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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Chicago WinterGaia kept her word about a "harsh winter" for North America.  News reports say this is the coldest it's been in the midwest and northeast in four years or so.

Keep in mind I’m trying to send the newsletter out a day early in order to work on my 3rd book on the weekend.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


EquadorMichelle in South America writes:  Hello from South America! Can you please ask Gaia if Ecuador will be hit hard once she starts shaking (earthquakes)? Also, what about Hawaii? Gracias!

Gaia, will Ecuador shake in 2013 with one or more large quakes?

Yes, Tom.  Ecuador will shake violently at least once and possibly twice, plus aftershocks.

Will these be in the 8.0 range or higher?

No, Tom.  In the 7.0 to 7.5 range, but still enough to do damage, due to the housing and building construction.

What will be the timing?

Later in the year, Tom.  I’m not ready to give you these exact timings, but certainly a few months more into this current year.

Gaia, will Hawaii experience tsunamis this year from both Japan and North America?

Quite so, Tom.  They are midway between the two, and as you saw before they did have some mild tsunamis from Japan.  This time those will be about the same, but the North American West Coast ones will definitely cause some flooding.  When the warning goes out the people must move away from the beaches to higher ground.

Bali BeachAllan asks if Bali will be safe to travel to this year.

Gaia, will Bali be safe to travel to this year?

Relatively safe, Tom.  No earth movements I believe your questioner was referring to.

This question came from Donna on Facebook:

Gaia, will the Puerto Rico earthquake produce a tsunami?

No, Tom, the earthquake will occur more on the island itself and not offshore.  But it will be quite strong and cause severe damage around the island, Tom.

Will it be in the 8.0 or 7.0 to 8.0 range?

More the latter, Tom, but at 7.5 or perhaps a little stronger.  It will have a great impact on the island and its residents.


Lance ArmstrongLarry on Facebook asks about Lance Armstrong.

Theo, what does the future hold for Lance Armstrong?

Mr. Armstrong is reaping what he sowed.  He will not have an easy time of it, as he begins balancing what he did in cheating and bullying others.  The public always eventually forgives and forgets, but his reputation has been tarnished forever.  He will have to eat humble pie for sometime to come.  He will at some point enter the business sector, but not before undergoing the process of lawsuits and the loss of millions of ill-gotten dollars.


Allan writes:  I wonder about the Sandy Hook shootings, I've been following it, been so sad about the killings and how we as mankind can allow this to happen, how we spread fear instead of love, but that's another thing; my question is, taking into consideration what Gaia said about the souls and the contracts, is there any truth to this video on youtube:

Sandy Hook MemorialI'm from Copenhagen, Denmark, and just don't get what the deal is with all these weapons, and why you should have some for protection. My question really is just, is the video true? Was it all an act? Then why?

Gaia, please explain the conflicting stories contained in the video I saw about the Sandy Hook shooting.

Yes, there are a few conflicting stories, Tom, but not as many as portrayed as, keep in mind, when there is a mass shooting as what happened there, news organizations report things as facts only to have to correct themselves when the true facts of the event emerge.  Certainly there was no conspiracy, just an angry young man who was mentally ill; whether your current definitions of mental illness encompass this or not, that’s a fact.  A person can seem rational in interviews and even tests, but there is a DNA strand that, shall we say, corrupts his mental balance.  Certainly there were people who took advantage of the situation too.

But bottom line is no conspiracy or anything close to that, and there was only the one boy who killed those innocent children and teachers.  I’m using your words in a way, Tom, as we both understand it was in their soul contracts, as they had killed a child or children in a past life—yes, even dating back hundreds of years.  There are many stories of very barbaric tribes slaughtering men, women and children as they invaded other regions or countries.  Those must be balanced at some time in another life.


Tesla & EdisonMichael writes:  Knowing the rivalry between Edison and Tesla, did Tesla win out over Edison on another time line resulting in the free energy concept?  I guess the question is do different results exist on different time lines or do they arrive at the same conclusions? Thank you for all you do, Tom.

Theo, did Tesla win over Edison in the upper time lines?

No, it was the same outcome, Tom, but much more amicable. His soul contract was to introduce these concepts at an early stage and to be far ahead of his time.  Naturally he had had a life in the future to assist him with these very far-reaching designs and theories.


Ed writes from the Philippines:  Wish you and everyone Happy New Age of Aquarius and Happy New Year of the Snake!

Got some follow-up questions for Gaia:

1) If digital music were recorded and mixed in newer 32/384 pro formats (32-bit quantization levels at 384 kHz sampling frequency), or even much higher, would these eliminate the so called "electronic harshness" that characterize typical digital sound quality which analog hi-fi-system lovers perceive and detest so much? Or are there other more viable solutions that audio engineers have yet to develop? I'm sure Gaia's comments would be of keen interest to all hi-fi music lovers.

Galactic Alignment2) Please clarify with Gaia if whether galactic alignment is the actual, precise, and not just the apparent, celestial alignment between the sun, earth and the galactic center? Or just the galactic equator? (This would be termed as an "opposition" and/or "appulse" in astronomy.) And is this exactly what the Mayans had in mind would be occurring now? Or is it something that has been handed down and foretold to them by benevolent extra-terrestrials beings? Were archeologists correct about Xibalbá bé as the Mayan mythical term for the dark rift of the Milky Way?

3) Was Mactan chieftain Lapu-lapu's real name Lupa-lupa? Have both Magellan and Lapu-lapu embodied again? (In our local dialect, lapu-lapu refers only to the "grouper fish" AKA pugapo; while lupa-lupa would mean someone who beholds or rule many lands, but could also mean smells like earth).

Gaia, would digital music mixed at 32/384 pro format or even higher remove the electronic harshness, or are there viable solutions sound engineers have not discovered yet?

Yes, Tom, mixing at that level or higher will remove some of the electronic harshness, but there are other modifications, shall we call them, coming along which will give the sound a much closer approximation to what was achieved in the old vinyl days.  They have not achieved that as of yet, but will in, let’s say, the next 5 to 10 years.  This will not be an overnight accomplishment, but it will be more of a step-by-step instead of an “oh wow” moment.

Is Galactic Alignment actual or just celestial alignment of the earth and sun with galactic center, or just the galactic equator?

As it is asked, Tom, the Galactic Alignment is actual—that center point where you line up with the very center of the spiral of the galaxy.

Magellan's ShipDid the Mayans understand this or were they told this by the ET’s?

Certainly the Mayans received much instruction regarding these alignments and the 26,000 year cycles. So there was much help and instruction given the Mayan priests and elders before the Earth Directive came into effect and you—and I’m including all earth humans—were left to yourselves.  In the following years this information was corrupted, due to wars, as hundreds and then thousands of years passed to the point the calendars only remained.

Was the Mactan Philippine island chieftain Lapu-Lapu’s real name Lupa-Lupa?

No, Tom, it was not.  That was his real name. 

Has he and Magellan reincarnated into this time period?

No, not at this time.  Certainly they have had other lives since then, but not in this particular time period.


Jeini asked on Facebook:

The HymenTheo, why do women have hymens?

Yes, something that has not yet been confirmed, but only speculated about, Tom.  I can’t give you a full answer, as that would prevent a research scientist from having their “ah-ha” moment.  The question has arisen, “does it act to protect the female, and if so, how?”  It was certainly not designed to prove virginity or not.

You would think after studying the human body as long as science has, they would have deduced a couple of these questions.  Antura mentioned recently scientists have not yet discovered why we have body hair.


Janet writes:  I have a question for Theo - I have been ordained as a minister in the Sufi Universal Worship Service.  Not long after being ordained, I became aware that the prayers that we say when someone dies can help souls who have, for whatever reason, remained trapped on the earth plane, but need to be released to go on with the rest of their life commitments, etc.

SchizophreniaI was chatting with a friend recently about the various experiences I've had with these unfortunate souls.  Her son is schizophrenic, and has suffered with hearing voices, which apparently is a very common component of schizophrenia.  She asked if I could do a service for the souls connected to these voices in the hopes that they might be allowed to journey onwards and free her son from this ongoing problem.  I was happy to do this, and we are now waiting to see, as time passes, whether the prayers were able to release those souls.

My question for Theo is two-fold, based on these experiences:

1.  Did the service which I performed for the souls connected to the voices that my friend's son hears actually help them to leave this plane in the same way that other souls I have said prayers for seem to have left?

2.  Would it be helpful to others suffering from schizophrenia if I were to perform this service for them - in terms of releasing the souls - which would, I expect, alter the karma of the schizophrenic person - and then -

If I were able to release these souls (if that is what we are dealing with here), what sort of karmic consequence am I incurring in interfering with their karma?

Theo, does a religious service help souls attached to schizophrenic persons to release and leave the earth plane?

Yes, certainly these services do have an effect on these lost souls, Tom, and does allow their own Guardian Angels to guide them away.  I will say there are several methods of doing this, but the person who wrote has found some initial success.  It will not work with all these souls, as naturally there are all kinds, even though the average person would not think that.

Does it alter Karma?

No, not really, Tom.  It is actually balancing being done by this person to balance actions from another life.  And again, showing compassion for those less fortunate as the saying goes does tend to raise your own vibrational level.


Plant Nursery CartoonAlice writes from California:  I have been meaning to ask you a question regarding 'talking' to plants.  I am a professional horticulturist with over 22 years working in the retail Nursery industry.  I manage a small nursery and have noticed lately that I seem to be picking up on a gentle emanation coming from the plants I take care of.  I have noticed how they 'perk up' when I return from the weekend and seem to 'greet me' with a gentle feeling of welcome.  I swear I can feel them watching me, and am directed by them to move them to different areas of the nursery that they prefer.

I take very seriously my role in teaching my customers how to take care of each of the plants I sell to them, and have advocated organic gardening long before it hit mainstream.  I know plants have their own consciousness (families) they belong to, so my question is AM I in direct communication with the plants, and what can I do to receive their messages more clearly?  Was it in my soul contract this time round to be an advocate for plants ?  Your insight would be most appreciated.

Gaia, is Alice in communication with the plants she services?

Yes, Tom, they do respond to her care and loving nature.  She is from a planet with plants as the sentient beings.

Antura recently mentioned that there would be plant like beings on the mothership with him. 

Here is a great video filmed at a SPCA to the tune of ABBA’s “Take A Chance On Me.”  It will bring a smile to your face and perhaps a tear.  Link is:


For my new subscribers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  I only have a few more chapters to send to my editor, Ralonne, as I sent 8 or 9 this past week.  Title of the book will be CONVERSATIONS WITH AN E.T.: They’re Coming!

Maggie writes: A question for Antura:  Does his society use any stimulants/depressants such as coffee/alcohol, ferment Abe Sapienor refine their food, ingest natural opiates, or in any way alter their body chemistry for any reason?

Antura, does your society have stimulants of any kind?

Yes, Tom.  There are certain seaweeds, we will use your term, which have stimulants contained we can make a juice from or eat them.

Are they used all the time or only on special occasions?

Most of the time, let’s say for your purposes, Tom.  When we are with friends.

Time LordJackie writes:  As I was reading the newsletter I saw Antura mention having two hearts. I'm always intrigued by the origins of 'fiction' in our veiled world and wonder if this information partially contributed to the idea of Time Lords from Doctor Who? For those unfamiliar they are a race who have two hearts and who have learned to travel across time and space. They also have the ability to regenerate in many cases, which is similar to reincarnation except instantaneous.

Did the idea of two hearts for the Time Lords of the Dr. Who TV series come from suggestions from Sirius?

No, Tom.  That was simply the imagination of the writer, who obviously was drawing upon a past life experience.

Antura, why so many ET craft or UFO’s were seen around the moon?

They were various explorations of different kinds Tom.  Plus they knew they would be seen, so it was a reminder to all who see the video footage.

Is there a moon base?

Yes, of a type, Tom, but not anything major.  Just for some studies and an easy way to keep hidden from earth.

UFO Near MoonHere is the link in the Huffington Post:

Alan writes:  I had a vision in meditation, where another who looked like me entered a spacecraft and it floated in mid air at the end of a dock.  The craft was open like a clam and would bend; at the edge of the separation was a gold band on the edge.  The craft was sort of a round shape of a clear material.  We got in and there were no instruments just two places to sit.  The lid closed and we left, but the craft operated with our minds.  We traveled across the cosmos to a place where there was only Love. Could you have Theo comment on this for me please. Thank you so much, you have helped many.

What was the dream Alan had of riding in a small scoutcraft-type spaceship?

Yes, his home world wished to check on him, so they entered his dream world.

Abe SapienJohn writes:  I had an interesting thing happen today while driving. I was reviewing in my mind some questions I wanted to ask Antura and then send to Tom for his next newsletter. I guess I must have been very intently thinking about Antura and in turn felt a wave of energy move through me, and had an "ah ha" experience where I think Antura sent the energy to me. I was surprised by this since I had not anticipated that I might have actually made telepathic contact with him without actually trying. Maybe Tom can ask in his next week’s newsletter and see if Antura can sense even when any human thinks about him intently for a very short time and in turn sort of give us a signal or whatever. It does go to show me how amazingly easy it is to contact these higher beings without even trying.

Antura, if people are thinking intently about you, can you feel it?

Sometimes Tom, but only if I tune in, shall we say, to this Time Line.  Humans make so much mental chatter I could be overwhelmed with it, especially after all the Time Line books are published.  Now I’m concentrating on all the contactees as you call them on all their time lines, so this is more than enough to handle at this point.

I would personally recommend going through your own Guardian Angel (GA) if you wish to communicate with an E.T.  Then you will  probably be set up with someone (probably from your soul “cluster”) from your home planet.  You should also always request a MBO to “receive these messages perfectly” as I do each time, which provides you protection beyond surrounding yourself with white light.


This MBO story and the next one both appeared in last week’s Blog, which you can read in its entirety at  You can sign up to receive them each week just by clicking on “RSS” on the right hand column.

Lost CheckSusie writes:  Here is my MBO. Right after Christmas my mother got back a Christmas card she had sent to my son and his children. It had a check for $150.00 inside. I told her we were going to see him soon and I would deliver it. I brought it home, but when I looked through the letters I had set on the table it was missing. I couldn't believe it could just vanish so I went to all the places I had been and back to my mother’s looking everywhere it could possibly be. It was nowhere! I had already requested an MBO; actually I kept saying it over and over even though I knew it wasn't necessary.

I was getting in panic mode. I finally realized it was gone and I was so downhearted. One more time as I walked up our back walk I looked, still no letter. I climbed the back steps and just happened to look down to my right. There is a Camilla bush there. I saw a little yellow so I looked closer. My heart started pounding I was so excited for there it was! It had landed straight up and was so well blended in with the plant and mulch it was a miracle I saw it. All I could say was "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to my dear GA!"


Bassador PuppiesAnn writes:  We lost a beloved dog late last year and began to think of getting a puppy as a companion for our lonely survivor. Our dogs have always come to us, pure bred, unsolicited and needing a home. This time, however, we thought we would use a breeder so we would have two of a kind. I ran into obstacle after obstacle in my search (and also felt conflicted about buying a dog when so many are searching for a home in shelters). Finally, I asked for an MBO for the most suitable and wonderful puppy to arrive, easier and quicker than I could have imagined or hoped for.

Well, last Saturday (and the day after the MBO) we got a call from a friend who needed immediate placement on a Bassador puppy. Even though he meets few of our original criteria, he is a marvelous fit and just a loving, adorable dog. Our guardian angels sure know how to pick 'em!


Eva writes:  Why did we not go through the 4th dimension before entering the 5th? What is the 4th dimension?

4th DimensionGaia, please explain for non-scientific people why we are not headed to the fourth and instead to the fifth focus.

The fourth focus simply does not allow you focus on a reality, Tom.  It is, from your reading, a focus on the spatial and how objects can be viewed from multiple angles, and almost at the same time, for your purposes here, Tom.  It would be quite disorienting to a person to suddenly be thrust into this dimension or focus.  Therefore you skip to the next focus.

Your scientists, as you have read, still theorize about this dimension, so even the best scientific minds have many, many years of study before they can understand better this focus.

So I realize you were asked this question, as there are those who were told they would be going to the fourth dimension, but that was only to not cause them fear.  It sounds more plausible to them to go from three to four instead of jumping to five.  But that’s not how it works in this case, Tom.  Your scientists have taken some baby steps in understanding realities, so just be content with the understanding you are not going to suddenly fly off the planet or some such nonsense.


Lobsang RampaDaphnee in Vienna writes:  I have a question on Lobsang Rampa. Was he a charlatan or was he genuine? Is the information in the 18 books of Rampa 1) correct, 2) were these messages channeled information or did it come from him directly?

There are a set of 4 books that were published after Rampa's death, 2 of them being  "My visit to Agharta" (from a short article originally written purely for a UFO magazine) and "My visit to Venus" by a certain Gray Barker. Also, can one trust the information given in those books?

Theo, was Lobsang Rampa legitimate or charlatan?

Charlatan, Tom.  I can say this now that he has transitioned.  Certainly there were some truths mixed in with the rest, which always happens with these folks.


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, 

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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