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This week I’m going to cover some serious subjects in response to some questions which were recently emailed to me. Some of the answers will not always be what we might want to hear, but that’s also one of the ways I recognize it’s a response from my Guardian Angel Theo and not just something I’m making up. Remember, I’m supposed to be encouraging you to try and do this yourself, so keep in mind when you use words that you normally don’t use and receive answers that you would not have thought of, these are signals you’re receiving the information. Feel free to share this newsletter with your friends, and if you are reading this for the first time, go to and sign up for it—it’s FREE!

I’ll start with a positive email I received from Clara who requested a Benevolent Outcome each way on her 200 mile drive with her grandson.


Clara -- I used the MBO a week ago for a 200 mile round freeway trip. WOW, the freeway is always crowded at that time, BUT not for us. It was amazing. My Grandson was driving and he kept saying, "Where is everybody?" It was smooth sailing. Ah but I had to do that same trip this weekend; I forgot to "request" until we were on the freeway in heavy traffic, so I asked the Angels, if it wasn't too late would they please help out. Oh Tom, here is the amazing part--it was like they were parting the traffic for us. Although it was heavy, we were traveling as if we had the freeway to ourselves. Not held up anywhere but more amazing, we just missed a 23 car bumper crasher, guided right past a big trailer that had blown a wheel and was throwing heavy sparks.

All of these things that the Angels have done for me makes me feel so loved and cared for. I just feel peaceful and very happy.


Theo—explain suicides for me—why do they happen? Is it part of their contract, etc.?

Yes, suicides are a difficult subject Tom. As you can imagine, there are innumerable different reasons why they happen. It can be a very new soul to earth that is just overwhelmed with life here—they took on too much in such an early life. So they opt out, so to speak. They take their own life because of the stress of their earth lives. This as you can imagine, causes them to incur karma that must be balanced in future lives, as they must suffer what their loved ones in that life suffered when they took their own life. And they must be the ones also to comfort loved ones in a future life that have had the same loss when another loved one passes. All aspects of a suicide must be balanced.

Then there are the times when a soul volunteers to take their own life through drug overdoses and such in order to give that experience to the families and loved ones and friends of that soul as a teaching experience. So you see, there are many, many reasons why a suicide can occur. It is an experience that the soul must have during one or more lifetimes in order to understand and learn and gain knowledge for the future. I’ve already explained to you before that a soul will have lives where it acts as the bad guy in your terms – someone who rapes, kills, steals, cheats and so on. Again, every soul that starts to have earth lives must eventually experience every conceivable life there is with all human passions.


Thank you Theo. Please explain the torturing and abuse of animals. What part of a contract does that play?

Again, this pertains to a life where the soul must act as a bad person. The animal souls that volunteered to be part of the teaching process of the souls having human lives understand that this must happen. It not only teaches the soul about animal abuse, but it also teaches other souls to have pity, revulsion, sympathy, and so on that are needed traits to learn during the human experience. Those that show great empathy for the plight of these animals do help to raise the vibrational rate of all humans, and the souls that volunteer to be the bad guys that do these horrible things know that they also must balance these actions out with future lives where they aid and assist such animal victims. Everything must balance out Tom-- everything.

Any suggestions for alleviating these problems I was also asked?

No, actually. You humans are raising your vibrations and this will become less and less of a problem for you in the coming years. Those individuals that are inclined to do this now will not be able to make the jump to the next level, as their souls are too new to earth and will need more seasoning shall we say—more lives in a third dimensional reality before they can make the shift.


Would beings that dream comprise the majority of beings in the universe?

Most certainly, Tom. There are actually trillions of beings that dream. Those that do not comprise a smaller minority.

Do we as soul fragments of the same soul dream the same dreams together each night, or in each of our lives do we dream individual dreams unique for that soul fragment in that particular life?

A good question Tom. There are times when you all have basically the same dream as you are able to join together during a night. You may actually play a part in a dream with the other soul fragments in the same soul group. But as you guessed, during each life you must also have individual dreams that pertain to the events going on for you in that particular life, so the answer to your question would be that at times you do dream the same dreams, but most of the time you are directed by those dream angels or whole souls to have dreams that are unique for you.

(We haven't gotten into Time Lines, which are also known as Parallel Lives, but we will in a future newsletter.) Do we also dream about our parallel lives on the other 11 time lines?

Yes, quite so. You peek in shall we say on what your other fragments are doing as there is much sharing of experiences between all the 12 fragments. What one learns on one time line can be applied in a different way on another time line.

Do the 12 timelines have different dreams each night or virtually the same?

Ah, good question. Yes they are for the most part completely different because the experiences on one time line can be entirely different on the others. But the knowledge you are acquiring can be shared immediately in the dream state with the other time lines. Still, each goes its own way—makes its own way in these lives.

Am I acting as a guide to anyone during my dreamtime Theo?

No not exactly the way you think you may be. You do during dreamtime go out and help people solve problems as you are, as a race of people, known as the problem solvers of the universe. The problems you solve are then translated into dreams that you can understand, as the problems you solve are not really the same as on earth. So in one way you act as a guide, but on a short- term basis as compared to assisting someone continuously over his or her life span here on earth. The problems you solve are normally on other worlds, but certainly can be on earth and are on earth frequently.

Why do the dream angels always use the symbology of getting on a plane to fly back?

Because that is what is acceptable to everyone—taking a trip in an airplane.

Theo in my dreamtime why do I have a penis erection sometimes and at other times not, even though it’s not a sexual dream?

As you guessed Tom, a penis erection has to do with where you go Tom. It’s hard to explain at this time to you but yes, you go to certain places in dreamtime where you experience the penis erection here because various forces are at play as you are taken there and back again.

Is it because I visit somewhere on earth or is it because I visit a certain planet or what?

No it has to do more with earth experiences and not another planet. Time enters into the equation too. When you shift in your dream to a completely different time, your body reacts to that internally while you have gone into another completely different time period. It is very complicated to explain, since you do not have a science background, but your body does change while you are in this particular type dream.

It would seem that we shift to another time period in each dream.

No, when you go to study or to do other things, the cord is attached with no outside influences. But when you dream into another time then the cord is affected in a way that affects your physical body.

When we have time travel dreams are they more or less parallel hopping so to speak between time lines or are they more of going backwards or perhaps forwards in time?

There you have it Tom. You do move backwards and forwards in time. This is what causes physical reactions.

Is there some sort of physical reaction in women when they dream into another time period?

Quite so. They do have a physical reaction, although it is difficult to describe to you.

Does it produce a noticeable physical reaction?

Yes, but very few women will notice the difference.

In time travel dreams for women, are either the vagina, clitoris, uterus or ovaries affected?

Yes the clitoris is. There is an expansion, but it is normally not noticed.

Do animals have time travel dreams as humans do?

Yes of course. You noticed it –the physical effects in your dog, so yes they have similar dreams when they are asleep.

What other types of activities do we do in dreamtime including exploring our problem solving for others? Why don’t our souls do this?

Your soul is much too busy with its own affairs and so it sends you which is a piece of itself during your sleep hours out across the universe to learn, to experience, to assist, and all this brings back knowledge to your soul which eventually—actually instantaneously--gives more knowledge to the Creator. This is a very complex process, which is something that people will slowly understand more, as more experiments are done and more work is done to learn dream symbols.

Theo—is the “guide” mentioned in the article (by Robert Shapiro) about the dream keeper one of my normal guides or another soul.

Tom, your guides do speak with and meet with you during your dream state to impart information that cannot be interpreted upon awaking. They join in on the dream process. Everyone does have an angelic guide that assists them in dreamtime. The dream keeper, as was explained in the article, keeps a record of all dreams and so they are accessed at times to interject not only feelings but also information. That was not made clear in the article. This is a difficult concept for you to understand on a 3d basis. Again we return to how much more complicated life is than the average person understands. When we say that you have much assistance and help on this side, it is not just me and your guides, but a whole cadre of wonderful angelic souls that have volunteered to assist everyone, as your lives are so much more difficult than anywhere else in this universe.


My wife Dena will have a breast operation on March 13. I would greatly appreciate you saying a Living Prayer for her. Since this newsletter is for teaching and knowledge, you could say out loud, “I ask that any and all beings comfort Dena Moore before, during and after her surgical operation, and assist and aid the surgeon and her team to perform a perfect procedure that will have better results than anyone can expect or hope for, thank you! You can say something similar whenever any of your friends or loved ones has to have an operation.


Just as a reminder for those of you in the Ft. Worth-Dallas metroplex. I will be speaking, doing a guided meditation to help you contact your own Guardian Angel, and signing books on Friday evening, March 14 at the Satori Group’s monthly get-together in Ft. Worth. This is open to anyone, and they ask for a small donation to defray the cost of the room. Contact Phil Walthall at 817-222-1871 or by email at for more information. “Satori,” for those not familiar with the word is defined as “A spiritual awakening, often coming suddenly.” That might happen to you on March 14. And an additional note—if your group is looking for speakers, keep me in mind.


The following you can regard as just Bonus Material, as it has nothing to do with my normal subjects. But after reading an email about how slow someone’s computer was working, I realized there probably are readers of this newsletter who are not computer experts—and neither am I. But I do know that once a week I have to run a Defragmentation Program so my computer will run up to speed. So if you haven’t ever done this on a PC, or perhaps have forgotten to do this lately, here are the instructions I sent to that person. You can cut them out and pin or tape near your computer to remind you.

1. Click on the Start button on the left corner;
2. Go to Programs just like you're going to open word or excel, etc.;
3. Find "Accessories" (mine is at the top, but it could be located in a different place);
4. When you put your cursor over Accessories you will see a whole list of options;
5. Find "System tools" and put your cursor over this;
6. Again a whole list of options will show up;
7. Scroll down and you need to click on "Disk Fragmenter" which is the 4th option on my list;
8. It will give you two options 1. Analyze and 2. Defragment.
9. Choose Defragment and click on it.
10. Now the process starts. It will give you what it looks like before defragmenting and after. I have found it is always much better than the computer predicts for some reason. After I defragmented last night all the "red" fragmented lines were gone leaving only blue and green and white spaces.
11. Leave it to run as this takes some time. Come back the next morning and exit the program and open up your normal programs. You will find them working much, much faster even if you do this on a weekly basis.

Forward this newsletter to your friends, and have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore

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