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SubscriberWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


I received a couple of emails asking about the Global Teleclass email you received this week.  My arrangement with the Hilton Johnson organization is that I send you two announcements about their introduction to their Health Coach course, and in return they set up a class on any topic I desire to speak about and send out the announcement to 120,000 people on their email list.  TeleclassSo on April 26 I will have a teleclass on my conversations with Antura, my soul brother on another planet in the Sirius B star system.  Plus you can register to watch other classes free of charge after you sign up to listen to their one hour pitch.  This will be my third or fourth class for them, as I have received high scores from the people who answer their survey after the class. 

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Different PerspectiveIf you know of Expos or groups looking for FEATURED SPEAKERS, let me know, or have them contact me.   And if you listen to any good TALK RADIO SHOWS that you have not heard me on yet, let me know about them. 

I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Solar StormSun, you said you would have a very large X-class CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) after the first of the year, and you’ve have a couple of large CME’s, but was this the one you mentioned, or just a continuation?  And what purpose did this one achieve, and will there be any others this large this year?

Yes Tom.  This one was the “biggie” as you call it that I originally mentioned.  The others that came in the last couple of months were fairly large, but this one “takes the cake” as they say.    It achieved a great deal for me.  It allowed me to release pent-up pressure from my interior—that’s a given, but an important point to make. 

Second, it does have a strong effect on all the planets, but of course you are most concerned about earth.  Gaia signed off on this one shall we say and actually requested it to assist her in her work you see.  I was happy to oblige.  It does have a subliminal effect on the human body, but it also affects the earth with those magnetized particles.  Some of the effects your scientists have not discovered yet, so I’ll leave them their successes and not “spill all the beans” shall we say.  It will affect your atmosphere and will intensify storms, which are already working their way across the world, including the one coming later today for your section of the country Tom. 

And yes there will be several others as I previously told you Tom, but only a couple that will compare with this one you see.  Still it will be a very active year for these CME’s and it does not have to be an X class CME to do damage shall we say, or in actuality achieve changes your earth needs to change in preparation for your big event this coming December.    


There seems to be someone analyzing data and saying there will be a mega earthquake around March 22.  Here is the Earthquakelink:

Gaia, are there any mega-quakes coming in March or April?

No, I will say to ease your minds there will be some strong earthquakes—that’s just my normal movements of my crust, but none will be described by the press as a giant or mega earthquake.  Take that to the bank. 


Gasolene PricesCarol writes:  If someone hasn't already asked this:

Gasoline prices are rising to unheard of levels, is this primarily speculators driving this up? What about the gas the U.S. EXPORTS?  This is of course making a big impact on an economy just starting to recover.  When do you see this ending or getting back to more normal price levels?

Theo, when will gas prices drop?

Not for a good long time Tom.  There is too much unrest in the world right now and the gas prices will remain high and unstable through the end of the year. 


LoveMeridian sent me a lengthy email where someone channeled that there would soon be worldwide arrests of the members of the Cabal, or SSG or whatever you wish to call it.   And Carolle sent me an email about trillion dollar lawsuits that would end the financial tyranny.

Theo, any truth to the claim that many people will be arrested all over the world who are connected with the cabal or SSG?

No truth Tom regarding the mass arrests.  Certainly the light is beginning to shine on all those who have nefarious plans and take part in manipulating the system for their benefit.  But no mass arrests.

In connection with that what about a trillion dollar lawsuit against either governments or those behind these manipulations?

There will be lawsuits in the future Tom, but not in the amount they think.


Future of EducationDan in Calgary, Canada writes:  First off, so pleased to hear your surgery went well. Secondly, as a school Principal, I've been following with great interest the comments made by Theo in regards to the future of education being more based on student interests. This has really resonated me over the past number of years, as I've made conference presentations on this and have even gone so far as to restructure one of my schools so that the curriculum is taught 'through the lens' of student interests. At this point, I'm also pursuing an Ed D and hope to be able to focus my work on this topic as well. My question to Theo would be along the lines of asking if there is anything more I could or should be doing to 'spread the word', so to speak. My university professor partner has great plans to submit magazine articles on this topic, and I just don't want to miss out on anything else I could do in this regard.

Theo, any suggestions to those who are attempting to move along the movement shall I call it to educate children according to their interests as we discussed before?

Yes, there are certain things they could do to widen their scope so to speak.  Use social media and create websites devoted to these ideas and publish the successes they have.  It will spread much faster than simply attempting to write scholarly articles and speaking to groups of educators, although they naturally should continue with this avenue too.  Make it a movement and ask others to join with them. 

I think everyone, and especially Dan, should take note of this.  Theo normally does not give such wide ranging suggestions, so please do consider this. 


GorillaAntonia writes:  What does this mean?  For the first time, scientists have successfully sequenced the genome of a gorilla.

Gaia, why is our DNA so close to that of a gorilla?

Yes, it would seem from outward appearances that because you share 98% of the gorilla’s DNA you derived from the ape family.  Your scientists still do not understand that your DNA was put together by your ET friends such as the Pleiadians and Sirians.  These scientists are way in advance of what you’re capable of doing, so they were instructed by their religious leaders to construct you and the ape family fairly similar, so that there would be questions and you would have the mystery to solve of how you were created.  If you don’t have questions you do not evolve as fast.  Keep in mind your souls are on a “fast-track” of learning and you must be pushed as much as possible to learn your origins.

That’s what I call long-range planning.


MontanaRebecca writes:  Tom, I have watched the video and wondered what you think of this, and what Gaia would say if true or not. Thanks So much.

Subject: Strange Sounds in Missoula Montana... Horns?

Gaia, what are the trumpet sounds in Montana caused by?

Yes, the sounds you heard on the recording do come from inside me, as they are released pressures which escape through minute holes in the ground and therefore sound like trumpets.  Keep in mind there is a rock crust underneath the soil, so that when pressure is released it will create a sound.


SunCarrie in Toronto writes:  Firstly I wish to say I enjoy your articles in SJE, I have your book The Gentle Way (which is wonderful), and read your newsletter each week.  I just finished watching Eat The Sun a movie about Sungazing and the benefits of the sun.  Also two beautiful young breatharian masters  also conceived their child via breatharian pregnancy (Akahi and Camila Salas).

Also there is a breatharian community in Brazil that have breatharian children.  These children supposedly have 13 strands fully activated and can perform telekinesis even when they have been in a different room from the object being moved.

I was hoping the sun would discuss nutrition by sun, and the young masters such as Akahi and Camila Salas who are NOW living on love/prana/chi/source energy but ADDITIONALLY also deciding to bring in very special children via breatharian pregnancy (  and and has 21,000 hits in a week that interviews Akahi and Camila Salas).  (And Eat the Sun Sun Gazing Move link

Much gratitude to your loving work and service to humanity.

Sun, can you comment on your benefits regarding our bodies, and how it seems that a group like the Breatharians are able to live on your energy alone?

Yes Tom.  Let’s skip over the most obvious benefits.  Yes there are people in the world who have learned how to breathe in my life force and live with little or no food.  This is normally done by only a yogi, but other small groups of people are learning how to do this too.  I don’t recommend it particularly for everyone, as it takes some time to wean off food and live on energy alone.  Needless to say there are whole societies out there you will encounter in your travels to the stars that do this already, but on your planet it will remain a small minority for many years to come. 


Benevolent PrayerFredericka writes:  I am so happy to hear your surgery went so well; just more evidence of the validity of all our "benevolent outcomes".

In the latest newsletter Donna wrote about requesting an MBO for helping with forgiveness. I too have an issue with that and I'd like to know how she worded her request; or if you have a suggestion for me I would appreciate it.

When I received Fredericka’s email I had a little “whisper in my ear” to suggest the Benevolent Prayer I have on the website at is actually a PRAYER FOR FORGIVENESS, as I was gently reminded.   It goes like this:

I ask any and all beings to assist and comfort anyone that I have ever harmed either physically, mentally, morally, spiritually or emotionally in any past, present or future life. 

And I ask any and all beings to assist and comfort the families and friends of anyone I have ever harmed, in any way, in any past, present or future life. Thank you!

Theo says:  Yes, the Living Prayer that you say each day benevolently affects all the others Tom, and affects them more than you can imagine.  As I told you before, this erases much Karma—more than you can imagine as I said, so that you do not have to do so much balancing elsewhere, even in the lives where you were one of the “bad people” as would be defined today.  So that is certainly one major thing that you should continue to do and encourage other to do the same.  Beyond that, there are those times when you assist or help others just out of the goodness of your heart that also erases Karma in other lives, as it is a balancing that must eventually take place.  You’ve become very good at balancing these things over many, many lives.  You’re much more open to doing these things and realize on a subconscious level that leaving tips for waiters and other seemingly small courtesies you do for people help to balance lives.  It helps to raise you to another level faster.  The more people that do things for other people out of the goodness of their heart and not for financial remuneration the higher the level that you will all vibrate on. 

Have I ever said the Benevolent Living Prayer I say each morning in any other life?

No, not really.  This is your first life to recognize the value of saying this prayer.  That’s why it is so important that you continue to say this prayer on a daily basis, as it truly does erase much Karma as I have explained before.  So I am telling you the complete truth here Tom.  Do not doubt this statement, as I know doubt can creep into your mind.  This is a true gift to yourself and all the other lives you’ve lived and will live on earth.

You can also sent white light each day to the person you wish forgiveness from, but the above BP does it best I think. 


Free WillMichael writes:  We kill those who kill us.  So if we all have several hundred lives here,  there must lives where we put aside our free will in order to be in the perpetrator role vs rising above such things and declaring that we can be better.  Do we have lives where we are tied to being a monster and the element of free will is severely hampered?

Theo, when we have lives as bad people, is our free will in some way reduced?

Good question Tom from your reader, but no your free will stays exactly the same.  You are just wired shall I call it differently in those lives and your family situations are such to contribute to your propensity for violence and intrigue and such.  Those are the two major things, but there are others – karma with a person from a past life where they harmed you in some form or another.  There are a multitude of reasons set up for you to act out the part of a bad person for the learning of the other souls you work with over hundreds of lives.


AlcoholismThis was in last week’s blog.  You can read these blogs at and sign up to receive it if you wish. 

Denita writes:  My mother introduced me to your newsletter and I really like it.  Thanks so much for your hard work.  I was hoping to ask you if you could help me to figure out why my life is so messed up.

I am 39 years old, never been married, never had any children and never had a decent career.  I have been involved with drugs and alcohol since a young age and can't seem to find my place in this world.

Can you please help me to figure out what I should be doing with my life.  It's a question that eats at me daily.

This is for Denita and anyone in this situation:

Everyone has soul contracts to experience certain things in each of the many lives we lead on earth.  Sometimes we "wander off the reservation" as my Guardian Angel Theo says, as we have free choice. 

TreatmentTo use the old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day," if you wish to turn your life around, then you need to start requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO's) in your life and I mean ALL the time as I do.  You will find that suddenly things start lightening up for you.  So you need to go to my website and read the two sample chapters of my first book--that's a good start--plus read some of the great, inspiring stories I receive from all over the world each week. 

So let's start with you saying out loud (you can do it in privacy of course), "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for healing energy be sent to me and to dull any desire for drugs or alcohol at this time, thank you!"

Then say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to be led to the perfect treatments for my condition, thank you!"

Then say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT job for me, thank you!"

Then say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT mate for me, thank you!"

After all this, be PATIENT.  But by saying those MBO's you will put yourself on an easier path. 

And perhaps it would be good for you to say this each day, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for staying sober all today and evening, thank you!"  Let your own GA work to assist you.  Your GA loves you dearly and WILL start working with you--but you have to ask for assistance, as they're not allowed to assist us unless we ask. 


PossesionTosca writes:  Would you please ask Theo about “possession”.  Can a so called evil or low entity actually take over a person and turn that person into a destructive, dangerous, abusive being.  I never believed it was possible but I’ve witnessed some really crazy stuff lately.   If “possession” is  real is there a way to save the affected person short of an “exorcism” as shown in the movie.  The person involved is not a child (29).  Thank you and Theo so much.

Theo, please explain more about possessions if possible.

Yes, a very complex question Tom. Again we return to the fact that there are earth-bound spirits, which have not been able to cross over into the light.  They hang on after death because of perhaps violence, drug or alcohol addictions and even religious beliefs. 

We—their GA’s--work with them constantly to raise their vibrational rate back up and cross on over.  Then there are the fallen angels you call them which were attracted to negativity, and who we have not covered thoroughly yet, so I am waiting for questions about them.  They can attach themselves to people and are actually more difficult to extract than the soul fragments who have had hard lives. 

How many of these negative souls are there?

Good question.  Certainly several million—not a small number yet not an enormous number either.  Their powers of persuasion will be greatly diminished in the 5th focus.  You will be at a higher vibrational level, and will not be so easily manipulated. 

Yet the Creator allows, yes?

Of course, Creator loves these souls just as much as Creator loves you and me Tom. 


Georgia GiantsPeter in Canada writes on Facebook:  Hello Tom. I prayed for you for your operation to be better and your healing to go well. From your last newsletter things seem to go well... I'm so happy for this. When you'll be better can you ask if there were giants in this part of U.S.A? If what they found is true and if peaceful beings or aggressive? Here is the link.
Amazing City Of Giants Found Off Georgia Coast | Before It's News
A gigantic walled city off the coast of Georgia has been found near Sapelo Island. The city is thought to be older than the famous Egyptian Pyramids of Giza. Ancient American Indian legends refer to the walled city where the giants 'with hair like red flames' dwelled.  

Theo, were there giants living in Georgia or that region?

Yes, there were Tom.  More will be discovered about this race of giants in the future, but their origin goes back many thousands of years.  There have been many accounts—more like legends of giants living on earth, and here is a small confirmation.


Monsanto GMOPam writes (referring to last week's newsletter on GMO foods):  The part about asking if GMO’s will be abandoned in the future was not answered nor was what the best BP would be.  In other words will GMO foods be quit being produced?  What BP can we say towards GMO foods to be eliminated?

Theo, when will GMO foods cease to be produced?

A little longer than you or we would like Tom, as legislation must be passed after more scientists come forward to prove these foods are harmful to your bodies.  So certainly this may take five to ten years, depending upon how much pressure is brought to bear on the situation.  Monsanto has a large financial stake in GMO foods and will fight tooth and nail to keep producing these genetically modified foods. 

Here’s one BP to say:  “I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing the companies to produce food for all beings on earth for the highest and best use of our bodies, thank you!”


Doug writes:  When would the entire truth come out, if ever for all the world to see about the JFK assassination? I have no JFKdoubt there was a cover up big time on JFK and 9-11.

Theo, what is the greatest probability of when, if ever, will the full story of JFK’s assassination be told?

It will never be completely Tom.  There will still be a couple of people with this knowledge that will step forth before their lives here on earth have ended, but much will be taken to the grave by those responsible.  Who would want to spend their remaining days in a prison cell?


The Burnt CityAntonia asked about The Burnt City, found in southeastern Iran. 

A "Jiroft culture" has been postulated as an early Bronze Age (late 3rd millennium BC) archaeological culture, located in what is now Iran's Sistan and Kerman Provinces.

Theo, was the Burnt City discovered in southeastern Iran part of Mesopotamia, or to what society was it connected?

Yes, again I cannot say too much about this, as there are active archeological digs and analysis taking place.  It did have somewhat of a connection to Mesopotamia, but was independent in itself.  It was a great trading center with many goods being produced there. 


Willie writes:  Like most people in this country, I am troubled by the recent shootings at the high school in Ohio. Please  Stop Violenceask Theo if these kinds of violent episodes will be a thing of the past after December?  Also,  is the participation in violent acts, a part of the soul contract of those incarnating in this country? And, is this violence a by product of our belief in  the 'illusion  of separation'?

Theo, I am constantly asked about the spontaneous violence occurring now, so is there a reason?  And will it be less violent or the same in 2013?

Good question Tom.  Yes there are a number of reasons for the violence, as there is much energy about you this year.  There are also soul contracts that must be completed in the 3rd focus.  So I would say to you that the violence will be a little less next year than this one and so on with each subsequent year.


Mayan PyramidJackie writes on Facebook:  Do you want to ask about this picture? My brain is finding arguments both ways - glitch or capturing an energy beam.

Man Captures IPhone Photo of Mayan Pyramid Firing Beam Into the Sky When Los Angeles resident Hector Siliezar visited the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza with his family in 2009, he used his iPhone to snap some photos of a pyramid called El Castillo. 

Theo, is the photo of the beam coming out of the Mayan Pyramid real or fake? 

No it is not real Tom.  A good fake.  There are beams of energy coming out of a number of pyramids, but not like that. 


Smart MeterSharon writes:  I know Theo said that the emissions from smart meters were low enough to be safe.  Here is a study done by someone in my area.  I am wondering what Theo's take is on this.

Matt's Analysis:  This is a preliminary report on my research to quantify the RF emissions from Smart Meters. In part, it is a response to the Vermont Department of Health report:

By using microwatts per square centimeter and comparing to FCC guidelines, the VDH report is only helpful to people who are concerned with thermal effects of radio waves. To understand the risk of non-thermal (biological) effects, it is more appropriate to employ units that differentiate between commonly found levels. Analogously, there is a very good reason why speed limits are posted in miles per hour instead of miles per minute.

For example, most wooded areas of the Upper Valley are between 5 and 20 millivolts per meter. A household or business with wireless devices might be between 50 and 500 millivolts per meter, depending on proximity to sources.

20 mV/m is equivalent to 0.0001 µW/cm^2.

500 mV/m is equivalent to 0.0663 µW/cm^2

There is a significant difference between these two levels, yet the FCC and industry-preferred unit  makes both levels appear to be negligible.

At the same time, the VDH report finds that a Smart Meter emits at most 140 µW/cm^2, which appears to be less than 1/4 of the FCC maximum exposure limit of 610 µW/cm^2. Using V/m, it actually is half the FCC guideline (23 V/m and 48 V/m, respectively). So, units do matter.

For the purpose of this brief report, I have measured each location for 1 minute using three different RF analyzers. Instead of averaging over time, I am showing the maximum RF field strength levels, averaging the three different readings. Measurements are in millivolts per meter. 1,000 millivolts per meter equals 1 Volt per meter. 
Thetford Hill Green:  27 mV/m
Norwich Bandstand: 80 mV/m
Dartmouth Green: 308 mV/m
3 feet from an isolated Analog Meter: 16 mV/m
3 feet from a drive-by (RF) Analog Meter: 58 mV/m
3 feet from an Analog Meter (25 yards from a Smart Meter): 115 mV/m
3 feet from a Smart Meter: 2,002 mV/m

In conclusion, as it relates to Thetford and Norwich, I disagree with the VDH finding that:

"Measurements at distances of three feet or more away from [a] smart meter [are] at or near the background level."

SafeIf you don’t have a science background like me, then you probably had a hard time understanding all these numbers thrown out here.  So I asked my friend Frank, who worked on a nuclear submarine and in a nuclear plant, with an engineering background to give me his opinion.  Here it is:

Frank writes:  I gave this a good hard look and this is my take on the matter.

Theo said, more than once, emissions from smart meters are low enough to be safe. This report concludes that emissions 3 feet from a smart meter are higher than background level.  I agree with this conclusion.

Where this whole thing goes off is somehow extrapolating that that makes smart meters so high they are unsafe.  The FCC safe limit is stated to be 48 V/m. That equals 48,000 mV/m.  The stated level 3 feet from a smart meter was measured at 2,002 mV/m.  That comes out to about 4% of the limit.  How safe do we need to be?  That is WAAAY safe!


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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ATLANTIS—MAY 17, 2008—JULY 12, 2008, OCTOBER 2, 2010

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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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