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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, sent out one day early as I'll explain below.   And welcome to all our new subscribers.  Please visit my website to read all the old newsletters.  There is a huge amount of information for you to ponder.  One other bit of news, my publisher is working on my second book, so sometime in the next few months you'll have a chance to read all the stories that have been sent to me in the past year.  


Lyn writes:  What a joy and a blessing you are.  It's New Year's Morning and I had to write to express my appreciation...and excitement.. with this wonderfiul new and gentle approach to life!  I always believed that angels were out there...but did I ever think that I could have a relationship with them?  Not until a friend gave me the 2 chapters from your website and I started inviting them into my life, did this incredible and easy miraculous living start to unfold.
    My daughter and I were taking a girls' weekend down to New York City and I read the chapters out loud to her on our drive there.  It would take too much space to tell you all the marvelous things that joyously fell into our laps (will mention that we got "bumped" up to the most expensive seats for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular!!!)

   From that weekend (only 3 weeks ago), I realized that life has a splendid, happy, and simple addition...our guardian angels are there for us!!  So many amazing things have happened, but let me tell you the biggest wow! One of my wonderful jobs is that of "Pet Nanny".  I live in people's homes and care for their beloved pets while they are away.  It was the Saturday after Christmas and I was living in a home with a Great Dane and a greyhound, the last day before their family returned.&nb sp; I was also stopping in twice a day to care for two different family's cats.  I was at the second home, feeding cats, when I had that dreaded feeling of the stomach flu bug hitting me like a bolt out of the blue!  I was feeling sicker and sicker, and just barely made it back to the dog's house, crawled up to the bathroom...spare you the details here...and then wondered how the heck I was going to make it through the day with all the animals looking to me for their needs.

I was going through my list of "who to call...even someone who could at least take the dogs for their afternoon walks, when of course, I realized I needed to request for the MBO!  I had just gotten your book a few days earlier, when I also remembered about the condensed time concept.  That's what requested!  Tom!  It was profound!  As I was lying on the bed and dozing off, I felt I was being rocked back & forth, then slowly awoke to feel the nausea go up and out of me.  I sat up and felt fine!  I thought a few minutes had gone was two hours later.  But I was able to walk the dogs, finish cleaning the family's house, visit the cats again, pack up and head for home.  I felt like you feel the day after you've had the, it seems I had the 24-hour bug in 2 hours!

I have been telling absolutely everyone about The Gentle Way.  At the hair salon yesterday...created quite an audience!!  I would love to do a little class.  I often teach feng shui at a local recreation center and I think offeri ng a small class there based on your book would be such a neat way to share with lots of people.  What are your thoughts on having someone like me facilitate a class?   Thank you so much for "hooking me up" with my guardian angels!  Life will never be the same!

For Lyn and anyone else out there that would like to facilitate a class on The Gentle Way, let me know and I can point you in the direction of some of the usual questions people ask about the book, plus I can hook you up with my publisher so that everyone in the class can have a book as part of the class. 


Kelly writes:  Hi Tom...this one just happened.  I was returning from grocery shopping and while driving noticed my cell phone was missing.  It wasn't where I usually put it in the outer pocket of my purse...nor was it in my 2nd likely coat pocket.  I was already a bit stressed from a full work day followed by shopping and knowing I had hungry mouths at home to feed and dreaded the thought of having to retrace my steps.  Well, I immediately requested an MBO that my cell phone was in the car.  As soon as I pulled into the garage, I heard a phone ringing.&nb sp; I immediately thought the angels were letting me know I could relax as the phone was in the car....just a matter of locating it.  Sure enough, it was in the trunk.  How it got there, I can't imagine.  Besides, I rarely get calls on it.  Weeks pass without a single call.  It is just used for emergencies.  I thought then that maybe my husband had called.  No.  The caller ID was of an unknown number and area code I wasn't familiar with.  No message, just a missed call.  The timing was impeccable.  The ring happened literally within 2 minutes of my request.    Divine intervention?  I sure think so!

Kelly added:  It seems that I actually experienced a sort of "layering" of MBO's last evening.  Prior to my grocery shopping, I requested an MBO that I'd be able to accomplish all I had planned at the store...finding what I had intended, finding a perfect parking spot, lots of space in the store and quick and moving check out... (no crowds) so that I could get home swiftly and be able to put together dinner in a relaxed manner without time pressures.  Well, The phone ringing in the car immediately let me know I didn't have to go back to the store (more time for me).  You see, it was in the trunk, but not visible.  It was quite dark and under a bag.  I wouldn't have seen it... nor looked in the trunk, of all places, had it not rung.  I can just imagine that I would have gone to the store looking and having a fruitless search, not knowing it was in the  trunk if it hadn't rung.  I believe the angels were working on the MBO I previously requested that I could have a leisure dinner prep. time.&a mp;nbsp; In fact, it gets better.  My 14 year old son approached me at the door and was very up beat saying "I love you mom, repeatedly.  More than usual and it seemed to instill a leisure/calm mood in me after such a busy day.  In fact, He willingly helped me make dinner!  That is an all new occurrence.  So all of these situations show how this leisure time request was honored too.  I am so grateful!

Thank you sooooo much for introducing this concept to the world.  It is wonderful.  Many, many thanks. 


John writes:  Tom, I have been wondering how often one should repeat a request for a benevolent outcome, be it from your Guardian Angle or other beings, guides and masters?  I have often read that to ask again and again is undermining your request and shows a lack of faith.  In other words ask once and know it is done. Your thoughts or maybe those to Theo.

Sandi writes:  Jim & I have both been saying 2 MBO's from your book, every morning.  "I request a most benevolent outcome that my personal established identity in all of its forms be safe & secure from harm & corruption by others. Thank You."  & " I request a most benevolent outcome that my computer hard drive & all my programs remain safe & secure from harm & corruption by others.  Thank You."  We got our credit card bill today & on it were long distance phone calls from Germany for almost $350.  While Jim was on the phone with the credit card company another call was charged to our account.  I requested an MBO for a positive outcome for us while he was on the phone trying to straighten this mess out.  The charges are being dropped & we are being issued a new credit card.  We are just wondering why the MBO's we request every morning didn't work.

Amazing how all of these come in on a similar topic.  Benevolent Outcomes are to be requested for something SPECIFIC for you.  If you request the same thing over and over then you are letting fear and uncertainty creep in and that’s not good.  You don’t need to request that your credit cards and identity be safe each day.  I only said that request once, but didn’t limit it.  TRUST in the process.  It works PERFECTLY!  And for Sandi and Jim, they not only learned a lesson about requesting MBO’s, but it also turned out OK in the end. 


Keeping of our theme of this being a Self-Help Guide newsletter, along with the book, here are a couple of suggestions for lowering your credit card debt this year.  My wife and I bought a smaller house a year ago to “downsize” since our kids were grown and we no longer needed a house in the most expensive estate area in Dallas.  

We took out one of those cash advance deals with one of our credit card companies, thinking the old house would sell before we ever had to start paying.  Over 300 days later and no sale yet, it came time to start paying.  My wife said if the interest was no more than 16%, we could live with that, but wanted me to call to see what the rate was.  I requested a MBO, phoned, and the customer rep said it was 15.94%.  I asked if they could lower it, she asked me to hold, and came back later lowering it to 13.94%.  She also said we could call back in a week or two to see if it could be lowered some more, which we’ll do.  I think they will, even if I have to ask for a supervisor to nicely ask them—I think there’s at least another 1 or 2 points to go.  

So here’s the deal.  The average household, according to a TV news story last week, has $11,000 in credit card debt.  If you were to lower your percentage 2 points then you’re saving about $250 a year.  But it can get even better.  Back in the year 2000 we had the worst business year ever.&am p;nbsp; We made almost no money that year and went $80,000 into debt with credit cards to keep the business afloat.  We wondered how we would ever get them paid off, when a class was offered locally called “Invest In Your Debt.”

It had some great advice.  Instead of trying to pay off the largest credit card debt, or the one with the highest percentage, you take the smallest credit card bill you have.  Let’s just say it’s $500 with a $50 minimum payment.  While still paying the minimum on the other cards, you take the monthly savings from lowering the percentages and apply that to paying off the principle of that debt.  When you have totally paid off that credit debt, you go to the next smallest and do the same, except this time you use the money you were paying on the first debt to begin paying off the second one.  Perhaps that payment is $80 a month minimum, but now you’re paying perhaps $160 a month on that one (and the minimum starts lowering as you pay off down the principle).  It starts building from there you see!  By the time you hit the larger card or cards, you may be able to make payments of $300 a month or more!

The whole idea in a bad market economy is to lower your debt down as low as possible, in order to ride out whatever challenges we may face.  DO THIS TODAY!  DON'T BE AFRAID TO NEGOTIATE.  My daughter gave me a pullover with the saying, "Fear is Not An Option."  Have no fear, just say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my credit card company to lower the intere st percentage, thank you!"  Then make the call.  

Next, one of our subscribers, Cindy Belmonte writes:  With the current economy, I know there are many, many people requesting MBO’s for jobs. I would like to extend my help if at all possible for anyone who would be interested. Our company, Globalpreneurs, is reaching to the next dimension of Internet communication, which of course is video. We have a marketing platform for virtually any business that includes conferencing and presentations, and we need people all across the country to help us market it!  

Their website address is .  Her email address is: and phone is 805-520-3733.  I am not endorsing their program, but simply passing along information from our subscribers. 


For those of you who missed the previous newsletters, I was surprised one day to learn from my Guardian Angel Theo that a being from another planet was planning to come visit us a couple of years after the first contact is established by the Pleiadians (who look just like us) around 2015.  And I was informed he was part of my “soul cluster” or group who was having a life in Sirius Star System.  I was expecting him to look more or less like us, but was extremely surprised to learn he’s an amphibian (see the movie Hell Boy II for some resemblance).  Nothing like variety in the universe!  Here are the continuing questions I asked and his responses.  

July 15, 2008
Anturara—How many people live in your city?

Actually less than one million Tom.  I know you thought perhaps it would be even smaller than that in your perception, but we have a fairly large city that was built over a very long period of time and expanded many times as you can guess.

So would there be more than 750,000  people there?


But less than one million?

Yes, but slightly less.

What type of transportation do you use within the city?

Here it will be a little difficult to describe for you Tom.  We do have people movers shall we say, but totally different than your people movers.  It’s as if we float on air, but in reality we use a form ofmagnetics that propels us across the city.

Do they ever breakdown and suddenly you can’t float?

No.  These devices almost never malfunction Tom.

Have I had previous lives on this planet, and if so, why this particular planet?

The answer is yes to your first question.  You have had a number of lives on this planet over the ages.  You had lives here before your earth lives, so you can imagine how far back in your time terms this would be.  

Why so many?

Your or our soul group was attracted to this creation millions of years ago and started having lives here.  It’s the same attraction that causes a soul to want to have a life anywhere in this universe.  They are attracted to what they can learn and how they will learn it.

How long has your race been in existence?

Longer than you can imagine Tom.  Millions and millions of years.  

How many children do you have?

Two children, Tom.  

Male and female of two of the same gender?

Two males you would say Tom.

How are they schooled and for how long?

Yes our school system is totally different than anything in your concept Tom.  We have pods for learning and they spend time inside the ca psules and learn at a very rapid rate as the information is fed directly into their brains, according to what interests they have that are determined by what we will call their DNA profile.  

How long has your race been able to travel to other planets?  

Millions of years Tom.  

That’s the same for the stars?  

That was a little different, but not by too much.  We experienced a rapid development in that area.

Was it because you were visited by other cultures?

Yes, they were ahead of us in development Tom, so that greatly sped up our development too.

How many planets are you in contact with as a planetary society now?

Plenty Tom.  Well over 200 at this time.  

How many planets are you aware of in the universe, which are inhabited by intelligent beings?

We are aware of many thousands Tom.  Some wish to be left strictly by themselves.

How many are in the Federation that you spoke of before?

About that 200 number Tom.  You can imagine the wide variety of intelligent life that belongs to this Federation.

Will we join this Federation in the future?

Yes, we think so Tom, as a number of the members consider themselves as part of your forefathers.  

How many of the planets in the universe are you aware of that have humanoids?

Good question again—probably on the order of over 50% Tom.  That’s a best guess right now we’ll say.


Jane Adams sent me this poem.  Her father contacted her while driving and she had to pull off the road to write this poem.  

Death, the Experience
    ~ From my Dad,
            the day after his funeral.&nbs p;         
From there to here is nothing
the blinking of an eye.
Right from one dimension
to another.

It seems I must have
done the thing
that I came back to do.
Their pleased with me
and yet
I don’t know why.

Knowledge is abundant here.
Their telling me I’ll know,
when all I’ve done
will pass before my eyes.

It seems that life
is just a visit
there on planet earth
to teach us lessons
that we need
to learn.

And now I’m here
and I can see
the error of my ways.
I’ll do it better
next time I return.

My soul said
I could leave with you
a portion of myself
for when you need
that extra strength
to win.

And I will try to help you
in all that you will do.
I’ll always love you
Till we meet again . . .
~ Jane Adams


Prairie Dog
This was sent to me by my friend Brad Steiger:
From &a mp;ldquo;Finding Beauty In A Broken World”
by Terry Tempest Williams, (an environmentalist committed to showing man's impact on the land.)

"I watched prairie dogs every day, rise before the sun, stand with their paws pressed together facing the rising sun in total  stillness for up to 30 minutes," says Williams. "And then I watched them  at the end of the day take that same gesture 30 minutes before the sun  goes down they would press their palms together in perfect stillness. I  don't mean to anthropomorphize, but when you look at a creature that has  survived over the millennium begin and end each day in that kind of  stance, it causes one to think about one's own life and speed and rapidity  in which we live.”


Just a quick note:  If anyone in the Dallas area is planning to attend Lee Carroll’s and Kryon’s one day seminar January 10, my wife and I will be there too.  I might bring a few books if you wish to have a signed copy, or bring yours and I’ll sign.  The newsletter is going out one day early because of this event.  

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week and EXPECT GREAT THINGS THIS YEAR!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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