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Welcome to this edition of THE GENTLE WAY newsletter, and a special welcome to all of those who signed up to receive the newsletter in the past week.  You’ll find we touch on a number of different subjects each week, and as you’ll notice, several of the subjects are things that YOU want to know about.  Please keep sending emails with stories of your successes in requesting Benevolent Outcomes.  It gives everyone more ideas on how to connect each day with their own Guardian Angels.  We are not alone, we just think we are at times.   We have a lot of subjects, with answers from my Guardian Angel Theo, the Indian Shaman Reveals the Mysteries, and Gaia, soul of the earth, so let’s begin!


Theo, was The Group, channeled by Steve Rother (October email: ) correct that the financial crisis or deterioration will extend for the next 6 to 8 years?

Yes, that is entirely correct.  There will be a significant downturn in all the world economies during that period of time.  There will be a contraction, just as there was an expansion.  It is for learning purposes so that humans can handle the ying and yang—the positive and negative, as there are many learning opportunities when this happens.  People will learn how to adjust and live in a contracting economy. 


This is from the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, October 31:

The DFW area experienced something rare, yet moving overnight -- two small earthquakes that could be felt in the heart of the Metroplex.
The two small jolts hit southwest Irving at 11.25 p.m. Thursday and at 12:01 a.m. Friday, according to the U.S. Geologic Survey's Information Center in Golden, Colo.
The first was a 2.5 magnitude quake and the second was a 3.0 magnitude, the center reported. It awakened residents in Fort Worth, Irving, Euless and Grand Prairie, Survey geophysicist Randy Baldwin said Friday morning.
Had the quakes occurred just before noon instead of the middle of the night, the 3.0 magnitude quake probably would have gone unnoticed, Baldwin said. “There were people within three miles of where it hit and they didn't feel a thing,” Baldwin said. “Last night’s earthquake was noticed by so many people because it hit during the quiet part of the day." There was no reported damage.

The Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex has never had an earthquake in recorded history that I can find.  The closest was 50 miles away.  We have had at least four more since that story ran yesterday.  

Here is my update on earthquakes from Gaia:

Gaia, I have had no dreams, so I take it you will not be having the events that we spoke extensively about?

No Tom, this will not happen at the present time.  Yes things have changed and you are on a more gentle time loop.  The changes will still have to be made, just not right now.  I will inform you and others when this will take place.    I’m sorry you went out on the limb, but it was necessary so that people could start preparing, as your book will still be read by many people over the coming months.  

Why was it as late as last week or so that you said it was still to happen?

It is difficult to explain Tom except that your vibrational rate is increasing at a much higher or faster rate than we thought before.  You are writing your future now as we speak.  

Diane asked about moving to Indianapolis, so Thursday I asked:

Gaia, will Indianapolis will be safe to move to next year?

Yes and no Tom.  It will be safe for the time being but eventually your friend will have to relocate.  

And why is that?

Yes, because I must make these earth movement sooner or later.  I delayed it this time, but it will take place in the not too distant future.  

Why would you upset everyone, me included, by saying the events were going to happen when you knew we would be having these hard economic times in advance?

Yes, I knew, but your souls beseeched me to hold off for the time being.  There is much compassion as you’re reading and learning that are coming out of these experiences and will come out.  I can delay for the time being, but must eventually make the changes.  So your book will not be a total loss for you Tom.   

For those of you that read my book, in the seminar in Sedona, the first person I spoke to was an Indian Shaman living in the 1600’s in the western part of the United States.  He was the one that told me I was to write the book and even gave me the title.  Recently he passed away in his time period and has become one of my Guides (he’s also in my soul group).  So I asked:  I wish to speak to Reveals the Mysteries.

I’m here Tom at your side.

Good.   You were the first one to tell me about these earthquakes Reveals the Mysteries.  Why couldn’t you see that we would have economic bad times and that these events would be cancelled or delayed?

Yes, I know it looks like that from your perspective Tom, but on this side of the veil events will happen, just not exactly on the time line you were given.  When it happens it will be a shock to you.  But as you were told there is much compassion in the world right now, and that is something so important that was thought that this only could be achieved through these dynamic events, but the world is shifting at an amazing rated –much, much faster than even the most optimistic predictions.  It’s as if you raised yourselves almost a whole other time line.

Thanks for the explanation Reveals the Mysteries.

So please keep in mind the reasons that Gaia wants these enormous earth changes:
1.    To take the mountains on the west coast down so that rain storms will repeatedly move across the lower part of the United States and Mexico;
2.    To bring the desert areas of not only the United States but also Africa and around the world back to bloom;
3.    To create an enormous waterway all the way from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, which will also create weather patterns;
4.    To break up the Arctic ice mass so that the ice will melt, which will raise the world sea level two feet, and will make Canada and the other northern climes much more moderate;
5.    To force people to move away from the coast lines all over the world in order to rest these coast lines.  

I sure there are other reasons I’m not aware of or haven’t asked about.  I don’t see any really benevolent way for these events to happen, although I was told it would be much more gentle on the higher vibrational time lines.  But I’ve done my work, so I’ll guess we’ll all just wait to see what happens.  On to other subjects. 


Kelly writes:  I want to share another benevolent outcome incident with you.  The other day, my son came home from school with his retainer broken.  He somehow broke a small wire spring off of it.  Upon looking at it, it seemed as though it would have to be replaced altogether....but I wasn't about to give up hope.  I scheduled an orthodontic appointment for him and while we were en route, I requested aloud a MBO for the appointment to result in no costs to us--so that there would be no charge for whatever had to be done for my son's retainer situation.  

Sure enough, the orthodontist stated that at first he was a bit worried due to the nature of the break in the appliance, but he somehow managed to bend the remaining spring just so that it would meet my son's needs perfectly. And....he told me to be sure to tell the receptionist that this visit was to be of NO charge to us.  Apparently retainer repairs can incur additional costs, generally.  This was all new to us and we are so grateful for this outcome!


Bernadette writes:  Tom I am enjoying all the news letter. Can you give me an affirmation that I can write on my bills when they arrive?  Much appreciated.

Well Bernadette and everyone, one thing I do each month is to request a Most Benevolent Outcome for being able to pay all our bills for that month.  As an example, you could say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for paying all the bills that will come due in the month of November, thank you!”  For some specific bills such as electricity, you could say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to find ways to reduce my monthly electric bill, thank you!”  You could request the same MBO for gas, water, and heating oil depending upon what part of the country you’re in. 


Perhaps I should have thought of this last week, but if you have not voted yet, request a Most Benevolent Outcome for choosing the candidates for each position that will do the best job for you and all their other constituents.  

One thing everyone can do is to also say a Living Prayer for the two Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates for their safety.  You could say, “I ask that any and all beings assist and protect the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates to keep them safe from harm both now and far into the future, thank you!”

Remember, as you have read before in the newsletters, there are over one million souls or angels as we call them that have volunteered for this service and will respond INSTANTLY to your prayers.   They’re great multi-taskers.


Rick writes:  I noticed last night in the presidential debate that both candidates are left handed. Over the years, a number of presidents were left-handed (Clinton, Reagan, Ford, George HW Bush). Can Theo expand on this, or is it merely coincidence?

When I first asked this question I was being distracted by my dog barking in another part of the house.  Theo, is there any particular reason that several past Presidents, including Reagan, Clinton, and Bush plus the two presidential candidates this year are all left handed?

Yes, Tom.  As you may have guessed, it is a mindset needed for them to be first interested in the position, and then there has to be a wiring of their brains .  We can discuss this more fully at a future time.  

Another day I asked:  Any more comments about left-handed Presidents?

Perhaps a couple.  As I said they are wired a little bit differently.  Naturally there are others that are wired—meaning the wiring of the brain the same way, but these people, through birth and soul contracts, are to become the leaders.  This wiring assists them in achieving their goals or soul contracts.


Theo, you had previously told me—correct me if I did not receive the information correctly—that you would only be doing this work for 7,000 years more, as that would be the end of the experiment.  

Yes that’s correct Tom.

Therefore, where will the Explorer race be going?  Will we concentrate on having lives in a or on a specific world, or lives on a number of worlds, or will it be time to meld together to form a creator type entity to run the universe?

Yes, all of the above Tom.  You will start that process, which certainly can be immediate, but at the same time your souls will be still having lives all over the universe.  It’s just that the experiment here on earth will be finished and yet, there are still many experiences yet and learning.

Hasn’t this already been done at the same time by our souls?

Yes, but you are nowhere close shall we say to being a quantum master, so there is still work to be done and things to learn that are beyond 3d description.


Before these questions, I recently learned that other beings in the universe refer to a Galaxy as a Universe.  

Gaia, our galaxy is not a Universe is it?

No it is not.

Then why is the central Sun Alcyone held in such prominence as I assume there are central suns for all the galaxies?

Yes, Alcyone is one of many, but for our galaxy, it is what gave birth to the whole rest of our galaxy and is a great soul itself.

Did the soul of Alcyone come from another place to join our Creator, or was Alcyone birthed or created by our Creator too?

Good question.  The soul of Alcyone was attracted to this creation by its interest in the Creator’s plan.  It knew that this galaxy would be special as there were special plans for it.  So it is a Creator in its own right, but works within the plans of our creator.  

So what will happen to Alcyone when the Explorer Race takes over from our Creator?  Will it move on or stay?

I think that Alcyone enjoys the thousands of suns and the millions of planets it has birthed, so I would be surprised if it decided to move on, as it will be interested in what you have in mind for this universe, and this Galaxy.

So Alcyone is the central sun of this galaxy or the central point in the universe?

It is the central point in the universe for you.    It is the central part of your galaxy and your universe at this point.  Sorry for the both sides answer but you are having a little trouble in reception.  We all revolve around Alcyone and it is a magnificent star and a magnificent soul that inhabits this star or sun as you call them.  I always appreciate you sending light and love from Alcyone.  You don’t know what you are doing, but it helps both of us to funnel this energy.

Would the soul of Alcyone be the equivalent or more or less of one of our Arch Angels?

An interesting question.  Alcyone has a great soul as you can imagine with thousands of stars and planets revolving around it.  I would hate to give this soul a level, as it is certainly a good fragment of your creator and must be capable of generating enormous energy both in a literal sense and on a soul level be a beacon for all the other planets and stars and even peoples of course, using that term in the broadest sense. Alcyone has a great soul and blasts out love all over the universe as you know it.  So if you wish to rank him it would be as one of your creator’s hands.  

Gaia—I looked up Alcyone and it is part of the Pleiades group of stars.  How can it be considered the central sun?

Yes, the one in the Pleiades is the same star we were speaking of yesterday.  It is the central sun that astrologers base their ephemirdes on.  And although it does not seem to be centrally located it is.  That’s another reason why the Pleiades is important to you, beyond the fact that they are some of your forefathers.  As I mentioned before, it is a magnificent energy and centers our whole galaxy and even beyond.  

How many planets in the Pleiades star system are there that are inhabited by sentient beings, since there are supposed to be over 500 stars in that system, and I only thought there were just the few that I could see?

Yes, there are literally over 1,000 worlds that are inhabited by intelligent beings.  That is why they were able to develop space travel and why they wanted to, as they discovered that there were other beings living, beside themselves.  It gave them a reason to reach for the other stars, which are not far apart, as your sun is to its neighbors.    This was of course by design, as you did not wish to be disturbed while you worked on the great Explorer Race experiment.

Yet supposedly the Explorer Race was not created until we were already on the earth?

Not exactly; remember, all things exist at the same time outside of time that you have constructed, so to you it just seems that way.  It seemed to be inserted in the middle of the game, but was not.  That was only when you became aware of what the real game was.  Now you are working hard as the junior creators or the creators in training.  

How many planets in the Pleiades system are inhabited by beings that have a fairly recognizable human form?

Certainly over 100—probably closer to 200 planets.  You will find many neighbors when you start really exploring this universe.  These Pleiadians have been doing this for thousands of years and still find new species, planets, and so on almost on a daily basis.  You have much fun ahead of you my dear Tom.


On, Diana Skye MacKenna writes:  I just LOVE this book! Reading it brought (and still brings) such reassurance and an ease of being in the world. It's truly life changing, and an easy, gentle read -- and so profound in its simplicity. "The Gentle Way" brings you into close, loving contact with your Guardian Angel. I began requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes for little things and bigger things, and the results still amaze me! It just works. "The Gentle Way" reminds us that help is always available to us. We just have to ASK.

I was honored to have Tom as a guest on my Pathfinders Way radio show. He was simply wonderful and shared so much insight and information during the hour. You can listen to the archived show and hear him speak about "The Gentle Way" by going to .  Thank you Tom!

So to order from Amazon USA, the link is: Click here.
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Or order from your local bookstore.  The more people that order, the better chance the stores will start stocking them.  

Arlena writes:  How are you? At this end doing fine. I want you to write in your next newsletter. That I want to thank my very, good friend  Cecila for telling me about your web site and newsletter. She was the one that told me what to do.  Thank you Cecila, thank you love.

Now normally I would not put a message like this in the newsletter, as obviously it is always best to thank your friend personally.  But this does demonstrate for you the gratitude that your friends will have when you forward this newsletter to them.

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!  

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