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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

September 14, 2019

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this WelcomeF.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP), as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your vibrational level.


I’ve started asking questions of the Faerie King this week. Please send me more questions. And please send more MBO and BP stories as I not only need them for this week’s Blog, but also for next week’s to be sent early as we are taking a trip to East Texas in our friends’ motor home next weekend.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Jim in Florida writes: Gaia has mentioned many times that she used weather to remove negativity from her body. Was the hurricane over the Bahamas that stayed for 24 + hours just to cleanup negativity or just a happening?

Thanks for everything;
by the way I have others saying MBOs now.Hurricane Dorian Destruction

Gaia, was the Dorian hurricane over the Bahamas to clear negativity or more for soul contracts?

Good question, Tom. Certainly a large storm like this clears a lot of negativity not only in the Bahamas, but also especially along the coasts of the United States. But in the case of the Bahamas, as you suspected, there are many younger souls having lives there—we are talking about fewer than 100 lives on Earth. So the majority of the people having lives there have not ever experienced the complete loss of their home and/or businesses; and yes, we can add in friends and family as the death toll will be quite high.

So, to answer your question, much more an experience they must have in one or more lives. Now they must find ways to recover and rebuild their lives. There is much learning for their souls. Some will give up, while others will find ways to rebuild and will make them stronger in the end.

Pam writes from Houston, Texas: With the devastation of the Bahamas and the Hurricane Dorianloss of life there and elsewhere, did our BPs help? Could you ask Theo or Gaia if it did help, how much it helped?

At first, I thought that yes it did, but then after the carnage and demolishing of the Abaco Island, I am left wondering what more we could have done. For example, if we had started praying sooner and/or if we had gotten more people to pray.

Could you add this BP in the newsletter for all to say,
“I ask any and all beings to assist in protecting people, pets, animals, property, and roads from harm from any storms and hurricanes during this year so that minimal damage occurs. May the results be better than we can hope, imagine, or expect. Thank you!”

Gaia, did our BPs help in any way with Dorian, or were there not enough people Hurricane Dorian Survivorswho said the BP?

All the people who prayed for it not to make landfall – and we are including everyone here who said a prayer out loud—were instrumental in me keeping it off the East Coast. Regarding the Bahamas, notice that first it veered away from Puerto Rico, but then missed most of the Bahamas. The two islands that received the brunt of the storm had many young souls who had to have that experience, whether they died in the storm, or survived, but are homeless now.

So yes, you, those followers of yours who said the prayer out loud, greatly assisted, but it would have taken hundreds if not thousands of people for the storm to have been reduced to a lower level and to have veered away. This will come in the future, Tom, so please understand that there will slowly be more and more people who join in saying the same Benevolent Prayer as you suggest.


[Note: I am using the older spelling of the word “fairy” as opposed to the more modern, English version referenced in quotes.]

(9/7) Now, I have questions for the representative of the Faerie world. Who would that be?

Good morning, Tom, I represent the faerie world.

What name shall I call you?

Let’s not be concerned with that right now. I’m here to answer as many Fairiesquestions as you have about us, and I realize there will be more in the coming days.

How long have the faerie people been on Earth?

Quite a few thousand years, Tom. It was even a little before the introduction of the Homo-sapien bodies [60,000 years ago], so quite a long time. We came from another universe, and were attracted to the amazing forests of Earth. We asked Creator if we could live here, and Creator said yes, with the understanding that the Earth Experiment, as it is called, would be conducted here. We are allowed to interact at times.

Are the faerie people on all continents?

Not quite.

How many faerie people are there?

Thousands, now. We have our own lives, all centering around forests. Our society is complex, yet each is respected.

Is there a faerie world in the sea?

There are those that would label mermaids and such as faeries, but they have Fairiestheir own world. Much is hidden from view from humans, as it would put not only our faerie society in danger, but other societies as well.

Do your people travel, or do you mostly remain in the same location through your whole life?

We are allowed, if you will, to move about, but we have much work to do in the forests, so we tend to stay close to our homes.

How many types of faeries are there?

There are a number of varieties in the faerie world, Tom. We can get into those as you do research, or your readers ask questions.

Are leprechauns considered part of the faerie world?Leprechauns

Oh yes. They have their duties, as we have ours.

All of you have the ability to shift your frequencies, so as to not be seen?

Yes, we were given that by Creator, so that we would be protected.

How long are your lives?

Much longer than humans at this time, Tom. We don’t have the same stressful lives you have, so our lives can be much longer than yours.

That’s all the questions I have for today. Thank you for speaking with me. I hope that the questions I will ask will be much more detailed.

I’m sure they will, Tom. Good life.

Good life and a long one. By the way, would I consider you a male or female, or something else?

No, I am a male, Tom—yes that’s correct.

Thank you.

(9/10) Now I wish to speak with the Faerie World representative.King of the Fairies

Good morning, Tom.

Good morning and good life. I have more questions for you thanks in part I’m sure to my guides.

Yes, I do know they assisted you, Tom, but we will have more sessions like this is the future, should you desire, as your readers will ask questions and contribute too.

Good. Let me first ask, how large is the faerie world?

Yes, Tom, it is quite enormous. We are talking about, yes, hundreds of thousands of faeries all across the world. We are not part of the Earth Experiment, as you were previously told, but we are important contributors so that lives on Earth continue.

Then would you say, one million, five million, or more?

More Tom. I know that seems hard to believe, and it will be for your readers, but we are, for the most part, the unseen, silent helpers of the plant world—and yes we can add in trees too. You could say we are the great gardeners of the world. We sing to them, love them, and care for them.

Then would you say you are better at communicating with the trees, plants, and Fairieanimals than are humans?

Oh, quite so, Tom. Humans do not realize all these are truly living things with souls. Slowly, humans are coming around to that idea, and there are many humans that love their fauna, but most have not learned, with the exception of a few people like you, that you can communicate with them. We can, and do.

What does the faerie world do for amusement?

Ah, that is a very broad question, Tom. We do have our gatherings, I will call it, where we dance and sing, and tell stories. These gatherings provide opportunities for our younger members of the faerie world to meet and court, you could say. We all have our work, but the human saying of “all work and no play makes for a dull existence” is quite true.

Then it sounds as if you have some of the same traits as humans, yet still are quite different?

That is exactly true, Tom. We understand why you are on Earth and, like everyone, commend you for taking on being veiled, but the veil is very slowly starting to lift, and we will be around to see it happen and to see a more gentle side of humans—more love for the plants and trees and animals.

How are your leaders chosen?

Not so much by voting, as it is handed down to those who were born to be a King and Queen of the Fairies depictionleader. Keep in mind that our lives are much longer than yours. We resolve our conflicts, or the person in the leadership role rules any conflicts.

Elaborate a little more?

You could say a combination. Some leadership roles are passed on from father to son and mothers to daughters. That is just the way our system was set up.

What are the duties of leprechauns?

They are caretakers of the forests.

How many types of faeries are there?

Several hundred, Tom.

What are your duties? Are you considered one of, or the King of the faerie King of Fairiesworld?

I am, Tom. It was felt important that I speak with you, as your writings will be read for a much longer time than you realize or know at this time. I coordinate the faerie world as there are many leaders with many different perspectives.

How large are faeries?

That is a difficult question, Tom, as there are so many different types. We can narrow it down to specific types and then I can give you more specific information.

[This came from Paul.] Can humans invite faeries to their gardens, or yards?

You can request an MBO for them to come.

OK, that’s all my questions for today, King. I look forward to our next conversation.


For my new readers, Antura is my soul brother. We’re fragments of the same soul and, for the Earth Experiment, we are in a cluster of eight soul fragments of our soul. After 800 lives on Earth, Antura is back on the planet we originally came from, called Nommo. It’s a water world in the Sirius B Solar System. OurSirius A & B astronomers do not yet have the equipment to identify planets in such far flung star systems, but we’ll get there one of these days.

He’s a member of a “first contact” team that goes out all over the universe (and has even traveled to the universe next to ours to see the differences) to study and contact emerging societies. You can read about two of his missions in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are the questions I asked this week.

Daralyn writes:
In this week's newsletter you had a letter from someone who experienced missing time and asked if she had been abducted. That reminded me of a time when I was in elementary school and experienced a period of blank time. It might have been a week or so, and when I "came back," my class was working on long division, which I didn't understand how to do. What happened to me then?

Antura, could Daralyn have been abducted and missed time at school?Child Abduction

Yes, Tom. She lost the memory of being taught the subject in school when they wiped her memory of the experience. She had actually been taught along with the other kids, but the memory wipe went a little too far. We are speaking about Zetas here.

Ray writes: More on the Ark of the Covenant, WE MUST KNOW MORE!!

1. How was the Ark of the Covenant discovered, did the people at the time salvage it from a crashed UFO, and if so what happened to the rest of the UFO?

2. How big is the Ark of the Covenant?

3. Since it's part of a UFO, why didn't any ETs come back to take back the Ark Ark of the Covenant depictionof the Covenant that you received is part of the Ship's motor?

4. If it is displayed one day, how will the toxicity of it be "turned off" or removed so that the viewing public doesn't get contaminated?

5. If it is displayed one day, which country will it be displayed in?

6. Do people in any of the world's Area 51's (Russia, China, UK or USA) that work with UFOs on a daily basis know that the Ark of Covenant is part of the ET ship's motor?

7. Has any famous person had a private viewing of the Ark, much like Nixon saw ET bodies and UFOs?

8. Have the current and previous Presidents and Prime Ministers of Ethiopia known that it is located in their country and have they visited it?

9. How do the guards and people who have access to the Ark interact with it, do Ark of the Covenant Depictionthey bow down before it as sign of respect? Do they say religious prayers to it?

10. Considering how it may look, do the guards/ people who look after the Ark actually ponder on what it actually is, for example did it really house the clay tablets?

11. What would be the soul interest of the guards/people who protect it, is it Religion?

12. As the life of the guards are short, how are the people who look after the Ark chosen or recruited to look after it. Do they belong to a secret society?

Antura, how was the Ark of the Covenant discovered?

It was not the Ark at that time, Tom. It was the spaceship spread out over the Crashed UFO Depictionlandscape, as it broke up when it crashed. The energy the part of the motor gave off was easy to be felt, so they ignored the rest of the craft, except to have a general idea of what happened.

How big is the Ark?

The depictions of it being carried by several men are basically correct. It did not require animals or an army of men.

Why didn’t ETs retrieve it?

By the time the search party arrived, it was too late. They would have had to Alien Body Depictionfight for it, and they were more interested in the bodies of their comrades.

If it will ever be displayed, where would it be?

Naturally, in the country of Ethiopia.

Are other countries aware of its origin?

Yes, but they have craft of their own, and now that it is looked upon as a religious symbol, it is not going very far.

Any leader of a country had a private viewing?

Most have heard the story about the radiation and are in no hurry to view it without protective suits.

How do the people that guard the Ark, or are involved in any way, treat the Ark? Do they bow or say prayers?

Yes, it is more saying a prayer.

How are the guards chosen, and what is their soul interest?Ethiopians

They volunteer to be the guards. Their soul interest is as soldiers. Most are working or balancing lives when they were involved with nuclear devices.

Antura, were more motherships added recently to orbit the Earth, and if so, I thought there was a maximum number that would be allowed?

Yes, Tom, but your maximum number has not been reached. We are limiting the number of ships from other universes.

[From Quora] Antura, is there a race called Draco, and if yes, where are they from?

Yes, kudos to your reader. The Dracos are just the name of the Reptilians. They are not from another universe, but from another galaxy.

Jerry writes: I found few of your newsletter articles talking about galactic Star Wars. Thus, I have few questions.

Was Star Wars limited to our galaxy only?Milky Way Galaxy

Could our creator step in and force peace by either forceful or peaceful means? What was his reason for allowing it to continue?

Were Reptilians more technologically or militarily advanced that allowed them to continue war for such a long period of time?

If we are the only society in the universe that deals with negative energy or emotions, what possessed Reptilians to create such a negative event like war?

What was the main cause of the Star Wars?

Antura, was the war with the Reptilians/Dracos just limited to our part of the galaxy, or were there other wars going on with them?

Yours were not the first planets they attempted to take over. They had already done this several times, not only in their galaxy, but another as well. Our planets looked like easy pickings, you could say. They were surprised at the resistance.

Why wouldn’t the Creator step in?Star Wars

Creator allows. Children must be allowed to settle their own disputes, Creator feels.

Were the Dracos more technologically advanced than the planets that eventually formed into the Federation?

Therein lies the answer, Tom. There was no organization. All the planets were in small groups, and not organized. But yes, they had some weapons that these planets had not yet developed, as there seemed no reason. Everyone was at peace.

What were the Reptilians’/Dracos’ goals?

Simply to take over the planets and use their resources.

Susan writes: Can you please ask Antura or one of your guides if this group of lights in the sky are UFOs -- and if so "who" they might be?

Footage was taken near Casper, WY, (about 100 miles from me), on 7-27-19. Click here.

Antura, were there ET drones over Casper Wyoming on 7/27/19:

Yes, Tom. These were drones taking readings, controlled by one spacecraft.


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at lens Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way! You can now, for the first time, sign up to receive notification of the Blog, along with a link.

Carol writes: I went to put in my contact lens and found one of my contacts was missing, not in the storage case. I looked everywhere, gave up and called the eye doctor for a replacement lens. I had already asked for an MBO to find it. About two hours later I found it on the floor in another room! Sometimes it's hard to have patience!


Dee writes: Last Sunday my husband and I decided to take a trip to southern Indiana for the day. We live in central Indiana. Before we left I said an MBO for our little day trip. I asked for a happy and pleasant day, safe driving, safe drivers around and about us, delicious meals and an all-around fun day. Well, needless to say, we had a wonderful day.Southern Indiana

The next morning when I got in the car, it would not start. Hubby checked it out and wasn’t sure what was wrong. So we had AAA tow it to the local car repair shop that we like that is near our home. I said another MBO for them to quickly determine what was wrong and for a fair price to do the repairs. It turned out it was the fuel pump which is an expensive repair. We were told it would be $750. It turns out that this price was right in the middle range for the typical cost for this particular repair for our car. My husband found a coupon for 10% off which they honored and we ended up paying less than the initial charge we were told. We were able to pick it up around 4 pm the same day.

I’m sure because of the previous day’s MBO request, the car managed to make it home before the fuel pump stopped working. We stopped several times and it could have died then, but it didn’t. This made it so much easier to have repaired since we had been about 125 miles away from home at one point.

MBOs really work! Don’t leave home without saying them.


Ron writes: I was in the hospital all week long, came home Friday night. Forgot PasswordI had left my computer on. Turned it off right away. Then went to turn it back on; OMG forgot my computer password. Tried four different times didn't work. I was really confused. It was late, so I made an MBO to have my password revealed to me. Went to bed, woke up the next morning at 6:30, and bingo, my password appeared in my mind immediately. Typed it in and bingo, it worked. I love MBOS and use them often.


In recent newsletters, you’ve read about various “setup” lives I’ve had, before a significant life for someone else. The first example I became aware of is my wife Dena. In this life we will probably be together for over 60 years. Her next life will be back in ancient Egypt, 12,500 years ago, where, as a male, he will be a Egyptian Pharoahgreat leader for his people, and I will be his assistant. That is a past life for me—I’ve already had that one, and it probably came not too long after I migrated with 25,000 of my followers from Poseidia to Egypt. More recently, you read that a friend of mine from grade school onward will next have a setup life with me as his mother, and then our next lives together will be when he is L. Ron Hubbard, and I will be his second wife Sara Northrup and will help him write Dianetics, the beginning of Scientology.

Theo, do all people have “setup” lives as I do?

Yes, Tom—just not the number you have. And their lives may not have the same dynamics as the ones you must have, assisting leaders to lead in the most benevolent way possible. You would be amazed to see what you have been able to suggest to leaders. They do not always follow your suggestions, but in the majority of cases they do. They see good results when they do follow your advice.

An example of that would be my life as a close friend and advisor to King King William IVWilliam IV, who was the King of England from 1830 to 1837. During that short time period he accomplished the following:

1. Slavery was abolished in almost all of the British Empire;
2. Child labor was restricted;
3. The “Poor Law” was significantly modified for relief of the poor;
4. The British Electoral System was refashioned.

I find it interesting that a lady named Emily Eden wrote,
"He is an immense improvement on the last unforgiving animal, who died growling sulkily in his den at Windsor. This man at least wishes to make everybody happy, and everything he has done has been benevolent."

Even before becoming King, he outlawed the infamous “cat-o-nine tails” for punishment on ships, except for mutiny.


I'll call her Sylvia writes: ***Mother and daughter-in-law relationship and issues***

For a lot of people, I have noticed a negative pattern between mothers-in-law Mother in lawand daughters around family members and friends. No matter if these people are Westerners or Easterners. It is somewhat harder for the Easterner’s daughter-in-law, as the Elderly has more “power” over younger generations.

I used to be close to my mother-in-law; she was like a second mother prior to becoming pregnant and a mother myself.

Once I got pregnant, I felt she was projecting her past pregnancies onto mine. It felt like she wanted to take ownership of my pregnancy, and became very intrusive. I knew then it would become harder after the baby was born. Despite my daily BPs and MBOs, I was unfortunately right about that. Things got even worse. I had to fight, so to speak, to claim my status as mother and reminded everyone that should have one’s place as a role in a family, i.e., a grandma is not here to be another mother to the newborn.


Why in this world do we have so many conflicts between mothers and daughters-in-law in general?

Is it because subconsciously the mother feels that the daughter-in-law “steals Mother in Law“the son from her?

Is it because we simply switch roles between lifetimes, i.e., I was or I will be an annoying mother-in-law to her in the future, so I currently live this?

While dealing with tensions like this, what is the way to heal and learn my lesson quicker with this person or anyone in a similar situation? I am saying tons of MBOs and BPs.

Shall we simply remember that each experience we have with others, no matter how bad they seem to be, are done out of love?

Theo, why do mothers and mothers-in-law seem to have many conflicts?

Yes, it is part and parcel of the close familiarity between the mother and her son, and where she has been the main woman in her son’s life, now she has to give up that place to another woman, knowing deeply that the control she had as his mother is being usurped by another woman. This is part of your learning in these lives—learning to let go. For some, it is much more difficult than for others. Lots of MBOs can be said to make this process go smoother on both MBOsides.

Then, do the mothers feel that their sons have been stolen?

Not so much stolen, Tom, as their matriarchal status has been eroded or stripped.

So I assume, with these soul clusters, there is a reversal of roles over a number of lives?

Yes, until the soul fragments are older and wiser, and learn to send love to each other. You should send love to each other every day—even when you don’t feel it, send white light. That will ease the tension, I can assure you.


Gaia, can you give us an update on the free energy machine?

There has not been much of a change since we last spoke. There has not been Electricitythat breakthrough yet, but they are getting close. Just be patient. The greatest probability is for this to occur in the next three years. Say a BP for it to occur even sooner, Tom. It’s like greasing the wheels.

Let’s say this BP out loud: “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist those who are working on a free energy machine to complete their work even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”

My guess (and it is just an educated guess) is that it will be some philanthropic company or organization, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.


John writes: Rudolph Valentino

1. Is the 1920s movie star Rudolph Valentino incarnated now? And has he been Rudolph Valentinoa recognisable famous actor in another life known to us?

2. Any reason why he died so young at 31-years-old? Click here.

Theo, is Rudolph Valentino incarnated in this time period?

Yes, he is, Tom, this time as a woman.

Why was it his soul contract to die at age 31?

His soul’s desire was to experience being looked at as a great film star, which he achieved. But he had balancing to do from a previous life. In this life she will continue in the arts. This is a learning life for her.


Charlie writes: More on John Wilkes BoothJohn Wilkes Booth

An article has claimed that John Wilkes Booth evaded capture and lived nearly 40 years under different identities. Facial recognition software has identified other men and Booth and claimed they are the same man.

So, did Booth get away for nearly 40 years living under false identities or did he indeed die at 26-years-old in 1865? Click here.

Theo, did John Wilkes Booth die at age 26 in 1865?

Yes, he did. Rumors of him staying alive have persisted.


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