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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

June 9, 2018

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.

We have a number of Benevolent Prayers (BPs) to say today. Please keep in mind (as you will be reminded below) that I’m told scientists will
REDISCOVER the power of sound, so for those of you with an interest in science you can call it a “scientific theory” that you are joining in the testing, to prove its power.

"Move Away from the Coasts."  This came in at the last minute from Coastal FloodingElaine.  It’s 24 minutes, and they have edited in a number of major networks, talking about how destructive a West Coast earthquake will be, and warns everyone to move away from the coasts, as Gaia has been telling us for several years.  Click here.  
I wrote an answer to the following question on Quora:

“It’s obvious that aliens exist--it’s illogical to think otherwise. But why have they not fully reached out to us?”
It dates back all the way to the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. If you Book artwould like to read it,
click here.
Writing a book? My editor Ralonne is open right now, so be sure not to self-publish without having your book edited. She very reasonable, and has edited a couple of my books and edits this newsletter each week.

THE GENTLE WAY I: Roberta (author of “The Burgundy Case”) wrote: "You too can sail through life effortlessly. I stumbled upon this book quite by accident (?). As soon as I read the first chapter, I was hooked. I have been practicing spiritual manifestations for over thirty years. I Gentle Way Istarted out praying for parking places to test the theory that I could manifest. After a few years, I decided that I wasn't playing fair with all the other drivers out in the world so I quit.
“By changing my request to a most benevolent outcome, I no longer had that problem as the other persons were also to receive a benevolent outcome. The ideas in this book and the other two completely changed my views on trusting angels or spirit guides. For example: yesterday I requested that I would have a benevolent outcome beyond my expectations before I left my driveway. When I got to the first destination, I found a parking place where I could pull forward when I left. (I usually have to circle the area for any parking place.) From there I went to a cafe where I usually have to park a block away. There was a place in front of the cafe. On to Walmart where I was in and out within fifteen minutes--no waiting in long lines. And I was able to find everything I needed quickly. Not until today did I begin to realize just how much I was assisted by my personal angel. I recommend this book The Gentle Way IIIand Books II and III to anyone who wants to smoothly sail through life effortlessly with the help of other beings."

THE GENTLE WAY III: 1Hitchhiker wrote: "Great book, looking forward to the next! MBOs do work!"
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Just as a reminder, I have said many times in the past that I am not perfect in my receptions at times. Theo says no one that does this work is. This came up again this week when the volcano in Guatemala erupted, as I thought I received that there would be no more major eruptions in the world connected to Kilauea. I had looked at a map and Guatemala Volcanomade the mistake of forming an opinion. So, for those of you out there experimenting with doing this on your own, do try to stay as neutral as possible. Here is what Gaia said.

Yes, you did form an opinion, which was why you missed on your reception concerning this volcano in Guatemala. You do well most of the time, but this was a teaching moment for you and we know you plan to pass it along to your readers.
Gaia, how long will the Guatemala volcanic eruption last?

Not nearly as long as the one in Hawaii, Tom. Two completely different types of volcanoes for your scientists to study. One is slow and steady, and the other a blast with pyro plasma discharge. But this is not the last time this volcano will erupt in this manner. As you saw in the video, Guatemala Volcano DestructionTom, this is a large volcano and there have been hundreds of eruptions over the years.

May I also remind you that those that were affected by the eruption, whether they were killed or just had their houses destroyed, had this on their bucket list of Earth experiences? But do send them white light and love and say a BP for them. Showing compassion for others, may I remind your readers, Tom, raises your vibrational level along with assisting in doing the same for the world.

Here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort, and protect all those affected by any volcanic eruption in the world to find shelter and recover quickly from any injuries they may have experienced, thank you!”Kilauea Volcano Flow Destruction
Gaia, how long do you plan to continue your volcanic lava flows at Kilauea?

You will not see a tapering off for a few months, Tom—yes, a few months. As I stated before, I wish to build up the land there. Your volcanologists have been having a field day studying this, plus the people who have this on their “bucket list” still must experience the loss of their homes, and in some cases their lives, if they do not leave the area. So, to repeat, Tom, there will be no slowdown in the lava flow for quite some time.
Gaia, have the probabilities changed regarding the outcome of the Trump-Kim talks?

No, Tom, they have not. The highest probability all along was that Kim and Trump would meet, but the concessions will be small on each side. Still, that is progress of a sort. Kim will order the continuation of his nuclear arsenal secretly, and the Chinese have enough spies embedded Singapore Island Summit Talksin his government to learn about it. So his removal is still the highest probability.
It seems though that North Korea and South Korea have had productive talks.

Yes, and they will continue, but Kim fancies himself the future ruler of the entire Korean peninsula. A tiger does not change its stripes overnight. It is still a tiger.
We can still say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to assist in achieving results better than we can hope for or expect from the summit talks between President Trump and Kim Jung un, thank you!”
Gaia, what is the highest probability for the tariff war between the United States, Canada, and Europe?

Yes, Tom, it will continue for some time. Each side is digging their heels Tariff War Trump Cartoon   michaelpramirez.comin the sand, you could say, so don’t look for it to resolve itself in a week or month. The Europeans and Canadians are insulted that the USA would impose tariffs on an ally. The highest probability is for this to continue for several months of negotiations back and forth. The USA will obtain very small concessions, but will also have to give up tariffs on some things itself.  Cartoon by
Here is a BP we have not said for a while:
“I ask any and all beings to assist the President, Congress, and Courts to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of the United States, the citizens of the world, and the planet, thank you!”
Eleanore writes from Florida:
Of late, since I've heard about the children who have entered our Country illegally being removed from their mothers, I am sick at heart. I have been saying MBOs for their safety and their return to their mothers. I know there are reasons for events in our lives, but this traumatization of children as young as 1 1/2 years of age is more than the rest of us can handle. Can you please ask for guidance on this issue and will you also print an MBO for others to ask Children Separated from Parents at Borderfor a positive resolution for this cause?

Gaia, what is the highest probable future for immigration into the United States, and how soon will it be for when children will not be separated from their parents?

Yes, a controversial subject, Tom, as there are those who fear people from other cultures, you see. Look for an immigration law to be passed within the next year to 18 months, as a step to regulating immigration. It will provide a path to citizenship for those already here. Then there will be additional laws passed and/or amended in the following five to six Children Separated from Parents at Borderyears. The necessity of needing workers to fill those positions that Americans do not wish to do, or do not have the skill set to do, will come into play as the months and years go by.
Regarding the children, not separating them from their parents should take place within the next year, but could take just a tad longer.

Wow, lots of BPs today. Please say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to assist the children of immigrants to be reunited with their parents even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”
Thuong writes:
I want to ask: if there is some cord between me and someone that I can't let go of him, is that cord created by either of us or by some other parasite force which wants to drain my energy?
Gaia, is the energy cord between two people by soul contract, from other lives, or from some other entity or spirit?

These energy cords develop from their soul contracts, Tom. This is Cutting Energy Cordtypically as a result of other lives these people have had together, and then they decide to have some sort of relationship in this life as part of their soul contract, you see. Their own GAs assist them, of course, in meeting if they are not family.

There is an instant connection established that becomes the energy cord that binds them for the agreed upon time of their interaction and learning. When it is time to separate, many times this energy cord remains. It can be severed by requesting an MBO. Time is supposed to heal old wounds, but it is sometimes difficult if the energy cord is not severed.

For those not familiar with this procedure, you simply say,
“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for severing any energy cords not in my best interests at this time, thank you!”
Laura writes:
I follow Dr. Robin Kelly, author of the Human Hologram and the Human Antenna, and he does a video journal on Youtube. He had an incident with a psychopath and is raising awareness for people. He posted the other day about his concerns about the new plan approved to release 4,425 new 5G low orbit satellites. The beginning of Space X Launchan implementation of 12,000 total to begin with and the effects on our electrical fields, especially those who are sensitive, ill, and on our smaller co-inhabitants like the bees.
What/if/or will it have any effects on us as we try to shift our vibrations and upon our health and wellbeing?

Gaia, will the launch of the 4,425 communication satellites have any ill effects on humans, animals, insects, etc?
o, Tom, they will be small. The communications they receive and transmit are not significant enough to affect anyone. If there was a danger they would see a series of crashes and blowups, where the monetary loss would be too great to continue. Sometimes we must Communications Satelliteprotect you from yourselves, but this is not one of those times. May I also remind you that sometimes grand plans take years to implement and during that time there will be other advances in communications.
Mr. Musk is known for his grand plans, such as the space travel around the moon, and then there are delays because the ability to do so on a consistent basis is just not there. But it is good publicity and helps maintain his stock price. May I remind you and your readers that there must be dreamers? First come the dreams, then the implementation, or another dream will take its place that is even better.

For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster,” who was introduced to me by my GA Theo in 2008. Since then I’ve asked thousands of questions, including hundreds about Antura, his planet, space ships, and even “The Great War, “ as it is called diplomatically First contact bookthese days by the Federation of Planets. You could also call it the “original star wars” as I did in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. I will also refer to it as the Reptilian War, in reference to those with whom the Federation fought for thousands of years. The war is fully explained in my book. Here are more questions I asked in the last week.

Antura in the wings, Tom. Good morning.
Good morning, Antura, and the same to your friends and good life to you and your family and friends. The list gets longer, you could say.

You would be surprised, Tom, at how long sometimes, depending upon the subject matter.
Antura, they estimate that there are a trillion galaxies in the universe. Is that accurate, or are there more or less than that?

A little less, Tom. As you guessed, they are adding in the galaxies they Galaxysee that are part of the adjoining universe. Therefore, cut that number by about 25% to be more accurate. Still, that is a huge number.
I’m just amazed that you say the Federation has explored most of those.

Certainly not all, but there are ships out constantly exploring, and keep in mind some of this has gone on for well over not only one billion but several billion years.
Daralyn writes:
I researched this question on your website, but didn't find it covered anywhere. In this dimension, we are used to two genders, male and female, unless you count hermaphrodites. Since the universe is composed of many types of beings, are there any other genders in existence, and what would they be like, if at all describable?
Antura, what other types of genders exist in the universe besides male and female?

There are many different beings in the universe that have no gender—Alienthey just exist. They procreate not by any method known on Earth. Their souls simply create them.
Del writes:
Could you ask if King Plachacha is the king of the Pleiadians?
Antura, is there a Pleiadian named King Plachacha?

No, Tom, but if someone wants to believe that, allow. We go back to the discussions about certain people needing more structure in their lives. Then someone takes on that persona.
Antura, is the video of the UFO with the 1 to 4 lights circling the outer rim CGI or real?

That was, as you originally guessed, Tom, CGI. Very well done, but notice there was no movement in the ship and the footage only lasted a little over one minute.
Antura, how does your ship and all the scout ships avoid all the ET Ship Depictionsatellites in orbit?

That is fairly easy to answer, Tom. The mothership is located on a lower orbit about 50 miles above the earth, where most of the satellites are positioned at higher orbits in order for them not to get caught in the gravity and eventually burn up. Should any of the scout ships encounter a satellite, their navigation systems are so advanced that it is quite simple to go around or avoid these. I will call it radar for your purposes, Tom, but keep in mind it is much more advanced than that. This system easily calculates how to avoid any objects in the air. Bear in mind that on most worlds there are thousands of ships in the air, so they had to be able to avoid all these moving ships.
Antura, how were or are the “Creator’s Emissaries” recognized by the societies that visit?

There is absolutely no doubt when it occurs, Tom. They are very luminous and they always appear as the most beloved type of individual in the belief systems of that planet. It truly is as if the Creator was speaking to them directly. Those that receive these messages or requests are humbled by the experience, even though they are not veiled as you are.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Linda writes:
I use MBOs and BPs most often together for assistance in getting things working. The MBO is for me to get me working properly and the BP is for cooperation for the thing that has my current attention. Like the copier at work never seems to work unless I say a BP. It’s like Copierit’s on vacation without the being behind it prodding it along. I also say them to get my air conditioner installed and running properly, which I have trouble with getting the parts installed and in place correctly at the beginning of the season or removing them and storing them at end of season, but it all seems to flow better with BPs for the object and an MBO for me.
I also say an MBO and BP for weed trimming and mowing. Well, those items also need to get some help getting started and I seem to need some help finding what needs adjustment to help things move along or keeping the string from breaking on the trimmer. I especially ask for an Woman Mowing LawnMBO and BP to not encounter negative reactions from poison ivy and other beings in my weeding and gardening work. I say BPs for the mice and bugs and MBOs to figure out how to address removing them. This makes daily life much more benevolent, and I always ask each day for a big happy surprise. The other day it was a huge blue crane flying overhead so low to the ground that its shadow passed over me.
Overall, the day to day chores have been much easier when I have MBOs and BPs to help the process. Thanks again for all you do.

Charlie writes:
Good morning Tom, my fiancé had suddenly left me for reasons I do not yet know; she never said a thing, just ghosted me. I can tell you I really loved her and the devastation was too immense or Breakupgreat to handle. I made some pretty big mistakes seeking attention to handle what I was going through. I have asked for several BPs as I have needed. I can tell you things are looking up and I met someone from an unusual place; she at least helped me get past the worst. It may not be perfect, but I went from hopeless to believing I can make it. Thank you and please keep me in your prayers.
May I also remind everyone to request an MBO to sever any energy cords not in your best interests? This helps to rid you of the “chains that bind.”

Larry writes:
Once again I have an MBO story to share. I use MBOs all the time so it takes a lot to make me write to share my experience. I have a bracelet that my friend gave me. He is a very spiritual person, and my wife was talking to him about stomach problems I have been having when he told her to wait a minute. He brought out a Bamboo Coral bracelet that he had made. He calls his GA his ancestors and he Bamboo Coral Braceletregularly speaks with them. He was told to give me the Bamboo Coral bracelet. He gave it to my wife and told her to tell me to look up the healing properties of Bamboo Coral. Sure enough, Bamboo Coral heals gastric and skeletal problems, but he did not know that at the time!
Flash forward a month. I have worn my bracelet every day for a month, had no stomach issues in that time. Yesterday, I realized my bracelet was missing. I didn't remember when I last had it, so I backtracked my whole day to no avail.
While lying in bed, I requested an MBO to find my bracelet. I said it 3 times and rolled over to go to sleep. As soon as I put my hand under my pillow, I felt my bracelet! Apparently, it came off while I was sleeping and I didn't realize it. I probably would have found the bracelet, but the timing tells me that there is more power in MBOs than we can imagine or expect!
I try and avoid, as much as possible, asking questions about Jesus, or as he was known in his life Yeshua ben Yosef. When I do, I always lose subscribers. Therefore, let me remind you that I was told he was the greatest person to walk the Earth—not because he was the “Son of God,” as the Catholic Church anointed him, but because his soul  Jesusfragment was three times or more in size to ours, so he could do wondrous miracles. People forget that he was the “Master of Love.”
He taught that we are to love everyone UNCONDITIONALLY WITH NO EXCEPTIONS for race, gender, country, or political views. Any person of the clergy that does not teach that, you should leave them and find someone that teaches love. May I also remind you that Theo has said the New Testament is only 25% accurate?
Carole in Pennsylvania writes:
Hi Tom, I appreciate this newsletter---makes me think more and question things I once believed. Recently, you mentioned Jesus did not die on the cross--someone took his place and Mary Magdalene and Jesus left under Herod's orders. I read this before too. But, please ask Theo more questions. What other stories surrounding Jesus crucifixion are true? The one about Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene and disciples, even showing his wounds? The tomb being opened and no one in it, etc. He could bi-locate, of course, but was that Bible story true? It is my understanding the truth is at the Vatican in old scrolls, papers. Will the church ever tell us the truth?
Theo, what about the stories of Jesus appearing before Mary Magdalene Jesus and Maryand the tomb being empty?

Keep in mind, Tom, that some of these stories were created by the disciples themselves, so as to protect Jesus. There were many people that wanted him dead, and we’re not talking about Herod, as there were even a number of Jews that had been convinced he was a danger to their faith and the old teachings. The disciples were thrilled that his life had been spared, so that he and his family could escape.
So, allow these stories, Tom. Know that he continued to teach for many years and affected hundreds, and then eventually thousands, of people. As we have said before, he was the largest soul fragment to ever have a life on Earth, and with that he pointed the way for people to love one another unconditionally, although his teachings have been misinterpreted many times according to some people’s ulterior goals. If you can live your life loving everyone unconditionally, you will raise your vibrational levels to new heights.

Robert writes:
On the resurrection of Jesus: If the Romans substituted Crucifixion depictionsomeone else in place of Jesus on Calvary so that public martyrdom not take place, as previously reported, was it, therefore, known by the general public that there was a substitute? How else could the appearance of martyrdom have been avoided unless everyone knew the truth? What did Jesus' inner circle believe? If it was known by the general public, are the gospels totally fictitious in regard to the resurrection? Or were they rewritten by Church hierarchy? Is there any writing still in existence which supports the story of the Jesus substitute?
Theo, what did Jesus’ inner circle believe prior to his appearance?

They, like everyone, believed he would be crucified. They were in hiding, as they were concerned they would be rounded up and crucified too. They were astonished to see him alive in person, but were quite joyful. Then they were saddened to learn that he and his family were leaving, never to return again.
Were the gospels rewritten 300 years later?Council of Nicaea

Not so much rewritten, Tom, as recreated. Remember that we told you only 25% of the New Testament is accurate. These people at that time were illiterate and passed down their recollections. This will be hard for some of your readers to understand, but 300 years passed and it was almost as if a conversation that took place 300 years in the past had been finally written down, to the best of their recollection. There are records in the Vatican that will one day be released.
Does any writing exist regarding his release and travels?

Very little, but yes some. There is some information in India, as don’t forget that there was a monument built there, plus the record of Mary Magdalene and children in France.
Helen writes:
Wouldn't it be great if we could teach people how to "send" healing and well-being to others... Do your guides GA or Antura White Lighthave any thoughts about this? Is "visualising" sending white light and love the best way?
Gaia, is visualizing and sending white light and love the best way, or is there something better?

I know you must ask these questions that come from your readers, Tom, but most of your readers know the answer to this one—requesting MBOs and asking for BPs out loud. You still have those who doubt the MBOenormous effect of using sound. This will be proven by science one day, but in the meantime I highly encourage all of your readers who have not yet begun to use MBOs and BPs in their lives to start experimenting.
For those doubters, look on this as an experiment, just as you did many years ago. They will be amazed, just as you were, that this truly works. So, keep sending white light and love, as yes that works, but you can triple and quadruple the effect if you and perhaps your friends say a BP for whomever you are sending love and light to. I guarantee it.

Jan writes:
Questions for newsletter.
1) - In your book First Contact, and in some other metaphysical information, it is suggested that we use material items without asking permission and with permission they fulfill their intended purpose BETTER and it is all with more integrity. An example would be: asking Spaceship Launchthe materials if they want to be part of a spaceship as Antura says is done by them. Also, Robert Shapiro books give the example of asking a mountain’s copper deposits if they would be copper water carrying pipes, for us. So, if it is so much better to gain permission (or the will of) of material to use it for a creative purpose, is there any way for US at the current time to do this? I think we ignore this as we may not hear the answer if we did know better how to ask. Any suggestions from your team of helpers?
Overall is there a way (suggestions please, Theo?) and is it even of value to ask items to assist us either verbally or mentally to become something more as we create with them? Can you ask how it would be useful to ask and how we might do it, IF it is better?
2) Can we formally help or assist ourselves on our other timelines. I V Formation of Birdsthink of the geese who all fly independently, but line up in such a way (the V) that the wind, wings of one helps to create drafts for the next and they drop from lead to end of the V formation as they tire; flying alone, but slightly helping each other. Each alone, but assisting the others. Is there any way to assist the life lines closest to us (i.e., -5 and 7)? Is there value in this?

Gaia, is there any way we can ask raw materials if they would like to be part of something we make or construct?

This will come in your future, Tom, but for now, you can request an MBO that all the materials you use to construct something volunteer to be part of the construction. In other words, you request an MBO to choose House under Constructiononly those materials that would agree to be part of what you make. You will feel a sense of enjoyment when you ask to be guided to those materials and use them. Good question.
Regarding assisting other time lines, when I go into a meditative state I send white light and love first to every continent, island, the rivers, lakes, and streams, and the oceans and seas—and then I release that light to go where it is needed the most. Next, I send white light and love to all the other time line Earths and release this light to go where it is needed the most in all 11 other time lines. I’ve been told the upper time lines are sending us light and love too. Not sure if 1 to 4 does, but we can all send them love and light, as their lives are much more difficult than ours.


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