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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to our new subscribers to the F.R.E.E. newsletter.  We have a LOT of topics this week, but you’ll find the newsletter about the same size.  A number of people have asked questions of my Guardian Angel Theo, so I think you’ll find his answers interesting.  Notice that my new book’s cover is now on the newsletter.  Keep this book and the first one in mind as you start to order Christmas presents.  Next week’s newsletter will have at least two new topics—more on Pre-Birth Planning and a look at Early Man and Woman.  Be sure to share this newsletter with your friends. 


Cathy in Australia writes:  I just love your work with the teachings of MBOs and I have been using your ideas after reading an article many years ago. In the last 12 months I got connected with your website through listening to Dick Sutphen's interviews, and have loved your encouraging stories.

We recently took a trip to New Zealand, and it has been many years since we last traveled. The pace of my job as a teacher is really fast, and I didn't have much time to consider the organizational aspects of the trip. I just asked for MBOs all the way along. Everything went so smoothly, it was amazing.

Well nearly......We had one frightening experience when attempting to turn around at night on a country road my husband couldn't get the reverse gear. We had only just picked up the camper and we hadn't been shown how the gear stick lifts up to get reverse. So in the middle of this dark country road, all these cars come bearing down on us, and the only gear we had was forward!!! I was so grateful when my angels sent two truck drivers (right behind us), who generously tried to reverse the camper, and with no success hooked us up and pulled us safely back to the side of the road. I was so relieved to see that no accidents had been caused by the inconvenienced traffic.

There are so many times I thank you and my angels for helping me out, I have to tell you, your words touch so many lives, and I, along with so many others, thank God for your generosity and guidance.

Thanks Cathy for the kind words.  Notice everyone that she was requesting MBO’s during her trip just as I did throughout my trip to Europe (see the last three newsletters).  When a problem arose that could have resulted in an accident, two trucks “just happened” to be right behind them, which were able to tow them to safety.  Your Guardian Angels will intervene, but you have to REQUEST THEIR ASSISTANCE!  That’s what requesting Benevolent Outcomes all the time will do for you too. 


Ann writes: I am trying to give away books to someone who can use them, as most are on grief.  I had one about suicide of a young man.  I prayed for a "MBO" to find someone to whom to give it.  Went to library to see if they would want it and as I am explaining book's contents a young woman asked if she could have the book as she just came from a young man's funeral (suicide) and overheard me.  Wow what a God Wink, and a big thanks for a very most benevolent outcome. Everyday I ask and pray for "MBO" for my life and others.

That was a nice, thoughtful gesture—one that our readers might consider doing with books you have no room for anymore. 


Rick writes:  I had a nice pair of MBOs that I'd like to share that happened earlier this afternoon. I had a scheduled appointment to see a specialist at a local hospital. The medical group's office is attached to the parking garage, connected by a walkway on the third floor of the building and third level of the parking garage. I normally do not do MBOs for parking because I prefer to walk, so I don't care how far I'm parked from the front door, it's good exercise. But parking garages can be confusing, and this one is no different.
Before I left home, I said two MBOs. The first was "I request a most benevolent outcome for arriving safely at the hospital, and for finding a parking space on the third level of the parking garage, thank you!" The second MBO was to see the doctor immediately. The ramps to this parking garage are in the middle. It's two lanes, so you utilize the same ramp for entering and exiting each level. I get to level three, and the only parking space I see available is for handicapped, and I never park there. So, I turn, and begin to go up the ramp to the fourth level. I stop, and I say, "No, the MBO is for the third level. So I back up off the ramp, and make the right hand turn that is just past the ramp. Sure enough, third spot in, on the right, is a parking space! Pulled right in. Nice, easy spot, no confusion in remembering where I parked.
As for the MBO to see the doctor quickly, the time between signing in and being seen by the doctor couldn't have been ten minutes! I signed in at 1:35 for a 1:45 appointment, and was out the door and back in my car by 2:05. Nice, quick, painless. I said a double thank you to my GA.

That’s called “Trusting in the Process.”


Annette writes:  I began sitting with a Hopi Elder in a Medicine Circle in January 2009. This past weekend I was at a retreat with the community that sits in various teaching circles and learning the traditions of various Indigenous Northern American people. It was a beautiful weekend in the remote country and of course on Friday, many of our thoughts were with Grandmother Moon due to the NASA experiment.
One of the things that stood out the most for me was the connection to Mother Earth (Gaia) and the teaching we received on the element of Earth (as in the elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth). I am curious if Gaia could express how the elemental Earth energy impact's her and how we should best use this element in our connection with her?

Gaia, how does the Elemental Earth energy of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth impact you and how should we use this element in connection with you?

Yes, a very esoteric question in a way Tom.  The elemental earth elements impact me yes in a way, but yes I impact or utilize these elements in a quantum manner that would be beyond your understanding at this time.  Suffice to say that there is a symbiotic relationship between the earth and me.  We work in utter harmony.  If it were not so, then I could not do the work I do for this planet and it would be out of synch with the rest of this Creator’s universe.  So there is this level of synergy if you will between the planet and myself. 

Someday humans will be much more in tune with the earth and will honor it much more than you do today.  But today you can start by honoring and thanking the earth for everything you have—the clothes on your back, the food that you eat, the shelter you have from the elements.  If you so honor her you will allow me to do my work in a more harmonious environment and you will see a different, more beautiful and loving planet that you all inhabit.  This can be done in many ways.  Just standing outside in your bare feet in the summer, in the fall admiring the beauty of the changing colors, in the winter the beauty of winter, and in the spring honoring the beginning of another season of growth. 


Bernadette writes:  Hi Tom. Can you explain some more about asking Gaia questions. I read some of your questions, and they were really frightening. I would like to ask quiet a few questions that I need answers to. I do meditate, but sometimes I do sit still enough and my mind would be roaming . Sometimes  I get messages and I am not sure if it’s just me speaking to myself.  Can you explain some more.

For Bernadette and everyone, bBefore meditating request a Most Benevolent Outcome for receiving the messages clearly.  When you have reached that spot in meditation where you feel your mind is quiet, just think to yourself, "I wish to speak to Gaia, (or to your own Guardian Angel)."  You'll immediately hear in your mind, "I'm here, " or something like that.  It will seem as if you thought it, but thank Gaia or your GA for responding and just say that you have some questions.  Then start asking.  Keep in mind that you must write down or type the answers on a computer, as when you come back up you'll quickly forget what was said, as it's as if you're awakening from a dream. 

And I will add that most of what I ask, as those who have subscribed for quite some time know, are just questions about a variety of things.  Sometimes we like the answers and sometimes we don’t.  That’s human nature.  The last time I asked for predictions was back in 2007.  For those of you who missed last week’s issue with the predictions for 2010, here is the link:  You’ll see another prediction in this issue. 


Patricia writes:  I want to share another MBO with you.  Last Friday I went to see my G.P. doctor to get a pneumonia shot. Also my thyroid doctor had requested an EKG be done just to have it as a baseline in my chart.  My G.P. explained this was not normally done unless I was having some problems with my heart.  Well, I didn't have any symptoms.  As a matter of fact I felt fine. 

But, as always I had requested a MBO before going and something (angels) were nagging at me to have it done.   Finally she did the EKG and upon completion informed me I was to go immediately to the Emergency Room of our local hospital.  She notified them that I was coming.  Later I found out that I was a walking time bomb.  I could have had a stroke at any moment.  Three days later I left the hospital extremely grateful that I had listened to my angels.  During my stay doctors and nurses kept asking me what were my symptoms before having the EKG, what made me have the EKG.  All I could answer was my angels told me to have it.  They smiled and nodded.  Thanks Tom for telling me about MBOs.  They have made a huge difference in my life.

Notice that Patricia requested a MBO before the visit to her doctor, and then listened to those “whispers in your ear” as Theo calls them. 


And Patricia also writes:  My dog sees spirits frequently in our home.  Sometimes they frighten her and other times they don't.  When it interferes with her moving about, I usually just ask them to leave.  Do all pets see spirits?  Do pets have Guardian Angels too?  And, can pets be Guardian Angels for humans?  Maybe Theo can shed some light. 

Theo, can all dogs see spirits?
No, not exactly in the way that you mean Tom.  Yes at times they can see spirits shall we say, but they would have almost as difficult a time as you would if they saw  spirits passing through the room on a regular basis.  But yes at times they will view them, just as some people can too.
Do dogs and cats have Guardian Angels as we do?
No they don’t Tom, as we are not needed for their lives.  Your’re the ones that are veiled—not them.  Your souls were the ones to agree to this experiment if you will.  Their souls just agreed to assist you and be of comfort to you during your many lives on earth, and they do a magnificent job I’m sure you’ll agree.
Do they act as Guardian Spirits for their families after they transition?
Not exactly, Tom.  A piece of them does remain, and yes they can interfere with discarnate spirits, but on the whole, they remain for a time to give comfort to the family that sheltered and loved them for the years of their lives. 


Sandy writes:  My question has to do with an interview I read that David Wilcock gave about how dinosaurs are and have entered our planet post dinosaur age - he said it had to do with dimensional time/space portals in different places - the most obvious is the Loch Ness instance but he also mentions a Brontosaurus type in the Congo - I had heard about this 40 years ago and David talks a bout it as well - He also mentions Pterodactyl type reptiles coming out of some portal in the New Guinea/ N. Australia area .. that planes see occasionally - makes one wonder if that's what happened to Amelia Earhardt as she was flying around that area!  Anyway would be curious to see what you think about this.
Theo, are dinosaurs reentering or being reintroduced to the earth’s surface through portals in New Guinea and Northern Australia?
Ah, an interesting question Tom, but no, these behemoths from another age are not being reintroduced although there will still be some discoveries of their kin—so there will still be some interesting discoveries of new species of animals dating back millions of years in some of these remote jungles.  Gaia loves variety, and she welcomes these various species, which still will be discovered by your scientists.


John writes:  Tom, I have an observation that maybe you or Theo can confirm in one of your future articles.  The Soul Contract and "Destiny" seem to me to be one and the same.  Is this true?  It seems if your contract in this life is to be poor and down trodden (or anything else) you have very little choice of changing what happens, unless you go against the Contract you made before entering this life. 

So it seems individuals would be better off just accepting their "fate" as a learning experience for the development of the soul and character and they would be much more comfortable and less stressed.  We all attempt to follow self help books, focus on what we want and expect to get it (even if it is not in our contract) and when nothing happens we become depressed and look for something new to try.  Whole industries are based on this concept, however they fail to let you know it will only work if it is supposed to.

Oh well, maybe you or Theo can fill in the blanks for me.

Theo, please comment about a person’s Soul Contract or Destiny to experience poverty.  Wouldn’t requesting Benevolent Outcomes go against this soul contract?

On the surface it would seem that way Tom, but if a person has reached the point where they begin using or requesting MBO’s, then that is another soul contract.  So a life in poverty would not experience the knowing of using MBO’s.  A little complicated, but for your reader remind him that no one really knows their soul contract, as that is veiled from you. 

If you request a MBO for something—let’s say winning the lottery for example—then as I have said before, if your soul contract does not call for sudden wealth, you can request all the MBO’s you wish and it will still not happen.  That’s because requesting MBO’s keeps you on your soul path and does not allow you to stray to far off the path you have chosen for yourself prior to birth. 

That’s why you have to trust in the process, as you found out when you requested MBO’s for putting together the financing for the package of movies and it did not happen.  That was not in your soul contract, as it would have taken you on a completely different path than the one you wished to follow on a super conscious level.  A nice question from your reader Tom. 


Penny writes:  For many years we have been told that earth time is accelerating much quicker than what we appear to be experiencing.  With time collapsing, have we moved forward to, say, 2014?  When will we know the correct time frame?   Thanks.

Theo, Penny wants to know if we are really in another year like 2014 since time speeded up?
Yes a good question Tom.  No, even though time has speeded up, you still have the same days and nights, so your years will still progress as before.  There is no change there.  But your abilities to work at a higher rate are being tested and expanded, that is a certainty. 


Bruce writes:  I read the website that talks about an ascended master coming to help us thru our current hard times.  Is any of this valid, or is it bogus?

Theo, is there an ascended master coming to help us through these difficult times?

No Tom.   One is not needed, although many would love to give their power away to such an individual.  There are many “old souls” shall we call them on the earth right now assisting everyone in moving in the right direction.  And on the whole you as earth humans are moving in the right direction, albeit seemingly at a snail’s crawl at times.  That is to be expected. 

May I remind the person who asked that you are all junior creators in training, and you’re supposed to solve all these difficult problems yourselves, and you will solve them, as I can see the road ahead for you.  So keep working and doing all each of you can to raise your vibrational level so that you can open those doors I have spoken about before to that fifth dimensional level. 


Renee in Lake Tahoe writes:  Had to share with you once again another awesome MBO experience.  My friend Nataleigh (also a
Channelsfirm believer of MBOs) and I were called (from spirit) to attend the Tahoe Vortex of the Violet Flame seminar held here at Nevada Stateline, North Shore last weekend with Ronna Herman (channels AA Michael), James Tyberonn (channels Lord Metatron), and Randy Monk (channels Lord Melchizedek).    (Note the picture of the 3 of them and the orbs accompanying them to the left)
We both asked for a MBO for the weekend workshop.  Needless to say it was very powerful and Ronna said that we will never be the same after the weekend was over, which was true.

After the seminar ended on Sunday, Nataleigh and I headed back to my house and when we got to the front door I realized we had left our crystals on the Violet Flame Altar at the hotel.  So we headed back and on the way I said I wonder what the reason was that we left our stones at the hotel.  I soon got my answer--after retrieving them, we started back home again and this time I saw this big lenticular
Lenticular 1cloud hovering over the east side of the lake directly across from the hotel and over Incline and the crystal caves beneath Lake Tahoe.  I did not see this cloud the first time we left-Nataleigh was driving both times.  We immediately pulled into Burnt Cedar Park to take these awesome pictures.
We received the following information from spirit and my pendulum and would love Theo's comments and/or validation if this is correct:
1.  Is this a Pleiadian ship, and what was the reason for its appearance--was it attracted to the energy work we did at the hotel?
2.  We understand that we both had brother and sister Arcturians on that ship too and went aboard in
Lenticular 2our etheric bodies.  Did that really occur?
3.  Were we the only ones aware of this ship?

I asked my "brother on another planet" about this.  For my new subscribers, I discovered (thanks to Theo) that I had a member of my soul group living a life in the Sirius B Star System on a water planet.  You can read much more of my conversations with him in the series “Conversations with a Sirian” which began December 13, 2008 ( )
Antura, A couple of weeks ago there was this lenticular cloud over Lake Tahoe.  Was this a Pleiadian ship or was this just a unique cloud formation over the mountains?
No, our good friends the Pleiadians were there upon the request of those in attendance at the conference held there.
Did several of the people at the conference ethereally board the ship?
Yes, quite so.  Their spiritual bodies were able to come aboard the ship.  I realize this is difficult to understand, but it can be done, although with the help of the friendly ET’s as you call us. 
Were they (the people who wrote me) the only ones aware or were there others? 
Oh no, they were not the only ones, but some that went were not aware on a physical level that they had boarded the ship.  And that was done with their soul’s permission for a variety of reasons.  Yes health and study were among the reasons.


Now for the next question.  Has the contact with the Pleiadians been changed from around the 2015 time period?  On one hand there is a channeled message saying it will not happen in our lifetime.  And another channel now says that President Barack Obama will be sitting at a table before January 1, 2010 with representatives of the Sirius Star System.  So what is the real story?

Yes, there has been much confusion about this contact even among the various channels as they are called.  But no, the date remains the same and in fact has been somewhat more solidified as you continue to make progress.  The Pleiadians will be first as I have said before.  No it will not be from the Sirius system.  And to answer your next question, yes, there are some of our peoples that do look much closer to humans than say I do, but not as close as the Pleiadians.   

So we in the Federation have all agreed that first public contact will be with the Pleiadians and yes around that 2015 timetable.  Certainly there will continue to be contact with governments that go on, even though the leaders of those countries know nothing about it.  But we hark back to the previous statements given to you that the time is coming when many secrets will be revealed.  They will not be able to keep the lid on it, to use one of your expressions. 

But again, I and my colleagues will be coming a couple of years after that first contact Tom, as things settle down as you say and an acceptance and a great deal of information will be given to the general public so that we can be accepted.  That will be an exciting, but somewhat tumultuous time for many people with religious views contrary to actuality. 


September 10, 2009

Antura here Tom and good life to you.

Thanks Antura.  Are your scout craft from the mothership round, triangle shaped, or globular in appearance?

Yes they would be the more classic round shape Tom. 

When you come here in the mothership will you use one of our portals or one on another planet close by?

No Tom, we will use an earth portal and then move away from the planet itself.  It would make no sense to use another farther away when we can just use a portal in your own backyard so to speak.

Some of the images that appear in videos and on film of spacecraft seem ghostly in appearance or wispy and not solid.
Yes, these are not always spacecraft Tom, but actual beings.  But others can be.  There is no set answer when you have thousands, if not millions of possibilities.

Do the spacecraft know instantly that they are being watched and captured on film or video?

Yes, most of the time; they are showing off, as they are allowed to do.

The spacecraft that you said flew over Washington DC, during the Presidential Inauguration seemed to flap wings. 

Yes, it had that appearance Tom, but those wings as they were called were rapidly taking readings over a wide area, and no they were not part of a propulsion system.

So it was not a bird as someone claimed?

Certainly not Tom.  As you thought, it would have been an enormous bird to have been captured on video at that distance.  And its speed was far beyond any bird’s capabilities. 

For our new subscribers, for more information on the UFO’s over Washington, DC see the January 24 and January 31 newsletters ( ).  Needless to say, there was a lot of TV coverage, including actual news stories about the sightings.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website (bookmark this page) where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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