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Welcome to this week’s edition of The Gentle Way free newsletter and a special welcome to all of our new subscribers.  This is an interactive newsletter, as I rely on YOUR contributions of stories and questions to keep this newsletter interesting, informative, and ahead of what is happening and what will happen in the future.  I will be departing on March 24 for London and Henley-on-Thames for my workshop on March 28, so I’m going to ask you now for any stories of Benevolent Outcomes or questions you have, so that I can prepare a newsletter in advance to be sent to you on March 27 or 28 during my trip.  The next day I’ll depart London for Nice and Cannes, France for a world TV market, returning home on Friday, April 3.  Please forward this newsletter to your friends, if you find it interesting and helpful.  If you’re a new reader or subscriber, Theo is my own Guardian Angel, as we call them.


This lady asked me to change her name, so Janet writes:  In December, I had e-mailed you about a huge hospital bill and wanted a benevolent outcome.  You gave me the wording: "You might try ‘I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for being able to pay my hospital expenses, and may the results be better than I hope for or expect, thank you!’  Then allow a little time for your GA to put things in motion.  It might not happen overnight or in a week or so.   

”That will allow your GA to get really creative in solving the problem."

Wellllll, today I called the hospital's patient financial services as I had gotten a notice that I was in collections about the bills.  Come to find out that the letters crossed in the mail - so now, instead of owing over $52K, they knocked the bill down to a little over $2K.  

Please share this on your newsletter.  

Janet also asked me for a MBO to request as she’s an actress, and this can work for any actors that read this newsletter.  I suggested, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT acting job for me, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”  And then stand back and watch your Guardian Angel work out the details.  I also suggested that each time she goes for an audition she says, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this audition, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”  Perhaps she’s not right for that part, but the producer or director remembers her and casts her in another production.  


Cindi on Myspace writes:  I have been contemplating the Law of Attraction and have a question for you. When we say we "expect great things today, expect great things tomorrow and expect great things all week", do we not put ourselves in a place where we only expect great things. Would it not be better to say "great things will happen today, great things will happen tomorrow, great thing will happen all week"? What is your take on this?  Have a wonderful week, love your newsletter!

Here's what Theo said about saying this each day:

Theo please explain how saying the phrase “expecting great things” assists us if at all.

Yes. This phrase does open the door as you say Tom, and acts as a Benevolent way to clear the passage for good things to happen. It does act like a Benevolent request, but in a slightly different way. It would be similar to you requesting in a Benevolent Outcome request that the results are better than you hope for or expect. It allows us—meaning your Guardian Angels as you call us, to cause events to happen that you would never know to request. And yes it does push aside one’s deep-seated restrictions that many people have for good things to happen to them. This phrase should be said every day if possible. Your readers will be amazed at some of the good things that will occur in their lives after saying this a few times.

So certainly you can experiment with saying it differently. Nothing is written in stone.  You can print out the sign on my website by clicking on SIGNS.  You will also find another important Sign to print out there—REQUEST BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES TODAY!  It will help you get in the habit of requesting MBO’s.  


Maureen writes:  Tom, can I ask you something on a personal level? Someone I was in love with abruptly left me in early November. I have had a hard time letting go. I have asked for a most benevolent outcome to do that or just have the person come back. I also have asked daily for the right person to appear. I am so tired of being alone. I am just the most loving kind and giving person. I do know how to love and care for myself, but this aspect is missing. I seem to have someone that comes close and backs away. I am once again spending a weekend alone. I talk to my angels, pray, but nothing seems to happen. I do not know what else I must do. However, for small requests I have had a lot of proof that my angel is there. If you have advice, please send it along. Thanks.

Let's take the spiritual first and then the practical.  For those of you that have had a difficult personal relationship of any kind, you say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for severing any energy cords that are no longer of benefit to me in a most benevolent way, thank you!"  Then of course you say, "I request a most benevolent outcome for the perfect mate for me, thank you!"  Then each time you go out to the store, or any other activity, you say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for meeting someone interesting today, thank you!"
Practically speaking, you can't sit at home waiting for that special someone to knock on your door.  Start socializing.  Both my daughter and her husband and two of our friends got together on the internet.  See which one appeals to you and listen to that "whisper in your ear."  And volunteer in places where you might meet someone with similar interests.  

Are there any clubs or organizations you can join?  What about radio station get-togethers? When I operated my old singles ski club, the first couple that met at my first party was married literally one month later.  I had many people that started long relationships after meeting at a party or on a ski trip.  It even forced me to change the name of the ski club, as I was losing too many clients, so I opened it up to couples.   


Diane writes:  Someone told me that they read and heard that pretty soon we would be having a food shortage in this country and that we were to hurry up and stock up on food!
They also told me that our money won't be worth a thing in a few months and any money in the banks you won't be able to get out because it will be worthless......they read this on a site on the internet that seems to be telling the truth on what the government is doing.
They claim that we are going to really hit bottom and everyone is thinking that things will turn around and it won't.  O.K. so tell me are we in for the Worse to happen or near the worse?  Thanks a lot!

Theo, will our monetary system collapse someone asked, and what about March 2010 that people have been hypnotized and seen a future of great problems around that time (as reported by Dick Sutphen)?

Yes, first your monetary system will not collapse Tom.  The United States will come out of this very trying period perhaps a little tattered, but you will receive much assistance from other countries, as you are the free world leader and other countries do depend upon your leadership.  The people that predict the financial collapse are just fear mongers, shall we call them.  Certainly this will not be fixed—the banking system I’m referring to—overnight or even this year, but it will be stabilized and next year will certainly look better at this time than this year.  March of 2010 on the other hand will be a very trying month internationally and domestically, but you as a nation will weather that storm.  That’s all I’ll say at this time.


Diane also asked:  Is it true that there is a tribe of people living in can get there through certain points of caves....located at Mt. Shasta, Mt. St. Helen and the Atlas Mountains?  They have some connection with Lemuria and Atlantis....also read about the highway of the Incas but this was underground from the desert of Atacama.  This civilization is called Agharta or Agharti......have you heard of this?
Any information you can get on this I would really appreciate.

Theo, a lady also wants to know if there is a tribe of inner earth people living under Mt. Shasta, Mt. St. Helens and the Atlas Mountains called Agharta or Agharti?

There are inner earth people living underneath all three of those areas Tom, but at a slightly different focus or dimension than you, as we have discussed before.  The Lemurians live under Mt. Shasta and there are the Aghartis that live under the mountains, but again at a slightly different focus—a slightly higher focus, so that they can live their lives peacefully.


Stephanie from Australia writes:  I recently read your article in the latest Living Now magazine here about requesting assistance from your guardian angel. I have had an eating disorder for many years and struggling with trying to break through this and to get better, I want to be able to do the things my dietitian is advising me but am finding it very difficult, I pray each night to the universe and my angels but was wondering if you could aid me in what I might ask or say to my guardian angel to get relief and break through this cycle and become well again and begin to eat and be healthy. I would sincerely appreciate your thoughts and advice on this.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

These are the three suggestions I gave Stephanie, which can be used by anyone reading this newsletter with the same or similar problem:  
First, my friend, Richard Sutphen ( ) is the best hypnotist I know(and very metaphysical--he's the author of some classic books like the million seller YOU WERE BORN AGAIN TO BE TOGETHER based on past life regressions).  Both my wife and I love his voice--just perfect.  He's hypnotized over 300,000 people--even over the phone!  And he's President of a national hypnosis society.  He has some eating disorder CD's that you can review and choose what sounds the closest to what is affecting you.  The exact link to that section of his website is: .  They will be under Health.  
I would try that first, because it is the least expensive.  Next suggestion is acupuncture.  I had great success in fixing a "tennis elbow" from a ski injury.  The regular orthopedic surgeon I went to put me in a soft cast and said come back in 6 weeks.  After two there was no sign of improvement and then I remembered that my regular doctor is the only one in Dallas that also does acupuncture--went to him and after a few sessions, no more problem.  I have heard of acupuncture being successful with such problems as eating disorders, so check on this possibility.
Last suggestion would be to either consider buying also a Past Life Regression CD from Richard Sutphen, or finding a past life hypnotist in your area.  You may very well have a past life affecting this one, and after you find the cause, you can then correct the problem in this life. 

Renee writes:  I would like to know if Al Gore is also the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln?  Thanks.

Theo, is Al Gore also the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?

No he is not Tom.   He does have some lineage to other famous people in history, but he is not the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln.

Anyone I would recognize?

Yes, but more in ancient times, Caesar Augustus as one.  This time he is, shall we say, balancing the scales to help bring people’s awareness of the fragility of the earth, and he has accomplished much to help start Americans in particular, caring and starting green earth plans.

As you’ll read below, there are more people out there communicating with other beings in the Universe, as I have encouraged you all to do.  

Ron writes:  You got my attention once again when you discussed the bird beings on other planets. As you have a "soul brother" on the Sirius Star System I have one on a Planet called Eagelia. His name is Gamian and he is of the bird family of beings. He described himself as 7 1/2 feet tall in earth dimension and a wingspan of 12 feet. The feathers on the wings are a golden color. He also has 2 arms and legs. I saw his form in a meditative vision and it was beautiful. Their planet resides in the 7th dimension and is more of a crystaline nature than ours.

His primary function is training starship pilots but he heads a fleet of starships that go around the universes putting on demonstrations like our Blue Angels do. He has taught me much about his planet and the great love that abounds there and that they are continually connected to Source. He also taught me much about the Cosmos and many other things that would fill your newsletter.

Tom, as we have learned we humans are soul aspects of an oversoul, he told me that the essence of planets are spiritual beings and are also aspects of an oversoul. His planet Eagelia is a higher aspect of the same oversoul than Earth is and that is the basis of our connection. I hope you are not disturbed with me sharing my communications with you that align closely with those you are receiving. For me it is a confirming factor.  What you are doing is of great value to many and I compliment you for that.

Antura, are you familiar with the bird people of Eaglelia?

Yes, quite so.  They are beautiful people as has been reported.  

It is my understanding that you are focused in the 5th dimension, correct?

Quite so.  And yes, the bird men of Eagelia are focused both in the 5th dimension and in the 7th.  This is all very complicated for you and people in general at this time, but in the coming years you will learn more about these dimensional focuses.  


You’ve already read part of this in a previous newsletter, but here you will read all of what I received that day.  Plus there’s much more from Antura, who’s living a life on a water planet in the Sirius Star System.  He’s a member of my “soul cluster” as Theo calls it and has lived about 800 lives on earth.  You can go back 14 weeks now and read the series up to this point.  

January 25, 2009

Antura, I had a dream about people underwater through an opening in the back of their ear.  Any ideas on that one, or should I ask Theo?

Yes, I think I can Tom.  Yes that was a dream of an amphibian world—not ours actually.  You were tuning in as you like to say to those people.  Obviously they do not look the same in real life as you saw them in your dream.  But you mingled with them for a while.  The dreams, as you might guess, also has other subliminal meanings to it.  You are immersing yourself in this work you see.  

Thank you.

Over the past millions of years what percentage of the universe has your Federation of Planets been able to explore?

Yes, a fairly large percentage Tom.  Somewhere around the 70% level.  Perhaps more.  After all, even though there are millions of stars, we don’t need to visit every one of them, as some –actually a fairly sizable number--are devoid of intelligent life.  The planets are in stages of development that will take thousands to millions of years to develop to say your stage.  Our instruments are quite sensitive and quickly give us readings on these stars to know whether to explore them further, or not.  Dozens of stars can be read and deleted if no intelligent life is detected.  

Have any of your spaceships been caught in the explosions of planets or stars, or is that something that you have sufficient knowledge of to be able to avoid those catastrophes?

Yes, this happened much more in the earlier days of exploration—and I’m talking about the Federation as a whole here with our planet included.  Now we have developed our technology to such a degree as we can tell well in advance if a star or planet is ready to explode and we stay a safe distance away.  But to answer your question fully, yes this did happen in the past with great loss of life.  That was part of our space exploration.

What do your children do for fun, and I assume they do have play activities or not?

Oh yes, Tom.  They have great fun with other children swimming around our city and exploring and getting to know the sea life.  This is considered most enjoyable to our people, and there are many places for them to swim and enjoy the sea.  That is their primary enjoyment, along with being with other children their age.  They are quite active between their times to study.  

How do you conceive children—through sexual intercourse or by other means?

Yes, this is perhaps slightly difficult for you to understand Tom at this time.  We do conceive, not by artificial means or cloning.  We do have sexual intercourse and it is a very spiritual experience with great feeling and cherishment of the moment.  

So do the males have penises and the women vaginas?

Yes, although not the same as you do.  It’s different, but again a little difficult to explain.  

I assume birth takes place in the water?

Oh quite so.  We are after all water beings.  Again a very loving experience without any pain of birth, as you are accustomed to.  

Was it a Federation spacecraft or more than one that buzzed the inauguration of Barack Obama on the 20th that was captured on TV?

Quite so--there was more than one taking readings of that huge crowd of people.  There are very few times when such masses of people are in one place Tom, so that these ships compile massive amounts of data quickly.

Yes, but at the same time, they knew that there would be a million cameras – and I’m not exaggerating too much—recording the event, so they knew they would be seen.

Quite so.  That’s part of their mission or goal Tom.  To let everyone know that they were there observing.  Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people will view these pictures and wonder who.  

How fast were they traveling, as they went through the whole frames of the pictures in seemingly half a second?

Quite so.  They did not have to “hover” nor could they, as there would have been a problem with your military aircraft had they done so.  They sped through the area at easily over 2,000 miles per hour, fast enough so military craft could not or would not have been able to follow.  It was even caught on their radar screens, but naturally this was kept as classified information up to this point.  

So the mission was to gather data while being captured on film or tape, yes?

Quite so.  And I might add before you ask Tom, the readings they obtained were very favorable to your development.  A great sense of benevolence was observed in our readings.

February 5, 2009

Will there be any Arcturans on your spaceship when you come to visit us?

Yes, Tom, just a few.  They will have a minor presence, as they have their own ships and make these trips with contingents from their areas.

A lady named Renee feels she is or was an Arcturan and wants to know if she’ll get to meet them one day in the future.

Yes Tom, she will have her chance I’m told.   She should be in contact with them in meditation, where they can let her know when and where to be for contact.

I saw a story on video a couple of days ago where a gentleman was claiming that there were U.S. top secret aircraft capable of speeds of 12,000 miles per hour.  Your comments.

Yes Tom.  These look good on paper, but your scientists have yet to be able to launch such vehicles.  They’re still in the drawing stages.  We would know immediately if there is anyone flying around in one of these aircraft.  Especially when they could pose a danger to us.  These drawings were made up and even dummy aircraft models were used so that there would not be fear.  If these were top secret aircraft, then no one will worry or ponder that there are actually intelligent beings out there.  They’ll just say, “Oh there’s another of our aircraft,” and although amazed at the speed, they will just think “it’s one of ours.”  Trust me on this one.

February 10, 2009

Antura, have you ever found humanoids in the universe with one eye—what we call from legends Cyclops?

Oh yes, Tom.  There are several different species shall we call them of humanoids with just one eye.  Yes they look even a little strange to me, but they are for the most part very gentle beings and again, they will be someone the Explorer Race will encounter in your travels.

Will there be any of these beings on board your ship when you come?

Not this time or on that planned trip, but perhaps in the future.  They would be truly so strange as to be a little unnerving to you with your legends and stories of monsters.  

What is the story, if you know of it, behind the whales celebrating it seemed off the coast of Hawaii—Kona—on Inauguration Day?

Yes that was pretty spectacular.  The whales wanted to show that they have knowledge of what is going on in your world, and at the same time to actually celebrate the raise in consciousness that you achieved, which Theo has spoken about before.

Do you dream in symbols as we do?

Yes, sometimes, but not as much as you do, Tom.  Your dreams have to be cloaked in symbology, as you go to the far reaches of the universe during dream time and react and assist beings that would give you nightmares if you were to see them in person, such as the Cyclops we previously spoke about.  There are many other beings that are shall we say, even more frightening or weird from your point of view that you assist, so your guides and dream angels convert these to images that you have no problems with.

The following appearances are scheduled and you can sign up NOW by going to the Appearances section of the website:

MARCH 28—HENLEY-ON-THAMES, UNITED KINGDOM-- A one-day workshop where I will cover first other tools you can use to assist you in daily life, then I will cover requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth.  In the afternoon I will conduct first a visualization to prepare you for an “active meditation,” then a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.  Cost is 75 GBP and includes lunch.  For more information on places to stay you can contact Val Stoner at   or [44] 1491 414 344.   I’ve had a number of people ask when I was coming to the United Kingdom, so let’s get together.  Sign up today!  This workshop will change you life!

APRIL 18—DALLAS, TEXAS—Everyone keeps asking when I would do a workshop in Dallas, so here it is.  It’s a one-day workshop exactly like the one above, where I will cover first other tools you can use, then requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth; and in the afternoon I will conduct a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.  Cost is $70.  For more information, click on the above link.  

MAY 1-3—EAGLE NEST, NEW MEXICO—I’m postponing this to September, as the response was low.  I’m sure the economy is a major factor.  I’ll send refunds hopefully this weekend.  The other workshops that are listed here will take place.   

JUNE 15—SEDONA, ARIZONA—A one-day workshop after the Kryon Conference.  I will be doing a similar workshop to the ones March 28 an April 18.  A one-day workshop where I will cover first other tools you can use to assist you in daily life, then I will cover requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth.  In the afternoon I will conduct first a visualization to prepare you for an “active meditation,” then a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.    We’ll have the workshop at the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa.  Cost is $80.  

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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