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I have a lot more information California sent to me this week.  Please read. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a different perspective:


This will be a long topic, as we have a lot of information from a number of sources.  I have been accused by some people who don’t know me that I’m just trying to make a name for myself with these predictions I’ve published here in the newsletters concerning the possibility of monster earthquakes occurring the last week of this December—sometime after December 25. 

ADS LabI have a major reason for being interested in what will happen there that most of you are not aware.  My film and TV program distribution company has a film library of 2,000 titles sitting in a vault in our lab in Hollywood.  This library, “on paper,” (and anyone in business knows what something is valued on paper may not obtain that value when sold) is worth several million dollars.  As the films are old, they are sold for low prices, but provide my family with a living (although not very much of one the last two years with the world economy in the toilette). 

The vault is supposed to be earthquake proof, but what will happen if the building above the vault collapses, or it remains intact but there is no electricity or water for six months and all the personnel are refugees in other states?  So we were in a quandary about moving the whole library, but there is a huge cost in doing that.  We decided to cull our top films and send those to our Dallas office where we already have copies of 500 or so films.  At least we will not be put completely out of business. 

But you can see why I’ve striven to get these messages I’ve received as correctly as possible, because my family’s livelihood is in danger, along with my desire to get the word to all those who are not supposed to experience this calamity. 

I’ve received a couple of emails this week, along with one of those symbolic dreams I mentioned last week, so let’s review these now.  The first one is from Tammy about her husband’s Don’s recent trip to Los Angeles.

LAXTammy writes:   My husband Don has been having very strong feelings of “death” in California.

When he was in Los Angeles two weeks ago, he got off the plane and just starting hearing “dead” when he would look at anyone.  It was so upsetting to hear the word “dead”, that he started to roam looking at people to find someone “alive.”  Every once in a while, we would hear “alive” when he looked at someone.  He figured they must not live in CA.  He then went to his meeting in LA.  In the meeting, he would hear “dead” when he looked at someone from CA.  He didn’t hear it when the person was not from CA.  It was very, very alarming for him.  He said it felt like he was going crazy and could not control what he was hearing. He tried to distract himself, but his Angels kept giving him these messages.

This weekend, while I was shopping in the mall…he stayed in the car waiting.  He closed his eyes to just relax.  He began having visions of “fires” and “collapsed buildings”…he was confused.  It was again upsetting for him.

Last night, he asked me to help him, as he felt a “heaviness” on his chest.  He felt like he couldn’t breathe.  I began speaking with the Angels and asking for relief from the pain.  I heard “in one day”…and this morning, the heaviness was gone.  However, he still continues (for all these months now) to feel “great sadness.”

CalendayHe asked his Angels when this event would happen and heard very clearly “29th” and “10am”.  I was amazed because I myself do “calendar gazing.”  I run my finger across the calendar and ask about events.  Two months ago when inquiring about the “great shift” (the CA mega quake), I ran my finger across each day in December and my finger teetered between “28th and 29th”. 

He has tried to warn people, but they discount the message.  It’s unfortunate, as Don felt a similar “great sadness” two months before 911.  He said the feeling went away  soon as the event (911) happened.

Would you ask Theo if Don is getting this message correctly about the upcoming CA earthquakes via a vision: “Total devastation…no buildings standing…all highways collapsed…and the ground charred black from post-earthquake fires…and people alive.” 

Is the message Don received regarding “Dec 29th” at “10am” correct” regarding the start of the Mega quakes that will significantly shift the pacific plate?

Gaia, Don has had premonitions of the California quake occurring at 10am on December 29.  As that was given in inspiration and not a channeling, care to comment on it?

Yes Tom.  This will be very close to the time of the event.  He is very sensitive and was able to receive the message directly from his Guardian Angel you see. 

Earthquake SuppliesIf you read my past messages from Gaia, there will be widespread fires due to breaks in the gas lines to houses.  That’s why having a wrench is very important to turn off your gas and those of houses around you, if still standing.  Here is the link to my complete list of items to assemble and pack:

Then Adrienne writes:  Tom! I have to tell you. I've had some strange "dizziness" lately and I think it might be related to possible upcoming earthquakes.

First of all, last week I downloaded this "see into the future" meditation by Whitley Streiber. It was a good meditation but I didn't experience anything DURING the actual meditation. However, later that night I had just lay down in bed and was about to fall asleep when I felt like I was in an earthquake . . . it seemed very real for a brief moment . . . and then realized that I was having some kind of vision . . .

Then on Monday I was on-air with the girls getting ready for our Radio Show (15 minutes before the show started) and they BOTH mentioned YOUR NAME . . . first it was just Andrea and I talking on the phone and she had mentioned you and that she had been feeling strange throughout the day and decided to do some MBO's to help her feel better. Then, Deanna got on the phone and said she had been feeling strange too and she mentioned YOU and also the Gaia earthquake predictions! I couldn't believe it! I suddenly realized that maybe my earthquake vision was real and related to what Gaia has been telling us all . . .

DizzinessI've also been experiencing dizziness off and on since that vision and I've talked with other spiritually-minded friends and they too are reporting experiencing bouts of dizziness. Very strange. Is Gaia letting us know????

Would love to know what you think and/or if Gaia has anything to say about this.

Gaia, do sensitive people experience dizziness weeks before an earthquake?

Absolutely Tom.  There are a number of people that have these feelings of dizziness and even nausea before a large earthquake, even if it is hundreds or even thousands of miles away.  Your bodies are built for early warning, but many people dismiss these feelings as being caused by some imbalance in their bodies at that moment, instead of asking themselves, “Why do I feel this way.”  So you should allow your antenna shall we call it to rise and search for the origin of the discomfort.  This will be especially true for anyone living in a high probability earthquake zone.  LISTEN to your bodies and act accordingly.

I mentioned last time that I had not had any symbolic dreams about a coming earthquake.  I now possibly have.  Just to give you a little background on my dreams, I started recording them in 1979 and within two weeks dreamed about an explosion involving a woman and some men.  My wife and I cancelled out planned trip to a convention in Manila and added on days to Taiwan and Hong Kong.  On the first day of the convention terrorists blew up a bomb inside the convention hall, injuring several people.  After that I vowed to record my dreams the rest of my life.

DreamingSince then, I have dreamed a symbolic dream of a delta-shaped aircraft crashing shortly before the Delta Airlines L-1011 crashed at the DFW airport; I dreamed of being high in the sky in a glass bubble and then suddenly underneath the ocean just before the spacecraft blew up on takeoff from Florida; and then before 911 I had three dreams.  The first was of a bi-plane crashing—symbolic of two planes crashing; the second was of a Northwest Orient plane crashing somewhere near Chicago—representing the one that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania as I recall; and the third one was really weird:  I saw a line of people, as if they were sitting on invisible chairs floating along across the face of an office building with a tornado close behind them.  Tornadoes are always a bad symbol in my dreams.  So here is the dream I had on December 14:

I dreamed some guy was going or was doing something—to cause a whole mountain to come sliding down and the houses along with it.  I got everyone going to save themselves by moving off the mountain into a nearby town.  People were sad to leave their houses and move into town to lesser accommodations. 

Mexicali QuakeThe Los Angeles Times just published the following story TODAY!

“Big Easter Sunday quake may have put Southern California at greater risk of future temblors”;,0,1518879.story?track=rss

We need to take up the subject of aftershocks, which I have not touched on recently.  To demonstrate just how many can occur after a major earthquake, go to
Christchurch Quake . As I write this, they have had 3,955 aftershocks since their major 7.1 quake in early September.  This is why I say, if you live in Southern California, DO NOT STAY!  The dust clouds will be very toxic, not to mention no food, water, and the danger of fires and tsunamis.  LEAVE! 

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to leave, check out this earthquake simulation the USGS animated of how fast a 7.8 earthquake would move along the Andreas Fault from the San Diego area all the way past Ventura—150 seconds!  And they do not really include all the faults that connect to the San Andreas Fault Line like branches of a tree.  Here is the link: .

I truly hope NOTHING happens the last week of December, but I’ll update you with anything I receive next week.


This was sent to me by one of our subscribers:

Planet XDec 10, 10: Sorcha Faal-- Massive Earthquake Fears Rise After Mysterious Object Moves Nearer To Earth 

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today authored by Doctor-Scientist Alexander Stepanov of St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory warns that the massive dark Jupiter-sized object lurking at our solar system’s outer edge appears to have “accelerated” its movement towards our Earth. When “coupled” with the Total Lunar Eclipse of December 20/21, Dr. Stepanov suggests, the likelihood of an 8.0 magnitude or higher earthquake striking our Planet December 11th to January 8th, 2011, is a “near certainty”. 

The massive dark Jupiter-sized object being mentioned in this report coincides with the research planetary scientist John Matese of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and his colleague Daniel Whitmire who in 1999 postulated that this dark, Jupiter-sized object is responsible for hurling chunks of ice and dust toward Earth, and as we can read:

So I thought I should ask the Sun about this.

Sun, are there any Jupiter sized objects moving into our solar system that supposedly are dark?

No, Tom—not at all.  Again this was conjured up by someone wanting publicity for themselves and what better way to do it than to bring up that Planet X as it was called and suggest it has arrived.  It is also very 3d you see to blame events on something concrete instead of something in spirit, as one you can put your mind around shall we say and the other you have to ponder, and that makes people more afraid than if there was some giant body suddenly appearing, you see. 


Solar System PlanetsSandy asked about the solar winds that she says have been as high as 581 km.sec.

Sun, how does the solar wind affect the earth, and will it increase beyond the 580 km.psec. I believe it recently was?

Good question Tom.  Yes the solar wind does need to be studied more by your scientists, as there are qualities and results of this solar wind your scientists have not discovered yet, so I will not take away the joy of discovery from them by letting the cat out of the bag let’s say.  A little hint would be to see its effect on your weather systems.  And yes, the solar wind at times will exceed this 580 it was recently recorded at.  Not significantly more in the upcoming months Tom, but certainly it will exceed that mark at times.  This is upon request of Gaia and your souls you see.  That’s another hint at the symbiotic relationship I have with your planet and with your souls Tom. 


SunMary writes:  Do the sun and other stars have "beings" that live on them (like the earth has animals, people, etc.) and if so is what are they like?
Also, I'm not a person who usually puts bumper stickers on my car but I wondered if you've ever printed or thought about selling bumper stickers that said something like:  “Wishing you a Most Benevolent Outcome,” or something else to that effect?

Sun are there any beings that live on your surface or interior and if so what are they like?

An interesting question Tom, but no.  There are no beings that currently live on or inside me.  Certainly there are spacecraft that are capable of visiting very close to my surface for studies, but there are no residents you see.  And yes, there are beings that live in the space vacuum as you call it, but again none here.  You have seen photographs of these wispy beings and you will learn much more about them in the future as you explore the solar system around you. 

For Mary and everyone, we do have bumper stickers that you can purchase in the “Store” on my website.  Here is the link: .  They’re on sale right now, so you may wish to purchase several. 


Noah's ArkLinda writes:  Saw an interesting show on some cable channel last night regarding Noah’s ark. Now after seeing so many of these shows it finally hits me!! The flood of mythic and biblical proportions!!!!! I thought of what Gaia has been saying about  the earthquakes and the earth changes. So it hits me last night, was this Noah type flood just that?? Was Gaia just moving the earth around for whatever reasons?

Gaia, was the Biblical flood due to enormous rains, or was it some other climatic event?

Yes Tom.  We can discuss this a little.  The floods were ordered up shall we say and so I provided enormous rains to those parts of the world, which wanted the experience.  It did completely flood the world—at least that portion of it, and was caused by my rains but also earthquakes and tsunamis.  So it was a combination of events you see.  If you look deeply into the story of Noah, you will read a message of conservation of resources.  That was the underlying theme, which resulted. 

But to answer the question, a combination of rain, earthquakes and tsunamis achieved the desired effect upon the land at that time—and it was much earlier than reported, as such things are, which are handed down from scholar to student.


Big Sky MontannaRebecca writes: Hi Tom, a lot of us at work here in Montana were discussing the shift in energy in MT. It seems like our sleeping patterns are all messed up, and  people are on edge, Also noticed the animals area acting strange . Does this have anything to do with the shifting going on in California?

Gaia, what are the shifting weather patterns in Montana due to?

Certainly the El Nina effect this winter Tom.  It is causing the weather in the northern part of the hemisphere to be subjected to the brunt of the bad weather. 


Yara on Facebook writes:  Please ask Gaia or Theo about an instrument "discovered" by Dr. Robert Beck that uses Micro-pulsing to create gentle Micro-currents of electricity for purification of the blood. My husband has Inclusive Myosities [inflammation of a voluntary muscle] and he would like to know if this device would be good for him. Thank you very much for your work.

Theo, does the micro-pulsing devices of Dr. Robert Beck actually work to purify blood?

Yes, Tom.  They do up to a certain point.  As you have not studied these devices, I can only tell you that they do work up to a point.  He is working to improve their functionality and there will be improvements in their design and function. 


Montauk ProjectMichael on Facebook writes:  If you need any question topics for the next newsletter, please consider the following: The Montauk Project was said to be a continuation of the Philadelphia Experiment.  Was it successful in sending people to the past?  Supposedly there are stories of visiting Jesus and perhaps altering the outcome of key past events.

Theo, were the volunteers in the Montauk Project trapped in the past, in between, or where?

They were trapped in the past Tom.  It was difficult for them, as they kept waiting to be returned and nothing happened.  And they were not in shall we say benevolent conditions where they appeared.  They were looked upon as intruders, and in a way they were.  So the old stories of people traveling back to the past and living like kings were more poppycock than truth. 

You can read more about the Montauk Project at .


As Theo has in the past said, they will answer my questions, but I have to ask.  Theo had told me my next life with my wife Dena would be in the 3,400 era as space pilots of one of 17 earth starships exploring the universe.   Her next life would be in ancient Egypt as some sort of important priest—one of 30 or so before the one in 3,400.  Then I wondered the other day if our paths would cross in one of my PAST lives, so I asked.  This is good information for everyone.

Egyptian PriestsTheo, will Dena and I cross paths again in any of my past lives?

Again, yes Tom.  Remember that you asked about your future lives and I said you would not team up again until 3,400, but there will be a couple of your past lives she will appear in between now and that next life on earth for you.  Next time you will be assisting her in her or his work.  Not a major life for you, but for her/him it will be. 

Does that mean the Egyptian life?

Yes.  You will assist him in his work.  He will recognize that you have been together before due to the close understanding between you. 

Theo, how much does this life affect the one I’m having with Dena in Egypt, since that life is happening right now?

Good question Tom.  It actually affects it quite a bit in a very positive manner Tom.  It helps cement the relationship you are having with him in that life.  You work very closely together.

Am I a priest, priestess, or what?

More of a priest Tom.  But you are there to assist him and not be the major or have a significant life as you are having how.  You are more his right-hand man. 

I thought I might be in a role reversal as a female?

No.  Just two priests working closely together on his work.


Dr. Amber WolfMy wife and I attended a Kryon Seminar in Dallas last weekend, and for the first time had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Amber Wolf on the second day called “Practical Quantum.”  She recommended holding your tongue against your palate to connect the energy centers in your body when you do the breathing exercise of breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

She also had us do a number of laughing exercises such as walking around the room acting like a chicken and monkey, plus other less acting exercises.  It was a “hoot” (a little pun there).  So I asked Theo about these.

Theo, does putting your tongue against the palate of your mouth while breathing in through your nose help connect the energy centers of the body?

Quite so, Tom.  Your Dr. Amber Wolf was correct in pointing that out to the Kryon Seminar audience.  And it does help focus attention internally instead of externally, so you are able to achieve an altered
Laughterstate and a calm relaxed state more easily. 

Do the laughing exercises actually lower your blood pressure, raise the serotonin levels and have other benefits to the body?

Quite so.  It may feel quite strange to do Tom, but these exercises have been documented to achieve exactly as Dr. Wolf described.  You experienced the immediate results of this when you did a laughing exercise on the elevator heading to see your doctor.  Your blood pressure was well within the normal levels compared to the last time you went.  This is a very fast acting exercise, which you should recommend to your readers, Tom.

You can read more about Dr. Amber Wolf at .  She was also interviewed, along with her husband on at


SpearMichael on Facebook writes:  Maybe Theo could answer, where is the Spear of Christ, also called the Spear of Destiny. The wildest stories speak about it being transported to the Antarctica aboard German U Boats.

Theo, is the Spear of Christ still in existence, destroyed, or a fable?

Good question Tom by your reader.  It is still in existence, although guarded quite well by those who treasure it.  Someday it may be displayed for all to see when those who possess it feel it is time and will make an impact on those who might not believe in Jesus.  Let’s leave it at that for the time being Tom.


Gay MarriageMichelle writes:  I would love to know this: Does Theo see a time in the future where gay marriage will be fully recognized in the United States?

Theo, when will gay marriage be recognized or normalized in the United States?

It will be quite soon by even your time standards Tom.  Certainly it will slowly move in that direction within the next two or three years, will be hotly debated, but eventually it will be voted on in your congress.  It may take more than one vote, but the majority of Americans are becoming more tolerant of different styles of living and will cite the Constitution, which of course says “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” 


This is in reference to the ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES topic in the December 4 newsletter at .

FDA CartoonSteve writes:  Nice job on the Newsletter, thanks.  If you had gone to Detoxamin's website to look at information on Detoxamin, it's not there other than a phone number.  Their representative contacted me to let me know why.  See below.  The FDA (Health Freedom's definition = Fraud & Death Administration) at work protecting the profits of big Pharm & Co.

Dear Stephen ________,

The FDA sent a warning letter to all companies that sell EDTA products for detoxification.  We cannot make any health claims at all. We cannot even say that it removes heavy metal toxins!

So, for now we took Detoxamin off our website until we find out what we can or cannot do.  In over 9 years, we have never had a major adverse reaction to our product.

You can still refer people to call us and order by phone or email me your order.  I will send you a separate email with our price list.  Our phone number is 801-984-1150.


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