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·    12/12 AND 12/21

Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Forward NewsletterLAST MINUTE ADDITION!  A business friend of mine has requested that I write a letter to the Governor of California requesting that her son be released from prison.  He was sentenced for seven years for simply knowing about a crime before it was committed where nothing was stolen and no one was injured.  I request that you say the following Benevolent Prayer out loud:  "I ask any and all beings to assist and encourage the Governor and staff of California to pardon Miles York prior to Christmas, thank you!" He has a home and job waiting for him so there is little chance of recidivism.  Here is the FB link to read more, should you wish to send a letter too:

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:

12/12 AND 12/21

12-12-12Diane writes:  What is the difference between 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 in things that will happen?  Will Dec. 12 be the warmup for Dec. 21?  Will Gaia cause or help in the change?  Will it be big storms?  Will the change be felt?  Is it true that all the planets will be lined up in a straight line?

Gaia, what is the difference between 12/12 and 12/21?  Will you assist in the change, and will there be large storms during this time period? The planets are not going to suddenly align, will they?

Yes, as we have stated before, Tom, this is the period when you bridge across to the 12-21-125th focus.  It is not all done in one day or night as has been speculated, but there is an energy bridge, if you will, that allows you to step across (using 3D terms) over to the 5th focus.  This energy has been slowly given to you so that it does not overwhelm your senses, but now from 12/12 to 12/21 of this year you have reached the bridge and are at a high enough vibrational level to cross it you see.

Yes, there will be the normal storms associated with this time of year.  That does not change, but there will be no widespread planetary storms, just the normal winter storms, which as I will remind you, this winter will be particularly harsh as some parts of North American are already experiencing.

And no, the planets of this solar system will not suddenly change position and align in the sky.  They will follow their normal orbits and will make their normal aspects in relation to the earth.


Edinburg, ScotlandDavid writes:  I Have a few more questions that usual today.
1.  What is the future for the UK and will Scotland gain Independence in 2014?
2.  Will Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have and any children, if so when, and how many and can we know the gender?
3.  Also What was the soul contract of Orson Welles, and did he have a life in the future before this life in order to create films ahead of their time such as Citizen Kane?
4.  Also what was the soul contract of Alfred Hitchcock, and did he have a life in the future before this one?
5.  What is the future for running cars after petrol, will it be electric cars?

Theo, what is the future for the United Kingdom, and will Scotland go independent in 2014?

The UK will continue to be a viable country for many hundreds of years, Tom.  Certainly with the rising ocean levels they will experience great difficulties along their coasts, as people are forced to move farther inland.  The country, in that respect, will look quite different in the coming years.  Scotland will remain tied to the UK.

Kate and WilliamWill William and Catherine have children, and if so how many and boys or girls?

Yes, they will have two daughters, Tom, in the not too distant future.

Theo, did Orson Wells and/or Alfred Hitchcock have lives in the future before the one they had in the 20th century?

No, Tom.  They had had previous lives as both actors and directors dating all the way back to Atlantis, so they were quite experienced and did not need to jump ahead before their last lives.

Theo, what will cars run on in the future? Futuristic Car

Yes, electric cars will be an interim solution including the hybrids, but real progress will come with the energy-free cars, which will make their appearance in the next 25 to 30 years, Tom.  That will be coupled with computers to run these cars to avoid accidents and eventually will follow strips in the road allowing higher speeds but at the same time quite safe.  Certainly this part of the technology will take over 100 years to fully implement.


Mother EarthSomeone emailed asking if Gaia was more masculine than feminine, but can’t locate the email.

Gaia, do you consider yourself more a feminine being or equally both masculine and feminine?

Good question, Tom.  I do tend to exhibit my feminine side more than my masculine side, Tom.  As we have mentioned countless times before, a soul is neither, but there are tendencies, and my tendency is just a little more feminine.  This comes with the territory you might say, where the Sun exhibits more of his masculine side as you have noticed.


I thought Rose was referring to my ebook on my website THE GREAT QUAKES OF 2008.  In it, Gaia had said she wanted to lower the mountains of southern California and allow much more moisture to travel across the southwest all the way to Africa and revitalize the deserts on both continents.

Rose writes:  Some months ago I either heard or read about the Phoenix area Rain in Phoenixreceiving 36" of rain in the future.  Please ask Gaia if this is so and what her plans for this area are.

Gaia, will you, in the next five years, put your plans back in motion to bring more rain on average to the Southwestern part of the USA?

Yes, Tom.  I did put those plans on hold, as it required dropping the mountains on the west coast—at least a portion of them.  Now that the water levels of the oceans will be two feet higher in the next five years, coupled with dramatic changes on the West Coast, I will return to my plans to make the deserts verdant again not only in the Southwester United States, but also the deserts of North Africa and, to a certain extent, the deserts of the Middle East.  I want these areas to flower again and the changes coming will allow this to happen.

Flooding in PhoenixThen I received another email:

Rose writes:  I thank you for asking Gaia a question on my behalf, but it was not the one I asked.  I was specifically asking if the Phoenix area would be receiving 36" of rain in the near future AT ONE TIME which would create severe flood conditions here.  Perhaps I didn't make my question clear enough.  Is it at all possible to re-ask it re the above?

Gaia, will Phoenix receive as much as 36 inches of rain at one time?

No, Tom.  There will be a few times after the changes on the West Coast where the rains will be in, say, the 8 to 10 inch levels, but this will be rare.


John writes:  Thank you for your assistance from Gaia about New Zealand Christchurch Earthquakeearthquakes, am most appreciative.

What about Wellington or Auckland?

Gaia, will Wellingham and Auckland, New Zealand be mostly calm in comparison to the Christchurch area?

Yes, Tom.  Both areas will remain more or less unscathed by the fault line movements the area around Christchurch will experience.  Certainly they will feel some of the large quakes, but only as rumbles, and not ones which will severely damage them.


Linda, a longtime subscriber and contributor, lives in Far Rockaway, New Jersey and sent me this on 11/13 and has allowed me to publish.

Far RockawayLinda writes:  Good morning Tom. It is 2 weeks since hurricane Sandy tore through the East Coast. I live on the bay side of far Rockaway, facing the back end of JFK airport. Karen is still in the hospital after having a knee replacement. The hospital she was in for rehab was evacuated out Sunday prior to the storm. The sea wall that has surrounded Long Beach Hospital has been standing over 50 years. The wall cracked and flooded the hospital to the lobby.

The bay, which is always quiet erupted and came racing down the street just missing my car. Plus the sea wall surrounding our large power substation, cracked and flooded out the entire station. Have been without power 13 days, still no cable or landline. On the ocean side where our boardwalk is the ocean rose up and came onto land with 12 foot waves across blocks which are now ruined, the ocean met the bay. Cars floated by, stores shuttered, some disappeared. Our boardwalk is gone completely, the bungalows where Boardwalk is filmed are all gone.

Breezy Point & Rockaway MapBreezy Point, the end of the Rockaways had a fire, took out 111 homes. We have no stores open, no banks. Folks are living literally on the curb. I spent two weeks in a dark, freezing apartment. We have 2 local papers you can get on line for some pictures. The Wave, Rockaways’ home paper, and the Queens Chronicle. The A train, our subway is down for a long time, the tracks were twisted, there was a jet ski parked on the tracks. Boats on folks front lawns. We have the National Guard patrolling with weapons and tanks!!! Homeland security, crews from Quebec, Ontario, Minnesota, Louisiana, Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio. It is truly a mess here.

So this I have learned a) keep cash in your pocket (I did) b) gas up car- I didn’t  c) keep a lot of candles and flashlights on hand d) a lot of extra canned goods.  The biggest lesson I’ve learned is Gaia means business about reclaiming the oceans!! We will be moving soon as we get money together, possibly upstate permanently. You ever see the tower card from tarot? Well that is me, the tower exploded and I’ve got to move. Been saying MBO’s for Breezy Pointsome extra money to move and the proper place to live may it manifest!! The snow storm after was bad, it was 30 degrees in my apartment Wednesday night!!!  My poor cats were so cold, they slept inside the blankets for warmth. Karen is fine in Nassau hospital for rehab. Tomorrow she goes to the Brooklyn VA for a week, as her coming home is not very stable yet. We are on generator power, the light is a weird yellow color!

So I survived, so did my family; it truly was an experience we had 100 mph winds, what a noise! Like a freight train!! So many areas are still without power, no stores open. People wandering around with no place to go!!  I will never doubt Gaia again, she sure showed herself last Monday!!

If you have any assistance you might provide Linda, let me know.  In the meantime say this Benevolent Prayer for both Linda and Karen:  “I ask any and all beings to assist Linda and Karen in being able to move from the coast to the PERFECT home for them, thank you!”


Mitt RomneyEleanore asked me about Romney’s soul contract.

Theo, what is Romney’s soul contract?

Certainly, as you can imagine, it is a complicated one, Tom.  Great ambition, coupled with his religious preference this time around, and a desire to be President of the United States, which he will never attain.  He will return to the private sector, where he has made millions, freely using the loopholes in your tax system, although a number of them will cease to exist in the near future.  He has had his moments of fame in past lives and needed to experience rejection in this life.  More challenges await him in the future.


First time I asked Theo about the Rosicrucians, he told me they had immediately  Rosicrucian Rosetuned into our conversation!  Sometimes I feel like I’m on a party line.  They wish to keep a VERY LOW PROFILE and were uncomfortable with me asking about them.  The same thing occurred this time.  Theo says they are a very benevolent group.

Gaia, did the Rosicrucians affect any of the U.S. elections, as you have mentioned before they work for benevolent change?

Yes, there were successful in influencing certain people to vote for the best candidates.  Again, they do not like having their name brought up, so they are asking me to tone down my response to you.  Suffice to say, they are working for the greater good of not only your country, but others as well.


President Obama & VP BiddenJean-Marie wrote to me that the psychic Blair Robertson was concerned about President Obama’s safety.  So I asked.

Theo, is President Obama’s soul contract to finish all eight years in office?

I can unequivocally say, Tom, that he will serve all eight years in office.  Certainly there will be those who wish him harm, but will be ferreted out in advance, just as the assassination attempts, which were recently reported in the news, were nipped in the bud.  There are many people praying for his safety, and as you well know, there is great power in prayer.  It is not in his soul contract to be assassinated, but to accomplish great things.


Cynthia writes:  Tom, what is causing the large sinkholes in Louisiana and now in Louisiana SinkholeAlabama?  Will this continue?  Here is a website on the sinkhole:

Gaia, what is the cause for the sinkholes in Louisiana and Alabama?

Yes, this is a natural event, Tom, not man-made.  As I move water and other elements underground it will, at times, cause the ground to sink in certain places where the soil is not very stable.  Naturally if it affects humans they have signed off on this to occur for their learning.  There is a lot of movement underground, Tom, and this is just one demonstration or instance of this natural occurrence.


PubertyGaia, why are children entering puberty earlier?

Good question, Tom.  In a way it is a defense mechanism, shall we call it, where your bodies—your egos actually, fear the changes and so they have lowered the level for puberty to begin.

Will this change back after we cross over to the 5th focus?

Yes, to a certain extent, although it will take several years.


This MBO story and the next one were in last week’s Blog.  You can read over 150 blogs with nothing but MBO and BP stories by going to  Many of these stories eventually appear in my monthly column in The Sedona Journal of Emergence!

DeLeah in West Virginia writes:  We were not told Hurricane Sandy would hit Hurricane SandyWest Virgina until only a day or so before. We were all unprepared for a storm of this mass destruction. I said many MBO's for my family and friends and our property throughout this destruction. I asked, "I request a most benevolent outcome that my room, the main house and all of the family's residences around us be safe and secure with results even better than I can expect or hope for." The Angels were truly with us. Our electricity went out Monday evening but we were all up all night. The snow was so heavy on the trees that they began falling one by one, everywhere. One small tree fell on my room but luckily it was not very big and did not do any damage.

West VirginiaWe watched a gigantic pine tree come down less than three feet from the house. I believe the Angels guided it to land near the house rather than on it because the way it was leaning when it began to fall, it would have hit the family house and destroyed it. My sister was the one to see it start falling and she began yelling for everyone to get to the back of the house. When we looked out afterwards it had dented in the roof of a camper but not hit the house, though it did take down our powerline and telephone line. The Angels were truly with us on this night. In all we had about twenty five trees down after the storm, three feet of snow and the whole region was out of power. Our Electric should be restored by this weekend by estimates but we are all thankful that the angels pushed the tree away from us. Thank you Angels, you bless us every day with your miracles!


Cat BitingKellye in Texas writes:  The most amazing thing happened this morning! My 1 year old cat started biting and scratching me this morning (not the amazing part) because that's how she gets sometimes. (She was an outside/ferrel cat for 5 months before I brought her inside.) I said an MBO to stop being scratched and bitten (talking to my guardian angel) and she stopped, looked somewhere in front of me and walked away!!! ♥ My guardian angel immediately got her to stop!!! I'm in awe still! I'm so thankful to Judy for telling me about MBO's and sending me a copy of "The Gentle Way" so I can learn how to talk to my guardian angel!


Annette writes:  The energies I have been working with in Reiki have brought new energies into my work. I have been guided that these are Reconnective Healing Energies from Great Spirit /Creator and Mother Earth that work to focus the vibratory centers of the individual to "reconnect" to the vibrational energies of the Alternative TreatmentsUniverse and also realign the individuals electromagnetic "physical" field with the Earth. Both are being brought forward for balancing the Spiritual and Physical self.

My question: has we move into the 5th focus will "traditional" Western medicine accept that healing of illness/disease is dependent on Body/Mind/Spirit being connected with Creator/Earth Mother as an integral part of the treatment?

Gaia, how long will it take doctors to combine traditional medicine with body/mind/spirit?

Not so long as you think, Tom.  Certainly within the next 50 years, perhaps less, there will be a great shift to look at many more ways for treating people than to throw drugs into their systems.  There are doctors, as you know, who are out front on this matter now, but there are too many doctors set in their ways for this to be implemented in the near future.


BanksterPam writes:  I was listening to Coast to Coast last night and learned of a recent $43 trillion “bankster” lawsuit regarding the financial collapse of 2008 being tied to mortgage fraud and foreclosures.

Apparently, CNBC posted a story about this lawsuit and then took it down a few hours later.  Subsequently, two small children belonging to Kevin Krim, a digital executive with CNBC, were murdered.  It’s being reported that their nanny murdered them by stabbing them and then stabbed herself in the neck to commit suicide. The nanny is still alive but in a “medically induced” coma in the hospital.

The conspiracy theorists are saying that the nanny was murdered to make it look like she murdered the children and then killed herself.  Of course she is still alive.  Also, they theorists are saying that the murders of the children were a way of telling Krim and any other mainstream media that they will not Nanny & Krim Childrentolerate any mainstream coverage of this lawsuit.

What I am really curious about is who really murdered the children, was it the nanny?  And did she stab herself in the neck to kill herself – that seems very far fetched.  And are these murdered tied in any way to the posting of the story by CNBC about the bankster lawsuit?

Theo, why did CNBC remove the “bankster” lawsuit story?

It was not removed for any nefarious reason, Tom.  They had their facts wrong and it was removed to correct.

Was there any connection to the murders of the Krim children and did the nanny kill them?

No, there was no connection, and, yes, she did murder them.


I changed her name to Brenda writes:  First off, I want to thank you for all that you do with the Benevolent Outcomes!  Since I have been saying life is definitely better!  We are all truly blessed!

AddictionI have a would I ask a benevolent outcome for an alcohol addiction?
Thank you so much for you help!

If you have an addiction to alcohol, or for that matter any other addiction to drugs, eating, etc., say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to be sent healing energy for my addiction at this time and to be led to the best treatments for me, thank you!”

For someone you know, you can say a Benevolent Prayer:  “I ask any and all beings to send healing energy to _________and to lead them to the best treatments for their addiction, thank you!”

I will also add here that I’ve had alcohol addiction in my family, and it’s a tough road, but look at some of the alternative treatments, such as acupuncture.  My medical doctor in Dallas is the only doctor in the region that does acupuncture.  I think this should be explored as a possible treatment.  Also, as I recall, Richard Sutphen has one or more hypnosis CD’s for addiction.  Go to


Stop BullyingDespina writes:  I have both your books and I absolutely love them.  I am getting better at the wording of MBOs!  I have a couple questions, how do I help my children.  My 11 year-old boy has issues with bullying.  Also, are there MBO’s that we can do for financial abundance, or help with our finances?

Despina, let’s start with a Benevolent Prayer to say each day for him:
“I ask any and all beings to protect my children from any bullying today in the most benevolent way possible, thank you!”

Then you can say a MBO:  “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for protection for my son today to and from school and during the whole school day, thank you!”

Regarding finances:  “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for financial miracles to enter our life to provide for our family, thank you!”

And:  “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to be led to the best ways to increase our finances, thank you!”


Cynthia writes:  There was a huge explosion in Indiana.  They are ruling out a gas Indianapolis Explosionleak.  What caused this explosion?  Was it part of the New Madrid fault being activated?

Gaia, what caused the huge explosion in Indianapolis?

Yes, Tom.  It seems perplexing on the surface, so they must “dig around,” shall we say, to find the cause.  I will not take away their “ah-ha” moment by revealing too much at this juncture.


The QuranTheo, much of what Jesus taught was changed in the Bible.  Did something similar occur in the Quran for the teachings of Muhammad?

Yes, Tom.  That is absolutely the reason for the difference where he was promoting peace, and later he supposedly was calling for people to be martyrs.  His teachings were always written by someone else, as he was illiterate.  This led to those inserting their own beliefs.  Again, it was for power and money.  Both religions were corrupted several hundred years later.  You can read more about this and ask more questions, should you desire.


Jean-Marie writes:  In Alexander Smyth book about the life of Jesus according Mary, Joseph & Jesusto Paul and Judas, it is said that Jesus was the adopted son of Joseph and Mary of Nazareth and in reality was the son of Herod Antipas and princess Glaphira of Iturea.  That would have qualified Jesus to become King of the Jews.

Both Glaphira and Herod were alive at the time according to Wikipedia.  So, Jesus is the son of whom?

Theo, was Jesus the son of Mary and Joseph?

Quite so, Tom.  The stories of him being the son of the royalty of that day and time are complete rubbish.


Gaia, any change for the West Coast?

Not quite yet, Tom, but it’s coming quite soon.  As you have noticed, I am ramping up the earthquakes along the Ring of Fire, and I need to release the pressure on the North American West Coast soon.  So your souls have not quite signed off, but are in the final stages, shall we say.


Green River Oil DepositJudi writes:  This was in the news today online at ABC News. Was wondering what Theo says as to whether this his true or not?

Gaia, will the Green River oil deposit ever be exploited?

Yes, but not before the free energy arrives.  There will still be a need for a long time for oil.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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