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I have a lot more information on California sent to me this week.  Please read.  And for those of you who celebrate Christmas, have a Merry and Happy one, and for everyone, have a Most Benevolent Holiday week!

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a different perspective:


Lunar EclipseI don’t know how many of you got up in the middle of the night in the United States and viewed the eclipse, but I can tell you it was a strong one.  At exactly 12:33 am CST my dog Sandy barked and sort of whined.  She could sense the change. 

I laid in bed for a while and could feel a pressure sort of in the area behind my “third eye,” and even down to my teeth.  We go up finally and it was about 20% across.  We set the alarm for 2:00 am and went back to sleep.  At 2:00 am we went outside and there were high clouds that had just past over our view of the moon, but could see the coppery color through the clouds.

The next day, our car battery suddenly ceased to work with no warning.  And of course you have probably read that the Bonnin Islands of Japan had a 7.4 earthquake and then over 100 aftershocks over 4.0, including one of 6.3.  The Aleutian Islands has now had a 6.2 magnitude quake.  The whole Pacific Rim is really active.  I asked Gaia about it. 

Gaia, I felt the Lunar eclipse was quite intense.  I seemed to be able to feel it sort of behind my third eye and even down to my teeth.  Is that correct?

Yes, Tom.  The intensity was very strong.  And yes, it was good for you to note your feelings as your body experienced this event. 

I have read several reports as to what this energy will do, but I might as well ask for your comments on this event.

Yes, Tom the energy will assist in enabling you to raise your vibrational level.  It will also help me move the crust in certain places. This lunar eclipse will be studied not only by what you term metaphysicians, but all sorts of scientists who have recorded this energy.  So it will help you in your ascension process.

American IndianI also wondered if I had been alive during the last lunar eclipse in 1638, as I knew I had been an American Indian Shaman living in the western United States.  So I decided to ask my old Indian Shaman friend from that time period, Reveals the Mysteries.  He was the first one I ever communicated with at that seminar in Sedona, Arizona in July of 2005.  He died in that life and is now one of my Guides.

I do have a question for my guide Reveals the Mysteries.

Right here Tom and Good morning.

Good morning Reveals the Mysteries.  Was I alive during the last lunar eclipse during the winter solstice in 1638 or so, or had I either not been born or passed away from my life as a Shaman?

Good question Tom.  No you were alive, but much younger.

I thought that might be the case, yet I also thought I could be making that up too.

No, you actually did view this the last time.  There were ceremonies, which our tribes performed, as naturally we knew that this would happen in advance.  It was a momentous time in our fairly short lives you see. 

OK, thank you Reveals the Mysteries, and thanks for taking me on to guide still.

My pleasure Tom, as it is the rest of the group.  We are here to assist you.

MoonriseNext I wanted to speak to the soul of the moon, as Sally had asked a couple of questions, so here is my first contact ever with Luna. 

Moon here Tom.  Nice to speak with you at this moment in your time.

Thank you Moon. I honor you for giving us light in the dark of night and giving us something to strive for with our scientists, being the closest planetoid body to us.

Thank you Tom.  It is my honor to serve you.

I wish to ask first what should I call you.  Moon, Luna, or what?

Yes, I prefer Luna you see.   It would be the best description of me I think.  Sun likes just that name, as he wishes to avoid any controversy on his messages.  There are enough people that accept this terminology to not have much of a problem or claims for their religious practices. 

Very good.  How long have you taken care of the planetoid—not sure what to call it?

Yes, planetoid will be fine.  I have naturally been ensouled here for millions of years Tom.  And as I know that your next question will be did I arrive before or after Gaia, yes it was a little before.  There is a story there if you care to explore that in the future. 

Were you drawn to circle the earth from the beginning, or did you move here after the earth was placed in this orbit?

Good question Tom.  Yes I was drawn here to encircle the earth after it arrived you see.  Naturally it was by plan and I was informed of this long before it occurred, so there was no surprise you see. 

I suppose you were happy to see regular earth humans arrive on their own, without assistance from other beings.

Yes, that was quite lovely.  I sent them good energy during their short stays. 

I wish to ask more questions but alas my time is short, so I wish to ask those sent to me.

I quite understand Tom.  Please proceed.

LunaticLuna, where did lunacy come from?

Yes, this might be a question for Gaia, but I understand the implications.  I have always had an effect on earth.  I control the tides you see, so obviously there is great energy and magnetism at work here.  The same can be said for my effect on the human population, not to mention all other living beings, plants, forests and so on.  Some people are wired shall we use that term Tom and react much more strongly to this than a normal person does.  They find this energy does things to their minds that it does not to others.  So the doctors of the day called it lunacy.  If the future you will learn how to correct this DNA strand abnormality and will correct this problem.  It is a balance in the magnetic force.  Certainly you will be able to correct this problem within the the 50 to 100 years, if not much sooner. 

So I believe you answered my next question.  Is the energy you spoke of magnetic energy?

Quite so.  That is the major force Tom.  As your scientists study magnetics, they will have many breakthroughs in understanding these forces.  They still have much to learn. 

OK.  I guess that’s all Luna.  Thank you for your time today to speak with me. 

My pleasure Tom.  Anytime I am here to answer your questions.


I had no more dreams about an upcoming earthquake since last week, and in fact that dream could be interpreted to mud slides bringing down houses.  Here is my latest communication:


Yes Tom.  Right here.

Thank you for the introduction shall we say.

Yes.  Luna and I are quite close you see.  Again a symbiotic relationship, just as I have with Sun.

Yes.  I still have not had any dreams of the California earthquakes this past week.

No, but you will have when it is time Tom. 

Has your timing shifted again due to our souls' request?

It may.  I cannot discuss this at this moment Tom.  At this point you will just have to see. 

So, no more statements on the date?

No Tom.  Those that have chosen to leave have and those that have chosen to stay, but be prepared have done so. 

OK.  Gaia, do rains assist you in moving the crust?

Quite so Tom.  As you have described to your readers, the water acts as both a lubricant and in certain locations it can slightly move the ground enough so that there is movement.  And as you noticed, it is another way I have of lowering the mountains.  But yes, it is another tool I have to achieve the end result—movement of my crust.

Will there be another CME this week?

Actually yes, Tom.  You will hear about one quite soon.  Sun has his schedule of when I wish one, so you will experience this quite soon. 

So I want to make sure I received this correctly Gaia?

Absolutely Tom.  Look for another CME soon—quite soon.

EarthquakeBarbara writes:  Hi...I enjoy your articles very much.  In the last one, you wrote of a man who had flown into LA and said the CA quake would be Dec. 29 at 10am and his wife had calendar grazed for the 28-29th.
On November 15, 2010, I dowsed for a date  for the earthquake and registered between Dec. 28 & Dec.30th.   I again dowsed on Dec.20th to confirm the previous time frame  and  came up with the 28th..possibly between 5-7am....My dowsing is not 100% accurate, but I have been told by 3  psychics that it is about 92% accurate and I feel deep in my bones that this will happen the week after Christmas.

I thought it interesting that my dowsing in November coincides with that couple.
Like you, I am hoping that nothing happens, but have taken precautions as best I can.

I found another page of earthquake simulations on the USGS website.  A view more down to just above the landscape as compared to the one I listed before that would present a view as if you were viewing from a satellite.  This really shows the ground rocking and rolling like a bowl full of jelly.  The link is:

San Jose CaTamar writes:  I have read your newsletter about California and have taken them to heart.  I live in San Jose, and have tried several different avenues to have me and my family out of the area for that week in December.  But no matter what I've planned, it always falls apart.  I then went for a reading and asked if I or one of my family members' soul contract was to experience an earthquake.  I was told yes, but not to be afraid.  Tears came to my eyes, for I knew that the angels would say this regardless if it means that we would experience death at that time or live through it and be in a position to help others in the area. 

Regardless, this is a time for me to face my future with bravery and to have faith that all will come out well for us.  May I humbly ask that you and the others say an MBO for the protection of all those who are not meant to die in this earthquake, and that we may be of some assistance to those around us at that time.

Thank you.  As always, I have found your newsletters and the MBO messages to be of great comfort and blessing in my life.

So here is a Benevolent Prayer for all of us to say right now out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to assist, aid, and protect all those in California that may have in their soul contracts to experience an earthquake but not perish, and lead them to safety, thank you!” 

I will send you special newsletters if anything happens this week with advice on how you may be able to assist those in need.  Let’s all hope that nothing happens and we can have a pleasant New Year’s week!  If you have time, those on the west coast you may wish to read the chapter of my e-book on Last Week Strategies-- . For everyone else, if you wish you could read the chapter on Preparations Outside the Quake Zones-- for ideas on how you could help. 


HawaiiSylvia writes:  Thank you very much for your great newsletter.  Please talk about what happens to Hawaii with the big California Quakes coming.

Gaia has previously said that Hawaii will experience several large tsunamis if California quakes.  Here is what she said in the May 15 newsletter:

Gaia, will Hawaii have any significant tsunamis in this year or next, and what are your plans for the islands?
Yes, Tom, they will have at least one significant tsunami, although they will have sufficient warning of several hours.  That said, there will be a major loss of life and property from those who do not heed the warning to move away from the coast.  My plans for this island chain is still to exist.  I will not take them down Tom.  They will remain, although the beaches will soon be covered with water, as I have explained to you before.  The people there will not be able to live right on the coast, which will cause many problems for the population which wishes to remain after the coming events.
So no earthquakes for them?
No, not at the levels on the Pacific Rim Tom.  Their only concern should be escape when the tsunami is on the way.  Don’t think that it will be another small one as they experienced from Chile.

In another newsletter she said it would be multiple tsunamis. 


Milky WayMichelle from Washington, DC writes: Tom this is a follow up on this week’s newsletter. I know that no one lives in the sun. My question is this. Is the sun a stargate? Can ships pass through it for travel purposes? I have read that this is true. Are the California earthquakes the precursor to a pole shift by 2012.I have also read that this is true.

Sun, are you a stargate or portal, or is your main function the transfer of energy?

Yes, an excellent question.  No I am not a stargate or portal as you term them Tom.  Those are found on the planets you see.  My function as you so ably described it is the transfer of energy.  Part of it or the majority of it is generated internally and reflects out rays of heat, that you call sunshine. 

Still I do receive a great deal of energy from the central sun you call Alcyone, although you are not able to see and your instruments have not perceived or recorded this transfer of energy.  We have spoken a little about this before, but it is good to review.  I do receive this energy and pulsing and that keeps me tuned to all the other planets and suns in this galaxy you see and I pass this energy along to all the planets and objects in my solar system, so all are attuned to this source. 

Gaia has previously stated there will be no pole shift.  In the July 3 newsletter:

Gaia, will the earth’s axis turn vertical in the future?

Certainly not in your lifetime or anyone else on earth during their lifetime.  So please assure your readers that even with these wobbles as they are called, I will not reverse poles or change the axis.  There will be only changes in the topography as I move my mantle and crust you see.  For many people the future will be quite a bit of shaking and movement.


I do have to put a little legal statement here.  This newsletter does not recommend any particular remedies.  I just pass along what has worked for others and let you decide if it is something that might work for you.

Maboogie writes:  Evening Tom.  Just read through the [December 4] newsletter.  Love it!  Love it!  Just enough updates globally and locally - USA - to fill in the spaces.

Okay, my concern is Steve with his most recent diagnose of diabetic.  For sure there is something he didn't check out.  Herbal Healers has the 4-Herb Tea.  Now, I have consumed this product for years, especially when I had breast cancer.  I was told then that I had Stage IV and only a 10% chance back in August of 2006.  Guess what!!???  I’m still here!  Yeah! 

Any way, go to a read the information and especially the testimonials on the 4-Herb Tea.  It significantly helps with diabetes, and many, many other ailments.  Plus, I am currently doing the hCG diet with the homeopathic formula from them.  In the manuscript it states many symptoms that this diet also assists with, like diabetic  My hypoglycemia has really balanced out.  Okay, thanks again for all the news. 


Guardian AngelA recent survey in the United Kingdom found that 29% on average believed in Guardian Angels.  It ranged from a low of 16% in Edinburgh, Scotland to a high of over 40% in London and the Oxford area.  Five percent say they have seen or heard one.  You can read the complete story at: .


Tammy writes: As usual, I really enjoy your books and newsletter.  Thank you for the wonderful messages you pass on to us, as well as this wonderful teaching about MBO's.

History has always fascinated me and I wondered if Theo could tell us what happened to the 10 lost tribes of Israel?  I read an article many years ago of a theory that one of the tribes went to Ireland, and a recent one of them traveling the Silk Road to Japan.  Is this true, and if so, why were they dispersed all over the world?

Theo, can you tell me what happened to the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel Theo?

Only just a general statement at this time Tom.  Obviously they spread out across the known world at that time, setting up their own villages.  They would integrate into small cities as the population grew. 


HitlerTammy also writes:  Another question I have is about Hitler. A month or two ago I saw a really interesting program on television (National Geographic or Discovery Channel, I think, not sure which) called: "42 Ways to Kill Hitler".  The show talked about 42 documented assassination attempts made on Hitler's life during and in his rise to power. When you think about it, It's amazing that not one of those attempts didn't succeed.  Was he just unusually "lucky", or is it "scripted" how and when our deaths come about and our Guardian Angels protect us until that time?

Theo, was it all in Hitler’s soul contract to avoid the 42 assassination attempts?

Quite so.  His Guardian Angel protected him just as I do you from any harm as your soul contract is not up yet, and I might add will not be for quite some time to come.  It is fairly unique that there would be so many attempts on his life, but his soul contract was to lead his nation into a war.  We could not allow him to be “bumped off” you see.  As I told you before, he went beyond what he was supposed to do—he had free choice you see.  So there were many balancing lives after that.

When did he exert free will and proceeded to go farther than he was supposed to?

It was due to his henchmen Tom.  When he ordered the extermination of six million Jews, that took him way past declaring war on his neighbors you see.  He and his henchmen attempted the genocide of the Jewish people.  That was the point of no return shall we say.  Before that he was just supposed to bring this Nazism to the masses and cause a great war. 

Theo had previously said that it took Hitler 110 lives to balance that life.  He will be a great good leader in the future.  See the June 13, 2009 newsletter for more information on him. 


100 Year Old WatchMichael on Facebook writes:  Tom, Could you ask Theo if the discovery of the 100 year old Swiss watch in a sealed 400 year old Chinese Tomb is authentic story, or did a rodent carry this into the tomb and also further explain how it did get there.

Gary writes:  Look, what I've found. Would that be something interesting to ask about?

And then, I'd like to ask you if you could put out a Living Prayer for the protection of Julian Assange? That would surely help him.

Theo could you explain how a 100 year old watch wound up in a 400 year old tomb?  Was it a rodent as has been suggested?

Quite so, Tom.  It was not, as some have speculated, a Time Traveler, or an ET who left it.  The little bugger saw it lying in a nearby tent of an earlier expedition and stole it to be put in its nest or close by.  But it was an interesting story, which many have found intriguing. 

For those that wish, here is the Benevolent Prayer:
“I ask any and all beings to protect and keep safe Julian Assange in the future, so that he may perform his soul contract, thank you!” 


Harry writes:  I just finished reading your latest newsletter, and I have a question concerning the story about Dr. Robert Beck.

I have built several of Dr Bob's items, and yes, they do work somewhat.  My question is that since Dr Bob died sometime ago and passed on to the other dimensions, could you ask Theo if Dr. Bob is working through someone alive now on this planet via channeling to make these improvements mentioned above. If so, any hints as to who they might be?

Keep up the great newsletter!  I too have family in California, and they just laugh at me when I try to warn them of impending happenings.

Theo, Dr. Beck is dead.  How could he improve the device?

Yes, you did bleed over with your assumption that he was alive Tom.  This does happen, and most of the time you correct it at a later date.  But also in this instance other people have taken his work and are trying to improve these devices.  So you were not too far off the mark. 


This was sent to me by Erika, and she says it was sent to her with no listed writer:

By Anonymous:  Ponder on This!

AngerThe piano teacher looks at the clock again, it is 5.30p.m and his client is 15mins late. At first he thinks it may be traffic that has held her up, but 30mins later there is still no sign of her and no telephone call. Even though he works from home, he is now angry and he feels that his time has been wasted. He starts to think how selfish she has been and he begins to judge her past actions, which are only confirming his belief of how she never follows his rules of time and his frustration begins to emerge…

His client is driving her car to pick up her daughter from school, and she is late for the piano lesson because her daughter’s school trip has over run. The woman has not been home during the day and does not have the piano teacher’s telephone number with her. Suddenly, she starts to feel angry and she does not know why. She starts to get angry at the school and in particular with the bus driver for his lateness, and then she remembers all the times people have let her down and she starts to think about various people who have made her angry in her life. In turn, these people begin to feel angry…. And they do not know why…

At the school she meets up with the other 30 parent’s who are waiting for the school bus, and they too are angry about the driver being late. It is Friday evening and everyone wants to be at home winding down and relaxing. A woman calls to the head teacher, ‘This is ridiculous. I’ve waited here for 30mins and still no sign of them’. They all nod their heads in agreement and they start to talk to each other about the last time the school made a mistake, or how long they’ve had to wait for a bus, to see a doctor, or a dentist, etc, and emotions begin to run high, as the chat turns into gossip and judgment. This distorted energy is now being sent to those from the past and the doctors, dentists and those that they have gossiped about suddenly begin to feel angry…and they do not know why…

Meanwhile, the bus driver is very flustered, as he has now been stuck in a roadwork jam on the M25 for 45mins and he is feeling angry with the guys who are laying the new road. He beeps his horn in frustration, and because he also has 30 parent’s thinking about him, his anger is gets worse. To top it all off, the kids are tired and they are beginning to play up. He yells at them to be quiet, but they too are feeling fed-up and frustrated.

The guys doing the road works are just not happy at all. There has been several hold ups with the building of the road, and they have had to narrow the motorway to a single lane, causing an eight mile queue. One guy looks up as the school bus as the driver beeps his horn. He tries to diffuse the situation by waving at the driver, but the driver puts up his fist in anger and the guy drops his head. He begins to feel angry too and he begins to look at his life. It is a monotonous existence and he is just not living his aspirations. An image of his father pops into his mind and he thinks about how his father would not let him follow his dream of playing in an orchestra, and feelings of anger and blame begin to surface. In a town 50miles away his father suddenly feels angry with his life…and he does not know why…
The guy looks at his work mates, who also look fed-up. You can almost see a haze of projected thought forms of anger and frustration around them from the passing traffic. ‘Fancy a drink down the pub?’ he shouts. No wonder they get drunk most nights, as the pub has become a way of releasing themselves from the disruptive projected energy.

The rush hour of six thousand cars slowly pass the workers by. Most of the drivers face’s look fed up and stern. They are thinking about the traffic queue and angry memories from the day or from the past begin to surface. They pass on the anger to at least half-a-dozen people each. There are now 36,000 people feeling angry who do not know why… In turn, they begin to think about what has made them angry and pass it on to at least half-a-dozen people each. There are now 216,000 people feeling angry who do not know why… they pass it on… Within the hour 46 million people are feeling angry who do not know why… This anger is spreading faster than any disease or plague!!!

Meanwhile, nature is being bombarded by all the polluted thoughts from humanity. In response the rats begin to run riot in a city’s main sewage system. Over a period of days they begin to infest thousands of homes. It is becoming a hygienic problem for the inhabitants. A rat bites a small child and she breaks out in a fever. Mother Nature is giving expression to the anger of humanity. The thought forms from humanity always materialise and deeply effect the environment...

A week later the piano man is laid in bed with flu. He has not been able to move out of bed for two days, as his temperature is very high and he is furious with himself. All of his appointments have had to be cancelled. No-one around him has had the flu so he cannot understand how he caught it… His daily life is created by his thoughts and his original thoughts about his client have now come back to him laden with angry bacteria, which has broke through his aura and sapped his strength. His thoughts added to the anger that plagues this planet and this had an effect on millions of people. What is given out will always return multiplied…

GardenIn the next village, a woman is sitting with a cup-of-tea. She is looking out of her window at the daffodils in her garden when suddenly, she begins to feel angry. She immediately goes outside into the garden and questions where the anger came from, as she knows it does not belong to her. Checking her own thoughts and feelings she begins to search inside for the source and she finds the energy of an old school friend who is projecting anger towards her. In response she puts up a mirror at this friend and sends light through the mirror to diffuse the anger. This light travels into her friend’s energy and begins to break down the anger. In turn, the light is passed on and affects the person who sent the anger to him, and the chain goes on. The only antidote to a disease or plague is love. To change the world, only one person needs to take responsibility for their thoughts. The woman has now given light to millions of people without even leaving her garden. The plague ends here…until the next thought of anger arises…

A few years later the piano man dies and he finds himself in a dark and crowded place. He is in a parallel world that is not much different from the earth that he left behind and surrounding him are similar things and similar people. His level of understanding life is just the same. In his confusion he starts to get angry with those around him for his current state. He grumbles to himself and blames the government, his parent’s and society and he looks back at all the times when people did not live up to his expectations and please him and he remembers the incident of his client who did not show up. Immediately, he begins to defend himself by judging and criticising her actions. Suddenly, he remembers her apologetic telephone call that occurred the next day, so he starts to look at the whole situation from her angle and the reality of what really happened reveals itself. He sees the effect his angry thoughts had upon her and the world and he begins to cry and wail at the emptiness of his life. All those wasted opportunities to bring forth a life filled with love, compassion, self-love, joy and freedom. Instead he chose to create a small, limited and cynical world. Slowly over time he is shown that there is nothing outside of the self. We attract all that comes our way.

The truth is… whether in life or death, you will have to face the effect of all your thoughts, words and actions. One thought affects every living thing, every aspect of nature, the earth, the planets and the cosmos; that’s how powerful you truly are........


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

ATLANTIS—MAY 17, 2008—JULY 12, 2008, OCTOBER 2, 2010
CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009; NOVEMBER 7, 2009; DECEMBER 5, 2009; DECEMBER 12, 2009; DECEMBER 19, 2009; FEBRUARY 6, 2010; FEBRUARY 10, 2010, APRIL 24, 2010; OCTOBER 31, 2010
GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008, JULY 3, 2010.

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