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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter around the world!  Here we’re barely into 2010 and already we have a major disaster.  Besides stories of people having great success in using the simple, yet powerful spiritual tool of requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), I also ask questions during meditation, which are sent to me by YOU, to Theo, my own Guardian Angel and Gaia, the soul of the earth.  If you are new to requesting MBO’s, I now have a weekly Blog at with only MBO stories sent to me from all over the planet.  And if you like this newsletter, forward it to your friends!

Naturally many of you have written this week about the earthquake in Haiti, so the first topic will be a series of questions I asked Gaia about this event.


Gaia, why such a severe earthquake on the island where the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located? 

Again Tom, this allows me to move my mantle, my crust of the planet you see.  It also satisfies soul contracts of the many people that live in Haiti to experience a natural disaster as it is called, plus the people who were visiting there from other countries.  Yes, many died in this earthquake, and many more will die of injuries and illnesses.  But you also have to look at the great compassion shown them by people all over the world.  Plus the many aid workers who are there now or will go there have in their soul contracts to perform this type service for their fellow man. 

Certainly there are karmic implications here for the scales to be balanced and old debts to be repaid.  This event did not just take place on my whim Tom, but was carefully planned in conjunction with the souls which experienced this natural disaster, and all those that will be affected by this event—including their families that live elsewhere and will never know what happened to their loved ones.  For those people, there are soul contracts where in the past they had done away with a person and their families could never find their bodies.  You see, this is a very complicated event when you get right down to it, and if you were able to study it from a soul point of view. 

Why didn’t you mention this event to me in October, as I don’t think anyone reads my newsletter who is involved, unless it might be one person or so.

You are partially correct Tom.  But there are more than you may realize who have ties there, and giving you this information in advance might have caused someone to react differently. 

So will there be any other earthquakes of significant size this year in the western hemisphere?

No, this was the only major one I’ll have.  And to answer your next question, yes, the one off the California coast is tied to the one which struck the island, but it will be years before scientists are able to make that connection.

Did you use the planetary alignments to assist you in moving your mantle when you did?

Yes, an excellent question Tom.  There were some excellent alignments, which assisted me. Yes, Saturn turning retrograde was one, the solar eclipse was another.  And to answer your next question, there was sufficient pressure excerpted by these alignments that I did not have to wait for them to be exact. 

Plus, as you have guessed, some of the people from other countries who were supposed to be there for the event would have returned home, so there was great care in determining when to cause this earthquake so that these people would be there, and others who were planning to arrive would not be part of the event.  As you can see there were great machinations connected with this event. 


Susie writes:  I know you are being flooded with emails concerning the earthquake in Haiti and all the suffering that is going on there.   I've been asking my GA and other spiritual beings to help these people but I guess my question is how can I be sure that my requests are being heard?  Hope this is not too trivial.  I really enjoy reading your newsletters.

When you say a Benevolent Prayer for someone else, you don’t always see immediate feedback as you do with many of your MBO requests.  In my first book I described how saying a BP for a couple on a plane, who had left her purse at security, and seeing the joy they felt when she returned with the purse.  So you do have to say these and have faith that they do work. 

In this case have you not read nor seen on TV the massive amount of aid both from governments and the general public, it is huge.  So the question is, have you been absorbing what I’m trying to convey with these newsletters—that we are junior creators in training?  Have you said a Benevolent Prayer for these people yet?  If not, say RIGHT NOW, “I ask any and all beings to assist the people in Haiti affected by the earthquake to be rescued, and to be aided in recovering from this disaster, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”  If we have hundreds more people saying this prayer, think about the ENERGY that is created!  Pass this along to your friends, and perhaps lead your group in everyone saying this—not just you. 


Karin writes:  Thank you very much for all you do. Have both your books and enjoy your newsletters weekly.  Please-- could you ask Gaia about the sinkholes that are forming in Florida this past week. Could we be losing our "Florida"? Will there be more holes with loss of life? Thank you.

Gaia, switching subjects, a lady wants to know about the sinkholes, which are forming in Florida.  Your comments?

Yes, there are these sinkholes as I moved the mantle Tom.  Tell this lady not to be too alarmed, as these are fairly temporary in nature.  There will be more forming, but fewer and fewer over the coming months you see. 


BG writes: I just read this week's newsletter and have a question about coal and other fossil fuels.  Do these substances have "higher" purpose than how they are currently being used?  If Man was not meant to use them, why are they present? 

Gaia, what about the mining of precious stones, minerals, gold and silver—how does that affect you?

Tom, it can affect me in various ways.  Certainly I would prefer that these substances stay in the ground, but I allow, as these minerals and stones do serve you and your religious practices, and as a sign of attaining wealth.  They also certainly have properties that can resonate with your being, with your body and soul, so there is an added benefit, which most people do not realize.  They look upon gold and silver as just metal—expensive to be sure, but do not realize that there are added benefits that come along, and more will be learned about these minerals in the future. 

The stones can also be focus points, so for these reasons and many more I allow.  Many of these substances have returned to the ground as they were lost, stolen, or buried with the bodies of their owners.  So you might say that you’ve helped me spread these substances in a grand manner like seeds from a flower or tree.

I liked the comment about “seeds from a flower or tree.”

Is there a higher purpose for coal and oil or are they here to help serve us in our growth?

Good question Tom.  Yes, their main purpose is to serve you until you reach that stage in your development when you will no longer have need for the majority of these substances.  They had to be in existence, or other minerals from other planets that can or have similar properties for that period of time on your planet when you would have cut down every tree living for warmth and to fire your factories.  Using these substances allows me to still have forests and such, which I would not have had you continued just using wood for heating purposes.  There would be little oxygen surrounding the planet had that continued.


BG also asked:  The other question pertains to something I heard from a couple local mediums.  One is cutting back on the number of sessions he is offering and the other is completely curtailing her practice because she can no longer sugar coat the messages she is receiving.  Are these indications of rough times ahead?  I tend to look for the kernel of good in all things.  After all, they call me Pollyanna for good reason.

Theo, are some psychics and clairvoyants cutting back because of rough times ahead that they see?

Yes and no Tom.  Some of these people are convinced that the world is coming to an end, and some of them do see some rough times for their clients.  But as I have said before, you are headed in the right direction, and certainly there will be problems and disasters as there has been in the past—just not something of a world calamity, you see.  You are encountering resistance in several forms, but you will overcome this, as you have written this already.  So ask your readers to continually send white light to the planet.  It will ease your transition, I assure you.

Have you sent white light to the planet lately?  Theo says this acts like a Benevolent Prayer.  Simply send all the love and light you can sent to surround the planet, then release it and let it go to where it’s needed most.  It’s that simple. 


Mike from Texas writes:  Howdy Tom.  Here’s another question for Gaia.  I was walking through the trees on the property where I work (N.E. of San Antonio, TX) and I looked up at the sun and saw a band of pink, looing like the Sun’s aura.  So I got out of the trees and movies to a plave where I could get a corner of the house to block the Sun.  Then I could see that immediately around the sun was a pink ring, then a ring of blue sky.  Next was a ring that resembled a rainbow with the inner edge being a yellow and then greenish color fading into pink again, then another ring of blue sky followed by a very faint ring of pinkish haze.  I have seen a similar sight that was more compact without definite circles around the sun on days that are overcast with thin clouds so I hesitated writing you.   But I kept thinking that this was different enough from anything I have seen before that I would go ahead and send it in and see what Gaia had to say.  It may be interesting.  Thank you.
Gaia, Mike noticed a pink ring around the sun, then a blue-sky ring, then a rainbow ring, then blue sky, then pink.  Comments?

Mr. Mike is quite observant Tom as you can tell.  These rings do have some significance as you can imagine, but from a pollution standpoint.  Yes you are receiving this correctly.  So yes there is some importance in these rings, but more will be learned in the future as to why there is this light around the sun in the coming years.  It simply has to do with what’s in the atmosphere at that time.  Again, a little difficult to explain Tom as you’re not a scientist. 


Dawna in British Columbia writes:  You have asked for some M.B.O stories. I have been using them for a few years now thanks to the Sedona Journal and they work wonderfully.  I am ever so grateful to have learned this easy tool to guide us on our journey on this wonderful planet.

I request the sun to shine on days I'm going out, and voila there it is shining ever so brightly.  Anytime I go to town I request M.B.O's for parking spaces.  And there they are.  I was having problems with an electric knife a few days ago; the blades would not eject, so I said an M.B.O that it come apart with ease and now, please, well...the next pull and be darned if it didn't come apart.

Anytime I feel low I request an M.B.O for the angels of love or peace or joy or harmony or balance or prosperity or wisdom to please walk with me and raise my vibrations, and yes sir within seconds I feel a difference.

I am a healing practitioner and ask for MBO’S for my clients as well.  It is amazing when you ask for this extra assistance.  After many attempts at hooking up the right wires for my modified Xbox from the computer and TV and another gadget ... I got wise and asked for an MBO that it all be put together by me with ease and grace.  Sat in silence for a few seconds and ...once again my request was answered, and I just knew where to plug each wire so that it all worked perfectly. Thanks to our wonderful workers.

My cousin was adding some new gadget on my computer and it wasn't going well, so I talked him into saying an MBO, and of course I said one as well, and as usual it worked.  He found the solution within a very short minute.  These MBO’s are amazing tools.

Anytime my printer or computer gets glitches I request an MBO that they work with ease and grace.  And so far it has worked each time. 

A week or so before I travel I always ask for bare road conditions and a safe and happy trip for me and my vehicle to and from my destination. One time as I was about an hour from my departure it started to rain big time.  Wondering what happened to my MBO I see a very wet young man hitch-hiking. I had to pick him up.  We go another mile or so up the road and I see another very wet young man hitch-hiking... well I have to pick him up too.  With a full truck we carry on. It stops raining within 10 minutes. The next 3 hours drive the sun is shining beautifully.

Asking later that evening why my MBO wasn't effective this was what I received."  Would you have picked up these 2 men had it not been raining?" I am a 60 year old single woman who often picks up hikers.  However I had to admit that no I would only have picked up one of them.   So suppose that 15 minutes of rain was so I could do a couple acts of kindness to some wet travelers.

Thanks to you for your uplifting free newsletter each week. It's enjoyable to read others experience's with MBO’s.  I have gotten much inspiration from them. I am ever so grateful to you for bringing this powerful tool to humanity.

I do recommend that everyone request a MBO for your safety when you pick up hitch-hikers.  British Columbia must be a little more gentle that some portions of the United States.  I used to do a lot of hitch-hiking in my college days, but you don’t see it as much anymore. 


Linda from South Africa writes:  It is only recently that I discovered your amazing website via The Faeries and Angels Social Network and have been putting the MBO’s into practice with much delight.

I have been asking for MBO’s for just about everything including an increase in business and treatments in my holistic/esoteric shop as well as for my own personal protection and safety and personal healing due to a recent accident.

I experienced a bad accident 4 days ago when I fell backwards into a glass coffee table in the centre of my lounge. A ‘10’ inch long, piece of glass, shaped like a dagger, pierced the back of my right thigh just below the buttock and made its way through to the front of my body coming out just below the hip. I remember falling and hearing the breaking of glass but it seemed as if everything happened in slow motion. I lay there for a few seconds thinking ‘Hey, I think I am alright…’ and to my horror, felt the glass sticking out of my leg. When I pulled it out, I stared at the length of it in disbelief! I started bleeding profusely.

I remember saying my MBO’s while I was lying on the carpet, blood everywhere. I knew I wouldn’t die if I said my MBO’S! – I am sure that is what kept me alive until I was rushed off to the doctor’s rooms where I was treated for shock and stitched and bandaged for one and a half hours! I am thankful that it was the leg that was injured and not any vital organ – that piece of glass could have entered my body anywhere, and I put my luck down to the MBO’s that I continued to say throughout the horrible ordeal, even though I knew you had mentioned that it was only necessary to say it once.

I am ever so grateful to my Guardian Angel that stood by me and came to my rescue because of the most benevolent outcome of protection I had requested earlier that day.

Why not everyone say a Benevolent Prayer for Linda (the more you say these the more comfortable you'll become):  "I ask that any and all beings assist and aid Linda in a full recovery from her injury, thank you!"


Sandy writes:  Thanks for your newsletter - always interesting and full of suggestions.
I wanted to follow-up on the blue Pleiadians... are they also the ones who are recorded in Hindu teachings as gods and goddesses such as Krishna, or did these come from other planets or solar systems?

Theo, do the blue Pleiadians have anything to do with the Hindu teachings of gods and goddesses such as Krishna?

Yes, there you have it.  These teaching go back thousands of years and the blue people shall we call them came from the stars and made quite an impression on the uneducated peoples of that time period.  They tried to recapture this, as these people had abilities way beyond theirs, by painting heir bodies blue in honor of these blue people from the stars.  Again, more of this will come out in the ensuing years. 

Were they Pleiadians or another planet in another star system?

More from another planet Tom, but still some from the Pleiades. 

And on a related subject Sunny writes:  I thought there were blue skinned Lemurians  living under western Arkansas.

Are there Lemurians living underground in Western Arkansas?

Yes there were Tom, but few if any today.  They do have the ability to travel vast distances through tunnels constructed eons ago, but their stays in this part of the country are brief.  What is there, of course, are the ancient mines. 


Martha in Arizona writes:  I found you by listening to an online radio interview you had given for Therese Inzerillo, whom I know (we both live in the Phoenix area).  I bought your first book and have been using MBOs for a while with wonderful results, so first, let me say thank you.  Have also discovered Lee Carroll and Kryon through you, and Lee/Kryon have changed my life in wonderful ways.  I met Lee last month when he gave an "Afternoon with Kryon" in Scottsdale, and that was a joy.

I attended a channeling of the Sirians before Christmas given by Cynthia Williams.  She channels entities from Sirius among other ascended beings such as Jeshua Ben Joseph and the dolphins.  Anyway, the Sirians mentioned in this channeling that Obama (as well as Oprah) had been microchipped by some dark entities recently.  (I guess this wasn't "new news", because other people who were attending this channeling had heard this, but I hadn't.)  I'm not too concerned about Oprah, because she isn't the leader of the most powerful nation in the world!  Will you please ask Theo if there is truth to this (not that I am doubting the channeling, but for verification).  And if so, what are the ramifications of same?  As I said, this news (if true)  would certainly cause hysteria if it became generally known. 

Thank you so much for your time.  I look forward to your newsletter each week and have shared your website with family members so that they may benefit.  And thank you for the great work you are doing.  I'd love to attend one of your seminars some time -- I especially love Sedona! 

Theo, What’s the story about Obama and Oprah being microchipped by black forces according to Cynthia Williams who channels the Sirians?

This is rubbish Tom.  There has been no microchips planted on these folks.  This is something invented by those who wish to discredit these fine people.  Ms. Williams let her guard down and was influenced by these dark forces herself.  Let that be a word to the wise.  Always surround yourself with white protective light when channeling for anyone who wishes to communicate with angelic beings. 

I would love to do more workshops, in case anyone has a large enough email list to make it worthwhile.  I do plan on returning in June to Sedona and will have a workshop there if possible.


Diane writes:  When I read what Bruce wrote about that Ball and what Theo had to say about it, I was in great amazement. I too know about that ball..and during that September time frame it had been brought forth to my consciousness. I think there has always been something floating around in my mind about that all my life. And I know it is important but I do not know why.What is it about that Ball that we need to know now?

Now this goes hand in hand. I find it very interesting that you have so many Diane’s that correspond with you. Were we your students before? That is what I feel.  I was going to mention that to you before and then you had brought it up briefly.
What I have noticed with myself, when I am able to tap into my past lives. Is that I gave myself clues in advance for this life. As to the people that I am connected to in this life that were a part of my past.

I hope that makes since. What I am wondering is what is the deal with so many Diane’s around you? LOL You are very Blessed. LOL  Did you ever wonder that? Maybe Theo can tell us. And does it have to do with that Ball. I feel it does.

Diane wants to know why there are so many Diane’s that write in, and were any of them my students in a past life? 

Yes, there does seem to be a correlation between the number of people named Diane writing in.  Their names are or have numerological value and Diane is a seeker of truth, you see.  And yes, some of them were connected to you in several past lives.  They have returned to assist the planet in transitioning to the next focus.

Is there something we are supposed to learn about the crystal bowl mentioned before?

No, not so much now Tom.  As I stated before, they will find it, but it will just appear to be a bowl to them—nothing more.  It will be many years, or perhaps never before they discover its amazing properties.

I think the bowl was just a tool to be used in healing. 

Regarding me being “blessed,” all I can tell you is what Theo has told me in the past—that I’m one of only 10 people on the planet that has had 1,000 or more lives.  So I am quite “seasoned” as he calls it.  Here are some questions I just asked Theo and wasn’t really planning to make them public (but he probably knew).

Theo, as I seem to like religion in all its forms on a soul level, was I ever a Priest or even a higher official in the Catholic Church?

Quite so Tom.  You have been on several occasions, with the highest level being one of the early Popes.  You were not one of the best, as your soul contract was to balance you see.  But there were lives when you did much good. 

Was I around during the Council of Nicaea?

Yes, you were one of the priests at that time, who fought against the removal of important texts.  You were a thorn in the side of a number of people. 

What about the Hindu religion?

Yes, you have been a Holy man in that religion too, but it is more difficult to describe with your limited knowledge of the Hindu religion.

A Buddhist?

Quite so.  You have sampled as many religions as possible over your many lifetimes, Tom. 


What is a soldier’s typical soul contract Theo?

Certainly, a soldier in this life has normally experienced other lives as soldiers and what side they are on this time depends upon what they need to balance—to be one of the good guys, or to be a heartless killing machine.    Each does balance the other.  Certainly leading a soldier’s life can be stressful not only on the soldier, but also their families, who have their own soul lessons to learn from this experience. 


January 19—6 pm PST, 7 pm MST, 8 pm CST, 9 pm EST—www.BBSradio.comJOURNEYS WITH REBECCA.  I’m on with Rebecca a FULL TWO HOURS!  You can call in and ask questions. 


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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