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Welcome to The Gentle Way Newsletter everyone, and a special welcome to all the new people that subscribed just this past week.  Please explore the website where you can read articles, watch videos, download signs, and read a couple of sample chapters of my book.  So let’s begin!


Stephanye from Texas writes:  I’ve been using MBO’s for a few weeks now and have seen all sorts of positive things happen.  In addition to great parking spaces, zipping through traffic and getting great service at restaurants, I had a MBO that was pretty amazing.

A few years ago, I became disabled and was unable to pay my bills.  It was months before I was approved for disability and started getting a small monthly check plus food stamps, but by the time money started coming in again, the penalties and interest were so high on the credit cards that I’d never be able to catch up, much less get them paid off.
After months and months of harassment, the credit card companies finally “forgave” my debts and wrote them off … all but one.  In Texas, the statute of limitations is 4 years.  The remaining creditor waited 3 years and 11 months and filed suit against me.

Long story short … we went to court last month, but I didn’t realize I was supposed to bring in paperwork.  The judge gave me 30 days.  I kept asking for MBO’s regarding this lawsuit.  I also communicate with angels, and the dialog I’d had when I asked what the outcome would be was, “It will all work out according to your highest good.  Do not fret.”
I continued to pray for MBO’s regarding this case, and the day before I was to go to court (11/13/08), a very nice clerk from the law firm that was suing me called and said that they had decided, “not to pursue this case any further.”  And she gave me the local number so that I could confirm with the courthouse.   I called and talked to a clerk at the courthouse and she said, “For some strange reason, they’ve decided to drop the lawsuit.  I just don’t understand it.  This doesn’t usually happen.”
They could have easily gotten a judgment against me and it was pretty much a slam- dunk according to a friend of mine who is an attorney.  So when they dropped the case … well, I believe it was due to a MBO.


Stephanye also wrote:  And here’s another one that happened to my mother.  She doesn’t really know about MBO’s, but I’ve been saying them for her.

On 9/11 of this year, she was hit by a drunk driver, and her 1995 Avalon was totaled.  Miraculously, she was only bruised and whip lashed.  She ended up receiving $5,800 for her car.  She’s almost 80 and on a fixed income and didn’t really want to have to make big notes.  I continually asked for a MBO for her and for the perfect car for her.  In the meantime, I’ve been using my car to drive her to physical therapy, grocery shopping, etc.

I don’t know if this was prophetic on my part, but I kept encouraging her and told her that I had asked angels to assist in finding her a car.  People were giving advice right and left about how she should get a little puddle jumper and that she wouldn’t get much with $5,800, etc.  I told her I felt like there was a fantastic car – like a Lincoln or Cadillac – sitting in some little old lady’s garage that was something she would be thrilled with and that practically had her name on it.  That the little lady would not be able to drive any more and that her family would practically give it away.  My mother was skeptical for sure, but I kept encouraging her and kept asking for MBO’s.

My sister is visiting from Seattle and she was browsing through the local paper.  She saw an ad for a 2004 Silver Signature Lincoln Town Car.  The lady’s husband died last year and she’d had a stroke and couldn’t drive anymore.  They wanted $11,000, which was actually below Blue Book value.  Her brother-in-law had just put new tires on it.  The original price of the car was $35,000.  It was like brand new.  That week we had just gotten our insurance check from the damages of Hurricane Ike, so she had the extra cash in the bank and in a couple of months will be able to get her check for “pain and suffering,” due to the accident, and will be able to finish with any repairs that might still need to be made.  We called and left a message and when her brother-in-law called back he said he’d had several calls, but since ours was first, he would wait and let us decide.  Of course, we bought the car.  The synchronicity was also what I believe to be part of the MBO I had asked for.

To say that she’s excited is an understatement (and so am I).  It is so thrilling to have what I call a spiritual “tool” in the form of MBO’s.  I can’t thank you enough for making the information available.  I’ve communicated directly with angels for years, but asking for MBOs is so much more powerful.  And remember the Ron Popeil commercial about the rotisserie cooker?  You can just “… set it and forget it.”  Well, I feel that same way with MBOs.  I can just ask for what I want or need and then let the angels do the driving (or cooking) … so to speak. 

I was raised in a Southern Baptist church and was incredibly religious for many, many years with all the guilt and misery that goes with all the do’s and don’ts of “being obedient to God.” I went through divorce and began counseling with a man who was familiar with metaphysics and taught me a whole new way to look at spiritual things.  I now consider myself VERY spiritual, but not religious and I’m having the time of my life.  I think part of my mission is to teach others that having a spiritual relationship with God, angels, and guides is the most fantastic “ride” one can even begin to imagine.  Along with communicating with angels, I type out my conversations with God and in the beginning he was very formal, and now sometimes it seems like I’m talking to George Burns.  I asked him about it one time and he said that because of my religious upbringing, a very formal and almost stern “God” was what I was initially comfortable with, but as our relationship grew, so did my comfort and ease with him.  He said he can relate to an infinite number of people in an infinite number of ways and that he comes to each person in whatever capacity they need at the time.

The first article I wrote about requesting Benevolent Outcomes, I titled the article “Another Tool For Your Toolbox”, or something like that.  Notice that Stephanye has also started communicating, and has found as I did that there is a lot of humor on the “other side of the veil.”  But requesting Benevolent Outcomes is the best tool I ever found, and the easiest to use and implement, so pass it along or try it out yourself if you are just being introduced to these concepts. 


Marie writes:  I have a question. My friend's cousin got an over dose about 8-9 years ago, and he is not all there. After the overdose, he was transported to a mental institution.  He has been there for a long time. He hasn't got a clue where he is.

My question is if there is a possibility that my friend can request a "Most Benevolent Outcome", or maybe prayers for him, asking the Archangels for Healing. His family has forgotten him.

My friend wants to help him--maybe through an Angelic intervention.  What can you suggest to do in this case?

Theo, Marie asks about a friend’s cousin who is in a mental institution after overdosing.  Anything that could be asked for him?
Yes, a Living Prayer can be said for this person.  You can say, “I ask that any and all beings shower this person with love and affection and that he will be guided to experience his full faculties again, thank you.” 
So what was or is his Karma in this case, Theo?
Yes, he caused injury to another that left them in a vegetable state Tom, so he agreed to experience this himself.   Of course, this is also a teaching mechanism to all that come into contact with him—his family, friends, and even those that care for him and those that have never known him but hear of his plight.  It is also a reminder to those that would consider experience drugs themselves, so he has an effect on many people—many more than one might consider.

I want to do a little exercise right now for everyone reading this newsletter.  If you recall, one or two weeks ago Theo said that neither I, nor anyone realizes how powerful prayers are.  None of us know this boy.  But what I would like you to do right now is to say a Benevolent Prayer out loud, “I ask that any and all beings shower the cousin of Marie’s friend with love and affection and that he will be guided to experience his full faculties again, thank you!”  None of us may ever hear about this person again, or we might—you never can tell.  Part of his soul contract or path might just be to help teach us a lesson.  When you say this prayer imagine beautiful rainbows of light going from you to that mental institution. 

If you recall, in the book I said that you could say a Living Prayer (which I’m going to start calling a “Benevolent Prayer” to be more understandable to everyone) when you see people or even animals in peril across the world.  This is just an exercise to remind you to make this a habit.  Perhaps I’ll make a sign to help you remember.  And speaking of signs, soon I hope to put in explanations of why I have each sign on the website (click on “Signs” to print them).  


Ellen writes:  Thank you for the Newsletter. I asked for an MBO for a parking space and I watched a women pull out after I asked and got it. By the way, do humans, when we reincarnate, always come back as humans? I pray this is so. Could you let me know your answer? 

Theo, do humans ever return to earth after they have begun lives here as animals?

An interesting question Tom.  Yes, in some cases, especially in preparation for lives in say a jungle area, or in the African wilds, a human will incarnate or ensoul an animal to get the lay of the land.  It is a preparatory thing to do to give them a better understanding of their next life.  It is usually done by young souls.  After you have incarnated a number of times, it is not needed shall we say.  I will say that your souls easily have this capability and as we have discussed before your souls are having millions of lives across the universe at this very instant.  Again I reiterate for your readers that your souls are much more powerful and capable than you have any idea of while you are veiled during these earth lives that you volunteered to experience in order to become creators in training.  You all have this goal, although it seems you are all quite separate during these lives here.


Theo, I was asked what do you think of astrology, astrologers, horoscopes, and I will add in numerology.

Each of these systems provide glimpses into your immortal personality Tom.  They give you hints as to who you really are, and these horoscopes and numerology readings can give you a small window into your future.  So all of this serves a purpose of assisting you during your lives on earth.


 This week I learned that a good colleague in the film industry had finally succumbed to Leukemia.  I decided to ask more questions on the death process, which I have previously included in past newsletters.  For those of you new to the newsletter, may I recommend that you go to the website and go back and start reading the old newsletters, which have much information in them.  Much of what you read in the newsletters will find its way into the book I’m working on.

Theo, I would like to cover the death process in more detail for everyone.  Where does it actually start?

Yes Tom, it’s starts early on actually—weeks in advance.  The or your immortal soul informs you during the dream state or even twilight state if you are incapacitated that it is time to leave your body, so then the preparations begin.  At this point I—your Guardian Angel, am working quite closely with you, along with your guides.

Has the death Angel made an appearance yet, or do they wait until the time of death?

No, they are still in the background shall we say.  These loving spirits are aware that the person will soon pass over, and they can shall we say analyze you in an instant as to your religious  and cultural background—your belief system—and they do consult with us, although this is certainly in a millisecond in your time frame.  So everything is made ready for the individual passing over.  The body is worn out, or, in the case of a sudden death due to war, disaster,  or any other type of death where the person does not live to old age, this is all done in your sleep time.  As you have read many times, people have what are termed “premonitions” of death.  This is due to what they are being told during their sleep time.  In many cases it is a relief on a higher level that you are getting to leave, as you have been veiled from knowing your true self for many years. 

OK, so the preparations have been done.  Is the next step the day of death, or is there something else?

No, you’re quite correct Tom.  These preparations go on until the day of death, and if it is a violent death, the Guardian Angel makes sure that that person is in the right place at the right time for the death to occur, per that person’s soul contract.  When everything is in place, then we are all gathered for that moment when the person expires.  The loving soul that is one of the volunteers for death duty is on the scene to comfort and accompany the person to the next level.

Do they travel on a tone as we do during the sleep or dreaming time Theo?

Yes, exactly, Tom.  At the moment of death, the silver cord, as it is known, releases.  It is not cut, but simply releases.  The death angel leads that person’s soul fragment on and here is where there are the reports of beautiful white lights and a tunnel, as the tone acts in a way like a tunnel, and there can be music or whatever that person needs to become aware that they have passed on and this is not a dream.  In many cases other soul fragments that the person has known will be in attendance to welcome and encourage the soul fragment, and they will appear as they had in, or during that person’s life.  This is especially true for the soul fragment’s own soul group or cluster.  At this point there is much celebration, and the person is guided to an interim location, if you will, where they can rest and regain their strength and orientation, depending again upon their belief system.  There is no time on this side, so this process can last as long as appropriate.  They—the soul fragment—may wish to envision a beautiful mountain cabin, or one on the shore of a beautiful lake or ocean.  Then slowly they become bored with this and it is time for review of the last life and preparations for the next life.

So the review does not come immediately after they have passed over?

No, it’s not necessary, although this process can be almost immediate for some individuals that quickly remember the process.   Each person or soul fragment is different and is treated with loving care by the souls who are assigned to them upon arrival.

So the death soul (angel) is only there for the death process and that is all?

Yes, this is very important and requires dexterity shall we say, as some soul fragments are disoriented and due to their belief systems are not prepared for this process. 


Theo, did the Knights Templar ever travel to America and buried some golden tablets that the head of the Mormon Church found?

No they did not.  That’s an interesting premise but in this case it was a fabrication or old wives tale.  I know you have not heard the story, but he was inspired to create the Mormon Church, but there were no golden tablets that he found.  It all came from Angelic sources we shall call them for convenience.


This week I read that cosmic rays were bombarding our solar system and planet from an unknown source, so I thought I would ask about this.
Theo, Where do the Cosmic rays come from that are bombarding our planet or solar system at the present time?

Yes your scientists will discover that these cosmic rays as they are called do originate from outside this dimension, Tom.  Their source is at a higher dimension and are produced in a way that they are discernable
in the third dimension, but their source must remain a mystery so that they can have the great pleasure of discovery some day.  They will not be able to solve the mystery for some time, but at least they are starting to look in the right direction.


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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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