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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother Antura in meditation (and a few others). This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Ronald in New Mexico forwarded me a long email from Jonathan Gray ( about hundreds of miles of tunnels in Central and South America, so I thought I would ask about this.

TunnelGaia, who dug the miles-long tunnels in Central and South America?

And you can add North America as there are tunnels under North America too, Tom. Obviously these are ancient tunnels and were constructed with the knowledge that they would be used in the future for safe travel between many locations, as it was known they would be needed in the future.

So that should tell you some things just by my statements. First, they were constructed thousands of years ago. Who had that kind of knowledge and ability to see the future? It was your friendly ETs of course. We have discussed before how fast tunnels can be constructed by liquefying the earth. You could use the term slicing through soft butter. So there is your second part of the response. The devices used to make the tunnels were beyond human knowledge at that time. Several miles of tunnels could be constructed in just one day, as there are hundreds of miles of tunnels that have yet even to be found, much less the many tunnels which have yet to be explored.

So are the tunnels over 10,000 years old?

Certainly, Tom. Yes, double that figure and even add more to it. These were done early on—again knowing they would be needed to protect the indigenous peoples from such interlopers as the Atlanteans. They were not made by the Atlanteans, but because of them.

Then they would not be 30,000 or more years old?

No, but between, say, 20,000 and 25,000 years in age.


CatsGaia, there was just a story on the internet ( about archeologists finding domesticated cat remains in China dating back over 5,000 years—a thousand years more than previously known. So how far back were cats domesticated, and was China the first or were they introduced elsewhere either before or at the same time?

Good question, Tom. They will discover in the future that cats were around—domesticated ones—for a much longer period of time. It is like human remains, Tom. They keep finding petrified bones dating back thousands and thousands of years earlier and earlier. It will be the same with cats and dogs. There had to be breeding, you see, to obtain the version of the animal you see now in these modern times. So, add on a couple of zeroes to that number, Tom. Archeologists have only “scratched the surface”—pun intended—on their discoveries of how far back man was established along with cats and dogs.


Allan writes: Could you ask either Theo or The Lady Gaia / Earthmother what this is? Is this something NASA is doing or is it something else, and will it interrupt heavenly divine plans or is it simply part of the plan?

I want to thank you for a very good newsletter and I am always looking forward to receive this weekly.

Sun, how did the passing of Comet Ison affect you, if at all? Or was it just you affecting Comet Ison? And were there any spacecraft nearby when Ison passed?

Comet Ison Nears the SunYes, Tom, let’s see if you can receive this. Comet Ison, due to its close passage, certainly had a minor effect on me, and I certainly had the effect of destroying the comet itself. I know you are wondering about the soul that inhabited this beautiful comet, and it was time for it to take on a new duty shall we call it. It had served this soul well as it traveled around allowing the soul to gain experience and knowledge, but now it was time for its next adventure, we will call it, with all the learning associated with these jobs or interests.

Regarding its affect on me, it did assist me in some movements—you might call it stretching in your terms, Tom. The comet knew it would help me and adjusted its course to not only affect me, but actually earth too as you will pass through part of its tail. All of these events are known about for millions of earth years before they happen, Tom. You after all are in this special space-time continuum as it is called. There are things your scientists learned from this event too, you see, so everyone benefits. It was good the person who narrated that video you watched noticed these changes. In the future your scientists Comet Isonwill come to learn much more about how I work and suns in general work that are like me as keep in mind there are many different types of suns for you to study.

Regarding spacecraft nearby, there are always a few passing by, but yes, in this case there were a couple making studies as Ison made its pass. They are doing what you will one day do when your spacecraft are designed to withstand great amounts of heat. That will not come until you are able to put a force field around the spacecraft to protect it. You earth people have thousands of years of learning ahead of you, Tom, but you are learning at such a faster rate than other societies have learned in the past that you will one day “catch up” with many of the other societies—at least those of the Federation of Planets all of whom await your input.

Thank you, Sun and have a good life. I do appreciate you explaining things to me.

Anytime, Tom.


First Contact Front CoverFor my new readers Antura is my “brother on another planet” and a member of my soul cluster whom I communicate with telepathically. You can read hundreds of questions I asked up until January of this year in my new book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. As many of you are off work for the holidays, if you have not watched my presentation to the E.P.I.C. Voyagers group on the book, then you’ve missed hearing about Motherships, the original star wars, First Contact teams, Antura’s water world in the Sirius B solar system, and moving planets.  Here are the links to the 15 minute segments:


Here are more questions.

Laurie writes: I have some questions about the “Second Moon” that provided crystal ray energies to Atlantis.

Was the satellite within Earth’s atmosphere or in orbit in space?

What was it made of? Metal? Crystal? ET elements? All of the above?

How much of the design was contributed by our friendly ETs?

How was the satellite launched?

How was the satellite maintained in its position above the Earth?

How did pyramid-generated energies affect the satellite?

Two MoonsAntura, 1. The Atlantean moon’s orbit—how close was it to the earth?

Certainly it was not so close as, say, our ship is that is taking constant measurements, Tom [previously mentioned at 50 miles above the earth]. But it was much, much closer to the earth than, say, your moon, which is why a five-mile wide structure would appear quite bright in the evening sky at that time period. Your idea that you are thinking of around the same height as your international space station would be about right – within a few miles. As it is even visible to the naked eye, and it is only a few hundred feet, you can imagine what a large structure with a reflective surface would appear.

2.    Was it metal, crystal, or ET elements?

No, the elements were all earth metals, but yes yet did have a crystalline surface, which again made the 2nd moon quite visible and bright.

3.    Was it designed by the Atlanteans or ETs?

It was designed, Tom, with a lot of help from the ETs at that time period.

Tractor Beam4.    How was it launched—by the ETs or some vehicle or giant crystals?

No, Tom. It had to be carried aloft using what you would call a strong tractor beam from a mothership.

5.    How did it remain in orbit?

That’s an easy question to answer, Tom. It was high enough in the sky to not be dragged down by earth’s gravity, but again, as I’ve said before, not too far, so it appeared quite large to the naked eye.

6.    Did the pyramids feed off of it or did the satellite feed off of the pyramids, or was there no connection between the pyramids and the satellite?

Yes, there naturally was a connection, Tom, but it served more as, shall we say, a transponder of energy from the crystals back to the surface to run many machines and certainly flying machines.

Crystals7.    Speaking of the crystals, they have been described as “giants.” Would their height be at least 25 feet?

Quite so, Tom, and yes even higher and thicker. They would be 30 to 40 feet in height for the largest ones. These were real monster crystals, Tom, which they found.

Jim in Florida writes: One question for Antura:

Earth time is based on the rotation of our sun, what is universal time based on?

Antura, can you explain any better about what universal time is based on?

It is an ancient measurement dating back several billion years, and is based on what the Lyrans and Vegans calculated the universe to operate on. This is very difficult to describe, but we simply adopted this measurement as did all the planets in our solar system over a billion years ago, Tom. It is quite complicated to explain as it requires a scientific explanation I cannot give you.

I understand, Antura. At least we have a little more information.


CrystalsTheo, how tall and large were the crystals the Atlanteans used, which have only been described as enormous? Were they say over 25 feet tall?

Yes, a little more than that, Tom. Certainly there were those crystals, which not only were over 25 feet in length, but the diameters were quite thick.

Were they just set up singly or in groups?

Good question, Tom. Yes, for the most massive effect they would be set up in groups, although they were set up singly as boosters you might call them too. But in groups their power was pretty massive. The Atlanteans, through thousands of years, knew how to generate this crystal energy and to transmit it to wherever it was needed.

So were their giant crystals as tall as 50 feet?

No, none were that huge, Tom. Stick with the figure of around 25 feet.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared in my blog last Saturday, which you can read in its entirety at

Man ShoppingThis is an MBO story of my own. I’m just not a shopper. I’m at an age where I just don’t need all the new bells and whistles. Like a lot of guys I like to get in, find what I’m looking for and then onto other things.

What changed a little for me this time was that Gaiam TV ( will be flying me to Denver to record two interviews on January 23 at their Boulder, Colorado studios. I decided I needed a slightly casual look for the interview and needed a black sweater and white button-down shirt. You see this “look” or appearance quite often in TV interviews. It allows the viewer to concentrate on the message and not the person. I also wanted to buy a gift for my wife, even though she had bought several gifts she wanted already.

I knew the stores would be at their most empty of shoppers when they first opened. My daughter had volunteered to assist me, so I requested MBOs not only for the drive to and from the mall, but also to find the perfect sweater, shirt, and gift for my wife at prices even better than I could hope for or expect.

We arrived five minutes after the store opened, so we had a gentleman to direct us to the right part of the store for the sweaters, and naturally there was a lady there that showed us several choices in black sweaters. I chose one that happened to be at a sale price of 30% off. Then we found a white shirt also at a 30% discount.

Next, on to the ladies section, where I had no idea what to buy. My daughter suggested we look at nightgowns, and we found a cute one (after going through a LOT of them!), again at 30% off the price.

After that we had plenty of time to head for another store to buy a set of glasses for my daughter’s husband. Again she found them at a large discount.

All in all, a very successful shopping trip!


IPS in Bombay, India writes: As I love MBOs, I experience MBOs everyday. Here is yesterday’s experience.

Bombay India NightAn eye doctor had prescribed a special eye drop for my Mother. It is expensive and it’s not available at all Chemist’s shops. And yesterday a three-day-strike was announced by all Chemists’ shops all over India due to heavy taxation.

After having dinner, my mom said that her eye drops were done, and asked me to get a new bottle. We were not very hopeful to get it due to the strike. As usual, I said an MBO to my Guardian Angels that I am able to get eye drops for Mom.

I drove to couple of Chemists’ shops and hospitals around, but all were closed. Had a last hope. It was far away so I drove there--almost midnight and there was a Chemist’s Shop, which was about to close down; and I found eye drops there.

Thanks, Angels; thanks MBOs; thanks Divine; and thanks, Tom!


MK Ultra DocumentMike writes: Question for newsletter. Can Theo comment on "Cathy O'Brien," a lady who claims to be a "survivor" of the MK-ULTRA mind control project by the CIA?

Theo, any comments on Cathy O’Brien who claims to be a survivor of the CIA mind control MK-ULTRA?

Yes, there is some truth to that story, Tom, as there were mind control experiments done by a clandestine unit of the CIA. Some people volunteered willingly and others did not. They wanted to see how far people could be manipulated through hypnosis and other mind control procedures including electric shock, etc. I will add, Tom, that this particular experiment has been shut down.


Flo writes: The last question from a reader in today's 12/21 newsletter concerned chakras. The pineal gland was referred to by him and by Theo as the crown chakra - but I had always thought the pineal represents the so-called third-eye chakra, and the pituitary gland is connected to the crown chakra! Is the pineal gland connected to the crown chakra, but not to the third-eye chakra?

Also, spinning clockwise - to see this clockwise motion, do we look at a person's back or his front?

About men's crown chakra - if a man has the physical operation necessary to allow him to function as a women, Chakraswhat happens to the spin of the crown chakra? OR, does he want to live as a woman due to his crown chakra spinning clockwise as it does with women?

And what about men who are gay and women who are lesbian? And transgenders? Do they have crown chakras that spin differently from the normal spin of their physical sex expression? Thanks for all you do to help us.

Theo, is the Pineal Gland connected to the Crown Chakra, or to the 3rd eye chakra?

It is connected to the 3rd eye chakra, Tom.

If a man converts to a woman does the chakra begin spinning clockwise?

A very interesting, astute question, Tom. Actually it remains spinning in its original direction as a male. And to answer the next question, it was not already spinning clockwise, although one could argue it should.

So it was not already spinning clockwise, which would give cause to the person wanting to change genders?

No, Tom. Much more was involved than the clockwise or counter-clockwise of the chakra. These are soul contracts, as you must experience transgender at least once during all the lives you live on earth.

Then gays and lesbians do not have this chakra spinning in a different direction, correct?

That is correct, Tom.


Alison writes: I thank you so much for introducing me to MBOs. They have changed my life in the most positive way. I get anxious when driving and I ask for help before I start out, and each and every time my journeys have no situations that cause me to panic. I worry especially when I need to pass cyclists, and I now usually see them turn off the road as I approach them, or else there is a wide space for me to overtake them. Phenomenal.

BankIf you need questions to ask, but maybe you have already covered this, do we know how long the banking crises and debt-laden economies in the world will last?  (You reassured me before about ambulance-chasing lawyers and I really appreciated that...Thank you.)

Theo, how long will debt-laden societies continue?

This is all part of the learning process, Tom and it certainly will slowly get better in the 5th focus, although as we have stated before these things do not happen overnight, but a gradual movement in the right direction as people learn to run governments for the people and not for their own selfish interests with so much corruption.

The United States is no better in many ways than the most corrupt governments, as the Congressmen and Senators receive huge payments from companies in the form of donations to their political action committees that hides what they are actually used for. This will not change for a while, but look for changes in the next five to ten years. Yes, that long as they will not give up these payments until forced to under threat of losing their positions, or until they lose them to more honorable men and women who will serve their country and not try to get rich from their service.


Donna writes: Fukushima seems to be a ticking time bomb. For some reason it’s not being talked about by governments on how volatile it really is. Could you ask Gaia if one of the reasons that there have been no further earth movements in Japan is because it would not only devastate Japan, but affect the world more than it already has? Secondly, will they be able to dismantle it safely without any further accidents?

Thanks, Tom and hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

FukushimaGaia, will the Fukushima plant dismantling proceed without any accidents?

Yes, Tom. They are taking all precautions to do the job correctly.

I’m also asked if you are holding off movements until that dismantling is completed?

Let’s say this as best I can. Here we get into soul contracts, Tom, so again I cannot discuss this at length as it gets into an area that we have discussed before. I could say yes and there might be movements before the completion, or no and it would be virtually finished.

You have done a good job, Tom, of keeping your word not to discuss my earth movements and cause undue consternation, even though you lost some subscribers to your newsletter we discussed before—those who just wished to run to their friends and tell them about cataclysmic events to come. I know that was not your purpose. Your purpose is to save lives and at some point in the future you will have that opportunity.


Helen in Hawaii writes:  I noticed in your last newsletter that you discovered another past Earth life - in Machu Picchu, Peru around 1450. Fascinating!

AtlantisYou have mentioned you have had about 1,000 lives with 187 of them in Atlantis. There is the Atlantis life where you led your flock to safety in 10,200 BC; another life in Atlantis where you had to experience the end of it; the many lives in Mu and Oz. You have had an Egyptian life as an assistant to your wife; a life as a wife to one of disciples of Jesus; a life as one of the early Popes; as Still Water in 1644, as a consultant to the King of England in 1830, as the little Jewish boy who died in the 1940’s (WW2 I think); this life in the 21st century. You will have a life in 2600 and another in 3400 as Stephanie, a telepath, and space pilot. (Did I leave any out?)

I remember you wrote you had to experience being killed very young by a German soldier because you had killed that person in another life, is that true? Which life would have that been?

German Soldier & Jewish PrisonersAll of the lives that you practiced the Gentle Way, I think you mentioned that the Atlantis life was the first one, am I correct? How many of the 1,000 lives you had (or so), did you practice the Gentle Way? And since your soul is interested in religion, how many of the 1,000 lives were practicing religion?

You could write a book on all your lives! Many thanks! I truly enjoy your weekly newsletters! Each time I read the latest newsletter or go back and re-read an older newsletter, the Q&As help me understand more about how things are connected, from life to life. I just hope this understanding will stay with me for my next life instead of relearning from scratch again!

Theo, how many of my lives have I practiced The Gentle Way?

Certainly you practiced forms of it even in lives where you were practicing a specific religion. In those lives you were known as a kind-hearted person who would give someone the shirt off your back to use an old phrase. You were always leading people to have better lives and to raise their vibrational levels.

Indian ShamanSo had you had this life at an earlier time, Tom, there would still be people practicing it on a daily level. Remember, you were told by Reveals the Mysteries the first time you communicated that you have been told you were “reintroducing people” to the Gentle Way. So that should tell you there was a time period when, because of wars and the passage of hundreds of years, people forgot about how powerful a modality this is. You are “kick-starting” it up again in this life. It will continue to be used for hundreds of years after you leave this life, Tom, I can assure you. This really has the affect of raising the vibrational levels of all those who use it on a daily basis. And the Radiant Effect, which you explained in your first book, also helps raise the vibrational levels of all those who come in contact with anyone who uses this tool in their daily lives.

In how many lives was I a religious or spiritual leader? Was it more than 80%, Theo?

Yes, certainly even a higher percentage, Tom. You were not always a leader by position, but by actions, so perhaps you would not have a formal title, but like your life in England where you advised the King during his reign from 1830 to 1837, you had great influence.

And of course there were those balancing lives such as the 9th Pope who was not a very pleasant person. You had a soul contract to be a bad Pope and you played your part well. Again I point out to remind your readers, Tom, that you cannot be goody-two-shoes in all your lives. Like a stage production in a theatre, someone has to play the villain, and you all do this to assist your soul group and the others you work with in their learning.

Jesus and DiscipleNow let’s go back and make a couple of additions and corrections. I was Salome, the mother of two of Jesus’ disciples and one of his female disciples. It’s my understanding I was a little girl of around five years of age when I was killed, along with my Jewish parents, early in WWII—probably the late 1930s.

I was also told that my soul fragment was one of the first to have a life on earth about two million years ago in a “jungle” setting. And after the life of the space pilot in the 3400 era and the one after that in 2600, I will return to the 3400 time period to have another life, but this time on earth.

I was also Strabo, a Greek writer and explorer who lived from around 63 BC to 24 AD. This was in my newsletters of November 6 and 13, 2010. I was also told then that I had had a life in the courts of the ruler of Iraq within a century or two of Strabo, as I viewed the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in more than one life. Here is more information about him:

We can’t forget what Theo says I consider my worst life on earth, when as a religious leader I encouraged my country’s leaders in Lemuria to use a big bomb of some type on another country, believing (along with them) the other country had no such way to retaliate; but they did and caused the sinking of the continent of MU. It took me over 85 lives to balance that one.

I was also one of Muhammad’s close associates when he created the Islam religion. And I was around for the creation of the Hindu religion, but Theo says I need to read more about that before I can ask any questions.

I was also a soldier in World War I, but died early in the war in the trenches. And I had a dream where I was some sort of monk “spreading the word” in the countryside and was killed by water torture, which Theo, I think, confirmed. I’m sure I’ve missed one or two, but I don’t concentrate on them. I only try to look at what’s ahead.


Noah's ArkTheo, how long ago was Noah’s Ark actually constructed—over 5,000 years ago?

Quite so, Tom. It was actually around the final destruction of Atlantis, approximately 12,500 years ago, when tsunamis and the displacement of land caused the waters to rise for a period of time, eventually settling back down.


Mantej writes: Questions for your newsletter: Gladiators

(1) Was Bruce Lee a Gladiator in the Coliseum in the days of Ancient Rome in one his past lives?

(2) Will Duleep Singh's Kohinoor Diamond ever be returned to India? It is currently part of the British Crown Jewels.

Theo, was Bruce Lee a gladiator in a past life?

Kohinoor DiamondGood guess by your reader, Tom, but no, his fighting skills were developed primarily in lives in Asia, although he did have lives as soldiers elsewhere.

Will Duleep Singh’s Kohinoor Diamond ever be returned to India from Britain’s Crown jewels?

Certainly not in your or anyone else’s lifetime, Tom. Britain will hold onto that diamond and there will be many other more pressing problems to continually solve, so the diamond’s return would be considered a low priority.



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JESUS--SEPTEMBER 29, 2012, OCTOBER 6, 2012, OCTOBER 13, 2012, OCTOBER 20, 2012, OCTOBER 27, 2012, NOVEMBER 3, 2012, NOVEMBER 10, 2012, NOVEMBER 17, 2012, DECEMBER 1, 2012, DECEMBER 8, 2012, DECEMBER 15, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, DECEMBER 7, 2013,      

GAIA, SOUL OF THE EARTH— AUGUST 23, 2008SEPTEMBER 15, 2012, NOVEMBER 17, 2012, MARCH 30, 2013, NOVEMBER 23, 2013, DECEMBER 21, 2013,       

TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, NOVEMBER 23, 2013, NOVEMBER 30, 2013, DECEMBER 7, 2013, DECEMBER 14, 2014, DECEMBER 21, 2014,      

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013, DECEMBER 14, 2013,  DECEMBER 28, 2013 


  For those of you who are just learning about requesting Benevolent Outcomes, I have a weekly Blog now with information and stories sent from all over the world about using this amazingly simple, yet powerful spiritual tool.  The link is .

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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