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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Abe SapienMy book on Antura titled CONVERSATIONS WITH AN ET is coming along thanks to several volunteer editors.  One small problem I’m having is that I’m receiving good questions from readers and must add those in, finding the right place in a chapter for the specific subjects.  You’ll see a number of questions in this issue.  The photo to the left and elsewhere is of the Abe Sapien character in the Hellboy movies--as close to a description as is possible right now. Keep in mind I’m trying to send the newsletter out a day early in order to work on my 3rd book on the weekend.

I also had a LARGE number of questions this week on earthquakes.  You’ll see Gaia has given a little better idea of the timing and magnitude of the quakes.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Flu ShotAlison asked why the flu season has been worse this year.

Gaia, why is the flu season so bad this year?

Yes, Tom, this flu season is bad for North America, but it is part of a number of people’s soul contracts to experience this as part of their learning.  And for those who die from it, it gives them a simple, yet effective way to exit this life if that’s what their soul contracts called for.  It also has as a side benefit: learning for your doctors and scientists to someday find out ways to read a person’s DNA, and discover if they are susceptible to this disease.  It is all part of your learning process on earth, Tom.

Daphnee writes from Vienna:  Thank you for the answer about the flu shot.  Here in Europe, the government urges to vaccinate children against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Haemophilus, polio, hepatitis B, measles, mumps and rubella. My question is, will these still be necessary in the future or even now? I believe that the immune system of the new children is actually stronger and they do not need vaccinations, and I even believe that those substances may even have a negative effect on the physical and emotional growth of the new children (Rainbow, Crystals etc...). I know that we need to make our own choice, but can Gaia still elaborate on the subject regarding children living in countries with high hygiene standards? Thank you.

Gaia, what about inoculation of children in general?  Will the new crystal children be more immune?

InoculationYes, to a certain extent, Tom, but these inoculations will continue until there is a breakthrough in understanding your DNA.  This will occur within 50 years, let’s say.

Eva writes:  Thank you also for your clarification re: the flu vaccine. Are the "minerals" mentioned also harmful in all vaccines, especially those given to infants?

Theo, are vaccines in general harmful to infants?

Some can be, Tom, but the majority are safe for children and prevent large breakouts of deadly diseases.  You would have to know much more about which ones they take for us to discuss it, but as I said, most are preventive and will not harm the child.


I had a number of questions from readers this week, and in order to squeeze in as many as possible I can’t include the specific questions.

Anchorage AlaskaGaia, will Anchorage Alaska have a major earthquake in 2013?

Yes, certainly it will, Tom, as it is connected to the Ring of Fire fault line of the West Coast.

Will it be in the 8.0 range, higher, or lower?

Lower, Tom, but not by much.  Parts of the city will be devastated, and all of the city will see some, to major damage.

Gaia, please give me the magnitude of the earthquakes to occur in San Francisco, San Diego, Tijuana, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Vancouver.

Yes, Tom, San Francisco will have their first major movement in the 8.0 to 8.2 range, the San Diego through Tijuana—again that same range 8.0 to 8.2,; the Los Angeles basin will naturally have several earthquakes, Tom, with such a large area; but in the southern half, let’s say, close to San Diego 8. 2, and in the northern half will range from, again, 8.0 to 8. 3 or 4; the upper West Coast comprising Oregon through Vancouver will experience slightly lower, in the 7.4 to 7.6 area, but do not be deceived, because these will take place along the shore, there will be major destruction, Tom.

Hayward Fault LineI wish to verify these numbers—basically for San Francisco south we can expect in the 8.0 to 8.4 range is that correct?

Quite so, Tom.  There will be none that approach the magnitude of the Japan earthquake of 9.0, but they will also have numerous aftershocks, some of which will approach the 7.6 to 7.8 range.  So anything left standing after the first earthquakes will continue to sustain more damage after that.

But, again, we don’t have to be concerned, it seems, with this happening until Japan and Puerto Rico quake, correct?

Yes, but that window for those to occur is fast approaching Tom.  You’ll see.  I am trying to give everyone sufficient warning to at least prepare for the possibility, which many on the West Coast have ignored.  At the very least they should have what’s termed a “bug out bag” filled with provisions, but they would rather spend their money on movies and other forms of entertainment – sort of the “Chicken Little” story, Tom.

Gaia, are there any safe locations to live in California?

California TownYes, a few, Tom.  Obviously they would be well away from the coastline and protected by mountains to the west.  They will shake, but not so violently as the coast will.  These are generally small settlements or towns without a lot of infrastructure, so they could also lose their electricity as an example for quite some time period.

Therefore, they will have problems in the aftermath of large earth movements, but they will only experience smaller jolts as compared to the coast.  It is still my desire for them to move well away from the coastline, as these movements, once I start them, will continue for months until all the pressure built up for well over 100 years has been released.  People who remain there are sitting on the proverbial time bomb, but without the knowledge of how many hours and days and weeks are still left on the timing device.

How will such states as Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, and New Mexico fare?

Billings MontanaThey will do fine, Tom.  Their major problems will be an overnight influx of refugees from the West Coast.  They will be strained beyond capacity, although assisted by your Federal government.

I know you are concerned because I keep speaking of these events and nothing seems to happen, but as I told you before, there was a soul sign off and so now I have chosen a date in the future I will not provide you at this time.  But all the soul fragments know it on a higher level.

Then Japan and Puerto Rico are still scheduled to be first to move?

Quite so, but the movements on the West Coast will occur soon or not too long after.  There will not be a period of months in between.

Were you asked for another delay?

Just a very short one, Tom, and again it will soon end.  I almost have all the mechanics in place and once completed it is New Madrid Faultperhaps not impossible, but difficult to stop or delay.

Gaia, will the New Madrid fault have a major movement in 2013?

No, not this year, Tom, but it is on the horizon shall I say, but not this year.

Why has nothing happened in the Canary Islands?  Did you cancel the event, or were you asked to delay, or what happened?

Yes, I was asked to delay, Tom, but that delay will come to an end soon.


La Posada Santa FeRonald writes to ask if Santa Fe will remain a “Citadel of Light” as Gaia described it to he and his wife several years ago—free of violent storms, earthquakes, and with continuing clean, cold nights.

I’m asked, Gaia, if Santa Fe will remain a Citadel of Light and a refuge for those who wish to live there, or for refugees from the West Coast?

Yes to both questions, Tom.  This place does seem magical to those who live there—a quiet refuge in the storm.  And, yes, it will continue to be for many years to come.  The town will grow enormously overnight due o the influx of people from the West Coast, straining its infrastructure, so they have some challenges ahead of them—where to house and feed and clothe all of these new arrivals.


Bush Fires MapChrissy in Brisbane writes:  This is an image that someone put up on Facebook of the areas where the fires are burning.  Australia looks like an inferno. Is this part of Gaia's cleansing? This looks a lot worse than it would normally as the fires look out of control and there has been great loss all over. I guess it is no different to the Northern Hemisphere with the cold and snow and flooding.

Gaia, how does heat and fire fit into your cycles for Australia, where they are seeing almost Sahara desert type heat, along with mammoth bush fires?

Yes, again this is a cycle where I need to renew the forest or bush land, as it is termed there, Tom.  This cycle will continue on for just a few weeks more and then cooler temperatures along with rain will reappear.

Will any of this heat cycle down towards the Antarctic?

Quite so, Tom.  I’m glad you see the connection.  Heat rises and is cycled out far and wide, increasing the average temperatures to the south and to the East.  It will help speed the melting of the Antarctic ice cap.  You’ll start to see those reports in just a few months time.

Please keep in mind, Tom, that the people experiencing the massive fires all have it in their soul contracts for this experience as part of their overall soul experiences on earth, which, we have discussed before, are needed in one or more earth lives.


Feb 15 AsteroidPam writes:  The asteroid that is due to pass very close to the Earth on 15 February (even between us and some of our satellites) - will it have any affect on the Earth, or even trigger earthquakes, etc?

Gaia, will the asteroid coming close to earth on February 15 have any affect such as helping an earthquake happen?

No, Tom.  It will have no effect on the earth, nor cause any movement.  It is just a lonely visitor and soul learning about the various planets, including earth, as it passes by.  I am interacting with that soul sharing my knowledge.  It is a young soul with much to learn.


Colleen writes:  What are the causes of cluster headaches?  Little or no Cluster Headacheresearch has been done on those because it seems sufferers have them spasmodically.  A very dear friend has had them since late 20's.  Each time she is closer to dying than before.  They last from three weeks to nearly six months.  Narcotics are a last resort. She eats exceptionally clean, is in top physical condition, a sweet marriage and two fine adult sons.  We now wonder if this is karmic.  Coming out from this last siege, she says death never looked so good.  I now wonder if some suicides are not cluster headache-related.  What can you share?

Gaia, what is the cause of “cluster headaches?”

Yes, Tom.  Your scientists have a long way to go to understand headaches in general.  I can’t give you too much information, both because of your lack of scientific training, but also because this is one of the things your scientists are supposed to figure out, and it will not do for me to simply solve the question for you.  For those suffering from these headaches they can request a MBO for it to subside, and to be led to the best treatments for them.


Antura is my “brother on another planet” introduced to me by Theo in 2008.  A member of my soul “cluster”, he’s coming to see us in 2017.  I’m also well along in compiling my third book, titled “CONVERSATIONS WITH AN ET” to be published this year.

Antonia writes:  Would you ask Antura if this number is close? “Kepler telescope: Earth-size planets 'number 17 billion'”.

Earth Size PlanetsScientists estimate there are 17 billion earth size planets in our Milky Way Galaxy.  What is the actual number, Antura?

Certainly much more than that, Tom.  Try one trillion on for size.

Yet here we are and you say that your Federation only has 200 planets as members.

Yes, it seems a tiny fraction, Tom, but keep in mind the enormous differences between planets, and their level of development.  Plus keep in mind I did mention there are other federations or grouping of planets.

This one is from Roxanne.

Antura, where does the negativity come from, since you’ve said all the other societies have pushed it away?

Yes, but because you are veiled, Tom, you have no way to sweep it away or any of the other terms we can use to describe something almost indescribable to you.  The negativity is simply allowed to happen.  In fact, you attract it to you, planetary wide.  Those that oversee the Earth Experiment know how much you can live with.  Currently that amount is beginning to decline, as you handled the maximum amount and still raised your overall vibrational level.  Quite remarkable.

These questions are from Jim and Peggy:

Abe SapienBesides working on your 2017 trip with conversations with all three people on different time lines, do you also work on contacts or prior contacts with other planets, which fill your day?

No, Tom.  My days are filled with studying earth—both the past, present, and, shall we say, the immediate future.  There is a great deal of preparation, which I do for these talks or conversations with you on your various time lines, along with the other two contactees.  I must review each of your lives up to this point.

Still, I must point out my life is quite a bit less stressful than your lives on earth.  We have much more time to relax.  We don’t go, go, go all day.  I probably put in greater hours than well over half our population, as this upcoming trip is so important.  Everything must work perfectly.

Other than swimming and get-togethers with friends, have we not covered any other leisure activities, which you have?

Certainly we have covered plays, reading, concerts, just strolling through the city.

Are there any challenges your species faces right now and what are you doing about them?

There are no major challenges facing us at the present time, Tom.  We have had millions of years to overcome any challenges we faced.  Our major challenge coming up in a few years will be the introduction of negativity by earthlings, so that will result in major changes for our society.

Underwater CityWhen you travel by tube, do you travel in some sort of vehicles—either singular or multiple cars, or is there a jet stream of water to propel you from one location to the next?

Good question, Tom.  No, these are multiple-people cars, we will call them, inside these tubes and operate slightly similar to a subway system—just much more advanced.

What speed do they travel at?

Certainly in excess of your fastest bullet trains on earth.  They travel using a form of magnetism, so there is no feeling of speed, similar to that of our spacecraft--a highly advanced form of transportation.

Do you wear any coverings for your feet either in your cities or on land?

Yes, a form of sandals in the city, and a more durable pair on land, as, yes, the ground can be quite hot; although since our force fields handle all of this, we prefer a comfortable sandal.

Abe SapienDo you wear a hat or any protective clothing when you go on land on your planet?

Not for several million years after we received instructions on how to build the force field.  Before then, we had to be careful when we did go on land due to the heat.  But to answer the question, we do not need to wear a hat or protective clothing when we go see our land brothers.

Do you send particle beams to create light?

No, this is still something your scientists will have to create on your own, Tom.  I cannot answer too many questions on this subject.

Do you know all your next lives coming up?

For the most part, yes, but I don’t dwell on that.

Will you have an earth life after this one, or continue with lives on your planet?

I will have another earth life, Tom, but not for some time.

Do you know just about when you will transition?

Quite so, Tom.  Again, this is not something to dwell on, but even humans can sense long in advance of when you will transition.  It’s just that you hide it under a rock.  We do not have multiple transition times as you do.  There is no need, again, as we are not veiled and remain on our soul plan.

Do your people become frail with age?

Yes, the body begins wearing out and we do move slower and swim slower as we near our transition point.

SeaweedDo you only eat vegetables from the sea?

Quite so, Tom.  We can digest vegetables from the land, but much prefer those from the sea.

Do you need protein as we do?

Yes and no, Tom.  Certainly there is a need for protein, just not in the amount an earth human requires.

Do you have multiple organs such as a stomach?

Yes, we do have multiple organs – a couple, not including a stomach.

Would that be a heart?

Yes, we do have two of those.  You are receiving me correctly, Tom.

Do you have some sort of calendar?

Not like you do.  We do not count time as you do.  It’s not important to us, you see.

Do you have any plants that would be the equivalent of trees?

No, Tom.  There are only plants on the surface and none in the category of trees.

This question is from Mary.

Antura, do any of your people use astrology?

Not like earth people do, Tom.  Astrology was presented, or given, to you as one of the tools available to assist you through life, as you’re veiled.  In the ocean we are more protected or blocked from various astrological aspects.

LQGAntonia writes:  What does Antura say about this?

Largest structure in universe found — and it's mind-boggling

Antura, astronomers have discovered a large quasar group (LQG) 4 billion light years from earth.  Is this part of our universe or another?

Again, another as you were guessing, Tom.  With billions of other universes one has to consider the possibility of a few of them being within the proximity of our universe.  In the coming years astronomers and scientists will narrow their definition of our universe as they recognize the possibility of other creations.  They will see they are nowhere similar to this one and work on different dynamics—different laws.


Estelle MouzinJosette writes:  Thank you for your newsletters; always so informative and interesting.  Could you please ask your angels this question:  On 1/28/12 newsletter they answered that the little French girl, Estelle Mouzin, was still alive, (she was abducted at the age of 9 and is now 19) in a terrible situation and held captive.

The father is suddenly reopening the case that the police closed. My question is:
Is she held captive in France? If yes, how far is she from her home in Germantes (Seine et Marne)? Do we know if any established suspects are involved, although they had alibis?

I thank you, I pray for her (BP) for her safe return, the father is so desperate.

Theo, is Estelle Mouzin still alive and, if so, how far from Germantes does she live?

Not far, Tom, and, yes, she is still alive, and was so brainwashed she would have no plans for seeking out her family.  But thanks to modern detective methods, she will be discovered.


This MBO story and the next one were both in last week’s Blog, which you can find at  There are over 150 blogs there with nothing but MBO and BP stories.  Sign up for it by clicking on “RSS” on the right column.

MiraclesKathy writes:  Hi Tom, I have a good MBO, Benevolent prayer story for your newsletter. I've been having great success requesting money miracles lately. Each time I request one, I'm always in a playful mood, just having fun and excited to see how my guardian angel will respond. Every time I have received a check in the mail that was unexpected. The other day I received an unexpected refund of over $3,000 for an escrow balance.

So I thought it would be fun to request a money miracle for a dear friend and this week she was surprised by a check in the mail for $7,000 from an old class action suit she was part of. The interest was over $2,000; it was that long in coming. Isn't this fantastic? What I love about this is that you don't need to wait until you're in a dire situation. You can ask anytime you feel inspired. In fact I'm feeling that, for me, this is the best way, to just have fun and ask for things or experiences I feel would be great. I don't have to be so serious about it. And I feel my guardian angel loves surprising me this way. Love and blessings!


Hitting Whiffle BallLee writes:  Thank you, Tom, for MBO's. I use them so often that I don't even think about it! I pitch these bright orange and yellow whiffle balls to my 4 1/2 year old grandson and he usually hits them all (a budding baseball player?).  Sometimes they go in the bushes and we have trouble finding them. While I was rounding up some of the balls, my grandson was looking in a bush for one when I heard him say out loud "guardian angels I need a M-O to find my ball." I turned around and my eyes went directly to the ball nestled in the branches near the bottom. Before I could even say anything my grandson said, "Thanks!" and reached in and grabbed the ball. He is awesome!


I'll call her Francine writes:  I have been reading your newsletters about the Reiki Healingcauses of autism and it seems to be both genetic and environmental toxins that causes it.  My son has autism and I practice Reiki.  I was wondering if it is possible to send Reiki to heal the gene that is causing this.  Would Reiki be able help in this instance?  So, for example, even though we do not know which gene is causing it, I could send Reiki to heal the causative gene.  I love your newsletter!

Theo, is it possible to send Reiki to heal an autism gene in someone’s body?

Yes, this is a nice thought, Tom, but it takes more than Reiki to change a DNA strain.  Still, sending Reiki may not alter, but will improve this person’s life to a degree.


Rosicrucian CrossEva writes:  There have been messages posted recently about ET and/or benevolent communication or influence with the US government members at higher levels to encourage more benevolent laws, a return to the original constitution, and a gold backed currency (ending of the federal reserve). What are Theo's thoughts on this?

Theo, is there a benevolent influence either spiritually or from ET’s to encourage certain laws and return to the gold standard?

No, Tom—not the way it was asked.  Certainly there are benevolent forces at work to bring peace to the whole world, but to push for a gold standard—that’s for people to make their own decision on.  There is no right and no wrong here—just decisions and how they play out.  I will add in there are benevolent forces such as the Rosicrucians, which we have covered before, and they are constantly sending light and love to those in congress.


Antonia writes:  Did Lizzie Borden kill her parents?  Lizzie Borden

We used to jump rope to this:  “Lizzie Borden took an ax and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one.”
My interest was renewed when I just found out that the family maid, an Irish immigrant named Bridget Sullivan moved to a small town in Montana and is buried there. I am from Montana, not far from Bridget's town.

Gaia, did Lizzie Borden kill her parents?

Quite so, Tom.  The 40 whacks rhyme was quite true.  It was rare back then, but with so many people it is not such a rare occurrence now.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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