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I have a little message that I think Theo wanted me to pass on to you.  Normally when I contact Theo I just say, “Theo on my shoulder,” and he says, “Right here” or “Right by your side.”  This was a little different:

Theo on my shoulder?

Yes Tom.  Right here.

I have several questions today, but first good life to you and my Guides.

Thank you Tom.  Naturally I really did not have to relay your message as they are here right now at your side too. 

Never alone am I!

Never Tom, and that is an important lesson for your readers.  They are never alone, as their own GA’s and Guides are there right with them through thick and thin.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


Mars BaseMichelle writes:  I have a few follow up comments concerning the last letter and other things. Thanks for the link to the article concerning Amaru Muru. I enjoyed reading it however, I must admit I am not sure if I am that brave to make such an attempt.

There was a mention in the newsletter concerning future bases on Mars. My understanding is that the US government already has bases on or within Mars and has had for years. They also supposedly have a jump gate to get there and don't travel there by ship. Can you ask Theo about this please?

What are the views of Theo on Marduk and the Niburians? Are they benevolent or shadow in this time line for earth?

I understand there have been previous earths that humans have destroyed through warfare. Please ask the sun if he is the same sun from the previous earths?

Moon BaseThis next question is for Gaia. Is the moon real or is it a satellite? Is the moon hollow? Was the moon part of the original earth or was it added later? Are there military bases on or in the moon?

Theo, are there earth bases already on Mars?

No Tom.  Certainly there have been visits there by earth people as part of the introductions by your friendly ET’s but there is nothing and no one human on that planet at this time.  Federation Directive you know. 

So the Sinister Secret Government never had a base there?

No, although again they were able to hitch a ride shall we call it at one point. 

So there is no travel there using portals at this time?

No, again Tom, you need to be fifth dimensional in order to do that and those capabilities shall we call them or devices have been removed from the scene so that no one can go portal hopping without being in the confines of one of the friendly ET ships.

Would this sun be the same for the previously destroyed earths?

Quite so Tom.  The earth is the new kid on the block we’ll use that terminology.  There is the asteroid belt for proof of a previous failed attempt.  But as the sun told you, he’s been there since virtually the beginning.

Isn’t the moon a real planetoid if that is the term and not a satellite?  And is it hollow?

Yes, it is a real planetoid to use your terminology Tom.  And it is not hollow, but certainly has many caverns and spaces within it that will be explored one day in the future.


Sun GodNorman writes:  Just read your latest newsletter and thanks for all the interesting subjects you introduce. The question I wanted to ask you to ask the Sun is regarding his names over the years. I first heard from a group of beings from Essasani that our sun’s name is Sol. And the 9th dimensional Pleiadians refer to our sun as Helios. Of course these are 2 names used by ancient Earth civilizations, I believe the Romans and Greeks respectively. So im getting confused on what to call the Sun.

Also its great to learn about the different aspects of our planet, like it has a soul and a Legos, and they are both different. Can we get some explanation of how that all works? Do all heavenly bodies have multiple beings? And is there more to the story. And personally I would love to hear how Lord Buddha became the new planetary Logos and stuff of that nature as it's all so new and fascinating to me.

Gaia, do all heavenly bodies have multiple beings?  What is Lord Buddha’s relationship with you?

Here we do get into a little religion Tom, so I must be careful in my answer so as to not insult anyone’s beliefs.  I am the only being in charge of this planet.  I was assigned to this job or work by the Creator of this universe.  There are other souls that do assist me at times, but most of the work is to assist humans during their lives or sojourn here on earth.  Master
Lord BuddhaBuddha is one of those beings that does assist me but again more on the human side. 

What about beings such as Kryon that work on the crystalline grid?

Yes, there are again beings that do essential work, but it is mostly to aid in your development.

OK, I forgot to ask about the various names of the Sun.  He has been known as Sol and Helios, yet he told me to just call him Sun.  Is that because all these other names are just our attempt to give our Sun a personality?

Yes, but it also has roots in religion and rituals and these sorts of practices Tom.  As the Sun told you, we are not really big on names, and he wanted to keep it very simple, so as not to draw attention or conclusions if he were to use another name such as the two you just mentioned.  This way he feels the messages will seem less biased in one direction or another.  This way all those religious beliefs and practices can continue.

I found that last answer quite fascinating and enlightening, as I found it strange to just call him “Sun.”  Now I understand why he requested it. 


Galaxy BubblesRonald writes:  Using data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, scientists have recently discovered a gigantic, mysterious structure in our galaxy. This feature looks like a pair of bubbles extending above and below our galaxy's center.  Each lobe is 25,000 light-years tall and the whole structure may be only a few million years old.

Gaia, what are the two great bubbles at the core of our Galaxy?

Yes, your scientists have something to ponder do they not Tom?  Well this one they will have to ponder a little bit longer as I cannot spoil the fun of their discovery.  I know you think they will not figure this out in your lifetime Tom, but that will not be true in this case.  They will concentrate on this area with many different instruments and will make conclusions based upon their findings.  It would take all the fun away if I were to answer your question.  Yes, you feel that these writings do not attract the people who study these things, but they will someday soon.  You’ll see. 

Any hints?  At least the Sun gives hints?

Yes, he does and I’ll check.  No.  We must be firm on this Tom.  This area obviously has great energy.  Now your scientists will naturally want to know if there are other galaxies with the same signature shall we call it—the same bubbles.  That I can say they will find quite interesting. 


Ymen EarthquakeMolly on Facebook writes: Just looked at the USGS list, over 25 quakes today in Yemen and Gulf of Aden area, does Gaia have any comments on this. 

Gaia, why the movements of the crust near Ymen?  Do you have any major plans in that area?

Yes Tom, I’m planning a few changes, but this is in preparation for me changing the climate for this area.  Yes, you are receiving me correctly Tom.  As I have told you before I want to make this area verdant again, but I can’t do that without making some changes in that area.  I plan to widen the sea a little there and reduce the topography of the area so that weather systems can more easily form and be carried to the north and northwest at certain times of the year. 

So this coastline will look a little different in the next couple of years than it does at the present time. My desert areas will be springing to life and will eventually have trees and all sorts of plants and other fauna.  And naturally animals and humans will be attracted to live there, especially as I raise the ocean levels two feet initially Tom. 


Greek GodsMichelle writes:  Were the "Gods" of Greek mythology aliens or from Atlantis? I know someone who went to Greece on vacation. He went to a mountain to meditate and had a vision of the guy with the 1/2 man 1/2 horse body. He told me this a year ago at the time I was not familiar with your work. I know that those beings were created in Atlantis therefore, it got me thinking of the other "classic gods" we were taught about in school. Can anyone say Zeus and Apollo?

Theo, were the Greek gods and goddesses from Atlantis, or where were they from?

They were from some of your former planets Tom and did seem like gods and goddesses to the population at that time with their great abilities. 

Michelle continues:  I had my first MBO yesterday. I had an emotionally draining day on Friday. I am trying to save money to pay my school tuition for January. I decided to buy an anatomy & physiology book on line early that I could start studying before 2011. I went to the textbook section of Amazon and found two books I was interested in one was $65 the other $44. This was 10pm and I was tired from my day. I decided I was too tired to make a decision that night. I requested a MBO before I went to sleep. I requested a textbook that was no more than $40.00.

I went to work the next day. I turned on my computer. The first page that came up was the last page I was looking at the night before. This page however had an A&P textbook for $12.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling for a total of $16.00. This is a NEW text book not a used one. This is the exact page from the night before I did NOT touch the computer. I was a happy camper.

And that's the way it starts for my new readers.  You just start requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes and you'll see amazing things happen as you do.  Start with the small everyday stuff in your life and then expand as you see success after success.


Love Thy NeighborDestiny writes:  Thank you for all that you do to give us honest information. Your books and newsletters do make a wonderful difference in my life.

I am concerned about this wave of hate that surrounds our daily lives and government. I felt that so many ran on a campaign of hate and so many voted in hate. Will this behavior continue? Each day so many of us send love, light and  MBO's for a gentle way of life.  Will there be light soon or will this wave continue to grow like a cancer?

Theo says until both sides of the aisle in Congress learn to cooperate together, there will not be much progress.  It's interesting that Obama started saying he was willing to discuss anything and everything and work with both sides. I think he'll have a hard job to get any cooperation and they will have a hard time passing any legislation that he does not see is in the best interests of the country as a whole and getting his signature.  He may be using his veto more, although the Senate may take care of that for him by not passing the legislation of the house.
Keep in mind you (yes I mean EACH OF YOU who read this) are not helpless.  You can say Benevolent Prayers and if enough people say them (it doesn't take a huge number) there will be cooperation. 

So say, "I ask any and all beings to assist those in the Congress and the Senate to pass legislation that will be in the best interests of the citizens of not only this country, but the world, thank you!"
For people as a whole say, "I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing people to love and respect each other regardless of race, religion, and political beliefs, thank you!"

And perhaps one more, “I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing the message of requesting Benevolent Outcomes and The Gentle Way to millions of more people around the world, thank you!”  Remember that requesting MBO’s will raise their vibrational level. 


Time LineTom writes:  I had a physical apparition that occurred to me this last year.  It was not something that I have had happen to me before.  Feelings and visions or however you want to call or classify them have occurred to me a few times.

Yet this was seen in early mourning after waking to my alarm on a workday.  While sitting on my couch still waking up (I'm not a mourning person) I grabbed my Timex watch and looked at it, to see what time it was. 

When I saw what time it said, I had to get up to check my alarm clock, thinking that I had imagined the alarm.  It showed that the two timekeepers were different.  My watch read a date of Monday 1-1.  Now after checking my cell phone, to see if I would have two that might match.  I concluded that my watch was in error.  After that it dawned on me that I had never had a watch or anything else for that matter, which actually had failed or malfunctioned in this manner.  I thought long, told a few people, and even asked a person to ask a few people.  Nothing came out of any of this.

This is where I became somewhat self sufficient...I looked on my cell phone to look when Monday 1-1 would be.  After thinking back in my own history and looking forward by technology.  I found that the only date in the near future of that calling card.

Would be Monday 1-1-2018...  Does this mean anything to you or anybody you know?

Theo, what happened to Tom when he looked at a watch and saw Monday 1-1?  Why that date and what did he experience?

Yes, a little complicated, but Tom looked through or into another Time Line and this became an all too real event for him.  That date will be significant for him, but let’s let him have the joy of discovery.  It was as if he took on the cloak or became himself in that alternate time line.  Many people will begin experiencing these unusual and at times unsettling moments the closer you get to changing your focus over to 5d.


John of GodDiane writes:  Have you heard about this man in a small Brazilian village called JOHN OF GOD.  My question is he real or a hoax?  People come to him from around the world for a healing.  Of course, some people are not going to believe and others say they come back so different.

Theo, what is the story of John of God in the small Brazilian village?

Yes, Tom, he has opened himself up to be a channel and his heart is good, but he is quite surprised at what is happening.  He must learn to handle what he has been given, and of course this was and is his soul contract.

John of God was on the Oprah show November 17, and seems quite impressed with his ability to heal.  To read more:


Pam is a very good “animal whisperer” and Pam writes:  Michael (and a few others) have sent me the link to “Spot Waits.”   I don’t know if it is viral yet, but it is a beautiful and touching story.  I wanted to see if I could communicate with Spot.  Here is what he shared with me. 

SpotI knew you wanted to communicate with me. 

He said his home is wood and has a big porch (I think I could see it in my mind’s eye).

I love getting the media attention.  My dad is prompting me from heaven.  He is right here beside me.  We are showing the world how enlightened animals really are.  We make a great team.  I’m one of the world’s great teachers. 

He said his owner’s spirit is very much alive and they are letting the story live on. 

I don’t need to go back home.  Thank you for checking on me.  I’m not sad.  I am here for a very important purpose!! 

Maybe Theo could give us some insight.  Michael suggested that perhaps we could add energy to Spots mission and the wider outlet will be made available, including your feedback from him.

It is certainly a human interest story.  I did not pick up any sense of sadness from Spot even though the media wants us to feel sad when we watch this.

Theo, what is Spot here to teach us, as we have seen dogs pine for their family members before?

Yes, you have, but you constantly need reminders as to how important these lovable souls are to you Tom.  And Spot teaches this quite well.  He does feel his friend’s presence at times, and he does wish to show the world how very loyal he was to that relationship.  It is very inspiring to many people, and he generates loving feelings this way.

Lorri on Facebook writes asking about our pets too:  I would like to know about our pets who die; do they really join back with us when we die and help us cross over?

Theo, are our pet’s soul fragments waiting there to greet us as we cross over, or are those images conjured up by our own GA’s and/or Death Angels to make the crossover less scary?

Good question Tom.  Yes, these soul fragments can be called upon to take on the appearance of their physical bodies during their past lives.  It is done to make the transition as pleasant as possible, and naturally there are the soul fragments that were your family members and friends to great you, as there is great joy in your arrival shall we call it after completing your life here on earth.  It is all done to make this transition easy as I said before. 


First contactMichael on Facebook writes:  I am imagining that if alien contact is done publicly, I believe you were told that Europe in 2015 is the best setting right now. That the history of their involvement with our development in t...he past might come to light as well. That might include the disclosure of the Atlantis and Lemuria Civilizations. Not only is religion shaken to the core but also archaeology. Forbidden Archaeology has suggested that what doesn't fit in with the accepted and established timeline of our development gets ignored or worst, hidden as it doesn't fit in with what is understood. Surely, there are artifacts which defy conventional archaeology.

Theo, when we start having public contacts with ET’s will they correct or broaden our view of history regarding Atlantis and Lemuria?

They will answer those questions if asked Tom.  It is up to those who are contacted to ask questions, and the questions will be on a wide variety of subjects; and certainly your history and their involvement will be one of the topics of discussion. 


UFOMichelle writes:  Wanted to share my UFO sighting 11-11-10.

My son picked me and my mom up from the Dr's office. It appeared to be 3 planes laying down chem trails.  However that soon changed.  One was off to the right and further away.  One was vertical the other horizontal- they looked like they were going to crash- and they barely missed each other.  We watched this for several minutes ( the color was pinkish).  Next thing we knew all three had vanished.

Neither my son nor my mom had any difficulty in stating that it MUST have been a UFO.  Thanks for all you do. Enjoy your weekend.

AnnMarie from Texas writes:  Just read your newsletter an wanted to comment on the "ship."

This craft is almost identical to the one I saw last year over my house.  The ship I saw was more square, had 4 red lights , one on each corner.. and they not only "Blinked," they made an "X", and blinked in response as I was telepathically talking to them.

The ship moved very slowly just above tree level and I didn't have my camera.   So thrilled to see that someone did capture this.  Validating that we certainly are NOT ALONE...and that they are making themselves known to all of us.


GangDiane writes:  They have reported that the numbers of gangs have grown.  I would say because of the economy, lack of jobs, etc. that the young kids of today are turning to becoming part of Gangs.  Does Theo see if this will be a threat to society where things will get worse?  Does Theo see any racial tension due to these gangs that we will have to worry about or prepare ourselves?  Folks have been saying that everyone needs guns in their homes to protect themselves does Theo feel that this will be necessary?

Theo, will gangs fade away after 2012?

Army PatrolYes, but it will be a slow process Tom.  Certainly more than 20 or 30 years.  There will be less and less need for this banding together although there will be gangs for nefarious purposes for sometime to come until there is no need for their actions or criminal activity.

May I remind everyone that requesting MBO’s is so powerful that you can walk through the “Valley of Death” and be protected.  That is why I recommend that soldiers request MBO’s to return from each patrol safe and sound.  It may be a boring patrol, but they will return without encountering the “enemy,” and probably everyone else on the patrol will return unharmed, because of the RADIANT EFFECT.  I haven’t touched on this too often, but I had a whole chapter about it in my first book. 


I have not had a chance to check out this book but Shaunie writes:  Thanks again for a wonderful newsletter.   I was not surprised to find out about the Tokyo prediction... as I read about in your newsletter... it always felt like it was not going to happen.  Now I know why... and I still love your newsletter.  I look forward to seeing it in my inbox... and only wish it came every day.
In response to John's comments... I have felt the same frustrations he is expressing.  The people who pass on higher teachings and who succeed at it... do so because it is part of their Soul Plan.  The key is to get in alignment with our own Personal Soul Plan.  Then the magic happens.  I have experienced this Magic at times... and had the Magic painfully denied when I was focused on things that would distract me from my Chosen Purpose.
However... I have been reading a book called FREQUENCY - The Power Of Personal Vibration by Penney Pierce.  It is like a technical Manual for understanding in detail exactly how the body's energy field functions... and how to tune in and work with it.  It is very practical and user friendly... like your books.  She includes science and physics in her explanations.... as well as many examples.  It has clarified and validated much of what I have had to experience in this lifetime. She also explains about how to align with your own home frequency so that what you do is in alignment with your Soul before you act... so you aren't running into those frustrating denials of what you are trying to create.
I have read hundreds of spiritual and new age books over the years.  FREQUENCY is different from anything else I have read and it was only published last year... so it has cutting edge information of great value to those needing a more detailed and practical way to work with the rising frequencies of the "Intuition Age" that we are moving into.
Anyway... thought you might want to pass it on... so that it might help others.  Blessings to you and many happy MBO's.

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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

ATLANTIS—MAY 17, 2008—JULY 12, 2008, OCTOBER 2, 2010
CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009; NOVEMBER 7, 2009; DECEMBER 5, 2009; DECEMBER 12, 2009; DECEMBER 19, 2009; FEBRUARY 6, 2010; FEBRUARY 10, 2010, APRIL 24, 2010; OCTOBER 31, 2010
GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008, JULY 3, 2010.

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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