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·    BALI IN 2012

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Normally the date on this newsletter would be the 12th, but I could not resist using the 11-11-11, since this is the day I’m sending it out.  I’ll return to the normal Saturday date next week.  Hope you find a way to celebrate today!

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Sunspot AR 1339She asked me to change her name so Solaya writes:  Tom – what should we on Earth expect from the solar flares accompanying this sunspot when we can see it from here (now on the back side of the sun from us).

“One of the largest sunspots in years has appeared on the sun, darkening part of its glowing face.  The massive sunspot, called AR1339, is about 50,000 miles long, and 25,000 miles wide, reports For comparison, Earth itself is only 8,000 miles wide. The sunspot behemoth isn't yet facing our planet, but was spotted Thursday, Nov. 3, by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) satellite. The spacecraft's photos of the giant sunspot show the solar region as it comes into view on the northeastern edge, or limb, of the sun. When it does turn our way in the days ahead, it should be an "easy target for backyard solar telescopes," according to”

Read more:   Enjoyed your newsletter today (as always)!!!

Thought I should ask the Sun about this.

Sun, what affect on the earth will Sunspot AR 1339 have, if any?

Sun here Tom-- Good morning.  Yes Tom, it did have some affect but not to the extent perhaps portrayed.  There will be some other sunspots as you call them coming that will have a more pronounced effect on your atmosphere and even with Gaia’s plans to move some more of her crust.  But in this instance the affect was more atmospheric and not so much on the land itself.  To be really effective or to affect the surface and crust of the earth, other factors must be taken into account, such as the other planets in this solar system’s placement, human energy, and even more factors not yet discovered Tom. 

This is a very complex process and your scientists who study these things all day as part of their work have not linked together this symbiotic process of all these factors.  Someday they will, but that is a little farther in your future.  Suffice to say in summary sunspots can affect the earth itself, but other factors play their role too, and if those factors are, shall we say for your purposes, weak or less forceful, then there are only minor effects.


Freakish WeatherLee writes:  Wondering what Gaia thinks of this and will the scientists involved in the study change their minds on global warming. Have a great day!
Click Here.

Gaia, scientists are now saying we can expect more freakish weather and the cause is global warming.  Your comments.

Yes, Tom, there is a kernel of truth to their speculations, but they do not have the full picture you see. There are a number of other factors that enter into this equation, including the energies that humans generate, which they have not tied in yet, and also to mention what your souls wish me to do for their soul contracts.  Obviously some of this can be measured by instruments now, or which will be developed in the future, but as you have just scratched the surface on probabilities Tom, there is much more than global warming created by human consumption of resources. 

Will we have some extreme weather in the next 72 hours or so from Friday (11/4/11) as I ask this due to an X flare of the Sun? 

Yes, it will contribute to some weather patterns Tom, but again is not the whole picture.  But the flares do assist me in creating weather patterns and even earth movements. 


Oklahoma EarthquakeGaia, there have been a number of earthquakes in Oklahoma, including the largest one in their recorded history.  Why are you moving the crust there?

Yes, Tom, I realize that the residents in this part of North America have not felt earthquakes before, but part of all those factors the Sun mentioned was present in order to assist me in moving my crust there.   You could say, and be pretty accurate, that these moves are needed to bring about the movement of the whole New Madrid fault line, as keep in mind all these pressures must build for that to happen.  There are fault lines there your scientists did not expect to find. 

Antonia writes: Would you please comment on lights that are reported during earthquakes?
Earthquake Lights

Gaia, please comment on the various theories of earthquake lights—those lights generated it seems by earthquakes.

Yes, there has been some good studies on this Tom, so I will not spoil the fun of their studies in this area, except to say they are on the right track and soon they will be able to simulate the creation of these lights in a laboratory.   These are electrical charges Tom.  The scientists just have to determine how they are generated and on what light spectrum.


PulsarsAntonia writes:  Would Sun answer what are pulsars and what is their purpose?

Sun, what are pulsars and their purpose?

Ah Tom.  I can give you only little hints as this is something for your scientists to discover one day.  But these pulsating pulsars do emit not only gamma rays but other energies as well.  You can imagine if you spin a top at a high rate of speed, it creates a magnetic force, although this hasn’t been determined yet.  So what does this magnetic force do?  This is something for your scientists to work on, and it will be quite a few years before their instruments improve and are invented which can study these pulsars in more detail.  But my big hint for today is magnetics.  It creates a field and why?  I’ll let your scientists ponder that.

OK Sun, thank you for your insights and hints.  Perhaps the scientists will set up computer models at some point? 

Yes, Tom they have and will much more in the future, and much more sophisticated I’ll say.


Michelle writes:  Regarding the info on the crystalline grid, please ask Gaia is this the same grid that was laid out (some info I received) and we were requested to pray
Crystaline Grid(over a specific period of time) for the safe, harmonious laying of a crystal grid. All I can remember now is, yes, I did add my prayers and the crystals were positioned by "other worlders" to be activated in a future date.

Gaia, was the crystal grid laid successfully, who laid it and when was it completed?

Yes, Tom.  The crystal grid was laid and completed and is ready to service you in these coming days of change to the fifth focus.  Regarding who laid it, yes Mr. Kryon was involved in overseeing the laying of the grid.  He is one of those entities which has volunteered to be of service to the Creator.  The Creator wished to have this grid placed over the earth as part of the ascension process in order to complete the transfer from this focus to the next you see.  And as I said before it was successful and was completed not too long ago in your time period. 


Grieving DogI was asked about this article:

Gaia, would you please comment on the grieving of animals?

Yes, my pleasure Tom.  Humans are certainly not the only species on the planet that grieves for the loss of their loved ones.  But they are not veiled as you are Tom, so they know instinctively that their souls go on, so the grieving process is normally much shorter for them than it is for humans.  Certainly there are exceptions to this where humans have noted great grieving in say dogs or cats, but it is because they do have the same feelings as you, just not the mental capacity shall we call it for your purposes, with some notable exceptions. 

So treat animals as you would any human.  They have souls, they feel, they love, and so on.  They have many attributes you have yet to discover Tom due to your ignorance yourself.  Love all of God’s creation as you call it unconditionally and you will go far individually and planet wise too. 


Blood DietSallie writes on Facebook:  Hello Tom; thanks for this past week's newsletter. Very interesting, as always.  I'm wondering if sometime you could ask Theo if there is anything of substance to 'The Blood Type Diet'. If you don't already know it asserts that we should eat only certain foods based on individual blood type and in doing so can expect to lose weight. Thanks in advance and take care.
Sallie :-)

Theo, can you comment on the “blood diet” where people eat products with a certain blood type?

Another creative idea from a human wishing to make money from your diet craze in this country Tom.  Again, I am not supposed to say this diet is good or bad.  You are supposed to make that decision yourselves, using your intuitive powers that are instantly available to you.


I'll call this person Dotty writes:  I awoke middle of the night with the question on my mind, and then Gaia.  I don't know if this means it came from Gaia, or if I am supposed to forward
Jesusthe question, or, as is perhaps more likely, both.  So: Are any of Jesus' disciples incarnate today, if so what details may we have on how many, who, where located (all U.S., and most permitted information as to where, mission etc.?)

Theo, are any of Jesus’ disciples male or female incarnated today, and if so are they aware of who there were?

None are currently alive in this time period and time line Tom.  Naturally they have had their incarnations along with everyone else, but none are on earth right now.


Raphael writes:  I am being inspired by, and grateful for the channeling you bring forth, really great work.  I`ve been following channeling messages for many years, and your work is rates with the best of them.
I`m now reading this channeled book (The true life of Jesus of Nazareth, The confessions of St. Paul).  Are you familiar with it?  The book was channeled in the 18th hundreds, and the revised edition was published in 1998 by the Unarius Publications.  The channel was Alexander Smyth.
The book contains a series of visions, which are brought forth by St. Paul, and Judas.  In these visions St. Paul confesses and relates how he manipulated and distorted the life and messages of Jesus to his own scheming and grandiose goals.
I would like to ask Gaia about the validity of the claims as presented in this book?  Also, I would like to know about Jesus relations with Paul (Saul), and Judas.

Theo, how accurately did Alexander Smyth channel St. Paul in “The True Story of Jesus,” and what was Jesus’ relations with Paul and Judas?

Yes, the channeling of Mr. Smyth was accurate up to a point Tom.  It certainly gave an account from a different point of view—Paul’s.  It is an interesting read for those who wish to study the life of Jesus from a different angle shall we say.  And Jesus had excellent relationships with both Paul and Judas.  We have discussed Judas’ role before, so suffice to say that he did as Jesus asked him to, to betray him.  Jesus saw Paul’s flaws, but loved him unconditionally. 

I have a lot more in previous newsletters about Jesus if you wish to read about him.  It’s controversial to some people, but all I can do is pass on what I receive.  As my soul’s major interest is in spirituality and religion, Theo told me I was Salomie, one of Jesus’ female disciples.  I was also an associate and/or friend of Muhammad.  So go to the Articles & News page on the website and enter “Jesus” in the search box. 


Lifespan CartoonMichael on Facebook writes:  A question for Theo. Is there likely to be a break through in the near future on increasing our life spans? Perhaps that goes against the game plan and soul contracts. In the 70's and 80's I remember a bunch of hype on the prospects of Life Extension Programs. I believe the overall avg span has increased marginally, I am not sure how the quality of life has been effected. Perhaps it's not a good idea as we hit 7 billion on the planet.

Theo, is there going to be a break through soon on increasing life spans and what effect will there be on earth? 

Certainly there will be steady improvement or lengthening of your life spans Tom, but no major break though where suddenly you go from say the 80’s to 120’s.  Gaia will also be causing certain events to happen Tom where the life spans will be skewed downwards to relieve pressure of having 7 billion people occupy earth.  This cannot continue, and we have spoken about this before. 


Rod Shaped ObjectsFor my new readers, Antura is one of the soul fragments of my soul "cluster" as Theo calls it.  He has already had 800 lives on earth and is presently having a life as a "first contact" specialist on a water world in the Sirius B Star System, which is supposed to be my home planet and where my next life will be.  Theo introduced him to me over a year or so ago.  I'm currently compiling questions and answers for a book, so if you have any questions about ET's, first read the newsletters listed down below under SERIES and then help me "fill in the gaps" as Theo says. 

Antura here Tom, waiting in the wings.

Speaking of waiting in the wings Antura, do you need to monitor all the time lines from 5 to 11 I assume?

Rod Object in SkyQuite so, Tom.   Naturally it becomes easier with the higher time lines as they are at higher vibrational levels due to the frequencies of the time lines.  I know we must struggle at times Tom, but it is becoming easier and easier each time we communicate.

So you know when each of the time lines will ask to visit in advance.

Quite so.  I am informed of that by your own Mr. Theo.  Keep in mind that Theo is my Guardian Angel too during my sojourns on earth, so we have a pretty good rapport.

Antura, what are the rod shaped objects recorded on video and photographs?  Are they ships of some time or living beings or a mixture of both?

Good question Tom.  Yes, for the most part these are living beings.  There are even larger ones that can be seen in the sky, but they are not spacecraft.  I am not allowed to say too much about them, as they are being studied by scientists and other interested people.  They are able to travel between dimensions I will say.  You will find them fascinating to study—by that I mean the scientists. 


Triangles On CrystalsPam writes:  I have a question.  I love rocks and crystals.  I have read a lot about Arkansas and all that is going on there with a large crystal is buried or hidden there and will be activated on 11/11/11.  I have purchased a few crystals called "record keepers" that are found primarily in Arkansas.  They have little triangles etched or imbedded in them. Can you tell me what their significance is, who put them there, why are they there and what to do with them?

Theo, what are the triangles embedded on the facets of many crystals Theo?

Good question.  These are imprints formed during the formation of the crystals and not later as some would propose.  This is done energetically if you will and “points the way” Those who meditate can go inside and discover more about crystals, as they have much to tell you.  But again, these triangles are formed energetically and there is the clue. 


Kryon, channeled through Lee Carroll, is now saying that there are no entities on your side, just a lot of energy if I am interpreting this correctly.  Comments.

Yes, Tom.  A matter of semantics in a way.  There are individual entities as you call us—whole souls that as I have explained before have many different vibrational levels.  We are all here doing our jobs, as it does raise our own vibrational level.  We exist in this wonderful energy created by this Creator.  Kryon is attempting to get people thinking about this energy soup, which allows us to do our work on all levels of existence in this creation, not just the 3rd dimension, but all dimensions at once.  It’s very complicated but you can ask more questions about this with further reading.

BALI IN 2012

BaliLeanne writes:  My family and I are traveling to Bali for a holiday in March/April 2012 and would like to know from Theo or Gaia about the likely hood of any geographical problems for this area that we should know about, like earthquakes, volcano eruptions, etc.

Gaia, is Bali going to be a safe place to visit in 2012?

Yes it will be Tom.  This is a tranquil island and will continue to be in the foreseeable future, with the caveat about the rising ocean levels.  Still, next year will be quite pleasant and restful for those who wish to vacation there.


Comfort Zone‘Sarah’ writes: 
1.    Is there any connection between the changes that are leading up to the vibrational shift that would account for some of us becoming more and more comfortable with lower temps and less able to cope with higher temps? (e.g., most comfy in the 50-60 degree range, and not feeling well at all when temps and especially humidity added are over mid 70s);

2.  Is there anything about either the changes associated with the vibrational shift or earth changes (Gaia) that could account for the increasing incidence of business meetings that seem to be postponed, changed to another time same day, all together forgotten, etc.?

Gaia, why are some people these days more comfortable with lower 50 and 60 degree temperatures than before when they liked the warmer temperatures?

Yes, there have been adjustments in some (but not all) of your bodies Tom where cooler temperatures are more comfortable.  This is a change of your body chemistry and does have to do with the raising of your vibrational level. 

You would think it would almost be the reverse Gaia as our vibrational level rises.

No, in this case your bodies are vibrating at a higher level and generate your own heat, thereby needing cooler temperatures.  I think that explains it fairly well, don’t  you? 

ForgetfullnessYes.  Thank you.

Gaia does the weather or vibrational shift have anything to do with people suddenly forgetting meetings or changing them?

Just a little Tom.  Your bodies are being rewired we’ll call it and many do experience forgetfulness during this time Tom.  Your brains may not need this memory as much you see in the future. 

Speaking of memory, we’ve been watching a TV series (UNFORGETTABLE) based on a condition where the person is able to remember every single minute of their life.  I understand there are perhaps less than 10 people who are able to do that planet wide.  Comments.

Yes, actually there are more Tom, but a number of people do not wish to call attention to themselves as they regard it as almost a curse.  But the answer to the question you were going to ask, yes, all humans have this ability, but only a tiny miniscule number actually are instantly able to tap into that part of the brain, which is wired to recall every single action they did on any given day of their lives.  It’s one of those tests to see how it is used--an experiment within an experiment Tom.


Nancy writes:  I have a question that your last newsletter sparked, relating to Time Warps.   I have, in various places in the country-Baton Rouge, LA; Albany,NY for example- experienced something that may be
Time Warp similar.   I always notice it when I’m driving and in a particular spot.   Suddenly it seems that I cannot remember why I am on the road, what I am doing, or where I am at all.   It was very disconcerting the first few times it happened in Baton Rouge!   But I just told myself that I hadn’t forgotten how to drive, and that I would drive until I remembered.   Then, usually rather quickly, everything falls back into place again, once I am out of that location.   Is that a time warp or something else?   I would think that this would be disconcerting to more drivers than just me.

Theo, what did Nancy encounter in her drives near Baton Rouge Louisiana—a time warp or what?

Yes there are some time abnormalities in this area Tom, and she is sensitive enough to notice them.  Most people do not.  This is a little more common than you might imagine Tom, but will not be studied for quite a few years.


BullfightTheo, when will bullfighting end, or will it?

Yes, this spectacle dating back thousands of years will finally come to an end in the not too distant future, Tom.  It will slowly fade out over the next 25 years.  This is still a barbaric practice, even though some of the bulls are able to make the matadors pay with injuries or their lives.  But again it will slowly ebb away as your vibrational level rises.


Antonia sent me a story from England where a survey suggests that children are acting “feral.”  Here is the link: 

Theo, a survey in the UK found that a number of people felt children were acting “feral” like animals.  You Comments.

Yes, Tom.  Some people have different views of children, and when they don’t follow what they believe to be proper behavior, they can interpret this to be acting “feral.”  But it is not the case here.  There is much pressure on young people today, and sometimes their actions can be interpreted in this manner. 


GurujiRose writes:  I see that other folks have written in to ask Theo or Gaia's opinion regarding other "healers" on the planet and a response is given.  However, when I have asked about  Mahendra Trivedi, known as Guruji----I have never been given an opinion or clarification.  He is now working with Master Gopal, a teenage boy, I believe, who he claims is even more powerful....Are these blessings or energy transmissions credible?  Thanks for checking in again, I really appreciate some direct guidance. 

Theo, any comments about Mahendra Trivedi or Master Gopal, a teenager?

Yes, both are kind souls trying to do their part in the ascension process.  That’s all I’m allowed to say—again harking back to you deciding if their messages resonate with your being or not.  And whether their healings are genuine and to what extent. 


Claire writes:  There are some people who speculate that the German healer Bruno Groening may have come back as the Croatian healer called Braco who heals by gazing at his
Bruno Groeningaudience.  Would you ask Theo if this is true?  Is there any relationship between the two healers?  If not, has the soul fragment of Bruno Groening reincarnated as another healer who is or will become well-known in this time period?  Thank you.

Theo, is there any connection between Bruno Goering and Braco, or has Bruno reincarnated as someone else in this time period?

Yes, he has reincarnated Tom, but not as Braco.  These are two distinctive souls who chose to return to this time period to assist everyone they can with this ascension process we will call it. 


Jimmy HoffaAntonia writes:  Would Theo comment on what happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

Theo, who killed Jimmy Hoffa and where did his body wind up?

Yes, he did have many enemies Tom and was lured into a trap you see and was killed.  Then his body was disposed of so that it would never be found in this lifetime.  There were soul contracts at work here and this life will not end the balancing his soul must do, along with the others of his friends and associates and enemies.


Jackie writes on Facebook: 

This might be interesting to you and your readers. It includes interviews with scientists who agree and disagree with these concepts. Could be fun!



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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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