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Pay it forwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 

ReminderSPECIAL NOTICE & REMINDER:  Gaia had said we were going to have another harsh winter and it appears to be headed in that direction.  Denver just had a foot of snow, the Panhandle of Texas four inches, and now the Northeastern United States will have up to a foot of snow along the Eastern Seaboard. 
Some of you may not realize that down at the bottom of this newsletter I list several topics where I have asked many questions.  Several of these will be in upcoming books when I can find time to work on them again.  These include GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—all the basic questions you would want to ask your GA; TIME LINES—All the questions I’ve asked before of parallel lives; CONVERSATIONS WITH AN ET—my many questions to Antura, my soul brother (I’ll have more questions in next week’s newsletter), just to name a few.

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


HydroponicsSandy writes:  Would you please ask who it concerns, Gaia or your Guardian Angel, if edible skyscrapers will ever be in our future?  Edible sky scrapers are buildings dedicated to the hydroponic or aquaponic growth of foodstuffs (fruits and vegetables) indoors.  Such would reduce the strain on Gaia's resources and the wildlife.

Aquaponics and Hydroponics can be done just about anywhere there is sufficient light, either natural or man made.  I've seen some goofy set ups that had plants and fish going.

I see both easing the burden on the fresh water table, wildlife, and Gaia in general.  Our population is HUGE and won't get smaller that quickly. 
Gaia, are “edible” skyscrapers dedicated to hydroponic and aquaponic systems in our future?

AquaponicsThis is a good question Tom.  Yes there will be many, many buildings in the future that will have the hydrophonic and aquaphonic growing systems.  They will help cleanse the air, whil providing for the residents of these buildings.  It will be a very healthy environment for those who wish to take the time to create and develop these systems, as there is much work to be done in this area Tom.  These systems will also help people to relieve stress and will take negative ions out of the air.  So there are many advantages to having these systems.  And yes, it will take part of the strain of providing resources for such a large population, Tom.

Speaking of large populations Gaia, when will our population start to decrease and will it be by cataclysmic events or by our own move to have fewer children?

Yes, it will be a little bit of a combination Tom.  Certainly earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanic eruptions will deplete the population a little, but the major reduction of people must come from you the people. You must stop having these large families.  This was understood to be needed when there was such a large infant mortality, but that will not happen in your future.  Families must be planned, and if someone chooses to not have a family, perhaps you’ll begin rewarding these people in some way for not adding to the population.=--yes people pollution Tom.    Then I won’t need to have such large cataclysmic events to keep the population under control.  Again a good question.


Gail writes:  Please ask Gaia how she thinks of the role of Tigers and other predators (even beloved hummingbirds are predators when raising their young) in the web of life.  I have devoted my life to educating people about the vital importance of all members of the beautiful complex of living things on earth.  Humans have made a mess by killing off predators - from birds of prey to beneficial yard beetles to wolves to sharks -- and wrecked the healthy balance of so many ecosystems.  Older human cultures have honored the relationship
Eco Systembetween predator and prey and some modern biologists have witnessed the "dance" between wolves and elk, the wolf only attacking after the individual elk  "gives permission".   Thank you. 

Gaia what comments can you make about predators in the scheme of things?

Predators Tom, are part of the cycle of life you see.  If there were no predators then certain species would run amok, causing disease among other problems, such as taking away from your human food supply.  Therefore everything works in unison.  There was much thought that went into the eco system of earth by beings who have millions of years of experience in that field.  Each species of animal, insect, birds, and so on was carefully chosen, although naturally the Creator’s wishes were to have great variety on earth. 

In order to do that all of this must balance, and it has been difficult enough to balance, due to man’s annihilation of certain species, but that is part of your learning process.  Great attempts are now being made by many humans to protect endangered species and this is very pleasing to see, but of course you have a long way to go and much studies to make in this area. 


For all of my new readers, my GA Theo one day informed me that one of the members of my soul “cluster” as he calls it was monitoring our conversations.  Little did I know I was on a party line!  He explained that my “soul brother” was living a life on another planet.  So after coming up with some questions for him I begin to learn about his water world, and why he was contacting me.  It seems that after the Pleiadians make first contact in 2015, he’ll be coming to earth as part of a contact team and I will be one of three people on earth he will meet with on a “grass roots” type contact basis.  You can read all of the previous questions by going to the bottom of this newsletter and reading the newsletters listed.  Here are new questions:

Abe SapianAntura here in the background you might say and now foreground. [Referring to the fact that he tunes into my communications with Theo and Gaia, upon my soul’s approval.]

Good day to you Antura and good life to you and your family.

Many thanks Tom.  Yes they are doing well, my little tadpoles and my partner.

I do have a few questions today.  I believe you said that the Federation has explored about 75% or more of the Universe?

That’s correct Tom.  And I understand the reason for the question.  Yes, it has been explored over millions of years in Universal time Tom. 

Would that be above 10 million years?

Yes, we are talking ancient Tom.  Certainly it would have to take that amount of time when you think how many Galaxies there are in the universe.  It’s a huge number, and each year we still have motherships and scout ships going out to far-flung galaxies to explore and check for life in those galaxies.  Obviously most are teaming with life, so it certainly can take years just to explore one galaxy. 

So how many motherships are there in the Federation, Antura?

Yes, hundreds Tom.  Keep in mind that with being in space for millions of years there was time to construct hundreds, if not thousands of the craft.  Even earth will have, as you know from your conversations with Theo, 17 of these craft by the 3,400 era and that’s just a few hundred years from now.  So you can see how there would be lots of craft in the space lanes as you call them doing explorations. 

So can you give me a more definite number today Antura?

We’re not ready to do that yet Tom.  We do not wish to create fear in the population.  That’s why there will be only that one ship which will be uncloaked in 2015 to come to earth and begin your introduction—the public’s anyway—to even the fact that there are billions of beings out here in the Federation to welcome you and to begin explaining what purpose earth will have—as a catalyst for us all. 

Star WarsHas there been anything that your observers have noted which you found interesting lately regarding earth?

Yes, we see a great deal of earth movements Tom and our readings indicate you are expanding in not only your vibrational level but also your knowledge Tom.  That is what has impressed us the most.  We took hundreds of thousands of years to do what you are doing in only a few thousand—very impressive, but we knew that going in. 

Is there such a thing as the Interplanetary Concave of Light or was this just made up?

No I regret to inform you there is no such event, although we do have planetary and even common events.

I would think that there would be some events to celebrate such as the end of Star Wars?

Yes, you are correct Tom.  We do have a day of remembrance to those lost on both sides of the war. 

What about a day to remember the forming of the Federation?

First ContactYes that too is celebrated, although more low key shall we way.

I will take this time to ask, is the European government that will open the door shall we say to their secret files still scheduled for sometime in 2013?

Yes, emphatically Tom. 

And the Pleiadian contact for 2015 and your contact around two years thereafter?

Quite so, Tom.  Everything is still on schedule and the probabilities of these events happening continue to rise.  

I read an interesting channel by Robert Shapiro in the November Sedona Journal of Emergence (where I have a monthly column on MBO's).  It was a guide for small 22 inch humans who have visited us in the past.  He said we need to be practicing with each other asking about each other's lives, feelings, and so on--but with people of different races, beliefs, etc.  This will prepare us for getting to know our star neighbors.  So strike up a conversation with someone totally different than you and practice!


LoveAlan writes:  I noticed that within the word Evolve is the word Love and speaking of Love I want to know, what affect does Unconditional Love and Forgiveness have on the vibration of earth and on everyone else? And how much?

Theo, what effect does unconditional love have on the vibrational level of earth and humans?

A tremendous amount Tom, as that is what you must strive to obtain.  Once you do that your vibrational level surges you see.  But your ego’s get in the way all too often; but many people have achieved that already and many more will achieve it in the future you see.


Deida on Facebook writes:  Tom, thanks for all you do for all of us. I was wondering if we have the same personalities in our past, present and future lives. I know we may be different sexes, nationalities but do we have similar traits, sense of humor? Could my vision problems possibly come from a past life where I didn't see things clearly as I should have? Do we always reincarnate as human? Thank you for your help. I can't imagine living without MBOs and BPs.

ReincarnationTheo, do the same personalities carry over from one life to the next?

Not necessarily Tom.  You can have completely opposite personalities from one life to the next.  It all depends upon your soul plan.  But I will say there is a deep-seated personality there that shines through even in the most difficult lives. 

Do eye problems derive from not seeing things clearly in a past life?

No, that is not the answer Tom, perhaps one of the answers.  You see there can be many ways you need to experience eye problems.  Certainly causing the blindness in a person would be number one of the list.  There are others such as being blind to the abuse of others and that takes in quite a number of possibilities.

Do we always reincarnate as humans Theo?

Yes, after first perhaps getting your feet wet by incarnating as an animal before your first life on earth just to get the lay of the land and the feel of this dimension, as you did Tom.  There is no real need after that.  Of course, there are lives on your home planets mixed in with your earth lives, but I believe the question was strictly about earth. 


He asked me to change his name so Felipe writes:  Today I write to you with a heavy heart, Tom. I have found out that my cousin's wife-to-be died this morning. The wedding was
Poisonsupposed to happen on my cousin's birthday, December 2nd. I was told she seemed to have been poisoned - could you please ask Theo whether there is any truth to this. I am aware Theo might not tell who poisoned her, but could Theo tell me whether the person who poisoned her works with her and/or is the same person who poisoned her friend about 6 months ago or perhaps my family member?
Is this part of her soul contract?

Theo, was “Filipe’s” cousin’s wife-to-be poisoned, and if so what was the soul contract and any other comments you can make?

Yes, I can definite say she was poisoned and yes by another woman.  She had done the same in a past life so this was balancing.  The person who did this will be caught, but not for some time yet. This is a nasty situation Tom with jealousies and someone who thinks they can get away with it. 


Bruce writes:  Tom here are the details of the MBO that we discussed.  
Stroke RecognitionOn Friday, October 7, I had a mini-stroke, unbeknownst to me, as my right arm became weak and then I lost control of it for a few minutes.  The event lasted for about 15 to 30 minutes.  I thought that I was just tired or had too much caffeine etc, as I rationalized it away.  This happened two more times in the next few days and I stayed in denial about it.  Then on Tuesday, October 11, 2011, I was out on the patio sunning and dozed off.  When I awoke I couldn't talk correctly and slurred my words and couldn't get the right words to come out.  Instead of panicking I simply observed the speech event as an outside observer.  After my speech started to return after 30 minutes, I called my life partner, Charlotte, who is a Special Education Teacher, and she came home. 

We then went to the emergency room of the local hospital. Charlotte had written me a note that morning, the 11th, before she went to school that stated, "What new and magical experiences  await us this day will be a wonderful discovery."  How prophetic that statement would prove to be for us.
As an aside, I was led by spirit to come to this small shrimping village, where we live, in March, 2011 to be with my life partner, Charlotte--after reconnecting, via a MBO on Facebook.  We had been apart and out of touch for 37 years.  This reunion  and MBOs used were chronicled in The Gentle Way newsletter 3/26/11 under the title MBO Love Story.

The town we live in has a four-bed hospital with no doctors but has a great Physician Assistant, RNs and medical staff. 
I was, at that time, a month away from being covered by Medicare and had no  other insurance.  So the PA called around to all the hospitals and doctors trying to find a bed for me, as the local hospital did not have a neurological or cardio/vascular department.  At this point I asked a MBO that a hospital and doctor be found that would be for my best and highest good and let it be better than I could imagine or expect.

Cat ScanThe emergency staff performed a CAT Scan and it was determined that I was in stress and was suffering mini-strokes. The PA and staff kept trying every hospital in the area for hours.  In the middle of the night, a hospital and doctor, who would accept me, was finally found.  As it turned out, it was the most prestigious hospital in Texas and the doctor, who I have never met, accepted me, I feel, at the direction of Spirit.  I was driven there by ambulance, two hours away, by two very caring EMT’s. 
The hospital is a luxury hospital, that specializes in Heart/Vascular and Neurological Areas, located in Houston, and they treated me like I was a VIP and the staff's "hospitality" was amazing throughout my stay. 
They ran every test possible on me on Wednesday, the next day, including a MRI, and several Ultrasounds on my heart and vascular system as well as EEGs and EKGs etc.  My primary doctor informed me that I had not only had mini-strokes but a stroke with negligible effects.  And I don't have any effects that can be seen by others. They performed an operation, carotid endarterectomy, on me on Thursday, the 13th.  The surgery went perfectly and was performed by one of the best and kindest Surgeons in the hospital, and that fact was confirmed by many of  different  departments and personnel that I came in contact with.
I spent two days in ICU where the staff were also amazing and then spent my last night with my life partner in a special private room that was specifically arranged for us.
I can't  begin to adequately relate all of the synchronicities and spiritual events that occurred while Charlotte and I were there, but it was, indeed, a blessed event full of wonderful discoveries, even considering the reason I was there.  We both, intuitively, recognized many of the staff as reincarnationally significant to us, including the doctor and surgeon.
The hospital Administration asked me about the financial end of it, the first day, and then never mentioned it again after I told them that I had no insurance, not even when I was discharged.
The last thing that my primary doctor asked me to do as he left our room on Saturday morning, the day that we returned home, was that I personally thank the PA at our local hospital who went out of his way to secure for me, a doctor and hospital.  Now that I am recovering, this will be done, as this is a very important piece of this particular MBO and its closure!!!  The fact that the very busy and prestigious doctor would remember the PA in this small town is very significant, also.  At no time did I ask "Why Me", instead, I accepted each moment with complete faith and trust in Spirit.
Egyptian PriestsAll of this came about because I asked that one MBO of my GA.  And I had been using a form of MBOs, intuitively, for years but didn't really get the process down until I was led to The Gentle Way and Tom in 2008.  And after that I had two significant visions that I related to Tom in 2009 and 2010 and he related them to Theo, and it was discovered that Tom and I had used MBOs together in Ancient Atlantis and Egypt.  I was Tom's understudy in our Priesthood that led thousands of Tom's "Flock", who practiced MBOs at the time, from Atlantis, before its fall, to Egypt in a lifetime that occurred chronologically about 12,800 years ago.

My suggestion is that all of you use MBOs daily as many times during the day as you want and for anything and everything as they raise your Vibrational frequency each time you use them.  They may not always turn out exactly the way the you envision them turning out but it will always be Most Benevolent to All concerned.

Theo, what is the balancing being done by people who suffer strokes?

An interesting question Tom.  Basically they have caused others to suffer both mentally and physically in one or more past lives.  This can include causing these persons to commit suicide or live extremely stressed lives.  Therefore the balancing is for them to be caused physical problems related to stress. 

As I have mentioned before my congestive heart failure was balancing a life when in a war I took the lives of soldiers whose families suffered “grief and heartache.”  We all must balance eventually.


Hawaiian VolcanoGaia, why the earthquake swarms last night and this morning on the island of Hawaii?

Yes Tom, as you guessed I am moving magma around under the surface of this island, yes in preparation for shall we say a more spectacular eruption.  It will not happen soon, but I am building up the pressure there for a future explosion shall we say.


Cindy writes:  Could you ask Theo: With all the world wide economic unrest, will the re-valuation of the Iraqi Dinar bring about some solution to many countries' debts who are invested in it as happened with Kuwait some years back? Also, does he see this happening by the end of the month?

Theo, will the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar be the solution to that country’s debts?

Not necessarily Tom, but it is something they had to do to make progress.  There are many other economic steps that must be taken, and as hostilities wane between the factions in this country, you will and they will see improvement in their lives.  Keep in mind that these were soul choices of the people who live there to experience these times and learn from the mistakes made.


Crystal SkullMonique on Facebook writes:  I was listening to a program on History channel and it prompts me to ask question about two subjects.

They talked about "shadow people". Who are they? Where do they come from? Why do they appear here on earth?

The second subject is the crystal skulls found at different places on the planet. What are they? Who put them here? What function do they have? How many are they on this earth? Did find them all? When.

Theo, what or who are the shadow people?

Yes, these are beings in their own right Tom, but also quick glimpses into another time line.  The shadow beings are just that, fragments of souls still on the earth plane.  They can manifest themselves at times. 

Have we found all the crystal skulls and what was their purpose?

All the skulls that wish to be found have been found Tom.  That is all I will say for the moment.


Sandy writes:  Yours and Theo's commentary on the origin of the Basques prompted me to ask about another group of people, the Aymara Indians in Bolivia.  They have a unique language, which some there who have studied it, think may be related to an ancient language spoken in or at the time of Atlantis. They also claim that there is a certain level of perfection about the language structure.  Is there any truth to that?  As always thanks for your newsletters and your good work.

Aymara Indian GirlTheo, what is the origin of the Aymara Indians in Bolivia and their language?

Yes, Tom.  It is a combination of Atlantean and the original language spoken by the native people, as the Atlanteans resettled in that part of the world.  It is not pure Atlantean, but an off-shoot shall we call it. 

What were the circumstances of the migration of the Atlanteans to Bolivia?  Was it at the last minute or somewhat before?

Almost last minute Tom.  There were massive earth movements occurring almost on a daily basis, so a group of friends quickly gathered together and decided to move there. 

What form of transportation did they use?

Yes, they had aircraft of a design Tom.  There was a small band you see and it was easier for them to jump ship shall we call it. 

Why Bolivia? 

One or two of the people had visited there and knew they could easily live off the land.  It was warm and they liked that aspect. 


St. GermainRenee writes:  In last week's newsletter, you had the question from another reader ask, who was the real author on the Shakespeare plays? Theo only said this person was well known.  I seem to have read somewhere that this person was St. Germain in one of his lives at this time.  He also had the ability to manifest in any lifetime he chose.  And this particular life he was paying back karma to Wm. Shakespeare.  Can Theo confirm this, and if so, could he elaborate more on this?  Thank you.

Theo, was the writer of the Shakespeare plays St. Germain and if so the karma involved?

No Tom.  It was a good theory but not correct. 

What about Francis Bacon or Christopher Marlow that I’ve seen mentioned before?

Yes, one of these men did do quite a bit of the writing you see.  I’ll let the mystery stand for those who wish to delve into this more.


Laurie writes:  Would you please ask how LARGE a piece must be in order to "cleanse" an average-size house or apartment?  I'd like to make some paperweight-size items and I don't want to go overboard on the energies!  Thanks!

Gaia, what size orgonite will cleanse an average house or does it?

Yes, it does to a certain extent Tom but never completely you see.  Orgonite does assist in cleansing a house, but it is always best to accompany this with surrounding the house in white light.  But to answer the person’s question, certainly it needs to be larger--certainly 3 times the normal size to assist with cleansing.  It is not, you understand, the absolutely best way to do it, but it will let those who work on such things to find even better ways of cleansing a house, although orgonite is a step in that direction. 


GarlicSandi writes:  We have an onion in every room of the house now.  And we're putting onion and garlic in everything.  There is something else you may want to pass along.  It's an old family flu remedy a friend gave me.  Mince 8 to 10 cloves of garlic.  Put it in a jar.  Open a 32 oz. jar of raw-unfiltered vinegar.  Add a cup of it to the garlic.  Cover and leave for four days.  Strain the garlic mixture.  Add the remainder of the bottle of vinegar to what's left after you remove the garlic.  Take a Tablespoon a day.  We've been taking it for over a month now, and no one has been sick.  I even give it to the dogs.


Gaia, when we spoke recently I lovingly called you an old soul and you said I was pretty old too.  I thought that you must have been birthed quite a long time before I was 
Soul Birthbirthed, as best I can describe it?

Yes, in a way I was born before you Tom, but not by too much.  As best as I can describe I was birthed first, but not so long before you.  And needless to say there was an awareness from the very beginning of our existences that we would work together at times while you are incarnated on the earth plane. 

And you were also aware of all the other souls you would work with too?

Absolutely Tom, but you and a few others are special, as you help guide the people to raise their vibrations and that is good in my book you see.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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