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Happy New Years everyone and welcome to this first edition of my weekly 2009 email newsletter, and a special welcome to all of you who’ve signed up over the Holidays.  Many of you must be forwarding this on to your friends to see this level of interest at this time of year.

But also this week I received two requests from subscribers who wished to be removed from the email list.  This was quite unusual, as normally I might receive one a month.  So perhaps I need to explain what I’m trying to pass along to you through this newsletter, and that means going back in time a little. 

I’m sort of a hybrid in a way—one step in the business world and one in the spiritual world.  My wife and I run an international film and TV program distribution business.  I was quite happy doing that and assumed I would be until I retired one day, while requesting Benevolent Outcomes in my personal and business life with great success.  Then in 2005, I went into a directed meditation in Sedona, Arizona and spoke to an Indian Shaman named Reveals the Mysteries, living in the 1600’s in the western part of the United States.  He informed me that I was a Shaman living in that same time period named Still Water, that I had reincarnated into the 20th and 21st Centuries to “reintroduce” people to “The Gentle Way,” and that I was supposed to write a book about my experiences, along with “other books.”  Was I surprised!  I did as he said and that’s how the book came about. 

I haven’t mentioned this before, but in the past few months Reveals the Mysteries passed away in his time period.  When he informed me of this, I responded asking why he had not informed me he was about to transition, as he had promised he would.  He was in his fifties, which was quite old for that time period, having previously explained that the average life expectancy at that time was in the thirties.  Keep in mind they had no horses or canoes, which came later.  Everywhere they traveled was by foot (“sturdy feet” he described them) and they were constantly hungry during the winter months, even though they migrated farther to the south. He said I was busy, and besides, he’s now one of my guides, so it’s even easier to communicate. 

I couldn’t imagine how I would come up with any more books, but besides the earthquake e-book on the website, I now have probably at least two books with all my communications with my Guardian Angel Theo and Gaia, plus I have over one-third of a book already with the amphibian Antura, part of my soul group or “cluster,” living a life in the Sirius B star system.  Now I just have to find the time to put them together. 

Because I wrote this book for all faiths and beliefs, I realize there are possibly a number of you that find some of the above hard to believe.  But if I told you that the universe is much more complex, spectacular, and amazing than any of us can understand, wouldn’t you at least be intrigued to read more and possibly learn more, just as I have?  I know that requesting Benevolent Outcomes made me a much more spiritual person, and that in turn opened the door for these wonderful, loving souls to communicate with me.   My Guardian Angel Theo says that at times I’m “lit up like a Christmas tree” when I’m communicating, as there is a lot of energy sent my way.  And it will be the same for you, should one of your 2009 resolutions be to try these “active” meditations yourself.


In the December 6 newsletter, which for those new to these newsletters you can view on the website under ARTICLES AND NEWS, I wrote about the passing of our good friend Joy, who contributed to my book and to this newsletter.  What I did not mention was an incident that happened on the way from the hospital to our friends’ house, with her daughter, family, and her husband following my car.  It was dark and although I had been there the previous Saturday night, I had a hard time finding the street, as there were no streetlights.  I finally pulled into one of the streets so that my wife could find our friend’s telephone number and call him for directions. 

I got out of the car and went back to her daughter’s truck to tell them what we were doing and apologized.  Joy’s husband Robert had continued down the street and I found out later that he had given his daughter directions to the house.  When I started to get back in our car, suddenly the door slammed into my head, with the corner of the door hitting me just above my right eye.  I was stunned for minute, surprised that it popped back at me, as there was not that much wind.  It may have even bled a little, as I recall.  Luckily my friend Barbara had one of those mini ice packs in the refrigerator and I applied that for an hour or so.  I wound up with a real “shiner” of a black eye.

Later I would wonder more about that, so I decided to ask Theo.  Here’s what I asked on December 9:

Theo, did Joy slam the car door on me or was that an accident that I needed to endure for some reason?

Yes Tom.  There was a push from the other side.  We will discuss that at a future time, as yours is short now.

So now I am intrigued.  On December 13 I asked:

Theo, so was Joy shoving the car door into me for some reason, and if so why, or was it just an accident?

Yes Tom, that was Joy shoving the door into your head.  She was cross ways with you because she didn’t think that her death, as that moment in time, was a benevolent outcome.  She was upset Tom, as on a physical level she didn’t think she was leaving.  She had blocked off that possibility as many people do, especially if they are going to experience a sudden death of any kind.  She understands much more now that it was her time to go according to her soul contract and feels sorry and regretful that she injured you.

But that must have been my soul contract to experience that, wasn’t it?

Yes, in a way Tom.  What you have learned from this experience is how a person, or their soul fragment can act not only just after death, but also yes for months or even years afterwards.  That is part of the death angel’s duty is to comfort them and bring them up to the next level you see, as they are often confused and upset.  You will receive more information when you speak to Joy soon.

On December 14 I asked:

I would like to return to the subject about soul fragments being able to move things.  How is that accomplished?

Fairly easily, Tom.  You just concentrate your energy in one spot—in this case with you--the door of your car and then voila—it moves.    So not so sophisticated, but yes it is a little easier if you have just departed your body and are still focused on the earth instead of going to the next level with the death angel, whom I might mention was appalled by the violence to you.  They are much more used to simply confused and yes angry people, but not to the extent of physical action. 

I was told to prepare my questions and that she would be ready to speak with me, so on December 21, I began:

OK Theo.  I prepared my questions for Joy, so I would like to communicate with the fragment of the soul we knew as Joy B.

I’m here Tom.

Good day Joy.  I’m happy we can speak today.

I’m pleased and happy too Tom. 

So are you rested now?

Yes, quite so.  I’m ready to begin anew, although I will have a few more duties associated with my past life before I can move to the next one you see.

OK.  How long does it seem you’ve been resting, since time is not in operation or effect there?

Quite a long time.  You’re quite correct about there being no time.   I was in a very restful place and was assisted there you see.

What sort of place have you been resting at, according to your beliefs?

Oh it was, as you might guess, a very beautiful facility with lakes and streams that I enjoyed all around.  At least that’s what I created for myself Tom.

Let’s get into some questions about the day you passed over Joy.

Yes, let’s Tom.

Your daughter thought that your soul might have passed over the first time you flatlined.  Did it happen then, or when was the silver cord released?

No, it did not happen then, Tom.  I was fighting and observed from above what was happening and the action of the nurses and doctors, you see—what some people call a near death experience. 

When did the soul that we call the death angel arrive?

Oh she, --that was the appearance she gave me—was there from the first time I flatlined until the end Tom.

Which was when they gave up on the chest compressions?

Yes, around that time, perhaps a little before, but certainly just about that time. 

OK, so the death angel was telling you it was time to go, yes?

Absolutely Tom, and I was saying it was not.  I was resisting leaving.  She explained to me that my soul had chosen this time to leave.  She had lots of energy, as you and Dena noticed when I saw you put your hands up with the palms facing the bed. 

Then next, did you leave or stay with Robert for a while?

No I was resisting leaving, and my love for him I had.  I wondered how he would take care of himself, but I was assured by the death angel Margaret, was the name she gave me, that he would be taken care of by his own daughter and her family, along with all of his friends.  Still that was not enough for her to break me away, and as you know I followed all of you to your cars and then for the trip to Robert P.’s house.  When you became lost Tom, I must admit that I shoved the door on your head, as I did not think that it was a benevolent outcome what had happened.  Margaret was appalled, as Theo told you.  I did stay around Robert’s house then for a while, but Margaret said it was time to go, so we left.

So did you notice any tone, music, lights, tunnel, or what?

Yes, the trip was very beautiful as we rose in the sky you could see these brilliant lights all around with celestial type music.  I knew, but I didn’t know, as I was still veiled you see. 

Before we go into that Joy, could you please assist Robert.  As you probably know, he cannot find the diamond ring, or some notebooks.

Yes Tom, and I do want you to tell him how much I still care and love him too.  It was just my time to leave.  I had that extra bonus year from the time of the car wreck, and it was filled with a lot of joy and pleasure.

OK.  I will pass that along.  Since I may not do this correctly or with ease, can you tell me if the diamond ring is in your house?

Most definitely Tom. 

OK, is it in the bedroom?

It is not in the bedroom Tom.

OK, what about the bathroom?

No, not there either. 

OK, kitchen?

Yes.  Have him search the drawers there Tom. 

I’m surprised you did not put the ring in your bedroom, Joy.

It was a last minute decision, Tom.  I had to run out the door, so I slipped it off and placed it in a drawer for safe keeping until I returned, you see. 

Where did Robert put the address book?

Oh, he will find these with a little more searching Tom.  They are in some clothes he wore.  A pocket. 

He was quite stunned by your passing Joy, so I’m sure you can understand his mindset at this time.

Of course I do, Tom. 

So back to your arrival.  Where did you arrive?

Oh it was a beautiful setting Tom.  Just as I have always envisioned it to be.  That’s the key you know.  It’s what you want it to be—Grand vistas or an intimate setting, a building, gates, a beautiful forest—whatever will make you the most comfortable.

Who was there to meet you?

Certainly my first husband, as you can imagine, Tom, plus other relatives that passed over before me, cats, and a few friends who I had known in this life.  It was a very joyful celebration—a great reunion as these things are.  It makes the transition that much easier. 

So then where did you go?

I was taken by Margaret to a pleasant place.  A cottage, and that’s where my soul group started taking over for Margaret and she said goodbye.    This is where I’ve been for some time, resting after a long life with many challenges that I gave myself.  Now I will start my planning for my next life, while still keeping a fragment of myself around Robert and my daughter, so that I can continue to assist them in their lives you see.  I still have those connections and will have until they all pass over themselves.  But I’ll be there at your New Years party and will be sending all of you my energy and light.  I know you will all take care of Robert, and I’ll act as one of his guides. 

OK Joy.  I guess that’s all the questions I can ask for the moment.  I hope I received most of what you told me. 

Yes, I think you did Tom.  And I do apologize for my impulsive action at the car.  I could not see the larger picture, as I’m able to see now.  I lashed out at you for that reason. 

Yes, Joy.  Apology quite accepted, and later as you know, I laughed about it, as we all know how feisty you were in life.  That made you a special friend.  I do wish you a good life Joy, and perhaps we will speak again one day, if I’ve forgotten to ask something, or improve on my reception.

You will continue to improve.  I know that you will contact Robert for me and tell him how very much I still love him.  We will have other lives together tell him, so he hasn’t gotten rid of me just yet. 

All my love Joy.   

December 23, 2008

Joy, you mentioned duties last time in respect to this past life.  What would those consist of?

Yes, Tom.  I do have some duties.  First, I know you were going to ask me about reviewing my life, and yes, we have now done that.  It really does not take that long on this side of the veil you see.

Who did you do that with?

Oh certainly my soul group.  Naturally we are very close and supportive of each other.  And my soul itself is there to share.  There are no real judgments that are made Tom.  We review the soul contract and the changes that I made during my life.  It’s in a way very complicated, but not really on this side you see. 

Are there any other duties that you need to do?

Yes, as you can imagine, I need to give some comfort to Robert during his grieving period, plus to my daughter and family.  And yes, I know you were going to ask me about the Memorial Service in January, and I wouldn’t miss that, now could I?

No.  You’ll hear only good things said about you.
How many lives have you lived on earth now, Joy?

Oh a few hundred—I’m not a really old soul, but moving along shall we say.    The number is around 452 Tom.  Yes.  That is close. 

OK Joy.  I must leave you now, but I do wish you a good life and I hope we’ll be able to see each other again some day.

Oh, I’ll be in your welcoming committee, along with welcoming my other friends.  It’s always great to see old friends when they pass through the veil again.  Tell Robert I do love him dearly, and will always be there for him. 

I will.

December 26, 2008

Ok Theo, now I wish to speak to Joy.

Joy here Tom.

Good morning and good day Joy.    Is there some reason Robert cannot communicate with you in meditation?

Yes, Tom.  He is blocking my attempts to speak with him.  Tell him he needs to relax more and have a notebook to write down any impressions and words that he might think, as those will be from me.  Tell him to relax more.  He can do it if he doesn’t try too hard you see.

OK.  I will pass that along.  He has searched for the diamond and the notebook and has not found either one.  Did I mis-receive their location, or do we just need to narrow it down?

You need to narrow it down a little Tom.  You did not mis-receive me as you term it.  The diamond is in the kitchen in a drawer almost in plain sight. 

Is it near the sink or on the island?

Nearer the sink Tom.  He’ll see it even if he has to take out all the items in the drawer. 

What about the notebook?

That may be a little more difficult for him Tom.  It was in a pocket and now may be lying on the floor in amongst some clothes.  He will find it eventually.

OK.  Did you buy a Christmas present for him?

No.  I thought I had time to buy one.  When I told him I had finished my shopping, I meant for the relatives.  He was next on my list.  Now I wish I had you see, but such is life.  Please tell him my love for him is his Christmas present and it will be there for all times to come and all the Christmas’s yet to come in his life Tom.  Love is so much more than a present you see.  And I think he’ll understand that too.  It is everlasting love Tom. 

Yes.  Thank you Joy.  I must go now.  I wish you a good life and a great next one on earth too.  See you at the New Year’s party, or perhaps D. will. 

Yes, she may Tom.  You’re not quite there yet in that development. 

A couple of notes.  I decided that this would be the last time I would contact Joy, as the soul I was speaking to I could feel was no longer the personality we knew as Joy.  Robert did find the notebook, but in a pile of papers, not a pile of clothes, and he still hasn’t found the ring.  Either I did not receive this properly, although I asked two or three times, or he just hasn’t looked in the right drawer yet.   So please don’t email me and ask me to help find Aunt Maggie’s pendant or something.  Maybe finding something like the ring is supposed to come through “inspiration”—that “whisper in your ear” as Theo calls it.  And here is one more question I decided to ask Theo:

January 2, 2009

Theo, why is it that when say Summer Bacon contacts Dr. Peebles, he seems to be that special personality that he was during this past life on earth, yet when I contacted Joy, her personality did not seem to be there?  Please explain.

Yes, Tom.  Dr. Peebles kept this unusual personality shall we call it, as he knew that it would assist him in getting his points across.  With your discussion with the fragment of a soul that was Joy, she already was passed the time of needing that personality.  That was also a lesson to you and others.  While on earth you do have a particular personality, but once you depart, you revert back to the all-knowing soul spirit that you are.  She had done that you see.  What seemed like a few days for you on earth Tom seemed like many days and weeks to her in her resting period.  She had many visits and took part in many activities as she slowly acclimated back to the knowing soul spirit she really is.  It was good that you noticed, as again, that is one of the lessons you can pass along to your readers.  You are much more than the personality you cloak yourself in during an earth life.


If you missed the first three parts, they’re in the past three newsletters on my website

July 12, 2008
Good morning to you Anturara.

Speaking of mornings, since you live under the sea, how long is your day or the time period you are awake and working and so on, or do you sleep?

Yes, a good series of questions Tom.  I’ll take the last one, yes.  We do sleep.  Not as much as an earth human, as we do not need to, but yes we do sleep and do dream, which as you’ve asked before, most beings in the universe do dream.

Our days would be considered long to you—20 hours or more would be the equivalent.  As these days we’ll call them are not so stressful on earth, we are able to be awake and work and play and study and so forth for longer periods of time. 

Is your recreation swimming, or do you have other physical activities?

Yes, we obviously do love to swim Tom and that is our recreation.

So you don’t have games as we do, or do you?

No we do not.  That will be one of the things you’ll probably introduce us to – you meaning humans when you start visiting all your neighbors, uncles and aunts, so to speak.

Are you in a long term relationship with your mate, or do your periodically change mates?

Yes we do periodically change our mates as we grow or through stages of our lives.  We all remain friends and children are always welcome in our dwellings with the new mates.  This is, after all, a much easier existence with not the great turmoil encountered in earth lives.  A big happy family, for the most part. 

How many people live on your planet?

No more than 60 million Tom.  That is a nice number, which gives everyone plenty of space. 

Do you take your children and mate to other planets with you, including new ones you are contacting for the first time?

No, not the ones we are just contacting, as this can take much time.  Yes, they have gone with me to neighboring planets to see other cultures, just like you take vacations on earth.

How is contact made with other planets?

Good question Tom.  Normally we seek out the leaders of a planet after careful study from afar, or at least where they are not able to see us and be concerned.  This might also be a joint mission with beings from other planets, as we work closely with a number of other planets or societies in this federation of planets, in which we’re a member.  So persons are chosen that would most relate to the society we are wishing to contact to introduce ourselves so that there is no concern by those we contact that we are there for anything but a peaceful, fruitful contact where we can offer them things that can be used by a less developed society.  Naturally this is done when we feel they have reached the stage we can contact them where it will be beneficial for all parties.  Of course, this is coming for you soon Tom, and you’ll get to see the process first hand. 

Next week I’ll have a longer conversation, as this email is long now. 

Just a quick note:  If anyone in the Dallas area is planning to attend Lee Carroll’s and Kryon’s one day seminar January 10, my wife will be there too.  I might bring a few books if you wish to have a signed copy, or bring yours and I’ll sign.  The newsletter may go out one day early or one day late because of this event.  I’ll be working on that newsletter this weekend, which is why this one is a day early. 

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week and EXPECT GREAT THINGS THIS YEAR!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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