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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


CBS News just announced that the worldwide average temperature was 55.3 degrees, one degree higher than the previous record year of 2008!  What does that tell you about the melting of the ice packs?  Remember, Gaia has said the ocean levels will rise two feet in the coming 4 or 5 years.

I may have to soon start building an ark if this rain continues here in Texas.  Gaia said she was going to change the Pass it Onweather patterns soon; I just did not expect it so soon after it appeared in last week’s newsletter.  But this is a good point to make here.  I sit back and see when and if these predictions, which are given to me, do come to pass just like everyone who reads this newsletter.  I just pass on the messages. 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Flu ShotRebecca writes:  Have recently read that flu season has started early this year and is more virulent than usual. I am sure many of your readers are weighing getting flu/pneumonia shots or taking a pass. Many people are suspicious of the CDC and the push for those over the age of 6 months to get these shots. Could you please ask if there is a nefarious purpose for this push/the reporting of deadly flu cases in the media, or are these inoculations safe and legitimate?

May I remind everyone that I neither recommend nor not recommend taking flu shots.  That’s an individual choice.  All I can give you is the answer I received.

Gaia, are flu shots OK to have?

No, they are not, Tom.  The flu shots contain minerals, we will call them, which do not adjust well to the human body.  On one hand, yes, there can be protection against the flu, but, on the other hand, they can compromise the body because each person is different and has different levels of tolerance to these substances, yet they have the idea that one-size flu shot fits all.  It does not, and the dangers of taking it outweigh the risk of getting the flu.  Even if you do get the flu, the body has natural responses, plus the normal medicines to treat the condition.  So my final word would be, don’t take the flu shots.


I’ve been asked numerous times how long it will be between the major earthquakes on the West Coast, when they begin.  So I asked Gaia.

Gaia, regarding your movements on the West Coast I would like to discuss your timing between events.  Is the first one still scheduled to be the San Francisco area?

Los Angeles EarthquakeQuite so, Tom.

Then how many hours, days, or weeks between that movement and the next one, which I believe you said would be Southern California, if I am correct?

Yes, you are correct, Tom, and it will be a matter of a few days at most.

Will it be broken up into two major events for that area of San Diego and the Los Angeles basin, I’ll call it, or will both quake at the same time?

Both at the same time, Tom.  They are closely connected with their fault system and there will be little difference in time between when one section quakes and the next one up and down the line.  You understand there will be multiple quakes, not just one?

Yes, I understand, but now my readers will too. (Check out the quake simulation my my website from the USGS at

How far down into Mexico will this occur?

All the way past Tijuana, Tom, slightly past the juncture of Baja California.

Then next on the list will be the upper West Coast including Oregon, Seattle, and Vancouver?

Quite so.

Seattle EarthquakeHow long in between Southern California’s movements and those?

Yes, just a week or so, Tom, not too long, as, again, it just depends upon the pressure the fault will exert.

So I want to make sure I have the timing correct.  After San Francisco it will be a matter of days—not a week?

No, Tom.  Not a full week, just a very few days..

Then a week in between Southern California and the upper West Coast?

There you have it, Tom, and, I might add again, there will be literally hundreds of quakes before things begin to settle down over a period of many months.

OK, thank you for your update, Gaia.


Kristine writes:  Thanks for your always-provocative newsletter.  I do have a question though.  It has been stated time and again in your newsletter that each human has a preordained time/circumstance of their death or transition.  That the time and means of their death was already agreed upon in advance of their birth as part of their soul contract.  Why, then, does Gaia always refer to "waiting for souls to sign off" before a catastrophic earth event such as an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, etc.?  If the souls have already agreed to the circumstance of their earthly demise pursuant to their soul contract, then waiting for any souls to "sign off" makes no sense.  Thanks for your response.

Gaia, how does the need for a soul sign-off agree or work within the structure of our soul contracts to exit at a particular time and way?

Sign OffYes, before you are born, Tom, there are certain sets of probabilities in place regarding how the world will operate—I’ll use that word.  These probabilities can include, depending upon where you live, the probabilities of hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.  So if your soul contract calls for you to experience one of those events, or others I have not mentioned, then it is up to your soul and your Guardian Angel to adjust your schedule so that you are there when a particular probability does manifest.

All of your futures are fluid in a way, Tom, and it is quite easy for your soul and your GA to adjust to specific timings chosen for large earth events such as the ones I mentioned.  It may seem complicated on your 3D/5D level, but your souls have done this thousands of times for all of your lives on earth.

So what does that tell us, everyone?  If you suddenly hear about friends that have to suddenly travel to or from the West Coast—basically a lot of movement in any direction, that might just be a clue to a coming event.


I read somewhere that the Sirius A star was our “central sun,” so I thought I Alcyoneshould ask.

Gaia, I read where someone says that the central sun is the Sirius A star—not Alcyone.  Which is correct?

Alcyone, Tom, is the correct answer.  The person that wrote that was mistaken, we will kindly say.


Theo, who created the energy tube we’re in to bridge over to the 5th focus—were they spiritual entities or are we talking about ET’s?

Yes, Tom, it could be both, but in this instance there are spiritual entities, which created this tube for you.  This way, no one ET society could claim credit one day in the future.


Jean-Marie writes:  Any truth to this, Tom?  Did Hillary Clinton get hurt in a plane crash in Iran or is what we hear on the news the truth?

Theo, is there any truth to the report that Hilary Clinton was injured in a plane crash in Iran?

No truth whatsoever, Tom.  This was one of those misinformation stories sent out to cause confusion and distrust.  There was no basis in fact.


For my new readers, Antura is my “brother on another planet.”  First introduced to me in 2008 by Theo as a member of my soul group or “cluster,” he’s coming to see us in 2017, two years after first public contact by the Pleiadians.  I’m writing a book on all of our conversations, which will be out hopefully before June.  I am only including questions from readers, as now all the rest of the questions I’m asking will be just in the book.

Xenomorph AlienSandy writes:  I am curious; could you ask the friend who knows, does any of the Aliens who are out there look anything like the Xenomorph Alien in anything of the Alien Franchise?

You mentioned that the Star Trek creator came from the future, and this critter looks as "alien" as you can get. You also mentioned sentience isn't limited to the Human framework.

Antura, any ET’s out there with the appearance of the Xenomorph creature in the alien movie?

No, Tom.  Certainly there are some really different appearing insect beings, but none as hideous—at least that we’ve discovered so far—as the one portrayed in the film.  This creature was concocted to scare people in a movie theater, and has little basis in fact.

These questions are from Jim, who compiled all the Antura newsletters and was the catalyst for me to begin work on the book.

Antura, who helped build the ancient city of Puma Punku? Puma Punku

Yes, as you were told by Theo, it was built even before most of Atlantis.  It was one of those experiments that did not last.  This was not one of your usual suspects, as you might call us, Tom; again it did not work out.

What are the sizes of the units that generate free energy for you?  Do they vary in size according to their use?

Yes, these machines, or units we can call them, do range in size according to their designed purpose.  Naturally the largest ones would be to power whole cities.

How is this energy distributed to lights, machines, etc., in your city?

There are no wires needed, Tom, and yet there are no harmful rays either.

Is the electric current similar to the one we use?

Completely different, Tom.  As you are not a scientist, it is difficult to explain this function to you.

Spaceship PowerWhat powers the spaceships and is this power unit in the center of the ship?

Yes, for the majority of time it would be fairly centrally located.

We have heard stories of people killed and work destroyed by those who would wish to keep free energy away from our use.  Is this true and, if so, was it private companies, or one or more governments?

Yes, a long-time conspiracy theory, Tom.  Certainly there are some kernels of truth to the stories where large oil companies have stepped in at times to buy off research in order to protect and extend the demand for oil.  Money is a great motivator to someone who has lived quite some time on an academic salary, shall we say.  The stories of deaths have been exaggerated.  I will not say it has not happened, as I would need to scan a number of records, but I do know buying someone off has occurred.

Do you have any sort of ceremony when you mate, or any sort of requirements to officially be together?

No, Tom, there is no need for ceremony as you have.  We are able to feel the attraction, and after a time of courting, we will call it for your purposes, decide to live together.  It is not something where we go jumping from relationship to relationship, as we can feel the other’s vibrational level and whether it is compatible with our own.

Abe SapienAntura, how do you communicate underwater?

Certainly we have developed a number of skills in this department over millions of years, Tom.  They range from hand gestures, sounds we can emit underwater slightly similar to those of dolphins and whales on earth, to mental telepathy.  We use all of them.  This was a good question.

Do you use or have a second eyelid to protect your eyes underwater?

No, not in the way you asked, Tom.  Our eyes are naturally shielded so that we can see great distances underwater, with, let’s say, no transparent eyelid, just our normal one.

How many underwater cities are there on your planet?

Dozens, Tom.  With a population of 60 million some of them are much smaller than ours.  Our city would be considered the central city, we will call it for your purposes.  But there are several other cities that approach our size and then the dozens of smaller cities scattered all over the planet—not just in one region, but all over.

Do you visit the other cities very often, or at all?

My work is such, Tom, that I’m not able to visit the other cities as often as some of our people do.  It all depends upon one’s work, and some of our people must visit these other cities as part of their work.  And, yes, there are a few cities which would be considered more of a place to vacation, you might say, as they are located close to unusual underwater formations of various kinds.

Underwater City & TubesThen I would assume you would use some sort of transportation if you do travel to these other cities?

Quite so, as you can imagine, even as fast as we can swim, the distances between cities would make it impractical, although there are some who do this just because they have the time or inclination to do so.

Are these submarine-type craft, Antura, or do you travel through, say, tubes?

More the latter, Tom—yes, that’s correct.  The tubes allow us to travel at quite a high rate of speed where the underwater craft could not even approach the speed of the tubes.  Good question.

How do the land beings live?  You had stated before you could not see their cities from the air.

Quite so, Tom.  Yes, they must live underground in caverns and places they have hollowed out, due to the changing temperatures as we rotate around our Sirius B sun and also at times face the Sirius A giant sun.  So their lives tend to be underground.

How large of a population do they have?

Yes, several million, but not as large as ours.  Perhaps half as large as our population, as don’t forget their landmasses are smaller than those on earth.

Abe SapienPlease explain a little more about your mate selection and courting.

I’ll try, Tom.  Again, when we meet someone it is much easier for us to identify someone from one or more past lives.  We are not veiled as you are.  Therefore we can identify them both from feelings, but also from auras and from our meditations to see how far back we might go.  Then it is a matter of hooking up, shall we say, where we introduce ourselves and begin to talk about ourselves, our work, and so on—families.  It’s just a natural progression.  But, again, it is this instant recognition, which is much easier to identify than it is on earth where you are veiled.  Over a short period of time we explore our compatibility and decide if we should mate.

Is there a celebration of mating or bonding together?

Yes, rather low key by Earth standards, Tom, as certainly our family and friends get together and there are certain ancient ceremonies we partake in, which could be described as wishing love and happiness for the couple.

How can you tell if someone is not mated?

Yes, it is an instant recognition developed over millions of years.  We do not have the equivalent of rings as you do, but you can tell just by the emanations, we will call it, that they are single.

Do you breathe ammonia gas?

No, that would be harmful to our bodies.  Again, we get into an area you are not schooled in.

Sarah writes:  I stumbled on this YouTube video, UFO footage filmed in the National Forest Park of Fuxin, China, 2012. I wonder if you could ask Theo or Antura if this is real or fake.

It looks to me very real footage, but nowadays with the digital world you never know if it's real or hoax.

Scanning my memory bank was the UFO in China real or a CGI creation?

UFO in ChinaQuite the latter, Tom, but very well done, with just a couple of flaws here and there.  But we appreciate the attempt, as it makes people think and keeps us in the news, shall we say.

Stephen writes:  I have come across a book called "Magnetic Energy: Energy to Heal the Planet."  It was written by a group of people who channeled the message from a galactic source and it has many drawings of devices that utilize free magnetic energy for power.  I want to begin working on building some of these devices but I want to make sure the information provided is benevolent and factual. Could you please ask Gaia if the information given in the book is true and if the devices will work as stated in generating free magnetic energy? Thank you for your weekly newsletters and work you do.

Scanning your records, Antura, would the book “Magnetic Energy: Energy to Heal the Planet” on free energy devices be correct?

Yes and no, Tom.  I did scan our records and the person who wrote the book had some good ideas, but misses on others.  This would be a good exercise for this person who asked to follow, as it may lead to a couple of breakthroughs.  He should request a MBO for the results to be better than he can hope for or expect, as you teach, Tom.


Central TennesseeLaura writes:  Tom, could you please ask Gaia or Theo if living on the upper plateau in East Central Tennessee is safe? There was an earthquake about 7 years ago 25 miles north of where I live, on the plateau; then, about two months ago near Knoxville, TN, off the plateau, 4.5--80 miles east of me.

Gaia, is the Upper Plateau in Tennessee a safe place to live?

Yes it is, Tom.  Those who live there will have a fairly gentle life, with only a few rumblings, plus the typical number of severe storms and tornadoes, but they are quite used to those living conditions.


Sarah writes from Sweden:  I have few questions to guardian angel Theo:

1. I wonder over the survival of the European Union and Euro, will it stay together or disappear; and how about Greece, they have very tough time right now; will they stay or leave soon for the sake of the suffering people?

Crown Princess Victoria2. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, will she ever be Queen for this country?

3. A British family was killed in the Alps of France in the late summer this year, very mysteriously;  who did this? Was it somebody close to the family and will the killer ever be found?

Theo, can you tell me what the future holds for the European Union, including Greece, plus the Euro?

Yes, Tom.  The Euro will be quite volatile this year, along with some relationships within the Union itself.  Greece will tend to drag down the economy of the Union, as they are faced with many fiscal hardships.  They are not the only country which will struggle, but, looking at a longer term view, the European Union will succeed, as it is in all of the countries’ benefits to make it work.  Things will get better after this volatile year.

Will Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden ever become the Queen?

No, Tom, she will not.  Circumstances will prevent this from happening.

There was a British family slain in the Alps.  Was the killer a close friend or member of the family?

No to both questions, Tom.  It will prove to be someone acquainted with the family, but not a close friend.


This MBO story and the next one appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read at, or click on Blog on my website.  I have over 150 blogs with nothing but MBO and BP stories each week.

Shenzhen AirlinesIvy in China writes:  I have been using lots of MBOs in my daily lives and I'm very satisfied with my MBOs.  I have just experienced one MBO, which is amazing, and I would like to share with you what happened.

Last month my sister and I were using a taxi to go to Shen Zhen (China) airport to catch a domestic flight.  We were very tight in timing.  In the midst of the toll road to the airport, the car machine blew out due to heat (I could hear the sound) and the taxi driver quickly pulled over to the side of the road.  He checked the machine and made phone calls to the taxi pool for back up taxi for us since there is no way he could bring us with his taxi. Apparently there was no response from the pool for a back up taxi.  He informed us about this situation and he and I started standing on the roadside and waiving hands to stop empty taxis.  Obviously, given it is a toll road, there seemed no empty taxis and no cars stopped for us.

After 10 minutes, I started my MBO requesting a taxi for us.  Within one minute, a taxi pulled over, crossing from the very far lane, in a quite sudden mode.  We quickly ran to the taxi and asked if he could drive us to airport as we were running out of time for our flight.  He quickly said OK.  The scenario was perfect.  Listen to this.  The taxi is not empty; it already has one passenger who was sitting next to the taxi driver, so both of us would just get into the back seat.  The passenger's destination was also Shen Zhen airport.  He didn't bring any luggage, only one small carry on, so the taxi trunk had more than enough space for both my sister's and my bags.  After we sat in the taxi, the taxi driver simply said that we could pay the fare from that point to the airport.  We just nodded.  We arrived at the airport terminal on time (they dropped us first as our terminals are different) and got on the plane.  MBO’s do work!

Thanks, Tom for this MBO way - the Gentle Way.


Wood Burning FireplaceMarianne writes about two MBO's:  1) A letter came in about a financial issue on New Years Eve that I could do nothing on till after they returned from the holiday. It looked like a significant issue was brewing. I said an MBO for a quick and easy resolution.  When I called the company I had a wait of less than 1 minute to speak to a "human" (that itself is shocking!) and she resolved the problem quickly and easily, to my satisfaction!

2) I've heated my home with wood for decades, and even though I have a lot of experience, I can get the fire going really well, but for some reason my fires don't seem to warm the house quickly.  Last night I said an MBO for an easy time building a nice warming fire, and not only did I have a magnificent "one match" fire start (with less kindling) the house warmed up quickly.  In addition, I got a "nudge" to go fill the stove before the fire went out or got too low to "catch" the new logs!


Karen writes:  I have two questions for Theo.

1.  As we move into 5D what happens to our egos?  Do we still have them?  Are they there, but not as untamed?

Alcoholism2.  I have been introduced to a new theory about alcoholism.  It states that the reason for alcoholism is that the person is lacking in some amino acid.  With the right diet and supplements, one can actually lose the craving for alcohol.  This is the simple version.  Is there any truth to this?

Theo, is there any change to our egos in the 5th focus?

There is a lightening of spirit, Tom, which does tend to mellow the ego just a bit.  There will still be people driven to accumulate more money and the signs, we shall call them, of being a wealthy person.  This will not mellow for quite some time.

Can a lack of Amino Acids cause alcoholism?

Certainly it can contribute to alcoholism, Tom, but is not the main cause of this disease.  Scientists have a long way to go in recognizing the DNA strand that opens the body up to a dependency on alcohol.


Antonia writes asking about an ancient Celtic necklace that has paranormal Celtic Necklaceactivity connected to it.  Here is the link to the story:

Gaia, what is the story on the ancient Celtic necklace?

Yes, an interesting necklace, Tom.  As they have deduced, it was worn in various ceremonies of the time and was infused with this energy.  It would be like comparing it to a recording of images and feelings of that time period.  They should allow a sensitive person—perhaps even someone with psychic abilities—to unlock more of its secrets.  A good sensitive should be able to do that for them.


DECT Cordless PhoneVirgil writes:  I saw some comments on your site about cell phone radiation, but nothing yet about all the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephones) cordless phones, which seem to have taken over the market.  There's a lot of concern that the nonstop radiation of the DECT phones is even worse than that of cell phones.  How harmful actually is the constant DECT radiation from the base unit, and is there any way to protect against it?  Europe has developed some DECT phones that stop radiating in between calls, but they are not too readily available here.  Thanks for any information you can provide.  My wife seems to be unusually susceptible to the radiation.  We hate to have to revert to a corded phone, but would do so if there is no viable alternative.

Theo, can you please comment on the hazards of DECT phones?

The hazards are minimal, Tom.  This is not something a person using these phones should be too concerned with, unless they use them every minute of the day.


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, 

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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