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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

August 22, 2020

Tom T. Moore



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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Lee writes from Florida: Tom, what are the possibilities with the team Biden-Harris? I am a fan of hers and believe her to be a compliment to Biden’s style. Does this choice enhance his standing and probable election to the presidency? Thank you for any insight you can offer.

Gaia, did Joe Biden’s probability of being elected President rise any when he  Biden Harrischose Kamala Harris as his running mate, or had this already been factored in?

It has risen some more, Tom, more than anticipated. People are out of work, and it is beginning to strain their ability to put food on the table. So the bump, as we’ll call it, was somewhat significant—let’s go with three or four Joe Bidenpoints at this time. Now as you know it will depend upon how he comes across to the American public in his speeches and debates. The dirty tricks people on both sides are gearing up for a nasty bit of underhandedness. As you were told before, it will be a close race. Take it to the bank, Tom.

This question came from Diane.

Gaia, what is the probability of 10% of the mail-in Kamala Harrisballots not being received in time to be counted?

That is a little high, Tom. Put that figure at 1% as there will be those who just do not mail until the last minute, plus those lost in the mail. I think you will find, from an overall standpoint, that President Trump’s idea of slowing the mail was discovered in time to force the Postmaster General to back off, with Congress on his backside to make sure these ballots are delivered to be counted on time. And yes, there will be states that quickly adopt drop off boxes to assist in making sure the voter ballots are received. We would say a disaster was averted.


Sarah writes: I’d love to learn about these:

1. If we choose our “bad” lifetimes on the other side, such as deciding to come to Earth as a serial killer or rapist, it seems like all bad events are pre-ordained (like those who died in 911 who had a soul contract to do so), so why is it important to pray for white light and benevolence? I pray every day, but sometimes wonder what the purpose is if these bad events are preordained for Villain--the Jokerour soul’s growth.

2. If everything is ensouled, I assume that food is ensouled. I’ve read somewhere else that whenever you squeeze a lemon, the life energy leaves after 30 minutes or so. Is this the same with cooked food? Does cooked food have no life energy?

3. Will animals in the wild ever stop eating each other? I became a vegan recently because it seemed that eating another soul was not right. But then your blog said that everything is ensouled, so technically eating vegetables is eating another soul? Are we meant to eat animals or will we evolve away from that as our vibrations rise?

Gaia, if our “bad lives” are also chosen millions of years in advance, why is it important to send light and love and say Benevolent Prayers?

We have discussed this in different ways before, Tom, but saying benevolent Light and Loveprayers cuts down the severity of these lives where you play the villain. It also helps to not go beyond the soul contract, which many of you do while balancing the good lives, leading to lives when those must be balanced. Remember, we have said a number of times, Tom, that you are rewriting the past, present and future when you say the benevolent prayers and request MBOs in this life. Though you cannot see it, take it on faith that what I’m telling you and your readers is true.

Does cooked food have no life energy?

It still retains energy and vitamins, and is quite necessary for certain items such as meat.

Are we meant to eat animals or will we evolve away from that?

You are, as a whole, already starting to evolve away from your dependence on meat. People are already finding ways for plant-based products to taste the same as a meat product. This will gain momentum in the years to come—even sooner than most people expect—as prices come down to a level that will easily compete with animals that are slaughtered.


This question came from Kathy.

Gaia, what is the winter forecast for first, the Pacific Northwest?

Fairly seasonal, Tom, with periods of wet, rainy periods on the coasts, and snow Montana Winterdeeper into the interior.

The West Coast?

More of a dry winter, compared to last year, again with changing conditions. Still, they will have a fire season to remember as I must burn old forests to make way for new growth. The rains and snows will finally come to assist.

Southwest?Rainy Dallas

More seasonal this year.

Plain states?



Cold and seasonal.Chicago Winter

Central Midwest?

Again, seasonal

Gulf States?

A bit more rainy than normal

East Coast?

Heavy storms for both the East Coast and New England, Tom, as the flow of moisture continues up the coast.

That’s all the questions I have today, Gaia, unless you would like to add to the overall predictions?

Yes, Tom, overall it will be a typical winter with periods of warm, then cool or cold, and precipitations just about where the averages are. But that does not mean there will not be brutally cold weather at times, just as there is in any winter, plus the storms on the East Coast will leave thousands without power. Alternate means of warming your homes should be considered, if possible.


This question came from Sallyann on Facebook.

Theo, how accurate is Michael Cohen’s book “Disloyal”?Disloyal Book

It will be quite accurate, Tom. He will lay out, if you will, exactly what services he performed for Mr. Trump before and then after he took office. He felt betrayed after being thrown to the wolves. People will be appalled to see the curtain drawn back.

But it will not seem to matter to voters in the end since I’m told the vote will be close.

It will matter to those who read the book, but keep in mind, in the overall scheme of things, Tom, only a small portion of the population will read the book. Still, there will be discussions galore on TV and radio, with many believing, and others who do not wish to believe, and will say he made up the stories.

Forward (Jaw-Dropping): Click here.


John writes: Next Advancement for Storytelling.

We've had oral stories, books, stage plays and theatre seemingly since the beginning of time, in the 20th and 21st centuries we had and have TV programs and movies for stories to continue. So, what’s the next advancement for Simulatin of being in a place.storytelling in the future after movies and TV?

Gaia, what is the next advancement in storytelling after movies and TV?

Complete emersion in the story, Tom. It will seem as if you are there. Some stories you will just be the observer, and others you will take part in the storyline. History will come alive.

How far out will be this development?

It will happen during this century as you are already moving in that direction with the headsets, we’ll call them. None will be needed with this development.


Diane writes: Will Ghislaine Maxwell go to court and then jail? Or will she be killed? Where is Julian Assange and will Edward Snowden ever come home or will he stay in Russia?

Will Bezos become the first trillionaire?

Theo, what are the probabilities of Ghislaine Maxwell serving a sentence in Ghislaine Maxwellprison and staying alive?

Both high probabilities, Tom. She is being carefully watched this time, compared to Epstein. As most everyone predicts, she will lessen the severity of the sentence by revealing all the sordid details of who else was involved in the sex trafficking of the young girls. Still, it will be a fairly long sentence—just not the life in prison that many wish for her. Again, this is the highest probability at this time. Stay tuned, for those who wish to follow this story. Some of the revelations will be jaw dropping, to use that expression.

Edward SnowdenWill Julian Assange and Edward Snowden ever return to the USA?

Yes, eventually both will return and both will serve what some people will see as too light sentences for their betrayals, although it will be argued that they brought to light serious conflicts of interests to the world, where government overstepped its bounds.

Will Jeff Bezos become the first trillionaire?

Before that were to occur, he will be using that wealth to donate an enormous amount to various charities.


For my new readers, Antura is my “brother from another planet,” as he is an ET that Theo introduced me to in 2008. Since then, I’ve asked him several thousand questions while in my meditative sessions. He has shed light on his water planet, Nommo, in the Sirius B Solar System, his work as a member of a “first contact” team that has even traveled to another universe adjacent to ours, the real star wars, and all about his mothership orbiting overhead right now. A good place to start is to read my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here are some more questions I asked this week.

Aryan writes:
Last night I was reading a book on Black Magic/Spirits.First Contact book

I felt some movement around me and felt motivated to stop reading and go to sleep.

As always, I surrounded myself in bubble of white light and requested MBOs for my protection.

When I closed my eyes, someone held my wrist.

It was pitch dark in the room...

I sent white light to this being, but nothing happened.... Something is holding my wrist!

As I had read about black magic stuff, I got really scared.

I kept requesting MBOs and somehow things stopped!

I was super frightened!

When I woke up today I was feeling some energy at the base of my spine.

The book I was reading was related to kundalini energy!

The energy in my spine was "Huge."ET Craft

My questions for Antura are:

1) Was that being benevolent?
2) Was that being my ET buddy?
3) What was the energy in my spine?
4) Was it a new lesson because I read a new thing?

Antura, Aryan’s wrist was held in the middle of the night. Who?

Again, we return to the problem of overzealous contacts from his own planet. He is doing well to ask his own GA to intervene, and surround himself in a bubble of light. They are benevolent, but they need to allow him to grow and learn to handle more responsibility. In Earth years he is young and in the future will be much more able to handle these intrusions.

What was the energy in his spine?

As he deduced, it was Kundalini energy. He should read more about that.Kudalini Energy Depiction

Antura, may have asked this before, but are there any planets with dinosaurs, and if so, would they be considered part of the reptilian universe?

No, they are not, Tom, and yes there are planets where these creatures roam, and are not hunted down as they were on Earth. Their populations are steady, we will say.

Mantej writes from the UK: Are the breakfasts, lunches and dinners imported in ready-made meals into Area 51 for the workers or are there chefs who work there who will cook anything for the workers?

Antura, are there chefs or cooks on duty at Area 51, or are meals prepared elsewhere and flown in?

They have full time cooks with an overall chef to prepare meals on site. Containers with the basics are flown in once a week to keep everything fresh. The workers eat well that must spend more than one day there as keep in mind there are charter jets that bring a number of workers each morning from Las Vegas. This has been reported multiple times, so nothing new there. But even they need to eat lunch.


These three stories came from last week’s Blog that I post each Saturday. These are different from the newsletters, so go to and Winne the Catsign up to be notified when I post the Blog each week. Great inspiring stories! Please send me one this week!

Sharon writes: A twist in the usual cat story. With our 2 elderly cats having passed, Paul and I went in search of a new cat from a rescue. Having said MBOs, I was drawn to Monty. He looked to be a good fit. When visiting the shelter, Monty wanted nothing to do with us. We looked at other cats there and found our Winnie. She is a real WIN! Fitting our household perfectly. I thanked Monty for alerting us to this rescue.


Linda in Halfmoon, New York, writes: Tropical storm Isaias came through myStorm Over New York area and dropped over 3 inches of rain. I said a BP for safety for all beings on the property as I live on a property full of wildlife and people and pets. I also said an MBO for my safety and BP for a property free of damage and flooding. I also raised my arms facing the direction of the storm and said I welcome gentle wind and gentle rain free of flooding.

The stream was raging and the water started coming to the back yard of the house, so I faced the stream and asked a BP for any and all beings to move the water away from the house. The storm finally moved away and, although there was much flooding on local streets, my property was free of flooding. I don’t doubt that my prayers were answered.


Rhea writes: Perhaps for your forthcoming Pets book? We had rescued a little non-releasable pigeon after finding her wandering into traffic only about a week old and featherless (pigeons fledge at around 3 weeks). She had clearly been swiped from her nest, then, for whatever reason, dropped by a predator. She healed and has become an adored family member with great personality.

We all know pigeons are prolific breeders. They have to be. The conditions and Pigeon Eggs on Balconythreats they live with reduce their 15-20 year potential life span to only 1-3 years, on average. Some side effects of our pij living with us are veterinary care, perfect safety, and abundant high quality food. As a result, she was laying eggs seemingly every 20 minutes. Seriously, she’d have clutch after clutch after clutch year round as her body detected ideal conditions for breeding. We couldn’t remove those conditions of course, so our avian vet used everything available to them. Injections, implants, etc. Nothing could stop this force of nature. She was laying at a rate that greatly depleted her and would very probably shorten her life considerably. Nothing was working. Not even a little improvement.

It occurred to me, finally, to ask Any and all Beings, and MBOS to address this. Only then did the egg laying slow down. It slowed further and further with no veterinary explanation for the change. This was this past fall. She made it through the bulk of that winter without one clutch! Now, even though breeding mostly begins in spring and lasts into fall, she has only laid two clutches since May. Trust me, that’s just amazing, and far, far less egg laying than we expected once spring sprung! We’re very grateful; and relieved.

She’s also, being super curious, gotten herself into a few scrapes.
Each time prayers and MBO were said, and each time she’s been fine.


Pea writes: Hi Tom, love your newsletters. My cat and I are so tuned into each other, I've had lots of cats but, holy moly, Bojangles had had another loving home, and I can just think about him (he's an indoor/outdoor guy) and he'll show up shortly or w/in moments. Initially he'd bring me dead critters, mice, chipmunks, garter snakes that I learned to roll in a rug and release in the forest. Cat with MouseOne evening I'd had a birthday function with relatives. One gal shared how her cat brought in a dead flicker.... I said my cat has never brought in a flicker. After everyone had gone home. I went into the garage and there was a beautiful dead flicker.

I had to give up feeding the birds in the back, off the clothes line, shrubs and forest below...he'd hide in wait. But I have a bird feeder suctioned to the front window.... the birds are safe w/bushes and trees, etc. Do Bo and I have any past life connections? He is an amazing soul and we adore each other so. He'll come on walks to the mailbox. And once in a while he'll join my dog and I into the back 40, hide and wait for us to return and we'll all walk home together. Thank you dear, cheers.

Theo, has Pea and Bojangles the cat had past lives together?

Of course they have, Tom. The feline soul fragment is sent by the Cat Soul, knowing it will be loved and cared for. It also sends its love back to Pea. When Bojangles transitions, she should request an MBO for Bojangles to return for another life with her. This will be granted.


Siddharth writes from India: Hinduism/Ancient India

- Ram, Shiva and Krishna had multiple lives. Was it Hanuman who also had Hanumanmultiple lives - possibly with Ram - as he is one of the most prominent deities in Hinduism?

More about Hanuman here (The monkey God): Click here.

- Is it ok to say that Hindu Deities are Arcturian in origin?
- Do Arcturians look blue? Hindu Deities are depicted blue - is there a connection?


- Has the free energy machine arrived in upper timelines?
- Has the vaccine for coronavirus been released in upper timelines?
- How are religions different on different timelines?
- Are there religious beliefs on the 12th timeline?

Gaia, did Hanuman have multiple lives with Ram or others?

Yes, again this was allowed at the beginning for Homo sapiens for those who Ramawished to become deities.

How long ago did this occur?

Over 50,000 years ago, Tom.

Why a monkey—an allegory or was there actually a monkey race?

We have not gotten too deep into this subject of early life. Let’s call it an allegory for now.

Are Hindu deities Arcturian in origin?

The Arcturians were one of the star systems that placed humans—including those that came before Homo sapiens—on the continent of India.

Why were they depicted as blue in color?

To remind them of their origin. Later Krishna, as we told you, slowly developed a blue aura over the 77 lives in a row he incarnated as Krishna.

Gaia, has free energy machines appeared yet on the upper timelines?

No, but quite soon.

But I was told that these machines would make an appearance on our timeline, if Coronavirus VaccineI recall, early next year. As we lag well behind the upper timelines, it would seem farther out for us.

A little farther, Tom, but not so much with this advancement. It will spread quickly down through the timelines. It is coming, I can assure you and your readers. Take it to the bank.

What about a vaccine for the Coronavirus. Has it appeared yet on the upper timelines?

Yes, it has, plus I will remind your readers that not as many people will contract the virus. There will not be the great denial by some people as there is at the present time.

Do religions differ according to the timeline?

Beliefs do differ, Tom, according to the timeline. The lower timelines have much more structure—rigidity than the upper timelines. Naturally, the 12th timeline would be the purest or closest to how it really is, as that timeline is non-physical.


Charlie writes: Is a delayed adolescence on your soul contract?Older Man and Younger Woman

Are much older adult men and women who continually date much younger partners having a delayed adolescence? Meaning that they being "late bloomers" they missed out on sex with people of their own age when they were teenagers or in their twenties, so now they are having a delayed adolescence by having sex with teenagers and younger people in their twenties. Is a delayed adolescence on the soul contract?

Theo, is delayed adolescence on your bucket list of Earth experiences?

Quite so. People mature at different times or stages. It is all part of learning.


Daralyn writes: Hi Tom, what was Amelia Earhart’s soul contract?Emelia Earhart

Theo, what was Amelia Earhart’s soul contract?

She achieved exactly what was her soul contract to achieve in this life. That was to show people that a woman was just as capable as a man in flying a plane. She opened the door for many women pilots.


Mike writes: John Candy

1. Why did the lovable great actor John Candy die relatively young at age 43-John Candyyears-old?

2. Has he had more lives in comedy, or just all performing arts?

3. Where is he incarnated now? Click here.

Theo, why did John Candy die at 43? And is comedy his primary soul interest, or all the performing arts?

His death was a lesson to him about over indulgence—a bucket list item. It was a good lesson and he has vowed to not let that happen again. His soul interests are all forms of comedy and acting. In his next life, which is just a little forward in the future, he is a woman. She will explore acting from the feminine side. He is a young soul, and this was a significant life for him, but in his next life he will not be so well known. He will be working on his craft, along with relationships.


Lee writes: Tom, this was in the local Sunday paper today, July 26, 2020. The paper is the Asbury Park Press out of Asbury Park, NJ. My question is how true this is, and if it is true then how successful will they be? Thank you for any Moon Colonyinformation.


Gaia, is the USA planning to have nuclear plants on the moon and Mars?

They are considering it as one of several possibilities, Tom, more perhaps for Mars than for the moon, where sun energy panels—much more lightweight than on Earth—could be rolled out sort of like aluminum foil. Those could also be used in certain areas on Earth, so there are more discoveries and advancements coming in that area. These fields of solar panels would have to be much larger on the surface of mars due to being farther away from the sun. As we have discussed, none of that will be needed with the introduction of the free energy machines. They will be used extensively after that in space exploration. They are coming, Tom, you’ll see.


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