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NewsletterWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


I was happy to see that 26% of those of you who read last week’s newsletter followed the link to SIGNS on my website to hopefully begin saying the very powerful Daily Benevolent Prayer you can print out there.  If you missed last week’s newsletter, read the ALTERING DNA and PAST LIVES topics at to learn why you can make a huge difference in all your past, present, and future lives.  The link to the BP is


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, in meditation (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, when we send light to the world does it actually help those people who have secrets to reveal them?

LightYes, an interesting question to begin the day, Tom. When you send light, and there are many others in the world who send light to the world too, you all have this great cumulative effect of literally lighting the world vibrationally to assist those who carry burdensome secrets to reveal them in the light of day shall we say. So yes, you do assist those such as Edward Snowden to reveal secrets of activities not in humanity’s best interests.

And in that same vein -- Val writes from the UK: Tom, some time ago you invited us to imagine that every Saturday in England would be sunny, and as group consciousness works in magical ways, it was.

I write now to ask if you would be kind enough to ask your readers if they will see every day our seas and oceans cleansed of the pollution being caused by the Fukushima disaster and the rubbish being dumped in them. It is such a magical way to do this, for group consciousness is so powerful and so simple to do. It is elegant simplicity, and costs nothing.

Please let us realize the power we all have within us, and return our planet to the perfect place it can again be.

Sent with love the greatest energy.

So let’s all say the following Benevolent Prayer (BP): “I ask that any and all beings assist in cleaning our seas and oceans of pollution in all its forms, and may the results happen faster than we can hope for or imagine, thank you!”


Annette writes: On November 21, 2013, seven Volcanoes in six different countries all start erupting within hours of each other. Were there astrological alignments needed to assist Gaia with these?

Volcano EruptionMany places on Earth are considered sacred with elements and "personalities," if you will, of their own. I often get the sense of an independent energy/personality with mountains, some bodies of water, and other places. Do these areas have guardians/spirits that are separate from yet connected to Gaia?

Gaia, did you need astrological alignments to assist you with the six volcanoes that erupted on 11/21?

Yes, Tom. That certainly helped. But it is a cumulative effect if you will. I have been moving magma, if you recall from our conversations, all over the world to set up these eruptions. You just did not realize there would be a number, but I do have my reasons and so yes the alignments did assist me, but were not so much the trigger, although that could be debated.

Should I be asking why?

Yes, and I will say it is assisting me in numerous ways, Tom. Not to be so vague, but besides the obvious of adding land mass, the ash clouds assist me in weather patterns I wish to develop, and even the heat created by the volcanoes does assist me. So these are more complex events than the scientists are able to understand at this time, Tom, as they Mountain Rangecan only study the results of the eruptions weeks and months after they occur, and at times will attribute the changes they see to other factors.

Gaia, how would you describe the energetic difference between different mountains and different lakes?

Here we get into some of those four million souls we have discussed before, Tom, that assist me in running earth. There are souls whose job it is to energetically inhabit perhaps a whole chain of mountains, or just one or two magnificent ones. And there are souls who love water and create the energy, which attracts various fish, fowl, and plant life both above and below the surface. The earth is much more complex than your scientists realize, Tom, which is why early man and woman, named pagans later, worshipped the mountains, lakes and streams as they could feel the different energies better than modern men and women since there are souls who do this work as part of their own learning curve shall we say.


Cynthia asked for an update on reported leaks.

FukushimaGaia, there are reports of more leaks at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Your comments please.

Yes, Tom. There are more leaks. But the work of cleaning up the plant continues unabated. This is very dangerous work, and mishaps and missteps will occur. This will be a good lesson for the rest of the world on the disadvantages of nuclear power. But it will become a moot point, as we have discussed before, when free energy arrives very soon now even in your terms and not mine.

So should we be concerned with these leaks?

Yes, but again, the work is proceeding, Tom and the reactor rods and such will be disposed of, but not without problems. The people doing this work will release statements soon, although they will not all be truthful or accurate.


Diane writes: I read the newsletter yesterday and wanted to comment on transgender. When I was teaching, one of our special education teachers (female) was married to a female who decided she wanted to be male! My teammate at the time thought it was funny because I was raising the question about this phenomena.

Lesbian CoupleWhen I encounter lesbian and gay couples, it always seems to me that one person in the relationship is trying to be the other sex. Why is that? Is it because male and female are not gender specific? And to be healthy and balanced you have to be active(male) and receptive(female)? So, are LGBT people projecting the part that they see as "other" into another body?

Theo, is one person in a gay relationship trying to be the other gender, or is it in their DNA signature or strand that neither are gender specific?

Good question, Tom. Neither is gender specific. This forms the attraction between the two, along with, of course, their soul contracts to be in that relationship for the soul’s learning and knowledge. In other lives they will swap and be husband and wife, different sex lovers, and all the other family connections.


Pam in Arizona writes: Many blessings to you. For years I have heard about the tunnels under Sedona and that the government made them. There is a lot of UFO activity in Sedona. I just finished reading Shining the Light by Tom Dongo. In this book, Tom talks about Memorial Day weekend in 1994 when a UFO crashed. In the middle of the night a tractor-trailer rig was seen with a disk on it covered in plastic.

Black Ops HelicoptersThe book goes on to talk about the secret government, the tunnels, and the UFOs the secret government has and flies, also about Light vehicles. That the underground base has been abandoned and they are using the bases in Iceland and South Africa and the Cape of Good Hope now, which are all underground. He also mentioned significant eavesdropping equipment in Sedona now. Also about people being encouraged to receive a medication that will be touted as the greatest genetic breakthrough for disease of all time. About mining the Earth and the Moon. He talks about the Orions, the Renegades from Xpotaz.

I have seen the Black Ops helicopters flying over my house and in our area this year. There is no reason for them to be here. I have called the local police in several of the towns here and the newspaper to see what they were doing here. No one knew what I was talking about. They said there were no other reports about them and they had no knowledge of them. They are so big and noisy how could that be? Cover up?

Could you please ask Theo about all this, and Gaia about the tunnels, and are they still in use? How much of this book is true? I hope this was not talked about before and I have just forgotten.

Theo, are there black ops helicopters flying in the Sedona Arizona area and if so why?

Yes, Tom. The reason is they are practicing maneuvers and to give their training missions away would be to invite closer scrutiny, which they do not wish at all.

SedonaSo they have no missions in the Sedona area?

Not like in the old days, Tom, when it was literally a beehive of activity underground. The training continues, but the underground base has been abandoned as too many people were out searching for it. There are miles of tunnels underneath Sedona as it was a focal point of much secret activity at one time before Sedona became a tourist mecca for three million visitors a year. Their operations shifted to such places as the Air Force base in New Mexico where few tourists venture.

So the tunnels are not in use today?

Only what would be called a skeleton crew, Tom, not a full contingent as before.

How accurate is Tom Dongo’s book?

I would rate it, Tom, about 80% accurate. There were things Mr. Dongo misinterpreted, or in which he reached the wrong conclusions, but quite a bit of the book is accurate.


First Contact Front CoverFor my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Solar System. I’ve posed hundreds of questions to him since 2008 when my GA Theo introduced us. Many of these questions are in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. I have an overview of the book I presented to a group in the DFW Metroplex. The 15-minute segments can be found here:


Antura in the wings, Tom, ready when you are.

Thanks for monitoring my question periods, Antura.

I wouldn’t miss them, Tom. They give great insight into what humans are curious about at this stage of development. It helps us in judging, or estimating, where you are at this stage.

Regarding ETs in general, are you able to see the orbs that surround us with your better eyesight?

A good question, Tom. Yes, of course we can see the orbs which, may I remind your readers, are your celestial guides Orbswho assist you every minute of the day. And to answer a question they would have—no we do not have the same need as you do since we are not veiled as you are. We know who we are, whereas humans are veiled so that you do not know, and cannot access information as to how you have handled problems in the past.

Theo has given you this information before, but there will be those who read your second book who have not read this information before. But, yes, we can see these orbs although we don’t necessarily concentrate on them, yet we can tune in to them should we need to ask a question.

Gray'cie writes: I have a question about Draconian souls and race for Theo. How would Theo describe them and the difference between them and a human soul?

I thought this question should go to Antura.

Antura, is there any difference between the Draconian souls and any other souls of the Federation having lives on earth?

Certainly, Tom. When these souls were created by whatever creator, they have a “flavor” if you will. So yes the souls are different, but you could and can say that about every soul having a life on earth. All souls were given specific interests when they were born. So each soul is unique, but align with other souls from their creator, and then with other souls from other creators with similar signatures or flavors.

Are they the same as Reptilian souls?

Certainly, with similar, but not identical signatures.

Comet IsonPam writes: I would like to find out more about comet ISON since recently you quoted Theo, I think it was, as saying it had disintegrated. However from other sources we hear that it is in fact a huge mothership, and has a great part to play for our earth and evolution. Here are some clips and their sources if you want to read the full messages:

There are also NASA photographs on YouTube of the comet reappearing on the other side of the sun as it swings back towards Earth, and it definitely didn't disappear!

Antura, Comet ISON was not a giant mothership, was it?

No, another made-up story for someone to have their 15 minutes of fame. The comet was just that—a comet.

Lainie writes: I have read accounts of people being abducted by Greys. I have no memory of being abducted, but had an encounter with a Grey about 15 years ago. I was asleep in my bed and suddenly woke up. Something startled me and there it was at the foot of my bed watching me. I stared back for several seconds, closed my eyes, and said, "Please go away. You're scaring me". When I opened my eyes it was gone. I know it was real, Tom. Can you ask your guides why it was in my room? I have two grown daughters. They have no memory of any ET encounters. Can you tell me if they were abducted when they were younger? Thanks to your guides for any information.

Antura, was Lainie or her daughters abducted?

Yes they were, Tom. She was abducted many more times than she realizes. No she was not abducted and rejected. She should have a hypnotist take her back and start opening up those memories, along with her children.

UFOs over Washington DCSam writes: I am reading FIRST CONTACT now. As I was reading the section on how the ETs can take readings on a large crowd as they fly over, the news was on regarding a piece on the Olympics in Sochi. The thought came to me that with the amount of info they are collecting about individual feelings, etc., is it possible that a person planning to commit a terrorist attack could be identified?

And can this info be provided to a government to prevent a terrorist attack at an event such as the Olympics? Since the Russians have good relations with the ETs, maybe they could request their assistance.

Or should the government and organizers just use MBOs and BPs to keep the event safe?

Great book, I am understanding much more about the universe and the earth experiment.

Antura, I’m asked if the ETs would be allowed to advise the Russians of any planned terrorist attacks, or would this interfere with, or go against, the Earth Directive?

Yes, Tom. I’m afraid it would be against the Directive. We must allow these situations to play out as there are soul contracts involved.

Sochi Will there be any attacks that you can see during the Olympics?

No, it will be peaceful, with the exception of demonstrations by those calling for lenience for gays.

Anne Marie writes: Any thoughts on the below link? Seems exciting, information finally being released...but is it too good to be true?

Antura, is the information accurate regarding the artifacts found in Mexico that appear to point out interactions with ETs?

Quite so, Tom. It was their best way of showing, or recording, events at that particular time, but the depictions of spacecraft and even ETs were close to how they saw these events take place.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which has only MBO and BP stories sent to me by readers around the world. Please contribute your stories! You can access all these stories on my website

Inflamed AppendixYvette writes: MBO story. My husband was really ill one week before Christmas with severe stomach pains. We didn't know what was wrong with him. He had an ultrasound and a CT and nothing was showing up. I eventually took him to our local emergency department on the Sunday before Christmas. The doctors did blood tests, but nothing was showing up.

The next day (Monday) the surgeons were pretty certain that the pain was appendicitis. They decided to operate on my husband that evening. I said an MBO: “I ask any and all beings to help Simon have a Most Benevolent Outcome for his surgery today. May he have the best surgeons, doctors, and nurses looking after him and may the outcome be even better then he hopes for or expects. Thank you.”

My husband’s surgery went really smoothly and was straightforward. The pain was coming from his appendix. Nothing was coming up on the scans because his appendix was tucked up under his rib cage. He had great staff looking after him and the best thing was I got to take him home on Christmas Eve and had him home for Christmas. His recovery has been even better then I hoped for or expected. Thanks, Tom.


Marian writes from New Jersey: Been meaning to write you about our family's MBO experiences for a few months now. But first of all let me wish you and your family a very wonderful, abundant, and healthy the most benevolent way! Even though I have all the Kryon books and have attended Lee Carroll's workshops with my husband, I just started my subscription to The Sedona Journal of Emergence this past May. When I came upon your column I decided to try asking for a "little" MBO - for being on time to our granddaughter's recital and to find a good parking spot.

RecitalTo backtrack a little bit, her recital was at 2 pm about an hour and 15 minutes from where we live. Our oldest daughter told us to leave early because parking was always a problem. I told her no worries because my husband and I work only till 12 noon on Saturdays (he's a veterinarian and I work with him and our son who is also a vet).

Well, it was one of those days where it got busy and, of course, we did not get done at noon. On the way there I told my husband about the MBO request to find a good parking spot and get there on time. After circling around a bit, we found a spot right in front of the theatre and we got seated just before the recital began! Our daughter Lisa couldn't believe it. My husband and I just looked at each other and smiled. After the recital I told our 11 year-old granddaughter about MBOs and she asked me to write it down for her.

Now for the "bigger" MBO: Your June column had mentioned about asking for MBOs for safe travel, smooth check-ins, etc. I had taken my June and July SJE issues to read at the airport and on the beach at our annual family Caribbean vacation. There were 13 of us traveling - my husband and myself, our oldest daughter and her husband and three girls, ages 13, 11, and 3; our son and his wife and seven month old baby girl, our two young-adult daughters and a boyfriend.

Caribbean VacationEverything went very smoothly and it was by far the best vacation we've had in the nearly 30 years we've been going away. So, this is where it gets better...At check-out time, we were running a bit late and the driver of the airport shuttle bus decided he couldn't wait and left! The hotel concierge told us that there is another bus coming to pick up passengers, but it's not with the tour company that we were signed up with. He asked one of the employees to call the tour company, but nobody was answering the phone. In the meantime the kids were getting nervous that we might miss our flight. My husband and I just silently said MBOs.

Our oldest daughter was getting very upset because we had less than an hour to get to the airport and check in and go through security. We finally got on the next bus and it was so amazing how everything just went so quickly and how everyone just literally guided us through. On the bus going to the airport the coordinator called to tell them to keep the desk open for us to check in. When we got to the airport, the airline employees checked us all in quickly and guided us all the way. Even people who were ahead of us told us to go ahead, knowing we were in a hurry. We literally just got settled in our seats when they closed the airplane door. It was one of those "whew" moments, but my husband Larry and I just squeezed each other's hands and said silent "Thank yous!"

I've given one of your Gentle Way books to our daughter Lisa, and now we all say MBOs for anything and everything! Even our two older granddaughters now say MBOs as well as two of our clinic employees. MBOs REALLY DO WORK!!! Even our son Lucas truly believes in it. When he went to Las Vegas in October for a bachelor party he asked for an MBO to win at the casino along with an MBO for a great weekend. And yes, he won $400 and had a great time!

Thank you so much for this magical gift, dear Tom, and God bless.


Theo, some people claim to have found Noah’s Ark.Noah's Ark

Then those formations have been studied and are natural—not an anomaly according to Snopes:

Is that correct?

Yes, you are correct, Tom. The researchers and leaders of those expeditions wanted so badly to find evidence and, I might add, finance their expeditions, that they cooked the books you could say. They made claims after finding shapes that could have been a boat and ran with it. Again it was for notoriety and money.


Bald EagleMary writes: What is causing the deaths of shore birds and bald eagles in Utah?

Gaia, I’m seeing numerous stories of sick Bald Eagles not only in Utah, but even in Texas. Is this caused by the West Nile Virus, or for some other reason?

Yes, Tom. Much of the sickness can be traced to the West Nile virus, Tom, as the Bald Eagles eat the carcasses of dead birds or birds they kill that have the virus, thereby spreading it. So that is the main reason, as your scientists are concluding. Most can be nursed back to health, but some are too sick to make a recovery.


Bob writes: Christmas/Nativity questions: How much of the biblical version of Jesus' birth is fact? Was the birth of Jesus "special" at the time? Was Jesus a "virgin" birth? Are the biblical versions of Joseph and Mary accurate? Thank you for a reply.

Nativity SceneTheo, how much of the nativity scene in the Bible is accurate?

About 50%, Tom. We have discussed before how his birth was actually in August and not December as was chosen by the Catholic Church in order to attract those pagans who celebrated the end of their festivities on that date. There is a more complete story, as related in the book you recently asked about by Dianne Pegler, and I told you quite a bit of the book is accurate regarding who the wise men in the biblical story were, and how they protected the family and assisted in spiriting them away before any harm could fall on the family.

Was there a virginal birth?

Again I remind you, as before, that the soul fragment of the man who became known as Jesus had great abilities and certainly creating life in the womb of Mary was no problem for him.

I have a whole series of newsletters on Jesus listed down at the bottom of this newsletter under SERIES, should you wish to read more.  Dianne's book is THE SACRED ORDER OF THE MAGI.


Theo, how close did the Atlanteans get to the energy level of the Harmonic Conversion we experienced in 1987?Atlantis

Not too close, Tom. Their demise occurred over hundreds of years and it could have been reversed except for the greedy factions who wanted everything. They eventually destroyed each other, so no, they never even came close. Which is why you are so lauded across the universe for attaining such a high vibrational level in such a short time. None of you on the planet can appreciate what a significant achievement that was, as others had tried and failed.


In last week’s newsletter (, it seemed to a couple of people that the answers Mongolian Blue Spotregarding Mongolian Blue Spots were contradictory, so I followed up.

Gaia, is the Mongolian Blue Spot limited to that region of Asia, or does it appear in, say, Japan too?

It is quite limited, Tom. The Blue Spot, as you were told before, was originally to remind those people where they originated, but was lost over thousands of years. The genes that make possible the blue spot over time migrated elsewhere through trade, wars, subjugation and such to other parts of Asia and, yes, to Japan, but those souls did not necessarily originate from Sirius. That’s why you were given two answers.


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