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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

December 16, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.

Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish readers!
I have a lot more questions this week for Antura as his mothership is now on station orbiting the Earth.

FIRST CONTACT: TosaTat wrote: “What a fascinating book. Tom does a First Contact bookgreat job communicating information from his soul cluster brother Antura. Communicating is done while in a deep meditative state. Tom shares messages that allow people to see a glimpse of the vast universe and things to come. After reading this book I’m even more open to extraterrestrials and UFOs. I can’t wait to read his next book.”
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Gaia, how long will the fire season last in Southern California?

Longer than those officials think it will, Tom. As was pointed out in your Ventura County California Thomas Firenews program, they have only received one quarter of an inch of rain since June. Naturally I set this up in order for the forests to burn and so I can rejuvenate the forests and allow for new growth. Therefore, to answer your question, it will almost seem like a continuous fire season for a while until the weather conditions change later this winter for them. Then the cycle will begin again in the summer, as again my goal, Tom, is to have the forests burn and rejuvenate. There are still many people who live in that region who have on their bucket list a home destroyed by fire.
Is there a side reason for this as regards to pushing them to move away from the coast?

Absolutely, and I’m glad you brought that up. There will be a percentage of these people who will move far away as they do not wish to ever have this experience again.
Linda writes:
Tom, yesterday was our third terror attack in NYC! As much as we all carry on, this has become very unnerving. Could Theo answer why this keeps happening? I feel that NYC is due for a big one soon! And could Theo answer when the world will be safe from terror New York Terrorist Attackattacks again! When will it end?
Gaia, is the probability of small terrorist attacks in the USA to continue—these one person lone wolf ones, and what about the probability of a large attack, let’s say, in the 2018 time period?

First question—yes, the probability is high for the lone wolf attacks to continue—using the 2018 year and the last part of this year. On the other hand, the probability of one or more terrorist attacks on a large scale is quite low. They will be nipped in the bud before they can carry out their plans. Your FBI, CIA and the NSA are all working together to see that this does not happen on USA soil.
Margaret writes:
I have two inquiries for Gaia.
1. Will we be losing our republican democracy over the next several years, or will enough people be able to get elected in 2018 & 2020 who will not only renew our democracy, but bring it closer to the ideals this country was founded on for 'we the people'? Even bringing about a renaissance, if you will, of all citizens engaging in the business of running this country on all levels for the highest good?
2. What are all the positives of Yellowstone exploding? I know the ash Yellowstone National Parkwill carry fresh minerals to the surface soils which will help plants grow; Gaia gets pressure relief; beings get to check off adventures from their bucket lists; new rivers, lakes; people will come together to help out each other, who never would before; building booms to rebuild cities? Does it change the way we are governed? What comes about that would not have come about because of the explosion(s)?
I'm excited to write in. You are doing profound good with MBOs, BPs, the Blog site, and your channelings.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for democracy in the USA in the next four years?

As I explained previously, Tom, the pendulum swings both ways. The Democracymid-term elections as they are called will bring more Democrats elected to Congress, which will force them to work together, or their constituents will not re-elect them when they come up for election. People will truly grow tired and will elect those who promise to work with those of the other party.
I still assume the probability is still low for President Trump to be impeached?

Quite so, Tom.
Gaia, what will be the positive developments that would come about or result from the eruption of Yellowstone?

Although unseen by many, there will be a number of developments. VolcanoFirst, there are thousands of people who have yet to experience a volcano in any lifetime. I have said many times you must experience everything the earth has to offer, but the population was much smaller back when volcanoes were much more active. Nowadays, even on such a small island as Bali, there are over 100,000 people affected directly by that imminent eruption.
It will be the same for Yellowstone. Then for me it will release pressure that has been building up in the interior. These volcanoes do have a connection, yet to be proved by your geologists. That is another benefit—the learning of a planet’s dynamics by your scientists, which you will need to know and learn about before you travel to the stars.
In the case of Yellowstone, don’t forget the mini-ice age, which will give the land a chance to rest for over 100 years. And yes, the ash thrown into the air will add to my surface area.

For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster,” and as you’ll read below, he just arrived overhead this past week. Oh, did I not mention he’s an ET from the planet Nommo, a water world in First Contact book coverthe Sirius B Solar System? He’s part of a “first contact” team that goes to emerging worlds to make contact. We are the exception, as they’ve been around for several million years helping to oversee the “Earth Experiment” that the Creator of our universe organized in order to try and successfully work with negative energy. There are four negative energies and ten positive ones, and
NO ONE in any other universe had been able to work with negative energy.
Therefore, there are normally 25 motherships overhead (all cloaked so they won’t scare the bejeebers out of us) all taking readings and sending scout ships out to also take readings. We’re the stars of our universe! You can read much more about Antura, his planet, the mothership, their other contacts, and even about the real star wars I now call the
Reptilian War in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions this week.
Antura, are you here yet?

Glad you asked, Tom. Yes, we have arrived.
So, I’m not just imagining?

No, we have arrived.
Was there any formal sendoff of the other ship that has been here on Star Wars Spaceship Interiorduty, such as a changing of the guard ceremony of some sort, or between the two captains?

Yes, a very short one and not too formal shall we say.
What about the crews?
Most have their jobs to keep them busy, so not too much. A few knew each other, but keep in mind the differences in crew members.
What about sending me a photo to my email server?
Not allowed to do that, Tom, but soon you will be able to take your own photos and use them as you wish. That time is fast approaching.
Yes, it will move as fast as the Russians move, which appears at a glacial pace.Mothership Depiction
Are you right overhead, or does your ship orbit?

It orbits, Tom. It does not remain in one place. But it does this slowly.
Michael asked me this in a PM on Facebook.
Click here for article.
Antura, is physicist Harold White onto something with his theory of a warp drive spaceship or is this just another step along the way?

Another theory to be explored, Tom. Before you learn the secret, shall we call it, of interplanetary travel, there will be many theories tried and rejected, but each one will move you closer to achieving instant travel between solar systems. His theory is one of the better ones. It will lead to others.
Leigh Ann writes:
I have read reports that certain royalty and celebritiesReptilian Depiction have shapeshifted into reptilians. Is there any truth to this? (Articles below)
Queen Elizabeth
Click here.
Adel article Click here.
Antura, I keep hearing about shape-shifting Reptilians. Why is that?

That will not happen. This dates back to your subconscious fear everyone had of the reptilians. Old habits die hard when you have had multiple incarnations on planets always under the threat of war and being blown to bits. As mentioned before, this went on for thousands of years—not just one small period as here on Earth, but when someone lives over a thousand universal years over multiple incarnations, this fear is deep seated.
(Next session)
Antura in the wings and, shall I say, close at hand?Large ET Spacecraft
Good morning, Antura, and good life and send my best wishes to your family.

Thank you, Tom.
In universal years, how long will you be gone—a number of days or much more?

Quite a few, Tom. It is easier to describe for you in Earth days, so, that would be several years.
How long was the last Sirian ship you replaced on duty here?

A little over five years—yes, that is correct. That would equate in a way to half a universal year.
Daralyn writes:
What are the miles-high towers and structures seen in Moon Towerpictures in NASA-released photos and discussed by archeologist David Hatcher Childress at a conference in Little Rock, AR last month (and at minutes 13 and 19 of this video)? Who built them, and when? What is their purpose? Click here.
Antura, are the structures seen on the moon in the Youtube video ET or natural ones?

A mixture of both, Tom. I know you thought I would say natural, but in this case they have identified part of the base used.
Laurie writes:
In your 12/9/17 newsletter, Zena reported a dream she had about aliens enslaving humans, and in which humans had little food or water. Wow! Did that resonate with me! I had an extremely vivid dream just a few nights ago (approximately 12/4/17) that had me in a very Aliens Enslaving Humans Movie Postersimilar situation! I was part of a group of humans running through a network of basements and other underground parts of buildings that had been destroyed and abandoned. We were being chased. Hunted. We were survivors.

It was dangerous to come up out of the ruins. We could not show ourselves above ground. There was a sense of danger and jeopardy. It was one of those dreams where I woke up, turned over in bed, and then the dream continued. The dream eventually shifted to me finding a safer place. It was an abandoned house above ground. There was still a sense that I was in jeopardy, that the humans were being hunted, but this was a little better than being underground.

Theo told you that Zena’s dream was a memory of the star wars. The Star Wars Depictionmoment I read that, I felt that the same might be true for my dream, too. Did Zena and I know each other during the star wars? How many people currently incarnated on Earth were part of the star wars?

Antura, did all the people on Earth experience the Reptilian War, I will call it, in their past lives before taking part in the Earth Experiment?

Yes is the simple answer, Tom, but even after volunteering keep in mind that other fragments of your soul are having lives across the universe, so consequently other fragments continued to experience the war which dragged on for thousands of universal years. Therefore, not only your soul fragment, but other fragments of your soul felt the fear of lives when you were not sure if your whole planet would be blown to smithereens.
Antura, does it take a little time to get up to speed with all the duties that must be performed after you have arrived?

In this regard, we work quickly, Tom—faster than normal you could say. UFOEveryone is quite well trained, so there is no “on the job training” shall we say. The scout ships are out taking readings as I speak with you. Millions of readings are being taken every minute and are being analyzed by what I will describe in your terms as huge computers—although we are far past that stage, you understand. I’m describing something in terms that your readers will understand—along with you.
How does your work change now that you are here? Have you gone out yet to identify the landing spots you’ll need for your grass roots contacts with me and the other two people, and the same for the other two team members who will do the same type contacts?

No, not yet, Tom. As I’ve said previously, we do not work that fast. Yes, I and my team members will prepare, but there is not an urgency to do so quite yet. Everything we want perfect for when you and I get together, and there are preparations behind the scenes, shall we say, that will be not so much rehearsed as discussed in detail as this will be an important time not only for you, but for us as well.
(Edited for space) Gaura writes:
I feel I have to share with you what I witnessed and experienced last night. It was about 12:20am when I looked up and south, standing on my front porch. I saw a bright light that was definitely not a star or a plane. It had flickering lights on either UFO Depictionside which gave the impression of a firefly. As I continued to stare, it began to track slowly in random circular motions. It felt as if I was being watched as I tracked along with it. After several minutes it came closer and began displaying a light sequence of all colors along a horizontal path with bursts of different patterns in between. I immediately got a thought packet that this was a DNA upgrade and it would travel from my retina to my pineal and in turn DNA.
Once this sequence was over, it then began to display a lightning like flash of light that stayed for some time, unlike lighting. I felt as if it was trying to communicate with my visual thought process as best it could. After studying this odd display for several minutes, thoughts began to rush in. I don't know if it was my ego, guides or this craft giving me the messages I was receiving. I was told, “This is a wakeup call, you know what you must do in order to be the beacon you are capable of being. In your most centered state, you benevolently enhance the vibration of all you come into contact with. Once you have obtained the ability to stay centered, you are to have another child, one that will be the counterpart of your child. Together, they will be great beacons of light that will bring much elevation to this plane.”

Antura, what ET ship did Gaura see and did he receive a DNA upgrade?UFO

Yes, as you can guess, Tom, it was one from his home planet, and giving him a little adjustment as you were given in the past, now that the Earth Experiment is considered a success.
Will he have another child?

That part of his soul contract I cannot get into. He is being given some information that may or may not happen in the future.
So, I cannot ask if the child will link with his other child?

Correct. Let him enjoy his life as it happens.
Antura, in your cabin do you have a bed and a water tank, or just one or Abe Sapien Hellboy Moviethe other?

Good question, Tom. No, I have both. As I mentioned before, each cabin is structured for the complete comfort of those that live on the ship. My module was installed long ago, as they knew the plans. It was not a last minute installation, as so happens should the need arise. And to answer a question forming, there are times when someone must suddenly be on board and there are cabins that can be restructured to accommodate anyone.
Did you previously tell me that there are now six cabins for humans on board this trip, more or less?

Slightly less, Tom. There are five. We anticipate that some humans will prefer to be in a cabin together, such as you and Dena, Shannon and Matthew, etc.
Antura, did anyone “help” the screenwriter of the Shape of Water to Shape of Water Alienhave one being an amphibian?

Yes, there was some assistance, so that the amphibian would look fiercer than my appearance. There is an amphibian species in the universe that looks more like the star of the movie, but you will not visit them for quite some time.
Antura, are we close to the date the Pleiadians gave the Russians that they must have acted before then?

Quite close now, Tom. There is mounting pressure, and the Russians know they must act soon.
It seems I’ve heard that before.

But there is this date, and it must be and was accepted.

This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Rikki in Tucson writes:
My heart is so full with gratitude -- I can barely find the words to share this -- joy spills over!
This week I found out with my latest Blood work that my Stage 3 Bone  Keep Calm and Cure CancerCancer is stopped -- yes – stopped!
Have said so many MBOs and others have sent BPs for me for the last several months that we have these results. I can't say I never faltered because I did -- BUT I didn't stay down and continued with my meds and prayers and MBOs. Keep in mind I did no Chemo and no radiation, I don't believe in it; even in 2009 I did not use those methods. The difference now?? Back then I didn't know about Tom's work with MBOs and BPs.

I have said so many and in different forms -- there is no way to count. We have been told we only need one. I kept it up, like I said, in different forms to cover all the bases. I figured whatever the outcome I would be happy with it, although I just didn't ever think or feel that is what is fatal for me. Not in arrogance, but true faith in the Divine and then some. I hope that this will really help others who think they have no recourse -- you do -- we do -- the Divine works thru many sources. I wish all the success that I have had.
Ida writes:
My daughter lost her beloved little dog. She has CP so we are limited as to what kind of dog she can adopt. So, we said an MBO for finding the perfect dog for her that will even supersede our expectations and it will be better than we can expect or hope for.
We went to different adoption agencies, and shelters every week. We found a dog that was lovely affectionate, playful, healthy, and looked like a good match. We asked the staff member if it’s OK to come back Pet Adoption Centerthe next day and since it was in the beginning of the week she said sure there is not much going on during the weekdays. Well, we called before we planned to go there and found out that he was adopted the same day we were there. My daughter was very upset and told me, “You see, MBOs don't work.”
I informed her that maybe this wasn't the perfect dog for her, and besides MBOs are not Santa Claus wish lists. You have to let the synchronicity work, and you have to be patient.
To make a long story short, this Friday I met her at the pet adoption agency and we found a little dog that was just so smart, affectionate, playful, healthy and curious, and who has a lot of confidence and is very trusting. My daughter is very happy. Top it all off, most of the adoptions costs are around $250 and this little dog's was only $25, plus license. The little dog's owner took him to the city animal shelter on October 19th, got transferred to the adoption agency on the 26th and we got him on the 27th. My daughter needed to wait until all these events took place and we were inspired to go back.

I love MBOs and learning a lot on your blog and from your book, and from other people's creative ways of using them. I always tell anybody who will listen to use them. Thank you for all your hard work.
Daralyn writes:
Can we get any information about this swastika in the Swastika in New Mexicodesert of New Mexico? Who built it and why? Click here.
Gaia, is there really a giant swastika 70 miles east of Roswell, and if so who built it and why?

There is, Tom. It has been there a very long time. When built, it did not have the same meaning as in modern times. There will be more investigations of this, along with the other two, so I will not give too much away, but it will show there were people in this area much earlier than believed.
George writes:
Questions on Quentin Tarantino.
 Quentin Tarantino
1. Did Quentin Tarantino have a lifetime as either a bandit or bounty hunter in the old west or civil war time period?
2. Has he been a famous writer in a past life?

Click here.
Theo, was Quentin Tarantino a bounty hunter or bandit in the old west in a previous life?

Yes, he was a rascal in that life you so identified. It was a balancing life. And to answer your next question, yes, he was a writer too, but in other lives. He is open to suggestions from his guides, as this is of course a significant life for him.
Pat writes:
Tom, do you have any information on Charlie Goldsmith? Charlie GoldsmithClick here.
Theo, what is Charlie Goldsmith’s soul interest—as he is known as a healer?

Yes, he is exploring healing in all forms during his lives on Earth—doctor, shaman, nurse, and so on. This will be a significant life of service. He can and will improve on his techniques.

Carole writes:
I have 2 questions.. Can he give me more pointers on how to heal physical pain? The doctor's test showed arthritis (I'm77) in back, left hip and knee. The back is not excruciating, but the pain comes during meditation or computer work. I do Gary Renard's “Healing the ArthritisSick” from his book, "Love has forgotten no one.” I do affirmations like "my mind includes no pain or even the thought of pain. Healing is certain. Healing you are welcome." Also do releases from Edna Frankel's book "Circle of Grace." Can Theo help me more in understanding physical pain is in my mind, not this body? I know I'm Spirit. Thought Theo would have more suggestions.
The other question. Recently, I went to Edgar Cayce Association in Virginia Beach for a past life regression. Beforehand, I did ask my writing guides --John Locke and Ralph Waldo Emerson to come to let Edgar Cayce Associationme know they are helping me. (I know my writing guides names through a psychic, and Theo told me years ago that was John Locke in my dream.) At the past life regression, they did come through and told me they are helping me. Locke said we knew each other before. I was told we'd be writing "We Are One." Time was up and I didn't learn any more. Can Theo tell me more about "We Are One" -- a book or story (I do freelance writing)? And when it will start.

Theo, any info on “We are One” writer Carole was told she is to write regarding whether this is supposed to be a book or article?

Here we get into soul contracts, Tom. She should be requesting an MBO to receive more information. She has been given a subject to write on. What does this mean to her? This is where creativity comes into play. I am a WriterAny road she takes will be the right one for her. This is an exercise her soul and Guardian Angel are assigning you might say, so that she can grow as a writer. She can even write about something else, and in a relaxed state of mind she will receive thought packets with more information.
Why does she have arthritis?

Certainly she will be told this is “normal” for aging, but having these aches and pains is also a balancing from past lives. She had caused injury to others. This is how those lives are balanced—and there will be more balancing.
Michael writes from the UK:
RE: More on Corey Haim
1. Did Michael Jackson also abuse Corey Haim as has been reported in the media?
2. Did Michael Jackson spend up $200,000,000 (Two hundred million Corey Haim and Michael Jacksondollars) paying off up to 20 victims of his?

Click here.
Theo, did Michael Jackson abuse Corey Haim?

No, he did not, Tom.
Did Michael Jackson pay as much as 200 million dollars to 20 victims?

No, it was not that large, but it was in the millions of dollars, which is why he was able to keep them quiet. It covered up his actions because these victims and their families had never seen that much money.
Was it over 100 million dollars?

Virpal writes:
Would like to ask a question about Dr. Rife.
1. Is it true that Dr. Rife cured 100 % cancer patients with his frequency generating machine?
2. Is it also true that all his machines and research papers were destroyed by powerful Pharma Corporations?
3. Have some people reinvented that technology in the name of "SPOOKY 2" and is it capable of treating cancer as effectively?Spooky2 Machine
4. Is it also true that Doctors or inventors for cancer cures are being eliminated by Pharma companies like the cancer cure called GcMAF.
5. And are we near to finding an effective cancer cure in a year or two?
6. Is GcMAF a miracle cancer cure and the doctors researching this have been murdered to keep the hold of Pharma companies on cancer treatments?

Theo, how affective are the Rife and Spooky2 machines in curing cancer?

The jury is out on these machines, Tom. You are encouraged to test Dr. Rife and Rife Machinethese out yourself and decide if one, both, or none are able to treat cancer. We are not allowed, as I have mentioned many times, to give you medical advice.
What about the cancer cure GcMAF?

Same answer. For all these questions you can request an MBO to choose the best treatments for your condition.
What is the time frame for a cure for cancer?

As we have said before, there will be major developments in the next five years and even more in the next ten years.
I will add here that I tried the Spooky2 (an improvement over the Rife machine) for another medical problem and it did not work. I also saw a lady using the same machine dramatically improve in treating her cancer, so she bought one herself and then her health rapidly declined and she died.


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