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·    END OF MAYAN CALENDAR 10/28/11?

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SPECIAL NOTE:  Some of you may not realize that down at the bottom of this newsletter I list several topics where I have asked many questions.  Several of these will be in upcoming books when I can find time to work on them again.  These include GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—all the basic questions you would want to ask your GA; TIME LINES—All the questions I’ve asked before of parallel lives; CONVERSATIONS WITH AN ET—my many questions to Antura, my soul brother (I’ll have more questions in next week’s newsletter), just to name a few.

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Wall Street ProtestTheo, what will the Wall Street demonstrations achieve?

Yes, they will be more successful than most people and even the media believes Tom.  This movement will put pressure on the politicians running for office to begin to work together instead of being so divided.  That said there will still be this bitter divide between the two parties, but look for a third party to be eventually formed. 

Great changes are ahead and the Wall Street demonstrators will lead the way, as they and most Americans are fed up with their elected leaders to come to agreements.  So in summary look for pressure building to compromise and for the formation of a third party—very loosely you understand, as each person has their own interests.

If you remember, not too long ago Theo said there would be no political parties someday.  You can read his comments again in the August 6 newsletter at


Listeria OutbreakMichael on Facebook writes:  A concrete subject matter to ask. The Listeria, cantaloupe outbreak has been in the news and will be. Can we ask what makes these outbreaks so effective. I have heard a researcher on an NPR report that the prevalent use of acid reducing products as often prescribed for acid reflux has compromised the ability of the body to safely handle bacteria and makes people prone to food poisoning episodes too. Normally stomach acid is more then capable of neutralizing bacteria like the Listeria. Is that the case or is this strain somehow more virulent? I have heard as well that nearby land application of human solid waste was being done. That practice is always under close scrutiny and I am not aware it was used directly on the melons however. I am sure there were the contracts involved.

Gaia, what caused the Listeria cantaloupe outbreak?  Does using acid reducing products have anything to do with it?

No Tom, there is no connection with taking acid reflux or reducing products and the Listeria outbreak.  This is a virus we shall call it for your purposes Tom as you are not a scientist.  It is being studied and I will not take away the enjoyment of the scientists studying this virus when they discover its origin.  Again as we have discussed before, I must allow everyone to have their moments in the sun we shall call it when the work they do pays off for them.  If I were to give you the answers to some questions then it would go against the reason you are all veiled.  It is your soul paths to rediscover and eventually to do things better than the other societies.  Most of your readers understand this Tom, but some do not. 


Mayan Calendar 10-28Daniel on Facebook writes:  Hello Tom, do Theo or Gaia have any comments about the so-called end of the Mayan Calendar on October 28th, 2011 (that's very soon) according to Carl Calleman ( Or, what about the so-called opening of the time portal on November 11, 2011 and the start of Ascension as claimed by Dr. Georgi Stankov ( )?

Theo, please comment on the end of the Mayan Calendar and the opening of a portal on 11-11-11.

Yes, the Mayan Calendar was not perfect Tom, so there are mistakes therein, but as it is generally considered to be next year, then your souls have decided that is a perfect time for crossing over to the 5th focus.  Regarding the 11-11-11 portal opening, all the portals are open at this time Tom, as they have been in use for thousands of years.  This date is much more important for the activation of those crystals we have spoken about before.


Kristel writes:  I am not a person that has a lot of respect (or high opinion) of most of biggest religions, I believe in more personal spiritual approach, but there is one religion that I
Tibethave a whole lot of respect - Buddhism. I not only believe that they have reached the level of "goodness" in general that every religion should aspire to, but also Buddhists themselves are on a higher level vibration wise then the rest of us.
For the life of me i don't understand how they have not managed to use all their higher vibrations and prayers to free Tibet. I do feel that if China gets their way they manage to smother Tibet completely and if that were to happen we would loose the brightest part of humanity. Will they have their freedom in the future? Anything we can do to help them?

Again, if that question has been answered somewhere I apologize, I haven't made it that far yet. If not please ask that from Theo and tell him we request a free Tibet and they better get their lazy behinds to work! :-D

Theo, will Tibet be free one day and if so when?

Yes, there will come a time when it will be free, but not for some years yet—really over 10 to 15 years.  There must be a mellowing of the Chinese leadership which will allow them to self govern with no influence from Beijing. 

So why don’t we all say a Benevolent Prayer.  Let’s say, “I ask any and all beings to bring freedom and self-governing to Tibet even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”  Let’s see what a few thousand people can do, but YOU have to do your part!


Oregon 5.3(10/13/11 as I did not have room in the newsletter last week)  Gaia, a gentleman on a California radio station is predicting a large quake for California in the next 72 hours or so, as he says he feels it.  Therefore I would call this inspiration as Theo defined it for me.  Please comment.

There will be no major quake in California Tom.  The man was picking up on the earthquake off the coast of Oregon.  Close but no cigar shall we say.  I have not changed the probabilities of a quake in California.  It remains about the same as when we spoke earlier in September.  It has increased a little, but I know you are holding off asking me for an update for a little while longer.

Gaia referred to a quake early on October 13 of 5.3 off the Oregon/California coast.


Theo, how many assistants—perhaps called the Creator’s “emissaries”-- are there? 

Yes, Tom.  He has a few, but less than five shall we say.

Does that include "Uncle" Zoosh (as I call him)?

Yes, he would be considered in that class.  As you have been told before, he is a creator himself but was attracted to this work and by the Creator. 

Are the others in the Creator class?

No, he is the only one Tom.  The others are large portions of souls who were attracted to this universe.


BracoJune on Facebook writes:  I have just returned from seeing Braco in Virginia Beach, VA. He does not speak to the audience but rather stands silently and gazes at the audience. The energy is tremendous. Can you tell me the source of this energy? What effect does it have on people? Is it a healing vibration?

Theo, what is the energy Braco uses?

Yes, a very strong healer this one Tom.  This is not the first time he has been able to channel this energy to heal.  He has worked on this many lives, but never so well-known as this one you see.  It takes great dedication to perform these healings in this manner.  It can be done by anyone, but very few are willing to put in the work as he has done.

In another meditation I would ask:  Please explain this energy Braco uses or taps into.

Yes, this is a highly charged energy stream, which he is able to create and tap into Tom.  He does not know what he is doing, but can feel this energy just as you feel something solid.  He has done this in other lives, so this is just a continuation of his development.  Anyone could do this if they wished to practice hours on end.


Antonia writes:  Would Theo comment on Hoover's sexual orientation? 
J Edgar Hoover

It is so great that we have someone who can get to the truth of many questions! Thank you!

Theo, was J. Edgar Hoover gay?

Not as is normally defined Tom.  Certainly there was a close relationship he had with his assistant, but this caused him much aggravation as he tried to resist these feelings.  There will be balancing ahead for him so that he can express these feelings.


Akiane PaintingTell us about Akiane, the young artist.

Yes, a delightful young prodigy everyone understands.  Here art is magnificent, Tom but it will get better.  She is channeling directly from her guardian angel, which she thinks is God.  But she is quite open to this communication, as she has been a famous artist in more than one life.  As you are not familiar with all the artists, having not studied them, I will say she was a French well-known artist in her last life, whose paintings hang in galleries around the world.


Yes Tom.  I’m very pleased you could receive that.

He was Italian so I’ll leave it there.  You can view her very beautiful paintings at and view a video on her at


AnastasiaGaura writes:  If you have time could you include in your next newsletter a quick question towards Theo or Gaia regarding Anastasia and the ringing cedars of Russia? Something tells me that her message is in synch with your message Tom and it could help spread MBO's across a wider range of people in many other countries. Thank you Tom for your dedication to Mankind and in aiding the forces of Light!

Theo, could you please comment on the child artist Anastasia?

Yes, Tom.  A remarkable young lady and the reports on her are mostly true, with some embellishments by the writer.  Still this does not take away from her accomplishments.  I will let those who read her books form their own opinions as to what she can or cannot do and the messages.

To read more about her go to:


A lady on Facebook asked about whether the people who assemble the Apple products are downtrodden and mistreated.

Theo, any truth to the claims that the people who assembled the Apple products were downtrodden and abused?

Yes Tom, there is some truth to this as this corporation, like many others, employed companies in third world countries to assemble the electronic devices.  Still, it did give jobs to people who would have been homeless otherwise and there was much learned by these souls involved in the assembly.   But of course there were those who did abuse who will have balancing to do. 


Basque ChildrenMy friend Frank and I were discussing the possible origins of the Basque people in Portugal (who have their own unique language), so I thought I would ask Theo about this.

Theo, where did the Basque people originate—Atlantis, Sahara, or someplace else, and what about their language.

Yes, Tom.  The Basque people seem to be an enigma, as they do not fit into the normal development cycle.  They did originate from Atlantis, during the time when there were large migrations away from the strife of Atlantis.  The language is tied to that time period.  It is not pure Atlantean, but one of the languages spoken on that continent before its demise. They were a downtrodden race themselves and were lucky enough to leave prior to Atlantis breaking up you see.


Ron writes:  I read your article about energizing water from Lourdes. I will tell you this that anyone can learn to energize water maybe not the kind in Lourdes however but water
Raymon Gracethat can be used for healing. I myself have learned to do this and it does work too for healing. I have in the past energized water for someone who was sick and after drinking it they were much better.

Energy is everywhere and man through his intelligence has the ability to change it. We can all do this Tom according to our own belief. Water can also be energized from a distance too.

There is a man who lives here in Virginia who uses dowsing to make changes in energy even from a distance. His name is Raymon Grace and you can read more about him and his work too at He can and does energize water. He certainly is an amazing man who is doing a lot to help mankind. Also if you are interested check out and you can see what they do. At the bottom it says What We Do you can click on that and Raymon will take you through a dowsing session called a Blue Print For Freedom. This too is very interesting.

So yes we can energize water maybe not like the water in Lourdes; however water that can be used for healing.   I hope you enjoyed this Tom and I wanted to share it with you too.

I am familiar with Raymon, as a couple of my friends have attended his conference and were impressed.


Kristel writes:  We all have a time of death planned. If I am not meant to die today (spitting 3 times over my left shoulder) but am in a possibly deadly situation then my GA is working in the background to save my life. 

Now lets move into the future and say this is my time to go. Someone breaks into my home and I die in the robbery. And let’s say it was not in his soul contract. That causes Karma, right? He has to make it up in one of his future lives. But why? It was my time to go? If it would not have been my time then I would have lived so I was, in a soul level, meant to die, I believe my death was even planned, did I get it right?  So why punish him for doing the job that needed to be done?

Stage PlayI've never been so supportive of murderers, lol. And also can you tell Theo to tell my GA (I suspect his name is Angus but I'm not sure, Angus shares the same first 3 letters with Angel so it could have been my fantasy that just made up that name) that I don’t want to be a "bad person" in any shape or form in the future. I do a lot of MBAs to make sure that in my future lives, wherever they are, I am the best as I can be! I don't want to be a bad person and I don’t think it's fair to force me.

If it's your time to go and you are murdered, then it's very likely you murdered that person in a past life and things are balancing.

Wanting to always be a good person does not balance.  We take on different personalities just like in a play.  Someone has to play the villain and in each stage production the production company switches roles.

You can lighten this by saying the Benevolent Prayer I say each morning, which takes less than 30 seconds.  Go to the website and click on SIGNS and read what Theo says about it.  Then perhaps you'll not have to be as bad in a future life, nor as much of a victim.  You won't have the same chance in the next life to know to say the BP.  This is my first out of 1,005 to be "inspired" to create that prayer Theo tells me. 

Keep in mind that Theo is not my GA's real name.  He says our vocal chords are not made to say angelic names and we would just be frustrated, so he said, "You can call me Tom, Dick, or Harry," as they're not real big on names on his side of the veil.  So the name you chose should work great for you, unless something else pops up in the next few days.  Sounds like a good name to me and it has meaning to you. 


Alberta SandsJanet writes:  I am currently reading a Canadian book about the development of the Alberta Oil Sands.  It is called "Stupid to the Last Drop", by William Marsden.  I think you can guess the jist of the material from the title, although the contents are rather shocking as so many details are revealed that don't appear to be "people friendly".  It sounds as though a very large portion of the Province of Alberta will be turned upside down in the race to extract oil, not to mention the disappearance of most of the water in the Province.  Can you please ask Gaia if she is concerned about the extensive developments of the Oil Sands, and if she knows why most of the details about the operations there are largely kept secret to the general public?

And thanks for all you do!  Your newsletter and blog are the real highlights of my week!

Gaia, what effects will the development of the Alberta Oil Sands have on you, and are they keeping anything secret about the operation?

They are not keeping too much secret about the operation Tom.  Yes it will have an effect on me, but as I have explained before, I allow this, as I know the day is fast approaching when you will have no need, or little need for oil in the future, and you will bring me back–the earth that is—to it’s full beauty and the scars will be removed.  So again to answer your question, yes it does leave a mark on me, but I understand your situation at present and will await a better day.


Sallie writes on Facebook:  Please ask Theo about the William Shakespeare's validity. The movie Anonymous implies that he was not the author of his famous works.

Theo, who wrote Shakespeare’s stories—did he or another?

Most of what was written was done by someone else Tom.  If you read about his work there is a gentleman already known who did a lot of the writings. 


MerlinTheo, was Merlin a real person perhaps in a different Time Line?

Yes, Tom.  He joins others in the Legends of King Arthur all of whom were on a different time line than yours, so when your time lines crossed the stories were born.  He was a great magician on the other time line.

Theo, what is the highest Time Line we have crossed?

Certainly Tom you have crossed not only Time Line 5 but sometime in the past you have also crossed Time Lines 7 and 8 almost simultaneously.  That made for an interesting period of time and was during the period of time I spoke about when the legends of Sir Arthur and the Roundtable were born. 

So we have not crossed 9 through 11 before?

No the Time lines were too distant or separated is the best word Tom.


Mongolian Blue SpotUlziibileg in Mongolia writes:  It was wonderful to share info about our country, which was said by Theo. I have another question. What does the Mongolian spot mean in newborn babies, which are mostly in Korean, Mongolian, Hungarian and Native Americans babies. It's a blue big spot on their butt and disappears by time. Although, my kids don't have them and they have very light colored eyes, which is rare for Asian kids. Thank you so much, for considering!

Theo, what is the “Mongolian Blue spot” on the buttocks of many Asian children that fades away in time?

Yes, a curious difference in their DNA strand Tom, left over from thousands of years ago.  It was originally believed that this spot would bring luck the rest of their lives.  So in a way it is a birthmark but one as was noted that fades away.  It came originally from the Sirians who wanted the population to remember where it originated, but was lost in time. 


Ruth writes:  I appreciate your newsletter very much, and have passed it on to friends and family.  I ask for benevolent prayers for those receiving the information to be open
Orgoniteminded and willing to try.  So far my daughter and my neighbor are using MBOs, and benefiting from them.
I ask every day to hear my GA's voice more clearly today than yesterday. 
I've been making and gifting orgonite here in Oregon, the southern end of the Willamette Valley, for almost two years now, and would like to ask Gaia if orgonite is pleasing to her.  Does it help with her healing?  Is it helping with ascension? Any other comments on orgonite and its effects that Gaia or Theo would like to make would be appreciated.

Gaia, what do you think about humans making orgonite?  Does it help healing and raise vibrational levels?

Yes Tom.  This is a good product and it does do what is claimed for the most part.  It does allow some healing to occur and does raise a person’s vibrational level a little too.   This needs to be studied more to discover why and what this contributes to the person’s body. 


Student LoansElaine writes:  There is a petition to Congress going around concerning stimulating the economy by canceling all the student loan debt. Is this a possibility? Thanks for all your good works, your time and effort are greatly appreciated. Hugs!

Theo, any chance of student loans being forgiven?

Not one chance Tom.  There has to be a system where the schools are paid for through these student loans.  Their parents should have saved for the future, but we understand how difficult that is these days to just put food on the table and pay the rent or mortgage.  So the students are saddled with sometimes enormous debts they see no way to pay, but will eventually do so—for the majority. 


Gaia, when we spoke recently I lovingly called you an old soul and you said I was pretty old too.  I thought that you must have been birthed quite a long time is the best way to describe it before I was birthed.

Yes, in a way I was born before you Tom, but not by too much.  As best as I can describe I was birthed first, but not so long before you.  And needless to say there was an awareness from the very beginning of our existences that we would work together at times while you are incarnated on the earth plane. 

EnergyAnd you were also aware of all the other souls you would work with too?

Absolutely Tom, but you and a few others are special, as you help guide the people to raise their vibrations and that is good in my book you see.

Gaia, still trying to understand this changing of events.  Would one thing that enters the equation be the changing of energies, and is that not the same as our vibrations, or is it something different?

Ah Tom, you are continuing to explore and I like that.  Yes, certainly changing energies does affect whether an event will occur or not.  And yes, part of these energies and I should say the majority would be your change in vibrational level.  This is more important than you perhaps realize at this time. 

Your energies are evolving shall we call it so fast theses days that many on this side are astounded, but very happy and pleased for you.  Naturally a part of that is your work and others too Tom.  Although your numbers may seem small, remember that it takes only a small percentage of people to change the world for the better.  And yes there are people even that read your writings that say these benevolent prayers and it does change the energies involved for the better.  As I have told you before, I must allow you to see your successes Tom, so I do change events based on the change of energy that you request.  So it is not some energy that I have not mentioned to you before, but the energy your own people that follow your writings invoke. 

But then we do get into the probabilities don’t we which leads us back to the same point of how can we trust the probability of any event you tell me is basically 100% when it is not?

Yes I see where you are going Tom, but there will be events where they happen exactly as predicted and others change as the last two did.  The equation as you call it is not set in stone but can be ever changing based on all sorts of energies.

OK, guess that’s as far as I can go today. 


911 Protest I’m having to heavily condense this but Isabelle sent me a story she had received where the 911 planes didn’t actually crash into the World Trade Center and Pentagon but were diverted to a couple of locations and the people were divided into those who had families and those who did not and half were disposed of.  Others were put into a secret prison.  These stories are amazing!

Theo, someone claims to be a witness from one of the planes that supposedly did not crash into the World trade Towers.  Any truth to this or was it just a fabrication?

Certainly an outlandish fabrication Tom.  Someone delighted in creating a conspiracy to continue to divide people.  But this person and I probably should say persons involved in this deception knew what they were doing and that this conspiracy would appeal to a certain number of people who wish to believe in these absurd theories. 

That said, as I have stated before there was much more going on than was revealed by the government, but flying the planes to some secluded remote location and then dividing the people into two groups is ridiculous. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011


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