO will open doors shall we term it for the energy of money to flow to you.  It just may not be in the quantities that you would wish, or by the means you think or contemplate its arrival. 

You do not know if your soul contract calls for sudden wealth, and therefore some people will say that MBO’s just don’t work for them if they request to win the lottery.  Again, as we have discussed before, the request needs to be for something specific for you.  You should be making a more specific request for a MBO to be able to pay off a certain bill or have a down payment for a house or something.  That allows your own GA to give you the MBO, but not necessarily the way you envisioned having the money to do so.  Naturally you can add on, “and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you” as that really opens the door for your own GA to be very creative. 

Still there are some challenges that we can term “lack of money” which are part of your soul contract, as you must learn to do or get by with less.  These are all earth learning experiences to—the lack of abundance.  But these conditions will be mitigated by requesting MBO’s—the challenge will be more that proverbial bump in the road instead of the brick wall I have described before Tom.


Ray CharlesPam writes:  Years ago when my father died at age 62 it was in Sept. It hit me really hard as we were very close. A couple years before he died I recorded a song for him "I'll be watching you from above" and gave it to him and said I always think of you when I hear this song. Well when it came to my birthday in February after my father died, I was working nights redoing a store so I had to sleep during the day. I got up in time to shower and get ready and drove to the store. I had the radio on and before I got to the store I hear on the radio "We have a special dedication going out to one of our listeners" and they played my dad's song. I started to cry and said I knew you wouldn't forget me Dad. They always have a way to let us know they are near by.

How many of you have awakened with a love song in your mind that you had not thought of in some time?  That happened again to me recently when I awoke to “I CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU” by Ray Charles.  I asked Theo why and this is what he said:

Yes, a melodious song Tom.  It is or accomplishes the release of stress, as singing in your dream will do that Tom, plus we chose that song to let you know the love on this side for you.  So there is more than one reason for the song.  But it is a fine song and will be remembered later today. 

Now I see there was another reason—I was supposed to pass this along to all of you!


TatooDiane on Facebook writes:  Tom, why have tatoos become so popular? And why do people cover their entire bodies? Didn't it mean that you were a slave in days past?

Theo, why are tattoos so popular today?

Yes, body art has become more popular, as the number of people proliferate on the earth and people try to distinguish themselves from the many others who have a similar appearance by adding unique tattoos.  It is an expression of themselves, and for others it is simply a matter of fitting in to a certain group.  So there are many answers to this simple question.


Allan has written me from all over the place—South Africa and now Thailand.  Allan writes:  Great newsletter as always. Please could you ask your guide about my ability to levitate.  I have dreams all
Levitationthe time that I can do that and fly. Have I been able to do it in a past life, and what can I do to make it happen again if I could do it.

Theo, Did Allan have the ability to levitate in a past life and can he do so in this one?

Yes, as Mr. Allan guessed, he did learn how to levitate in a past life. Certainly if he so chooses Tom, he could learn how to do this again in this life, but he must ask himself if relearning this ability what will he accomplish, other than the act of doing it. In reality he has chosen a life as a wanderer or traveler to experience many things in this life he has not experienced before. Relearning something he has done before will take a lot of time out of his life he could be utilizing to do many other things. But it is his choice.

I think there is a lesson here, which is why I included it.  There are talents we need to bring forward into a next life, such as playing a musical instrument or as an artist, but there are others where the saying, “Been there, done that,” holds true.  If we relearn those, it takes away time we could be learning something entirely new.  Now isn’t this a nice discussion with your friends this weekend? 


ForgivenessTamar writes:  I saw in last week's newsletter someone sending in their daily affirmations for those who wish to use it.  I have an affirmation when I have a serious conflict with someone that has helped me a lot. Maybe it will help others as well. I got this originally for an article in the Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine, but it was a while back, so I don't remember from whom.

"I forgive everyone with whom I’ve shared conflicting, discordant energy during my present or past lives, and I return to them, wrapped in a bubble of love, all negative memories, impacted energies, and probably futures we have created together. I apply the law of forgiveness to all my miscreations & interactions with others."

Hopefully, this will prove to be helpful to others as well.

Both my Daily Affirmation and Daily Benevolent Prayer are on the website under SIGNS.  Here is my Daily Benevolent Prayer I say each day:

Benevolent Prayer
I ask any and all beings to assist and comfort anyone that I have ever harmed either physically, mentally, morally, spiritually or emotionally in any past, present or future life.
And I ask any and all beings to assist and comfort the families and friends of anyone I have ever harmed, in any way, in any past, present or future life, Thank you.



Soul DepartingTheo, iIt appears that this piece of soul quite quickly transforms into a younger version of itself and is not tied to its previous belief system.  Can you explain?

Yes Tom.  You are correct.  The appearance of these soul fragments do not just linger, but are sent out by the soul or higher self to be nearby their family.  This is a process that may seem instantaneous on your side of the veil Tom, but has actually taken a little time of preparation.  Remember these things can occur at a furious rate beyond 3d comprehension.  The piece of soul is tied to that life, but has a much more complete understanding and remains there out of love and a commitment to that soul’s family. 

It also serves as a learning tool if you will for them to continue to learn from that life on earth as they see the results of what they did in raising their families in certain ways.  They are able to view the good, and not so good ways their families are then able to cope with their lives and their challenges, based upon what they were taught and how they were taught as children and young adults.  A nice question Tom that has a complicated answer, as naturally by this time you understand that life is more complicated than you can imagine.

Theo, I an understand the benefit to the soul fragment’s family, but what other benefits are there to the soul fragment besides keeping an eye on their lives?

Yes let’s delve a little deeper Tom into this.  The soul fragment does gain other benefits.  It can act as a guide for one or more of the family members to assist them in their decisions of what is best for them.  It also gains more knowledge by observing other lives and how they were influenced by that soul fragment’s life so that perhaps it can do a little better job or perform better in another upcoming life.  Those are the major benefits.

Will I need much time to recuperate after this life, or after reviewing this life will I jump into preparations for the next one?

You will need some time to adjust to the fact that you are not hindered by an old decrepit body, so yes there will be some time as you adjust back to the vibrant soul or portion of one that you are.  You will just not need as much as the normal soul fragments or soul pieces.  Understanding and knowledge will not have to be so dramatic and seemingly long lasting, as say for your friends that only believe in heaven as taught by the church.  So yes is the answer that you will take time to recuperate and see all your old friends.  It is the time to do that and enjoy each others company unencumbered by being veiled. 

Sirius Star SystemDo our family units on earth typically come from the same home worlds such as the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, etc?

Yes, Tom.  I know you are a little surprised at this answer, but many souls from these worlds tend to group together in soul cluster groups to have these earth experiences.  By the same token, yes, you have many experiences with souls from other planetary systems, so that you can experience on a subliminal basis all other souls and their seasoning shall we say.  This means that you will have experiences and lives where you interact in a close family with other souls from other planetary systems.  But you also have your core group shall we say that shares these experiences whenever you can.

Theo, do members of the same soul cluster or group have lives on more than one planet between earth incarnations?

Quite so, Tom.  It all depends upon what is or what is needed to be learned, and how the earth lessons can be used to assist other planets.  So you are not limited to one planet, although you may be attracted to return to the planet you had many lives on before you started your earth incarnations.  But your primary mission is to use the knowledge you gain from your earth lives and put it to good use elsewhere.  Even if that life on another planet lasts a thousand or more earth years, when you next incarnate on earth you might incarnate only one day, one week, or one month after your last life on earth, or as we have discussed previously you might even incarnate in an earlier time period if there is something that can be learned there, or your talents can be used in that earlier time period. 

PlanetDoes a soul cluster or group generally come from having lives on one planet prior to their earth lives?

Not necessarily, but yes generally.  Again, the soul cluster could have had many lives on a variety of planets in order to prepare for the beginning of the lives they will experience on earth.  Remember that spiritual mastery must have been attained before the first earth life.

Does that include each fragment, or just the soul cluster, or just the soul as a whole?

Good question Tom.  The soul, as you know, is having hundreds of thousands of lives across the universe, so spiritual mastery is something attained through these lives.  So the soul cluster that the soul sends to live lives on earth will have attained this itself, and therefore the soul cluster will have that knowledge and experience through the soul, but not necessarily each fragment.  A bit complicated, but the soul is aware of at all times all the lives it has chosen to live on the many thousands of worlds.  Keep in mind what the soul’s goal is, along with all the other souls taking part in the earth experiment.  That is to take over for the Creator, when this Creator moves on to the next level.  That’s why we have said many times that you are Junior Creators in training, as you will be one day when you join hands, metaphorically speaking, to become a Creator. 

Next LifeYou mentioned meeting with guides before each birth yet lives happen simultaneously, so how can all these meetings happen at the same time?

Yes this is difficult to explain in the 3rd dimension.  They have the appearance to you of being one life after another, as there has to be some linear correlation.  Therefore although there is technically no time on this side of the veil, there has to be a division between this Nirvana, and the activities that go on there, and the activities that go on, on a soul level.  It is very complicated, but there is still separateness after your death and before the next life.  Perhaps that is not a complete answer, but very close to explain why each time feels like an ending and preparation for a new beginning. 

OK.  Can we have, or is this common to have overlapping lives, where we are born into a life while we still have another going on?

Yes, this is quite common.  Keep in mind, that from our side, you died in one life and then on a linear fashion you prepared for another life, and then were born.  It is extremely rare for you to meet yourself so to speak, so there is no overlapping problem from this side.  Naturally this is done in order for you to live through certain world events, but also to interact with family and friends that are all being born during that time period. 

SoulsWhat form do we take during my life preparations or do any of us have a form?

Yes you do take on a form that is convenient.  It is more an energy form than a human looking form.  By then you will have passed the need to look like a human form and can be the energy that you are.  You have great energy so your form gives off very beautiful colors unique to you, as you must remember that there are color spectrums that are far beyond those of earth. 

How much does an oversoul take part in discussions about one’s next life on earth or perhaps even on another world?

Your oversoul as you call it Tom, does act as a loving advisor that directs the discussions if you will, while your soul group works out the contract for the next life.  As you do, you call in other soul groups as they are needed so that the experiences you have are arranged with those soul groups—yes, young and old.  As I said Tom, we are one big happy family and soul groups come in and out as needed—you just put in a call for them, and they offer their ideas and how you can interact with their next physical lives as your paths cross. 

Theo—do we have a “planning board’ where we plan our next life with our guides?

Certainly the description you read is fairly accurate Tom.  It is sort of a holographic screen where you quickly lay out your next life and all the paths are considered and the one that will give you the highest amount of knowledge and understanding is chosen first, then all the other souls that you will meet along the way are invited to give you ideas of learning experiences with them.  As I mentioned before, we are one happy family and everyone offers up ideas where there are no egos in place.  You can design a very full life with many challenges, or an easier life with just a few.  It’s up to you and your soul.

CartoonDo some people come in with a less defined soul contract and if so why?

Yes, some people that are on earth may have had very difficult lives so they choose a very mundane normal life with just a few challenges.  And it is open-ended so that if they so choose, they can have more challenges during the life if they feel up to it.  Again, it is up to the soul as to whether they wish to finish everything as we have talked about before in 600 or the longer 800 lives average. 

Since we have free choice, when we decide to take an alternate path during a life other than the best one for our growth, do we then come back to the planning board during dreamtime, or is this taken care of as a possibility when we are first planning our life?

Yes, a good question Tom.  You do come back during dreamtime and consult with your guides and higher self and redo the board.  It can be done in one night, but sometimes it takes longer.

So if we have free will does a Guardian Angel or other being know what we’re going to do, when there seems to be only potentials that can change depending upon our choices?

Yes Tom, we do see these potentials and know in most instances the path you will follow at any given time.  Yes you do have free will to change and yes as we have discussed before you frequently take a path that is not in your best interests or on your soul contract.  So even though it seems that you are living this life in a linear fashion, we can go to the end of your life and look back on what you chose.  I realize this is very complicated for everyone, but we are not constrained by time—only you are.  So in the short run we see your potentials and with a long view we see what you chose to do. 

So even though we choose something that was not on the soul contract, you know this in advance?

Oh yes.  We can tell from your previous actions how high a potential is for you to take this path or that path.  We have few surprises from our viewpoints as you make choices in your lives.  When you are drawing up your soul contracts, you normally know the weak areas in advance yourself.  We do our best to guide you, but there are many times you make decisions from a mental perspective and not from feeling.  This will gradually change over the coming years and life will be more benevolent for you all.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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