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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

April 13, 2019

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.Welcome

Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP), as then you are contributing to make this a better world.


SpeakerAttention DFW Metroplex: I will be speaking to the Satori Group, in Ft. Worth, on Friday, April 12, at 7:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to come. Subject will be Creator, Souls, Soul Clusters, Guides, and more! For more information, email me.  Address is 824 Pennsylvania, Ft. Worth, TX. 

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"As I understand it, after listening to many good people’s advice, our Angels cannot normally intervene in our lives unless we ASK. We have free will, which means it is our responsibility to ask for help when we require it. I have heard about numerous ways to ask for guidance or help El Camino Amable bookfrom our Angels, but using MBOs makes communicating with our Angels so simple! Once you get the hang of it, you'll be using MBOs to request help for everything from finding those missing keys to finding the perfect house at the best price.

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"By the way, Tom T. Moore publishes a free blog every week where he shares MBO stories from his readers. This is an excellent way to keep being inspired to use MBOs!”

If Atlantis and Lemuria were just myths, why are there roads and cities Atlantis and Lemuria booksubmerged in the Mediterranean? And what about the land bridge that connected England to Europe? Read why the records no longer exist, and the REAL history of two societies that existed for over 50,000 years each until they destroyed themselves. My latest book,ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed! has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Beth writes: Tom, can we please request an MBO regarding this barbaric stoning law that has been passed in Brunei? Maybe even include the topic in one of the newsletters and ask Gaia her thoughts? I wasn't quite sure how to word this, so am asking for your help. I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful community.

Gaia, what is the probability of when the stoning law in Brunei will be  Sultan of the Bruneirescinded?

Not anytime soon, Tom. There are soul contracts at work here. There will have to be stories emerging of this dastardly act being carried out before the nations of the world rise up and put the Sultan of Brunei in a position where he is forced to rescind the law. Certainly saying a BP for all those affected by the law will assist. But it would take a fairly large number of people saying the BP to make an immediate difference. That does not mean just not saying it, as your BPs will assist many.

Please say this Benevolent Prayer (BP) out loud: “I ask any and all beings to aid, assist, and protect the people of Brunei that may be affected in any way by the stoning law, and to assist the countries of the world to pressure the Sultan of Brunei to rescind this law even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”

So, is there anything you can do, besides the BP? If you know anyone that stays in luxury hotels during their travels for business or pleasure, encourage them to not stay at one of the hotels in the Dorchester Collection, owned by the Sultan. Here is a list of those hotels: Click here. Please post these hotels on social media. Thanks!


Severine writes from China: Thank you again for all what you do. Questions about France

1. How long will the crisis of the Yellow Vest in France last? Protests happen on the weekends, the French policemen who are usually known “to keep their cool” are getting tired and there has been abuse. At the date I am writing this message, it has been already 20 weekends of protests.

2. Are President Macron and his Government really doing their best for France President Macronor the opposite?

3. A lot of French mediums and channelers accuse Macron of not really caring about French people’s interest saying that he is more interested in his own career outside France with the EU. What is Gaia’s point of view?

4. Can we expect negative consequences from the Yellow Vest protests for the economy? I don’t want to exaggerate, but I don’t want my country to become that unstable, some of the Yellow Vest demands are reasonable, it is just that anarchists and the extreme right take part in making a mess during the protest.

Can we please say again this BP:

“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist French President Macron and his Yellow Vest ProtestGovernment to listen to his citizens and resolve this Yellow Vest crisis benevolently and to make the best decisions for the interest of the citizens of France and the world thank you.”

Question about baby genders and China:

China is probably one of the only countries that bans revealing an unborn baby’s gender. Mothers cannot look at the monitor during Ultra-sound and they will select shots where the baby’s sex is hidden since they fear people many people may terminate pregnancy, if it is a girl.

Since now Chinese people are allowed to have two kids per couple, when will couples be allowed to know their future baby’s sex? Until last year Chinese couples were only able to give birth to one child, now it is the two.

When will China allow people to have as many kids as they want, without fines? We have observed the Arab Springs and Yellow Vest protests in France. When can we expect some type of protest for more democracy in China—5, 10, or 20 years, or will it happen naturally, so to speak?

North Korea update: Any news about North Korea Kim; can we expect him out in 2019?

Hollywood “alleged” abusers: Will Harvey Weinstein, R. Kelly, and Kevin Harvey WeinsteinSpacey serve prison in this lifetime, and timeline?

Will their cases contribute positively with the “MeToo” movement encouraging all victims to speak up?

For your readers like me, we are not surprised by the HBO documentary about Michael Jackson, “Leaving Neverland.” I am shocked by the fact that so many people are criticizing the alleged victims. Come on!

Will more of M.J.’s alleged Victims decide to speak out and support them in the near future? My BPs are with all victims. Why did the FBI investigation not conclude anything about MJ? Is it simply because he bought his alleged victims’ silence, and therefore they could not get any evidence? Or Did M.J. somewhat buy the FBI?

What are karmic consequences in general for people not showing compassion? Is it not to believe once it happens on another life?

Thank you again for all what you do. Much love from China.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for when the Yellow Vest protests in France will end?

Fairly soon, Tom. Fortunately for France, the time for vacations in France will be arriving this summer, and many will partake. There will be scattered demonstrations, but not so many. This will give Macron’s government time to work on solutions.

Is the Macron government doing their best to resolve the crisis, or is Macron Babyonly looking out for his career?

Here we get into the twisted world of politics, where those involved in government are pushed and pulled by each side in a dispute. Here you can say a BP that the government makes decisions in the best interests of its citizens.

Can I assume the protests will hurt their economy?

It already has, but not in the long run.

Gaia, will couples in China be allowed to know their baby’s gender?

There has already been some relaxation of this rule in certain parts of the country. Formal decree will take some time to become official, as it is still looked upon as a good thing by a portion of the government.

Will Chinese couples be allowed to have more than two children?

No, Tom, that will not happen. In a way, the Chinese officials—their government—should be applauded as there are too many people on Earth right now. Other countries should join in with different ways to limit the number of children, such as tax laws, or not providing tax deferments for having more than two children. As you know, some religious institutions are behind the idea of large families in order to have more future members. They must realize that I will at some point, be forced to reduce the number of humans on Earth through events, if you cannot control the number of humans and stop growing—proliferating.

What is the probability of protests for democracy in China?Chinese Protests

Many people in China like a strong government making decisions for them. This will take years for this to slowly change in the minds of its residents. This will come about through a number of ways, including the free energy machine, which will give people in the most impoverished part of the country knowledge and understanding. The movement will not come from the people in the cities so much as from the countryside as they become more educated.

Gaia, what is the probability for North Korea in 2019?

They will continue their buildup of a nuclear arsenal. This is a concern for not only the United States, but also their neighbors. The highest probability will be for this to come to a head this year.

What is the highest probability of Weinstein, Kelly, and Spacey serving time in prison?

All three will spend at least some time in prison. For some, it will be much more than just a few days—it will be years.

What is the probability of many more women coming forward?Kevin Spacey

That is a fairly good bet. Times, they are a changing, Tom, and as women are seeing and hearing other women come forward, it will be an impetus for more to tell their stories. It is very cathartic.

What is the probability of more of Michael Jackson’s victims coming forward?

There will not suddenly be a great rush by those victims. Some will never reveal the extent of their abuse, while others will find a need to stop covering up.

Why was the FBI investigation of Michael Jackson inconclusive?

There are not yet enough of his victims to come forward is the easy answer.

What is the Karmic consequences of people not showing compassion?

Simply put, you stop your growth vibrationally, but it is even more just that. In a future life you will be in a position where no one feels compassion for you, so that you can experience how it feels to be where no one aids or assists you in a time of need. Again, all lives must balance. The more compassion you show, the greater will be the growth in this life.


Siddharth writes from India: I recall some time back one of your readers had asked what will be the outcome of the Indian elections and will Modi get elected Prime Minister Modifor a second term. And the reply was in favor of current Prime Minister Modi getting reelected and forming the Government with him being the PM again.

Wanted to check since we have the elections now in India in April and May (11th April to 19th May 2019). What is the probability of current Prime Minister Modi getting reelected and forming the Government with him being the PM again? And will it be a comfortable majority or it will be a tight scenario for BJP (party of Modi)?

Gaia, what is the probability of Prime Minister Modi being reelected in India and if so by a strong majority or by a slim margin?

More of a slim margin, Tom, although the results will be the same. That is the highest probability at this time. That does not mean it is set in stone. Just as your souls decided at the last minute on the benefits of Mr. Trump being elected, the same could and does happen in different locations; but it appears the greatest probability will win out. You have a very short time to get the final answer.


Gaia, what is the probability of Mr. Trump’s tax returns being released one day?

A low probability, Tom.


I was working on my Power Point presentation for my talk in Ft. Worth on Friday, and was trying to find images that could represent how universes are aligned, so I asked Gaia.

Gaia, I had envisioned universes lying sort of horizontally to each other, but now BubblesI wonder if that assumption is wrong, and that universes are like foamy bubbles – vertically and horizontally. Or is there some other way to view them?

No, Tom, you’re correct.

Wouldn’t that mean there should be more universes touching ours than three?

Universes are not exactly like bubbles, Tom. They don’t have a common form. Remember long ago you were told some creators made tiny universes and others larger than ours. So they do not have a pristine, bubble-like form.

Is there more space between universes at times than others?

Yes, one can elongate, while another can be round.Universe

So again, universes can be on top, the side, below, but different shapes and sizes?

Correct. Keep in mind what you were previously told, Tom. There are billions of universes. It is impossible to describe, in words you can understand, the full breadth and width and space these universes encompass.

Gaia, what is the shape of our universe—circular, elongated, tubular, or what?

It is not actually completely round in appearance, Tom. In order to contain what the Creator desired, in a way it is like a diamond—you might say multifaceted. With multi points containing galaxies.

Is that why we only have three other universes touching ours?Bubbles

Quite so. But also there is that void between our universe and those three.

Should we not look on universes as stacked? Are they all laid out horizontally?

Not so much horizontally, Tom. They just exist in all different formations you could say. There are many geometric shapes, and you could say that many universes take on different shapes, and therefore there are many different ways they can exist in relation to each other. They are not as you tried to demonstrate in the presentation—as perfectly formed as you found, but a good attempt, we will call it, to imagine the almost unimaginable.

Would you say there are trillions of souls who have not found a purpose wandering about, or are they incubated by a creator in a universe, until they are attracted to move to another universe to fulfill some duty?

That could be one explanation. There are many more, so I’ll let you and your readers ponder that.


For my many new readers, Antura was introduced to me by Theo back in 2008. He’s a member of my soul “cluster,” having lives on Earth. He is taking a break, after 800 lives here, with a soul interest in exploration. He’s having a life as an amphibian, born on the water world of Nommo, in the Sirius B Solar System. He’s part of a “first contact” team that goes to emerging worlds to study and introduce themselves. You can read about two of those missions in my book, First Contact bookFIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.

Currently, he’s orbiting overhead in a huge, three-miles-wide and twenty-stories-tall mothership, with a crew of 900, plus their families, totaling 1,500 souls from 37 different planets. They are taking millions of readings every day, studying how we are able to adapt and thrive in the middle of four negative energies. Here are more questions I asked in the last week.

Louis writes:
I remember the Zetas taking me as a child. They were small and white in color, typical head shape of Zetas; would use a 'ray gun' of sorts to lift me up and move me around. Over the years I would often wake up facing the wrong end of the bed, on top of the sheets, etc. I always knew they were taking me, but never really remembered for what purpose. Only a few times I would wake up and feel fear, not of them but a fear of not 'knowing' where I was. Sort of like being in your bed, but not knowing you are in your bed.

Regarding your previous answers, I have questions that others may find interesting or perhaps will provide answers for them. When I visit my planet’s ship, how is my etheric body 'materialized' on the ship? The ET members that I talk to and interact with are tall and very much human looking in appearance, though some differences. Everything feels absolutely like I have a physical body. I can touch, feel and manipulate items, objects and controls.

How is my etheric body handling the negativity of Earth and how will these lessons be used by me when I return to my planet? I know that on this planet I have successfully dealt with a lot of hate, anger, depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc. I have come out on top of all of these lessons and I do wonder how I will apply these lessons when I return to my planet.

I have been told that I come from a planet past the Vega system. Can Antura Vega Star Systemreveal what this planet is and a few items of interest about the inhabitants?

Antura, how is Louis’ etheric body materialized on the space ship?

That is a very technical question. It is and can be done through a process that took millions of years to develop.

How is Louis’ etheric body handling Earth’s negativity?

Just as well as anyone having a life on Earth.

How will he apply the Earth lessons we learn and the many moods we have to his life on his home planet?

In a way that he can handle and assist any disputes that arise on his home planet.

Antura, are you and I known by the same names in each life on Nommo?Sirius A & B

I will give you a general answer. No, we typically have, or are given family names. We are not always in the same family. You are a little different, in that you are a spiritual leader on the planet, and therefore are addressed by the same name each time.

Where is Aravind’s planet located?

It is a Federation planet, Tom, but you would need to have a stronger knowledge of the star systems for me to be more specific.

Antura, do bird beings on your ship fly, and do they have trees on their home planet?

Some do fly, Tom. Yes, they have trees, but with appearances that would be considered quite strange on Earth.

Do the bird beings on your ship have built-in perches, or are those not needed?

Yes, the majority of the bird beings on our ship are most comfortable grasping onto what you would describe as a limb.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way! You can now, for the first time, sign up to receive notification of the Front End LoaderBlog, along with a link.

Linda writes: My son and I were moving rocks around my property and I said an MBO for safety in our work and that nothing is broken in the process. My son was on the tractor and was driving with the bucket up and when he drove over a ditch, the tractor started to tip. He said that it tipped in slow motion then he jumped off so he was safe.

I then said a BP to get the tractor upright, safely and easily. We bought a 9000 pound winch, which broke. In the end, I called AAA and the tow truck guy was awesome and got the tractor up and all was in working order. Even my son was praying, which wasn’t something he typically does!


Siddarth in India writes: MBO for lost phone - I had traveled to Tokyo this week Kabuki Tokyofrom India (still in Tokyo as I write this). When I checked in the hotel, after some time I was trying to find my phone (it was switched off as well) and it was not there. I was convinced that I had lost it, I barely remembered to say an MBO, but I did it anyways after 20 minutes of trying to locate the phone, and also calling the lounge in India Delhi, where I had stayed during my travel to Tokyo.

Very quickly I was "inspired" to ask for laundry service in the hotel. Hotel person came to collect the laundry and she was also taking the food table back with her along with the laundry. My phone popped from the table on the floor!

Laundry lady would have taken the phone along with the table and I was already convinced that I would have lost my phone forever.

MBOs continue to help in unbelievable manner. Thanks, Tom, and have a great life!


Wei writes: I am reading Medical Medium mentioned in your newsletter and have a question. That is, why does the spirit reveal the truths behind the mystery illnesses at all? This seems to be very uncommon nowadays.

We know that we, as the Explorer Race, should discover and learn the truths behind these mystery illnesses by ourselves, to allow scientists to have their "ah-ha" moments of discovery. Nevertheless, the spirit simply told Anthony William Medium TV Posterthe answers behind many mystery illnesses. My guess is, these mystery illnesses are simply too widespread and bring too much unnecessary suffering among people, or the scientists on their contract, who were supposed to discover the truths behind these mystery illnesses, failed to do so repeatedly, so that the spirit has to intervene to minimize the damage. Are my guesses correct? Or is there any other reason?

Gaia, why does spirit reveal cures for illnesses, when we’re told we’re supposed to discover cures ourselves? Is spirit giving answers of cures for what reason?

Spirit, as your reader describes it, gives answers on health, for those who are aware enough to receive the information. Keep in mind, Tom, even scientists are given the information for cures by spirit—they just don’t realize it YET—with emphasis on that last word. You have been told before that answers to questions are received through your Pineal Gland, and whether the person is “inspired” to learn the cure for a disease, or a medium is given the information, it all depends upon the soul contracts of both parties.

We also wish to demonstrate that you can find answers to such questions through whatever form of telepathy you choose to use. It was also previously explained to you that a medical medium may be given a cure for one person, but it might not apply to anyone else, or just a portion of the population, depending upon their DNA.


Keegan writes: Tom, I appreciate everything you do and bring to the light so Sage Sticksvery much. Tom, if I may ask if Theo or Gaia could shed some light on what is it exactly about burning sage and rosemary or even incense, but especially sage that cleanses spaces of dark energies or negativity?

Thank you so very much, Tom, may you truly be blessed.

Gaia, why does burning sage and perhaps rosemary cleanse away dark energies?

They are the antisepsis of dark energies. Obviously, their properties act as a shield. It is part of their DNA to convert these energies and not allow them to interfere. Sage has properties that are multilevel—beyond the physical.


Jen in Montana writes: Well, on a personal level we have a For Sale sign up at my house and are awaiting a buyer and then off to Alaska we go! Any MBOs for a quick transition are appreciated!

But before we move and lose TV services, I wanted to ask you about Oak Island. My husband and I love the show about it and were saddened to hear about the passing of Dan Blankenship, one of the searchers and historians of this amazing story. I guess according to the Legend, he is the seventh to die on the island, so Oak Islandthe mystery and treasure are supposed to be revealed.

Will the team digging find it finally? And what is the connection this group of men have to the treasure being put there? Did they hide it? My hubby and I really enjoy one of the men, Gary Drayton, who found an amazing iron cross that was believed to have been brought to the island by a member of the Knights Templar and it is suspected they are responsible for both the treasure and the curse. What does Gaia say?

Gaia, will the team digging for treasure on Oak Island find it?

What fun would that be to give you answers to a mystery that men and women have been searching for and have spent hundreds of hours in pursuit of? I will say the mystery will be solved in the not too distant future.

What connection do the men searching for the treasure have?

Very good question. Yes, they have spent past lives either searching for the treasure, or who actually assisted in burying it in the first place.

Was treasure brought by the Knights Templar?

This part of the mystery will also soon be revealed. Be patient.

Regarding an MBO to sell your house—and this can be used by anyone putting their house on the market, you could say: “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the sale of our house to be even sooner than we can hope for or expect, and at a price even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


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