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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for other people, you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there. 

This newsletter will be a little different this week, with fewer topics, but a greatly expanded MORE BASIC QUESTIONS FOR THEO.  Earlier this week we were suddenly informed that a large client of ours, who had recently given us a big sale, wanted delivery by Friday.  We literally had to drop everything and work on the delivery.  I did not have one word written for this week’s newsletter until this morning at 6:00 am.  Things should return to normal next week (after working all this weekend with an extension to Monday). 

I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use.  And keep in mind that this is an interactive newsletter.  It relies on questions from you, and participation when you’re asked to say a Benevolent Prayer for something happening in the world.  

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a different perspective:


Egyptian ProtestorsTheo, what will be the most probably future be for Egypt at this time? 

Yes, things are in a “flux” there we can say Tom.  But the prayers of thousands and yes millions of people both in Egypt and around the world for peace there is starting to turn the tide. 

In the farther future you will see various groups vying for power there, but moderates will prevail.  They will continue to be a stabilizing force in the Middle East after the smoke clears.  Certainly there are other futures, but saying BP’s for these people really assists them in seeking the high ground. 

So this is an IMPORTANT BENEVOLENT PRAYER to say out loud right now:

“I ask any and all beings to assist the people of Egypt in their change to a democracy, to keep all those safe during this turbulent time, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Abused WomanCarol writes from Canada:  Why are women so diminished in so many parts of the world?

Theo, why are women so diminished and treated badly in many parts of the world?

Yes, again one of those problems given to you to solve which was not by another world.  There is the story of how women had to agree to be abused as they had done to males millions of years ago in earth time.  There had to be balancing, which is now taking place.  Soon the feminine aspect will shine as it has done before, but earth is for lessons, and some are not so pretty. 


Pineal GlandPam writes:  I really enjoyed the newsletter again this week.  I am practicing automatic writing but am very impatient and distracted sometimes so I don’t do it every morning because my mind is so active and I want to go with whatever is on my mind.  When I listened and watched the video about Jill Bolte Taylor, I realized that I am mostly operating out of my left brain and wondered if perhaps I need to activate my pineal gland when I do my automatic writing- that it might help me with focusing.  

Jill’s video inspired me to search this morning on Google and Youtube about the pineal gland.  I watched lots of videos on activating the pineal gland then somehow I started watching footage of the 911 attacks and got very distracted with that!!   I started this morning with reading your newsletter at 6 a.m. and it’s now 10 a.m. and I am still in bed and never did my automatic writing.  Ok, I’m not going to fault myself but what I really want to be doing is getting up early, meditating/automatic writing, and then have a fabulously inspired day from there getting all kinds of things done that I am guided to do that will help me manifest all that I want in my life.   I also did an MBO that I activate my pineal glad.  (By the way I loved all the BP’s and the thought of getting groups of people to do them within a 24-48 hour period.)

Could you ask Theo if activating the pineal gland is the way (for me at least) to help me with my automatic writing and what is the best way for me to go about it?  I would like to know in general what Theo has to say about the pineal gland.  That would be very interesting.

Theo, for my readers wishing to try automatic writing, does activating the pineal glad assist in doing this?

Yes and no Tom.  Both sides of the fence you could say.  For some people, actually concentrating on the pineal glad does give them focus on receiving messages through automatic writing.  For others this would simply be a frustrating process.  It is much easier to do as you do and quiet your mind through meditative techniques and simply ask to speak to your own Guardian Angel and begin to ask questions.  Then practice, practice, practice as much as you can to more easily receive these “thought packets” their own GA’s will send to them. 

So to answer your question, for some people the actual concentration they spend or take to activate the pineal gland will put them in an altered state, but there are other ways to accomplish this that might or actually are more easily accomplished, Tom.


ChakrasBobby on Facebook writes:  Tom: I request Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBOs) daily for various purposes, including activation of my chakras. Requesting MBOs really helped me solve some of my problems and those of some people I helped with and achieving certain goals.

I found this comment interesting, as I had not heard of anyone requesting MBO’s for opening your chakras, so I asked Theo about this.

Theo, does requesting MBO’s assist in opening up your chakras?

Yes, and you can request MBO’s specifically for opening up any chakras which are now blocked.    So it can be done both ways—requesting MBO’s on a daily basis will open them up on a gradual basis, and specifically request a MBO can do that too.

This is new information, as Theo points out that just requesting MBO’s on a daily basis does gradually open your chakras.  We had previously been told that requesting MBO’s raises your vibrational level, but I had not tied the two together. 


Abusive MotherShe asked me to change her name so Emily writes:  Blessings to you Tom. I have been doing my MBO's everyday and I am very pleased with the outcome. Since you say many times that we are junior creators I have decided to do something before it is to late. My mother since my earliest memories has been a women that can only express angor hate dislike BUT never has she been able to express Love or I think even feel it. It doesn't matter who it is family friends politics countries, she is very hateful. Thank God none of my siblings have turned out like her and talking to her about this doesn't help. Now she can't understand why her children don't want to go see her.
So two days ago I decided to call any and all beings to go to her and poor pure love over her. While I am doing this I am thinking of her and sending her love and telling her I love her. So can you ask Theo what happened to make her this way and if she will change before she dies by me doing this. I feel I have never had a mother because of this and that may be why my siblings and myself are so very close to our children.

Theo, why is Emily’s mother so hateful to all her children?

A complex set of circumstances Tom.  Besides being abused herself and feeling trapped by having the children she did not want, she has also done this out of love from a higher level as all her children were hateful and mean to children in a past life, so they needed to balance this in this life by experiencing the very same conditions they imposed on their children in other lives.  So this is not a simple answer Tom, as many factors enter into the equation.  She will have more balancing to do herself after this life, but will eventually be balanced and a good parent.  Suggest to Emily that she request MBO’s each time she has to visit or speak to her mother. 


Tecate Baja CaliforniaJose writes:  I appreciate all the information Theo and our Mother Gaia are providing to all of us through you and your newsletter.  Could you please ask them if it is safe for my family to move to Tecate, Baja California, Mexico?  Thank you very much Tom.  Have a wonderful week.

Gaia, is Tecate, Baha California Mexico a safe place to live in the upcoming years?

Yes, Tom.  It will be relatively safe in the coming months and yes years.  I will have movements there, but residents there expect these movements, so as long as they live in a sturdy house they will be OK shall we say. 


Green BlobRosalyn writes:  I am curious about the “Green Blob” discovered recently.  What does it mean?  Can you maybe ask for answers from Gaia or Theo?  I believe that things will change very dramatically for life on Earth in 2012 and following years.  Is this appearance by the “Green Blob” a precursor for such changes?

Theo, what was the “green blob” discovered recently in space.  Was it green gas from a quasar?

Yes, Tom.  Your scientists have rightly connected the dots shall we say in their interpretation of the gas emitted from the dying quasar. 

Here is a link to read more about the “Green Blob.”


Marie on Facebook writes:  Tom, what can Antura tell us about Betty and Barney Hill, the
Barney & Betty Hill abductees in the year 1961?  Did they have an experience of alien contact?

This was a very famous story that resulted in a book and movie as I recall.  I asked Theo about them.

Theo, were Barney and Betty Hill abducted by Zetas?

Yes, Tom.  Their story as been told many times.  They were abducted during the time when the Zeta’s were studying earth people looking for ways to develop a hybrid, and they were an easy target for study.


Drunvalo MelchizedekDrunvalo Melchizedek has a couple of very popular books with my publisher, Light Technology.  Someone sent me a link ( ) to a talk he gave on Lava beings, so I asked Gaia to verify or not.

Gaia, Drunvalo Melchizedek mentioned beings that live in the lava in your interior--obviously at a higher focus.  Is that correct?

Yes, Tom.  These beings do inhabit my lava interior at a much higher focus you see.  As your focus expands in the 5th focus, you will be more able to communicate with higher focus entities.  You will find many wondrous beings in the universe Tom, which will seem even stranger than the concept of beings living in my lava.  There are billions of souls Tom with billions of different interests. 



Theo, how many lives have I had?

Quite a large number as you have guessed Tom—over 1,000 here on earth. 

I must be a slow learner Theo.  Is that an average number of lives that someone will spend or is that above average?

Good question Tom.  That is above average and goes back to what I told you in the past—that you do not wish to sit around but like to take an active part in pushing people along to raise their vibrations too, as you have done in the past—accomplished that is. 

How could I have had so many, as that does not seem to compute with adding up those on Atlantis with the others that I could have had after that?

You had quite a number before Atlantis, Tom and quite a number after.  They do add up.

So I’m receiving you correctly—over 1,000 or really under?

No, over Tom.  You are an ancient soul and have had many lives where you did not live long because of the harsh conditions or because of wars and so on.   You can’t expect every life to afford you or anyone else long lives like this one.  Most were much shorter in length. 

What is the average number of lives a person has-500, 700, 800 or what?

Yes, averages are just that, as obviously this varies from soul to soul.  But I would say the average number of lives varies from the 600 range to as high as 800 on average.  And then there are a few souls like you that come again and again to assist people in moving along and raising their vibrations to a higher level. 

Theo, 600 to 800 lives is a wide range.  Why such a disparity?  Is it because some people cram more into their lives than others?

Good question Tom.  Yes some people are able to include more activities and learn more in lives than some souls choose to do.  It is all choice you know.  So some souls say “let’s get all of this done” and so their soul fragments have lives crammed as you say with many events and challenges compared to other soul fragments that choose to have fewer challenges per life.  I think this is easy to understand, as each soul is made up differently, with different interests, just as Gaia has different interests than the Sun, and I have different interests than Gaia, and so on.  We are each unique. 

All racesDo we try and lead lives on all continents and all races?

Yes, but as you guessed, continents are not as important as races, as the land changes over millions of years where you and some others have been having lives.  You do wish to have lives though in all the root races, so that you can experience those races and their DNA makeup.  So it’s really more than just their customs and beliefs and such—there is a slightly different DNA arrangement to use a word you and others understand for each race.  These races are now all starting to meld together again and eventually there will be, by the time you arrive again in 3400 AD one common earth person, with the DNA of all the races and the abilities of all. 

So religions take a back seat to races?

Yes, in a way, but it would be a strong number two in order, as obviously you wish to experience as many different religions as you can during your lives.  One way of course is to start out in one religion and then to switch to another religion as an adult.  So one person can easily sample two or three different religions in one lifetime. 

Months later I would ask Theo, how many people living today on earth have lived 1,000 lives or more Theo?

Ah, an interesting question for you today Tom.  Yes there are a few more souls with as many lives as you have lived, but not many.  More on the order of 10 or so.  You are in very rarefied company you would say.  But all of you are in positions to be catalysts in your own way and manner Tom.  I know it does not seem as if you are making progress, but you are laying the groundwork for much to come.

ET'sThe next time I asked Theo, you said, “laying the groundwork” last time, and I wonder exactly what that means.  Does it mean for benevolent outcomes to become widespread, for my work in welcoming our ET visitors, or something else like quakes and 2012?

Very good question Tom.  Yes, your primary work is spreading the word about requesting benevolent outcomes, but you will make significant contributions to being part of the welcoming committee shall we say for the ET’s, plus you will be quite active with perhaps a book on 2012.  I know you have a question there so let’s wait until the question is asked.  But this groundwork you’re laying will have significant growth for people to be in touch with their Guardian Angels as you call us, and that is part of the reason people will be able to raise their vibrational level high enough to make the jump to the lower level 5th dimension.  It doesn’t require the whole world to adopt this Tom, just a few hundred thousand will be sufficient, and you will easily achieve that, although it might not appear that way now.  Just keep up the steady work and we will assist you as much as possible.

OK, thank you.  Of the other 10 soul fragments who have lived 1,000 or more lives on earth, would there be anyone I recognize?

Yes, there are a couple Tom.  I’m not sure if you can receive this, as you “tightened up”.  Yes the Dalai Lama is one of those 10.  His lineage stretches all the way back much farther than the creation of the Buddhist religion.  You suspected that of course.  We’ll come back to the others one day.


Theo—I would like more information on how one life affects the others for a soul fragment.  As an example, has anything I’ve done in this life benevolently affected one or more other lives?

Yes, the Living Prayer that you say each day benevolently affects all the others Tom, and affects them more than you can imagine.  As I told you before, this erases much Karma—more than you can imagine as I said, so that you do not have to do so much balancing elsewhere, even in the lives where you were one of the “bad people” as would be defined today.  So that is certainly one major thing that you should continue to do and encourage other to do the same. 
Beyond that, there are those times when you assist or help others just out of the goodness of your heart that also erases Karma in other lives, as it is a balancing that must eventually take place.  You’ve become very good at balancing these things over many, many lives.  You’re much more open to doing these things and realize on a subconscious level that leaving tips for waiters and other seemingly small courtesies you do for people help to balance lives.  It helps to raise you to another level faster.  The more people that do things for other people out of the goodness of their heart and not for financial remuneration the higher the level that you will all vibrate on. 

Have I ever said the Benevolent Living Prayer I say each morning in any other life?

No, not really.  This is your first life to recognize the value of saying this prayer.  That’s why it is so important that you continue to say this prayer on a daily basis, as it truly does erase much Karma as I have explained before.  So I am telling you the complete truth here Tom.  Do not doubt this statement, as I know doubt can creep into your mind.  This is a true gift to yourself and all the other lives you’ve lived and will live on earth.

Note:  The Living Prayer I say each morning goes as follows:  “I ask that any and all beings come to the aid and comfort of anyone I have ever harmed either physically, mentally, morally, spiritually, or emotionally in any past, present, or future life, and I ask that any an all beings come to the aid and comfort of the families of anyone I have ever harmed in any way in any past, present, or future life, thank you!"

I was told that this is rarely said in a normal life, but as you read above is HIGHLY BENEFICIAL to all your other lives and this one too!


Theo, does a soul have an opt-out clause during the first 6 months after birth?

In a way, yes.  The soul can opt out as you call it at that stage.  Yes, it is mostly taken by younger souls having their first lives on earth.  They are very disoriented because they have never experienced being veiled.  But also it can be understood that the parents can also experience the death of the child and grow from it too.  So to answer your question yes there is an opt-out clause that is taken by some souls.  And yes they do take on some karma at that time if they do opt out.  Everything must balance out you see.

FamilyTheo, what about the souls in a family?  Are they mostly from the same soul group, or closely associated, and take on different disguises so to speak in each life for learning?

Yes you are correct Tom.  This is generally true, but like anything there are exceptions.  Sometimes a soul, such as yours needs to be in a certain time period so your soul will arrange with another soul grouping to have you born during that time.  There can then be great differences between you and the family soul group, so it does seem as if you are the odd man out, but it is necessary to assist your soul in its plans, but also you can have challenges created by the differences so that you can grow some more too. 

Are young souls and old souls mixed in a family or are all of them mostly the same age so to speak?

There is a great mixing Tom, as how else can a young soul learn, but by being thrown in the pool so to speak and told to swim.  Some do fine and others sink, but with lots of learning so that they can improve the next time around. 

Theo—the mixing of young souls can be even as a parent of an older soul.  Does the older soul give them problems as a teaching or learning aid?

Exactly Tom.  Or they can be almost be the parent of the parent, which you’ve heard about many times.  The parent is at a loss to know what to do and how to care for the child, so the child, which is normally an older soul but naturally not always, takes over as it matures.  There is great learning for the young soul parent, or parents.  They sort of have failed in their goals, but learn greatly from the experience.

When we speak of young, medium and old souls, is that only in relation to their earth experience?

Quite so, Tom.  Souls are actually timeless beings, but when they start having lives on this planet of free choice, it is so different from any other planet in the universe that they must have had numerous lives elsewhere in order to have lives here.  This is a planet that, as we have spoken about before, is like a masters degree program in a university.  You must have had physical and spiritual mastery on other planets before you are allowed to have lives on earth.  Material or physical mastery is not such a big requirement, as most souls have already achieved that.  That would be like grade school to give you a comparison.  Spiritual mastery is much harder to achieve—sort of like high school, to use the same comparisons. 

Probably my definition or understanding of spiritual mastery is not the same as what you speak of?

No, not at all.  It is this symbiotic relationship between creation and your lives and soul—again very difficult to describe to you with your present knowledge. 


Severing RelationshipTheo, can you handle a benevolent request to cut the energy cords to other people that are not needed in one’s personal life?

Oh yes, I can—in fact any guardian angel as you call us can handle that request and act upon it.  It’s actually something everyone should do, especially those that were in a difficult union or marriage.  These cords need to be severed and we can make this severing a benevolent outcome—severing only those that no longer are needed or that are harmful to you. 

So this is what you say out loud, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that all emotional cords to other people, that are no longer of benefit to me, be severed at this time, thank you!"


Bad GuyTheo, can you handle a benevolent request to cut the energy cords to other people that are not needed in one’s personal life?

Oh yes, I can—in fact any guardian angel as you call us can handle that request and act upon it.  It’s actually something everyone should do, especially those that were in a difficult union or marriage.  These cords need to be severed and we can make this severing a benevolent outcome—severing only those that no longer are needed or that are harmful to you. 

So this is what you say out loud, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that all emotional cords to other people, that are no longer of benefit to me, be severed at this time, thank you!"


Theok when a person kills another person in this life that killed them in another previous life, is it my understanding that there is no balancing that needs to be done in the future?

Yes and no Tom.  The scales do balance, but then there is balancing that must be done by the person’s soul allowed to take revenge.  They must balance a killing in general you see.  If they did not do it, it would go unbalanced, as another person would have to balance the scales for the person who killed.  Then that person would have great balancing to do, so it is much better that the balancing be done by the person against whom the crime originally was committed.  But again, that person will still need some balancing according to the way they committed murder themselves.  Just not in the same manner.  Let’s leave it there for the time being. 

Auto CrashHere is an example of how the scales were balanced by an automobile crash with fatalities:

Martin (not real name) asked why his sister chose to die in a car accident killing herself and 4 other people.  What was her karma or soul contract?

Yes her soul contract was to die in this manner and the soul contracts of the others was to do the same.  They had violently killed in a past life and each chose this life to begin balancing their actions.  Each had a different story, but all needed that experience for balancing.  All were quite pleased that they were able to balance their past lives in this manner. 

Each has still other balancing lives where they will have to experience the violent death of a relative or loved one to know the grief that they had caused others.  And her relatives in this life had soul contracts to experience grief for their own soul balancing.  Nothing like this is a happenstance occurrence. All is carefully planned before birth, and their own guardian angels made sure they were all in that car at that time and arranged for her to fall asleep at the right moment. 

So give this person this explanation Tom to know that the souls that inhabited those bodies are happy and are onto other lives for their next soul contracts. 


PoliceDick Sutphen recently wrote about “Cosmic Cops.”  Who are these beings and how would they differ from you Theo?

They are really the same as I Tom—a whole soul.  They do differ a little bit as they are not assigned to specific soul fragments or groups, but assist us when wayward soul fragments on a lower level wander out of their areas to cause mischief.   As you can imagine Tom, there are different levels of vibration that you inhabit or feel most comfortable in after having a life.  When a soul fragment has a particularly hard life where they are the “bad guy,” then their vibrational rate is very low, so they do not travel to such a higher vibration and we must work with these soul fragments sending them lots of light and love so that they can slowly rise back up.  It can be a difficult transitional process for some souls, as they are attracted to the physical life they just finished and long to return there.  Therefore these “cosmic cops” as Mr. Sutphen calls them are called in, in various ways—both by a soul fragment and by their own soul groups to bring these fragments back to the light and away from the physical world.  These souls have much light and love that they emanate as they do this duty. 

How would a soul fragment be allowed to interfere with anyone’s life in the first place, as Richard explained?  Why wouldn’t they be stopped before they made a nuisance of themselves?

This is sometimes done for teaching purposes Tom, as that soul fragment or fragments attract a lower vibrational entity through their own vibrational rate, which may also be low on the scale so to speak.  There are many different types of teaching and understanding that the soul desires Tom and this is one of them—contact with lower level soul fragments. 

I learned more information when someone asked what angels or archangels work on soul retrieval?

Yes Tom.  There are a group of souls that work with the lower vibrational soul fragments that have had difficult lives where they were thieves, murderers and so on.

As we have talked before, these are angels, or as you know as whole souls, that have volunteered to assist these soul fragment to places where they can be nurtured and revitalized so to speak. 

So how many of these angels or whole souls do this work?

Not a huge number Tom in comparison to say Guardian Angels.  Yes, less than 100,000 of these souls do this duty.  We as your guardian angels handle you during all your lives on earth, and we turn over your care upon your death to the souls you call death angels.  But some of these soul fragments—yes there are quite a number at any time, are still trying to physical and do what they were doing before death.  That’s when these souls take over and perform the duty of working with these soul fragments by sending them massive amounts of white light and love Tom.  They do also take on forms necessary to encourage these lower level vibrational soul fragments to come with them.  Sometimes it takes years according to earth time to accomplish this.

Are there soul fragments from all time lines they have to do this with, or is it more the lower Time Lines?

Good question Tom.  It is much more the lower time lines, say from 8 on down but many more from the lower 4 time lines for sure.    Keep in mind that there is no time on the other side of the veil Tom, so time does not enter into this.  Eventually all rejoin, even the most difficult soul fragments.  Certainly, the souls are assisted by the other soul fragments of the soul cluster, but the majority of the work is done by the souls who volunteered for this duty. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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