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April 4, 2020

Tom T. Moore



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Here is a link to a neat video just published of the Mars Curiosity Rover going up a steep hill, plus they have a couple of other videos. Click here.

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Ralonne (my editor) saved all of these, so I will be reinstating them as soon as possible. (Have already done a few).

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Before the questions, just remember you can say OUT LOUD: “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to remain completely healthy, and to be guided away from anyone who is ill, thank you!”

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(3/13) Gaia, what is the highest probability of when the stock markets will Stock Market Graphstabilize?

This will stabilize a little bit farther in the future, Tom. Don’t forget that every industry is being affected. There will be many small and medium size businesses that will have to declare Chapter 11, with some converting to Chapter 7. As the cases of infection slow down, so will the stock market begin its slow climb back up.

Will it dip below 20,000?

There will be measures taken to try and keep it above that floor, we will call it. One thing working in its favor will be that the number of cases will dramatically slow down soon. Quarantines will prove to be effective. Other governmental assistance will be announced to shore up these businesses with assistance to hourly workers and almost zero interest loans to these small businesses.

(3/13) Fain writes: Here is a very interesting article. Gaia has said we would find a way to cure illnesses caused by Viruses. Is this possibly the answer? Click here.

Gaia, can highly potent stem cells cure the Coronavirus?Stem Cells

There have already been some successes in using this method, Tom. What you should notice here is that there are a number of new treatments being tested that will be used to treat viruses of all kinds. When a pandemic such as this occurs, millions are thrown into research, resulting in breakthroughs in treatments.

Sherry writes: Is President Trump ill/sick? Whenever I see him lately, I feel like he is not well at all. Thanks for all you do.

Theo, is Trump ill? Will he contract the Coronavirus?

He will remain relatively healthy for a man his age.

(3/29) Diane writes: After this Coronavirus is over around June or July, will things go back to "normal" or will prices on a lot of things go through the roof?

Airline tickets, hotels, restaurants, gas prices, health care costs and many other things?

Will people have different ideas about life and dealing with problems in a Airplanes in Las Vegasdifferent way?

Gaia, how long will it be before life returns to normal, and how many of the large corporations, if any, will have to declare a Chapter 11?

Second question first, Tom. Yes, several large corporations will have to file a Chapter 11, even with help from the government. The probability is that perhaps one or two, already which were struggling, will have to permanently close their doors. That’s the highest probability at this time.

Regarding when life will return to normal? It will easily take six months or more is the highest probability, at this time. People will remain highly cautious, especially those who are living in fear right now. These are mostly younger souls. The drugs they are testing right now will prove to work on this virus, plus the heat of the summer will reduce the infections to a tiny percent.

Roger writes: I know you are busy and seem so eager to bring us wonderful insights! It's such a necessary and beautiful endeavor! I have been a Seraphim angel practitioner for ten years! I've been reading the Sedona Journal for years, as well. I don't mean to be impolite, but I must tell you this. Many spiritual channelers, enlightened beings, and apparently the benevolent ETs have given us platitudes and answers like it's for our soul growth, etc. Partially true, to be sure.

But the last few years some have started to 'fess up' about the incredible Covid-19obstacles. It's been hard to thrive and nurture ourselves and Mother Earth, when powerful humans and some malevolent ETs have engineered their dominion over us. Only recently has Arch Angel Michael (thru Rona) and others talked about dark energies, etc. I know there are agreements and solutions that must be decided upon, just like the disclosure you have been waiting for. But I think it might be time for your guides to come clean. This Virus was engineered to reduce population by some of these dark forces because they know their time is limited. The tide is turning and we need you to be a beacon for this marvelous light coming to our world. The platitudes aren't working anymore. I always appreciate your newsletter. Looking forward to more complete disclosure, at all levels. Blessings from Michigan.

Gaia, was the Coronavirus created by some sort of dark force?

People like to—and we have discussed this before—blame these things on people, as the idea that they just happen in nature—naturally, with the agreement of your souls—is quite fearful to them. If you recall this comes under the heading of bucket list items—a “Plague,” and many younger souls had never experienced this in prior lives.

So, the idea of someone doing this to restrict travel or create a world currency are just conspiracy theories?

Exactly, Tom. May I repeat here that people would rather blame some evil people, than to try and understand that this occurred with your souls’ agreement? And may we repeat our description of a large bus traveling down the road and screeching to a halt. There were and are many lessons to be learned, and many lives will be changed for the better.


Melody writes: I was listening to Debra Silverman at The Conscious Life Expo 2020.  She was talking about government and our Mother Earth. I want to know if Gaia plans to use our Pluto return in United States 2023 to start the changes of Mother Earth, the volcano releasing built up energy and the earthquakes. I have Return of Plutonoticed that Gaia has used other major Planets/solar systems to move Earth. I have attached the video from YouTube for you. Click here.

Gaia, will Pluto’s aspects to Earth and the US astrological chart in 2023 cause volcanic eruptions and earthquakes?

Yes and no, Tom. You cannot single out just one planet, as they all constantly aspect the Earth. A good astrologer knows that all of the planets must be taken into consideration. Am I avoiding this question? Yes, in a way, as there are other considerations, which I have mentioned before. And that, my friend, is the desires of your souls. What do they want to happen in that time period? The future is not writ, you can say. Since that is the time period we have discussed before that is within the five year period of time, from 2022 to 2027.


Gaia, how far out does the space-time continuum extend for the Earth Space Time ContinuumExperiment?

Yes, Tom, it certainly encapsulates this solar system, as it would be quite difficult for humans to explore such places as Mars if all the planets and their moons were in positive energy alone. After that it switches over to positive energy for your purposes. But by the time you do reach the stars there will be adjustments that will allow you to visit other star systems. Good question, Tom.


Mary writes: Thank you for your newsletter. In October 2019 I visited Washington DC, and had a dream where I heard someone say “May 14”. Since then I’ve been obsessed with the date. I tried to intuitively look into the date and saw: our country without movement (mass quarantine, martial law?), saw fireballs or something similar falling out of the sky over Russia (don’t know if they’re meteorites, small satellites or space junk breaking up), and a bomb blast May 14, 2020in southwest China. I don’t know if it’s a real read or ‘psychic noise’.

I study numerology, May 2020 is a 9 month (5+2+0+2+0=9) which involves humanitarian issues, endings and closures. The date 5 14 2020 is a triple 5 day (5 + (1+4)5 +2020 = 14(1+4) 5)—anything out of the ordinary can happen. Every number has positive and challenge qualities, challenges for number 5 include: unexpected events, transitions, earth changes, bomb blast, accident, chaotic, mass extinction, missile, protest, stock market crash.

1) Can you check in re May 14 to see if anything major is going to happen or am I just overreacting?

More recently I’ve been wondering if it’s my personal ‘death date’. Can you ask if:

2) Are we ever given our date of death? Do beings on other worlds who are unveiled know the date of their death?

Personal note to you: I know you’ve been disappointed re the delay in disclosure. My first thought is that perhaps it’s not for the highest good for all (including aliens) to do it yet. Keep asking most benevolent outcomes for it to happen for the highest good of all through joy.

Theo, anything with a high probability of happening on May 14, 2020?May 14, 2020

There will be some major events around that time. I am not allowed to give you all that information just yet. Check back with me.

Do ETs know their transition dates in advance?

There are millions of answers to this, Tom, as there are billions of different types of ETs. Generally, they have a very good idea when they are approaching the time of transition. There are no surprises as there are for soul fragments taking part in the Earth Experiment. Their transitions are easy, and not so abrupt as many of your transitions are.

Some people are given their transition dates in advance, to make it easier for the transition. If this date were your transition date, Mary, I would not be allowed to tell you, but I get the feeling it is not.

Hopefully, as we get closer to May 14, Gaia will give us more information.


Antura is my “brother of another planet” for all of my new readers. A member of my soul “cluster,” Theo first introduced him to me in 2008. Since then, I’ve asked him probably several thousand questions. You can read much more about First Contacthis and his work as part of a “first contact” team in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are the questions that I asked him this week.

The following questions came from Mantej.

Antura, was there any U.S. President before Ike that had meetings with ETs?

No, Tom. The others were only visited in the dream state—not physically.

Is all the garbage at Area 51 destroyed on site?

Not all, Tom. Yes, papers and such, but they do have their own recycling program—just not any foreign metal from ships. That is all stored—every scrap.

Speaking of Area 51, was the 77 year old CIA guy interviewed a true interview or a fake? Click here for 17 minute really interesting interview.

Not a fake Tom. It is good you asked, but he was not an actor, shall we say.

How much footage will we see, if we come, of the following?

1. Atlantis?

Over one hour, along with MU, Tom.Roswell Newspaper

2. Roswell crash?

Only from a distance, Tom.

3. Zeta abductions?

We’ll let them handle that one.

4. Slavery?

Part of history, but very short.

5. Holocaust?

Again, not too much as the footage is hard to watch.Stonehenge

7. Building Stonehenge?

A little.

Will there be any panic buying or more gun sales from the release of this footage?

That’s where those who oppose the documentary use as part of their argument. Fear. On the upper time lines it was minimal. One benefit of the Coronavirus is that many more people are learning to be compassionate in the time of this plague, as Gaia calls it. Yes, there are those who are fearful, but these are for the most part younger souls. We have repeatedly pointed out in our meetings that this documentary will have many more benefits than minuses.

That brings me to ask about any updates. I have had more than one reader suggest I go and meet directly—whatever that means to you, Antura—and present our case, if they do not consent. And I will add here, is it the ten percent reptilian faction?

No, it is not, Tom. You might say they are not allowed to vote on this issue. Yes, there has been some progress, but they want to wait until the end of the Pandemic.

Surely we don’t have to remind them that it will take months to edit even the Editing Suitefirst 2.5 hours or so?

Yes, we are pointing that out to them. And yes, we are pointing out to them the rise in vibrational levels from all the compassion everyone is showing to those who have been infected, and those caring for the sick.

So just be patient a little longer. I will remind them that you wish to come to speak directly to them if they still are reluctant to give their approval.

I keep receiving emails from people saying I should go and speak to those who are dragging their feet. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting to pick up 5, me, and 7 for us all to speak. I would think that if that were to happen, it would probably be seven, as the spokesperson, or even number 8 to say, see how easy it Spaceship illustrationis going. All levels need this revelation.

Yes, Tom. Again, we get into these readings, and number eight at that time had just barely reached a level where most of the people on Earth had accepted the idea that you are not the only intelligent species in the universe. It worked, and then level seven reached that point, but before we could move forward with them the Russians put a wrench in the process. You had also reached that level, briefly, when you then went backwards in your vibrational level for a while. But, with Covid-19, many people are again raising their levels. This, I can assure you, we are pointing out to those dragging their feet.

I’m surprised that Time Line 7 has not had their meeting yet, or notice.

Soon, may we say? Keep sending light and love to the planet, Tom.

Another question on the 77 year old CIA guy. What happened to the ET he met, or saw at Area 51?

He volunteered to stay, as it was explained to him how each country needed to be kept in line so that none would get ahead of the others.

Is he still alive?

Yes. Keep in mind that Earth years are ten times faster than universal years.

Yes, but what about breathing our air?

He was able to adjust using equipment from his ship.


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way! You can now sign up to receive notification of the Blog, along with a link.

Star writes: I've been following your posts for such a long time and have intended to write long before this. Now that I am home, time seems more Freeway Trafficabundant.

Many days per week I travel the interstate to work during rush hour. I get very concerned about changing lanes with aggressive drivers on the road with me.
So, as soon as I get into my car, I ask any and all beings for a Most Benevolent Outcome for my ride to work. As I am moving into a new lane, let the lane be empty of cars, let there be only courteous drivers around me, and I arrive to my destination under grace and in perfect time... Thank You.

Consistently ... every day since I've started doing this there are no cars in lanes when I am moving into a new lane, or if a car is in the lane the driver of that car signals me to move over!

When I go to stores I say the MBO prayer for a parking space and voila! it's either there already or someone is just pulling out for me.

Someone close to me was having a computer crisis at work. When I heard about what was going on I said a BP for the extreme problem to be solved. In no more than 5 minutes, I got a text letting me know that the crisis was resolved. The person who was having the crisis had no idea I said the BP for them.

I share your connections with many people and now I'm happy to have the time to let you know!


Connie writes: My husband is always fearful of swallowing his night retainer, Retainerand today he could not find it. After looking in the bed linen, changing the sheets, and looking under the bed, we still could not find it. I came downstairs to work on a paper, and said an MBO. About an hour later, my husband came down to ask me to look in his throat for it (smile). Lo and behold, before I had to do this, he found it on the hallway carpet. I am sure that it was not there earlier.


Pamela writes: Hey, hope you are doing well too. Friday night when I was trying to get everyone to get their stuff and leave so I could, it was like trying to herd cats LOL. And they were taking their sweet time; instead of getting ready to leave at 5pm. I didn't get out of there until 5:50pm. Scott was worried about me. I picked him up at 6:24pm. I am setting the time frame of how this MBO Krogerhappened.

I picked up Scott and we went to Kroger to get some groceries. We were in there for a while, the bread section was bare. And as we met back up at the checkout line, Scott was in front of me, and he was telling me about his air conditioner not working; he needed Freon, and he had called someone to get it fixed. Scott said it was $400 for the Freon. I told Scott that I had said a MBO that we would find everything we needed at the store.

There was a man in front of Scott, and he turned and said I don't mean to eavesdrop on your conversation, but you are getting ripped off, because the Freon is only $50 a pound. Scott asked him who he would recommend and the guy took his wallet out and gave him one of his business card, and told Scott to call him. Now if I had left work on time we would not have met him. Too cool. When I am trying to get somewhere in a hurry and I keep getting something to slow me down, I think if I had not been slowed down I would probably been in a wreck or worst. Sorry this is long. MBOs still work.


Adrian writes: I want to ask you how many dimensions does our universe have? Thank you.Dimensions

Gaia, how many dimensions does our universe have?

For your purposes, Tom, let’s say 12. Does that mean there might be more? Yes, but that is the basic framework, we will call it, for this universe.


Theo, what percentage of Earth soul fragments have finished their 600 to 800 lives on Earth, and returned to their home planets to put their learning to good Past, Present, Futureuse?

Yes, a good question Tom. Let’s put that percentage at over 30%. You can ask again in the future as this is a complicated answer.

Yes, I wondered as our soul fragments are having lives spread out over hundreds of thousands of years, and some of these same souls are having lives several thousand years ago.

And there you have it. Your souls are having lives still on Earth in different time periods, yet, they are also having lives on other planets. This is a much more complicated and complex answer than on the surface. We can discuss this more in depth in the future.


Gaia, what about violent people locked up in prisons when DNA alteration comes about?

Yes, obviously there will be consternation about releasing these people into the Prisongeneral public. It’s one thing to alter a child’s DNA. It is another to alter someone who has committed a violent crime. They will attack this problem slowly in stages. First will come the alteration of criminals whose transgressions are not the worst, shall we say. They will find there is no recidivism by these people. By then, they will also offer to change their memory so that they have no memory of committing the violent crime. That will also be done in stages.

It is a slow process—not something that is done overnight. There will also be far fewer people in prison by that time, due to other advancements in treatments. Therefore, it will be a combination of better treatments to lower violence. This IQ Curvewill already be happening in schools and outside as children are identified as being violence prone.

Theo, will we be able to adjust our DNA in the future to greatly increase our IQs?

Yes, this is one of the many things discovered by those researchers. You can more than double to the point where to you everyone will seem a genius. Remember, you have been told that your DNA strands were specifically constructed so that you would learn at a slower rate. In the future, you will reach a point where those governors, shall we call them, will be removed slowly but surely. Even now, may we remind you that you’ve been told that people 100 years from now will look back at this time period the way you look back at the early 20th Century as you will go far in the next 100 years—great progress.


Edoardo writes: Hello Tom, this is Edoardo from Italy. I hope this email finds you well. I've been following your newsletter/articles for quite some time and find all of them very fascinating and thought provoking; the answers amaze me at times and really help to make the "big picture" more clear. Thank you for all your outstanding work.

I've recently been watching a very interesting documentary about ETs, Ascension and what's going on spiritually/metaphysically at this huge time of DNA Strandchange and it sparked some questions I would like you to ask to Gaia, and/or your Guardian Angel or Antura. It's called "The Cosmic Secret" with David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Michael Salla amongst others.

First question: In this documentary (The Cosmic Secret), they talk about how viruses can act as carriers for DNA changes and programming and how they could be used by ET forces to elicit changes in human beings. I immediately thought about the Coronavirus, and wondered if it is being used for this purpose too. I know it is said that it is not an artificially created virus and want to believe that, but the information on that video made me wonder if it could be otherwise, or at least if it really has been done in the past with different viruses.

Second: They talk about a possible incoming huge solar flare or micronova from the Sun that will make great and possibly catastrophic changes to the Earth and will be the main catalyst for the ascension event that will separate those human beings still residing on the third density and those going to the fourth. Is there any truth to this? If not the micronova, will this "harvest" that is also talked about in the Law of One teachings happen one day, and how?

Third: I've come across this modality of healing that uses audio files as a carrier Sound healingfor resonances to bring healing response and programming on the human body, it's called Source Resonance. They also have an audio for public use specific for the Coronavirus (; so I was wondering if it is indeed effective in the prevention and healing of the infection when used, and how much if so. Would you please ask that and all of the above to Gaia? Thank you again so much.

Gaia, can the Coronavirus or other viruses act as a carrier of changes in our DNA?

In a way, yes, Tom. Your DNA adjusts to exposure to viruses of many kinds. Your body slowly builds up an immunity to these viruses. That immunity results in changes to your DNA.Zen healing bowl

Will there be a huge solar flare that will have a negative impact on Earth?

No, Tom. Remember that Sun works with me and all of your souls, and at this time there are no plans for a massive solar flare as was described.

Does Source Resonance have a benevolent impact of healing?

Yes, this needs to be further tested and evaluated as to what it can and cannot do. We have told you in the past that healing lights and sounds were used to heal people in Atlantis. Much more study needs to be done in this area. Slice and dice will be needed less and less over the coming years, Tom.


Graham writes: Kung Fu’s David Carradine

The actor, David Carradine, died back in 2009. He was most famous for playing the wandering monk in the 1960s TV series Kung Fu, and then in later years for playing the villain Bill in Tarantino’s Kill Bill films. He died accidentally by hanging himself (actually intended for sexual pleasure known as autoerotic David Carradineasphyxiation).

In dying this way, accidentally, was Carradine balancing a past life where he killed someone by hanging them? Click here.

Theo, did David Carradine balance a life where he hanged someone, so in this life he “accidentally” hanged himself?

Exactly, Tom. The other person forgave him, so his balancing was done by his own hand.

What quadrant was he on?

Still in the third quadrant of a young soul, with many lives to go.


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