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This week brings Thanksgiving to the United States.  It’s always a special time with lots of food, football, and family reunions!  May I remind everyone to request Benevolent Outcomes when
Walton Thanksgivingyou go to visit your relatives to have an even better time than you can hope for or expect, plus MBO’s for traveling to and from.  In book one I covered the possibility of problems with certain members of your families.  You can request MBO’s for dealing with them and for your protection and the safety of your children.  You have this great spiritual tool available to you, so use it!

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


CMEDiane writes:  O.K. I've been reading again.  This one said that in the year 2012 we will be feeling the effects of solar conveyor belts along with solar flares.  They were stating how since 2004 how many storms, earthquakes, etc. we have had.......and they also said that Yellowstone might blow.
I know that you had mentioned about this situation before, but I was wondering, have things changed?  I realize that something can be said in April about a situation and then change again in November.

Gaia, have you (or our souls) ordered up more Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's) for 2012 than normal?  And do our souls ask you to, or just agree, or how does that work?

A nice question to begin the day Tom for you.  I actually have ordered up, as you say, more CME’s for 2012—actually a significant amount more.  2012 will be a big year of change for you humans Tom, but also for the planet as a whole.  Certain adjustments must be made on the surface of this planet and even within, so as I have mentioned before I do have a symbiotic relationship with my brother soul the Sun, and we will work together to bring these needed changes to fruition.  There will be other factors at work too, including planetary positions and even your own human energy to assist me Tom. 

Regarding who gives the order, I prefer to say it is instantly agreed to bring these CME’s to affect earth—we all work together Tom—all the planets, the Sun, your energies, soul contracts and so on to bring abut changes. 

EarthquakeBut to reiterate, yes, the there will be more CME’s in 2012 and a lot more moving of my crust or mantle if your will.  It will seem a tumultuous year that some will interpret as the end of times, but it is just the transition to a glorious future for you, the human race—the Explorer Race. 

So you are saying that we will see more earthquakes than say in 2010 or 2011 Gaia? 

Quite so Tom.  Certainly the percentage might be as high as 30% more, and these CME’s as Sun has explained will carry a punch, compared to some that only affect the earth’s atmosphere.  These will assist me in my movements, so they are a different class of CME’s, as your scientists will learn Tom.


Shankar writes:  Many star systems we see in the sky are binary, triple, quadruple star systems. Does our sun have a sister sun in a binary orbit? I searched second sun on the website but it did not answer this question.

Sun here Tom.  Good morning.

Binary SunsGood morning and good life Sun.  Just one question:  You don’t have a sister or brother sun in a binary orbit do you?

No Tom.  I am a solitary Sun.  Your reader is correct.  There are many suns which are binary, or even in clusters, but the “powers that be” shall we say wanted the earth experiment to be done in a quite and remote part of the galaxy, so there would be little interference with the project either from noisy passersby using one of the earth portals or from having to adjust to two light sources or more.  It means that you have perhaps developed at a slower pace over time, but that was what was desired, so that you could “reinvent the wheel” to use your terminology. 

OK, thanks for the explanation Sun and good life.

Good life Tom and anytime you wish to speak with me or any of your readers may also. 

I can hardly wait for the time when one of my readers does contact the Sun with a scientific question. 


Sandusky & PaternoLisa writes:  Tom. I love your newsletter and the information one can obtain.  I make a habit of requesting MBO's for as much as I can remember ;). .
Question this week there has been quite a bit of news coverage with the sex scandal than has happened at Penn State University. I assume there is life balancing going on here.  Can Gaia give us any information concerning this?   Does it have anything to do with the missing DA Ray Gricar?

Theo, please comment on the Penn State sex scandal and if the missing DA Ray Gricar has anything to do with this?

Yes, there again are soul contracts at work here Tom.  Mr. Sandusky will be punished for his transgressions, and the boys who were raped are balancing lives where they raped children themselves.  Mr. Sandusky will have to have several balancing lives after this one, again because he enjoyed this too much and went beyond his soul contract.   Mr. Gricar may or may not be involved.  I will let this story play out without comment. 

For more information on Ray Gricar, go to:


Free WillJon writes:  I have been pondering the human free will experiment. A hypothesis I have is that a free will design by the creator is intended to increase the pace of evolution by creating a greater variety of experimentation due to free will. Calculus combinations theory would validate this. Also the creator prefers diversity of species and also diversity of creativity. Is this perspective of purpose for free will true?

Theo, a question about free will.  Is it the Creator’s design to have a greater amount of experimentation through Free Will?

Yes, a little complicated answer to a complex question Tom.  The Creator knows that by being veiled you will have greater experimentation than had you not been veiled.  Free will is almost another subject, where you have free will to not follow your soul path, which would be to have the greatest experimentation and discovery. 

It limits you in many ways Tom.  Certainly some of the inventions and ideas you come up with in life you are able to have even with taking a different course though free will, but it still much better to follow your soul contract and make these discoveries on the highest path you can take in an individual life. 


Arab ModerateDaphnee writes:   I was wondering about the religion of Islam. Instead of following the example of Ataturc Turkey, which is a secular country, it seems like the future leaders of Arabic countries from Egypt to Libya are choosing to turn towards a more barbaric way of life totally dominated by religion and a law which is in favor of Male supremacy thus quite negative towards Females and sometimes even pedophilic. I don’t mean to say that the western way of life is the best solution ever but at least, human rights, seems to be some kind of basis of our society, with freedom of speech, religion etc. So what will happen when those contradictory way of life will clash?  Many Europeans are scared of the silent invasion of Islam and are becoming more and more xenophobe, which is not the goal one should strive towards.. Can you please ask Gaia or Theo about the development of this religion and its effect on the rest of us who do not follow it.
Thank you and blessings.

Theo, you may have touched on this before but how long will it be before Arabic countries turn more moderate and not so fundamentalist?

This is already happening Tom although it may be difficult to tell as an outsider.  Certainly the fundamentalists are fighting tooth and toenail to gain more power and this may happen in the short run, but all over the world young people are connecting through the internet and are getting to know people of other cultures and sharing their own lives.  They are finding a commonality – much more the same than different, and the differences are accepted and not rejected.  So you will see a rapid transformation after next year—rapid in our terms although it may seem at times to move at a snail’s pace for you.  But it will happen and sooner than later. 


For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” as Theo calls it and is living a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  He’s previously lived about 800 lives on earth, so he’s an “old soul” in earth experience. 

Jim writes:  I do have a few questions for Antura:  How does he and others survive the intense pressure at the depths his city is located, 5,000 ft.
With part of the city is dry(?) and how do you make the transition from the water world to the dry city?
Do we have the food source on earth that he eats on his home planet?  If we have it here would it be a good addition to our diets?
Thanks for all you do, I use MBO's and encourage others to do it frequently.

Antura here Tom.  Ready to go.

Nice to hear you Antura.  One of my subscribers has some questions for you, but I was thinking, does he have any connection with our water planet or perhaps another planet in the Sirius B system?

No Tom.  He is just very curious about alien or ET life as he seeks answers about his own past.  He has been a record keeper before, plus he has had lives of studying other cultures – and I mean planet cultures, so this is right down his alley or area of expertise Tom.  He will also come up with more questions in the future, I am quite sure.

Deep Ocean

I think we touched on this before, but how are your bodies constructed to withstand the pressures of swimming deep into your ocean, or is there the same pressure that occurs on earth as you go deeper?

Good question Tom.  Our bodies are constructed more on the order of a fish Tom.  As you go deep within the ocean you’ve seen videos or images on TV of fish swimming around with no problem, and that same molecular makeup is the same in our bodies.  Your scientists have done studies on why water pressure does not affect the fish swimming in your ocean, and one of them could explain in more scientific detail this body construction.  So although we are humanoid, our interiors shall we call it are extremely different, as we have adopted over millions of years to living where we do, just as human bodies are built to withstand extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures.  We could not.  We would have to wear special suits—almost invisible to the naked eye Tom. 

You will over the next few hundred years tremendously improve your space suits as they become smaller and smaller, losing their bulkiness.   But again it will take quite some time for these to develop.  We may be allowed to gently suggest looking into one area of design, but will not be allowed to assist you in creating these suits.  You must do this yourself.  We can only show you the apparatus, not how to make or construct them.  Yes, you could compare it to a science fiction writer who has had a life in the future and comes back and says here is this idea, now let’s build it. 

Regarding the pressure of our oceans, yes I would say it is similar, but not exactly the same, as our water is made up differently than yours.  Again, this is something your scientists will find quite interesting to study—how your water differs from ours one of these days. 

What part of the city is dry Antura and how do you make the transition from ocean to dry?

Good question Tom and let’s see if I can explain it.  Certainly over 50% Tom—perhaps a little higher—of the city is dry.  We have many pools and entrances to the ocean, so you cannot say this part of the city is dry and this part wet.  They are a combination, as our bodies need to be immersed in water quite often.   It would be similar to your saying, “a fish out of water.”  It would be extremely uncomfortable to be out of the water for long periods of time.  So we have water all around us in the city and even in our residences too. 

Do you sleep in water Antura?

No not exactly Tom but a good question.  We sleep in more or less dry conditions, but again, water is close by if we feel dehydrated. 

Regarding how we transition from the ocean, it is quite simple, we have an airlock system is best that I can describe it in your terms where we easily pass through a couple of doors into the dry portions of the city.  There is no waiting for pressures to equalize or that sort of thing. 

Do you have a food source there that you eat, which is also grown on earth, and if so is this a food source we already eat, or one that we should look into eating in the future?

Yes, keep in mind we are vegetarians Tom and therefore we eat a great deal of food grown in the oceans or processed from the ocean.  And yes, there is one plant we’ll call it that you also have on earth, and it has even been studied, as it is quite common.  But you have not discovered yet how to process this plant for it to be edible and an enjoyable source of energy for you.  This will come in time as your scientists continue to study ocean plant life.  I would not be allowed to give away all the information, as your scientists must discover this on their own, which they will do eventually Tom. 

Antura, do any planets have as large a population as does Earth, or would this be like comparing apples and oranges, since there is such a variety of life around our universe we cannot begin to fathom yet. 

Yes, Tom.  In our experience, limiting the discussion to humanoids, earth has by far the largest population.  Starting next year there will be adjustments as you know that Gaia will make to reduce the population a little, but the major reduction will come from rules and laws your countries implement in the coming years to make it a priority to have fewer children. 

So what would be the next most populated humanoid planet Antura?

I would have to say less than half and actually possibly only a maximum of one-third Tom.  And I might add that planet is much larger than earth, so keep in mind that size does make a difference in this instance.

So would a planet with intelligent insect species be off the chart in numbers, or are there planets with other types of beings, which would be quite large?

Certainly the intelligent insect species can be quite large, but then their sizes can be much smaller than a humanoid species.  And we must not forget the reptilians, who can really proliferate with the laying of eggs Tom and not womb births.  So again there is so much variety out there that it is difficult to give you a short answer needed for your newsletter, but feel free to visit this topic again and we will cover more species. 

I guess that is all for today Antura.  I’m sure more questions will pop up again so I wish you a good life and God speed as Gaia says.

Good life Tom and I look forward to our next meeting or chat shall we say. 


Black EyeShankar writes:  In regards to black eyed children, is this real or an urban legend? Here is a link to the story:

Theo, why are some children born with black eyes?

This is just a DNA abnormality Tom, which produces the black pigment in their eyes.  It will be something studied along with many other subjects as DNA profiles are mapped out.


Theo, I’m being asked for more information on Postpartum Depression.

Yes, this does affect millions of women Tom, and some so much that they even take the lives of their own children.  Again we return to the DNA strand and one day this will be diagnosed—this potential—well in advance of birth so that first there will be drug treatments and then later there will be ways that the DNA strand can be adjusted so that this does not occur at all. 


Nest EggJackie writes:  Tom, I searched the newsletter page search box but didn't find anything.  For those of us who still have time to prepare for retirement (I'm in my low 30's) is it worth investing a lot in our 401k and other type accounts or will the world change so much that they will become obsolete? I don't think that will happen, but I am curious about how fast things will change and if there's a good chance we'll see major changes in how retirement is funded, just like we saw in the transition from pensions to 401k.

Theo, are the 401K’s the best investment vehicle for retirement, or are there better ones for the long term?

Yes, there may be better ways to invest your money for long term Tom.  It depends upon how much work a person wishes to put into finding these investments.   Certainly land is always a good investment, especially with prices so depressed at the present time.  These prices will rebound over the next few years and will return a higher percentage than a 401K can, unless it is an investment in a land vehicle. 

But for the average person, the 401K’s do provide a no-thought way to accumulate a retirement fund.  It all depends upon how much time one wishes to spend on finding the best way to invest according to one’s age and circumstances.  It varies so much that I cannot say do this or that, as again you must make those decisions.  But you can request a MBO to make the best decision for you regarding where to invest your retirement funds, and that will put you on track for the best one for you personally.


Duggan FamilyDiane writes:  I just saw today that the Duggar family is expecting baby # 20.  This woman is now 45 years old.  My question to you and Theo--is this a contract that they have so many children and why????
Another thing I would like to know from Theo is that the other day they have stated that in a few more years we are really going to be over populated because so many babies are being born.......what will happen to EARTH?  Is this a special plan to have more people on earth or is it that new Souls have to come here for a lesson?  And I wonder do other planets have this problem?  As always Tom, thank you.

Theo, is it the Duggan family’s soul contract to have 20 children, and if so why? 

Yes, it is their soul contract to have this large family Tom, although this will be a thing of the past quite soon, as people elect to have smaller and smaller families.  They are having this family to make up for giving away children and or mistreating them in the past.  Now they are caretakers and givers where before they denied this care to children in the past.  By having such a large family one of the effects of this is for people to look upon this as an absurdity and therefore will make people think about not having such large families in the future. 

As you have read above in Gaia’s desire to have 30% more earthquakes next year, I think this does mean less of a population at the end of 2012 than at the start.  Guess we’ll see. 


Puppy MillActually, this topic sort of ties in with the one above.

Charlotte writes:  Will puppy mills ever get to where they do not exist and will people ever stop hurting, beating, mistreating animals in my life time anyway. It just breaks my heart to see and hear about how animals are being mistreated, it seems to be happening more and more these days. I foster dogs to help out as much as I can. I would love to be able to save them all, I just can't afford to do this only one at a time. I don't understand humans that mistreat these loving animals.

Theo, when will puppy mills go out of existence?

This will come in not too many years as people realize how horribly these lovely animals are being treated.  Plus there is the problem of overpopulation, which these people contribute to by having these puppy mils.  People must be educated to not buy these animals and as the puppy mill owners see their incomes slowly dropping, they will have to find other ways to make money.  But it starts with each one of your readers Tom.  They can make a difference by simply encouraging their friends and families to not buy dogs, but to rescue them from the pounds.  It needs to be a shift away from having to have a puppy with a degree. 


King Willam IVHere I’m following up a previous question when I asked Gaia why she had pointedly said each time as we ended our ‘conversation,’ “God speed Tom and have a wonderful day.”  She said that’s what I used to say to her in a previous life. 

Gaia, what life was it that I used to say “God Speed” and was that an important life, or just one that you wanted me to know our history together?

Good question that I knew your curiosity would cause you to ask Tom.  Yes, it was a particular life—and it was the one in England that you already know about, as that was quite popular to say at that time.  It was an important life for you from the standpoint that you advised the King of England, and even though the records do not mention you, I can assure you you were his favorite adviser shall we say, as you were quite sincere and did not allow the politics of the day to interfere with your messages. 

Why would I have communicated so much with you and not say Theo?

Another good question Tom.  It was your belief system at that time to speak to "Mother Earth" as you called me and ask for these messages and assistance.

But it was only for a short 7 year or so period of time, correct?

Yes, but before you were his advisor, or I should say before he was King you advised him and gained his trust, as he was quite involved with the king at that time and the politics of the day.  So your influence was for a much longer period of time than the history books would show, as keep in mind history was only written from the King’s point of view and not those that would be king necessarily. 

So I assume we continued after that when I was forced to move to France?

Yes, and you advised royalty there and wealthy patrons who could support you.  Naturally at that time period you spoke perfect French as this was taught in the schools in England and by private tutors.  So it
King William IVwas a fairly easy transition, although you were saddened by being forced to leave your home in England due to the politics.  But it was a fairly easy life in most respects as being an advisor to royalty did have its perks shall we say.

Gaia, normally I’m told that people are to make their own decisions.  Was advising the King of England an exception?

No, it was not Tom.  You were just able to present the facts, which in many cases he could not see, due to the politics that were always going on around the King of England.  People would present themselves one way, but had hidden motives and agendas shall we say, and you were able to sort them out for him so that he made the correct decisions for his country.  You were very valuable to him in this way, and yes you had your enemies because of your work, but no one dared touch you, as they knew you had the King’s power behind you.

But that was your job, to make sure the King had a pure line of thought in making a decision, and was not influenced by deceit or trickery, which is often the occasion when there are decisions to be made, which can affect a whole country.  You were not the last to do this type of work, but certainly even today these people are kept in the background, as it would upset many people to know one was being advised by someone claiming to receive messages from spirit. 

The King of England referred to above is King William IV, 1830-1837, who ruled just before Queen Victoria, which was when I was forced to move to France.  During his reign he limited child labor and abolished slavery from almost all of the British Empire and updated the "Poor Law." 


Chem TrailsSean writes:  Thanks again for all your work. I say MBOs and BPs all the time, and the results astound me again and again. I have two questions you might be interested to ask Theo:

1. In the past month there have been 'sky-writer' planes flying over the Boston area constantly.  It seems every time I look at the sky there are at least two or three planes leaving those white trails. I've been told in the past year these are called chemtrails, and are used to influence the weather, introduce diseases, and deposit massive amounts of toxins over populated areas. They are employed by people who are not interested in any sort of 'benevolent outcome' whatsoever. Can you ask Theo if there is truth in this?

2. Did the Russian composer Tchaikovsky die of cholera, or did he commit suicide? 
Thanks and long life to you!!

Theo, did the composer Tchaikovsky die of cholera or did he commit suicide?

Suicide Tom, as he was sick and did not wish to suffer. 

Chem trails are reported over Boston.  I thought this was over?

And it is Tom.  These planes are not releasing any harmful sprays.  It is simply an atmospheric condition, which produces these water vapor trails in the sky. 


Eva Braun & HitlerAntonia writes:  Would Theo comment on Eva Braun?  I searched on the Articles and News page but couldn't find anything.

Theo, can you comment on Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress?

Yes, she had naturally been with him in many lives before Tom.  So naturally there was a subconscious knowing when she met him and they became lovers.  Her soul contract was to support him as his soul contract was to be the bad guy in the world.  Again, he did not stick to his soul contract and took a path that was more difficult than he was supposed to, but of course those possibilities were known before his birth. 

As I have mentioned before, he will have a number of balancing lives and she will be with him in a number of those—both as a man and woman and in various relationships.  And as I have mentioned before he will be back as a kind leader one day that will right many wrongs in the world.  Such is the balancing that must be done.  And she will be back as a leader with his assistance.


SociopathRosie writes:  Is it just me noticing it or are there more sociopathic type persons around these days?  If so, why and what happens to them in the future?

Theo, are there more sociopathic personalities these days?

Not really percentage wise Tom, but in numbers naturally yes, as there are more people on the planet.  Plus the diagnosis of these people is better these days than those in the past.  It is a soul learning experience as we have discussed before. 



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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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