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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and may I wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year coming up!  Plus a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter from around the world.  I realize that we are all busy as this time of year, but I would appreciate those who can to take and minute and send me your Benevolent Outcome stories (MBO’s as I call them for our new readers).  They are very inspirational to many people just learning about requesting MBO’s and give them ideas of how to incorporate this very simple, yet powerful spiritual tool in their daily lives.  You light the way for them, and they will light the way for others. 

I do wish a special thanks to those who have bought my second book with many of these inspirational stories for not only themselves, but as presents for family and friends.  I receive many emails from people who are as happy as a child with a great new toy.  It is that uplifting, but as my Guardian Angel Theo tells me, it’s something you can use the rest of your life, and people will be still using hundreds of years from now—we just have to spread the word! 

One more thing--I just saw AVATAR today, and I consider it the best science fiction film I've ever seen.  But it's also channeled, as it makes you look at people different from you compassionately, not as some monsters.  Let's hope for more films like this before 2015.



This person asked me to keep her name private, so Joan writes:  I need your help on a matter.
I have a friend whom has a had time forgiving and I have forgiven him but he still holds on to the past of what happened. Now is there a way I could go about to help him, with the help of my G,A.'s of course, without him knowing it?
I know he still loves me and I still love him but he won't let go of the past. If Theo has any help please let me know.  

Theo always tells me he can't tell me which road to take.  We're supposed to make those decisions ourselves.  I think trying to recover a relationship or moving on falls in that category.   So for her or anyone else in similar circumstances,
You can certainly say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my relationship to improve with ______ and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"
You can also say, "I ask any and all beings to assist ______in forgiving me so that we can be close again, thank you!"
Then this one you may not like, but I think it's necessary in case your soul contract is to move on so that you can meet someone else. 
"I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for all emotional energy cords which are not in my best interest be severed, thank you!"  If the "ties that bind" you to this person are still in your best interest, they will not be cut. 


Gaia, are you preparing for the Manyon volcano I believe it’s called to erupt in the Philippines soon?

Yes, this will come very soon Tom, perhaps in the next week or so, as I move my plasma or lava and create the pressure needed for it to explode or erupt.  I must release some of the energy stored in this area.  It is part of my plate process.  The people in that area have been given sufficient notice, so there will be little, if any, loss of life.


Diane in Oregon writes:  Since hearing you on Dick Sutphen's Metaphysical World, and reading your first book, I have been requesting MBO’s.  My life has become much less stressful and enjoyable.

I do have a question for either Theo or Gaia.  My husband and I are drawn to Kauai, Hawaii.  We have seriously considered moving there.  I haven't read anything in your columns about the Hawaiian Islands.  Would you please ask Gaia what is in store for the Islands after the 2012 shift?

Gaia, what plans do you have for the Hawaiian Islands after 2012?

Yes Tom, this area will continue to be a special place with much energy in the near future after 2012.  Eventually, and it will be perhaps sooner than later, the seas will encroach on this land as the arctic and Antarctic melt, so the seas will slowly cover these island lands.  They will have served their purpose as an energy center by then, plus a meeting place for the west and east. 

So what is your advice for anyone thinking of moving there?

As I said, it will not change too drastically for those who wish to live there in the shorter span of time, Tom.  Only if they plan on staying a long time will they see a dramatic difference. 

So how fast will the oceans rise, as at one time you told me they would rise 2 feet after the great earthquakes, which never occurred?

Yes, two feet is my goal shall we say in the next 20 to 25 years.  There will come a time where the process will speed up significantly.  But island people all over the world will see this coming and will have a choice to move to higher ground. 


Donna from British Columbia writes:  Hi Tom, once again I enjoyed your newsletter.   There is such a variety of interesting topics.  
Tom I was wondering what Theo or Gaia has to say on the "chem trails" that crisscross our skies no matter where you live.  I have never really had a concrete answer when I have asked this of any other channels.  I feel it can't be good but maybe I'm wrong.   I asked Lee and Kryon and I believe he said they would end soon, but what are they doing?   There is lots of info on Internet but a lot of it is fear based and I refuse to buy into the fear.
Thanks Tom, have a wonderful holiday and a great year of MBO's for all.

Gaia, do the chem trails pose any threat to you, to humans, to animals and other life?

Yes they do Tom.  These chemical trails are not benevolent for human, animal or plant life.  Now for the good news.  I am able to adjust my skies to absorb much of this, so that you are not affected as much as you could be.  Scientists are also studying these chem trails as you call them, and there will be findings published in the various scientific journals.  This will assist in cleaning up the skies for you. 


Shirley from Australia writes:  I am writing to you again this time so distressed about a relationship / connection I have with a certain guy. We are flatmates & have been involved but I have feelings for him but he said he doesn't feel the same but gives me very loving & heart warming hugs? I feel so incredibly distressed & I have said & written so many MBO request to meet my true love partner for love & spiritual purposes & to meet the right guy for me that is a long term partnership.

Could you ask Theo what the purpose is of my connection with this guy (name) is in my life & if the living situation I am in is for my highest good. I have also prayed to be lead to the right living situation for me. It seems that relationships with certain guys are impacting on my wellbeing & causing me to distress incredibly.

Thank you very much for your help & guidance. I don't know whether I need to talk to a psychic or see a counselor or? Could Theo also give me some guidance on this as well?

Before asking Theo, I gave Shirley (and whoever is in the same situation) the following suggestion:

One thing I always recommend for someone who is separating is (as I recommended for Joan above), "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for all emotional cords not in my best interest to be severed, thank you!"  If this is best for you and your friend, then the "ties that bind" will be cut, but if you are supposed to continue, they will not be.

Theo, what is Shirley’s soul connection with (name), and does she have a perfect mate in her near future?

Yes, Shirley and her friend do have a past history together in other lives.  This round she recognizes this on a subliminal and subconscious level and would like to renew that friendship.  Yet each is on a different soul path this round and she must move on with her life. 

The MBO’s you gave her will assist, and her GA says that it loves her dearly and will make sure she finds that person she’s supposed to be with during this life.  She just needs to continue requesting MBO’s each time she goes out to meet other people.  She will be guided to stay on her soul contract she chose for this life.  Old ties are sometimes difficult to move past, but it is in her best interests to do so, in order to be free and clear when she meets her soul mate for this life.


Lyn writes from Chicago:  I have a question for Theo, if you think it is appropriate.  Have you ever asked him to interpret Alzheimer's?  This wonderful new friend is grieving his life partner's demise after caring for her for 10 years.  Some insight would be helpful for him, and perhaps others as well.

Theo, please comment on Alzheimer’s disease.  What does it accomplish?
Yes, this is an experience for the soul Tom.  It is also an experience for all those connected with this person, as there are a wide range of emotions as their loved ones and friends cope with this disease.  It allows the soul to have a lesson as the mind –or at least a portion of it shuts down.  Soon there will be a cure for this disease as the genes will be found, which are the cause. 
I can see why it is an experience for those around them, but what does it do for person who experiences it?
It allows them to retreat from daily life and slowly works for them to depart.  It frees the soul fragment.


Alice writes:  Hi Tom, I just read this week's newsletter (12/5/9), and have a question about the' dark side' and the ET's known as the Grays.  What is the gray's purpose here?  Are they primarily responsible for all the traumatic abductions carried out the last 50 years?  I have been curious about this for a long time.  Thanks.

Theo, what is or was the Gray’s purpose here on earth?
Yes Tom.  As has been reported elsewhere before, they came in order to save their existence, as they had stagnated and were to the point of facing annihilation.  By combining your DNA with theirs, they have created a hybrid, which will allow them to continue their existence.    Their methods could have been better, but they do not have the emotional feelings, which humans have.


Marie writes:  Can you ask Theo about the pyramids, if they’re connected to each other? Another question--is the Vatican going to reveal the truth about Jesus? If so how much longer? Ask him why does the Vatican hide so many secrets and what is the real truth?

Theo, are the pyramids around the world connected to each other?
Yes Tom, to a certain extent they are connected according to ley lines and such.  This energy has diminished over the years, as these pyramids went into a state of dormancy after they were abandoned. 
Regarding the Vatican, I've been told that the next Pope will start releasing information from the Archives.  I previously published some time ago a bunch of questions I asked about Jesus.  It's just that some of my readers, based on the teachings they've received from a young age would find them hard to believe.  Perhaps I should put them in again.  What do you think?

Jane Adams
Copyright 2009
REASSURANCE . . . that you are looked after and cared for.

If you want to be assured and inspired to know that you are cared
for, please know that you are.

We know that some of you are feeling insecure and afraid of what
the outcome will be in different situations that you are involved in
at this time.

We know that there are those of you that have not ever even heard
of Angels protecting humans here on earth. We want to let you know
that we do that very thing. We want to reassure you that we are here
for you. And for all the humans that do believe in us we are grateful
to you for your support in believing in us.

The more that you do believe, the stronger the bond between you and
your Angels will become. For all humans that do believe in us, this bond
brings us closer to you.

There is nothing more that we will ever desire than to help our humans
in all that they will ever do.

We have the knowledge from long ago, and all the ones that we have
helped in the past. We have the light from the Universe of God on our
side. We are trying to let you know that we want to help you, and clear
the way for good to come into your life.

Believers in Angels are abundant now at this time on planet earth, and
we are so very grateful to humans that do believe in us.

To the ones of you that are not quite sure yet, just give us a chance
to help you and we will.

We are very pleased that you are reading this. We love you, and we
want to help you always. We will always read your hearts because
all the answers that you seek are deep within your heart.

We are the Angels of all time. We are with you always.


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