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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

January 9, 2021

Tom T. Moore


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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. I estimate that I’m around 80% to 90% accuracy. And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”).


I have a lot for you in this Newsletter. There are a number of forecasts for not only 2021, but also the years ahead. It is mostly fun to look into the future, even with all the different probabilities still to be determined.

GIFT CARDS: Wondering what to buy with those Gift Cards? Check out my books. What a great way to start 2021! They are available right now on Amazon, and other on-line stores. Here are some 5 STAR reviews:

THE GENTLE WAY I: Amelia wrote: "This book is amazing. I just have to start off as saying that I do not believe in angels. I purchased this book for someone who does believe in angels, but hates self-help books. Well, the title includes "A Self-Help Guide for those who Believe in Angels" so I figure I have Gentle Way I booka 50/50 chance of her enjoying it!

“So when it arrived, I thought, "I should probably check this out a bit, and make sure it's not too 'out there' for her!" But while I intended to look through the first chapter or two, I was completely unable to stop reading. Tom T. Moore's writing style is like you are having a personal conversation with him. I've never read anything like it. And although it is not a very long book, and not very detailed, it really doesn't need to be either! His writing style is just concise, and has enough detail that nothing more needs to be said.

“Now, mind you, I have not given this gift yet. I don't know how much she will like it. Also, at this point, I am giving her a *used* book, which is a little awkward! But since I only had a 50/50 chance of liking it (I like self-help books, sometimes, and this came with a high recommendation, but I don't believe in angels) and she has a 50/50 chance of liking it, the odds are pretty good that it will change her life, as it has changed mine."

ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Raymond wrote: "Tom T. Moore channeled the Atlantis & Lemuria bookentities of Gaia and Theo to ask questions about Earth's origins that we have all had, but never knew where to find the answers. I have always felt that Atlantis and Lemuria existed, and our current era is one of many that existed before, but have been forgotten. Tom covers the topics of dinosaurs, day to day life in Atlantis and Lemuria, the Great Flood with Noah, the Pyramids, Crystals and much more. If you enjoy learning about esoteric knowledge and lost civilizations you'll love this book."

FIRST CONTACT: Lindsay wrote: “I love Tom Moore's Gentle Way books and First Contact booknewsletter, so I was excited to download this book. I am so envious that Tom has a direct communication line open to a being in another star system. I believe his connection and the information in the book is genuine because it feels right and makes sense. It's the kind of book that I have been thinking about long after completion and I hope to see this book turn into a movie. I bet George Noory will have Tom on his Coast to Coast show since the dialogue is so fascinating and unique in the field of channeling and UFOs. Great job, Tom, and I look forward to your next book!"

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My latest book,ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!” has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Alison Baughman interviewed me several years ago on her numerological radio show. She was the second person to tell me that my life path was a 33—a Spiritual Master. The other was a numerologist in Sedona, during a vacation there, who also said my name was a 44—a Material Master, which he said was Alison Baughmanquite unusual. I didn’t feel like either at that time.

Here is a link to her 2021 Numerological Forecast: Click here.

I had questions from reading this forecast.

Gaia, numerologist Alison Baughman says there is a strong possibility of an earthquake and tsunami in either or both Alaska and Greece in 2021. Which one, or both, or neither?

Yes, she is partially correct, Tom. Both will have strong tremors this year, but only Alaska will have a small to medium tsunami, as the earthquake will be slightly offshore. There will be other earthquakes, as it so happens every year

Which one, if any, of the Covid vaccines will be recalled?

The Moderna Vaccine is stable, as well as the Pfizer, but the third may have some unforeseen problems that will appear in the coming months. It is not quite as stable as the other two.

Asking again for clarification—both the first two vaccines will not need to be Vaccinationrecalled?

That is correct, Tom.

May I remind everyone that our bodies are all different; therefore, one person may have a reaction to a particular vaccine, where other people may not. So I suggest you say the following MBO when you decide to have your Covid-19 vaccination:

“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my body to assimilate the vaccine in the most benevolent manner, and may the vaccination completely prevent the David GoldsteinCovid-19 virus from entering my body, thank you!”

Here is the Vedic Astrological Forecast for January by David Goldstein Ph.D. He will have it for the whole year and into 2023 later in January. Click here.

I’ll try and remember to check in again later this month. Keep in mind these are all tools to assist us in life. Naturally, the greatest tool is THE GENTLE WAY.


Kurt writes: In the movie Surrogates, society has evolved where people live their life by inhabiting artificial bodies via some type of wireless link that transfers consciousness from their body into the artificial body. I found it very interesting Telepathyidea.

Will we ever be able to do that?

Gaia, will we ever be able to transfer our consciousness to an artificial body?

Not in the way asked, Tom. This is difficult to describe in your time period; it will be much easier to reach across space with your consciousness to communicate and even view other planets and people in the future. This will take some time as you move much farther into the 5th dimension or focus. You will be able to see through other beings’ eyes. Again, this is quite far in the future for you—several thousand years.


As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m winding up putting THE GENTLE WAY with PETS book to bed. Here is another piece of the puzzle.

Ann writes:
Animals who alert their owners to fires or break-ins, or “take a bullet” in cases of getting snake bites for their humans, does this raise their status or spirituality growth on the planet they came from? (So maybe all living Rescue Dogbeings have the opportunity to “advance”?)

Are animals as intelligent as we know humans to be, perhaps they are just veiled? Which makes me think, if they are “veiled,” the fact that some are perfect as therapy animals?

If animals are capable of helping the Earth project, do they have individual contracts as humans do, or is their contract general, maybe with the freedom to be creative within their specific contract?

Gaia, do animals, such as dogs and cats, have soul contracts to assist humans, even when it cost them their life?

This is controlled by your own Guardian Angels, Tom. Dog Soul and Cat Soul, Rescue Dogjust as two examples, understand their part in your lives. They also know that they will return for another life with you, whether it will be in the same life or a future life. So you could say their soul contracts are to do whatever needs to be done as part of your family. They have great love for you that transcends time. Subconsciously, they recognize your souls just as you do theirs.

Does assisting humans raise their vibrational levels?

In a way, yes. Again, may we remind you that all of the souls taking part in the Earth Experiment were at the very top of their vibrational level when Creator asked them to be part of the Earth Experiment? They were already operating at a high level, so assisting humans, you might say, in any way, was part and parcel of their agreement with Creator. There will be millions of decisions you will make when you meld into a creator, and some of them will be regarding these Group Souls. Will you perhaps find other duties for them, after the Explorer Race leaves Earth forever?


George writes: Decline of Marriage.

Nowadays, in modern times, there is so much sexual freedom than ever before in history. People rarely feel the need to get married (with marriage usually meaning in the past they would have had a sex life that they normally otherwise wouldn't have had without prostitutes).

1. So with the sexual freedom, along with people noticing sky rocketing divorce Marriagerates in the world, will more couples choose to decline marriage in western countries from now until into the future?

2. Is the advancement in female equality partly to blame for the decline in marriage? By this I mean, in the past, men and women stuck to traditional gender roles, but now with more women choosing to be career women instead of housewives.

3. (There’s nothing wrong with Porn and it is fantasy and adult entertainment.) But my question is, is the ease in which pornography is so easily available at the click of a button online also to blame for the decline in marriage? Since men and women are becoming fascinated with awakening all types of sex fantasies from pornography and pursuing their fantasies with multiple partners.

4. Technological Sex Temptations. With today’s world of smartphone technology and “hook up culture,” as it is known today (singles who meet up on smartphone apps for sex, and regular online dating sex websites), the potential for marriage seems as if it is doomed for the future. Will it be likely that it is really only going to be Older Souls who are incarnated at this time period to have more successful marriages that actually last long term, especially with all these extremely easy technological temptations for easy meet up sex with strangers?

Theo, will a decline in marriages continue for the next 10 to 20 years?

It will stabilize during that time period, Tom. I know you thought it would Marriagecontinue even past that point, but humans love the pageantry of these weddings, so it will continue for a very long time in the future.

Is the reason for the decline—or one of the reasons—is that women now have careers?

Even with careers, everyone looks for a connection with another human being as part of your learning. They are finding other ways to connect, such as on the internet. Remember that you have soul contracts to connect with others.

Would you say that pornography is partly responsible for the decline in marriages?

Pornography is simply part of sexual exploration. There has been pornography for thousands of years. It is just more out in the open in modern times.

Do sex meetup sites contribute to the decline in marriages?

No, they simply take the place of bars for one-night stands. There is probably a decline in the bar business.

Is it more mature souls who decide to marry?

No, this custom crosses all soul groups. It all depends upon soul contracts.


Charlie writes: Vaccinations for Sexual Diseases.DNA Strand

1. When will the vaccination be created that will protect people from ever getting HIV and AIDS, will it be in the next 5-10 years?

2. Currently the only vaccinations people can get that protect against sexually transmitted diseases are a Hep B vaccination, and the HPV vaccination to prevent genital warts. There are more than 20 types of STDs with the main ones being Gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes and so on. When will a vaccination be created to protect against all 20+ STDs, again in the next 5-10years?

Theo, when will vaccinations to protect people from HIV and AIDS be introduced—the next 5 to 10 years?

There will be breakthroughs during that time period, Tom. And you can add in all the other STDs. The part of the DNA strand that is susceptible to these diseases will be identified by researchers. Many diseases are getting close to being pinpointed in your DNA strands. Great progress will be made during this coming decade.


For my new readers, in 2008, Theo introduced me to another member of my soul “cluster” that, after 800 lives on Earth, was born this time on the water world of Nommo in the Sirius B Solar System. He’s part of a “first contact” team that is currently orbiting the Earth in one of those huge motherships that is three miles wide and twenty stories tall, with a crew of 900, plus their families, from 37 different planets—almost all of them from the Sirius A, B, and C solar systems. First Contact bookNaturally, the ship, like the other 25 or so orbiting the Earth, are masked so they don’t scare us to death while they take millions of readings a day as part of the “Earth Experiment.” You can learn much more about Antura, his life, planet, and even about the real star wars that happened many years ago in my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here are questions I asked this week.

Antura in the wings, Tom, with my teammates, all wishing you a Happy New Year.

Thanks, everyone! And the same to you, although I understand it is not for you.

Correct, Tom. We have the universal year system, and those are not celebrated as your years on Earth are.

Yes, this will be a five year, numerologically—the year of change.

And changes will be fast and surprising to many, and I’m of course referring to Disclosure, Tom. It really should be this year.

Jen writes: Did you see that the Pentagon and spy agencies are supposed to disclose what they know in 6 months?

Could be interesting. Is the US playing a part in this now?Secret

(Contining) Antura, you led me right to my first question—thanks.

Antura, will the demand by the US Senate Intelligence Committee for a report in 180 days cause other countries to come forward before the 180 days are up?

Yes, you could say there was a signal that it was okay to release more information. The report to the Senate right now is being discussed as to what to tell them and what they think they can leave out. That will be somewhat negated when other countries come forward with their own Disclosures.

Will Russia now mention their continuing meetings?

Yes, of course—at least that is the information we’re receiving from the Pleiadians. This time we, and I mean the Federation as a whole, are encouraging other countries saying, “Well, see, the Americans are going to have to disclose, so now you can too.” There is a pushing and pulling in these negotiations. But in the end, we believe there will be one or more countries that will come forward with almost complete Disclosure. One or more countries will be surprised that they were not the only ones having these meetings—a real eye opener, you could say.

Aryan writes: When our Etheric Body is taken on ship by our home planet Alien Abductionpeople, what happens there?

Do they talk with us? Do we explore the ship? Or do we remain in an unconscious state like a patient on stretcher and they do their readings?

Antura, when our etheric body is taken on a ship, do they talk to us, or are we in sort of a sleep state where they can do these examinations that are far ahead of what we can understand at the present time?

These etheric bodies are more in what we can describe to you as a hyper state. They are aware that something is happening to them, but they don’t have the ability to roam the ship, as an example. This is difficult to describe at this point in your development. It is a concept you have yet to discover—and here I’m speaking of your scientists. To be able to separate the etheric body from the physical one is pretty far in the future for the human experience. To the person this happens to it seems almost like a dream—and one that can be frightening, but steps are taken to erase the experience, although there can be a bleed through depending upon the individual.

I do have one question for Exotic Girl, regarding your eyes. Would we describe Alien Depictionthem as cat eyes, with the pupils or irises vertical, as compared to our round ones?

That’s correct, Tom. But even more different than that. You are at least moving a little closer to my description, Tom.

These questions came from Mantej in the UK.

Antura, will Elon Musk or Richard Branson meet with the Pleiadians, since they both have plans for space?

Those are open soul contracts on that point, Tom. You do understand that both have had lives in the future, in order to assist them in this time period.  Image by Kaan Demircilek

Have any prisoners ever been abducted from a prison?

That would be in violation of the Earth Directive, Tom.

Does the ET at, let’s say, Area 51 -or wherever he’s based- allow spies to do their work, knowing that it will keep everyone on an even level?

Certainly they are aware of those who do this work, Tom. They are just not allowed to interfere—again the Earth Directive. But the same thing goes on at the other countries’ facilities, so it does equal out. They make sure that all countries are on the same level at the end of the day.

Do the ETs ever bilocate?

No, they stick with their charges, Tom.

Have the chefs and cooks at Area 51 ever seen an ET?

Yes, but they are under the same rules as the rest of the staff.

What are the average annual salaries of the people who work at Area 51?

As you pointed out, in the question above, you have a wide range of salaries depending upon expertise, but certainly they would be 25% to 50% higher than civilians.


These three stories came from last Saturday’s Benevolent Outcomes Blog, which features MBO and BP stories. Please send your stories in to inspire others. To see all of the stories from last week, go to

Joan writes: I had to pass on the instant response I had to an MBO this evening. Stack of Office File FoldersI still can’t believe what happened.

I was searching my congested, and stacked high, office files for an important file I needed for a meeting tomorrow. I had been searching for about 45 minutes, with no luck. I was very frustrated. I sat in my chair with my head in my hands.
Suddenly, the thought crossed my mind that I should say an MBO. I did, and I asked my Guardian Angel and all Angels of the universe to shine their white light on me, and for them to search my office for my file. I thanked them. I sat for a few more minutes. I started my search again, and the first file I picked up was the one I was searching for. I was shocked beyond belief.

I hope it helps someone else.
I use MBOs often, and totally believe in their effectiveness.

Thank you for all you do and the wonderful information that you provide. I have always believed that we are not alone in this universe, and we will eventually get to know the people from the other worlds.


Matt writes: Here are a couple MBO stories that you can share with your readers.

It is that time of year where the leaves change colors and start to fall off our trees. I wrote to you last year about my MBO experience on raking my leaves, since they are always still on my trees well into the next year and how I’m usually raking them between snowfalls every year.

I said several MBOs for the leaves to fall at the best time for me to rake them up Falling Leaveswithout it being too cold or rainy. They all fell 2-3 days later, and I was able to take care of them without any issues at all. It was honestly the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had raking leaves, and I’ve lived here almost 20 years. All thanks to the power of MBOs!!

I also have an MBO story to share about my experience at the Apple Store. I had purchased a new IPad Pro recently and it never was quite right. It would freeze up and then it would reset itself randomly. It got the point where it was doing it several times a day. I called Apple support, and customer service helped me make an appointment to take it in for service. I said several MBOs during this process to help get it fixed or replaced. I go the Apple store and they figured out something is definitely wrong with it, and they are going to replace it. But they have to order it and I will need to come back and get it swapped out. The guy also recommended that I get Apple Care on it, since it’s an expensive device to repair. He said I had a year to do that.

I get the email that my new device is in so I head back over there to get it IPAD Proexchanged out.
Again, saying MBOs for everything to go smoothly and without any complications. After the guy does that, I then inquire about the Apple Care, and that I would like to add it. He then informs me that he can’t since he just swapped out the unit and Apple Care would have had to been added on the original device first. I wasn’t informed of that the last time I was here, which was less than 5 days prior. I then told him that he will need to undo everything he just did so I can add it to my original device. He had to get the manager involved, but in the end, it was taken care of and it was added on to my original device which will carry over to the new device that they just swapped out.

Here is where it gets interesting. I wasn’t really prepared to spend $130ish for this two weeks before Xmas, but if I didn’t add it right then and there, I wouldn’t have been able to get it at all. The very next day, I get a random Facebook message about someone inquiring about some things I had posted for sale back in June, almost 6 months ago. We worked out exactly what he wanted and I sold him $150 worth of stuff. It was really a surreal moment, and I knew that my GA was looking out for me.
Never underestimate the power of MBOs.

Have a great day and remember to use MBOs every time!!


Clair writes: MBO & BP to cancel poorly scheduled meeting.

My friend was very upset that some of her colleagues scheduled a meeting for her with their manager during next week's holidays. As a dedicated worker, she Business Meetingwas torn between forcing herself to go, or reluctantly tell her boss she may not join. Her boss is usually not the kindest. Immediately, I wrote an MBO for her to say, and I said a BP for them.

“I request an MBO to have this meeting about ----- to be benevolently canceled, and rescheduled at a time that is benevolent for the whole team, and/or I request an MBO to have the strength not to join this meeting without upsetting my boss, and may the outcome be better than expected, thank you.”

BP: “I ask any and all beings to assist my boss in rescheduling this meeting or in accepting my absence, thank you.”

The next day, after these MBO/BPs, the boss called, and said to her and other staff that they don't have to join this meeting during their holidays, and that he will not join himself. He added that currently there are no topics that could not wait until the first week in January. THANK YOU.


Karl writes: I have a question about reincarnation. I am aware that we can choose to reincarnate forward or backward in time as well as multiple lives Parallel Earthssimultaneously. I have also learned from your communications that a single incarnation can split into many parallel lives when one life choice or another is followed.

Question #1: Do we on occasion choose to experience the same life more than once?
Question #2: If yes, how many people choose to re-experience the same life?

Gaia, does anyone experience the same life twice?

No, Tom. That’s why there are 12 time lines, so that your souls can see all the different decisions made on different frequencies. There is no need to repeat a life when your souls have had 12 already.


These questions were posed by Severine in China.

Gaia, what is the purpose of the B blood type on Earth?

It is but one of several, Tom. As your scientists continue to study the human body, you will begin noticing certain differences in the workings of the human body according to blood type. This in turn will assist you when you begin traveling to the stars, as you will encounter multiple blood types in your explorations. That is all I’m allowed to say at this juncture.

Does it balance energy among humans like religions do?

Again, this is something for your scientists to discover. But a little hint, they all balance each other.

Where does the blood type Rhesus negative come from?Blood Types Chart

As far back as there are humans on Earth, Tom.

Does it directly originate from the Pleiadians?

Yes, they had a hand in its inclusion as one of your blood types.

Will only humans with this blood type originate from the Pleiades?

That is generally true. But there are exceptions.

Will humans experience all blood types in their lives on Earth?

Yes, that’s part of your Earth Experience. It gives your bodies different makeups, shall we say. This is a very complex subject, and we understand scientists should be asking these questions, and they will one day.

Do Pleiadians have similar blood types to us?

Don’t just limit yourselves to one set of beings, Tom. You will find similar blood types all over the universe. But by that time, your scientists will have much more knowledge than today.

Do some blood types resist the Covid-19 virus more than other types?

That would be a fair conclusion. Again, much more will be learned about this disease in the coming months as money is being poured into research that will expand your knowledge about other diseases as well.

Can we expect more interesting discoveries about blood types in the future?

Yes, I answered that earlier, Tom. You have much more to learn in this area—many years of research ahead for those who wish to explore, with many more revelations.


Daralyn writes: Is the MJ-12, the secret group who advised presidents Truman Hoaxand Eisenhower, still active and if so, under what name?

Gaia, is the MJ-12 group who supposedly advised Truman and Ike still around, or is this a hoax?

This is a hoax, Tom, perpetuated by someone wanting their 15 minutes of recognition and money.


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