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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

March 23, 2019

Tom T. Moore



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THE GENTLE WAY I: Sandy wrote: "First, I heard about Tom T. Moore on The Gentle WayGaia TV last year. He gave an incredible interview about angels and more importantly, benevolent outcomes. He basically gave every secret away willingly, not like some authors who tease the audience so you will buy the book. I was so impressed I bought the book, and more recently, a digital copy of it, so I can refer to it more.

“I did not believe in benevolent outcomes, but after reading this amazingly simple and direct book, I tried it, and thought must be coincidence. Again and again, I used the simple technique in the book, and each time I got results. And it is so very simple and easy. I was a skeptic, but no more. I have looked at his interviews on Youtube, and am inspired each time. I could list the many times it has worked, from fearful circumstances to the mundane, but it works. The price of the book is also reasonable. I rediscovered it again recently, and plan to make this part of my daily routine. I want to get his next two in the series. And I have to say that though there are like a bazillion self- help and esoteric books out there, few deliver. I firmly believe his does. Some may not get results, but I, along with the many others who have written reviews, have. From skeptic to believer is how I will end this review."

ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Raymond wrote: "Tom T. Moore channeled the Atlantis & Lemuria bookentities of Gaia and Theo to ask questions about Earth's origins that we have all had but never knew where to find the answers. I have always felt that Atlantis and Lemuria existed, and our current era is one of many that existed before but have been forgotten. Tom covers the topics of dinosaurs, day to day life in Atlantis and Lemuria, the Great Flood with Noah, the Pyramids, Crystals and much more. If you enjoy learning about esoteric knowledge and lost civilizations you'll love this book."

“Scholars” claim Atlantis was just a myth, because there are no other records than the writings of Plato. Read why the records no longer exist, and the REAL history of two societies that existed for over 50,000 years each until they destroyed themselves. My latest book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed! has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, what is the probability of Joe Biden being the Democratic nominee? Elizabeth Warren

Quite high, Tom. He and one other will run a close race. Too close to call right now on probabilities.

Elizabeth Warren?

She will be in a crowded field.

Beto O’Rourke?

A high probability of Beto being in the tight race for Presidential Nominee. Let’s be patient and see how the highest probability works out.


Gaia, what is the probability of President Trump being indicted for any crimes after leaving office?

The probability is fairly low at this time, Tom. He has insulated himself with White House Photothose who do his bidding and will take a bullet for him, shall we describe it. All of these souls, as we remind your audience, Tom, will, by the end of his administration, have gained valuable experience that will assist them in future lives where they will balance their actions in this life. Their souls are quite pleased with not only the experiences so far, but what they will experience in the future as part of his team, we will call it.

Yet, doesn’t that take away the experiences others would have had, had someone President Trump and Advisorselse been elected?

Yes, but the large number of people who have become involved in government, all the way down to the local level, has been great as those who decided to run for office would not have had someone else been elected. Those are overwhelming numbers, whose names are virtually never mentioned by the national press, Tom.

What about President Trump’s family?

They have his protection, and prosecutors and judges alike recognize the power of the office. Even if indicted, unless by a state court, they would be quickly pardoned. They have some problems there, but at this time the probabilities are low.


Jay writes: I hope you are well.

I was reading this past week the following on an archeological discovery in Central America that seems to make reference to a person, Votan, who might have come from Atlantis.

Did Votan come from Atlantis, or some other advanced civilization? Click here.Votan Depiction

Whatever the origin of Cayce’s information, there is indeed reference in the ancient Maya writings to a hidden repository of knowledge located somewhere along the Usumacinta River. In the 17th century, the then bishop of Chiapas, Francisco Nuñez de la Vega, received a mysterious manuscript in the Tzeltal language. This now lost manuscript or codex, known as the Probanza de Votan (The “Trial of Votan”) tells the story of the arrival of a foreign race on the coast of Yucatan from a mysterious island kingdom to the East. The leader of this race was a demi-god or prophet called Votan, of the lineage of the Chanes or “Snakes”.

This Votan was considered a great legislator, a civilizing and cultural hero, who established a great empire of the Tzeltal people called Xibalba. According to the early Mayanist Abbé Brasseur de Bourbourg, this ancient empire once covered all of Mexico and Guatemala and had Palenque as its capital. (In the Tzeltal version of the story, the city is called Nachan, “City of the Snakes.") Many have seen in these legends a variation of the familiar story of Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan, as the hero was known to the Aztec and Yucatec Mayas. Votan, like
Quetzalcoatl, was said to have come from a mysterious island kingdom, located Depictions of Votan Civilizationbeyond the sea, to the East, known as Valum Votan.

Is one of the Hall of Records located at, or near Yaxchilan, Mexico?

Gaia, was there an Atlantean named Votan, who migrated to the Yucatan Coast?

Yes, Tom, Votan did migrate to the Yucatan not too long before the war, which caused the islands to sink. He had his followers too, and they used sailing ships to make the voyage as it was out of range of the posers used to power aircraft. They quickly were able to use posers upon arrival to power their village, which grew over the centuries, and they settled most of what is now Mexico and Guatemala. That is a given.

Were they from Poseidia or Aryan?

They were from both, as not all the people of both belief systems were at war. Yaxchilan MexicoThey integrated well. No one wanted to be part of the war, which quite obviously was on the horizon.

Is one of the Hall of Records at Yaxchilan, Mexico?

There is a library in that area, renamed over the years. It will be located in the future, along with other depositories. The communication became intricate, as they used cuneiform.

Are these libraries set to be released according to our vibrational levels?

Yes, since their discovery is timed to more people understanding that you will never destroy yourselves again, as the Atlantean Islands did. That destruction is written in your DNA, in a way, Tom.


Graham writes: Like many people all over the world I’ve seen the Michael Jackson documentary “Leaving Neverland” and following on from what you've already received in the past, here are some questions.

1. How many children in total did Michael Jackson sexually abuse in his lifetime, Michael Jacksonwas it more than 20 children?

2. How many other people will now come forward now revealing that they too were abused by Jackson?

3. Will Macaulay Culkin ever come forward in the future to reveal he was abused by Jackson and when?

4. Jordan Chandler was the boy who got paid approximately $20,000,000 by Jackson for abusing him in 1993. Chandler has completely disappeared from the public eye. What type of life is he living and will he ever come forward in the future to reveal details of his abuse?

5. How many lifetimes will it take for Jackson to balance this life?

Theo, how many children did Michael Jackson abuse? Was it more than 20?

About twice that number, Tom. More will come forward as they hear these stories from others and realize that the stories Michael told them were identical in order to gain their trust. Those that study sexual abuse will see these patterns, and have seen these patterns before. The grooming, and then the slow introduction to sexual acts.

Will Macaulay Culkin ever come forward?Michael and Accuser James Safechuck. Image by Alan Light

Yes, but it will not be for some time. He is still in a phase of wanting to protect Michael.

What life is Jordan Chandler having after receiving $20 million in his suit?

He is still undergoing psychiatric treatment to help him understand that it was not his fault this happened. It will take some time, just as it will the others, since he is not quite as far along as the two who were in the documentary. He is also prevented from being vocal about what occurred under the terms of the settlement. In a way, that has delayed his coming out, you could say.

How many lives will it take for Michael to balance?  [Michael & James Accuser James Safechuck, Image of Alan Light.]

Quite a few, Tom, but don’t forget that part of his actions were in response to a number of these boys having done the same in a past life. It was balancing for them. Still, he went further than his soul contract, so he will have balancing to do. He must not only be abused himself, but he must see the abuse from the standpoint of a father and mother whose child suffers abuse.


Caroline writes: Something occurred to me about “Fear energy” and our reality. Since it appears all Fear energy on this frequency is generated by the separation of self from Source at birth, would it then be fair to say that on all other Veiled Stone Carvingfrequencies, selves are never separated from Source … either at birth or at any other time in their/our manifesting lives? So, we are at all times Aware?

Gaia, since we are veiled and seemingly separated from self at birth, is it fair to say that in all other realities or frequencies selves are never separated from source? So, are all others aware?

That is too broad a statement, Tom, as you quickly realize there are trillions of planets out there and many trillions more beings, at all levels of awareness. But as a general rule, your souls elected to be veiled from knowing anything about their origin, and where you derived. No one has ever been so separated as your soul fragments from your souls. You spend your whole lives trying to connect. Is it any wonder that you are being studied and readings taken to see how you have been able to exist in such conditions?


For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster,” as Theo calls them. After 800 lives on Earth, with a soul interest in Exploring, Antura is putting what he learned to good use, back on our home water world planet of Nommo in the Sirius B Solar System. He’s a member of a “first contact” team that goes out to make contact with emerging societies, typically several thousand years before they are advanced to the point of star travel.

Right now, he’s on board a huge mothership that is three miles wide and twenty First Contact bookstories tall, with a crew of 900 plus their families totaling 1,500. They represent 37 planets, mostly in the Sirius A, B, and C group. Their scout ships take millions of readings per day as they closely observe the “Earth Experiment,” which has been declared a success. There are another 24 or so motherships all orbiting the Earth, all masked like Antura’s ship, so as not to frighten us to death. You can read more about him the mothership, crew, and much more in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions I asked this week.

[If you wish to read the previous questions about Antura’s teammates, go back to the recent issues.]

Back to your red-haired teammate, Antura. Any name you can give me for him?

No name that is similar to a name in English, Tom.

Yes, I wish you would blast Somer’s correct name, as you did yours, way back then.

I will, Tom. Just be patient.

Is the red hair on your teammate’s head?

Yes, brightly covered you could say. A different shade of red than you would Alien Depictioninitially think.

Long or short?


What about his eyes?

Certainly larger than a human’s, but not quite my size either—sort of in the middle.


Not to the size of a human one, but what we call functional.


Again, smaller than human ones.

What is the color of his skin?

A very dark brown you could say.

Thicker than human skin?

Much, as he is on the surface and needs protection at times depending upon how close they orbit in relation to Sirius A.

How many people on his planet?

Well over a million.

More than two?

Closer to three million, Tom. Use that figure for now.Planet

How far from Sirius B is his planet?

Farther than ours. It would be the sixth planet from Sirius B. And yes, the orbits are closer because the size of the sun is much smaller than your sun.

Does he have a mate?

Yes, and children too, Tom. He has to be away from them, just as I have to be away from my mate and children.

What type of dwelling?

More of an advanced dwelling developed long ago.

I’ll call him Red, until you give me a better name. What do Red’s people do for Planetary Dwelling depictionwork?

There is almost nothing that Red’s people can do that would make any sense to you at this time. They do contribute personnel to a number of ships making explorations. They do trading with mostly other planets in the Sirius Solar systems. They have contributed in the past, as almost every planet in the Federation, to the Great War. Their size makes them match up with any combatants their size, although luckily they never had to go hand to hand.

You said use the 3 million figure for their population. So, it is not, say, 5 million or 10 million?

Closer to five, Tom, but keep in mind that we always go to the lower side, so as not to make any of your readers fearful. There are still those that would worry about several million “red-headed, seven-foot-tall warriors” showing up at their doorstep one day. On the contrary, they would protect you with their very lives, if needed, as you are so important to the future of our whole universe.

Then do Red’s people grow anything that is tradeable, or perhaps they have a Galaxymineral that the other planets have a short supply of?

None of the above, Tom. It is still too difficult yet for you to understand what these planets are able to share and trade back and forth. I can show some examples of this to you one day in the not so distant future. Even then it will be still difficult to comprehend.

You mentioned before that they have advanced dwellings developed long ago. Do other planets have this same structure?

Yes, it has been used many times. These dwellings are able to adapt to almost any planetary conditions, and to those who inhabit the planets.

[I’ll have to ask some follow up questions about these dwellings.]

Antura, you have mentioned that you and your teammates work with some people in their dreams, correct?

Yes, Tom.

So, why have you not also done so with me, so that I can get a better visualization of you and the ship, etc.?

Believe it or not, Tom, I have, but that knowledge, you could say, is buried in Dreamsyour subconscious. It’s part of gently suggesting questions to ask during these sessions.

Also at one time, you said one of your Earthly contacts is a lady who is considered a psychic in Saint-Paul de Vence, France. Am I correct there?

More or less correct, Tom. She does psychic readings and I assist her in those.

Does she know where this information comes from?

Not always specifically, but she has a pretty good idea that it is not some angel.

Isn’t she also part of my soul cluster?

Yes, as you can see, we are all part of the same soul cluster.UFO

But the person in Asia is not part of our soul cluster?

Correct, but that person is in a soul cluster we work with in almost every incarnation.

Charles writes: I have question for Antura. What type of readings are they taking and how big is the area?

Antura, a reader asks for a better description and more detail on the readings your mothership and the other motherships are involved in on a daily basis.

We have discussed these fairly thoroughly in the past, Tom, but a quick summation. The readings range from your vibrational levels over the whole Earth on a daily basis, energy readings of how people on Earth are handling the four negative energies, how your whole bodies handle this energy, how it affects your aura, and we can even record such things a blood pressure readings, heart Saint-Paul de Vence Francerates, and information about your bodies that you have yet to discover. We can cover brain waves, respiratory rates—you name it, but on a mass basis.

Back to Saint-Paul de Vence, France for a minute. I and my friends ate in one of the higher-end restaurants in this little village several times over the 25 years we exhibited at the Cannes Film Markets. It is known as the Legendary Colombe d’or. I never found out until after we stopped exhibiting that I had a soul group member living there. I’m sure that was done on purpose as I would have tried to find the lady. Here is a short, 7-minute tour of the village to give you an idea of how beautiful it is. Click here.


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The DogGentle Way! You can now, for the first time, sign up to receive notification of the Blog, along with a link.

Marion writes: Here is another one, Tom T Moore. I requested an MBO for the safe and protected return of a dog that was stolen out of the dog’s yard, lured by a thief in Kelowna B.C., Canada. The dog’s name is Altas. Guess what, today Altas was returned safe back to his owners after four days. MBOs do work! I was so happy for the family.


Frances writes: Thank you for all the MBO stories. My friend and I just started Cancer Surgeryusing them and are very impressed with the results. My friend had a weird and rare cancer 7 years ago. It was removed successfully. Just last week she found out she had cancer again, but did not want chemo or radiation. Having gone through both with my own cancer, I did an MBO for her. Her doctor then agreed to do the surgery. Not only was he able to do it robotically, but got it all out and saved her bladder from harm. This was amazing. She does not need chemo or radiation. Thank you!


Roberta writes: I checked my email about 4:30 pm Friday afternoon and Credit Cardsreceived a notice that my bank account was overdrawn $3000+ because my bank card had been paid twice from that account. My credit card has a credit balance almost twice that. When I called the card company, they assured me that they could not use the credit card to pay the overdraft. I said an immediate MBO.

Then I said the prayers a number of times over the long weekend, knowing nothing would get done before today. I said the prayer asking for help. As I was attempting to move money around, I said the Benevolent Prayer. Suddenly, I looked back at my account and the overdraft was gone. My angels seemed to take over my fingers and fixed the problem. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.


Norm writes: For Gaia,
Q: When man goes to space will the human need the Magnetic Grid, if so what effects will the person have without it? And what are the long-term effects to the human during space travel?
Q: What problems will the first settlers to Mars have without the Grid? How do we simulate a Magnetic Grid on another Planet?
For Mars,
Q: Earth tilts on its axis is about 23degs. Mars tilt on its Axis is about 25degs. Did a catastrophic event occur to make both planets tilt at the same time, from Space Travelthe center of our solar system? Explain your tilt.
Q: Did Mars ever have a Magnetic Grid? Was Mars inhabited by humans or any intelligent life? How long before earthly humans?

Gaia, when humans travel in space, will we have to adjust to not having the magnetic grid?

Those actions will be thought out and covered prior to long flights from Earth to other planets like Mars. You’ll find that the Magnetic Grid will be discovered elsewhere, just different dynamics. That is a broad subject, Tom, that is difficult to discuss with you, since you are not trained in science. I cannot use comparisons, which would be a deep subject even for scientists. Trust me when I say your scientists will be given this information as it is needed.

Will the Mars explorers have any problem without the Magnetic Grid? Will they have to simulate?

They will not have a problem there, Tom. Their systems will adjust. Don’t forget Marsthat you have been told before humans were made to handle many situations; that includes adjusting to different planet environments, even though we have not covered that particular adaptation in the past.

Now, I wish to speak to Mars soul.

Mars here, Tom. Good morning.

Good morning and good life, Mars soul.  A couple of questions if I may.

Certainly, Tom.

Mars, did some event cause both you and Earth to tilt in a similar fashion, or is this normal?

It is quite normal for billions of planets. That does not mean that all tilt, but there are dynamics that cause them to tilt and rotate as we do. Creator wished Earth to rotate with a tilt as one of the many lessons for humans to question and then learn about. There are answers, but highly technical that even your best scientists have not yet learned. We cannot give away the answers, but must allow those scientists in your future—yes, they have not yet even been born—to have their “ah-ha” moments, as Gaia says. Just a reminder that I am thrilled that in a short period of time humans will walk on the surface of my planet.

Did Mars ever have a Magnetic Grid?

Who says I do not now, Tom? These are assumptions, and equipment will be made to prove or disprove.

How long ago in Earth years was Mars inhabited by intelligent life?

In Earth years, Tom, it has been thousands of years. You could have guessed that, but I am confirming that it was hundreds of thousands of years ago.

As has been speculated, war almost destroyed me as you humans will discover as Astronaut walking on Marsyou explore more of the surface. I too had rivers, lakes and streams, but war left me a barren place. Humans will one day restore me, and I will have an atmosphere, allowing things to grow. This will naturally take hundreds of Earth or Mars years, but humans will be proud of their work.

I will assume that some of the souls in the Earth Experiment might have had a life on Mars?

Excellent assumption. Yes, and they have been part of the Earth Experiment and will put that knowledge to use restoring me, which will be great balancing for those souls.

That’s all the questions I have, Mars. I do wish you and good life and God speed.

Good life, Tom, and back to Gaia.

Gaia here, Tom. Your explorers will feel Mars’ energy, when they land on the planet. Each of us has a different energy, as they will discover.


Louise writes: I have a few questions about freckles, timeline 7, and phobias.

What is the purpose or significance of freckles? Can it be related to injury points from past lives? I know in some ways it can signal skin cancer, but are they just signs of aging/exposure or can they have more significance?Freckles

At what stage is timeline 7 on the path of the Russian disclosure and your team preparing their visit on Antura's ship?

Since we are multi-dimensional souls can phobias appear in one life or get stronger because of something else happening in another life, either in the past or the future? Can phobias disappear if the trauma is worked through in this life when it was triggered in another life?

Theo, what is the significance of freckles?

Part of one’s soul contract, Tom. It is a skin condition, and in the future scientists will learn what DNA strand causes them to occur.

What is their purpose?

Again, it is part of one’s soul contract. Look at the thousands of skin conditions that can and do occur in humans. Some people embrace their freckles, and others wish they had never been born with them. These are all teaching moments about accepting one’s appearance. They can even be balancing, had the person made fun of people with a skin condition in the past.Claustrophobia

What stage is Time Line 7, regarding the Russian Disclosure?

Yes, as you were correctly told in the past, Tom, there was Disclosure, and they are in a phase where more information is being released. So far, so good. No panic in the streets. We all assure you, Tom, that Time Line 6’s time will come shortly — not as fast as you and your readers would like, but it will happen this year.

Can we have phobias occur in this life caused by something happening in a past or future life?

More past lives, than future ones, Tom. But that was a good question to include the future. We have said you are affected by all lives, but phobias are a category, we term it, where the person is typically balancing something that occurred in the past. It may hang on into a future life, if it is not handled well in this life. You do have the ability to tap into future lives without the phobia, which can assist you in overcoming it in this life. Naturally, requesting MBOs is of great assistance.


George writes: Older women and younger men.

1. Where does the fantasy and real life relationships of younger men wanting older women come from, is it from the world where women subjugated men before the Earth Experiment began? Or is it from past lives where there was a time period where it was commonplace for older women to have sex with younger men?

2. What percentage of younger men’s relationships with older women stems Nick Cannon and Mariah Careyfrom not having a strong relationship with their own mother?

Theo, where does fantasy and real life relationships between younger men and older women originate—other worlds or more past lives, or simply part of the “bucket list” of experiences on Earth?

You can say all of the above, Tom, but certainly number three would be the primary reason. And the reverse is true too, you see—very young women with older men. There are too many reasons to go into, but it is easy to guess most of them.

What percentage stems from not having strong relationship with their mother?

Again, one of the many reasons—probably in the top five, but not number one. Wealth always enters the picture, but also having had many relationships in past lives also connects the two.


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