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January 6, 2018

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.

On January 2 Dena and I just adopted two four-year-old dogs that a lady Maisie and Tarahere in Plano, Texas could no longer take care of. We’re still working on their new names, but they are starting to settle in.  This is a photo from their first day.
I’m making up for last week’s short newsletter due to computer problems.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Leslie writes:
As we sink into the depths of cold winter here in Colorado, I wonder the same thing every year. Would you ask an animal group soul, perhaps elk, whether the individual animals feel misery and pain when temperatures drop into single digits and snow covers several feet of the terrain? We humans like to think animals even wild animals feel like we do, but I wonder.
Gaia, in the extreme cold do animals such as elk feel the cold like Elk in Snow Stormhumans or are they insulated enough by their fur coats and body fat?

They certainly are designed, shall we say, to be insulated against the cold. They also seek shelter to improve their chances of survival in a truly harsh winter.

So, there is not the truly cold and snow that will potentially harm them?

No, again, there are typically places they know either by instinct or having been led there by their mothers to be the best places to be protected somewhat from the snow and cold.
And yes, they do group together and rotate those facing the outside so that none are exposed all the time.

Here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) that all of us can say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort, and keep safe and warm all animals affected by the extreme cold and snow this winter, thank you!”
Gaia, does the super moon hinder my reception, or does it not make any difference?

The super moon, as you call it, can hinder reception, but again, we Micro and Super Moonsprefer you to receive in all conditions as you become stronger in sifting through the energies associated with not only a super moon but other planetary aspects.

And there are misses:
Ginny writes:
Tom, what happened to Keshe? According to your 10/6/2012 newsletter, Theo indicated Keshe and his wife were doing good work.
Theo, what happened on my reception re: the Keshe Foundation? They were convicted of fraud.

You just were not receiving well that morning, Tom. I must always remind you that there are planetary aspects beyond your control that interfere with your reception. And, I will add. that there are other factors that can affect your reception such as your health and if you have gotten enough sleep, etc.
Just a reminder of what was published in the Sedona Journal’s November/December Predictions Issue:
Gaia, what is the winter forecast for North America?

About the same as it was for this past winter, Tom. There will be significant storms due to the warming climate, which some refuse to Massachusetts Blizzardbelieve is happening. Yes, you could compare it to Chicken Little or someone burying their head in the sand.
The storms will be most severe in the north and northeast part of the USA and of course Canada will see a little stronger activity this winter than last. But I am trying to let people know in the Northern part of the USA that these storms will intensify during the next five years as the climate warms even more. Then after that comes the big Yellowstone eruption that will turn the landscape into what appears to be a continuing winter. We have covered that in detail before.

What about the southern United States? We had a fairly mild winter.

And you will again, but with a few more storms than last winter. The Deep Snow coverenergy for these storms is in the changing climate. Take that to the bank, shall we say.
That had to be in by September 15th. Here are more updates this past fall that were in the newsletters:
Gaia, what will the weather be this winter for Central California?

Cold and rainy at times, Tom. Quite dry for most of the winter. There will be systems that will come and go, so not a calm winter by any means. There will be little to no flooding. More of a typical winter for those who live in this area.
Gaia, what is the highest probability for the weather this winter in the Snow in ParisUK and the rest of Europe?

It will seem seasonal most of the time, but again, with some severe storms that will be greater in intensity due to the warmer waters. Blizzards will be more intense, then recovery. The warmer waters that travel up the East Coast of North America and then across the Atlantic will mean more intense storms. They should prepare and have more fuel, food and water on hand. This will become the norm for the foreseeable future.
Gaia, what is the highest probability for a winter forecast for Ontario, Canada?

Tom, this will be a particularly harsh winter for those living in this section of North America. Where the lower 48, as it is called, will have Canada Snowquite varying temperatures during the winter, Ontario will experience more snow than last year. Stock up on heating supplies is my advice.
Gaia, what will be the highest probability for this winter for the Northeast, Southeast, South Central, and Midwest?

Yes, the Northeast will have plenty of winter weather this season, Tom. The days will alternate between sunny and bright and almost blizzard conditions. This will be a more active winter than last year, Tom, so they should stock up on heating supplies and food as there will be times when it will be difficult to travel about. Bottom line is, with the storms crossing the Great Lakes, several feet of snow will pile up giving them a winter wonderland.

More rain this winter, as I continue that pattern for them, plus winter weather at times, even affecting winter crops. Temperatures will widely vary, but overall yes, a little warmer than normal.
South Central?

Warmer this winter, but again, with periods of rainy weather and just a Rain in the French Quarter New Orleanslittle ice and snow. Perhaps a little less active this year, but still a need for winter coats and jackets. Seasonal, shall we say.

More winter weather as one might expect from the jet stream bringing winter storms and certainly blizzard conditions at times. At times, the storms will roll through this area one after another—a more active winter than last year.

Warmer than last year, but still cool, with a few storms of the winter variety, but closer to average for them.
West Coast?

Coastal rains and a more typical winter for them. Mountain snows will give them a good snowpack for spring runoff.
Gaia, news reports say that there is a buildup of magma under New England, but it will be a long time before eruption. Are they correct?
Click here.
Pretty close to accurate, Tom. It will be thousands of years, so it should New Englandnot be of worry for anyone living there today, compared to the people who live near Yellowstone, and to the east. In terms of years, as I have said before, that is a high probability.
Why the magma buildup?

It is just part of my planet dynamics, Tom. It is something for your volcanologists to study in the future. It’s all part of my inner dynamics that will provide thousands and thousands of hours of study as your instruments become better and better at probing not only Earth’s interior but other planets as well.
David in North Carolina writes:
In checking into how all this rising water might affect things, I have a couple of questions.
I think I understand that the water doesn’t rise exactly the same amount North Carolina Coastal Floodingeverywhere; there are variables that come into play. I’ve seen a number of maps that indicate different outcomes. I guess, to be specific, I’m hoping to learn how 75 feet of increased water level from an event originating 2700+ miles from me would affect me at 46 ft. elevation @ zip code 27910 (USA). Thank you for all that you do & Happy New Year!

Gaia, based on the 59% probability, will the flooding on the East Coast reach as far inland as Murfreesboro, North Carolina?

No, but far enough for the person who asked to be affected [in Ahoski, NC]. The person lives below the water line for the height of the oceans and seas. As I mentioned previously, only 40% of the USA will be habitable after these events. Millions of people will have to move quickly away from the coasts, or they will perish.
When should be the next time I ask you for an update on the North Carolina Flooding of Cityprobability?

I can tell you now it has risen slightly to 60%. Do not ask me again for six months. Keep in mind this potential event is still five years or more in the future. You will soon be quite busy with other work and events, so ask at the end of June.
May I also remind everyone to read my ATLANTIS & LEMURIA book, where I covered in detail three other events in our history where the oceans rose catastrophically? The first was 31,000 years ago when a Atlantisline of volcanoes sitting on top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in Atlantis all erupted, breaking up the continent. The oceans rose around the world 160 feet due to the displacement of land sinking into the Atlantic Ocean.

The second was 12,500 years ago when the remaining Atlanteans Lemuriadestroyed themselves in a horrific war. The oceans rose 41 feet. That’s when the story of Noah actually originated. The final time was 7,500 years ago when the Lemurians destroyed their continent in the Pacific Ocean during another terrible war using hydrogen-type bombs. The oceans again rose around 170 feet. In all three cases, all the cities and towns around the world that were located on the coasts were destroyed, drowning millions of people each time. Gaia is saying there is a 60% probability that will happen again between five and ten years from now.


Monica writes:
I have been reading about large natural disasters to be expected to happen in California and japan. I am wondering about Maui (and Hawaiian islands in general) as Maui is currently experiencing some flooding. I found it strange that I can find little or no information on the matter in the media. I found out by calling a car rental place in Maui.
1) Is Maui experiencing unusual flooding, or dangerous flooding, for its Hawaii Floodinginhabitants at this time?
Also, I am wondering about the shape of the Earth.
2) Is the Earth flat or round: like a dome over a flat plane? Or an upper dome (firmament) over a plane and a lower dome under the plane?

If the Earth is round, why is there a flat Earth map? And why is it the official logo of the United Nations, and the national geographical society?
Gaia, why is Maui experiencing flooding?

A simple explanation. As I have mentioned before, the oceans are rising. In most places it is difficult to see, but in low lying areas, as Maui has, a normal rainstorm can now bring flooding due to the rise in ocean levels. Naturally, if you are in the tourist business on Maui, flooding is the last thing you want people to hear about, unless their business is affected where they cannot provide a service, such as a rental car. This flooding will continue in the future.
Gaia has answered the second question before. All of the time line Earths are round. All you have to do is take a long plane ride up at over 30,000 feet to see the curvature of the Earth. You can also tune into the internet to see the International Space Station slowly circling the Earth. World maps are printed so that one can view all the continents of the world at one time.

Now I wish to speak to horse soul.

Horse soul here, Tom; good morning, and Happy New Year.
Good morning, Horse soul. Thanks for speaking to me.

Wouldn’t miss it, Tom, as you bring more knowledge to Earth’s Child on Horsepopulation, and even more with the book. I’m happy to contribute.
Horse soul, it is my understanding that you are only the “Group Soul,” as we call them, to differentiate from our souls and for horses and not for donkeys or mules [asked in July].

That’s quite correct, Tom.
Are the souls for donkeys and mules from your planet or another?

Another, Tom. I know you thought they would be from my planet—with each taking a different form such as felines do, but no, they volunteered and are from a different planet altogether and not even in the same solar system. But we are all friends, you see, and colleagues. Each has our different interests and personalities, as you might suppose, given the differences in our makeup.

Yes, and each of your soul fragments seems to have a different desire Race Horsesor interest.

Quite true, Tom. One fragment wishes to be the family horse just enjoying life, where another of my fragments wants to race, and another understands that horses are a source of food to many people.
So, you could say, Tom, our duties range from being the family pet, with a child in the family growing up to ride and then see our passing, to the elite horses that race at the stadiums you call race tracks with thousands in the stands and at times millions of people watching. I do so enjoy the attention we receive. I also enjoy the love my soul fragments receive from the families that own us. And yes, there is Foal Feedingmistreatment we receive at times, as part of the learning experience for the Earth Experiment. When Creator came calling, Creator explained all the benefits and the downside. But overall I have greatly enjoyed the experience, and it has allowed me to raise my vibrational level—not as much as those of you who volunteered for the Earth Experiment, but still I am quite pleased.

I assume our relationship will continue for many hundreds of years, Horse soul?

Quite so, Tom. I’m not going anywhere and will be around till the end.
OK, thank you, Horse soul.

Theo, speaking of families, how does it work when on the upper time lines I never met my wife? Are my children on that time line Todd and Parallel EarthsShannon, or two different soul fragments?

Two different soul fragments, Tom. I know you thought they might be with you there, because of the upcoming documentary you will do, but no, the soul fragments are different. Todd and Shannon’s soul fragments are with Dena on these lower time lines. That is a good question. For the most part as a general guide, the soul fragments will remain attached to the mother. There are exceptions to this, but we are speaking of normal rules, with exceptions.
See an example of this in my questions for Antura.

For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” as Theo calls them. Theo introduced me to him in 2008 and discovered through many questions that he is an amphibian living on a water planet Abe Sapien Hellboy moviesnamed Nommo in the Sirius B Solar System. He arrived last month in a huge mothership with a crew of 900 with their families (a portion of the crew lives their whole lives on board) and relieved another Sirian mothership that had been taking readings for the past five years.
Antura is part of a “first contact” team that goes out and contacts emerging intelligent societies thousands of years before they are ready for space travel. We’re the exception, as they’ve been in contact with us for thousands of years. His specialty, along with two others, is “grass roots” contacts. Others specialize in governments and science. Just before I closed out my book for publication in 2013, he told me that my family and I would one day shoot a documentary onboard his mothership. It sounds as if that may happen this year. To read more about him, the space ships, and planets, check out my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions this week.

Antura in the wings, Tom. Good morning and Happy New Year.
The same to you and to all the crew onboard your mothership. I look forward to seeing them, hopefully this year. What is the probability of that happening?

Extremely high, Tom, over 90%.
Aravind writes from Australia:
I had an ET contact experience similar to Bee DroneSherri's (in the newsletter):
Couple of months back, I woke up one morning to find myself face-to-face with what I think is a drone in the shape of a honey-bee humming with red and white lights. This drone is far bigger than any bee you have come across about the same size as military drones.
My feelings on seeing this object at that time were overwhelming. It was funny because I inadvertently touched the metal underneath the drone when I brushed it aside. So I'm quite sure it was real.
I woke up again to find the drone gone. Which indicates the drone put me to sleep. I have no memory what happened after that brush.
All windows and doors were closed at the time. No way this was an insect. I think the drone has an ability to come through walls.
This is the closest I have come to an actual first contact. Terrifying, mind-numbing yet funny in a different way.

Antura, was the “bee drone” ET, in origin, a dream, and if ET, why the ET Ship Depictionshape and origin?

Yes, it was an ET drone, caught taking readings during Aravind’s sleep time. It takes that shape in order to appear like a bee from far away. Again, this originated by his home planet people. He has nothing to fear from those people.
This next question I asked, because over the years, even starting with my first conversation in 2008 with Antura, I’ve been told that he would show me this or that (example, our history, religion beginnings). I never thought to make a list over the last nine years or so.
Antura, I have been told many times that you will show me more on various subjects. I hope you are keeping a list, as I have general ideas, but will need guidance as to what we have discussed in the past.Saucer depiction

Yes, by the time you arrive, Tom, we will have a complete list of all that I promised we would cover. You have the benefit of the time lines before you and their wants and desires. Sometimes it is good not to be the first.
Did I remarry in Colorado after my first marriage ended there on Time Lines 9-11?

Quite so. You found a very nice lady and have been married for many years and have two children, the same as on the lower time lines, just not your wife, Dena, on these lower time lines nor the same children. It may seem confusing, but it all sorts out.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!

I’ll begin this Blog with two MBO stories of my own. On December 23rd, my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter were flying from DFW to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to visit his relatives. I went with them in their 121 Tollwaycar to the airport to drive it back to avoid the high cost of parking for the week. Naturally, I requested a Most Benevolent Outcome for our drive and to arrive in plenty of time for them to check bags and get through the TSA checkpoint in plenty of time for the flight, and for my return trip.
I was sitting in the back seat with my granddaughter in her car seat, with my son-in-law driving. Suddenly in the middle of our lane on the 121 Tollway there was a large box or crate wrapped in camouflage. My son-in-law quickly slowed down and changed lanes, avoiding the box. Just ahead of us was a pickup truck working its way over to exit with its hazard lights on. It was obvious that this was the truck that lost its load.
I did say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for him to get back before someone hit the crate, even though I noticed there were no exits close by. My son-in-law also missed the DFW exit and had to cross the freeway at an overpass and wander back to the airport. Still, they had no problem in arriving at the gate in plenty of time for the flight.
For their return to the DFW Airport, the flight was scheduled to arrive on DFW Parking GarageFriday evening at 5:40 pm, right in the middle of Friday night drive time. We checked to see the flight status and they were 29 minutes late in getting off, but later in the flight they made up the time and were scheduled to arrive one minute late at DFW.
I requested a Most Benevolent Outcome to arrive at the perfect time to pick them up and included in the request for their bags to be some of the first up in the carousel.
I left at 5:30 pm for the 30-minute drive to DFW. Traffic was heavy, but flowed along at 70 MPH. Upon arrival at Terminal C, I drove into the parking garage that allows for one hour parking and found one close to the crossover to the baggage claim. Just as I parked, my cell phone rang and my daughter said she saw me pass in front of them. I got out and went across to the bag claim, and they already had their bags, but were missing the car seat and stroller, along with another family who was missing two car seats. Within 10 minutes, up came the car seats and stroller, and off we went to the car. After loading, I thought I would be in the back seat again, but my son-in-law did not have his night vision glasses with him, so I drove back home,
naturally requesting an MBO for the drive, which was uneventful, with the traffic again moving at 70 MPH.
Rikki in Tucson writes:
Hi Tom-- Happy life to you I had the most incredible day today!!! Thanks to MBOs.
I have been looking for my "lost" driver’s license for two weeks now; took my purse apart, took my wallet apart more than once, called the pharmacy twice
and then the other day it occurred to me to say an MBO again for the license, so I did a couple days ago.
I found myself going to Pharmacy today and really was not wanting to Pharmacygo so close to Christmas, but I just had to; in fact, it seemed like I really "had to go."
Before I left the house, I said an MBO for transportation to and from and left it at that. So I get to the pharmacy, was picked up by a driver that already remembered me from last week that was nice, safe, and all; got to the Pharmacy and again asked them to see if they had found my driver’s license -- nada. I was very distraught about it because I have never in all my 55 years of driving ever lost a license!!!
As I sat there waiting for the driver to pick me up, I eyed some candy bars over by the cashier. I debated because I shouldn't have one, but it just seemed like I was to buy this candy bar, and so I did. When the cashier gave me my change, lo and behold I opened my change purse and there smiled my driver’s license at me!!! I was overwhelmed in a good way -- TY, TY, TY! I told the cashier that was the best candy bar I ever, ever bought!
I use my debit card so much I don't use change, but apparently I did last time and didn't remember, so I was thrilled wondering yesterday how in the world was I gonna get a new one in Arizona etc., etc. ha!!!
MBO, eh? Then the driver called to tell me he was coming and poof, it was the same man that had picked me up to begin with!!! He even said, "Gee, what gives??? This never happens." LOL LOL -- I just smiled and inside I said TY TY TY to the MBO GOD!!! Love and best wishes to all!!! Amen.
Rikki lives in a large retirement community.

Lee writes:
I have asked for many BPs for my sister as her health deteriorated this year. On Friday, she was admitted into the critical care  Transitionunit again. I did a BP for her recovery or the best outcome. She continued to decline, so I said a BP for a peaceful passing. On Christmas Day, she quietly crossed over with a small, calm exhale of her last breath. I am grateful for everyone who said prayers for her this past year. Thank you and thank you, Tom, for this beautiful gift of Benevolent Outcomes.
I know she is still with me as the next day when I went outside I saw the most beautiful, vibrant Monarch butterfly. It flittered around me for about 30 seconds before heading off. That was my sister’s favorite butterfly, and once when she was out at the beach, one landed on her finger as she was pointing at something and sat for a minute or two.

Monica writes:
When I was about 10 years old I woke up, and my mother appeared at the top of the stairs and said she needed to pray for me before I leave. I left and rode my bike to my 6th grade proficiency test at Clifton High School, for a citizenship test that day.Bike and Car Accident
Almost there, a car pulled into a driveway and hit me. He pushed me 13 feet while I was still on my bike under his tire. I got up basically untouched by this accident.
Was that my GA protecting me that morning? Thanks, Tom!

Gaia, did Monica’s mother receive a message to pray for her daughter, and did Monica’s GA intercede to protect her when she was hit by the car?

Yes to both questions, Tom. Her mother did receive a message, including a vision. So she prayed for Monica’s safety and Monica’ GA stepped in to save Monica, while at the same time demonstrating to her mother the power of prayer.
Theo, do you need to balance if you mentally laugh at someone?Karma

Thoughts have power, Tom, and indicate an area where you need to work on. So the balancing is more shifting your focus to loving and sending love to those people. If you pity or show disdain for others even mentally, you need to turn that around and send white light and love to them. You’ll develop more compassion and that will raise your vibrational level.
Anne-Marie writes:
Today is the 100th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. It was the largest man-made explosion prior to Hiroshima [killing 2,000 and injuring 9,000]. No one really knows who was responsible for the explosion, but one boat pilot took the majority of the blame (though there seems to be reason to doubt his being the main culprit). Will the truth ever come out about this explosion? Was this to Halifax Explosion Ruinsfulfill bucket lists for people to experience drowning, fires, and blindness?
What information can you provide about this disaster? Thank you for any info you can provide. More information:
Click here.
Theo, will the culprit who caused the Halifax explosion 100 years ago ever be identified?

No, Tom, that was by soul contract, and that individual is balancing that life.

Why would the person need to balance if it was a soul contract?

Because he went farther than he was supposed to.
Ana writes:
Is Charles Lindbergh back on Earth or soon to be? Was he a Viking several hundred years ago?
Did the death of Charles Lindbergh Jr. occur several months before the police were contacted on March l, l932? Was his death a joke gone bad? All testimonies dictate everything was well scripted.

Theo, has Charles Lindbergh incarnated into this time period?Charles Lindbergh

No, he jumped ahead in time, as his next life takes place during the time of exploration of the planets in your solar system.
What is his soul interest?

Exploration, but also on a technical scale.
Did he have a life as a Viking?

No, but a good guess by your reader. His previous life was as an explorer, just not a Viking. He still has many lives to go, just as most people do.
Theo, did the Lindberg baby die months before reported?

That is not true, Tom. Another story or probability that did not happen on this time line.
Daralyn writes:
Where did the gene for red hair enter human evolution? Was it a random mutation, or one of those "gifts" from ETs' genetic Red Hairmanipulation? If so, was there a purpose?
Gaia, when did the gene for red hair come to be? Was it by mutation, or was it introduced from the beginning by our ET uncles and aunts?

It was introduced from the beginning, as you suspected, Tom. This was a gene from the northern latitudes. Then it spread from that introduction onwards.
Jerry writes:
Would you please ask Gaia why does she allow polar bears to starve to death? Why does she have to be so cruel to them? Isn't there a more humane way for them to go?
Below is the link to the story that is heart-wrenching about a bear starving to death filmed by National Geographic photographer. Can we all say benevolent prayer so those poor animals do not suffer?

Click here.
Gaia, why do you allow polar bears to starve to death?

Many other animals on Earth do the same, Tom, but these beautiful creatures are easy to see and their beauty, coupled with their size, Starving Polar Bearmakes them an easy target for photographers. This is just the natural order of things on this planet. These starvations also teach you, the Explorer Race, that allowing Earth emissions to escalate and the climate to continue to warm due to the emissions, there are consequences, and the starvation of these polar bears are just one of the results. The rise in ocean levels is not all caused by humans, but you certainly contribute. These polar bears are on their way out, but will return in the future when there are a lot less humans.
Here is a BP to say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and comfort all the polar bears and help them find sufficient food, thank you!”
Cathy writes:
During meditation, my upper body rocks and sways. This Meditationhas been going on for some time now. It's not frightening, but I was just curious what is going on. Is this the kundalini energy awakening?
Theo, why does Cathy’s body rock and sway during meditation?

Yes, the kundalini energy within her body is quite strong. She can learn to calm this energy by directing it up and down her spine. But I will add that there is no bodily danger to her—it is simply the energy.


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