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In this newsletter I was originally going to continue with my Conversations With a Guardian Angel. If you have recently signed up for my newsletter (and a number of you have in the past month), may I suggest that you go to my website and click on ARTICLES & NEWS. There you will find my sample newsletter and also another one from November 13. Both have a couple of the same stories at the top, but the Conversations are different. I hope in my next newsletter to give you the Questions & Answers I received about our Guides.

I did want to announce that I now have a MYSPACE page. I'll be blogging there too. If any of you are on MYSPACE, send me a request to be friends. I also have joined three groups, but have had time to only post to one--Universal Masters. I posted a topic "The Future of Earth and the Human Race." Check it out. I also posted a response to a topic by "X" titled "If It's Meant to Happen it Will." He brought up the "extreme case" of a child being molested. As I had received some messages on this in my "active meditations," which I remind you anyone can do, I posted an answer. Here it is.

I've found from personal experience that we do have Karmic debts to resolve. In September, 2006 I went to my respiratory doctor, as I was coughing and could feel water on my lungs. I was supposed to go down to Houston to give a talk on my book (The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in Angels) and I didn't want to cough all the way through my presentation. So I said, "Doc, please prescribe an inhaler for me to get rid of this." Instead, he said, "No, you're going downstairs and check yourself in the hospital--you have congestive heart failure (my heart was "A-fibing" 130 beats a minute)." I told him I was glad I wore my clean undies that day!

Later in my meditations I asked why that happened to me at that time. I had already paid for a booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair to promote my book, and right after that I was supposed to be in Cannes in my normal booth for a world TV market. I was told that long ago in a war, I had killed some people, and even though it was war, I had brought "grief and heartache"to the families of those soldiers, so I put it on my schedule this time around to experience "heartache" physically. Now days I say a 'Living Prayer' each morning that I've been told in meditation will erase a lot of Karmic debt. I say, "I ask that any and all beings come to the aid and comfort of anyone that I've ever harmed either physically, mentally, morally spiritually, or emotionally in any past, present, or future life, and I ask that any and all beings bring aid and comfort to the families of anyone that I've ever harmed in any way, thank you." I've been told that this is rarely said in a physical life--it's advanced. I highly recommend it.

Now for an actual case of child sexual abuse I asked about in my "active meditations," as I call them. These were answered by the soul of the earth--Gaia.

Gaia, a 15 year old boy has been in the news lately about his kidnapping and imprisonment for 4 years. What sort of Karma did he have?

Good question Tom. He has imprisoned other people unjustly before in another life. He agreed on a soul level to experience this himself in this life and to bring forth new facts about how these predators work to frighten and terrorize their captives. This information will prove invaluable in assisting law enforcement in bringing these children home in the future. There are still others like him out there having the same experience.

Was the younger boy Ben sent as sort of a guardian angel, or did he have a debt to Shawn to repay?

Another good question. He did have a debt to repay from long ago when Shawn in another life saved his life. Both were able to repay their Karmic debt through these actions.

What about the predator Devlin. What was his Karmic debt or did he not have one and just added this to his list?

Mr. Devlin has been a predator in other lives and this carried over into this life. This time he will be imprisoned for the rest of his life, but he will still have Karmic debts to pay after his life ends here.

Hope that helps you understand it a little better.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!


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