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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS NEWSLETTER. And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


Magnetic PoleKarin writes:  Cal said on BBS tonight that the magnetic pole shift is 70 miles/day towards Russia if I heard right.

She also quoted Jess Anthony:  I heard this message this afternoon and the word I understood was "tilt," which Candace has since pointed out was incorrect. The galactic forces are moving the axis of the Earth, which is not involved with the tilt of the planet. The third sentence should say "We have been moving the Earth's axis in increments to increase the pressure on certain key points that need to break loose." I assume the rest of the comments pertaining to the axis shift are correct.

Predicted Magnetic PoleGaia, is the magnetic pole shifting 70 miles per day towards Russia, and what is your purpose in moving the magnetic pole, or is it being done by an outside force?

Humans are funny in the way they interpret things, or think that or attribute my internal movements to some outside force Tom.  This is certainly not the case here.    Yes I am shifting the magnetic pole but not as fast as is claimed.  This is a gradual shift of 1 to 3 miles per day, sometimes less than that you see, so the figures are being “padded” shall we say. 

My purpose is to assist me in the changes I need in order for the planet to enter the 5th dimension Tom.  And I don’t need some outside force assisting me, although I certainly welcome any assistance if it is of a higher order and for my benefit.  Most of the time this would involve the surface of the planet, not the interior so much.  The shift of the magnet pole does assist me in moving the crust of the planet among other benefits.  That’s why the shift is so subtle—not some movement that would shift the magnetic pole some 700 miles in 10 days you see.  If that were to happen it would even make your evening and morning newscasts.   

But again in summary, this is not happening, and I do not need any outside forces of any type to accomplish this movement.  It is simply shifting of elements in my core.


Basque VillageClaude writes:  Could you please ask Theo the origin of the people called Basques.  This has been an enigma for our scholars who never found out the origin of their language ever.  It is said it is not an indo-European language.  Where are they from?  When did they settle in the North West of Spain?

Theo, what’s the origin of the Basques?

Yes Tom, these are a very ancient people that have been around since before Atlantis sank into the sea.  They were simple folk at one time until the Atlanteans began to explore that area many thousands of years ago, again long before the islands sank beneath the sea.  So they are a mixture of simple local tribes shall we call them until the Atlanteans came and started to civilize them, shall we call it. 

It just developed from there, although they remained a close nit people.  Even the Atlanteans efforts were not enough to change their basic makeup.  Naturally they were there when thousands of people streamed through the area migrating away from the collapse, or I should say the impending collapse of Atlantis. 

So were the Basques a people that had been put there originally by one of the planetary groups? 

Yes, exactly Tom.  They wanted to see how people would adapt to a mountainous area.

To read more about the Basques, here is a wikipedia link:


Alien Space ShipMike writes:  If you think it's interesting enough, would you care to see if Theo would like to Spaceship comment on the veracity of the claims that there's a downed alien spacecraft on the moon, and also William Rutledge's claims that there were classified mission at NASA to investigate the mysterious object?

Theo, is there one or more downed alien spaceships on the moon and was there a secret NASA mission to investigate this?

Yes, there is a quite ancient spaceship laying on the surface of the moon Tom, and yes there has been not a secret mission just to investigate this, but was part of another to focus on the area.  This was downed there during one of the star wars literally a couple of million years ago.  It is not the only one, but certainly the largest.

Here is a link to a video of the images:


San Andreas FaultBefore answering the question below, I would like for all of you to read an article in the Los Angeles Times from Sunday, October 10.  The link is:

Scientists are now slowly coming to the same conclusion Gaia told me would happen to Southern California – that the whole San Andrea Fault would shake mightily—up to 8.1 on the earthquake scale.  They are not quite there yet.  They set the limits at Monterey County in the north down to the Salton Sea in the south.  As I’ve been told, it will extend from Tijuana, Mexico (and east to Mexicali just below the Salton Sea) all the way to 50 miles north of San Francisco, due to faults that the scientists do not even know exist yet. 

Janice writes:  I know you believe that everyone who lives in California should have earthquake insurance, especially since a big quake is coming our way, but my question is will it help?  In California you can only get earthquake insurance through the state of California, in other words, the state of California insures you.  But if California is going to be as devastated as you say it will be, will there be any money to pay those people who do have earthquake insurance? 

My husband says that California won't have any money to pay out, but I think that maybe if the federal government gives California national disaster money, they would have to pay out to those who are insured.  If we could insure through an insurance company, I know they would have to pay out, but in this case, I don't know.  I would really appreciate it if you could ask Theo what would be best to do in this situation.

Thanks for all your work.

I asked Cindy Belmonte, who produces my webcasts, and here's what she found:

Damaged HouseHi Tom, You have to purchase earthquake insurance through your homeowners insurance company but it is underwritten by the CEA, Calif. Earthquake Authority. I just got another quote - range between $1200 - $2400 per year, 10-15% deductible.
Here's a link. The insurance companies really are all over the US, so that's not a problem.  Here's the website:

I also found this (not the 3rd bullet point):

How Would a Very Large Earthquake Affect CEA's Capacity to Pay Claims?

An earthquake scenario that would exhaust the CEA’s entire claim-paying ability is unlikely.

·    The CEA has about 800,000 policyholders located throughout the state.  Earthquakes are generally regional events, and any given seismic event is unlikely to affect all CEA policyholders.

·    CEA assets are available only to pay claims to homeowners and renters who have protected their homes by purchasing a CEA earthquake policy.  The CEA is not responsible for damage to commercial properties or to uninsured residential properties.

·    By law, the State of California is not liable for the CEA's liabilities, and the CEA does not pay any state liabilities.  Therefore, CEA assets are not used to repair infrastructure items such as bridges and freeways.

·    If an earthquake causes insured damage greater than the CEA’s claims-paying capacity, policyholders who are victims of that quake may be paid a prorated portion of their covered losses.  Or, the CEA Governing Board may approve installment payments.  The CEA is not permitted to file bankruptcy.

Theo, will the insurance companies be able to pay for the losses suffered by homeowners in California with a major series of quakes?

No Tom.  You and your reader both realize that they will be overwhelmed with claims.  This will be taken up by the federal government, which realizes they will have to add several billion to the fund in order to help resettle people.  They will not get full value, but a portion is better than nothing, I can assure your readers.

Earthquake DrillSo yes, it appears that if they had massive earthquakes it could mean that you would be paid a prorated portion or by installments.  I would suggest only taking it out in early December and paying on a monthly basis.  That way no matter what you received it would be a lot more than you had paid in.

STOP THE PRESSES! (I like saying that).  I was just notified that the largest earthquake drill in history is scheduled for October 21 in California with 6.8 million people taking part.  Here’s the link to the story:


The covePat sent me this update on the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan:
They're back killing dolphins again.


Kathy writes:  I read this statement and I would like to have it explained. “Again, every soul that starts to have earth lives must eventually experience every conceivable life there is with all human passions”.

Does this mean that we have to experience all bad and good things before we perfect our lives for God? This sounds very depressing.  I have talked to a lot of my colleagues and they feel the same way.  I love reading this letter and trying to make myself better for God.  I say MBO’s everyday and have seen God’s Blessings. Could you please give us more information on this?

I understand this is a hard concept to understand, but I've been told you can't have every one of your earth lives as a "good" person.  Like an actor, you are sometimes play the "bad" person to "balance" your lives.  This is for your soul's growth, as keep in mind your soul is on a "fast track" of growth by volunteering for the "earth experiment" where the Creator of this Universe decided to find a way to work with "negative energy"--something none of the other billions of creators had been able to do.  We agreed to be "veiled" and not know the true magnificence and power our souls have.  

So our soul's goal is to eventually combine and take over for our Creator and allow IT to go to a higher level--and again this is something that has never been done in any other universe, as it has been explained to me (this combining of souls).  Therefore, our souls need every experience under their "belt" so to speak in order to be able to make all the decisions necessary in running a universe.  And I might add that our souls are having hundreds of thousands of other lives across the universe in other worlds of every imaginable and unimaginable variety.   

I realize this is a lot to absorb, but the universe is much more complex that we in the third dimension understand.  Keep in mind these explanations were given to me on a third dimensional level, so it's probably much more complex that I can imagine too!

I encourage you to read books.  Check out the Sedona Journal of Emergence website at and check out Robert Shapiro's Explorer Race books. 


ButcherTryggve writes:  About the meat topic, I got meat in a takeaway by mistake when I was traveling this summer, and had the choice to eat meat or be hungry for a 6 hour bus ride. I ate the meat and by my surprise felt literary dirty afterwards, I though vegetarianism was mostly an intellectual thing for me. I thanked the pig I had ingested, and it replied by saying that it was happy that I ate it because if someone else had they probably wouldn't have thanked it and resolved the negative energy bonds.


Eleanore writes:  Thank you once again for a really inspiring newsletter.  One question that hit me where I live was from "Vonda".  I, too, lost my Mother when I was 4.  My brother was 9.  My Dad didn't have a clue as to what to do with us so it wasn't a good scene at times. Maybe my experience might be of some help for her to cope.

I look at my Mom's leaving (she died of tuberculosis as the age of 32) as her gift to me and my brother and that gift was our lives.  That was her agreement before she came to this planet and I really love and thank her for her sacrifice.   I'm now in my senior years and, as I look back, I am amazed at how that gift has enlarged over and over through the years.  E.g., I never had that woman role model who told me all the things I couldn't or shouldn't do.  Consequently, I did it all.  Believe me, there are some very indelible memories, positive and negative,  but they were all gifts for my becoming who I am today.

Vonda, regardless of how your Mother decided to go, please remember, she gave you a very precious gift - your life.  Thank her, forgive and rejoice at still being here on this planet to see it's progression.  It's an awesome experience.


MotzartJoanie from Sedona writes: Hi Tom. I have a question for Theo. My friend's grandson is ( about 9 of 10 ) years old. He is very " into" Motzart and knows a lot about him. He even insisted that he dress up as Motzart last Halloween. He is very gifted musically. He does have a difficult time in the real world. Can you tell me if he was indeed Motzart in another lifetime? Thank you for your work, and I love the MBO'S!!

Theo, was Joanie’s friend’s grandson Motzart?

Yes, Tom, I can answer this quite assuredly.  The great composer has reincarnated to carry on his soul’s main interest of music in its many forms as a composer.  The young man should be allowed to work on not only playing, but composing from an early age.  He will excel you see.  Naturally this should be balanced with normal boy activities and schoolwork, but he will naturally gravitate towards music and again in all its forms.  His will be an interesting life you see.


GhostMarie writes in Facebook:  Hi Tom. I wanted to ask Theo is, who is lurking in my house lately? I hear things, like voices, a lady humming and noticed little things out of places. I have blessed the house and I always ask AA Michael to surround our house with his angels.

Theo, Marie asks about voices, humming and things out of place in her house?

Yes, she has some playful spirits of a little lower order in her house Tom.  She needs to take action to push these spirits along to return to the light.   She can request a MBO to find the best way to assist these spirits in returning to the fold shall we say, as they are still attracted to this world.  She should read up on how to do this, requesting MBO’s along the way.  The spirits are not harmful, but mischievous.  They will continue to do this as they know she notices until she puts the proverbial foot down and asks for assistance in them leaving.

I would start by sending them massive amounts of white light, but there are other things Theo thinks you should do too, but wants you to discover them.  Perhaps you can give her some suggestions.


Parkinson's DiseaseMarie writes:  I have a friend that is learning about angels. He wanted to if you could ask Theo that what is his life purpose or mission? He feels like god is against him and that god has a plan for him. He suffers from Parkinsons disease. He feels like he has no purpose in life. So can Theo shed some light on my friend? Thanks Tom.

Theo, Marie asks what is her friend’s life purpose and soul contract as he has Parkinson’s disease?

Yes, it may not seem as if (he) has a life purpose, but he took this on for this life to atone for another life, plus he has the chance to make a difference in others’ lives by showing and not being taken down by the disease, but living life to the fullest each day.  It is a good balancing life Tom—one needed by his soul. 


DepressionJudith on Facebook writes:  Hi Tom could you please ask your Guardian Angel about depression--is it safe to take medication, and why do people get depression?

Theo, is depression normally a chemical imbalance and what is the best treatment for it?

Depression certainly is a chemical imbalance Tom, brought on by many variables as you can imagine.  Some are from outside sources and it can be internal.  This is a very complex issue and will still be studied for years to come.  Sunlight is certainly one way to treat depression, as many people do not receive enough vitamin D’s provided them by the Sun.  This helps alleviate the depression. 

St. John’s Wart is good to take for depression, and if that does not work certainly a doctor should be consulted. 

This is also a good place for me to remind everyone in the Northern climates that might not see the sun for weeks that Gaia has said you can still have one day a week of sun, so say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a Sunny Saturday this week, thank you!”  The more people that say this the better, so get your friends involved, even if they don’t believe in the power of MBO’s.


Ruth MontgomeryCathy writes:  I have been reading your newsletters for just over a year now and I really enjoy them.  My question for you and Gaia today is about soul transfers or and walk-in situations.  I was told in May of this year by a lady that does automatic writing that I have had a walk-in situation where the soul has decided to leave and has connected to a new soul, and that the new soul instead of being born again, it has made a decision to come here instead of going through all the stages.

She also said that my soul has not transferred yet; that the decision was not final, but when the new soul stays it will have a lot of things to finish up for the old soul.  Tom I do believe that this happened on some level but other days I don't can you help me with this, thank you?

Theo, Cathy asks if she is about to have a walk-in, and if so will this be from her soul cluster?

Yes she is about to have a transfer Tom, and as you guessed, it will be another soul fragment from her own soul cluster with somewhat similar, yet different interests.  This happens more than you realize Tom, but they do take on the old soul contract along with adding in their own interests. 

The late Ruth Montgomery was the first, or one of the first, to write about this phenomenon.  I believe her book was titled WALK-INS. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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