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Here is the continuation of Guardian Angel 101 from 2009. 

                                    GUARDIAN ANGEL 101, PART 3


Theo, does a soul have an opt-out clause during the first 6 months after birth?

In a way, yes.  The soul can opt out as you call it at that stage.  Yes, it is mostly taken by younger souls having their first lives on earth.  They are very disoriented because they have never experienced being veiled.  But also it can be understood that the parents can also experience the death of the child and grow from it too.  So to answer your question yes there is an opt-out clause that is taken by some souls.  And yes they do take on some karma at that time if they do opt out.  Everything must balance out you see.

Theo, what about the souls in a family?  Are they mostly from the same soul group, or closely associated, and take on different disguises so to speak in each life for learning?

Yes you are correct Tom.  This is generally true, but like anything there are exceptions.  Sometimes a soul, such as yours needs to be in a certain time period so your soul will arrange with another soul grouping to have you born during that time.  There can then be great differences between you and the family soul group, so it does seem as if you are the odd man out, but it is necessary to assist your soul in its plans, but also you can have challenges created by the differences so that you can grow some more too.  

Are young souls and old souls mixed in a family or are all of them mostly the same age so to speak?

There is a great mixing Tom, as how else can a young soul learn, but by being thrown in the pool so to speak and told to swim.  Some do fine and others sink, but with lots of learning so that they can improve the next time around.  

Theo—the mixing of young souls can be even as a parent of an older soul.  Does the older soul give them problems as a teaching or learning aid?

Exactly Tom.  Or they can be almost be the parent of the parent, which you’ve heard about many times.  The parent is at a loss to know what to do and how to care for the child, so the child, which is normally an older soul but naturally not always, takes over as it matures.  There is great learning for the young soul parent, or parents.  They sort of have failed in their goals, but learn greatly from the experience.

When we speak of young, medium and old souls, is that only in relation to their earth experience?

Quite so, Tom.  Souls are actually timeless beings, but when they start having lives on this planet of free choice, it is so different from any other planet in the universe that they must have had numerous lives elsewhere in order to have lives here.  This is a planet that, as we have spoken about before, is like a masters degree program in a university.  You must have had physical and spiritual mastery on other planets before you are allowed to have lives on earth.  Material or physical mastery is not such a big requirement, as most souls have already achieved that.  That would be like grade school to give you a comparison.  Spiritual mastery is much harder to achieve—sort of like high school, to use the same comparisons.  

Probably my definition or understanding of spiritual mastery is not the same as what you speak of?

No, not at all.  It is this symbiotic relationship between creation and your lives and soul—again very difficult to describe to you with your present knowledge.  


Can you handle a benevolent request to cut the energy cords to other people that are not needed in one’s personal life?

Oh yes, I can—in fact any guardian angel as you call us can handle that request and act upon it.  It’s actually something everyone should do, especially those that were in a difficult union or marriage.  These cords need to be severed and we can make this severing a benevolent outcome—severing only those that no longer are needed or that are harmful to you.  

So this is what you say out loud, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that all emotional cords to other people, that are no longer of benefit to me, be severed at this time, thank you!"


How do Guardian Angels and guides work with people that incarnate to be the “bad guys”—people who rape, kill or leaders who order such things?

We are able to see them for what their life plan says Tom, and we work with their higher selves to keep them on the path they chose to take in very difficult lives.  Keep in mind that many of these people have families that they love and love them, even though they must do horrible things as part of these life plans.  If they stray off the life plan and do more than they are supposed to, then Karma enters the picture and they have to pay a price either in that life or in subsequent lives.  

But yes, you and everyone has led lives that balance you so to speak from being squeaky clean to use your vernacular, to being on the wrong side of the law and doing what are considered very bad things.  It is your soul’s goal to have all of these experiences eventually for their knowledge and growth; so therefore you must follow their directions shall we say.    

This is a very complicated subject that few people can understand, as you wish everyone was nice and benevolent to one another, but then there would be little growth and the negativity that you have worked with would continue to a point where it would be impossible for you to live on earth.  That will not happen, as you know, because you are the only beings in the universe to have found a way to work with this negativity in a beneficial way.  When you go out to the stars you will take this knowledge with you and create small amounts of negativity in other cultures so that they can begin to grow again, as they have absolutely no negativity at this time; but they will and as the Explorer Race this will be your great contribution to the universe.  

(If you wish to read more about the Explorer Race read Robert Shapiro’s series of books—“The Explorer Race.”)


Dick Sutphen recently wrote about “Cosmic Cops.”  Who are these beings and how would they differ from you Theo?

They are really the same as I Tom—a whole soul.  They do differ a little bit as they are not assigned to specific soul fragments or groups, but assist us when wayward soul fragments on a lower level wander out of their areas to cause mischief.   As you can imagine Tom, there are different levels of vibration that you inhabit or feel most comfortable in after having a life.  When a soul fragment has a particularly hard life where they are the “bad guy,” then their vibrational rate is very low, so they do not travel to such a higher vibration and we must work with these soul fragments sending them lots of light and love so that they can slowly rise back up.  It can be a difficult transitional process for some souls, as they are attracted to the physical life they just finished and long to return there.  Therefore these “cosmic cops” as Mr. Sutphen calls them are called in, in various ways—both by a soul fragment and by their own soul groups to bring these fragments back to the light and away from the physical world.  These souls have much light and love that they emanate as they do this duty.  

How would a soul fragment be allowed to interfere with anyone’s life in the first place, as Richard explained?  Why wouldn’t they be stopped before they made a nuisance of themselves?

This is sometimes done for teaching purposes Tom, as that soul fragment or fragments attract a lower vibrational entity through their own vibrational rate, which may also be low on the scale so to speak.  There are many different types of teaching and understanding that the soul desires Tom and this is one of them—contact with lower level soul fragments. 

Are there any atheists in Congress or the Senate of the United States at the present time?

Yes several Tom.  They do cloak themselves in claims of being church-going “God-fearing” folk, but they do have that belief system.  Atheists tend to be younger souls that have not had a lot of earth experiences.  This is not always the case, as a few or certain number of souls choose to experience atheism as part of a contract to make others think about their core beliefs.  Souls must experience virtually all belief systems over the span of ages, as they must have that experience for knowledge.  A good question Tom.

Here are several personal questions which I think still are enlightening regarding young and old souls.  Was (my wife) Dena an older soul born to younger souls?

Yes exactly.  She needed to be in this time period and able to meet you, so you asked another soul group to have her born into that family.  They were happy to have the older soul mixed in with them, as they knew they would learn from the experience too.

How many are in my particular soul group?

Let’s see if you can receive this Tom, Yes there are 8 in your soul group.

Theo, are our children considered old or new souls?

Yes Tom they are younger souls but not too young in comparison to Dena’s family.  Again they too are learning from you and Dena and wanted to make this jump to move along in their learning and experience.  They were quite happy for the chance to be here with you two. 



Theo, what and where are the people and places we see each night (not always but many times) as we are just starting to drift off to sleep?

Yes, Tom, your mind opens up and you start seeing other parallel existences that you normally shut out during full waking consciousness.  It would confuse you to see these all the time, but your mind allows them to bleed through when you are going into your sleep mode.  

So are these parallel or past life or both?

Mostly parallel Tom, although certainly there is no limit to what you can see in this relaxed state.  

There are no time limits to our dreams is there?

No, as we have discussed before, there is only your 3rd dimensional time.  In the dream world you are outside of time each night.  

So the dreams can last as long as they need to in order for us to receive information or be of service to someone elsewhere.

Exactly.  Sometimes you’ll wake up remembering a long dream, yet you had just gone to sleep 15 or 20 minutes before.  The actions in the dream would have taken a lot longer had you been constrained by time.  

How many dreams might we have each night?

Most of the time you will average seven or so Tom, but there can be 20 or 25 that you have absolutely no memory of, as they are buried deep within you psyche.  You are not supposed to remember those dreams, as they are very complex and not understandable to you in 3d earth terms.  Your mind rejects those it cannot understand on a subconscious level.  You should re-encourage people to put a notebook and nightlight or flashlight next to their beds and try to remember.  Even though they will not understand them on a conscious level, on a subconscious level they will and this is very good as many of these dreams have subliminal messages in them.  

(Months later) Theo, someone asked if there is any reason people tend to wake up at 3:00 am?

It is really just the end of their cycle of deep dreaming Tom.  Again, this happens at different hours for different people.  There are dreams, as I’ve said before, that you are not meant to understand that you have in this deep dream cycle.  Then later in the last half or so you will have dreams that you can remember and write down, which I encourage all to do.  But the deepest dreams are in that early cycle.  Much goes on in this cycle that man has not discovered yet.  I’ll leave it there.

Why do some people only spend 3 hours a night sleeping, such as a friend of ours, and how does that affect their sleep process, cycles, etc.?

Good question Tom.  These people are able to step out of time quickly and have virtually the same experiences as everyone else, but outside of time.  They are not limited, as you may have thought, in being able to experience what they need to experience as far as learning, and being of assistance to someone somewhere else in the universe.  What is difficult for them to do is to process all this information and download it so to speak into their mind’s subconscious.  Their physical bodies are just wired differently than yours.  It is more common than you may think, but the people are able to go about their daily activities with no outwardly effects.  

Do you take part in the dream process in some way?

Not really too much.  You have guides and your soul and other angels that step in to take you to where you need to go in the universe, or to just give you symbolic dreams.  You are well cared for during this process.  There are actually angels that are assigned or volunteered actually for this duty.  Life is much more complicated than you can imagine Tom.  You are only seeing a little glimpse of it.

How many angels are in charge of you at dreamtime—one or more?

A good question Tom.  There is only one angel assigned so to speak to guide you to where you are needed or want to go.  Your soul has complete knowledge of where it wants you to go and what to experience during dreamtime.   As you know, certain dreams are to assist you physically in some way and others are to review the day’s events, and others are to give you a glimpse of the future, but in symbolic terms, which you understand on a soul level, but most of the time find hard to interpret in your waking state.  

Did these angels volunteer for his service as you did?

Yes of course.  Each part of the process requires angelic help and so these angels, or souls if you will, volunteer their services out of love.  It’s just that simple.  

On another day I asked, Theo, how many whole souls act as dream angels?

Ah, another good question this morning Tom.  Again it is in the area of the same number of souls that act as Guardian Angels—a little over one million.  As you can imagine, they are quite busy handling thousands of clients each night in their sojourns and they work closely with us and your higher self to send you or take you to all the places you need to be during one night, but again all your lives which are occurring at the same time.  Your soul is constantly acquiring knowledge and you as a fragment of that soul go out into the universe and bring and experience events and lives that are quite complex and mostly not understandable if you were to remember every dream you had during the night.  It would overwhelm you.  

Are the souls that take care of us in dreamtime Golden Light Beings?

No they are not.  Again, they do not have to have the same knowledge and experience.

Where do we go?

Sometimes across the universe and other times you stay very close by, especially if you are somewhere that you must be able to awake in a second, especially if your life could be in danger.  That sleep time is not as restful as when you are able to fully experience what you need during dreamtime.  

When we go to another part of the universe and interact with other beings, are we part of their dreams or do we appear physically to them?

Both.  It depends upon what level – what dimension they are operating on.  You can be a dream to them where they are meditating and you come to give them some advice they are seeking.  It could be a dream state such as yours, or it could be where you actually interact with them on a higher dimensional level.  This is extremely complex and has as many answers as you could possibly imagine and even many more.  There are thousands of possibilities just in these trips across the universe.

I just read in Robert Shapiro’s book Animal Souls Speak that when we are in dreamtime we travel on a non-physical tone.  Is that correct and can you explain it in more detail?

Yes, I’ll try Tom.  This gets fairly deep for you, but you do travel on a tone that allows you to travel to the far ends of the universe if you’re needed there.  

Why is a tone needed?

Good question.  Your soul fragment resonates its own tone you see, and the tone you travel on is attuned to your own tone.  You would become lost if you did not follow the pathway of the tone that is laid down for you by the dream angel that accompanies or watches out for you during dreamtime.  Again this is another intricate working of the dreamtime system, if you will, that allows you to go and do and experience what your soul desires for you to do in dreamtime.  It is very technical in a sense and a little difficult to explain in the third dimension.  I know I have used that excuse if you will before, but it is factual.  You can only absorb and understand so much, as it would be beyond even a scientist that studies quantum physics.  We could compare it to your own highway or road that you travel vast distances in a second.  

Do the majority of the beings in the universe dream?

Oh what a question.  There are millions of answers.  Certainly a huge number of beings do dream.  Some exist in a constant state of dreaming and others do not have the capacity to dream at all.  It would be impossible for me in the short time we have together in these sessions to go through an even minute number of possibilities, But I do think you are asking, do other beings in the universe dream and I will answer that there are billions of beings in the universe that do also dream.  

Would beings that dream comprise the majority of beings in the universe?

Most certainly, Tom.  There are actually trillions of beings that dream.  Those that do not comprise a smaller minority. 


Do we as soul fragments of the same soul dream the same dreams together each night, or in each of our lives do we dream individual dreams unique for that soul fragment in that particular life?

A good question Tom.  There are times when you all have basically the same dream as you are able to join together during a night.  You may actually play a part in a dream with the other soul fragments in the same soul group.  But as you guessed, during each life you must also have individual dreams that pertain to the events going on for you in that particular life, so the answer to your question would be that at times you do dream the same dreams, but most of the time you are directed by those dream angels or whole souls to have dreams that are unique for you.

Another day I asked--do we also dream about our parallel lives on the other 11 time lines?

Yes, quite so.  You peek in shall we say on what your other fragments are doing as there is much sharing of experiences between all the 12 fragments.  What one learns on one time line can be applied in a different way on another time line.  

Do the 12 timelines have different dreams each night or virtually the same?

Ah, good question.  Yes they are for the most part completely different because the experiences on one time line can be entirely different on the others.  But the knowledge you are acquiring can be shared immediately in the dream state with the other time lines.  Still, each goes its own way—makes its own way in these lives.

Do my guides work on me too during dreamtime?

Yes they come and input their energies so that you will learn, as you receive much instruction during dreamtime.  It is not just feeling, but actual knowledge that they try and filter down through the layers to you.  

Am I acting as a guide to anyone during my dreamtime Theo?

No, not exactly the way you think you may be.  You do during dreamtime go out and help people solve problems as you are, as a race of people, known as the problem solvers of the universe.  The problems you solve are then translated into dreams that you can understand, as the problems you solve are not really the same as on earth.  So in one way you act as a guide, but on a short- term basis as compared to assisting someone continuously over his or her life span here on earth.  The problems you solve are normally on other worlds, but certainly can be on earth and are on earth frequently.

Why do the dream angels always use the symbology of getting on a plane to fly back?

Because that is what is acceptable to everyone—taking a trip in an airplane.  

Do our dreams adapt to the dream Dictionaries we use or do the dream dictionaries just have to be as close as possible in its interpretations?

Good question Tom.  A dream dictionary is an aid, especially for those that have a hard time interpreting their own dreams.  So yes your dreams adapt somewhat –at least the ones you are supposed to remember—to the interpretations of the dream dictionary you’re using.  Obviously it is best to try and interpret the dream yourself before consulting the dictionary, as there is a subliminal process or meaning that you might glean before looking up the dream symbols.   So for those that wish to record their dreams, encourage them to think about what the dream might be telling them and then step two look up the symbols for additional interpretation, as there will be other messages that are given.

Theo in my dreamtime why do I have a penis erection sometimes and at other times not, even though it’s not a sexual dream?

As you guessed Tom, a penis erection has to do with where you go Tom.  It’s hard to explain at this time to you but yes, you go to certain places in dreamtime where you experience the penis erection here because various forces are at play as you are taken there and back again.  

Is it because I visit somewhere on earth or is it because I visit a certain planet or what?

No it has to do more with earth experiences and not another planet.  Time enters into the equation too.  When you shift in your dream to a completely different time, your body reacts to that internally while you have gone into another completely different time period.  It is very complicated to explain, since you do not have a science background, but your body does change while you are in this particular type dream.  

It would seem that we shift to another time period in each dream.

No, when you go to study or to do other things, the cord is attached with no outside influences.  But when you dream into another time then the cord is affected in a way that affects your physical body.

When we have time travel dreams are they more or less parallel hopping so to speak between time lines or are they more of going backwards or perhaps forwards in time?

There you have it Tom.  You do move backwards and forwards in time.  This is what causes physical reactions.  

Is there some sort of physical reaction in women when they dream into another time period?

Quite so. They do have a physical reaction, although it is difficult to describe to you.   

Does it produce a noticeable physical reaction?

Yes, but very few women will notice the difference.  

In time travel dreams for women, are either the vagina, clitoris, uterus or ovaries affected?

Yes the clitoris is.  There is an expansion, but it is normally not noticed.

Do animals have time travel dreams as humans do?

Yes of course.   You noticed it –the physical effects in your dog, so yes they have similar dreams when they are asleep.  

What other types of activities do we do in dreamtime including exploring our problem solving for others?  Why don’t our souls do this?

Your soul is much too busy with its own affairs and so it sends you, which is a piece of itself during your sleep hours out across the universe to learn, to experience, to assist, and all this brings back knowledge to your soul which eventually—actually instantaneously--gives more knowledge to the Creator.  This is a very complex process, which is something that people will slowly understand more, as more experiments are done and more work is done to learn dream symbols.

Theo—is the “guide” mentioned in the article (by Robert Shapiro) about the dream keeper one of my normal guides or another soul.

Tom, your guides do speak with and meet with you during your dream state to impart information that cannot be interpreted upon awaking.  They join in on the dream process.  Everyone does have an angelic guide that assists them in dreamtime.  The dream keeper, as was explained in the article, keeps a record of all dreams and so they are accessed at times to interject not only feelings but also information.  That was not made clear in the article.  This is a difficult concept for you to understand on a 3d basis.  Again we return to how much more complicated life is than the average person understands.  When we say that you have much assistance and help on this side, it is not just me and your guides, but a whole cadre of wonderful angelic souls that have volunteered to assist everyone, as your lives are so much more difficult than anywhere else in this universe.   

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