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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Lee writes: With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, is the church going to head in the right direction, meaning more tolerant, now as far as how it handles volatile issues such as gay marriage, sexual abuse among priests and the cover-ups and birth control?  Also, I would be interested to know if we will learn anything about the report on the "antics" at the Vatican concerning gay prostitutes and the such.  Will anything be exposed that will shake the powers that be into changing their ways?  Hard to believe how much is swept under the carpets.

Thank you, Tom, for being our eyes and ears into matters that shape our world and those beyond it.

Pope Francis3/8/13 Theo, what is the probability of the Catholic Church becoming more tolerant?

Yes, there will be movement in that direction, Tom, although not in the near future.  The new Pope will be settling in and having to deal with the major problems in the Vatican itself, so many months will pass before you see the Catholic Church make any changes regarding women’s roles in the church, and other more liberal changes.

Will that include revelations of a gay faction in the Holy See?

Quite so, Tom.  That is part of the scandal I mentioned before.

3/14/13  Gaia, will Pope Francis still be the one to open the Vatican archives and still shake up the Holy See?

Absolutely Tom.  Pope Francis is a good man who will tackle the enormous job.  Yes he is a conservative in his thinking, but even that will moderate over time. 

Will he be the last Pope?

No, the Catholic religion will continue for many hundreds of years Tom, but you will find or people will see great changes in this religion, some of them in the next few years with the arrival of the friendly E.T. brothers and sisters.  They will adapt as the other religions adapt to new information about your true history. 

Why was the greatest probability last year that a European would be the Pope again—surely you could see this coming?

This Cardinal was certainly on the probability list Tom, but down the line.  Your vibrational levels have continued to rise and had you asked in the past month or two, the new probabilities would have been mentioned.  Pope Francis will not be as progressive as perhaps the Cardinal from the United States as an example, but he was a compromise choice.

Why don’t we help the new Pope along by saying this Benevolent Prayer out loud: “I ask any and all beings to assist the Pope in making decisions which are most beneficial for his followers and for the world, thank you!”


Nikki writes: I am just wondering what Gaia thinks about the book series below.  I am on book four and am very interested in this concept.  Basically you put a seed in your mouth before planting, mix it with your saliva and then plant.  The seed then has the ability to figure out what nutrients you may be lacking.  Blessings to you, Tom!!
Gaia, what is your opinion regarding the benefits of putting seeds in your mouth and then blowing on them before planting?

There are a few benefits, Tom.  It connects you with what you have planted.  It is your DNA signature to give you the technical explanation, plus it leaves what we’ll call your ‘essence’ with the seeds.  This is a very ancient method of farming which has been rediscovered, shall we say, in the 21st Century, although it never went completely away.  So there are benefits if someone wishes to go to the extra step of performing this ritual, we will call it, before placing the seeds in the ground.  The seeds actually are capable of reading your DNA and will adjust.


I spent a year in South Korea as part of the “peace-keeping force” as an Army Lieutenant on top of a mountain with a Hawk Missile Battery many years ago.  It’s hard to believe that little has changed in the many years that have passed.

North KoreaPenny in Arizona writes: Just a question about North Korea and the United States.  How will this play out in the coming months?

I have sent MBO prayers out for both countries and the people involved.  Thank you so much for your newsletters; always a joy to read.

Theo, is North Korea rattling sabers, or should we be concerned?

There will be some small skirmishes, Tom, as the military faction in North Korea would like to expand its power.  But the young leader will only allow it to go so far before clamping down and exerting his power.

Let’s all help the process along with a Benevolent Prayer to say out loud: “I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing peace to North Korea, and to assist its young leader in making decisions for the benefit of his people, thank you!”


CometKarin writes: Comet C/2013 A1 may smash into Mars in 2014, astronomers say.  Will it?

Gaia, will the comet headed for Mars in 2014 collide or miss?

No, Tom.  It will miss the red planet, as it is deemed not good for either the comet or Mars.  It will be a near miss.


Annette writes: Would you ask Gaia about the news on the world rapidly running out of clean water.  (See link below.)

DroughtGaia, is the world running out of water?

No, Tom, the world is not running out of water.  Certainly there are places in the world with little water—deserts, of course, we are speaking of, but there will be sufficient water for most of the population.  I say most, as with a burgeoning population, you will need more and more purification plants to convert water from the ocean to potable drinking water. I also have my cycles, which many people do not understand, and I include your scientists as well, where I will cause a drought in one part of a continent and then in another part of that same continent as there are cycles I go through—some very short and some quite long.  These cycles will slowly be understood, but it will be many years in the future before your scientists fully grasp how these cycles operate.

There are many of my rivers and streams, which are polluted and need to be cleaned up through severe penalties for polluting them, and your scientists need to learn there are ways to instantly convert a stream or river back to clean, clear water.  But of course it involves combining spiritual methods with scientific ones and, again, the two have not merged, but will in the future.


Ban PornographyMike writes: The EU wants to ban pornography all throughout Europe.  Will you ask Theo what will happen?

Theo, it is reported that the EU wishes to ban all pornography throughout Europe.  What is the highest probability of that happening or not?

It has very little chance of passing, Tom.  There are too many people in power, shall we say, who secretly enjoy pornography in Europe.

What does stand a chance—a good chance—of passing will be laws strengthened involving children and pornography.  The majority of adults have the choice of watching pornography or not, but involving children there will be more severe penalties.


AlbuquerqueKathy in New Mexico writes: I would like you to ask Gaia a question.  First the sewage pipe under the road in the street in front of my house backed up, and it came up inside of the house and flooded the house in Albuquerque, NM, close to the Sandia Mountains.  Does Gaia have any plans for this area?  Is this area safe?  I will be going back to this house in about 2 months, after it is repaired.  Thank you for your time.

Gaia, do you have any plans for the Albuquerque, NM area for movements?

No extensive movements in this city, which is why it is on the list of cities for those on the West Coast who will, at some point, become refugees.


Ed in the Philippines writes: Greetings from Sunny Cebu!Tokyo

Please give us updates on Tokyo. What are the chances of the earthquake occurring before Easter?  Will the Narita Int'l Airport be relatively safe from harm?

After the big one hits, how quick will Japan recover back to 50% of what's normal now with regards to their railway and air transports, water and electric power utilities, inbound and outbound tourism/travels?

Gaia, what is the probability of Japan having its major earthquakes before the end of March this year?

Almost nil, Tom.  It’s scheduled for a little later in time, but not a whole lot.

How long will it take for the rail and airports to return back to, say, 50% of capacity?

Quite some time when this finally occurs, Tom.  There will be widespread devastation and it will certainly take more than one month to get back to even the 50% capacity.  And the airports will receive significant damage not only from the first movement, but also from the hundreds of movements known as aftershocks.


Snoqualmie PassKanti in Seattle writes: I have a short MBO for you.  Last week or so we had to go to a wedding in Boise, ID from Seattle, WA.  It was serious snow weather on Snoqualmie pass and another pass that we had to go over to get there.  I requested an MBO for safe traveling and even though severe storm conditions were in progress, we made it over the mountains with virtually no snow.  We left to return 3 days later after the huge blizzard had passed, but there was another one on the way the same day we were leaving.  We got a late start so I was really nervous about the passes at night!!  Another MBO for a safe trip and we went over the mountains just at the beginning of another big storm, barely missing it, and made it home in record time!

Thanks for these wonderful MBO's Tom!!  We love you and all the special friends that you have.

Also I want to thank you for inspiring my son.  He adores you and the MBO's! He recently just went through another bout with the hospital for nearly a week from having a deep and very serious lung infection.  We, and the doctors, were very, very concerned as he couldn't breathe and everyone thought that it was his heart again.  We all said MBO's and it turned out to be his lungs, whew!!  He has had four + major heart surgeries since he was 13 (birthday coming up, going to be 34) and only a few months ago spent a week in the hospital over just getting the wires out of his chest, but the hospital messed up and he got a bad infection in the wound that they thought went to the bone.  So he was overdosed with a very strong antibiotic, had a severe reaction to it.  Meanwhile, we said MBO's together A LOT and turned out there was no bone problem and he is very much healed and home and working on his veggie garden!!  I cannot thank you enough, Tom, for this easy and efficient means of blessings!


Horses in SnowCassondra writes: After a long winter stay in the pasture, my horses got out of the pasture.  They decided to take an 'unsupervised' run around the farm and surrounding area.  Needless to say, I was extremely concerned.  I requested an MBO for their safety and their safe return home.  It took some time and strategy.  We finally caught up with them nearly a mile away while still on the dirt road.  The road was very icy.  If they had gone the other way or continued, they would have been on the tar road/traffic.  My mare strained a muscle slipping on the ice, which just requires some pasture rest for recovery.  She was very humbled and is very unlikely to run off again.  (She always learns from the outcome of her decisions.)  My gelding (the instigator) was fine and very happy to get home safely.  They did no property damage.  I got plenty of exercise running through fields of snow and a nice hike down the road and back.


Expect Great ThingsFlo writes: Hi, Tom - while saying the "I expect GREAT things" prayer/affirmation today, I suddenly was inspired to add "for Humanity."

"I expect GREAT things for Humanity today; I expect GREAT things for Humanity tomorrow; I expect GREAT things for Humanity all week!"

Boy, do I feel good when and after saying this!


Chavez MemorialLee writes: In light of the recent passing of Hugo Chavez, what does Gaia see for the future of Venezuela and the oil industry?  Will the new dictator be willing to negotiate with the USA, or will he be as staunch an enemy as Chavez was?

Theo, what is the highest probability for Venezuela’s future?

Yes, the country is in mourning for its beloved President, and even now there are those factions scheming to take power.

Chavez’s handpicked predecessor will not be able to hold on to his power as the highest probability.  You have drug gangs who will push their own people, and you will have the oil companies vying for their own candidates.  Therefore, someone not currently in the limelight will eventually take over.


These questions are from Helen, Pete, and me.

Basque CountryTheo, did the Atlanteans subjugate the Basques?

Yes, at one time they certainly tried, but the Basques were quite resilient and had the mountains and used the mountains to their benefit.  Naturally this took place over several hundred years.

Was this before or after the second destruction, or both?

Much less after the second destruction, Tom, as the Atlanteans faced growing turmoil back home and needed their troops there.

What was the range of the crystals’ ability to power their flying ships?

Definitely for over a thousand miles, Tom.

Were the crystals only in place in Atlantis, or did they have them on the European continent and North American continent?

Both, Tom, although there were larger ones in North America.  Still they had these auxiliary power sources in the Mediterranean too.

Did they withdraw all their forces from the Mediterranean or left some?

Just a few smaller, well-guarded settlements until it became obvious they could no longer be sustained.

Were they more successful at one point in subjugating the Mediterranean area than they were the Basques?

Only partly, Tom, as their conquests lasted a few hundred years, not so long when you consider how long the Atlanteans existed.

What exactly happened that brought on the 2nd destruction?

It was a great conflict, Tom, between the two warring factions, along with mistakes they made scientifically.  We can go into that in more detail later.

Egyptian PyramidsTheo, was Edgar Cayce correct in stating that the Egyptian pyramids dated back to 10,490 to 10, 390 BC?

Yes, Mr. Cayce was fairly correct in his dating of the pyramids—at least the major ones.

[Referring to the time when I immigrated with my followers from Atlantis to Egypt 200 years before the final destruction] Then these pyramids were built quite some time after we emigrated from Atlantis to Egypt?

Yes, you had been gone for quite a long time when they were built, Tom.  But of course they were built with assistance from your friendly E.T.’s, Tom, who were allowed to be more involved due to the importance of the project.

So they were allowed even with the Earth Directive being in place?

Yes, again it was considered of major importance for many reasons as you will discover in the not too distant future.

Burning of Alexandria LibraryWas the Library of Alexandria in existence before or after we immigrated to Egypt, as it was reported to be around the 10,300 BC time period.

No, again it was created long after you had left the scene, Tom, although there were records contained there about your immigration and that of others from Atlantis.  In fact the whole history of Atlantis was contained there too.

Why was it allowed to be destroyed?

There were a number of reasons, Tom, including it was decided that you needed to have mysteries to solve.  Having that library in existence answered too many questions about the world history and about the involvement of the E.T.’s.  It was felt you needed to start anew with few records of your existence prior to the forming of the great religions of the world—again all part of the soul’s learning—the quest to know.

What were the stone spheres used for which were found in Puerto Rico?

Part of religious practices in the past, Tom.  Again, another mystery to be solved.  They give little hints as to the level of expertise needed to form them.  How could they be so precise?


Mussolini & HitlerDean writes: Re: last edition of The Gentle Way, I noted that Obama was not Lincoln.

My spiritual acumen, AKA GA+, ha, tells me he was...Benito Mussolini; would Gaia agree, perhaps, or she might consider it too controversial to comment on...?

I can’t recall a topic that was ever too controversial to ask about.

Theo, was President Obama in a past life Benito Mussolini?

Not at all, Tom.  Although a wonderful leader in one life can be a terrible leader in another for balancing and vice versa.  So the soul of Mussolini will have a number of balancing lives in which he (and she) will make great contributions to society.  We have discussed the same regarding Hitler, and that he will be a great leader in the future.

Your lives must all balance, just as you had to do when you helped sink the continent of MU and spent over 80 lives balancing.  Most individuals are able to balance one life against another, but those in leadership positions at times must have more than one life to balance another.


Annette writes: Was Robert Kennedy the reincarnation of 15th Tokugawa Last ShogunShogun; Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the last Shogun of Japan?

Theo, was Robert Kennedy the 15th Tokugawa Shogun—the last one?

No, Tom.  That was another soul who had that life.  But it was an interesting guess or speculation.

Is the last Shogun alive today?

No, but he will reincarnate soon, shall we say.


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